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l8oO AND 1850 



EVERY attempt has been made to render this hand-list as com- 
prehensive as possible. While the register of the French 
repertoires at the St James's Theatre has been entirely omitted 
because of exigencies of space, and while the records of foreign 
operas produced in England have been considerably curtailed, 
all other purely dramatic forms are here included. Ballets (when 
these were not merely individual dances), spectacles, pantomimes 
and entertainments find their places here alongside regular tragedy 
and comedy. It may be that some of the material gathered and 
presented here will not prove of much general or immediate use ; 
but comprehensiveness has been aimed at, first, because no effort 
has hitherto been made to survey the theatrical activities of this 
half-century, and, secondly, because the correct interpretation of 
the dramatic movements of the period demands that full attention 
should be paid to the efforts and even to the more trivial efforts 
of the minor theatres. It is certain that further research will pro- 
vide many additions to this hand-list, but I believe it will be found 
that I have succeeded in listing at least the vast majority even of 
the lesser pieces of the time. 

The difficulties in the preparation of this 1800-1850 hand-list 
have been immeasurably greater than those encountered in the 
preparation of the lists for the years 1660-1700, 1700-1750 and 
1750-1800. For the earlier plays the Biographia Dramatica proved 
a useful, if an occasionally erring and incomplete guide; at least 
some bibliographical work had been accomplished on a few in- 
dividual authors; while attention had to be devoted in the main 
only to a few important theatres. During this period the theatres 
multiply decade by decade ; practically nothing has been done in a 
scholarly way on the bibliography of the subject ; the libraries have 
not troubled to make extensive collections of these minor dramas, 

and of reliable guides there are none. The latest issue of the Bio- 
graphia Dramatica appeared in 1812. Genest neglects entirely the 
activities of the minors, and in any case ends his survey with the 
year 1830. Clarence in The " Stage "Cyclopaedia (1909) is not only 
often inaccurate, but neglects almost entirely the pieces produced 
at the lesser theatres. Barely half a dozen of the numerous Coburg 
melodramas find mention in his pages. The same weaknesses are 
to be discovered in W. Davenport Adams's A Dictionary of the 
Drama (1904), which, moreover, extends only as far as the letter 

NDII l6 


G. It will be realised, therefore, that the labour of gathering the 
material has been very much greater (not merely because of the 
multiplicity of plays) and that the possibilities of having permitted 
single dramas to escape the net have been markedly increased. 

Luckily, two main sources of information have come to my aid. 
The Larpent Collection of dramatic MSS., now in the Henry E. 
Huntington Library, which was used so largely for the 1750-1800 
hand-list, preserves plays of as late a date as 1824. It was in that 
year that it became definitely (and illegally) private property. By 
the courtesy of the Lord Chamberlain I have been enabled to make 
use of the continuation of this official collection. In the cellars of 
the Office of Works there is preserved a library of plays in manu- 
script submitted to the licenser from the year 1824 onwards. For 
some reason the period from 1824 to ^3 2 1S not so completely 
represented as are the later decades, but altogether we have here 
nearly three-quarters of the entire dramatic output during twenty- 
five years. Personally, I can find no explanation for the vagaries 
of the Larpent and Lord Chamberlain's MSS. One would have 
expected to find all the theatres represented in them, but in point 
of fact before 1832 only plays produced at the "majors," at the 
English Opera House, at the Pavilion (Astley's) and at the Adelphi 
seem to have been preserved. It is possible that the confusion 
then reigning in the minds of many concerning the precise power 
of jurisdiction possessed by the Lord Chamberlain over the minors 
may in some way account for these facts, but this in itself does not 
seem to provide a full explanation. Several of these MS. dramas 
appear with titles differing from those accorded to the plays when 
they were acted, a discrepancy which may have led to a certain 
small duplication. So far as was possible, 1 have tried to equate 
these double-titled plays, but here and there, perhaps, I have let 
a manuscript version slip in as a separate entity alongside its other 
self, the acted play. 

The arrangement of material here follows largely the 
arrangement adopted in the hand-list to my last volume. 
A summary of the methods employed will make the system clear. 

I. First is indicated, in abbreviated form, the nature of the play 
itself. The asterisk used in A History of Late Eighteenth Century 
Drama has been dispensed with owing to the enormous number 
of unprinted plays. The abbreviations used are the following: 

Ba. Burletta Ca. Comedietta 

Bal. Ballet C.D. Comic Drama 

BaLP. Ballet Pantomime C.Ent. Comic Entertainment 

B.O. Ballad Opera C Int. Comic Interlude 

Bsq. Burlesque C.O. Comic Opera 

C. Comedy C.P. Comic Pantomime 

1800-1850 237 

Operatic Drama 
Operatic Entertainment 
Operatic Extravaganza 
Operatic Farce 
Operatic Pantomime 
Operatic Romance 

Pantomimic Sketch 

Pantomimic Ballet 
Pantomimic Comedy 
Pantomimic Farce 
Political Play 
Pantomimic Romance 

Romantic Burletta 
Romantic Comedy 
Romantic Drama 
Romantic Opera 
Romantic Spectacle 

Spectacle [or Specta- 

As will readily be realised, these designations are in no way 
final, and are often indefinite. Thus Domestic and Romantic 
Dramas fall under the general heading of Melodrama, while a 
Burletta may be an Operatic Farce or a Burlesque or a Melodrama. 
Where possible, the designation employed in the original bills has 
here been followed. 

2. The dates enclosed in round brackets after the title are those 
of production. The full list of theatres and abbreviations will be 
found in Appendix A. Here three points are to be noted : 

(a) Where I have been able definitely to establish a date of 
production, the full date, with indication of the day of the week, 
is given. In some instances, however, I find records which I have 
been unable to verify; the records are then presented without 
indication of the day. 

(b) Where I have found a play marked as new at a certain 
theatre but have a suspicion that this was merely a revival of an 
earlier piece, I have presented the double dates within round 
brackets. Occasionally I may thus have erred in identifying two dis- 
tinct pieces; but in general my practice here has been conservative. 

(c) Where no date in round brackets appears it must not be 



Comic Romance 



Comic Sketch 



Comic Spectacle 






Domestic Drama 



Dramatic Farce 






Dramatic Opera 



Dramatic Pastoral 



Dramatic Romance 



Dramatic Sketch 






Equestrian Drama 












Historical Romance 









Musical Burlesque 



Musical Comedietta 

R Spec. 


Melodrama or Musical 





Musical Entertainment 



Musical Extravaganza 


Musical Romance 









assumed that there was no theatrical production. I have given 
production dates only when I discovered these in original bills 
or when I found the dates in reliable authorities. 

3. Immediately following comes the record of Larpent and 
Lord Chamberlain's manuscripts. L. is used for the former (with 
press-mark, and date of licensing in square brackets); L.C. stands 
for the latter (with date of licensing not enclosed in brackets). 

4. Then are given indications of published editions, starting 
with separate octavos (if any) and proceeding to texts provided 
in the many collections of the period, such as: 

Acting Nat. Drama [The Acting National Drama (1837-1850), edited by 


Ames [Series of plays published by Ames, N.D.]. 
B.D. [The British Drama; 1824-1826]. 
Cumberland [Cumberland's British Theatre; dates from 1829 to about 

Cumberland Minor [Cumberland's Minor Theatre; dates from 1828 

to 1840]. 

Dicks [Dicks' Standard Plays, printed in the eighties]. 
Dicks B.D. [The British Drama, published by Dicks about 1880.] 
Douglas Minor N.Y. [Douglas's Minor Theatre (c. 1840), published in 

New York]. 

Duncombe [Duncombe's Edition (of Plays), mostly printed before 1850]. 
French [French's Acting Edition (a continuation of Lacy's). French's N.Y. 

and French's Minor N. Y. refer to the New York edition of French's 

series of plays]. 

Inchbald's B.T. [The British Theatre (1808), edited by Mrs Inchbald]. 
Lacy [Lacy's Acting Edition (c. 1850-1860)]. 
L.T. [The London Theatre (1815-1818), edited by T. J. Dibdin]. 
L.S. [The London Stage (1824-1827)]. 

Mod. Eng. Com. Th. [The Modern English Comic Theatre (c. 1850)]. 
New B.T. [The New British Theatre (c. 1860)]. 
Oxberry [Oxberry's Edition (1820-1822)]. 
Richardson Minor [Richardson's New Minor Drama (1828-31), edited by 

W.T. Moncneff]. 

The references to volumes of these collections follow the 
numeration of the British Museum exemplars. Sometimes the 
plays were bound in a different order. 

5. It has been found exceedingly difficult to attribute plays 
correctly to their authors. The MSS. cited above have proved of 
considerable service in this connection but before 1838 it is but 
seldom that these MSS. contain indication of authorship. For the 
period 1840-1850, however, I have been able to add considerably 
to the list of works known to have been written by such men as 
G. D. Pitt, Edward Stirling and Tom Taylor. A few plays are 
admitted here which either were written in an earlier period or 
were produced abroad. In such instances the name of the author 
is preceded by a single square bracket. 

ABBOTT-A BECKETT] 1800-1850 239 

I. English Plays and Operas. 


M.D. The Youthful Days of Frederick the Great (C.G. Th. 2/10/1817). 

8 1817. 
M.D. Swedish Patriotism ; or, The Signal Fired (C.G. W. 19/5/1819). 

L. 75 S. [14/5/1819]. 8 1819; 12 1823 [New York]. 
O.F. I'm Puzzled; or, Three to One (H.* S. 31/7/1819). 
[Ascribed to Abbott.] 


F. The King Incog. (Fitzroy, Th. 9/1/1834). 

M.Bsq. The Son of the Sun; or, The Fate of Pha'ton (Fitzroy, 

S. 8/2-S. 15/2/1834). 

Bsq. The Revolt of the Workhouse (Fitzroy, M. 24/2/1834). Cum- 
berland Minor, vol. vni. 
F. The Siamese Twins (Fitzroy, M. 14/4/1834). L.C. 1834. Dicks 

338; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv; Lacy, vol. Ixxix. 
Ba. Caught Courting; or, Juno, by Jove! (Vic. S. 2/8/1834). 
F. The Turned Head (Vic. M. 3/11/1834). Cumberland Minor, 

vol. xiii; Dicks 338; Lacy, vol. Ixvii. 
F. Figaro in London (Strand, M. 24/11/1834). 
Ba. St Mark's Eve (Olym. F. 19/12/1834). L.C. 2/12/1834. 
Bsq. Man-Fred (Strand, F. 26/12/1834). Cumberland Minor, vol. ix. 
[Apparently this is the same as the burlesque in L.C. 15/3/1836.] 
F. The Man with the Carpet Bag (Strand, 1835). L.C. 7/12/1835. 

Cumberland Minor, vol. xiii ; Dicks 959 ; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. in ; 

Lacy, vol. Ixviii. 
Ba. The Unfortunate Miss Bailey (Strand, M. 2/2/1835). Cumberland 

Minor, vol. xi. 
Bsq. The Roof Scrambler (Vic. M. 15/6/1835). Cumberland Minor, 

vol. x. 

F. "The French Company" (St J. M. 14/12/1835). L.C. 14/12/1835. 
F. A Clear Case (St J. M. 14/12/1835). L.C. 5/12/1835. 
O. Agnes Sorel (St J. M. 14/12/1835). L.C. 5/12/1835. 

[Music Mrs G. A. a Beckett.] 
D. The Mendicant (St J. T. 2/2/1836). L.C. 1/2/1836. Cumberland, 

vol. xxx vii. 
F. The Tradesman's Ball (St J. Th. 29/9/1836). L.C. 20/9/1836. 

Dicks 1040; Duncombe, vol xxiii. 
Ba. Love is Blind (St J. Th. 5/1/1837). L.C. 11/1836 [as L. is B.; or, 

Manners make the Man]. Duncombe, vol. xxv. 
Ba. The Postillion (St J. M. 13/3/183?). L.C. 9/3/1837- 8 [1837; 

Duets, Trios, Chorusses] ; Cumberland, vol. xlni. 
Ba. Jack Brag (St J. 5/1837). L.C. 10/5/1837. Dicks 534; Mod. Eng. 

Com. Th. vol. in. 
Ba. The Assignation ; or, What will my Wife say? (St J. F. 29/9/1837). 

L.C. 1837. Dicks 452; Duncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
Bsq. King John with the Benefit of the Act (St J. M. 16/10/1837). 

L.C. 1837. Duncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
Ba. Wanted, a Brigand; or, A Visit from Fra Diavolo (St J. W. 

6/12/1837). L.C. 1837. Dicks 613. 


O. Pascal Bruno (St J. T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 19/12/1837. Dicks 559; 

Duncombe, vol. xxxv. 

[Based on Dumas' work.] 

Ba. The Black Domino (St J. M. 29/1/1838). L C. 23/1/1838. Dun- 
combe, vol. xxix. 

[Based on Scribe, Le domino noir (Paris, 2/9/1837).] 
C.O. The Ambassadress (St J. M. 5/3/1838). L.C. 3/3/1838. Dun- 
combe, vol. xxxii. 

[A version of Scribe, L'ambassadnce (Pans, 21/9/1836), with 

music by Auber.] 
F. The Artist's Wife (H.* S. 28/7/1838). L.C. 1838. Dicks 442; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
Bsq. The Yellow Dwarf; or, The King of the Gold Mines (P'cess, 

M. 26/12/1842). 

Fairy O. Little Red Riding Hood (P'cess, M. 6/2/1843). 
Bsq. The Three Graces (P'cess, M. 17/4/1843). 
Ext. The Magic Mirror; or, The Hall of Statues (P'cess, T. 26/12/1843). 

L.C. 23/12/1843. 
Sat. Scenes from the Rejected Comedies. By some of the Competitors 

for the Prize of 500, offered by Mr B. Webster, Lessee of the 

Haymarket Theatre, for the best original Comedy, illustrative of 

English Manners. 8 1844. 

[Contains the following skits: i. The Husband [Knowles]. 

2. Humbugs of the Hour [Jerrold]. 3. The Templars [Talfourd]. 

4. The Absurdities of a Day [Planche"]. 5. Jane Jenkins; or, The 

Ghost of the Back Drawing Room [Fitzball]. 6. Floreat Etona 

[Boucicault]. 7. A Story of London [Hunt]. 8. The School for 

Sentiment; or, The Tar ' The Tear!! and the Tilbury!!! [h Beckett]. 

9. Grandmother Drowning [Lemon]. 10. Credit [Lytton] ] 
Bsq. Open Sesame; or, A Night with the Forty Thieves (Lye. M. 

8/4/1844). L.C. 1/4/1844. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 

[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON.] 
Bsq. The Wonderful Lamp in a New Light (P'cess, Th. 4/7/1844). 

L.C. 4/7/1844- 
D. Don Ca?sar de Bazan (P'cess, T. 8/10/1844) L.C. 7/10/1844. 

Dicks 800; Lacy, vol. xn. 

[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON; based on the play 

by Dumanois and Dennery.] 
Bsq. The Knight and the Sprite (Strand, M. 11/11/1844). L.C. 


[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON.] 
D. The Chimes; or, A Goblin Tale (Adel. 19/2/1844). L.C. 18/12/1844. 

Dicks 819; Acting Nat Drama, vol. xi. 

[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON. A dramatisation 

of Dickens' novel.] 

Ext. Joe Miller and his Men (P'cess, T 24/12/1844). L.C. 23/12/1844. 
Ext. Timour the Cream of all the Tartars (P'cess, M. 24/3/1845). 

L.C. 22/3/1845 
Bsq. St. George and the Dragon (Adel. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol xii. 

[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON.] 
Spec. Peter Wilkins ; or. The Loadstone Rock and the Flying Indians 

(Adel. Th. 9/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xii. 
[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON.] 

ALLINGHAM] 1800-1850 241 

Ext. The World Underground ; or, The Golden Flute and the Brazen 

Waters (H. 2 M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 30/12/1847. 
Esq. The Castle of Otranto (II.* M. 24/4/1848). L.C. 22/4/1848. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 


D.Poem. Vivia Perpetua. 12 1841. 


T. Dona Ignez de Castro. 8 1808 [Newcastle]. 

[A translation from the Portuguese of Nicola Luiz J 

ADDISON, Captain (later Lieutenant-Colonel) HENRY ROBERT. 
M.D. Lo Zmgaro (Adel. S. 3/8/1833). L.C. 15/7/1833. Duncombe, 

vol. xii. 

[Music A. Lee.] 
Oa. Jessie, the Flower of Dumblane; or, "Weel may the Keel row" 

(Adel. M. 26/8/1833). L.C. 26/8/1833. Duncombe, vol xni. 
F. Who would be rnarned? (Vic. S. 28/9/1833). 
F. Tarn o' Shanter (D.L. T. 25/11/1834). L.C. 22/11/1834. 8" 1834; 

Dicks 532. 
Int. The King's Woid (D.L. 20/1/1835; Lye. M. 12/7/1847). L.C. 

19/1/1835. 12 1835. 

D. Sigismund Augustus (C.G. S. 13/2/1836). L C. 8/2/1836. 
Ca. Mane, a Tale of the Pont Neuf (C.G. S. 27/2/1836). L.C. 

22/2/1836. Dicks 991 ; Duncombe, vol xxi. 
D. Abraham Parker (Adel. M. 20/7/1846). L.C. 18/7/1846. 
Ba. British Beauty; or, The Seraglio in an Uproar. L.C. Grecian 


[Music A. Lee. A version of Les trots sultanes.] 
F. A Pretty Couple. L C. Grecian, 17/4/1848. 
O.F. Did You Ever? No, I never saw such a Babby (Surrey, Th. 

27/8/1848). L.C. 8/6/1848. 
O.F. Sophia's Supper (Surrey, M. 21/5/1849). L.C. 28/4/1849. 

Lacy, vol. xvi. 

[Addison is said to have written over sixty plays before his 

death in 1876. The above are all I have been able to trace prior 

to 1850.] 


T. Clemenza; or, The Tuscan Orphan (Bath, 1/6/1822). L. 127 M. 


T. Murtzoufle With other Poems. 8 1826 [Edinburgh and 



Bal. The Beauty of Ghent (D.L. Th. 7/11/1844). 
[Music A. Adam.] 


T. The Parricide (Bath, 12/5/1824). L.C. 24/4/1824. 8 1824 [Bath]. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

F. Tis All a Farce (H. a T. 17/6/1800). L. 38 S. [10/6/1800]. 8 1800. 


C. The Marriage Promise (D.L. S. 16/4/1803). L. 79 M. [29/3/1803]. 

8 1803. 
F. Mrs Wiggins (H. a F. 27/5/1803). 8 1803; Dicks 250; Duncombe, 

vol. i; Cumberland, vol. xxxix. 
C. Hearts of Oak (D.L. S. 19/11/1803). L. 43 S. [14/11/1803]. 

8 1804. 
F. The Weathercock (D.L. M. 18/11/1805). L. 83 M. [8/11/1805]. 

8 [1806; 4 editions]; Dicks 631. 

C. The Romantic Lover; or, Lost and Found (C.G. S. 11/1/1806). 
O.F. Who Wins? or, The Widow's Choice (C.G. F. 25/2/1808). 

C. Independence ; or, The Trustee (H.* 9/3/1809). 

O.F. Transformation; or, Love and Law (Lye. F. 30/11/1810). 


M.D. The Rover's Bride; or, The Bittern's Swamp (Surrey, S. 

30/10/1830). Cumberland Minor, vol. xi. 

M ,D . The Fire Raiser ; or, The Haunted Tower (Surrey, M . 2 1 /2/ 1 83 1 ) . 
Cumberland Minor, vol. ix; Lacy, vol. Ixxxiv; Dicks 947. 

[Also called The Prophet of the Moor; or, The F.R.] 
R.D. Le Belveder; or, The Sicilian Exile (Surrey, M. 1/8/1831). 

[An adaptation of Pixe* re" court, Le Belveder (Paris, 10/2/1818).] 

D. Pedlar's Acre; or, The Wife of Seven Husbands (Surrey, M. 
22/8/1831). Cumberland Minor, .vol. v; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv [as The 
W. of S. H.] -, Dicks 280. 

D. The False Key; or, The Locksmith of Stockholm (Surrey, M. 

R.D. The Black Eagle; or, The Lake of the Apennines (Surrey, M. 

R.D. Cinderella; or, The Fairy and the Little Glass Slipper (Surrey, 

M. 7/11/1831). 
M.D. Attar Gull; or, The Serpent of the Jungle (S.W. M. 

R.D. Hallowmas Eve; or, Under the Old Church Porch (Surrey, 

M. 11/6/1832). 
M.D. The Tower of Nesle (Surrey, M. 17/9/1832). Cumberland, 

vol. xci ; Cumberland Minor, vol. vi ; Dicks 234. 
M.D. The Charcoal Burner ; or, The Dropping Well of Knaresborough 

(Surrey, W. 26/12/1832). Cumberland Minor, vol. ix; Lacy, vol. 

Ixxi; Dicks 767. 
M.D. Don Quixote; or, The Knight of the Doleful Countenance 

(Surrey, 1833). Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv; Dicks 956. 
Ba. Crossing the Line; or, The Boat Builders of Brugen (S.W. M. 

8/4/1833 ; Surrey, M. 24/6/1833, as C. the L.; or, Crowded Houses). 

Duncombe, vol. ii; Lacy, vol. xxxv. 
M.D. The Robber of the Rhine; or, Schinderhannes of the Owl 

Forest (R.P. M. 22/4/1833; S.W.M. 29/4/1833, as SJ the Robber 

of the Rhine}. Cumberland Minor, vol. x; Lacy, vol. Ixxxvii. 
M.D. Lucrece Borgia; or, The Fiend of Ferrara (S.W. M. 29/4/1833). 
M.D. The Peerless Pool; or, The Early Days of Richard III (S.W, 

M. 1/7/1833). 
M.D. Perinet Leclerc; or, The Red Cross of Burgundy (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Knights of St. John; or, The Fire Banner (S.W. M. 

26/8/1833). Duncombe, vol. xii; Lacy, vol. Ivi. 

AMHERST] 1800-1850 243 

M.D. The Clerk of Clerkenwell and the Three Black Bottles (S.W. 

M. 27/1/1834). Cumberland Minor, vol. vii. 
D. The Good-looking Fellow; or, The Roman Nose (S.W. 4/1834). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. ix; Dicks 989. 

[This may be The Roman Nose (Surrey, 1835).] 
M.D. The Cedar Chest; or, The Lord Mayor's Daughter (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Demon of the Ganges; or, The Tiger Tribe (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Shadow; or, A Mother's Dream (S.W. M. 5/3/1835). 
M.D. The Seven Sisters; or, The Grey Man of Tottenham Cross 

(S.W. W. 29/7/1835). 
D. The Battle of Sedgemoor (R.P. 2/1837). Cumberland Minor, 

vol. xiii. 
D. The Earl of Poverty; or, The Old Wooden House of London 

Wall (Surrey, M. 5/2/1838). Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv. 
D. Gaspardo the Gondolier: or, The Three Banished Men of Milan 

(Surrey, M. 9/7/1838). Duncombe, vol. xxx. 
F. Page 21 ; or, The Great Cigar (Strand, M. 10/9/1838). L.C. 

1/8/1838 [as Page 21 of an Interesting History]. 
R.D. The Bull-JSighter; or, The Bridal Ring (Surrey, M. 8/10/1838). 

Cumberland^ Minor, vol. xiv. 
D. Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress (Surrey, M. 19/1 1/1838). 

Dicks 293 ; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

[Front Dickens.] 
Spec. Jane of the Hatchet (Surrey, M. 20/7/1840). Duncombe, vol. xli 

[as J. of the II.; or, The Siege of Beauvats]. 
D. The Pirate Minister; or, The Tiger Crew (M'bone 2/12/1844). 

L.C. 2/12/1844. 
D. Hearts of Iron; or, The King's Watch (Albert, 17/11/1845). L.C. 

D. The Witch of the Waters (Queen's, 9/1849). L.C. 3/10/1849. 

[In addition to these, the following were produced before 1850: 

The Death Light, The Evil Eye, The Headsman of Vienna, Alfred 

the Great, Der Freischutz, The Mountain King, and Jack Ketch.} 


Spec. The Black Castle (Royalty, M. 16/2/1801). 
Spec. The Blood-red Knight ; or, The Fatal Bridge (R.A. M. 2.3/4/1810). 
M.D. The Death of Christophe, King of Haiti (Cob. M. 29/1/1821). 
D. The Faithless Friend; or, A British Seaman's Fidelity (Cob. 

Th. 17/5/1821). 
R.D. Almoran and Hamet (D.L. M. 8/4/1822). L. 85 S. [30/3/1822]. 

[Music Cooke.] 
Spec. The Shipwreck of the Grosvenor East Indiaman (Royalty, M. 


Ba. Married or Not? or, Puzzles and Penalties (Royalty, M. 9/9/1822). 
M.D. The Infernal Secret; or, The Invulnerable (Surrey, M. 7/10/1822). 
Ext. The Three Cripples and the Queen of Billingsgate (Royalty, M. 

M.D. Zadoc the Sorcerer; or, The Princes of Persia (Royalty, Th. 

Spec. Tippoo Sahib; or, The Storming of Seringapatan (Cob. M. 



Spec. The Battle of Waterloo (R.A. M. 19/4/1824). Dicks 696; Lacy, 

vol. xcviii. 

M.D. Der Freischutz (R.A. M. 30/8/1824). 
Spec. Buonaparte's Invasion of Russia; or, The Conflagration of 

Moscow (R.A. M. 4/4/1825; Bath, 6/11/1826). Lacy, vol. xiii. 
Ext. The Six Simpletons (R.A. M. 25/4/1825). 
Spec. The Burmese War; or, Our Victories in the East (R.A. M. 

[On M. 15/5/1826 the title was altered to War in India; or, The 

M.D. The White Spectre; or, The Village Phantom (Cob. M. 

M.D. Blood demands its Victim; or, The Convict's Flight (R.A. M. 

8/9/1828; R.A. M. 27/4/1829 as Will Watch, the Bold Smuggler; 

or, B. d. i. V.). 

M.D. The Death of Fair Rosamond (R.P. F. 26/12/1828). 
M.D. The Attack of the Diligence (R.A. M. 3/8/1829). 
M.D. The Iron Collar (S.W. W. 26/12/1832). 

[To these should be added the following : Fifteen Years of Labour 

Lost, Ireland as it is, Bill Jones, The Bloodstained Banner, The Fish 

and the Ring, The Fall of Missolonghi, The Irish Witch, The Monk, 

the Mask and the Murderer, Real Life in London, The Silver Mask, 

Three Magic Wands and Three Blind Eyes} 


F. The Astronomer (Wolverhampton, 1802). 


T. The Robbers. L.C. D.L. 26/12/1845. 

[On this actor- author see Davenport Adams, p. 55 : The Robbers 
was not produced until 21/4/1851 at D L.] 


D. Faustus. . .A Dramatic Mystery. 8 1835. 

[An adaptation from Goethe's drama.] 

D. Griselda (Edinburgh, 26/1/1841). 8 1840; 12 1844. 

[An adaptation from the German of "F. Halm" (E. F. J. 
Freiherr von Munch-Bellinghausen.] 


D. A Night at the Bastille (D.L. 4/12/1839). L.C. 25/11/1839. 

Dicks 623. 
R.D. The King's Ransom; or, The Spectre of Griefenstein (Surrey, 

M. 6/2/1843). 
R.D. Blood Royal; or, The Crown Jewels (Surrey, M. 17/4/1843). 

[A version of Scribe, Les diamants de la couronne (Paris, 

6/3/1841), with music by Auber.] 
F. Asmodeus, the Little Demon; or, The Devil's Share (Surrey, 

M. 12/6/1843). Duncombe, vol. xlvii [as A.; or, The Little Devil's 

Share"] ; Lacy, vol. xlvi. 

[A version of Scribe, La part du diable (Paris, 16/1/1843), with 

music by Auber.] 
D. Don Caesar de Bazan (Queen's, 28/10/1844). L.C. 18/10/1844. 

[Adapted from the play by Dumanoir and Dennery (Paris, 


ARNOLD] 1800-1850 245 

D. The Strange Intruder (Grec. 18/11/1844). L.C. 15/11/1844. 
Bsq. Monseigneur; or, The Jeweller's Apprentice (Strand, M. 

20/1/1845). L.C. 18/1/1845. 
F. Dick and his Double (Olym. F. 24/10/1845; S.W. M. 23/2/1846). 

L.C. 22/10/1845. 
M.D. The Artizan and his Daughters (C.L. 26/12/1845). L.C. 


D. The Black Doctor (C.L. 9/11/1846). L.C. 1846. 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth (P'cess, Th. 1/1/1846). L.C. 26/12/1845. 

[From Dickens' novel.] 

D. The Carpenters of Paris. L.C. C.L. 11/4/1846. 
Ca. My Uncle's Pet (S.W. 13/4/1846). 

D. The Cabin Boy. L.C. Garrick, 11/4/1846. 
F. The Barber's Secret; or, The Invention of Powder (Grecian 

19/10/1846). L.C. 17/9/1846. 
Ca. Red Cap; or, The Prisoner of Vincennes (Olym. 30/11/1846). 

L.C. 27/11/1846. 
D. The Inundation; or, The Miser of the Hill Fort (C.L. 5/4/1847). 

L.C. 3/4/1847. Lacy, vol. xlv. 
Ca. Marguerite's Colours; or, Passing the Frontier (Lye. M. 

5/7/1847). L.C. 1/7/1847. Dicks 1020; Buncombe, vol. Ixi; Lacy, 

vol. xlvii. 

C. The Letter Box; or, The Jailor's Daughter. L.C. Grecian, 

F. Our Wife. L.C. Grecian, 14/8/1847. 

D. The Three Red Men (C.L. and Standard, M. 1/5/1848). L.C. 
C.L. 1848. Lacy, vol. xh. 

[A version of Les trots hommes rouges by Paul Je*val (Paris, 
O. The Daughter of the Regiment. L.C. P'cess, 20/6/1848. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 234-] 
C.O. The Veteran Tar; or, A Chip of the Old Block (D.L. Th. 

29/1/1801). L. 40 S. [15/1/1801]. 8 1801. 
M.D. "Foul Deeds will Rise " (H.* W. 18/7/1804). L. 448. [16/7/1 804]. 

8 1804. 

C. A Prior Claim. 1805 [see H.J. PYE]. 
C. Man and Wife; or, More Secrets than One (D.L. Th. 5/1/1809). 

L. 49 S. [24/12/1808]. 8 1809 [8 editions] ; Dicks 575. 
C.O. Up All Night; or, The Smuggler's Cave (Lye. M. 26/6/1809). 

L. 51 S. [10/6/1809; titles reversed]. 8 1809 [Songs, Duets, 

Chorusses, and Finales]. 

O. The Russian Impostor (Lye. S. 22/7/1809). See H. SIDDONS. 
M.Ent. Britain's Jubilee (Lye. W. 25/10/1809). L. 89 M. [21/10/1809], 
C.O. The Maniac; or, Swiss Banditti (Lye. T. 13/3/1810). 

[Music Bishop.] 
O. Plots ! or, The North Tower (Lye. M. 3/9/1810). 

[See Bad Neighbours under UNKNOWN AUTHORS.] 
C.O. The Americans (Lye. S. 27/4/1811). L. 94 M. [12/4/1811; as 

The War Whoop]. 

[Music M. P. King and Braham.] 


O.R. The Devil's Bridge; or, The Piedmontese Alps (Lye. W. 
6/5/1812). L. 55 S. [27/4/1812]. 12 1820 [Dublin]; Cumberland, 
vol. xlii. 

[Music C. . Horn and Braham.] 

M.D. The Woodman's Hut (D.L. T. 12/4/1814). L. 59 S. [17/2/1814]. 
8 1814 ; Dicks 935. 

[Music Horn.] 

Oa. Frederick the Great; or, The Heart of a Soldier (Lye. Th. 
4/8/1814). L. 59 S. [18/7/1814]. 8 1814 [Songs, Duets]. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 

F. Jean de Paris (D.L. T. 1/11/1814). L. 59 S. [24/10/1814]. 
M.D. The Unknown Guest (D.L. W. 29/3/1815)- L. 60 S. [8/3/1815; 

as The State Tower; or, The U. G.]. 

M.D. Charles the Bold ; or, The Siege of Nantz (D.L. Th. 15/6/1815). 
L. 61 S. [3/6/1815]. 

[The advertisements attribute this adaptation of Charles le 
Temeraire; ou, le siege de Nancy (Paris, 26/10/1814) by Pixe're'- 
court to Wallack, but Arnold seems to have been the author.] 
C.O. The King's Proxy; or, Judge for Yourself (Lye. S. 19/8/1815). 
8 1815 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 

M.D. The Maid and the Magpye; or, Which is the Thief? (Lye. M. 
28/8/1815). L. 106 M. [24/8/1815]. 8 1815. 

[A version of Caignier, Lapievoleuse;ou, la servants dePalaiseau] 
M.D. Two Words; or, The Silent not Dumb! (E.O.H. M. 2/9/1816). 

L. 62 S. [10/8/1816; under sub-title]. 

C.O. Free and Easy (E.O.H. M. 16/9/1816). L. 62 S. [5/9/1816]. 
Cumberland, vol. xlii. 

[Music Addison.] 

M.D. The Wizard; or, The Brown Man of the Moor (E.O.H. S. 
26/7/1817). L. 65 S. [21/7/1817]. 

[Music Horn. A dramatisation of Scott's The Black Dwarf] 
B.O. Broken Promises; or, The Colonel, the Captain and the Corporal 

(E.O.H. T. 5/7/1825). 

D. Baron Trenck; or, The Fortress of Magdeburg (Surrey, M. 

[Ascribed to Arnold.] 
D. The Sergeant's Wife (D.L. M. 8/6/1835). 


Ba. Stage-Struck (Lye. 12/11/1835). 

[A play of this name is in L.C. 15/4/1837.] 


.T. Panthea; or, The Susian Captive. 12 1800 [Dublin]. 


T. Retributive Justice. A Tragedy ... of which a few Copies only have 
been printed for Private Communication. 8 1813 [Manchester]. 


P. The Pirate; or, Harlequin Victor (R.A. M. 25/8/1800; Royalty, 

M. 19/10/1801). 

Spec. The Iron Tower; or, The Cell of Mystery (R.A. Th. 9/4/1801). 
Spec. British Glory in Egypt (R.A. Th. 4/6/1801). 
Spec. The Death of Abercromby (Royalty, M. 30/11/1801). 

BAILLJE] 1800-1850 247 

P. The Phoenix; or, Harlequin and Lillipo (R.A. M. 12/7/1802). 
P. The Silver Star ; or, The Mirror of Witchcraft (R.A. M. 1 1/4/1803). 
P. The Man in the Moon ; or, The Witches' Rout (R.A. M. 18/4/1808). 
Spec. The Honest Criminal; or, False Evidence (R.A. M. 16/5/1808). 
P. The Magic Pagoda; or, Harlequin's Travels, East, West, North 
and South (R.A. M. 27/6/1808). 


D. Walpurgis Night; or, The Wolf-hunter of the Haitzberg. L.C. 

Albert, 23/5/1844. 

M.D. Wonga of the Branded Hand. L.C. Albert, 19/7/1844. 
D. The Thieves' House; or, The Murder Cellar of Fleet Ditch. 

L.C. Albert, 8/1844 [licence refused]. 

Spec. Tilbury Fort; or, The Spanish Armada. L.C. Albert, 15/8/1844. 
D. The Wandering Jew. L.C. S.W. 5/9/1844. 
D. The Chimes. L.C. Albert, 28/12/1844. 

[From Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Bastille. L.C. Albert, 25/1/1845. 

M.D. Montrano, the Pirate Lord of Sicily. L.C. Albert, 22/3/1845. 
M.D. Hoxton a Hundred Years Ago; or, The Dogs of Tipple's Farm. 

L.C. Albert, 5/4/1845. 
D. The Battle of Life (Albert, M. 4/1/1847). L.C. 26/12/1846. 

[From Dickens* tale.] 
D. Lilly Dawson. L.C. Albert, 1847. 
D. The Poacher's Wife. L.C. Albert, 21/5/1847. 
D. The Old Friends. L.C. Albert, 1/7/1847. 
D. Dark Donald, the Idiot of the Cliff; or, The Dogs of Loch Lomond. 

L.C. Albert, 30/9/1848. 
M.D. Guerillas; or, The Storming of St. Sebastian. L.C. Albert, 

D. The Life of a Labourer; or, The Emigrants, the Smuggler and 

the Bushranger. L.C. Albert, 14/12/1848. 
D. Proud Prudence. L.C. Albert, 9/1/1849. 
D. The Fire of London; or, The Baker's Daughter. L.C. Albert, 

D. The Corsair; or, The Greek Pirates of the Gulph. L.C. Albert, 

D. The Foresters; or, The Merry Men of Englewood. L.C. Albert, 

D. Adeline; or, The Grave of the Forsaken. L.C. Albert, 29/9/1849. 


Oa. The Rendezvous (E.O.H. M. 21/9/1818). L. Extra [x 1/8/18x8], 
8 1818; Dicks 236; Cumberland, vol. xvii; Lacy, vol. xliii. 

[Music Price.] 

T. Grimaldi. 8 1822. 
O,F. Sold for a Song (E.O.H. S. 5/9/1829). L.C. 26/8/1829. 


[For her first Series of Plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century 
Drama, p. 235. De Monfort was acted at D.L. 29/4/1800, and is 
preserved in L. 38 S. [3/4/1800.] 


A Series of Plays. 8 1802. 

[Contains: i. The Election (E.O.H. S. 7/6/1817, with music by 
Horn; L. 66 S. [3/5/1817]); 2. Ethwald [in two parts]; 3. The 
Second Marriage.] 
Miscellaneous Plays. 8 1804. 

[Contains: i. Rayner; 2. The Country Inn; 3. Constantine 
Paleologus (preserved in L. 87 M. [Liverpool, 10/10/1808], and no 
doubt acted in Liverpool ; see also T. J. DIBDIN's Constantine 
and Valeria, which is a revised version of this play).] 
T. The Family Legend (Edinburgh, 29/1/1810; D.L. 29/4/1815). 
8 1 8 10 [Edinburgh; bis]. 

[This was originally called The Lady of the Rock.] 
A Series of Plays. 8 1812. 

[Contains: i. Orra; 2. The Dream; 3. The Siege; 4. The Beacon 
(preserved in L. 103 M. [Edinburgh, 9/2/1815]). The three Series 
were reprinted in three volumes 8 1821.] 
T. The Martyr. 8 1826. 
D. The Bride. 8 1828. 
Dramas. 8 1836. 

[Contains (besides The Martyr and The Bride) : i. Romiero; 
2. The Alienated Manor; 3. Henriquez (D.L. S. 19/3/1836; pre- 
served in L.C. 18/3/1836); 4. The Separation (C.G. W. 24/2/1836; 
preserved in L.C. 16/2/1836); 5. The Stripling', 6. The Phantom ; 
7. Enthusiasm; 8. Witchcraft; 9. The Homicide; 10. The Match.] 


T. Calaynos (S.W. Th. 10/5/1849). L.C. 5/5/1849. 


D. Kathleen O'Neill (Belfast, 9/2/1814). 8 1814 [Belfast]. 



T. Freemen and Slaves. 8 1838. 

D. William Tell. 8 1831. 

[A translation of Schiller's play.] 


T. Turgesius [see the D.N.B.]. 

T. Damon and Pythias (C.G. M. 28/5/1821). 8 1821; Dicks 19; 
Duncombe, vol. Ixi; British Drama, vol. iii. 

[See The Force of Friendship under UNKNOWN AUTHORS. 
The stage version was altered and revised by R. L. SHEIL] 
T. Sylla (Dublin, 1826). 

M.D. The Sergeant's Wife (E.O.H. T. 24/7/1827). L.C. 25/6/1827. 
Dicks 369 ; Lacy, vol. xxiii. 

[Music Goss.] 

R.D. The Ghost Hunter (Surrey, T. 26/3/1833). 
D. The Duchess of Ormond (D.L. Th. 20/10/1836). L.C. 1836. 


D. The Gladiators (Cardiff, 5/6/1839). 

F. America. 8 1805. 

BARNETT] 1800-1850 249 


Eccentric D. The Memoirs of the D 1; or, The Warning Bell of 

Ronguerall (Surrey, M. 8/8/1842). Dicks 901 ; Duncombe, vol. xlv. 
Ba. Which is the Thief? (P'cess, Th. 9/3/1843). 
F. The Weaver of Lyons ; or, The Three Conscripts (R.A. 24/1 1/1844). 

L.C. 21/11/1844. Dicks 969; Duncombe, vol. Ivii; Lacy, vol. ex. 
Ca. Rebecca (Surrey, 24/2/1845). L.C. 20/2/1845. 
D. The Dame de St Tropez (Olym. F. 21/2/1845). Dicks 849; 

Duncombe , vol. lii. 
F. Jonathan; or, The Man of Two Masters. L.C. R.A. 17/6/1845. 

Dicks 983 ; Duncombe, vol. Ixii. 


M.D. Pocahontas; or, The Indian Princess (D.L. F. 15/12/1820). 
L. 78 S. [17/11/1820]. 

[This is a revised version of The Indian Princess; or, La Belle 
Sauvage (Philadelphia, 6/4/1808) the first Indian play put upon 
the stage. See A. H. Quinn, A History of the American Drama 
(1923), pp. 138-9-] 

T. Octavia Bragaldi (Surrey, Th. 9/5/1844). L.C. 6/4/1844 [as O. B.; 
or, The Confession}. 8 1848 [m Plays}. 

[This was first acted in New York on 8/11/1837, and was 
published in 1848.] 

D. The Forest Princess; or, Two Centuries Ago. L.C. Liverpool, 
26/10/1844. 8 1848 [in Plays}. 

[As The Forest Princess was not performed in America till 
16/2/1848 (Philadelphia) it would appear that an English version 
preceded the American.] 


D. The Phantom Bride ; or, The Castihan Bandit (R.P. M. 6/9/1830). 

Duncombe, vol. vii. 

M.D. The Bier Kroeg; or, The Yager's Rest (R.P. M. 1/11/1830). 
F. "Swing" (Surrey, M. 14/2/1831). Duncombe, vol. viii. 
D. The Youthful Days of William IV; or, British Tars in 1782 

(R.P. M. 27/6/1831). Duncombe, vol. viii. 
M.D. The Banks of Allan Water; or, The Death of Fair Eleanor 

(R P.M. 25/7/1831). 
M.D. Caesar Borgia, the Scourge of Venice (R.P. M. 8/8/1831). 

Duncombe, vol. xi. 

M.D. Victorine; or, The Maid of Paris (R.P. M. 12/9/1831). Dun- 
combe, vol. ix. 
D. Dominique the Possessed; or, The Devil and the Deserter (R.P. 

T. 27/9/1831). Dicks 256; Duncombe t vol. ix. 
M.D. The Bravo; or, The Bridge of Sighs (Surrey, Th. 21/2/1833). 

Duncombe, vol. xi. 

[From Cooper's novel.] 

M.D. The Skeleton Hand; or, The Demon Statue (S.W. M. 31/12/1833). 
D. The Bell-ringer; or, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Loss of the Royal George (R.P. M. 8/6/1835). Dicks 775 ; 

Duncombe, vol. xhi. 
M.D. The Worm of Lambton (S.W. M. 6/7/1835). 


D The Rise of the Rothschilds; or, The Honest Jew of Frankfort 

(St J. M. 15/2/1836). 
O. Fair Rosamond (D.L. T. 28/2/1837). L.C. 23/2/1837. 12 [1837; 

Songs; Duncombe]. 
D. Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress (R.P. 21/5/1838). 

Duncombe, vol. xxix. 

[From Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Dream of Fate; or, Sarah the Jewess (S.W. M. 20/8/1838). 

Dicks 771 ; 16 [1840; Dramatic Tales]. 
D. The Mariner's Dream; or, The Jew of Plymouth (R.P. W. 

O. Farinelli (D.L. F. 8/2/1839). L.C. 1839; 8 [1839; Duncombe, 

3 editions ; Songs, Duets, Trios] ; Duncombe, vol. xxxiii. 

[Music J. Barrett.] 
D.D. The Merchant's Daughter; or, Wealth and Pride (S.W. M. 


D. Mariette Duval (Vic. Th. 26/12/1839). 
M.D. The Loss of the Royal George; or, The Fatal Land Breeze 

(S.W. M. 5/10/1840). 

[See above under date 8/6/1835.] 
M.D. Maria Padilla; or, The Husband! the Kingl and the Court 

Favourite! (S.W. M. 7/6/1841). 

D. The Three Smugglers of Kent (Vic. M. 5/6/1843). 
Ba. Marie (Adel. M. 2/10/1843). L.C. 23/9/1843 [as M.; or, The Pear 

of Savoy]. 
D. The Bohemians of Paris; or, The Mysteries of Crime (Surrey, 

M. 27/11/1843). L.C. 16/11/1843. Duncombe, vol. xlviii. 

[From Sue, Les Mysteres de Paris.] 
D. Stella de Rittersdorf (Surrey, M. 22/1/1844). L.C. 12/1/1844 [as 

S. de R.; or, The Captive of Silesia], 
D. A Christmas Carol; or, The Miser's Warning (Surrey, M. 

5/2/1844). L.C. 3/2/1844. Dicks 722; Lacy, vol. xciv; Duncombe, 

vol. xlviii. 

[From Dickens' tale.] 

F. La Polka (Surrey, 6/5/1844). L.C. 30/4/1844. Duncombe, vol. 1. 
D. Hugh the Gipsey (Surrey, 13/5/1844). L.C. 8/5/1844. 
D. Don Caesar de Bazan (Surrey, 21/10/1844). L.C. 14/10/1844. 

Duncombe, vol. li. 

[From the play by Dumanoir and Dennery.] 
F. Six Degrees of Crime (Olym. 18/11/1844). L.C. 16/11/1844. 
D. Midnight, the Thirteenth Chime; or, Old St. Paul's (Surrey, 

2/1845). L.C. 12/2/1845. Duncombe, vol. liii; Lacy, vol. ci. 

C. Captain Sabertache; or, Under Arrest (S.W. M. 21/7/1845). 
L.C. 7/7/I845- 

D. Grace Challoner. L.C. Albert, 25/8/1845. 

D. Ship on Fire (Queen's, 1/9/1845). L.C. 25/8/1845. 

D. The Daughter of Fire (Albert, 29/9/1845). L.C. 25/9/1845. 

D. The Minute Gun at Sea; or, The Mariner's Sister (Surrey, 

24/11/1845). L.C. 19/11/1845. Duncombe, vol. Iv. 
P. Harlequin and the Magic Sirloin (Albert, 26/12/1845). L.C. 


D. TheQ. of Diamonds ; or, The Curse of Scotland. L.C. Queen's, 1846. 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth. L.C. Albert, 3/1/1846. 
[From Dickens' novel.] 

BARRYMORE] 1800-1850 251 

D. Ruth Martin, the Fatal Dreamer. L.C. Albert, 9/3/1846. 

D. The Midnight Torch. L.C. Garrick, 11/4/1846. 

D. The World of Fashion (C.L. 1/6/1846). L.C. 28/5/1846 [as The 

World in London], 
D. Amy the Skipper's Daughter; or, The Lily of Devon (Surrey, M, 

3/5/1847). L.C. 1/5/1847. 
D. The Bottle and the Glass; or, The Drunkard's Progress. L.C. 

Albert, 18/10/1847. 

D. The Mercer of Ludgate. L.C. Grecian, 13/12/1847. 
M.D. England's Charter; or, The Old Abbey Ruins. L.C. Albert, 


D. Hearts and Homes. L.C. Albert, 18/11/1848. 
D. Julie de Moin; or, The Assassin of Nantes (Vic. 11/6/1849). 

L.C. 12/6/1849. 

[Davenport Adams (p. 112) lists a few other dramas by this 

writer, evidently later in date.] 


Ba. Supper's Over (Adel. M. 1/2/1830). L.C. 6/1/1830. 

Ba. The Bold Dragoons (Adel. T. 9/2/1830). Dicks 509; Lacy, vol. ix. 

F. Tact (Queen's, M. 21/2/1831). Duncombe, vol. xiii. 

M.Ent. Mrs. G. (Queen's, M. 14/3/1831). Duncombe, vol. viii. 

M.D. The Spirit of the Rhine (Queen's, T. 22/9/1835). Duncombe, 

vol. xix. 
Ba. The Yellow Kids (Adel. M. 19/10/1835). L.C. 19/10/1835. 

Dicks 967 ; Duncombe, vol. xviii. 

Ba. Monsieur Jacques (St J. W. 13/1/1836). 12 1836; Dicks 503; 
Lacy, vol. xxviii. 

[From Le pauvre Jacques (Paris, 15/9/1835) by Cogniard.] 
F. The Serious Family (H. a T. 30/10/1849). L.C. 24/10/1849. 
Dicks 1007. 

[From Le mart d la campagne.] 

[See also Davenport Adams, p. 112.] 


Oa. Genevieve, the Maid of Switzerland (E.O.H. M. 3/11/1834). 
L.C. 14/10/1834. 

[Music Sir G. A. Macfarren.] 


F. My Wife! What Wife? (H.> T. 25/7/1815). L. 60 S. [17/7/1815]- 
8 1815. 

[And see under CERVANTES HOGG.] 


P. War and Peace; or, Harlequin and the Miller's Daughter (R.A. 

M. 27/6/1814). 
M.D. The Dog of Montargis; or, The Forest of Bondy (C.G. F. 

30/9/1814). Dicks 163. 

[A version of Pixe're'court, Le chien de Montargis; ou, la forSt de 

Bondy (Paris, 1814). Music by Bishop.] 
M.D.Spec. Trial by Battle; or, Heaven defend the Right (Cob. M. 

11/5/1818). Duncombe, vol. viii; New B.T. 62. 
MJXSpec. Meg Murnoch; or, The Fatal Glen (R.A. M. 20/5/1816). 

New B.T. 382 [as MM., the Hag of the Glen\. 

NDII 17 


M.D Wallace, the Hero of Scotland (R.A. M. 6/10/1817; Cob. M. 

8/6/1818). Dicks 953 ; Lacy, vol. Ixxiii. 
M.D.Spec. El Hyder, the Chief of the Ghaut Mountains (Cob. M. 

7/12/1818). Dicks 140; Lacy, vol. vi. 

Ba. Country Actors ; or, A Peep behind the Scenes (R.A. M. 9/7/1821). 
Spec. The Pirate of the Isles (R.A. M. 13/8/1821). 
M.D. Gilderoy, the Bonnie Boy (Cob. T. 25/6/1822). Cumberland 

Minor, vol. viii; Richardson Minor , vol. ii. 

M.D. The Foulahs; or, A Slave's Revenge (Surrey, T. 26/8/1823). 
D. Asian the Lion ; or, The Seven Brazen Towers of Tepelini (Surrey, 

M. 2/2/1824). 

Ba. The Secret (R.A. T. 11/5/1824). New B.T. 478; Lacy, vol. xlviii. 
P. Harlequin and the Dragon of Wantley (R.A. M. 26/7/1824). 
Ent. Jack Robinson and his Monkey. L.C. Edinburgh, 18/12/1828. 
P. The Queen Bee; or, Harlequin and the Fairy Hive (D.L. F. 

26/12/1828). L.C. 18/12/1828. 

[To these should be added: The Two Sisters; The Blood Red 

Knight, printed in Duncombe, vol. Ixvi; and The Fatal Snowstorm, 

printed in Cumberland Minor, vol. xiii and in Richardson Minor, 

vol. iv.J 


Div. Evening Revels (D.L. 10/11/1823). 


O. Antigone (C.G. Th. 2/1/1845). L.C. 10/12/1844. 

[Adapted from the German, with music by Mendelssohn.] 


D. Lara (Dundee, 1827). 


T. Orestes in Argos (C.G. W. 20/4/1825). L.C. 18/2/1824. 

BAYLEY, , of Bath. 

Ba. The Witness (E.O.H. W. 12/8/1829). L.C. 28/7/1829. 
[Music A. Lee.] 


F. " But however " (H.* T. 30/10/1838). See H. MA YHEW. 


F. A House to be Sold. 12 1804. 

[An adaptation of La maison a vendre.] 


F. Perfection; or, The Lady of Munster (D.L. Th. 25/3/1830; 

E.O.H.T. 7/9/1841). L.C. 23/3/1830. 12 [1830]; Lacy, vol. xiii; 

Dicks 276. 

Ba. The Eleventh Day (Olym. 28/2/1832). 
O. Der Alchymist (D.L. T. 20/3/1832). See E. FJTZBALL. 
Ba. Cupid (Olym. M. 10/9/1832). L.C. 1/9/1832 and 25/2/1832 [as 

C.; or, My Eleventh Day}. 

Ba. How do you manage? (Adel. M. 9/2/1835). Lacy, vol. i. 
Ba. Why don't she marry? (Olym. M. 9/2/1835). L.C. 9/2/1835. 

Lacy, vol. i. 
F. A Gentleman in Difficulties (Olym. M. 28/9/1835). L.C. 28/9/1835. 

Dicks 545. 

BEAZLEY] 1800-1850 253 

F. Comfortable Service (Olym. M. 16/1 1/1835). Lacy, vol.i ; Dicks 526. 
Ba. One Hour; or, A Carnival Frolic (Olym. T. 12/1/1836). L.C. 

11/1/1836. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv; Dicks 906. 
Ba. Forty and Fifty (Olym. W. 2/3/1836). L.C. 27/1/1836. 8 [1836] ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v; Dicks 462. 
D. The Daughter (Olym. 5/11/1835). L.C. 5/11/1835. Lacy, vol. i. 

[Based on Scribe, La lee trice.] 
Ca. The Barrack Room (Olym. M. 7/11/1836). L.C. 1836. French's 

Minor N.Y.i Dicks 448. 
Ba. The Ladder of Love (Olym. S. 16/12/1837). L.C. 12/12/1837 [as 

The Love Ladder]. Lacy, vol. i; Dicks 421. 
Ba. The Culprit (St J. 18/1/1838). L.C. 30/12/1837. Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. viii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
Ba. The Spitalfields Weaver (St J. S. 10/2/1838). L.C. 24/1/1838. 

Dicks 324; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
Ba. You can't marry your Grandmother (Olym. Th. 1/3/1838). L.C. 

25/2/1838. Dicks 527; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 
F. My Album (St J. M. 16/4/1838). L.C. 13/4/1838. 
Ba. The British Legion (St J. M. 7/5/1838). L.C. 2/5/1838. Dicks 757 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 
F. Tom Noddy's Secret (H. W. 12/9/1838). L.C. 11/9/1838. 

Dicks 462 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
F. Mr. Greenfinch (H. 2 S. 17/11/1838). L.C. 1838. Dicks 519 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 
F. " My Little Adopted " (H.* W. 12/12/1838). L.C. 1838. Dicks 545 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 
Ba. Friends and Neighbours (St J. M. 11/2/1839). L.C. 1839. 


O.F. The Boarding House; or, Five Hours at Brighton (Lye. M. 
26/8/1811). L. 95 M. [12/8/1811]. 8 1811 [3 editions]; 8 1816; 
Cumberland Minor, vol. xv. 

[Music Horn.] 

Oa. Is He Jealous? (E.O.H.T. 2/7/1816). 8 1816; Dicksw, Oxberry, 
vol. iii; New B.T. 72. 
[Music T. Welsh.] 
Oa. Old Customs; or, New Year's Gifts (E.O.H. M. 5/8/1816). 

L. 107 M. [17/7/1816]. 
Oa. My Uncle (E.O.H. M. 23/6/1817). L. 65 S. [22/5/1817]. 8 1817. 

[Music Addison.] 

Oa. Bachelor's Wives; or, The British at Brussels (E.O.H. W. 16/7/1817). 
L. 66 S. [19/6/1817; as Tit for Tat; or, The B. in B.]. 

[Music Kearns.] 

Oa. Fire and Water; or, A Critical Hour (E.O.H. T. 19/8/1817). 
L. 66 S. [4/8/1817]. 

[Music Price.] 

Oa. The Bull's Head (E.O.H. T. 14/7/1818). 

C.O. Jealous on All Sides; or, The Landlord in Jeopardy! (E.O.H. 
W. 19/8/1818). L. 68 S. [7/8/1818]. 8 1818. 

[Music Jolly.] 
F. Cozening; or, Half an Hour in France (C.G. S. 22/5/1819). 

L. u6M. [20/5/1819]. 

C. The Steward; or, Fashion and Feeling (C.G. W. 15/9/1819). 
L. 116 M. [23/6/1819]. Dicks 539. 



M.D. Ivanhoe; or, The Knight Templar (C.G. Th. 2/3/1820). 

L. ii8M. [10/2/1820]. 

O, Love's Dream (E.O.H. 5/7/1821). L. 77 S. [5/7/1820]. Dun- 
combe f vol. viii. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La Somnambule (Paris, 6/12/1819); 

music Moss.] 

Oa. Gretna Green (E.O.H. S. 31/8/1822). L. 125 M. [17/8/1822]. 
C.O. Philandering; or, The Rose Queen (D.L. T. 13/1/1824). 

L. 132 M. [7/1/1824]. 8 1824. 

[Music Horn.] 
R.D. The Knights of the Cross; or, The Hermit's Prophecy (D.L. 

M. 29/5/1826). L.C. 24/5/1826. Cumberland, vol. xxxiv. 

[Music H. R. Bishop. A dramatisation of Scott's The Talisman^ 
F. The Lottery Ticket; or, The Lawyer's Clerk (D.L. 13/12/1826). 

L.C. 11/12/1826 [titles reversed]. Dicks 226; Lacy, vol. Ixvhi. 
Spec. The Elephant of Siam ; or, The Fire-Fiend (Adel. W. 2/12/1829). 

L.C. 30/11/1829. 

Ba. The Scapegrace (S.W. M. 30/1/1832). 

F. The Divorce (Adel. M. 22/10/1832). L.C. 19/10/1832. Dicks 669. 
O. Don Juan (D.L. 24/2/1833). L.C. 4/2/1833. 

[Music Mozart.] 
O.Bal. La Somnambula (D.L. W. 1/5/1833). L.C. 1/5/1833. 

C. Hints for Husbands (H.* S. 29/8/1835). L.C. 25/8/1835. 
F. Everybody's Widow (D.L. S. 8/10/1836). L.C. 1836. 

Ba. The Queen of Cyprus (Adel. M. 31/1/1842). L.C. 25/1/1842. 
F. You know what (S.W. M. 28/1 1/1842). L.C. 19/1 1/1842. Dfc/w 653. 
[Davenport Adams, p. 131, also ascribes to him a version of 
Robert the Devil.] 

D. Poem. Socrates. 8 1806; 8 1811. 

M. The Genii. 8 1814 [in The New B.T., vol. i]. 

[See Dramatic and Prose Miscellanies. 8 1838.] 


Bsq. Hamlet the Dane. 8 1847 [Newcastle] 

T. The Bride's Tragedy. 8 1822. 

T. Death's Jest Book, or The Fool's Tragedy. 8 1850; 8 1851 [in 


T. Madeline. 8 1847. 

T. Count Clermont, a Tragedy; Caius Toranius, a Tragedy. 8 1841 


M.D. The Watch-word ; or, Quito-Gate (D.L. S. 19/10/1816). 8 1816. 

[Genest gives this play to Bell, but the authorship is doubtful.] 

Bsq. Macbeth Modernized: a most illegitimate drama. 8 1838 

[privately printed]. 

C. Marriage (H.* S. 29/1/1842). L.C. 17/1/1842. 8 1842; Dicks 595. 
C. Mothers and Daughters (C.G. T. 24/1/1843). L.C. 23/1/1843. 

8 1843 ; 8 1844; Dicks 616. 
C. Temper (H. M. 17/5/1847). 8 1847; Dicks 1018. 

BERNARD] 1800-1850 255 


D. The Soldier's Orphan; or, The Fortunes of War (Strand, 

19/3/1844). L.C. 5/3/1844. Duncombe, vol. 1. 

D. The Justizia. L.C. Birmingham, 18/11/1848. 8 1848 [as The 
Justisia; A Tale of Arragon]. 


D.Spec. Thirteen Years of Labour Lost; or, The Force of Nature 
(Cob. M. 8/1/1821). 8 1822. 


Sacred D. The Royal Penitent. 12 1803. 


F. The Uncle's Will; or, The Widow's Choice. 8 1808. 


M.D. The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea (Cob. M. 17/7/1826). 
M.D. Casco Bay; or, The Mutineers of 1727 (Olym. M. 3/12/1827). 

L.C. 26/11/1827. 
Oa. The Old Regimentals (Adel. S. 16/7/1831). L.C. 13/7/1831. 

Cumberland, vol. xxxiii. 

Ba. The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish (Adel. M. 21/11/1831; Cob. Th. 

1/3/1832). L.C. 12/11/1831. Dicks 546. 

[From Cooper's novel.] 
Ca. The Dumb Belle (Olym. W. 14/12/1831). L.C. 13/12/1831. 

Dicks 522; Lacy, vol. xxiii. 
D. The Metempsychosis (Surrey, M. 2/1/1832). 

[I find the play recorded as performed at Tottenham-street in 

1830; this I have been unable to verify.] 
F. The Four Sisters; or, Woman's Worth and Woman's Ways 

(Strand, M. 13/2/1832; R.P. M. 14/9/1835). Dicks 411; Lacy, 

vol. xxiii. 

D. Long Finn (Strand, M. 23/4/1832). 
F. Wooing a Widow; or, Love under a Lamp-post (Strand, F. 

Ba. Rip van Winkle; or, The Helmsman of the Spirit Crew (Adel. 

M. 1/10/1832). L.C. 29/9/1832. 
C. The Conquering Game (Olym. W. 28/11/1832). L.C. 27/11/1832. 

Dicks 676; Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 

C. The Nervous Man (D.L. S. 26/1/1833), L.C. 23/1/1833. Dicks 
458 ; Duncombe, vol. xxvii ; Lacy, vol. xxxix. 

F. The Kentuckian; or, A Trip to New York (C.G. S. 9/3/1833). 

L.C. 2/3/1833- 
O.F. The Mummy (Adel. T. 4/6/1833). L.C. 20/5/1833. Duncombe, 

vol. xxiv; Lacy, vol. xlviii. 
[Music Hawes.] 

D. Woman's Faith (E.O.H. M. 2/11/1835). L.C. 25/10/1835. 12 
1835; Dicks 536. 

D. Lucille; or, The Story of a Heart (E.O.H. M. 4/4/1836; Vic. M. 

4/9A837). L.C. 31/3/1836. 12 1836; Dicks 410; Lacy, vol. xxviii. 
F. The Man about Town (E.O.H. Th. 5/5/1836). L.C. 2/5/1836. 

Dicks 740; Duncombe, vol. xxii. 
Oa. The Middy Ashore (E.O.H. M. 23/5/1836). L.C. 14/5/1836. 

Dicks 349; Duncombe, vol. xxii. 


M.D. The Farmer's Story (E.O.H. M. 13/6/1836; Vic. M. 10/7/1837; 

Strand, M. 9/4/1849). L.C. 6/1836. Dicks 434; Lacy, vol. xliv; 

Duncombe, vol. xxii. 
Ba. The Yankee Pedlar ; or, Old Times in Virginia (D.L. T. i/i 1/1836). 

L.C. 29/10/1836. 
R.D. Paulina; or, The Pass of Beresina (Adel. M. 5/12/1836). L.C. 

30/11/1836. Dicks 516. 
Ba. St Mary's Eve; or, A Story of the Solway (Adel. M. 1/1/1838). 

Dicks 382; Lacy, vol. xxxiii. 
Ba. A Maiden's Fame; or, A Legend of Lisbon (Adel. M. 12/2/1838). 

L.C. 12/2/1838. Dicks 735 ; Duncombe, vol. xxviii. 
F. A Wife for a Day (H.* M. 18/3/1839). L.C. 15/3/1839. 
F. His Last Legs (H.* T. 15/10/1839). L.C. 10/1839. Dicks 439; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
F. The Happiest Man Alive (Olym. 21/3/1840). L.C. 17/3/1840. 

Dicks 965 ; Duncombe, vol. xli. 
F. The Irish Attorney ; or, Galway Practice in 1790 (H. 1 W. 6/5/1840). 

L.C. 26/4/1840 [as The LA.; or, It's Fifty Years Since]. Dicks 463 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
D. Robespierre ; or, Two Days of the Revolution (Adel. M. 5/10/1840) . 

L.C. 21/9/1840 [as R.; or, The Fete-day and the Fall]. Dicks 610; 

Duncombe, vol. xlii. 

C. The Philosophers of Berlin (Lye. Th. 20/5/1841). L.C. 6/5/1841. 
Dicks 779. 

D. Marie Ducange (Lye. S. 29/5/1841). L.C. 25/5/1841. Dicks 475; 
Lacy, vol. xxxii. 

F. The Boarding School (H.* W. 1/9/1841). L.C. 27/8/1841. Dicks 

409 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
C. The Woman Hater (H.> T. 22/2/1842). L.C. 18/2/1842. Dicks 526 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
F. Locomotion (H. 2 W. 16/8/1842). L.C. 8/8/1842. Dicks 952; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 

C. Louise ; or, The Recompense (H. M. 29/5/1843). L.C. 20/5/1843. 
Dicks 710. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Louise; ou, la reparation (Paris, 
F. The Absentee (H.* 20/5/1844). L.C. 15/3/1844. 

D. Blanche de Valmy (P'cess, T. 28/5/1844). L.C. 17/5/1844. 

D. The Round of Wrong (H. S. 19/12/1846). L.C. 12/12/1846. 

Dicks 1000 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiii. 
F. A Practical Man (Lye. S. 20/10/1849). L.C. 15/10/1848 [as 

Nothing to Do!]. Lacy, vol. i. 

[For some of his later plays see Davenport Adams, p. 149, who 

also cites The Passing Cloud. To this play he gives the date 1848, 

but it does not seem to have been produced until 8/4/1850 at D.L.] 


D. Faust. . .with other poems. 8 1839; 8 1840 [Carlsruhe]. 

T. Germanicus. 8 1817. 

[A translation from the French of A.-V. Arnault. The anonymous 
Germanicus anticipates this by three days according to a slip 
inserted in Bernel's edition.] 

BLAKE] 1800-1850 257 


F. Mesmerism versus Galvanism. L.C. Albert, 1845. 


Past. The Gentle Shepherd ; Translated into English from the Scotch 

of Allan Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd. 8 18x7. 

D. The Maid of Orleans. 8 1835 [privately printed]; 8 1848 [in 

[A translation of Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans (1802).] 


M .D . The Abbot ; or, Mary of Scotland (Tottenham-street, 1 8/9/1 820) . 
[From Scott's novel.] 


[See A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 238.] 
T. Virginius; or, The Fall of the Decemvirs (D.L. M. 29/5/1820). 
L. 79 S. [D.L. 9/5/1820]. 

[A revised version of the Virginia published in 8 1800.] 


D. Faust. 8 1839 [Part I]; 8 1843 [Parts I and II]. 
[A translation of Goethe's play.] 


T. Cosmo, Duke of Tuscany. 8 1822. 

D.D. The Smuggler's Daughter (S.W. Th. 8/10/1835). 12 1836. 

T. The Gladiator (D.L. M. 17/10/1836). L.C. 1836. [Text in C. E. 
Foust, Life and Dramatic Works of R. M. Bird (New York, 1919).] 
[This play also appeared in the English bills as Spartacus. It had 
been produced in New York on 26/9/1831 ; see A. H. Quinn, op. cit. 
pp. 229 and 435.] 

T. Henry and Almeria. 8 1802. 


O.F. Who wants a Wife ; or, The Law of the Land (C.G. T. 16/4/1816). 
L. 648. [30/3/1816]. 

[Music by the author.] 

M.D. Yelva; or, The Orphan of Russia (C.G. Th. 5/2/1829). L.C. 

[Music by the author.] 

[For his other theatrical work see the D.N.B.] 

C. The Libertine Lovers. 8 1811. 


D. Faust. 8 1834 [Edinburgh]; 8 1880. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


D. Rudolf of Varosnay. 8 1841. 


R.D. The Dumb Guide of the Tyrol (Adel. 9/10/1837). Dicks 756. 
D. The Wreck of Twenty Years ! (S.W. M. 30/7/1838). 


D. Savourneen Deelish; or, The Girl of my Heart; or, The Soldier's 

Bride (S.W.T. 11/6/1839). 

D. Life as it is! or, The Convict's Child (S.W. M. 22/7/1839). 
M.D. The Cattle-stealers of the Mountain; or, The Drover's Dog 

(Vic. M. 7/9/1840). 
M.D. Our Old House at Home (S.W. M. 26/7/1841). L.C. 2/8/1841. 

Dicks 511 ; Lacy, vol. xxv. 
D. Beatrice; or, The Broken Heart (Queen 's, 21/10/1844). L.C. 


Ba. Poor Dog Tray (Vic. M. 7/4/1845). 
F. Satisfaction; or, The Duellists. L.C. Grecian, 16/5/1845. 
F. The Student's Dream; or, The Fiend of the Fountain. L.C. R.P. 


D. The Dumb Driver. L.C. Apollo, 1846. 
F. The Contract of St Cloud. L.C. Grecian, 26/1/1846. 
F. Drawn for the Militia (Queen's, 19/1/1846). L.C. 14/1/1846. 
D. Gillian the Gipsey (C.L. 8/6/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
D. The False Light; or, The Son of a Sailor. L.C. Albert, 24/4/1847. 
Spec. The Lonely Man of the Ocean (Vic. M. 24/5/1847). L.C. R.P. 

21/5/1847. Lacy, vol. xvi. 

[To these should be added Wapping Old Stairs (1834), Edith 

of the Marsh (1840), The Bridge of Kehl (1841), A Spanking Legacy 

(1843) and Poverty (1844).] 


F. Angels and Lucifers ; or, Courtship and Congreves (Manor-house, 

Chelsea, 1838 ; Olym. 25/10/1841 ; Olym. M. 27/2/1843). L.C. 1841 . 
F. The Angel of Islington (Queen's, 12/10/1840). 
F. The Artful Dodge (Olym. M. 21/2/1842). L.C. 18/2/1842. Lacy, 

vol. xlii. 
F. Jack Noakes and Tom Styles (Olym. M. 10/10/1842). L.C. 


Oa. Arcadia (Grecian, 1843). 
Ext. Pork Chops (Olym. M. 13/2/1843). L.C. 10/2/1843. Lacy, 

vol. xlv [as P.C.; or y A Dream at Home]. 
Bsq. The Merchant of Venice (Olym. 2/10/1843). L.C. 21/9/1843. 

C. The Road of Life; or, Lights and Shadows (Olym. M. 23/10/1843). 
L.C. 11/10/1843 [as The R. of L.; or, Romance and Reality]. 

F. Game and Game; or, Who's the Winner? (Olym. M. 20/11/1843; 

S.W.Th. 19/9/1844). L.C. 16/11/1843. 
Ext. Cinderella; or, The Great Fairy and the Little Glass Slipper 

(Olym. 8/4/1844). L.C. 1/4/1844- 

F. The Invisible Client (Olym. M. 6/5/1844). L.C. 2/5/1844. 
P. Jack and the Bean-Stalk (Vic. M. 2/9/1844). 
Bsq. Antigone (Strand, T. 4/2/1845). L.C. 1/2/1845. 
Bsq. Robinson Crusoe (Strand, 12/5/1845). L.C. 8/5/1845. 
D.D. Faith, Hope and Charity; or, Chance and Change (Surrey, M. 

7/7/1845). L.C. 2/6/1845. Duncombe, vol. liv. 

D. The Queen of Bohemia ; or, London in 1664 (Olym. M. 6/10/1845). 
L.C. 15/9/1845 [as The Q. of B.; or, L. in the Days of Charles II]. 

Bsq. The Cricket on our own Hearth (Olym. Th. 15/1/1846). L.C. 

P. The Birth of the Steam Engine ; or, Harlequin Locomotive (Vic. 

S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 21/12/1846. 

BOUCICAULT] 1800-1850 259 

P. King Alfred the Great; or, Harlequin History and the Enchanted 

Raven (Olym. S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 12/12/1846. 
F. A Wife for an Hour (P'cess, W. 28/4/1847). L.C. 5/3/1847. 
P. Eyes, Nose and Mouth; or, Harlequin Prince Perfect and the 

Birth of Beauty (M'bone, M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 13/12/1847. 
P. Harlequin Lord Lovell; or, The Mistletoe Bough; or, Lady 

Nancy Bell and the Fairies of the Oak (Surrey, T. 26/12/1848). 

L.C. 23/12/1848. 
P. William the Conqueror; or, Harlequin Harold and the Sack of the 

Saxons (Olym. T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 23/12/1848. 

[For his later plays see Davenport Adams, p. 170, and the 



F. The Euston Hotel. L.C. R.P. 8/5/1845. 

D. Hazelwood Hall. 12 1823. 


C. Quite Correct (H.* S. 30/7/1825). L.C. 19/7/1825. 

D. Fatality (H. a T. 1/9/1829). L.C. 6/2/1829. Cumberland, vol. xxiii. 
F. William Thompson; or, Which is He? (H.* 11/9/1829). L.C. 

3/9/1829. 12 1829; Cumberland, vol. xxiii. 
F. TheFirstofApril(H.T.3i/8/i83o). L.C. 3/8/1830. Cumberland, 

vol. xxvi. 

D. A Duel in Richelieu's Time (H. M. 9/7/1832). L.C. 27/6/1832. 
[To these should be added: Don Pedro the Cruel and Don 

Manuel the Cobbler. 12 1839; Duncombe, vol. iii.] 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 238-9.] 

M.D. The Voice of Nature (H. S. 31/7/1802). L. 42 S. [20/7/1802]. 
8 1803. 

[An adaptation of Caigniez* Le Jugement de Salomon^ 
D. The Maid of Bristol (H.* W. 24/8/1803). L. 43 S. [2/8/1803]. 
8 1803. 

T. Bntannicus. 8 1803. 

[A translation of Racine's tragedy.] 

M.D. The Gipsy King ; or, The Perilous Pass of the Cataract (Queen's, 
M. 27/3/1837). Dicks 654. 


D. A Legend of the Devil's Dyke (Brighton, 1838). Dicks 1043. 

C. London Assurance (C.G. M. 4/3/1841). L.C. 1/3/1841. 8 1841; 

Dicks 1044; Lacy, vol. xxxiv. 

C. The Irish Heiress (C.G. M. 7/2/1842). L.C. 27/1/1842.' 8 1842. 
Ca. A Lover by Proxy (H. Th. 21/4/1842). L.C. 12/4/1842. Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 

C. Alma Mater; or, A Cure for Coquettes (H. a M. 19/9/1842). L.C. 
3/9/1842. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 

D. Woman (C.G. M. 2/10/1843). L.C. 19/9/1843. 

D. The Old Guard (P'cess, M. 9/10/1843). Dicks 1056. 


Ca. Used Up (H. T. 6/2/1844; H.' M. 1/6/1846) L.C. 25/1/1844- 

Dicks 1047 ; Webster ; French's Minor N. Y. [as by Charles Mathews 

and described as the "only published edition"]; Mod. Eng. 

Com. Th. vol. v. 

[Written in collaboration with CHARLES MATHEWS; based 

on Uhomme blast.] 
Oa. The Fox and the Goose (Adel. W. 2/10/1844). See B. N. 

D. Don Caesar de Bazan (Adel. M. 14/10/1844). L.C. 7/10/1844. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 

[Written in collaboration with B. WEBSTER; based on the 

French of Dumanois and Dennery.] 
C. Old Heads and Young Hearts (H.* M. 18/11/1844). L.C. 14/11/1844 

8 [1845; bis]; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th 

vol. iii. 

Ca. A Soldier of Fortune (Adel. 6/2/1845). L.C. 10/1/1845. 
F. Enquire Within (Lye. 25/8/1845). L.C. 21/8/1845. 
F. Up the Flue; or, What's in the Wind? L.C. Adel. 11/5/1846. 

[Called at first Felo de Se; written in collaboration with 

C. The School for Scheming (H.* Th. 4/2/1847). L.C. 3/2/1847. 

Dicks 1046. 

C. Confidence (H. 2/5/1848). L.C. 3/5/1848. 

Ca. The Knight of Arva (H. 22/1 1/1848). L.C. 18/11/1848. French's 

D. The Willow Copse (Adel. 26/11/1849). L.C. 21/11/1849. 

[For his later work see the D.N.B.] 


P. The Enchanted Hall; or, The Parthian Harlequin (R.A. M. 

T. Sappho. 8 1820. 

[A translation from Grillparzer.] 


O. Kais; or, Love in the Desarts (D.L. Th. 11/2/1808). L. 50 S. 
[8/2/1808]. 8 1808 [3 editions]; 8 1808 [Songs, Duets, Trios 
and Chorussesj. 

[Music Reeve and Braham.] 

F. Tricks upon Travellers (Crow-street, Dublin, 12/11/1816). 

F. Wool Gathering (D.L. F. 6/1/1826). L.C. 3/12/1825. 

D. The Trust. 8 1808. 

T. Charles I. 8 1828. 

D. The Black Doctor (C.L. 9/11/1846). L.C. 31/10/1846. Lacy, 
vol. xxiii. 

[An adaptation of Le docteur noir (Paris, 30/7/1846) by Anicet- 
Bourgeois and Dumanoir.] 

[This author has many later works.] 

BROUGHAM] 1800-1850 261 


Spec. The Prince of Cyprus. L.C. Birmingham, 22/4/1846. 


T.C. The Rebellion; or, Norwich in 1549 (Norwich, 17/4/1815). 
L. 106 M. [10/4/1815]. 8 1815 [Norwich]. 

T. Gustayus Vasa (C.G. S. 28/12/1805). 

[This was apparently the first London performance of the 1745 
play, which, however, had already been staged in Dublin; see 
A History of Early Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 300.] 

C. Our New Governess (Lye. Th. 1/5/1845). 
C. Honours and Tricks (Lye. Th. 2/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
Ba. The Wigwam (Lye. M. 25/1/1847). L.C. 16/1/1847. Dicks 1004. 
M.D. The Creole; or, Love's Fetters (Lye. Th. 8/4/1847). Dicks 1009; 

Lacy, vol. i. 
F. Anything for a Change (Lye. W. 7/6/1848). L.C. 3/6/^848. 

Lacy, vol. iv; De Witt's Acting Plays N.Y. 114; French 53. 
F. Shave you directly (Lye. W. 21/2/1849). L.C. 23/2/1849. 
F. The Guardian Angel (H.* Th. 25/10/1849). Lacy, vol. v. 
[For his later plays see the D.N.B.] 


Ext. The Enchanted Isle (1848). See W. BROUGH. 
Ext. Camaralzaman and Badoura (1848). See W. BROUGH. 
Ext. The Sphinx (1849). See W. BROUGH. 
Bsq. Frankenstein (1849). See W. BROUGH. 
[This author has many later plays.] 


Ext. The Enchanted Isle; or, "Raising the Wind" on the most 
approved principles: A Drama without the smallest claim to 
legitimacy, consistency, probability, or anything else but absurdity, 
in which will be found much that is unaccountably coincident with 
Shakspere's " Tempest " (Amphitheatre, Liverpool, 1848; Adel. 
M. 20/11/1848). L.C. Liverpool, 10/8/1848. 8 (1848). Acting 
Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 

[Written in collaboration with R. B. BROUGH.] 
Ext. Camaralzaman and Badoura ; or, The Peri who loved the Prince 
(H.* T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 1848; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xv. 

[Written in collaboration with R. B. BROUGH.] 
Ext. TheSphinx(H.*M.9/4/i849). L,.C.i4/4/iSw,ActingNat.Drama, 
vol. xv. 

[Written in collaboration with R. B. BROUGH.] 
Bsq. Frankenstein; or, The Model Man (Adel. W. 26/12/1849). 
L.C. 19/12/1849. 

[Written in collaboration with R. B. BROUGH.] 
[For his later plays see the D.N.B.] 


Ba. The Demon Gift ; or, Visions of the Future (E.O.H. M. 29/6/1840). 
L.C. 29/6/1840. 

[Written in collaboration with M. LEMON.] 


Ext. Life in the Clouds; or, Olympus in an Uproar (E.O.H. Th, 

23/7/1840). L.C. 23/7/1840. 8 [1840]. 
Oa. Love's Livery (E.O.H. Th. 30/7/1840). L.C. 28/7/1840. 
O. The Hunter's Bride; or, The Rose of Altenheim (E.O.H. 

4/6/1841). L.C. 7/6/1841. 
Ba. The Enthusiast (E.O.H. 9/5/1842). L.C. 7/5/1842. 

C. Romance and Reality; or, Silence gives Consent (P'cess, T. 
1/6/1847). L.C. 21/5/1847. Dicks 730. 

D. Jane Eyre; or, The Secrets of Thornfield Manor House (Vic. 
27/1/1848). L.C. 27/1/1848. Dicks 400. 

[For his later plays, mostly produced in America, see the D.N.B.] 


C.O. Narensky; or, The Road to Yaroslaf (D.L. T. 11/1/1814). 
8 1814. 

[Music Braham and Reeve.] 


T. Prometheus Bound, translated from the Greek of /Eschylus. 

8 1833. 

T. Stratford (C.G. M. 1/5/1837). L.C. 28/4/1837. 8 1837. 

D. Pippa Passes. 8 1841 [in Bells and Pomegranates]. 

D. King Victor and King Charles. 8 1842 [in Bells and Pome- 
granates'] . 

D. The Return of the Druses. 8 1843 [in Bells and Pomegranates]. 

D. A Blot in the 'Scutcheon (D.L. S. 11/2/1843). L.C. 16/2/1843. 
8 1843 [in Bells and Pomegranates]. 

D. Colombo's Birthday. 8 1844 fr n Bells and Pomegranates]. 

D. Luria; and A Soul's Tragedy. 8 1846 [in Bells and Pomegranates], 


T. Don Carlos. 12 1837 [Mannheim]. 
[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


F. Bathing (Olym. M. 31/1/1842). L.C. 21/1/1842. Dicks 949; 

Duncombe, vol. xliv; Lacy, vol. cviii. 
F. Cut for Partners (P'cess, M. 13/5/1844). L.C. 11/5/1844. Dun- 

combe, vol. Iv; Lacy, vol. cxii. 


T. The Italians, or The Fatal Accusation (D.L. S. 3/4/1819). L. 115 
M. [printed copy]. 8 1819 [7 editions; "With a Preface; con- 
taining the Correspondence of the Author with the Committee of 
Drury Lane Theatre"]; 8 1820. 

[Music Cooke.] 
T. Julio Romano. 8 1830. 


M.D. The Bear-Hunters; or, The Fatal Ravine (Cob. 25/4/1825). 

Dicks 863 ; Duncombe, vol. ii. 
Ba. Curiosity Cured; or, Powder for Peeping (S.W. M. 20/6/1825). 

O.R. The Death Fetch; or, The Student of Gottingen (E.O.H. T. 
25/7/1826). Dicks 831. 
[Music C.E.Horn.] 

BUCKSTONE] 1800-1850 263 

M.D. Luke the Labourer ; or, The Lost Son (Adel. T. 17/10/1826). L.C. 

16/10/1826. Dicks 830; Cumberland Minor , vol. ii;Lacy, vol. Ixix. 
Ba. "A Cardl 23 John Street, Adelphi" (Adel. T. 21/11/1826; Surrey, 

M. 11/4/1836). L.C. 18/11/1826. Dicks, 842; Cumberland Minor, 

vol. vii. 
Ba. A Dead Shot (Adel. M. 22/1/1827). L.C. 17/1/1827. Dicks 808; 

Duncombe, vol. ix; Lacy. vol. xxxiv. 
D.D. Presumptive Evidence ; or, Murder will out (Adel. M. 3/3/1828). 

Dicks 812; Richardson Minor, vol. ii; Cumberland, vol. xxxiv; 

Lacy* v l- Ixxxii. 

P. The Snake King. See below under date 19/8/1833. 
M.D. The Boque Water; or, Oonati of the Broken Heart (Cob. M. 

7/4/1828). Dicks $07. 
M.D. Theodore the Brigand; or, The Corsican Conscript (S.W. 

14/7/1828). Duncombe, vol. vii. 
Int. Mischief-Making (Surrey, T. 16/9/1828; S.W. W. 1/4/1846). 

Dicks 804; Cumberland Minor, vol. iv; Lacy, vol. Ixxix; British and 

American Theatre, No. 7 [with German notes]. 
Esq. The Absent Son (Adel. M. 29/9/1828). L.C. 24/9/1828. 
Ba. Wanted a Partner; or, "A Bill due Sept. 29th" (Adel. M, 

29/9/1828). L.C. 23/9/1828. 
Ba. The May Queen ; or, Sampson the Serjeant (Adel. Th. 9/10/1828). 

L.C. 15/11/1827. Dicks 818. 
M.D. The Young Quaker (Bath, 16/3/1829). 
M.D. Peter Bell the Waggoner; or, Murderers of Massiac (Cob. M. 

20/4/1829). Dicks 862; Lacy, vol. ex; Duncombe, vol. xiv. 

[Davenport Adams gives to this the date 1826 ; 1829 is the earliest 

authentic record I can discover.] 
D. Vidocq the French Police Spy (Cob. 6/7/1829). 
Ba. The Happiest Day of my Life (H.* W. 29/7/1829). L.C. 8/6/1829. 

Dicks 844; Cumberland, vol. xxiii; British and American Theatre, 

No. 10 [with German notes] ; Lacy, vol. Ixxx. 
Bsq. Billy Taylor; or, The Gay Young Fellow (Adel. 11/1829). 

L.C. 5/11/1829. Dicks 866; Cumberland Minor, vol. iii. 
C. Snakes in the Grass (D.L. T. 3/11/1829). L.C. 5/11/1829. Dicks 

841 ; Cumberland, vol. xxiv; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. iii. 
F. Popping the Question (D.L. 23/3/1830). Dicks 865; Lacy, vol. 

Ixxxvii; Cumberland, vol. xxxv. 
Ba. Don Juan (Adel. M. 5/7/1830). L.C. 24/6/1830. Dicks 828; 

Richardson Minor, vol. i. 

[I find the date 1/12/1828 cited for this drama; quite clearly this 

is wrong as the play was not licensed until 1830.] 
F. A Husband at Sight (H.* F. 13/8/1830). L.C. 14/7/1830. Dicks 

850; Cumberland, vol. xxvi. 
Ba. The Wreck Ashore; or, A Bridegroom from the Sea (Adel. M. 

25/10/1830; S.W. M. 17/7/1837). L.C. 15/10/1830. Dicks 806; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 

[From the L.C. copy it seems that this was first called Miles the 

, R.D. The King of the Alps ; or, The Misanthrope (Adel. M. 24/1/183 x). 

L.C. 17/1/1831. Dicks 854; Lacy, vol. vi. 
R.D. The Ice Witch; or, The Frozen Hand (D.L. M. 4/4/1831). 

L.C. 25/3/1831. Cumberland, vol. xxviii. 
[Music Cooke.] 


Ba. John Jones (H. Th. 15/9/1831; Adel. M. 4/12/1848). L.C. 

1/9/1831. Dicks 816; Lacy, vol. xxv. 

M.D. The Sea Serpent (Adel. M. 3/10/1831). See E. FITZBALL. 
D. Victorine; or, "Til Sleep on it" (Adel. M. 17/10/1831). L.C. 

7/10/1831. 8 1834; Dicks 856; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 
F. Damon and Pythias (Adel. 19/12/1831). L.C. 16/12/1831. Dicks 

848; Cumberland Minor, vol. vi. 

M.D. Robert le Diable (Adel. M. 23/1/1832). See E. FITZBALL. 
Ba. Forgery; or, The Reading of the Will (Adel. M. 5/3/1832). L.C. 

2/3/1832. Dicks 835. 

C. Second Thoughts (H. J S. 4/8/1832). L.C. 23/7/1832. Dicks 839. 

D. The Little Red Man; or, The Witch of the Water Snakes (S.W. 
M. 24/9/1832). 

D. Henriette the Forsaken (Adel. M. 5/11/1832). L.C. 3/11/1832. 

Dicks 821 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 
M.D. The Bravo, A Story of Venice (Adel. M. 11/2/1833). L.C. 

9/2/1833. Dicks 861. 

[From Cooper's novel.] 

Oa. The Pet of the Petticoats (R.P. M. 11/3/1833). Dicks 824. 
F. Open House; or, The Twin Sisters (H. M. 8/4/1833). L.C. 

22/3/1833 [under sub-title]. Dicks 838; Cumberland, vol. xxxi. 
D. Ellen Wareham (H W. 24/4/1833; S.W. M. 27/5/1833)- L.C. 

12/4/1833. Dicks 8tf. 
F. Nicholas Flam, Attorney at Law (R.P. Th. 1/8/1833). L.C. 

24/7/1833- Dicks 840. 
P. The Snake King; or, Harlequin and the Fairy of the Coral Branch 

(R.P. M. 19/8/1833). 

[I give this to Buckstone on the authority of a MS. in the 

possession of Mr Crompton Rhodes which dates the pantomime 

"Whit Monday, 1828" at S.W. and ascribes it to "Younge alias 

C. Uncle John (H.* T. 15/10/1833). L.C. 12/10/1833. 8 1833; 

Dicks 826. 

C. The Rake and his Pupil; or, Folly, Love and Marriage (Adel. M. 
25/11/1833). L.C. 25/11/1833 [as The Young Rake; or, F., L. 
and M.]. 8 1834; Dicks 823. 

D. Isabelle; or, Woman's Life (Adel. M. 27/1/1834). Dicks 817; 
Acting Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 

[Also called Thirty Years of a Woman's Life.] 

Ba. Married Life (H.* W. 20/8/1834). L.C. 11/8/1834. 8 1834; 
Dicks 802; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 

[Translated into German as Eheliches Leben in J. Wertheimer, 

Dramatische Beytrage. 12 1833.] 

C.O. Rural Felicity (H. M. 9/6/1834). L.C. 30/5/1834. Dicks Sn. 
Ba. The Christening (Adel. M. 13/10/1834). L.C. 13/10/1834. 

Dicks 8 1 6. 
D. Agnes de Vere; or, The Broken Heart (Adel. M. 10/11/1834). 

L.C. 6/11/1834. 8 1836; Dicks 805; Lacy, vol. cvi. 
M.D. The Last Days of Pompeii; or, Seventeen Hundred Years Ago 

(Adel. M. 15/12/1834). L.C. 10/12/1834. Dicks 829. 

[From Lytton's novel.] 
C. Good Husbands make Good Wives (H.* Th. 11/6/1835). L.C. 

9/5/1835. Dicks 846. 
C. The Scholar (H. W. 1/7/1835). L.C. 17/6/1835. Dicks 834. 

BUCKSTONE] 1800-1850 265 

Ba. The Two Queens ; or, Politics in Petticoats (Olym. Th. 8/10/1835). 

L.C. 2/10/1835. 8 1837; Dicks 848; Lacy, vol. i. 
D. The Dream at Sea (Adel. M. 23/11/1835; Surrey, M. 2/8/1847). 

L.C. 21/11/1835. 8 1835 [4 editions]; Dicks 803; Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. viii. 
R.D. Rienzi, The Last of the Tribunes (Adel. W. 3/2/1836). L.C. 

R.D. The Doom of Morana; or, The Spirit of Good and Evil (Adel. 

M. 3/10/1836). Dicks 872. 
D. The Duchess de la Vaubaliere (Adel. M. 2/1/1837). 8 1837; 

Dicks 815. 

D. Abelard and Heloise (Surrey, M. 8/5/1837). 8 1837; Dicks 814. 
C. Love and Murder ; or, The School for Sympathy (H. a T. 1 5/8/1837). 

Dicks 810. 
Ba. Shocking Events (Olym. M. 15/1/1838). L.C. 2/1/1838. Dicks 

808; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. hi. 
F. Our Mary Anne (D.L. Th. 18/1/1838 ; S.W. M. 13/9/1847). L.C. 

1/1838. Dicks 804; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii. 
F. Weak Points (H. S. 28/4/1838). L.C. 25/4/1838. Dicks 845; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 

F. The Irish Lion (H.* W. 13/6/1838). L.C. 6/6/1838. Dicks 822. 
C. A Lesson for the Ladies (H.* W. 5/9/1838). L.C. 1838. Dicks 809 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
Ba. I will be a Duchess (Strand, M. 15/4/1839). L.C. 1839 [with 

sub-title, or, A Little Flirting]. 

C. Single Life (H. a T. 23/7/1839). L.C. 21/7/1839. Dicks 801 ; Acting 
Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 

F. Brother Tom; or, "My Dear Relations" (H.* Th. 10/10/1839). 
L.C. 1839. Dicks 822. 

D. Jack Sheppard (Adel. M. 28/10/1839). Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 

C. The Banished Star (said to have been acted in America in 1840). 

D. Poor Jack; or, A Sailor's Wife (Adel. M. 3/2/1840). L.C. 23/1/1840. 
Dicks 813. 

Ext. The Devil in London (Adel. M. 20/4/1840). See R. B. PEAKS. 
F. A Kiss in the Dark (H. S. 13/6/1840). L.C. 11/6/1840 [with 

variant title, Hubby's Jealousy]. Dicks 852; Lacy, vol. vi. 
F. The Snapping Turtles; or, Matrimonial Masquerading (H. z M. 

14/11/1842). Dicks 865; Lacy, vol. Ixix. 
C.O. Josephine; or, The Fortune of War (H. Th. 7/3/1844 2nd 

performance; Surrey, M. 15/9/1845). L.C. 3/1/1844. Dicks 864; 

Lacy, vol. xxv. 
F. The Thimble Rig (H. Th. 3/10/1844). L.C. 28/9/1844. Dicks 842 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 
D. The Green Bushes ; or, A Hundred Years Ago (Adel. M. 27/1/1845). 

L.C. 22/1/1845. Dicks 827; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 
F. The Maid with the Milking Pail (Adel. M. 6/7/1846). L.C. 

1/7/1846. Dick* 866; Lacy, vol. x. 
M.D. The Flowers of the Forest. A Gipsy Story (Adel. Th. 11/3/1 847). 

L.C. 5/3/1847. Dicks 1002; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiii. 
Ba. Nine too many (Adel. Th. 11/3/1847). Dick* 1004. 
F. A Rough Diamond (Lye. M. 8/11/1847). L.C. 6/11/1847. Dicks 

1 006; Lacy, vol. xvii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. v. 
F. An Alarming Sacrifice (H. a Th. 12/7/1849). Dicks 1012. 
[For his later works see the D JV.JB.] 



M.D. Kenilworth (C.G. Th. 8/3/1821). L. 120 M. [3/3/1821], 
8 [1821]. 

[A revised version of T. J. DIBDIN'S dramatisation of Scott's 

F. My Neighbour's Wife (C.G. M. 7/10/1833). L.C. 24/9/1833. 
Dicks 316. 

C. The Minister and the Mercer (D.L. S. 8/2/1834). L.C. 23/1/1834. 
8 1834. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Bertrand et Raton; ou, Van de con- 
spirer (Paris , 14/11/1833).] 

F. A Good-looking Fellow (C.G. Th. 17/4/1834). See 7. KENNEY. 
O. The Bronze Horse (D.L. T. 5/1/1836). L.C. 30/12/1835. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Le cheval de bronze (Paris, 22/3/1835), 
with music by Auber.] 

O. The Maid of Artois (D.L. Th. 26/5/1836). L.C. 27/5/1836. 
8 [1836; Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses]. 

[Music Balfe.] 
O. Catherine Grey (D.L. S. 27/5/1837). L.C. 25/5/1837. 

[Music Balfe.] 

O. Guillaume Tell (D.L. M. 3/12/1838). L.C. 29/11/1838, 8 1838 
[Duets, Trios, Recitatives, Chorusses]. 

[An adaptation of Rossini's opera (Paris, 3/8/1829), with 
arrangements by Bishop.] 
O. The Bohemian Girl (D.L. M. 27/11/1843). L.C. 16/11/1843. 

[Music Balfe.] 
O. The Syren (D.L. Th. 17/10/1844). L.C. 28/9/1844. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La Sirene (Paris, 26/3/1844), with 
music by Auber.] 

D. The Daughter of St. Mark (D.L. W. 27/1 1/1844). L.C. 21/1 1/1844. 

[Music Balfe.] 

O. The Enchantress (D.L. W. 14/5/1845; Surrey, M. 1/11/1847). 
L.C. 28/4/1845. 

[Music Balfe.] 

O. The Crusaders (D.L. Th. 26/2/1846). L.C. 21/2/1846. 
O. Stradella (D.L. T. 5/6/1846). L.C. 28/5/1846. 

[Music F. Flotow (Paris, 3/3/1837), arranged by Benedict.] 
D. Loretta, A Tale of Seville (D.L. M. 9/11/1846). L.C. 31/10/1846. 
O. The Bondman (D.L. F. 11/12/1846). L.C. 12/11/1846. 8 [1846]. 

[Music Balfe.] 

O. Matilda of Hungary (D.L. M. 22/2/1847). L.C. 13/2/1847. 
8 [1847]. 

[Music W. V. Wallace.] 


D. Riches; or, The Wife and Brother (Lye. S. 3/2/1810). L. 91 M. 
[25/1/1810; as The Mind's Magnet; or, The School for Arrogance}. 
8 1810 [bis] i 8 1814 [3rd]; Dicks 717; Cumberland, vol. xxiv. 

[An adaptation of Massinger's The City Madam.] 
C.O. Tricks upon Travellers (Lye. M. 9/7/1810). L.9i M. [30/6/1810], 
8 1810 [Songs], 

[Music Horn and Reeve.] 
Dramas. 2 vols. 8 1817. 

[Contain : Vol. i: i. The Knight of Rhodes', 2. The Advertisement; 

BYRON] 1800-1850 267 

3. The Bandit ; 4. Tricks upon Travellers. Vol. ii: I. Cortex \ 2. The 
Storm i 3. The Crusaders; 4. Riches.] 

D. The Armed Briton; or, The Invaders Vanquished. 8 1806. 

R.D. Rip van Winkle; or, A Legend of the Kaatskill Mountains 

(H. F. 3/5/1833). L.C. 24/4/1833. Dicks 340. 

T. Agatha; or, The Convent of St. Bartholomew. 8 1821. 

Tragic Dramas, chiefly intended for Representations in Private Families, 
to which is added Aristodemus . . . from the Italian of Vincenzo 
Monti. 8 1818. 


O.F. The Jolly Beggars (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 19/3/1823). 

[An adaptation of Burns's poem for the stage.] 

[See A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 241.] 

T. Maximian Taken from Corneillc. 8 1800. 

T. Theodora; or, The Spanish Daughter. 8 1800. 


D. The Jewess (Edinburgh, 1/6/1836). 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La Juive (Paris, 23/2/1835), with 
music by HaleVy.] 


T. Paetus and Arria. 8 1809 [Cambridge]. 
C. Right and Wrong (Lye. Th. 2/1/1812). 8 1812 [bis]. 

Ba. Davis and Sally Dear (Olym. 7/3/1842). L.C. 5/3/1842. 

M.D. The Court Fool; or, A King's Amusement (R.P. M. 26/8/1833; 

S.W. 11/5/1840). Dicks 341. 

D.D. Ellen Wareham; or, The Wife of Two Husbands (Vic. F. 
12/12/1834). Duncombe, vol. xii; Lacy, vol. xxxiv. 
[This author has several later plays.] 


F. The Irish Tutor; or, New Lights (Cheltenham, 12/7/1822; 
C.G. M. 28/10/1822). L. 126 M. [20/10/1822; under sub-title]. 
Dicks 286. 
C. The Follies of Fashion (D.L. S. 28/11/1829). L.C. 25/11/1829. 

8 i83o;Dtt:&729. 

[See A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 241.] 

Bal. Auld Robin Gray (D.L. 3/6/1814). 

Bal. Caledonian Laurels; or, The Highlander's Return (D.L. 


D.Poem. Manfred, A Dramatic Poem. 8 1817. 

[This was acted at C.G. W. 29/10/1834, and is preserved in 
L.C. 30/9/1834-] 



T. Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice (D.L. W. 25/4/1821). L. 120 M. 

[22/4/1821 ; printed expurgated copy]. 8 1821. 
Sardanapalus, A Tragedy. The Two Foscari, A Tragedy. Cain, 

A Mystery. 8 1821. 

[Sardanapalus was acted at D.L. Th. 10/4/1834, and is preserved 

in L.C. D.L. 13/1/1834. See Sardanapalus, King of Assyria. . . 

Adapted for Representation by Charles Kean [Lacy]. The Two 

Foscari was acted at C.G. S. 7/4/1837, and is preserved in L.C. 

D. The Deformed Transformed. 8 1824. 

D. Heaven and Earth, A Mystery. 8 1824 [but had appeared in 

The Liberal, 1.2(1822)]. 
T. Werner (Bath, 10/2/1830; D.L. W. 15/12/1830). L.C. Bristol, 

25/1/1830. 8 1823. 

[Dramas 8 1837 (2 vols.) contain all these plays. I have not, of 

course, attempted here to give more than the first edition of each 



D. The Bride of Lammermuir (Edinburgh, 1/5/1822). L. 24 L. 
[16/4/1822]. 8 1823 [Edinburgh]; Dicks 344; Lacy, vol. xxviii; 
Duncombe, vol. Ix. 

[From Scott's novel.] 

D The Battle of Bothwell Brig (Edinburgh, 3/5/1823). L. 85 S. 

[Ascribed to Calcraft.] 

M.D. The Pirate; or, The Reimkennar of Zetland (Edinburgh, M. 

[Ascribed to Calcraft.] 

M.D. Waverley (Edinburgh, S. 22/5/1824; C.G. M. 22/10/1832). 
L.C. 24/4/1824. 

[Ascribed to Calcraft; music by J. Dewar. Calcraft is also said 
to be the author of an Ivanhoe acted at Edinburgh.] 


M.D. The Mysterious Theft; or, Who can have taken it? (S.W. Th. 

Sk. Chuneelah; or, The Death of the Elephant at Exeter Change 

(S.W. M. 17/4/1826). 

M.D. The Gambler's Life in London (S.W. 1/1829). 
M.D. Ratheil Sullivan; or, The Feuds of Loch Lomond (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Demon of the Desert; or, The Murderer's Sacrifice (S.W. 

M. 29/6/1829). Duncombe , vol. iv; Lacy, vol. ex. 
M.D. The Forest Oracle; or, The Bridge of Tresino (S.W. 9/11/1829). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. ii. 
M.D. Tom Bowling (S.W. M. 1/2/1830). Dicks 732; Cumberland 

Minor, vol. in; Lacy, vol. cvii. 

M.D. The Mirror; or, More Scenes in Town (S.W. M. 12/4/1830). 
Sk. The Bankrupt; or, Foxonian Charity (S.W. T. 10/2/1835). 
Ba. The Dare-Devil; or, My Uncle Thomas (S.W. M. 16/2/1835). 
D. Bound 'Prentice to a Waterman; or, The Flower of Woolwich 

(S.W. T. 19/7/1836). 

D. Rule Britannia! (S.W. M. 31/10/1836). 
D. Don Rafaelle ; or, The Returned Captive. L.C. Grecian, 9/5/1845. 

CHERRY] 1800-1850 269 

D, The London Banker. L.C. Grecian, 17/6/1845. Dicks 723. 

Spec. Trafalgar. L.C. Grecian, 25/9/1845. 

Oa. Will Nobody Marry Her? L.C. Grecian, 3/5/1848. 

D. The Widow of Frangny. L.C. Grecian, 2/4/1849. 

F. Robson's Academy. L.C. Grecian, 2/4/1849. 

C.O. The Prince's Trumpeter. L.C. Grecian, 26/6/1849. 

[This author has several later dramas.] 
CAPADOSE, Lieutenant Colonel HENRY. 
C. Kindred. 8 1837. 

[Adapted from Kotzebue.] 

C. The Organs of the Brain. 8 1838. 

[A translation of Kotzebue, Die Organe des Gehirns.] 


D. The Sea-side Hero. 8 1804. 

Patriotic Effusion. Who's Afraid? (H.* Th. 12/9/1805). L. 45 S. 

[6/9/1805; as Who's Afraid? Ha! Ha! Ha!}. 
F. First Come, First Served (H.* 22/8/1808). L. 50 S. [18/8/1808]. 

[Ascribed to Carr.] 

D. St. Margaret's Cave (Hull, 1805). L. 44 S. [York and Hull, 

D. The Towers of Urbandine. 

[See Biographia Dramatica, i. 89.] 

Bsq. King Leer and his Three Darters. L.C. Bower, 29/2/1848. 


C. The School for Friends (D.L. T. 10/12/1805). 8 1805 [bis]; 

8 1806 [bis]. 
C. Ourselves (Lye. S. 2/3/1811). L. 55 S. [15/2/1811]. 8 1811. 


T. Loyalty; or, Invasion Defeated. 8 1810. 


C.D. The Little Madcap (S.W. M. 2/3/1846). L.C. 31/1/1846. 
Lacy, vol. cxiv. 

[For his other works see Davenport Adams, op. cit. p. 278.] 
Two Plays. 8 1812. 

[Contains: i. Mantuan Revels; 2. Henry the Seventh^ 


[For his earlier plays see A. Plistory of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 243-1 

Ent. The Lyric Novelist; or, Life Epitomised. 8 [1804?]. 
C. The Soldier's Daughter (D.L. T. 7/2/1804). L. 80 M. [19/1/1804]. 

8 1804 [i 2 editions]; 8 1805 ["i2th"j; 8 1809; Dicks 114; 

Oxberry, vol. v; Duncombe, vol. v; Cumberland, vol. xxui. 
O.F. Spanish Dollars ; or, The Priest of the Parish (C.G. Th. 9/5/1805). 

L. 82 M. [29/4/1805]. 8 1806. 

[Music Davy.] 

F. All for Fame! or, A Peep at the Times (D.L. W. 15/5/1805). 
C. The Village; or, The World's Epitome (H.* Th. 18/7/1805). 

L. 82 M. [10/7/1805]. 



M.D. The Travellers; or, Music's Fascination (D.L. S. 22/1/1806). 

L. 46 S. [14/1/1806]. 8 1806 [9 editions] ; 8 1806 [Songs, Duets, 

Trios, Chorusses]; Oxberry, vol. xvii; Cumberland, vol. xli. 

[Music Corn.] 

Sk. Thalia's Tears (D.L. F. 12/12/1806). L. 46 S. [4/2/1806]. 
C. A Day in London (D.L. Th. 9/4/1807). L. 48 S. [3/4/1807]. 
C.O. Peter the Great; or, The Wooden Walls (C.G. F. 8/5/1807). 

8 1807 [bis]. 

O.F. In and Out of Tune (D.L. T. 1/3/1808). See D. LAWLER. 
M.D. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales ; or, Gellert the Faithful Dog (Surrey, 

M. 14/6/1813). 

[Begun by Cherry and finished by T. J. DIBDIN.] 
F. Two Strings to your Bow (D.L. 10/3/1814). 


F. A Curiosity; or, The Doomed Entombed. L.C. Norwich, 

F. The Round of Intrigue; or, Which is the Right One? L.C. 

Yarmouth and Norwich, 22/7/1847. 
F. Look to your Luggage; or, A Trip by Railway. L.C. Norwich, 



C. Recrimination; or, A Curtain Lecture (D.L. Th. 22/4/1813). 
L. 21 L. [9/4/1813; under sub-title]. 


T. Ravenna; or, Italian Love (C.G. F. 3/12/1824). L.C. 19/10/1824. 
8 1824. 

[An adaptation of Schiller, Kdbale und Liebe."} 


C. The Irishwoman (Crow-street, Dublin, 1819). 8 1819. 


Dramatic Romances. 8 1809. 

[Contains: i. The Poison Tree; 2. The Torrid Zone.] 
C. The Kiss; or, The Lawyer Outwitted (Lye. Th. 31/10/1811). 
8 1811. 


O.F. Innocence and Love ; or, The Stolen Lamb (Frogmore, command 
performance, 26/6/1805; German, 1805-6). 8 [1805]. 

[Based on Love in the Country and written for " Mr. Schirmer's 
Children" at the German Theatre.] 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 243-5.] 

M.D. Paul and Virginia (C.G. Th. 1/5/1800). 12 [1800; Dublin; 
pirated] ; 8 1800 [Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses] ; London Stage, 
vol. iv; Cumberland, vol. xxi. 

[Music Mazzinghi and Reeve.] 

C.O. Algonah (D.L. F. 30/4/1802). L. 42 S. [22/4/1802]. 8 1802 
[Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[An adaptation of his own The Cherokee (D.L. 1794).] 

COLLS] 1800-1850 271 

O.F. A House to be Sold (D.L.W. 17/11/1802). L. 42 S. [13/11/1802] 
8 1802 [bis]. 

[An adaptation of Duval, La maison a vendre (Paris, 1800); 
music by Kelly.] 

M.D. The Wife of Two Husbands (D.L. T. 1/11/1803). L. 43 S. 
[24/10/1803]. 8 1803 [3 editions]; 8 1803 [Songs, Duets, Trios, 
Chorusses] ; Inchbald's Mod. Theatre, vol. iii. 

[An adaptation of Pixe* re* court, La femme d deux marts (Paris, 
1802) ; music by Mazzinghi.] 

C. Sudden Arrivals ; or, Too Busy by Half (Lye. T. 19/12/1809). 


[Pol.] Big O and Sir Glory: or, "Leisure to Laugh." A Comedy. 
8 1825. 

CODE, H. B. 

O. The Spanish Patriots a Thousand Years Ago (Lye. T. 22/9/1812). 
L. 56 S. [11/9/1812]. 8 1812. 

D. The Russian Sacrifice; or, The Burning of Moscow. 8 1813 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 245.] 
T. The Piccolomini ; or, The First Part of Wallenstein Translated 

from the German of Frederick Schiller. 8 1800. 
T. The Death of Wallenstein. 8 1800. 
Int. The Triumph of Loyalty [first printed in Poems q/S. T.C. 8 1912, 

vol. ii]. 

[The MS. in the B.M. has the peculiar note in the author's 

hand-writing "produced D.L. 7/2/1801."] 
T. Remorse (D.L. S. 23/1/1813). 8 1813 [3 editions]. L. 98 M. 

[5/1/1813]. f 

[This is a revision of the earlier Osorio, written in 1797.] 
Ent. Zapolyta; A Christmas Tale. 8 1817. 

[In T. J. DIBDIN'S rehandling, this was produced at the Surrey 

in 1818.] 


F. Our Borough Election (M'bone, 6/12/1847). L.C. 19/11/1847. 
D. Clara Charette; or, A Daughter's Sacrifice (M'bone, W. 26/12/1849). 
L.C. 18/12/1849 [as C.C.; or, Blighted Love}. 


O.F. The Blacksmith ; or, A Day at Gretna Green (Vic. Th. 23/1/1834). 

Duncombe, vol. xiv. 

D. The Queen's Jewel (Queen's, M. 6/4/1835). Duncombe, vol. xvii. 
F. Is She a Woman? (Queen's, S. 26/12/1835). Duncombe, vol. xxi. 
R.D. Kate Kearney; or, The Fairy of the Lakes (Queen's, M. 

3/10/1836). Duncombe, vol. xxiii. 
F. The Rival Serjeants (S.W. M. 5/4/1847). L.C. 3/4/1847 [as The 

R.S.; or, Love and Lottery]. Duncombe, vol. lix. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P. 245-] 
C. The Honest Soldier. 8 1805. 


COLMAN, GEORGE, The Younger. 

[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 247-8.] 
O.F. The Review; or, The Ways of Windsor (H.* T. 2/9/1800). 

L. 39 S. [28/8/1800]. 12 1801 [Dublin]; 8 1808; 8 1800 [Songs, 

Duets, and Chorusses] ; Dicks 763 ; Oxberry, vol. xiii ; Cumberland, 

vol. xxxvi; Duncombe, vol. lii; Lacy, vol. Ixi. 

[Music Arnold.] 
C. ThePoorGentleman(C.G.W.n/2/i8oi).L.39S. [31/12/1800]. 12 

[1801] ; 8 1802 ;8 1806 ; 12 1806 [Dublin] ; Inchbald'sB.T., vol.xxi ; 

Duncombe, vol. xxxix; Cumberland, vol. xxxvii; Lacy, vol. xxxix. 

C. John Bull; or, The Englishman's Fireside (C.G. S. 5/3/1803). 

L. 78 M. [5/2/1803]. 8 1803 [Dublin ; pirated] ; 8 1805 ; Dicks 21 ; 

Inchbald's B.T., vol. xxi; Duncombe, vol. xxxvii; Cumberland, vol. 

xxxvi; Lacy, vol. xlii. 
O.F. Love Laughs at Locksmiths (H. M. 25/7/1803). L. 43 M. 

[18/7/1803]. 8 1803 [Dublin; pirated]; 8 1808; 12 1818; Dicks 

758; Oxberry, vol. xiii; Cumberland, vol. xxxvii; Lacy, vol. xciv. 

[An adaptation of Une folie by Bouilly.] 
O.F. The Gay Deceivers; or, More Laugh than Love (H.* W. 

22/8/1804). L. 81 M. [22/8/1804]. 8 1808. 

[An adaptation of Les evenements imprevus by Hell.] 

C. Who wants a Guinea? (C.G. Th. 18/4/1805). L. 82 M. [15/4/1805]. 
8 1805 [bis] ; Inchbald's B.T., vol. in; Cumberland, vol. xx. 

O.F. We Fly by Night; or, Long Stories (C.G. T. 28/1/1806). L. 84 M. 

[23/1/1806]. 8 1806. 
O.K. The Forty Thieves (D.L. 8/4/1806). Duncombe, vol. li. 

[Music Kelly. Ascribed to Colman.] 

Prel. Sylvester Daggerwood ; or, New Hay at the Old Market. 8 1808 ; 

Dicks 763 ; Duncombe, vol. i ; Cumberland, vol. xxxvi ; Lacy, vol. iii. 

[An altered version of New Hay at the Old Market (H. z 1795).] 

M.D. The Africans; or, War, Love and Duty (H. a 29/7/1808). 

L. 49 S. [23/7/1808]. 8 1808; Cumberland, vol. xliii. 

[Music Kelly.] 

F. X. Y. Z. (C.G. T. 11/12/1810). L. 91 M. [4/12/1810]. 12 1820. 
Ext. The Quadrupeds of Quedlinburgh ; or, The Rovers of Weimar 

(H.* F. 26/7/1811). L. 94 M. [18/7/1811]. 
P. Doctor Hocus Pocus; or, Harlequin Washed White (H.* F. 

12/8/1814). L. 102 M. [2/8/1814]. 
F. The Actor of All Work; or, First and Second Floor (H.* W. 

13/8/1817). L. 1 10 M. [7/8/1817]. 

M.D. The Law of Java (C.G. S. 11/5/1822). L. 125 M. [22/4/1822]. 
8 1822. 

[Music Bishop.] 

Int. Stella and Leatherlungs ; or, A Star and a Stroller (D.L. W. 
1/10/1823). L. 132 M. [27/9/1823]. 
[Ascribed to Colman.] 


T. Aylmere. L.C. Edinburgh, 7/2/1846. 18 1852 [Philadelphia, as 
A., or The Bondman of Kent]. 

COOKE, Mrs T. P. 

D. The Forced Marriage; or, The Return from Siberia (Surrey, M. 
5/12/1842). Dicks 701. 

COURTNEY] 1800-1850 273 


[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 248.] 
Int. The Manuscript. 8 1809. 


Bsq. The Elbow Shakers; or, Thirty Years of a Rattler's Life (Adel. 

M. 3/12/1827). L.C. 30/11/1827. 
Bsq. Blackeyed Sukey; or, All in the Dumps (Olym. 12/1829). L.C. 

21/11/1829. Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv; Richardson Minor, 

vol. iii. 
F. The Spare Bed; or, The Shower Bath (Surrey, Th. 7/7/1833). 

Dicks 786 ; Cumberland Minor, vol. vii. 

[A MS. of this is in the L.C. Collection dated 1842.] 
Ext. Mr. Simpson, M.C.; or, Vauxhall Gardens (Vic. Th. 26/9/1833). 
F. The Deserted Village (Adel. M. 28/10/1833). L.C. 29/10/1833. 

Dicks 727 ; Duncombe, vol. xv. 

Bsq. Ion (Garrick, 9/10/1836). Cumberland Minor, vol. xii. 
F. Hercules, King of Clubs (Strand, 28/7/1836 ; S.W. Th. 13/7/1837). 

Dicks 387; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiii; Lacy, vol. Ixxxix. 
Oa. Jimmy Jones. L.C. 28/2/1838. 
D. Master Humphrey's Clock (Vic. F. 29/5/1840). Dicks 724; 

Duncombe, vol. xli. 

D. Old Fleet Prison (Surrey, 12/5/1845). L.C. 9/5/1845* 
F. Shooting the Moon (Strand, 21/10/1850). L.C. 21/10/1847. 

New B.T. No. 548. 

[For his later plays see Davenport Adams, op. cit. p. 333.] 


P. The Peri of the Mist. L.C. Effingham, 29/11/1845. 

D. Mokana; or, The Veiled Prophet of Khorassan. L.C. Norwich, 

1/4/1843. 8 1843 [Norwich]. 


Spec. Wars in Spain. L.C. Apollo, 15/8/1844. 

Dramatic Scenes, and other Poems. 12 1819; 8 1820. 
T. Mirandola (C.G. T. 9/1/1821). L. 119 M. [25/12/1820]. 8 1821 


D. Don Carlos. 8 1843. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


F. Bounce; or, The Ojitteway Indians (P'cess, S. 10/2/1844). L.C. 


F. Aged Forty (P'cess, M. 26/2/1844). L.C. 21/2/1844. Lacy, vol. lix. 
F. Taken by Surprise (P'cess, 8/6/1844). L.C. 1/6/1844. 
D. The Sisters of Chatillon (Surrey, 4/11/1844). L.C. 17/2/1844* 
D. The Bride's Journey (Vic. 20/4/1846). L.C. 22/4/1846. 
D. The Day Dream; or, The Heart's Ordeal (C.L. 31/8/1846). L.C. 

D. Clarissa Harlowe (P'cess, 28/9/1846). See T. H. LACY. 


D. The Gunsmith of Orleans ; or, The Dead Woman's Secret (Vic. 

25/1/1847). L.C. 17/1/1847. 
D. Raby Rattler. L.C. Liverpool, 3/4/1847. 
D. The Lighterman of the Bankside ; or, The Orphan of Bermondsey 

(Vic. 3/1/1848). L.C. 30/9/1847- 
D. Jack Frock (C.L. 3/2/1848). L.C. 3/2/1848. 
D. Rose Clinton ; or, The Victim of Circumstantial Evidence (Vic. M. 

24/4/1848). L.C. 8/4/1848. 

D. The Blacksmith of Ghent (Vic. M. 12/6/1848). L.C. 8/6/1848. 
D. Leah and Nathan (C.L. 24/6/1848). L.C. 20/6/1848 [as L. the 

Jewess of Constantine; or, The Arab's Sacrifice']. 
D. Marion Hazleton (Vic. 26/6/1848). L.C. 29/6/1848. 
D. Time tries all (Olym. M. 4/9/1848). 8 [1848]; Lacy, vol. i. 
D. The Green Hills of Surrey (Vic. 1/1849). L.C. 23/12/1848. 
D. The Heir of Ashmore; or, Time's Story (Vic. 12/2/1849). L.C. 

D. The Maid of Velitri (Vic. 9/4/1849). L.C. 4/4/1849 [as The M. 

of V.; or, The Last Deed of Garboni}. 
D. The Outcast of Lausanne; or, Claudine of Switzerland (Vic. 

28/5/1849). L.C. 26/5/1849- 
D. The Soldier's Progress ; or, The Horrors of War (Vic. 5/1 1/1849). 

L.C. Vic. 25/10/1849. Lacy, vol. i. 
D. Hearts at Fault (Surrey, 4/3/1850). L.C. 9/11/1849. 

[This author has many later plays.] 

F. The Phrenologist (Dublin, 6/1835). 

F. The Honest Cheats (Dublin, 1836). 

F. The Four Lovers (Dublin, 1836). 

F. The Queer Subject (Adel. M. 38/11/1836). L.C. 18/11/1836. 

Dicks 782; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 
Ba. Valsha; or, The Slave Queen (Adel. M. 30/10/1837). Dicks 702; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 
D. All for Love; or, The Lost Pleiad (Adel. T. 16/1/1838). L.C. 

13/1/1838. Lacy, vol. Ixi; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. m. 
Ba. Arajoon; or, The Conquest of Mysore (Adel. M. 22/10/1838). 

L.C. 19/10/1838. Dicks 700. 
M.D. Helen Oakleigh (E.O.H. T. 9/6/1840). L.C. 10/6/1840. Dicks 

605 ; Duncombe, vol. xlii. 
Bal. Satanas and the Spirit of Beauty (Adel. Th. 11/2/1841). Lacy, 

vol. xxxix. 

Spec. The World of Dreams (H. 27/12/1841). L.C. 22/12/1841. 
F. My Friend the Captain (H. T. 20/7/1841). L.C. 22/6/1841. 

Dicks 740. 
Ba. The Water Witches (E.O.H. 6/6/1842). L.C. 3/6/1842. Lacy, 

vol. xli. 
F. Dobson and Company; or, My Turn Next (Adel. 13/10/1842). 

Dicks 624. 
D. The Merchant and his Clerks (Adel. M. 12/12/1842; M'bone, M. 

12/2/1849). L.C. 3/12/1842. Dicks 642. 
F. Binks the Bagman (Adel. M. 13/2/1843). L.C. 10/11/1842. Dicks 

624; Lacy, vol. vii. 

F. The Trumpeter's Daughter (H. 8 7/12/1843). L.C. 2/12/1843. 
Bsq. Richard III. L.C. Adel. 8/2/1844. 12 1844. 
D. The Signal (Olym. 8/4/1844). Lacy, vol. ex; Duncombe, vol. xlix. 

CROLY] I800-I8SO 275 

F. Did you ever send your Wife to Camberwell? (Adel. M. 16/3/1846). 

Dicks 955 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xii. 
F. How to settle Accounts with your Laundress (Adel. M. 26/7/1847). 

L.C. 19/6/1847. Dicks 1006; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 
Ext. This House to be Sold (the Property of the Late William 

Shakespeare), Inquire Within. L.C. Adel. Th. 9/9/1847. Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 

[Music A. Mackenzie.] 
F. The Tipperary Legacy (Adel. M. 6/12/1847). L.C. 4/12/1847. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 
Spec. The Fountain of Zea; or, The Child of Air (Adel. M. 24/4/1848). 

L.C. 17/4/1848 [under sub-title]. 
F. Lola Monies; or, A Countess for an Hour (H. W. 26/4/1848). 

L.C. 17/4/1848. 
F. The Pas de Fascination; or, Catching a Governor (H. a M. 

22/5/1848). L.C. 13/5/1848. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 
C. Separate Maintenance (H. M. 12/3/1849). L.C. 5/3/1849. 

Duncombe, vol. Ixiv. 

[For some of his other plays see the D.N.B.] 


[For The Czar, written 1776 and printed 1824, see A History of Late 
Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 249.] 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 249.] 

Int. Nourjad (private, Brandenburg House, 1803). 
F. Nicodemus in Despair (H. 2 W. 31/8/1803). 

[Acted at Brandenburg House in 1803 as Poor Tony.] 

C. Love in a Convent (private, Brandenburg House, 7/1805). 

Ba. Tom Smart (C.L. 12/10/1827). 
F. The Card Case (Liverpool, 1844). 

F. Done Brown (Adelphi, Edinburgh, 1845). L.C. 13/10/1845. 
Duncombe, vol. Ivi. 

D. Bletchington House (C.L. 20/4/1846). L.C. 18/3/1846. Duncombe, 
vol. Ivi. 

[On M. 26/12/1836 at the St James's was acted a play called 
Bletchington House; or, The Warning Voice. If this is Craven's it 
was produced when he was only 18 years old; but it is probably 
a different drama.] 

Ca. Fellow Servants (C.L. 19/10/1846). 

Ca. The Little Nun; or, A Bit of Scandal (C.L. M. 22/2/1847). L.C. 
13/2/1847. Duncombe, vol. Iviii. 

F. Tic doloureuse (C.L. 18/10/1847). L.C. 18/10/1847. 

T. Catiline. 8 1822. 

[As adapted by H. M. Milner. 8 [1827].] 
R.C. Pride shall have a Fall (C.G. Th. 11/3/1824). L.C. 14/2/1824. 

8 1824 [3 editions]. 

M.D. The Enchanted Courser; or, The Sultan of Curdistan (D.L. 
Th. 28/10/1824). L.C. 23/9/1824. 



T. The Druid . . .With Notes on the Antiquities and Early History of 
Ireland. 8 1832. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 249-51-] 

Spec. The Mine; or, The Black Forest of Istria. 8 1800. 
P. The Magic Flute; or, Harlequin Champion (R.C. M. 30/6/1800). 
Spec. Sir Francis Drake, and Iron Arm (R.C. M. 4/8/1800). 8 1800; 

8 1809 [Circusiana]', 8 1812 [Works]. 

[Music Sanderson.] 
Bal. Rinaldo Rinaldini; or, The Secret Avengers (R.C. M. 6/4/1801). 

8 1801 [Songs, Chorusses] ; 8 1809 [Circusiana} ; 8 1812 [Works}. 
[On Th. 9/4/1801 the title appeared as R.R.; or, The Black 

Tribunal. Music Reeve.] 
Spec. The Fire King; or, Albert and Rosalie (R.C. S. 20/6/1801). 

8 1801; 8 1809 [Circusiana]', 8 1812 [Works}. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. The Eclipse ; or, Harlequin in China (R .C . M . i o/8/ 1 80 1 ) . 8 1 80 1 . 

[Music W. Ware.] 
Spec. King Caesar; or, The Negro Slaves (R.C. W. 16/9/1801). 

8 [1801; Songs, Chorusses]. 

[Music W. Ware.] 

Spec. The Jubilee of 1802; or, The Preston Guild. 8 1802. 
Spec. The Enchanted Harp; or, Harlequin for Ireland (R.C. Th. 

22/4/1802). 8 1802. 
Bal. The Fatal Prediction ; or, Midnight Assassin (R.C. M. 17/5/1802). 

8 [1802; Songs, Chorusses]. 
P. The Golden Farmer; or, Harlequin Ploughboy (R.C. M. 

28/6/1802). 8 1802. 
Bal. Gonsalvo de Cordova; or, The Conquest of Granada (R.C. W. 

11/8/1802). 8 1802. 
P. The Rival Statues ; or, Harlequin Humourist (R.C. M. 1 1/4/1803). 

8 1803. 
Spec. Louisa of Lombardy ; or, The Secret Nuptials (R.C. T. 3/5/1803). 

8 1803; 8 1809 [Circusiana]-, 8 1812 [Works]. 

[Music Sanderson.] 
Spec.P. Number Nip; or, The Elfin King of the Giant Mountains 

(R.C. M. 30/5/1803). 8 1803 [Songs]. 

[This seems to be the same as the Number Nip contained in 

L. 50 S. [Lye. 29/7/1809].] 
Bal. Our Native Land, and Gallant Protectors (R.C. T. 12/7/1803). 

8 1803; 8 1809 [Circusiana] ; 8 1812 [Works]. 
Spec. John Bull and Buonaparte; or, A Meeting at Dover (R.C. M. 

8/8/1803). 8 1803. 
Bal. The Corsican Pirate; or, The Grand Master of Malta (R.C.). 

8 1803. 

P. Cybele; or, Harlequin's Hour (R.C. M. 2/4/1808). 8 1804. 
Spec. Joanna of Surinam (R.C. M. 2/7/1804). 
P. Pedler's Acre; or, Harlequin Mendicant (R.C. M. 2/7/1804). 

8 1804. 
M.D. The Cloud King; or, Magic Rose (R.C. M. 30/6/1806). 8 1809 

[Circusiana] ; 8 1812 [Works]; 8 1806 [Songs]. 

DAGUILAR] 1800-1850 277 

Bal. The False Friend; or, Assassin of the Rocks (R.C. M. 25/8/1806). 
8 1809 [Circusiana] ; 8 1812 [Works]. 

[Music Russel and Corri, Junior. This is also in L. 58 S. [Olym. 

11/1/1814; printed].] 
Circusiana, or A Collection of the most favourite Ballets, Spectacles, 

Melo-dramas, &c. performed at the Royal Circus, St. George's 

Fields. In Two Volumes. 8 1809. 

[This was reprinted as The Dramatic Works of J. C. Cross. 

8 1812. Indication has been made above of its contents.] 
Bal. Lethe (Bath, 7/3/1812). 

P. Friar Rush; or, Harlequin and King Gold (D.L. M. 27/12/1847). 
L.C. 22/12/1847. 

[Written in collaboration with A. SMITH.] 

P. The Moon Queen and King Knight; or, Harlequin Twilight 
(Surrey, W. 26/12/1849). L.C. 18/12/1849. 


[For his earlier works see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 251-3.] 
R.D. Joanna of Montfaucon (C.G. M. 16/1/1800). 8 1800. 

[Based on a play by Kotzebue ; music Busby.] 
C. Lovers' Resolutions (D.L. T. 2/3/1802). L. 42 S. [24/2/1802]. 

8 1813 [in The Posthumous Dramatick Works]. 
C. The Sailor's Daughter (D.L. S. 7/4/1804). L. 43 S. [21/3/1804]. 

8 1804 [bis]. 
Spec. The Victory and Death of Lord Viscount Nelson (D.L. M. 

11/11/1805). L. 83 M. [8/11/1805]. 
C. A Hint to Husbands (C.G. S. 8/3/1806). L. 46 S. [1/3/1806], 

8 1806. 
C.O. The Jew of Mogadore (D.L. T. 3/5/1808). L. 49 S. [28/4/1808]. 

8 1808. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 
M.D. The Robber (Tunbridge Wells, 15/10/1809). 

C. The Widow's Only Son (C.G. Th. 7/6/1810). L. 90 M. [24/5/1810]. 

D. The Sybil; or, The Elder Brutus (D.L. 3/12/1818). 8 1813 [in 
The Posthumous Dramatick Works] . 

The Posthumous Dramatick Works of R. C. 8 1813. 

[Contains, besides those mentioned above and others acted in 
the eighteenth century: I. The Confession; 2. Torrendal; 3. Tiberius 
in Capreae; 4. The False Demetrius.] 


O. The Innkeepers (Leeds, 9/1829). 


C. Sir Marmaduke Maxwell. 12 1822; 8 1827. 


Dramas, Translations and Occasional Poems. 2 vols. 8 1821. 

[Her Ina of Sigiswold was acted at D.L. on 22/4/1815. A copy 
is in L. 103 M. [23/2/1814].] 


T. Fiesko; or, The Conspiracy of Genoa (Dublin, 22/12/1832). 
8 1832 [Dublin]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 



[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 253-] 
O.K. Not at Home (Lye. M. 20/11/1809). L. 89 M. [8/11/1809]. 

8 1809. 
T. Adrastus. 8 1823. 


D.Spec. Celestia; or, The World in the Moon (Adel. M. 2/2/1835). 
L.C. 30/1/1835 [as Eva's Bridal; or, The Land of Luna]. 


Int. Manoeuvring (H. W. 1/7/1829). See J. R. PLANCHti. 
Ba. Olympic Revels (Olym. 3/1/1831). See J. R. PLANCH&. 
Ba. Olympic Devils (Olym. M. 26/12/1831). See J. R. PLANCH&. 
Ba. The Water Party (Olym. M. 1/10/1832; Lye. M. 21/5/1849). 

L.C. 24/9/1832. 12 1836; Dicks 563. 
F. Kill or Cure (Olym. M. 29/10/1832; Lye. T. 22/5/1849). L.C. 

31/10/1832. Dicks 366. 

Int. Petticoat Government (D.L. M. 12/11/1832). L.C. 3/11/1832. 
Ba. The Paphian Bower (Olym. W. 26/12/1832). SeeJ.R.PLANCHti. 
F. A Match in the Dark (Olym. Th. 21/2/1833). L.C. 18/2/1833. 

12 1836 ; Dicks 852. 
Ext. High, Low, Jack, and the Game (Olym. M. 30/9/1833). See 

Ent. The Station House (Strand, M. 30/9/1833; Queen's, M. 19/1/1835). 

L.C. Adel. 16/11/1835. Dicks 232. 

[I am not sure that only one play is indicated here ; three theatres 

at least are mentioned.] 
C. The Beulah Spa (Olym. M. 18/11/1833). L.C. 16/11/1833. 8 

1833; Dicks 446. 

Ba. Hush Money (Olym. M. 28/1 1 /i 833). L.C. 14/11/1833. Dicks^o. 
Ext. The Deep, Deep Sea (Olym. Th. 26/12/1833. See J. R. 

F. Pleasant Dreams (C.G. S. 24/5/1834). L.C. 23/5/1834. Dicks 

590; Lacy, vol. Ixxx. 

Ba. A Little Pleasure (Olym. M. 29/9/1834). L.C. 26/9/1834. 
Ext. Telemachus (Olym. F. 26/12/1834). See.?. R. PLANCH&. 
Ba. Tame Tigers; or, No Harm Done (Queen's, Th. 9/4/1835). 
Ba. Riquet with the Tuft (Olym. 26/12/1836). See J. R. PLANCH&. 
C. The Country Squire; or, Two Days at the Hall (C.G. Th. 

19/1/1837). L.C. 16/1/1837. 12 [1837]; Dicks 326; Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. i. 
F. Advice Gratis (Olym. F. 29/9/1837). L.C. 1837. Dicks 590; 

Mod. Engl. Com. Th. vol. ii; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 
C. A Dream of the Future (Olym. M. 6/11/1837). L-C. 15/4/1837. 

Dicks 359; Lacy, vol. xxi. 
Ba. The Bengal Tiger (Olym. M. 18/12/1837). L.C. 14/12/1837. 

Dicks 366; Mod. Engl. Com. Th. vol. i. 

Ba. Puss in Boots (Olym. T. 26/12/1837). Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii. 
Ba. Naval Engagements (Olym. Th. 3/5/1838). L.C. 1/5/1838. Dicks 

351 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 
Ba. Sons and Systems (Olym. S. 29/9/1838). Dicks 580; Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. v. 

DELAP] 1800-1850 279 

Ba. The Burlington Arcade (Olym. M. 17/12/1838). L.C. 1838. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

Ext. Blue Beard (Olym. W. 2/1/1839). See J. R. PLANCH&. 
D. Izaak Walton... In Four Parts, Moonlight, Sunrise, Noon, and 

Sunset (Olym. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 27/3/1839. 8 [1839]; Dicks 566. 
F. Alive and Merry (C.G.M. 30/9/1 839). L.C. 25/9/1839. Dtcksg27; 

Buncombe, vol. xxxviii. 

Ba. A Close Siege (St J. M. 25/11/1839). L.C. 1839. Dicks 709. 
Ba. The Lucky Stars; or, The Cobler of Cripplegate (Strand, M. 

4/7/1842). L.C. 6/7/1842. Dicks 564; Duncombe, vol. xlv. 
Ba. Blue Beard ; or, Fatal Curiosity. L.C. Lye. 8/8/1842. 

[See above under 2/1/1839.] 

C. Hasty Conclusions (Lye. M. 8/4/1844). L.C. 1/4/1844. Dicks 858. 
C. The Victor Vanquished (P'cess, 25/3/1845). Lacy, vol. xxvi. 
C. The Dustman's Belle (Lye. M. 1/6/1846). L.C. 28/5/1846. 

12 [l8 4 6]. 

Ext. The Magic Horn (Lye. 24/8/1846). 
Ext. The Enchanted Forest; or, The Bear, the Eagle and the Dolphin 

(Lye. M. 22/2/1847). L.C. 13/2/1847. 8 1847. 
F. A Morning Call. L.C. M'bone, 31/10/1847. 12 [1847]; Lacy, 

vol. xxii. 

[This was apparently not produced until 17/3/1851 at D.L.] 
Ca. The Happy Family (Lye. 22/3/1848). L.C. 28/1/1848. 
C. Who speaks first? (Lye. Th. 11/1/1849). L.C. 9/1/1849. 12 1849; 

Lacy, vol. xxiii. 
C.D. A Wonderful Woman (Lye. Th. 24/5/1849). 12 1849; Dicks 

1038 ; Lacy, vol. xviii. 
Ca. Delicate Ground; or, Paris in 1793 (Lye. T. 27/11/1849). L.C. 

26/11/1849 [originally called The Citizen's Wife; or, The Reign of 

Terror]. Dicks 1008. 
[For some of his other plays see the D.NJZ.] 


Esq. Doctor Bolus (E.O.H. T. 21/7/1818). L. 70 S. [9/7/1818]. 

Cumberland, vol. xiii. 

O.F. The Disagreeable Surprise; Taken Up and Taken In (D.L. W. 
1/12/1819). L. 74 S. [5/12/1819]. 8 1819; Cumberland, vol. xiv. 

[Music Reeve.] 

O.F. Sworn at Highgate (S.W. M. 1/10/1832). Cumberland Minor, 
vol. vi. 


D.Poem. Sylvia; or, The May Queen. 12 1827. 
D.Poem. Thomas a Becket. 8 1840. 

D.Poem. Ethelstan; or, The Battle of Brunanburh. 8 1841. 
T. The Plighted Troth (D.L. W. 20/4/1842). 


C. The Family Party (Norwich, 1842). L.C. 11/5/1842. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P. 253 ] 
Dramatic Poems. 8 1803. 

[Includes: i. Gunilda\ 2. The Usurper-, 3. Matilda; 4. Abdalla.] 



M.D. Alerame, the Knight of the Lion; or, The Hut of Sarona (R.P. 
M. 4/2/1833). 


Charade. Matrimony. L.C. Brighton, 19/1/1844 (printed copy). 

8 1844 [Brighton]. 

T. Harold; or, The English King. 8 1820. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 
pp. 254-6.] 

Ent. Britons strike home! (Sans Souci, S. 18/2/1804). 

Ent. Most Votes (Sans Souci, Th. 23/2/1804). 

Ent. The Frolic (Sans Souci, M. 5/11/1804). 

B.O. The Broken Gold (D.L. S. 8/2/1806). L. 47 S. [3/2/1806]. 

[To these should be added the following entertainments: The 
Saloon, The Statue, She's mad for a Husband, The False Dervise, 
The Land of Simplicity, The Milkmaid, Pandora, The Passions, 
The Refusal of Harlequin and The Regions of Accomplishment. See 
Bwgraphia Dramatica, i, 187 and 188.] 

Ba. Old Fools; or, Love's Stratagem (S.W. M. 14/4/1800). 
P. Boadicea; or, The British Amazon (S.W. M. 14/4/1800). 
P. Peter Wilkins; or, Harlequin in the Flying World (S.W. M. 


P. Blackenberg; or, The Spirit of the Elbe (S.W. W. 28/5/1800). 
O.F. Moses and Mammon; or, The Devil and the Lawyer (S.W. T. 


P. Chaos; or, Harlequin Phaeton (S.W. T. 5/8/1800). 
Ba. The Black Pig; or, The Lady's Hobby horse (S.W.Th. 21/8/1800). 
P. The Ethiop; or, The Siege of Granada (S.W. 1801). 
Spec. Egyptian Laurels (S.W. M. 1/6/1801). 
P. Harlequin Benedick; or, Mother Shipton's Ghost (S.W. M. 

29/6/1801). MS. in the possession of Mr Crompton Rhodes. 

8 1 80 1 [Songs]. 

[Music Moorhead.] 
Spec. The Grand Junction Canal; or, A Trip to Paddmgton (S.W. F. 

Spec. The Great Devil ; or, The Robber of Genoa (S.W. M. 17/8/1801 ; 

Cob. M. 11/2/1828). 8 1801 ; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv. 
Ba. The Rival Tars; or, One good turn deserves another (S.W. 1802). 

P. St George and the Dragon ; or, The British Champion (S.W. 1802) . 
P. Ko and Zoa; or, The Belle Sauvage (S.W. 1802). 8 1803 [Songs]. 

[A manuscript of this is in L. 97 M. [Pav. 24/11/1812].] 
P. Harlequin Greenlander; or, The Whale Fishery (S.W. 1802). 
M.D. Speed the Plough; or, The Return of Peace (S.W. S. 1/5/1802). 
Ba. Fox and Geese; or, The Amorous Quaker (S.W. M. 16/8/1802). 
P. Wizard's Wake ; or, Harlequin's Regeneration (S.W. M. 23/8/1802). 

8 [1803]. 

Prel. New Brooms; or, The Firm Changed (S.W. 1803). 8 [1803]. 
P. Jack the Giant-Killer (S.W. 1803). 8 [1803]. 
P, Fire and Spirit; or, A Holiday Harlequin (S.W. 1803). 8 [1803]. 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 281 

P. The Bower of Spring; or, Harlequin Labour (S.W. Easter, 1803). 

MS. in the possession of Mr Crompton Rhodes. 
D.F. Edward and Susan; or, The Beauty of Buttermere (S.W. M. 

P. Philip Quarll; or, The English Hermit (S.W. M. 9/5/1803). 

8 [1803; Songs]. 
D.F. Red Riding Hood; or, The Wolf Robber (S.W. M. 23/5/1803). 

8 [1803]. 
P. Goody Two Shoes ; or, Harlequin Alabaster (S.W. M. 20/6/1803). 

8 [1803]. 

Bsq. Claudine; or, The Basket-maker (S.W. 1803). 8 1803. 
Spec. Barbara Allen (S.W. M. 11/7/1803). 8 [1803 ; Songs]. 
Spec. The Old Man of the Mountain; or, A Tale of the Eleventh 

Century (S.W. M. 18/7/1803). 8 [1803]. 
Spec. The British Amazons; or, Army without Reserve (S.W. M. 

8/8/1803). 8 [1803]. 
Ba. The Serjeant's Whim; or, Village Frolics (R.C. M. 16/1/1804; not 

first performance). 
Spec. QKCUVCUI (S.W. M. 2/4/1804). 8 [1804]. 

[This also appeared under its sub-title, The Siege of Gibraltar , 

on M. 29/4/1805.] 
O.F. The Little Gipsies (S.W. M. 2/4/1804). 8 [1804]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

Spec. Osnc the Lion (S.W. 2/4/1804). 8 [1804]. 
C.O. Click Clack; or, The Miller's Daughter (S.W. M. 28/5/1804). 

8 [1804]. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. Anthony, Cleopatra and Harlequin (S.W. M. 11/6/1804). 8 

M.Ent. Odd Fish; or, Mrs. Scaite in the Seraglio (S.W. M. 3/9/1804). 

8 U 1805. 

[Music Reeve.] 

Ba. Ally Croaker (S W. 1804). 
Int. A Trip to the Danube (S.W. 1804). 
Spec. Gothmund the Cruel; or, The Old Man of the Mountains (S.W. 

1804). 8 1804. 

[An altered version of The Old Man of the Mountain, 1803.] 
P. The Talking Bird; or, Harlequin and Penzade (S.W. 1805). 
O.F. The Aquatic Prize (S.W. M. 15/4/1805). 8 [1805]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

M.D.Spec. Red Hands ! or, The Welch Chieftains (S.W. W. 5/7/1805). 
M.D. An Bratach; or, The Water Spectre (S.W. 7/1805). 
P. Harlequin and -flisop; or, Wisdom versus Wealth (S.W. S. 

17/8/1805). 8 1805. 

[Music Reeve.] 
Spec. The Rival Patriots (S.W. 1806). 8 1806. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. Harlequin and the Water Kelpe (S.W. M. 14/4/1806). 8 1806. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Invisible Ring; or, The Water Monster and Fire Spectre 

(S.W. M. 25/6/1806). 8 1806. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. Jan Ben Jan; or, Harlequin and the Forty Virgins (S.W. M. 

30/3/1807). 8 1807 [Songs]. 


M.D. The Ocean Fiend; or, The Infant's Peril (S.W. M. 25/5/1807). 

8 1807. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. The Cassowar; or, Harlequins Rouge et Noir (S.W. M. 3/8/1807). 

8 1807 [Songs]. 
Int. The Flitch of Bacon; or, The Custom of Dunmow (S.W. 1808). 

8 [1808]. 
M.D. The White Witch; or, The Cataract of Amazonia (S.W. M. 

18/4/1808). 8 1808. 
P. Thirty Thousand; or, Harlequin's Lottery (S.W. M. 18/4/1808). 

8 [1808]. 

P. Harlequin's Lottery (S.W. M. 2/5/1808). 
P. Harlequin High flyer; or, Off she goes (S.W. M. 4/7/1808). 

8 1808 [Songs]. 
[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Magic Minstrel; or, The Fairy Lake (S.W. M. 8/8/1808). 

8 1809. 

C.O. The Farmer's Boy (S.W. 1809). 8 1809 [Recitatives, etc.]. 
P. Fashion's Fools; or, The Aquatic Harlequin (S.W. 1809). 8 1809 

[Recitatives, etc.]. 
M.D. The Wild Man; or, The Water Pageant (S.W. M. 22/5/1809). 

8 1809; 8 1814; Cumberland Minor, vol. xcvi. 

[Music Reeve.] 
P. Castles in the Air; or, Columbine Cowslip (S.W. M. 31/7/1809). 

8 1812 [Songs]. 
[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. Babes of the Castle; or, Mercy to the Penitent (S.W. M. 

P. The Astrologer; or, Harlequin and Moore's Almanack (S.W. M. 

23/4/1810). 8 1810 [Songs]. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Spectre Knight (S.W. M. 4/6/1810). 8 1810 [Songs]. 

[Based on Scott, Marmion. Music Reeve.] 
P. Bang Up! or, Harlequin Prime (S.W. M. 23/7/1810). 8 1810 


[Music Reeve.] 
F. The Three and the Ace; or, The Deuce is in it (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Red Reaver (S.W. M. 15/4/1811). 8 1811. 
P. Dulce Domum; or, England the Land of Freedom (S.W. M. 

15/4/1811). 8 1811 [Songs]. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Council of Ten; or, The Lake of the Grotto (S.W. M. 

3/6/1811). 8i8ii. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.Ent. The Round Robin (H. F. 21/6/1811). L. 54 S. 


P. Harlequin and Bluebeard (S.W. M. 15/7/1811). 
M.D. The Wild Girl (S.W. M. 21/10/1811). 

M.D. The Prince; or, The Illuminated Lake (S.W. M. 30/3/1812). 
P. Whang Fong; or, The Clown of China (S.W. M. 11/5/1812). 
M.D. Jonnie Armstrong; or, The Scottish Outlaw (S.W. W. 15/7/1812). 

[Music Reeve.] 
Spec. The Battle of Salamanca (S.W. M. 24/8/1812). 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 283 

P. Fairlop Fair; or, The Genie of the Oak (S.W. M. 7/9/1812). 
8 1812. 

[Music Reeve.] 
Bsq. Castle Blarneygig! or, The Lady of the Wreck (S.W. M. 


M.D. Juan Fernandez; or, The Stratagem (S.W. T. 20/10/1812). 
C.O. The Lord of the Manor (C.G. 24/10/1812). Dibdin's London 

Theatre, No. 22; Dicks 48. 

P. London; or, Harlequin and Time (S.W. M. 19/4/1813). 8 1813 

[Music Reeve.] 

M.D. Rokeby Castle ; or, The Spectre of the Glen (S.W. M. 19/4/1813). 
Int. The Spanish Gala; or, Cervantes Knight (S.W. M. 7/6/1813). 
P. The Brachman; or, The Oriental Harlequin (S.W. M. 28/6/1813). 
8 1813 [Songs]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

Bal. Spec. Vittoria; or, Wellington's Laurels (S.W. M. 12/7/1813). 
8 [1813; Vocal Compositions]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

M.D. Kaloc; or, The Slave Pirate (S.W. M. 9/8/1813). 8 1813 

[Music Reeve.] 

Ext. Odd Fish; or, Madam Scaite in the Seraglio (S.W. 9/10/1813). 
C.O. The Farmer's Wife (C.G. T. 1/2/1814). L. 98 M. [30/12/1813]. 

8 1814; Dibdin's London Theatre, No. 17; Dicks no. 
P. Harlequin Wild Man; or, The Rival Genii (S.W. M. 11/4/1814). 
8 1814. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Two Caliphs; or, The Palace of the Waters (S.W. M. 

11/4/1814). 8 1814. 

M.D. Vive le Roi; or, The White Cocade (S.W. T. 17/5/1814). 
M.D. The Corsair (S.W. M. 1/8/1814). 8 1814. 

[Music Reeve.] 

P. The Fortune-Teller; or, Harlequin's Jubilee (S.W. M. 29/8/1814). 
8 1814 [Songs]. 
[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. Oberon; or, The Magic Minstrel (S.W. M. 3/10/1814). 

[Altered from his own The Magic Minstrel, 1808.] 
Int. The Village Heiress (S.W. 1814). 8 1814. 
O.F. The Mother-in-law (S.W. 1815). 
M.D. Egbert (S.W. 1815). 
O.F. Brother and Sister (C.G. W. 1/2/1815). 

[See W. DIMOND1 
O.F. Law's Two Tails; or, En-tail and Ren-tail (S.W. T. 28/3/1815). 

8 1815 [Songs]. 

P. The Mermaid; or, Harlequin Pearl-diver! (S.W. T. 28/3/1815). 
8 1815 [Songs]. 
[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Red Hands; or, Welch Chieftains (S.W. M. 15/5/1815). 

[See above under 5/7/1805]. 
P. Harlequin Brilliant; or, The Clown's Capers (S.W. M. 


O.F. Mrs. Mullins; or, Grunt and Gaby (S.W. M. 2/10/1815). 
O.F. My Spouse and I (D.L. Th. 7/12/1815; Surrey, F. 3/12/1841). 

N D II 19 


L. 61 S. [28/11/1815]. 8 1815; 8 1816; Cumberland, vol. xli; 
Dicks 180. 

[Music WhitakerJ 

Ext. The Boarding School Miss; or, The Fog Family (S.W. M. 

[Also cited as The Fog Family; or, The Chandler's Daughter.] 
P. London and Paris; or, Harlequin Traveller (S.W. M. 15/4/1816). 
M.D. Iwanowna; or, The Maid of Moscow (S.W. M. 13/5/1816). 
P. Gnomes and Fairies; or, Harlequin Hurry Skurry (S.W. M. 


M.D. Phillip and his Dog; or, Where's the Child? (S.W.M. 15/7/1816). 
M.D. Barsissa; or, The Hermit Robber (S.W. M. 16/9/1816). 
P. Plants and Planets; or, Fairly in for't (S.W. M. 4/11/1816). 
P. April Fools; or, Months and Mummery (S.W. M. 7/4/1817). 

[Also cited as M. and M.; or, Cloum's Chronology.] 
M.D. The Viceroy; or, The Spanish Gipsy and the Assassin (S.W. 

M. 26/5/1817). 

M.D. Forget me not ! or, The Flower of Waterloo (S.W. M. 23/6/1817). 
P. Alchymy; or, Harlequin Large and Harlequin Little (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Terrible Peak; or, A Mother's Sorrows (S.W. M. 4/8/1817). 
O.F. No. 2; or, The Old Figure (S.W. 22/9/1817). 
O.F. A Friend Indeed (C.G. W. 5/11/1817). L. 109 M. [29/10/1817]. 

[Music WhitakerJ 
D. Three Miles from Paris (C.G. Th. 15/1/1818). L. 113 M. 

M.D. The Gheber; or, The Fire Worshippers (S.W. M. 23/3/1818). 

[A dramatisation of Lallah Rookh.] 

M.D. The Gathering of the Clans (S.W. M. 6/4/1818). 
P. Salmagundi; or, The Clown's Dish of All Sorts (S.W. M. 


M.D. O'Donoughue and his White Horse (S.W. M. 25/5/1818). 
Ext. The Widow and her Grandmama (S.W. M. 6/7/1818). 
M.D. The Seaman and the Savage (S.W. M. 3/8/1818). 
Ext. Fig Hall; or, Lingo in a New School (S.W. M. 10/8/1818). 
M.D. The Maniac; or, The Dark Assassin (S.W. M. 24/8/1818). 
O.F. Miss Michaelmass; or, The Dog and the Shadow (S.W. M. 

P. The Elements; or, Harlequin Earth, Air, Water and Fire (S.W. 

Ext. Father Luke and Darby (S.W. M. 12/4/1819). 

[Music Nicholson.] 

M.D. The Weird Sisters; or, The Thane and the Throne (S.W. M. 

[A melodramatic version of Macbeth.] 
P. The Talking Bird (S.W. M. 12/4/1819). 
Ball.P. Herman and Halstein; or, The Free Judges (S.W. M. 

Ent. Jack and the Beanstalk; or, Harlequin and the Ogre (D.L. M. 

27/12/1819). L. 23 L. [12/1819]. 
P. Shakespeare Versus Harlequin (D.L. S. 8/4/1820). 

[Based on Garrick, Harlequin's Invasion. Music Reeve and 
Int. The Admirable Crichton (D.L. M. 12/6/1820). L. 119 M. 

DIBDIN] I800-I850 285 

O. David Rizzio (D.L. S. 17/6/1820). 

Prel. Let by Auction (Olym. 10/1820). 

[Music Reeve.] 

P. The North Pole (D.L. 26/12/1821). 
Ext. Life in London ; or, The Day and Night Adventures of Logic, 

Tom and Jerry (Olym. M. 12/11/1821). L. 126 M. [17/10/1821]; 

L. 128 M. [8/11/1821]; L. 127 M. [as L. in L.; or, The Larks of 

Logic, Tom and jerry]. 
Int. All in the Wrong (R.A. 6/1822). 
M.D. Ursa Major (R.A. 6/1822). 
M.D. Alexander the Great and Thalestris the Amazon (R.A. M. 


M.D. Woodriffe; or, The Smuggler's Boy (R.A. M. 26/8/1822). 
Int. The Bill of Fare; or, What's to be Seen? (R.A. 9/1822). 
M.D. Maurice; or, The Mysterious Host (R.A. T. 10/12/1822). 
Ext. Billy Duck (R.A. 10/1822). 

Bal. Yarra; or, The Rival Indians (R.A. M. 21/10/1822). 
M.D. Fillebrande; or, The Female Bandit (R.A. M. 28/10/1822). 
P. Harlequin Achilles ; or, A Trip to Hyde Park (R.A. T. 12/1 1/1822). 
M.D. St George and the Dragon; or, The Seven Champions of 

Christendom (R.A. Th. 26/12/1822). 

Ba. Dunoir the Base; or, Is it a Spectre? (R.A. M. 31/3/1823). 
Ba. The Wild Man, Fair Maniac and Dumb Brother and Sister 

(R.A. 1823). 
M.D. The Female Freebooter; or, The Mysterious Host (R.A. M. 


Ext. Doctor Syntax and another Doctor (R.A. M. 5/5/1823). 
Ext. The Ghosts of Tom and Jerry; or, The Wind Up (R.A. M. 


M.D. Bonduca; or, The British Queen (R.A. M. 4/8/1823). 
Ext. Polynchinel Vampire; or, The Man in the Moon (R.A. M. 

Bsq. The Furor of Friendship; or, Manslaughter by Moonlight; or, 

The Ghost of a Hamper of Wine (R.A. 1823). 
Prel. The White Surrey; or, Saddled for the Field (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Murder and Madness; or, A Traveller's Tale (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Atala and Chactas; or, The Law of the Desart (Surrey, M. 


D. The Colonel's Come; or, La Femme Soldat (Surrey, 18/4/1825). 
M.D. Elfrida of Olmutz ; or, The Child of Mistery (Surrey, 25/4/1825). 
M.D. The Fatal Precept ; or, The Assassin of Silesia (Surrey, 9/5/1825). 
O.F. She's not to be managed; or, How to drive tandem (Surrey, 

M.D. Klebir in Egypt; or, The Fanatic of Aleppo (Surrey, M. 


O.F. Six Hours More (Surrey, M. 23/5/1825). 
P. Horrification ; or, Harlequin Preciosa, Der Fryshoots and Dr 

Faustus (Surrey, M. 23/5/1825). 
M.D. The Orphans; or, Love, Avarice and Repentance (Surrey, 

M.D. Black Caesar; or, The Fatal Thicket (Surrey, M. 11/7/1825). 



M.D. The Manslayer; or, The Mountain Smugglers (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Maurice; or, The Mysterious Host (Surrey, 22/8/1825). 

[See above under 10/12/1822.] 
M.D. The Jew of Wilna; or, Bravery and Ingratitude (Surrey, M. 

O.F. The Old Bear; or, Bound to keep the Peace (Surrey, M. 

M.D. The Maid of Venice; or, The Prophet's Priest (Surrey, M. 

O.F. A Cheap Bargain; or, A Little Misery and a Little Mischief 

(Surrey, M. 17/10/1825). 

M.D. Filial Love; or, The Prisoner's Daughter (Surrey, M. 31/10/1825). 
Ext. A Figure of Fun; or, Listeners hear no good of themselves 

(Surrey, M. 31/10/1825). 
M.D. The Yellow Fiend; or, The Scorpion's Sting (Surrey, M. 

P. The Seaman and la Belle Sauvage (Surrey, M. 7/11/1825). 

[See above under 3/8/1818.] 

Ent. Mr N'Importe ; or, What does it signify? (Surrey, M. 7/1 1/1825). 
Ext. Crom-a-boo'; or, The Ape and the Infant (Surrey, 26/12/1825). 
M.D. The Foresters; or, Truth and Treason (Surrey, M. 23/1/1826). 
P. The Knight and his Page; or, The Ape of the Forest (Surrey, M. 


M.D. Friendship's Test (Surrey, 1826). 

O.F. The Flaw in the Lease; or, What is he? (Surrey, M. 6/3/1826). 
Ext. Miss Poppy; or, The Chandler's Daughter (Surrey, M. 6/3/1826). 
D. The Apprentice's Opera; or, The Fate of the Fancy Lad (Surrey, 

M. 27/3/1826). 
M.D. Bruno the Black and the Knight Champion (Surrey, M. 


M.D. Isolate and the Ape (Surrey, M. 27/3/1826). 
M.D. The Savage Lovers; or, The Rival Regicides (Surrey, M. 


M.D. Woodstock; or, The Cavalier (Surrey, M. 15/5/1826). 
Ext. The Election; or, The Casting Vote (Surrey, 12/6/1826). 
F. Billy Duck; or, Old Rugg's Words (Surrey, 12/6/1826). 
O. The Rake's Progress (Surrey, 10/7/1826). 
P. The Monster of the Glen; or, Harlequin and the Fairy Fanciful 

(Surrey, 17/7/1826). 

M.D. The Curse of Kavanah (Surrey, 31/7/1826). 
M.D. The Victim of Malice (Surrey, 21/8/1826). 
Ba. Paul Pry (Surrey, 11/9/1826). 
O.F. Lodgings to Let (Surrey, 11/9/1826). 
Bal. Oberon and Titania; or, The King and Queen of the Fairies (S.W. 

M. 9/2/1829). MS. in the possession of Mr Crompton Rhodes. 
O.F. All at Sixes and Sevens (D.L. S. 21/3/1829). 

[Music Whitaker.] 
F. Nothing Superfluous (Hull, 5/8/1829). MS. in the possession of 

Mr Rimbault Dibdin. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 
pp. 256-7.] 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 287 

P. The Volcano; or, Rival Harlequins (C.G. 23/12/1799). L. 37 S. 

[12/12/1799]. 8 1799 [Songs, Recitations]. 
O.F. Of Age To-morrow (D.L. S. 1/2/1800). L. 75 M. [28/1/1800]. 

8 1805 ; 8 1805 [Songs, Duets] ; Dicks 278 ; Cumberland, vol. xliii. 

[Music Kelly.] 
M.Ent. True Friends (C.G. W. 19/2/1800). L. 40 S. [11/2/1800]. 

8 1800 [Songs]. 

[Music Attwood.] 
O.F. St. David's Day; or, The Honest Welshman (C.G. M. 31/3/1800). 

L. 38 S. [15/3/1800]. 8 1801 ; 8 1800 [Songs, etc.]; Cumberland, 

vol. xxx vii. 
Int. The Hermione; or, Retaliation (C.G. S. 5/4/1800). L. 38 S. 


C. Liberal Opinions (C.G. M. 12/5/1800). 
M.Ent. The Two Farmers. L. 75 M. [10/10/1800]. 
C.O. II Bondocani; or, The Caliph Robber (C.G. S. 15/11/1800). 

L. 38 S. [22/10/1800]. 8 1801; 8 1801 [Songs, Chorusses]. 

[Music Attwood and Moorhead.] 
P. Harlequin's Tour; or, The Dominion of Fancy (C.G. M. 

22/12/1800). L. 40 S. [16/12/1800; titles reversed]. 
Ent. Something New (Colchester, 1801). 
C. The School for Prejudice (C.G. 8.3/1/1801). L. 75 M. [28/4/1 800]. 

8 1 80 1 ; Inchbald's Modern Theatre, vol. iv. 

[This is an expanded form of Liberal Opinions^ 
P.R. Alonzo and Imogine; or, The Bridal Spectre (C.G. W. 


Ba. Gaffar's Mistake (S.W. M. 29/6/1801). 
MJEnt. The Escapes; or, The Water Carrier (C.G. W. 14/10/1801). 

L. 76 M. [12/5/1801]. 
P. Harlequin's Almanack; or, The Four Seasons (C.G. M. 28/12/1801). 

L. 40 S. [14/12/1801]. 8 1801 [Introduction, Songs, Glees, Trios, 

Chorusses] . 

[Music Reeve and Ware.] 
O.F. Blind Man's Buff; or, Who Pays the Piper? (Royalty, M. 

C.O. The Cabinet (C.G. T. 9/2/1802). L. 77 M. [18/1/1802]. 8 1802 

[Dublin; pirated]; 8 1805; 8 1810; Songs, Duets, etc. 8 1802; 

8 1803 ; Cumberland , vol. xxi. 

[Music Reeve, Moorhead, Davy, Corri and Braham.] 
Bal. The Brazen Mask; or, Alberto and Rosabella (C.G. M. 5/4/1802). 

L. 42 S. [10/3/1802]. 8 1802 [Sketch of the Fable. ..with the 

Songs and Chorusses]. 

[Music Mountain and Davy.] 
C.O. Family Quarrels (C.G. S. 18/12/1802). L. 77 M. [11/11/1802]. 

8 1805; 8 1803 [Songs, Duets]; Cumberland, vol. xxxii. 

[Music Moorhead, Braham and Reeve.] 
P. Harlequin's Habeas ; or, The Hall of Spectres (C.G. M. 27/12/1802). 

L. 42 S. [17/12/1802]. 8 1802 [Songs]. 

[Music Moorhead, Braham and Davy.] 
C.O. The English Fleet, in 1342 (C.G. T. 13/12/1803; Cob. M. 

14/4/1828). L. 78 M. [6/12/1803]. 8 1805 [Mr]; 8 1803 [Songs, 

Duets, and Chorusses]. 

[Music Braham.] 
P. Harlequin's Races; or, Time beats all (C.G. M. 26/12/1803). 


C. The Will for the Deed (C.G. S. 24/3/1804). L. 80 M. [16/3/1804]. 

8 1805. 
M.D. Valentine and Orson (C.G. T. 3/4/1804). L. 80 M. [10/3/1804]. 

8 1804; Cumberland, vol. xxvii. 

[Music Jouve.] 
C. Guilty or Not Guilty (H. S. 26/5/1804). L. 44 S. [20/5/1804]. 

8 1804 [4 editions]. 
C.O. Thirty Thousand; or, Who's the Richest? (C.G. M. 10/12/1804). 

L. 81 M. [27/11/1804]. 8 1804; 8 1805 [2nd]; 8 1805 [new]. 

[Music Braham, Davy and Reeve.] 
P. Harlequin Quicksilver; or, The Gnome and the Devil (C.G. W. 

26/12/1804). L. 81 M. [18/12/1804]. 8 1804 [Songs, Trios, 

Bal. Aggression; or, The Heroine of Yucatan (C.G. 4/1805). 

[The songs are by Dibdin.] 
Int. Nelson's Glory (C.G. Th. 7/11/1805). 
P. Harlequin's Magnet; or, The Scandinavian Sorcerer (C.G. M. 

30/12/1805). L. 45 S. [22/12/1805]. 8 1806 [Songs]. 

[Music J. Davy.] 
M.D. The White Plume; or, The Border Chieftains (C.G. Th. 

10/4/1806). L. 47 S. [25/3/1806], 8 1806 [Songs]. 

[Music Reeve.] 
C. Five Miles Off; or, The Finger Post (H.* W. 9/7/1806). L. 47 S. 

[28/6/1806]. 8 1806; 8 1809; Mod. Ens>. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
P. Harlequin and Mother Goose; or, The Golden Egg (C.G. F. 

26/12/1806). L. 46 S. [23/12/1806]; MS. in possession of Mr 

Crompton Rhodes. 8 1806 [Songs, Chorusses] ; Lacy, vol. liv. 

[Music Ware.] 
F. The Miseries of Human Life; or, Let us all be unhappy 

together (C.G. T. 19/5/1807). L. 48 S. [13/5/1807]. 
C. Errors Excepted (H. Th. 13/8/1807). L. 86 M. [11/8/1807], 
C.O. Two Faces under a Hood (C.G. T. 17/11/1807). 8 [1807]; 

8 1807 [Songs, Duets]. 
P. Harlequin in his Element; or, Fire, Water, Earth and Air (C.G. S. 

26/12/1807). L. 48 S. [19/12/1807]. 8 [1807]; 8 [1807; Airs, 

Ext. Bonifacio and Bridgetina; or, The Knight of the Hermitage; or 

The Windmill Turrett; or, The Spectre of the North-East Gallery 

(C.G. Th. 31/3/1808). L. 87 M. [19/3/1808]. 8 1808; 8 1808 

M.D. The Forest of Hermanstadt; or, A Princess and no Princess 

(C.G. F. 7/10/1808; Cob. M. 1/12/1828). L. 87 M. [17/9/1808]. 

[An adaptation of Caigniez, La forft de Hennanstadt^ 
Int. The Jubilee (C.G. W. 25/10/1809). L. 90 M. [21/10/1809]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

P. Harlequin Pedlar; or, The Haunted Well (C.G. 26/12/1809). 
P. Harlequin Basket-Maker; or, Willows Bewitched (Surrey, T. 

M.D. The Lady of the Lake; or, Roderick vich Alpine (Surrey, M. 

24/9/1810). 12 [1810; Dublin]; Cumberland Minor, vol. iii; 

Dicks 587. 

[A play of this title is in L. 67 S. [Olym. 1/12/1817].] * 
M.D. The Harper's Son and the Duke's Daughter (Surrey, W. 

12/12/1810). L. 92 M. [1810; printed copy]. 8 1810. 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 289 

P. Mirth and Harlequin; or, The Road to Bath (Surrey, M. 15/4/1811). 
Ba. Peeping Tom; or, The Mayor in a Hamper (Surrey, M. 3/6/1811). 
Prel. What's a Stage without Horses? (Surrey, M. 10/6/1811). 
Ba. Right of Common; or, How to get a Freehold (Surrey, M. 

M.D. " Blood will have Blood I " or, The Battle of the Bridges (Surrey, 

M. 10/6/1811). 

M.D. Lodoiska (Surrey, M. 12/8/1811). 
C.O. Up to Town (C.G. W. 6/11/1811). L. 93 M. [28/10/1811; as 

Up to London}. 

[Music Reeve, Condell, Welsh and Whitaker.] 
M.D. America; or, The Colonists (Surrey, M. 30/3/1812). 
M.D. The Secret Mine (C.G. F. 24/4/1812). L. 96 M. [2/4/1812]. 

8 1813 [Dublin]. 

[Written in collaboration with J. FAWCETT.] 
P. Harlequin Colossus; or, The Seven Wonders of the World 

(Surrey, M. 22/6/1812). 
M.D. The jEthiop; or, The Child of the Desert (C.G. T. 6/10/1812). 

L. 96 M. [21/9/1812]. 8 1812. 

[Music Bishop.] 
M.D. Java (C.G. c. 1812). 

F. Schniederkins (C.G. F. 16/10/1812). L. 56 S. [10/10/1812]. 
P. Harlequin and Humpo; or, Columbine by Candlelight (D.L. S. 

26/12/1812). L. 55 S. [20/12/1812]; MS. in the possession of 

Mr Crompton Rhodes. 
O. Haroun Alraschid (C.G. 1/1813). Dicks 513. 

[Based on his own The Mthiop} 
M.D. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales; or, Gellert the Faithful Dog 

(Surrey, M. 14/6/1813). See A. CHERRY. 
M.D. The Highmettled Racer (R.A. 1813). 
O.F. Who's to have her? (D.L. M. 22/1 1/1813). L. 57 S. [15/11/1813], 

8 1813. 

[Music Reeve and Whitaker.] 
Int. Orange Boven; or, More Good News (D.L. F. 10/12/1813). 

L. 58 S. [6/12/1813]. 8 1813 [Songs, Duets]. 
P. Harlequin Harper; or, A Jump from Japan (D.L. M. 27/12/1813). 

L. 58 S. [13/12/1813; as H. Harmonist; or, A Trip toj.]. 8 1813 

[Prospectus] . 

Int. Tag in Tribulation (Surrey, 1814). L. 60 S. [Surrey, 1814]. 
Ext. Harlequin Hoax; or, A Pantomime Proposed (Lye. T. 16/8/1814). 

L. 58 S. [9/8/1814]. 8 1814; 8 1815 [2nd]; Dicks 498. 
Spec. The Dog of Montargis; or, The Forest of Bondy (R.C. Th. 

M.D. The Ninth Statue; or, The Irishman in Bagdad (D.L. T. 

29/11/1814). L. 598. [17/11/1814]. 8 1814. 
P. The Valley of Diamonds; or, Harlequin Sinbad (D.L. M. 

26/12/1814). L. 102 M. [19/12/1814]. 

[Written in association with the clown, Kirby.] 
F. Past Ten O'Clock, And a Rainy Night (D.L. S. 11/3/1815). 

L. 60 S. [4/3/1815]. 8 1815; Cumberland, vol. xxxviii. 
M.D. The Magpie; or, The Maid of Palaiseau (D.L. T. 12/9/1815). 

L. Extra [3/9/1815]. Oxberry. 

[Music T. Cooke. An ad Q * a * irt " rtf r t oirr: T * *i a .^i*,. fa . 9Ut 

la servante de Palaiseau} 


F. Twenty per Cent.; or, My Father (D.L. Th. 2/11/1815). L. 61 S. 

[26/10/1815]. Dibdin' s London Theatre. 
P. Harlequin and Fancy; or, The Poet's Last Shilling (D.L. T. 

26/12/1815; Surrey, W. 25/2/1829). L. 61 S. [17/12/1815]. 

[Music Smart.] 
D. Accusation ; or, The Family of Anglade (D.L. Th. 1/2/1816). See 

F. What Next? (D.L. Th. 29/2/1816). L. 64 S. [19/2/1816]. 8 1816; 

Dicks 267; London Stage, vol. iv. 
Bal.Spec. Pitcairn's Island (D.L. W. 17/4/1816). L. 64 S. [12/4/1816]. 

8 [1816; Songs]. 
[Music Corn.] 
P. The House-warming; or, The Peasant's Pic-mc (R.C. M. 1/7/1816). 

[Described in Dibdin 's memoirs as Harlequin Pic-Nic.] 
Bal.Spec. The Sicilian; or, The Prince and the Pirate (R.C. M. 

D.R. Chevy Chase; or, The Warlocks of the Border (R.C. M. 

D.R. Who's the Murderer? or, A True Tale of the Twelfth Century 

(R.C. M. 15/7/1816). 
Spec. Slaves in Barbary; or, British Vengeance (R.C. W. 31/7/1816; 

R.C. M. 16/9/1816, "and edition" as S. in B.; or, The Bombard- 
ment of Algiers). 
P. The Dog and the Duck; or, Harlequin in the Obelisk (R.C. M. 

Ba. Love in Full Gallop; or, The Highroad to Marriage (R.C. W. 

30/10/1816; S.W. M. 19/6/1826). 

[Based on Waldron, Heighofor a Husband] 
Ba. Waggery in Wapping; or, King Charles in the Royal Oak (R.C. 

M. 4/11/1816). 

M.D. Love, Hatred and Revenge (R.C. M. 4/11/1816). 
Spec. The Silver Swan ; or, The Wizard's Dream (R.C. F. 22/1 1/1816). 
Ba. Three Times Three; or, Boys, Girls and Guardians (R.C. M. 

M.D. The Italian Wife (R.C. Th. 26/12/1816; 2nd performance). 

[This is Milman's Fazio, as altered by Dibdin.] 

P. Pedlar's Acre; or, Harlequin in Lambeth (R.C. Th. 26/12/1816). 
Bsq. Don Giovanni; or, A Spectre on Horseback (R.C. M. 26/5/1817; 

Lye. 17/7/1820). 8 1817; 8 1818 [4th] ; Cumberland Minor, 

vol. ii. 

P. The Golden Axe; or, Harlequin Woodman (R.A. M. 7/4/1817). 
P. The Magic Grape; or, Harlequin in the Wine Trade (R.C. M. 


M.D. The Red Man and the Savage (R.C. M. 7/4/1817). 
Ba. Five, Six, Seven; or, Pay me my Wages (R.C. T. 15/4/1817). 
O.F. The Three Paddies; or, All of a Mind (R.C. M. 5/5/1817). 
Ba. Trick for Trick; or, The Man and the Maid (R.C. M. 5/5/1817). 
Spec. Waterloo Bridge; or, The Anniversary (R.C. W. 18/6/1817). 
M.D. Constantine and Valeria; or, The Last of the Caesars (R.C. 

M. 23/6/1817). 

[This is Joanna Bail lie's Constantine Palaeologus as altered by 


M.D. The Fatal Island (R.C. M. 28/7/1817). 
P. Harlequin Patchwork ; or, Tria Juncta in Uno (R.C. M. 18/8/1817). 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 291 

M.D. The Vicar of Wakefield (R.C. M. 25/8/1817). L. no M. 
[25/8/1817]- 8 1817. 
[Music Sanderson.] 

Int. At All in the Ring (R.C. M. 1/9/1817). 
M.D.Spec. The Queen of Golconda; or, Two Places at Once (R.C. 

M. 22/9/1817). 

M.D. The Knights of the Lion (R.C. Th. 8/1/1818, 4th performance). 
Ba. Tom Jones; or, The Foundling (R.C. M. 19/1/1818). 
M.D. Zapolyta; or, The War Wolf (R.C. M. 9/2/1818). 

[This is Coleridge's play adapted by DibdinJ 

O. Zuma; or, The Tree of Health (C.G. S. 21/2/1818). L. 113 M. 
[30/1/1818]. 8 1818. 

[Music Bishop and Braham ] 
Ba. Sir Launcelot Graves (R.C. M. 23/3/1818). 
M.D. The Three Talismans (R.C. M. 23/3/1818) 
Ba. The Duke and the Devil (R.C. W. 6/5/1818). 
O.F. Rather too bad! (R.C. M. 11/5/1818). 
M.D. Kouli Khan (R,C. T. 12/5/1818). 
Ext. How to write an Opera ! or, The Delights of Dramatic Authorship 

(R.C. M. 1/6/1818). 
Ba. Humphrey Clinker (R.C. M. 6/7/1818). Cumber land Minor, vol. iv. 

[Based on Smollett's novel.] 
Ba. The Adventures of Roderick Random (R.C. M. 20/7/1818). 

[Based on Smollett's novel.] 
Ba. Ferdinand, Count Fathom (R.C. F. 31/7/1818). 

[Based on Smollett's novel.] 
Spec. Red Riding Hood; or, The Wolf of the Forest of Arden (R.C. 

M. 24/8/1818). 

P. The Sea Serpent; or, Harlequin Yankee (R.C. M. 21/9/1818). 
M.D. The Invisible Witness; or, The Chapel in the Wood (R.C. M. 

[An adaptation of Pixe>ecourt, La chapelle du bois (Paris, 
M.D. The Murdered Guest (R C. T. 13/10/1818). 

[An adaptation of Lillo, Fatal Curiosity] 
O.F. Scraps; or, The Village Theatre (R.C. S. 26/12/1818). 

[Called S.; or, Black Spirits and White in Dibdin's memoirs. 
It seems to be the same as Scraps; or, Fun for the Gallery given 
at S.W. Th. 5/10/1820.] 
M.D. The Reprobate (R.C. S. 26/12/1818). 

[Based on Mrs Opie's story.] 

M.D.Spec. Azim; or, Wants and Superfluities (R.C. S. 26/12/1818). 
M.D. The Heart of Midlothian; or, The Lily of St. Leonard's (R.C. 
W. 13/1/1819). 8 1819 [3 editions] ; Dicks 252; Cumberland Minor , 
vol. i. 

[Music Erskine. Based on Scott's novel.] 

M.D. The Ruffian Boy (R.C. M. 15/2/1819). Cumberland Minor, 
vol. iv. 

[Based on Mrs Opie's story.] 

M.D. The Hermit of Mount Pausilippo (R.C. M. 12/4/1819). 

Ba. Florence Macarthy; or, A Tour in Hibernia (R.C. M. 31/5/1819). 

Esq. Melodrama Mad! or, The Siege of Troy. A New Comic, 

Pathetic, Historic, Anachronasmatic, Ethic, Epic Melange, "full 

of doleful mirth and right merrie conceit." The Situations and 


Sentiments from Mr Homer, a blind old Ballad-singerone 
Shakespeare, a Warwickshire Deer-stealer the Language of the 
Gods from A Pope and many of the Songs are Gay. The ancient 
Music from some of the greatest Lyres of the earliest Ages- the 
modern Compositions by Arne, Arnold, Attwood, Bishop, Dibdin, 
Reeve, Shield, Sanderson, &c. the new Music by Mr Erskine. 
The Scenery taken from several Spots of Greece (and Troy); the 
Artists being prevented, by our present Neutrality, from attending 
the Siege, have left the task of Invention and Execution to the 
talents of Mr Wilson, assisted by his Pupils H. Wilson, C. R. 
Dibdin, &c. The Dresses, a la Grec, from the classic Scissars and 
Needles of Mr Brett and Miss Freelove. The Machinery by Ben 
Johnson the Carpenter. The Decorations by Artists described 
hereafter. The Dances by Mr. Giroux The Heroic Action and 
Processions under the direction of Mr Ridgway (R.C. M. 
21/6/1819). 8 1819. 

R.D. Montrose (Surrey, M. 5/7/1819). 
[Based on Scott's novel.] 

M.D. The Bride of Lammermoor; or, The Spectre at the Fountain 
(Surrey, M. 5/7/1819). 

M.D. The Abbot of San Martino; or, True Revenge (Surrey, M. 

Spec. Scanderbeg; or, The Outlawed Prince (Surrey, M. 9/8/1819). 

M.D. Richard the First; or, Coeur de Lion (Surrey, M. 23/8/1819). 

M.D. The President and the Peasant's Daughter (Surrey, W. 

Ba. The Spoiled Children; or, The Manager's Night (Surrey, S. 

Ba. Small Profits do Great Things (Surrey, M. 27/12/1819). 

M.D. The Force of Conscience; or, The Accusing Spirit (Surrey, M. 

Ba. Mouse-traps ; or, The Mountain Cottager (Surrey, M. 27/12/1819). 

Ba. The Prophecy; or, The Giant Spectre (Surrey, Th. 6/1/1820). 
[An adaptation of Jephson, The Count of Narbonne.] 

M.D. Ivanhoe; or, The Jew's Daughter (Surrey, Th. 20/1/1820). 
8 1820; Cumberland Minor, vol. ii; Lacy, vol. xcii. 

[Based on Scott's novel. This play was revived at the Coburg 
on M. 15/2/1830 as Ivanhoe; or, The Knights Templars; or, Isaac 
the Jew of York.] 

M.D. The Fate of Calais (Surrey, M. 3/4/1820). 8 1820; Cumberland 
Minor, vol. viii. 

P. Goody Two Shoes, Fairy of the Flowers ; or, Village Frolics (S.W. 
M. 3/4/1820). 

Oa. The Widow and No Widow (Surrey, M. 10/4/1820). 

M.D. The Knights of Rhodes (Surrey, M. 15/5/1820). 

M.D. Old Mortality; or, Burley and Morton (Surrey, M. 12/6/1820). 
[Based on Scott's novel.] 

Ba. A New Way to get Married ; or, Give a Man Luck and throw him 
in the Sea (Surrey, S. 24/6/1820). 

Ba. Wheels within Wheels (Surrey, M. 31/7/1820). 

M.D. Orsino; or, The Vaulted Cavern (Surrey, M. 21/8/1820). 

O.F. Stop Thief! or, The Horrors of the Forest (Surrey, F. 

O.F. Everybody's Cousin (Surrey, W. 27/12/1820). 

DIBDIN] 1800-1850 293 

M.D. Belisarius the Roman General (Surrey, W. 27/12/1820). 

[Based on J. G. A. Cuvelier and Hubert, Btlisaire (ParL, 


R.D. The Blue Baron; or, Over the Bridge (Surrey, M. 22/1/1821). 
O.F. Tost in a Blanket; or, Law without Study (Olym. M. 22/1/1821). 

L. 81 S. [20/1/1821]. 
M.D. Elizabeth and Essex; or, The Days of Queen Bess (Surrey, W. 

7/2/1821 ; named Kenilworih; or, The Countess of Essex on W. 

21/2/1821). Cumberland, vol. xxxix; Dicks 334; Lacy, vol. xcviii. 

[Based on Scon's novel.] 
Bsq. The Daughters of Danaus and the Sons of .ffigyptus ; or, Fifty 

Weddings and Nine and Forty Murders (Surrey, M. 5/3/1821). 
M.D. Alonzo the Brave and the Fair Imogene (Surrey, M. 2/4/1821). 
O.F. The Two Gregories; or, Where did the Money come from? 

(Surrey, M. 23/4/1821; D.L. 14/6/1826). 8 1821; Cumberland 

Minor, vol. iii; Lacy, vol. Ixx. 

[Based on Jocrisse valet et Jocrisse maitre.] 

D. The Seven Champions of Christendom (Surrey, S. 19/5/1821). 
M.D. Kedeth, the Hag of Poland (Surrey, M. 11/6/1821). 
O.F. Masonry; or, The Secret Discovered (Surrey, M. 11/6/1821; 

2nd performance). 
O.F. Frederick and Voltaire; or, The King and the Poet (Surrey, M. 


C. Rise and Fall (H. S. 4/8/1821). L. 80 S. [30/7/1821]. 
O.F. The Veterans; or, The Commodore and the Colonel (Surrey, 

M. 22/10/1821). 

[An alteration of his own Birth-day.] 
P. Three of Them; or, Harlequin Hum, Harlequin Strum and 

Harlequin Mum (Surrey, M. 22/10/1821). 
Bsq. Leonora; or, The Apparition on the White Horse; or, Love in 

all its Horrors (Surrey, Th. 22/11/1821). 
Ba. Jack in the Green; or, The Family Punch-Bowl (Surrey, W. 

Bsq. Animal Sympathy ; or, The Sentimental Waiter ; or, The Man and 

the Monkey (Surrey, W. 26/12/1821). 
M.D. The Pirate; or, The Wild Woman of Zetland (Surrey, M. 

7/1/1822). 8 1822. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 

R.C. Sir Arthur; or, The Irish Chief (Surrey, M. 28/1/1822). 
M.D. Elfrid; or, The Weird Wanderer of Jutland (Surrey, T. 

Ba. The Soldier's Stratagem; or, The Colonel's Contrivance (Surrey, 

T. 26/3/1822). 
Prel. The Bill of Fare; or, For Further Particulars Enquire Within 

(H.* S. 15/6/1822). L. 84 M. [7/6/1822]. 
O.F. Love Letters (H.* M. 24/6/1822). L. 84 S. [7/6/1822]. 
C.O. Morning, Noon and Night; or, The Romance of a Day (H. M. 

9/9/1822). L. 83 S. [31/8/1822]. 8 1822. 

[Music Perry.] 
M.D. A Tale of Other Times; or, Which is the Bride? (D.L. Th. 


[An altered version of his own Princess and No Princess.] 
P. Gog and Magog; or, Harlequin Antiquary (D.L. Th. 26/12/1822). 

L. 84 S. [24/12/1822]. 


Ent. Old Nick (Olym. 1822). 

Spec. The Chinese Sorcerer; or, The Emperor and his Three Sons 

(D.L. M. 31/3/1823). L. 86 S. [17/3/1823; as Whang Fong]. 
O.F. Summer Flies; or, The Will for the Deed (H. 16/6/1823). 
F. Come if you can (H.* 14/6/1824). L.C. 11/6/1824. 
M.D. Beauty in a Box; or, The Foundling Prince and the Vizier's 

Daughter (S.W. M. 4/4/1825). 
Ba. The Great Gentleman in the Little Parlour (S.W. M. 4/4/1825). 

[Also called Under the Rose; as such it appears in Cumberland.] 
Ba. The Man and the Marquis ; or, The Three Spectres of the Castle 

of St. Valori (S.W. M. 18/4/1825). Cumberland Minor, vol. viii. 
P. Fairy Blue and Fairy Red; or, Harlequin and the Marble Rock 

(S.W. M. 23/5/1825). 
Ba. Here we are (S.W. 1825). 
Ba. Jocko; or, The Ape of Brazil (S.W. M. 6/6/1825; named J.; or, 

The Orang Outang of Brazil on M. 27/6/1825). 
M.D. Abyssinia; or, A Trip to the Nile (S.W. M. 4/7/1825). 
Ba. The Devil's in Dr Faustus; or, Mephistopheles in Town (S.W. 

Ba. The Lawyer, the Jew and the Yorkshireman. (S.W. M. 22/8/1825). 

[An alteration of his own School for Prejudice] 
M.D. The Enchanted Girdles; or, Winki the Witch and the Ladies 

of Samarcand (S.W. M. 5/9/1825). 
O.F. Garrick and his Double (S.W. M. 10/10/1825). 
P. Merlin's Mount; or, Harlequin Cymraeg and the Living Leek 

(S.W. M. 26/12/1825). 
M.D. The Three Crumpies; or, The Baron and his Brothers (S.W. 

M. 26/12/1825). 
Ba. All in One Night; or, The House upon the Heath (S.W. M. 


[An alteration of his own Five Miles Off] 
Ba. The Spread Eagle; or, The Traveller and his Host (S.W. M. 

Ent. Black Spirits and White; or, The Haunted Chamber (S.W. M. 


Bsq. Peggy Larkins; or, Love in Tripoli (S.W. M. 6/2/1826). 
Ba. The Duke and the Devil; or, Which is Which? (S.W. M. 6/2/1826). 
Ba. Don Giovanni (S.W. M. 6/3/1826). 
Ba. Mrs W.; or, Vere's my Vife? (S.W. M. 27/3/1826). 
M.D. Emmeline of Hungary; or, What Will be the End of It? (S.W. 

M. 27/3/1826). 
P. Hot and Cold; or, Harlequin Snowball and the Sprites of the 

Village (S.W. M. 27/3/1826). 
Ba. All her own Way; or, The Romp Reclaimed (S.W. M. 10/4/1826). 

[An alteration of his own Rather too bad!] 
M.D. The Peacock's Feather; or, The Grand Caravan and the Saddler 

of Cairo (S.W. M. 15/5/1826). 
M.D. Alonzo the Brave and the Fair Imogine; or, The Bridal Spectre 

(S.W. M. 12/6/1826). 

[See above under 10/6/1801 and 2/4/1821.] 
Ba. Four Legs and Two Legs; or, The Widow and the Will (S.W. 

M. 12/6/1826). 

[Based on The Horse and the Widow] 
Bsq. All a Fetch; or, Ghosts and Apprehensions (S.W. M. 14/8/1826). 

DILLON] 1800-1850 295 

Ext. Double X.X.; or, The Islington Stage (S.W. T. 26/12/1826). 

Ba. Shall I Kill Myself? (S.W. Th. 28/12/1826). 

M.D. The Fatal Experiment; or, The Murdered Guest (S.W. Th. 


[See his earlier Murdered Guest.] 
M.D. The Honest Welchman (S.W. M. 1/1/1827). 
Int. Spain and Portugal; or, Huzza for Lisbon (S.W. Th. 4/1/1827). 
M.D. Paul Jones; or, The Solway Mariner (Adel. M. 12/2/1827; 

named The Pirates Doom; or, The S. M. on M. 19/2/1827). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. 11; Dicks ion. 

[See also Paul Jones under UNKNOWN AUTHORS.] 
Ba. Jemmy for Ever ; or, The Lads of the Village (S.W. M. 16/4/1827). 
M.D. The White Wolf; or, The Woman in the Wood (S.W. M. 


Ba. The Clown and the Captain (S.W. S. 4/8/1827). 
Ba. One and Twenty; or, Love in Germany (S.W. W. 2/1/1828). 
Ba. The Lady in her Sleep (S.W. M. 14/1/1828). 
M.D. Suil Dhuv the Coiner (S.W. M. 14/1/1828). Cumberland Minor, 

vol. i; Dicks 290. 

Ba. Long Cloth; or, The Lancer (S.W. M. 21/1/1828). 
F. Personation (D.L. 17/4/1828). 
M.D. The Banks of the Hudson (Cob. 26/12/1829). Cumberland Minor, 

vol. iv; Dicks 264. 

Ba. Old Ones and Young Ones (Cob. M. 7/12/1829). 
M.D. The Wigwam; or, The Men of the Wilderness (C.G. M. 

12/4/1830). L.C. 31/3/1830. Dicks 570. 

[Based on Cooper's novel.] 
Ext. Female Government; or, The World upside down (Vic. M. 

10/3/1834). 8 1834. 
B.O. The Covenanters (E.O.H. M. 10/8/1835). L.C. 3/7/1835 [title 

altered from The Trooper]. Duncombe, vol. xviii. 

[Music Loder.] 
Spec. Alexander the Great! in Little (Strand, M. 7/8/1837). 8 1837; 

Duncombe, vol. xxvii. 


Ba. The Strange Gentleman (St J. Th. 29/9/1836). L.C. 1836. 

8 1837 ; Dicks 466. 

O.F. The Village Coquettes (St J. T. 6/12/1836). L.C. 11/1836. 
8 1836 ; 8 1837 [Songs, Choruses] ; Dicks 467 ; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. 
vol. iii. 

[Music John Hullah.] 
Ba. Is She his Wife? or, Something Singular (St J. M. 6/3/1837). 

L.C. 1/3/1837- 8 [i837]; Dicks 470. 

F. The Lamplighter. 8 1879 [from MS. in Forster Collection in 
South Kensington Museum]. 


M.D. The Mysteries of Paris. A Romance of the Rich and the Poor 

(M'bone, 2/9/1844). L.C. 28/8/1844. Dicks 980 ; Duncombe, vol. li. 
D. Life's Highway; or, Sharps and Dupes (M'bone, 11/11/1844). 

L.C. 31/10/1844. 
P. General Tom Thumb; or, Harlequin Punch. L.C. M'bone, 

D. The Female Bluebeard (M'bone, 20/1/1845). L.C. 22/1/1844. 



T. Retribution; or, The Chieftain 's Daughter (C.G. Th. 1/1/1818). 
L. 110 M. [27/11/1817]. 8 1818. 


C.O. The Sea-Side Story (C.G. T. 12/5/1801). L. 76 M. [30/4/1801]. 
8 1801; 8 1801 [Airs, Duets, and Trios]; 8 1806. 

[Music Attwood.] 

M.D. The Hero of the North (D.L. S. 19/2/1803). 8 1803 [6 editions] ; 
8 1803 [Poetry of the Songs, Chorusses]. Reprinted as Gustavus 
Vasa, the Hero of the North. 8 [N.D.]. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 

M.D. The Hunter of the Alps (H.T. 3/7/1804). L. 448. [24/6/1804]. 
8 1804 [3 editions]; Dicks 961; Cumberland, vol. xxxix; Lacy, 
vol. xci. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 

C.O. Youth, Love, and Folly (D.L. F. 24/5/1805). L. 45 S. [22/5/1805 ; 
as L. Y. andF.]. 8 1805; Cumberland, vol. xxxix. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 

D. Adrian and Orrila ; or, A Mother's Vengeance (C.G. S. 15/1 1/1806). 
L. 85 M. [2/11/1806; as The Mountains of Saxony; or, A. and OJ. 
8 1806. 

C.O. The Young Hussar; or, Love and Mercy (D.L. Th. 12/3/1807). 
L. 86 M. [2/3/1807]. 8 1807; Cumberland, vol. xli. 

[Music M. Kelly. The Widener Library, Harvard University 
(17476.52.204) possesses the Surrey prompt copy dated 1821.] 
M.D. The Foundling of the Forest (H.* 10/7/1809). L. 89 M. 
[30/6/1809; with an additional sub-title, or, Twice the Dagger 
Struck]. 8 1809; 8 1814; Dicks 74; Cumberland, vol. xl; Lacy, 
vol. xcix. 
D. The Doubtful Son; or, Secrets of a Palace (H. T. 3/7/1810). 

L. 52 S. [8/6/1810]. 8 1810. 

O. Gustavus Vasa (C.G. Th. 29/11/1810). L. 90 M. [26/11/1810]. 
8 1811. 

[From The Hero of the North, q.v. It was announced originally 
as Gustavus of Sweden} 
D.O. The Peasant Boy (Lye. Th. 31/1/1811). L. 55 S. [as The P. B.; 

or, Innocence Protected]. 8 1811 ; 8 i8iz; Cumberland, vol. xl. 
M.D. The Royal Oak (H.* M. 10/6/1811). L. 21 L. [24/4/1811]. 8 1811. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 
M.D. The Aethiop; or, The Child of the Desert (C.G. 6/10/1812). 

8 1812; 8 1813. 

O.F. Brother and Sister (C.G. W. 1/2/1815). L. 102 M. [19/12/1814]. 
8 1829; Lacy, vol. xlvi. 

[Lyrics by CHARLES DIED IN Junior.} 
M.D. The Broken Sword (C.G. M. 7/10/1816). L. 107 M. [31/9/1816]. 

8 1816 [bis]; Dicks 272; Cumberland, vol. xli; Lacy, vol. Ixxxv. 
M.D. The Conquest of Taranto; or, St. Clara's Eve (C.G. T. 
15/4/1817). L. in M. [10/4/1817; as The Fate of T.]. 8 1817; 
8 1818. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 

M.D. The Bride of Abydos (D.L, Th. 5/2/1818). L. 71 S. [23/1/1818]. 
8 i8i8;Lacy, vol. Ixx. 
[Music M. Kelly. Based on Byron's poem.] 

DUCROW] I800~I850 297 

M.Ent. December and May (C.G.S. 16/5/1818). L. 114 M. [4/5/1818]. 

[An adaptation of Barnaby Brittle^ 
M.D. The Heart of Midlothian (Bath, 3/12/1819). 

[A combination of DIBDIN'S and TERR Y*S versions of Scott's 

O.F. The Lady and the Devil (D.L.W. 3/5/1820). L. 798. [10/4/1820], 
8 1820; Dicks 435 ; Lacy, vol. xc. 
[Music M. Kelly. Derived from La Dama Duende of Calderon.] 

C. Dog Days in Bond Street (H.* Th. 3 1/8/1820). L.78 S. [28/8/1820]. 

[Attributed to Dimond.] 
M.D. Kenilworth; or, England's Golden Days (Bath, 15/12/1821). 

[Attributed to Dimond.] 
M.D. The Pirate (D.L. T. 15/1/1822). L. 84 S. [4/1/1822]. 

[Music W. Rooke. Based on Scott's romance.] 

D.O. Native Land; or, The Return from Slavery (C.G. T. 10/2/1824). 
L. 132 M. [7/1/1824; as Manumission; or. The Soldier's Welcome 
Home]. 8 1824; 8 1824 [Songs]. 

[Music Bishop.] 
C.O. Abou Hassan (D.L. M. 4/4/1825). L.C. 23/3/1825. 8 1825. 

[Music K. M. von Weber.] 

C.O. Englishmen in India (D.L. S. 27/1/1827). L.C. 23/1/1827. 
Buncombe, vol. xlii. 

[Music Bishop. On the authorship of this play see The Theatrical 
Observer for W. 7/2/1827 and S. 10/2/1827.] 
O. The Seraglio (C.G. S. 24/11/1827). L.C. 13/10/1827. 
O. The Nymph of the Grotto; or, A Daughter's Vow (C.G. Th. 

15/1/1829). L.C. 5/11/1828. 8 1829. 
F. The Little Jockey (Olym. M. 3/1/1831). L.C. 27/12/1830. Dicks 


F. Stage Struck (E.O.H. Th. 12/11/1835). L.C. 25/5/1835. Dicks 
324; Lacy, vol. x. 

D. The Novice (C.G. W. 11/10/1837). L.C. 1837. 

T. The Tragedy of Count Alarcos. 8 1839. 
[This was acted on 1/8/1868 at R.A.] 


F. A Friend at Court ; or, The King and the Cobler. 8 181 1 [Burton- 


Esq. Othello Travestie (Liverpool, 3/1834). 8 1834; Dicks 282; 

Buncombe, vol. xxii ; Lacy, vol. xxxviii. 
Bsq. Romeo and Juliet. 8 1837; Duncombe, vol. xxvi. 


Ba. Deeds of Dreadful Note (Adel. M. 11/1/1841). L.C. 30/12/1840. 

Dicks 782. 

D. Faust. 8 [1845]. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


M.D.Spec. The Days of Athens (D.L. M. 14/11/1831). 
Spec. St. George and the Dragon; or, The Seven Champions of 
Christendom (D.L. T. 24/12/1833). L.C. 20/12/1833. 


Spec. Crichton (R.A. 2/7/1837). 

Spec. Charlemagne; or, The Moors of Spain (D.L. 22/6/1841). 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 235-6, under HENRY BATE.] 

F. Fair Game; or, The First of October (C.G. T. 21/12/1813). 
L. 99 M. [5/12/1813], 


D. King James and the Piper (P'cess, 25/5/1847). L.C. 13/5/1847. 


T. The Jew's Revenge. L.C. York, 2/5/1844. 
T. The Spy of Venice. L.C. York, 21/4/1845. 


C. The Soldier of Fortune. 8 [1805?]. 


Ba. A Slight Mistake (Olym. W. 28/10/1840). L.C. 16/10/1840. 


C.O. Outwitted at Last (D.L. S. 13/12/1817). L. 67 S. [1/12/1817; 
as O. at L.; or, The Ward and Brother]. 
[Music Lanza.] 


C. Keeping up Appearances. L. 62 S. [H.* 16/7/1816], 

M.D. Tarn o' Shanter ; or, My Auld Mare Maggie (Cob. T. 18/7/1820). 
Ba. Crockery's Misfortunes; or, Transmogrification (Cob. M. 

O. Ups and Downs ; or, The Heart of a Woman. L. 123 M. [E.O.H. 

M.D. Adelaide; or, The Fatal Seduction (Cob. M. 4/3/1 822). 8 [1822]. 

[Adapted from Pixe"re"court.] 

M.D. The Minstrel; or, The Italian Foresters (Surrey, M. 22/4/1822). 
Ba. A Widow to let; or, Marriage Prospects (Cob. M. 22/9/1823). 

D. Rosalie; or, Father and Daughter (H.* T. 7/10/1823). L. 86 S. 
[6/10/1823; as R.; or, The Deserted Child]. 8 1828 [Edinburgh; 
as R.; or, The Bohemian Mother]. 

[Adapted from Louise; ou, le perejuge.] 
D. The Prisoners of Lyons; or, The Duplicate Keys (Royalty, T. 

9/12/1823). 8 1824. 
M.D. The Retreat of the Mountains; or, The Mysterious Protector 

(S.W. M. 28/6/1824). 
F. The Rival Valets (H. 2 14/7/1825). L.C. 4/7/1825. Cumberland, 

vol. xii. 

D. Ourika, the Orphan of Senegal (H.* 1828). 
D. The Tempter; or, The Gifts of Immortality (1830). 
D. Saul Braintree the Poacher (Cob. T. 5/7/1831). 
Ba. Quite Correct (H. 29/7/1835). 
Ba. The Glass Door; or, The Man in the Macintosh (S.W. M. 

26/6/1837). L.C. 23/6/1837. 

Ba. Mr Walker's Trunks (Strand, M. 3/7/1837). 
O.F. Rouge et noir. L.C. Adel. 17/8/1838. 12 [1838]. Dicks 978; 

Lacy, vol. xxi. 
Ba. Summer and Winter (Kelly's, M. 25/5/1840). L.C. 19/5/1840. 

EMDEN] 1800-1850 299 

D. The Pilot's Son ; or, the Father's Ransom and the False Key (S.W. 
M. 16/11/1840). 

D. The Crusaders; or, Emma von Falkenstein (M'bone, 11/1849). 
L.C. 17/10/1849. 

[For some of his other works see the DJfJB. The following 
probably belong to this period : The Advocate's Daughter, Clemenee, 
The Marriage Projects, The Calabrian Assassin, The Bachelor of 
Duddington, Commerce, The Twenty Thieves, Youth's Vagaries, 
The Wreck of the Dauntless, Ranting Roaring Willie, Roslin Castle, 
Legatees, Two Prima Donnas and The Queen's Visit.} 

Comic Dramas. 8 1817. 

[Contains: i. The Rose, Thistle 'and Shamrock', a. The Two 
Guardians; 3. Love and Law. A play with the title of the last- 
mentioned appears in L. 52 S. [Lye. 23/11/1810.] 

D. The Chimes. L.C. Apollo, 28/12/1844. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

Esq. Noureddin; or, The Fair Persian (P'cess, M. 9/4/1849). L.C. 


T. Abradates and Panthea. 8 1808. 


Pol. The Imperial Conspirator Overthrown; or, Spanish Poison for 
Subjugation. 8 1808. 


Ext. Tom and Jerry (S.W. Easter 1821). 

D. Alfred. 8 [1840]. 

D. The Maid of Orleans. 8 1836. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


D. Grizzel Jamphray, the Last of the Witches; or, The Sea Captain 
of Dundee (Dundee, 3/2/1846). 

O. Triermain(i83i). 

[Based on Scott's The Bridal of Triermain.] 

O. Domenica (D.L. Th. 7/6/1838). L.C. 1838 [as D.; or, The 


Prel. No Prelude (H. M. 16/5/1803). L. 78 M. [12/5/1803]. 
M.D. The Venetian Outlaw (D.L.F. 26/4/1805). L. 45 S. [23/4/1805]. 
8 1805 [bis]; 12 1806. 

[A version of Pixerecourt, Uhomme d trois masques; ou, le 
proscrit de Venise (1801).] 
T. Shakespeare's Coriolanus. 12 1820. 


M.D. The Evil May Day; or, The London Apprentices of 1517 
(C.L. M. 1/5/1837). Duncombe, vol. xxvii. 


F. The Rear Admiral (StJ.M. 4/3/1839). L.C. 27/2/1838. Dicks gSs; 

Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 

Ba. New Inventions (Strand, 12/4/1841). L.C. 10/4/1841. Dicks 985. 
Ca. Love's Labyrinth (Strand, 5/6/1843). L.C. 20/5/1843. Dicks 421] 

Lacy, vol. Ixx. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 258-9.] 

C.O. The Caffres; or, Buried Alive (C.G. W. 2/6/1802). L. 77 M. 

[Music J. Davy. Ascribed to Eyre.] 
D.Sk. The Tears of Britain. 8 [N.D.]. 
M.D. The Vintagers (H.* 1/8/1809). 8 1809. 

[Music Bishop.] 
C. High Life in the City (H.* W. 25/7/1810). L. 52 S. [16/7/1810]. 

8 1810. 

M.D. The Lady of the Lake (Edinburgh, 15/1/1811). L. 93 M. 
[2/1/1811]. 8 1811 [Edinburgh], 

[Music J. Jones. A dramatisation of Scott's poem.] 
C. Look at Home (H.* S. 15/8/1812). 8 1812; 8 1814. 
M.D. The Fates; or, The Mysteries of the Black Tower (Royalty, 

M. 1/3/1813). 
D.Sk. Hyde Park in an Uproar; or, The Dog-Cossack in London. 

L. 97 M. [3/6/1813]. 

M.D. The Savage Chieftain; or, Buried Alive (Surrey, T. 10/5/1814). 
[Probably based on The Caffres.] 


P. The King of the Castle; or, Harlequin in the Land of Dreams 
(Surrey, S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 16/12/1846. 


O. Victorine (C.G. 19/12/1839). 8 [1839]. 
[Music Alfred Milton.] 
[For his later plays see Davenport Adams, p. 483.] 


P. The Magic Oak; or, Harlequin Woodcutter (C.G. T. 29/1/1799). 

8 1799 [bis i Songs, Recitations]. 

P. The Corsair; or, The Italian Nuptials (H.* 29/7/1801). L. 41 S. 

[Music Arnold.] 

M.D. The Battle of Bothwell Bngg (C.G. M. 22/5/1820). L. 120 M. 
[11/5/1820]. 8 1820. 

[Music Bishop. Derived from Scott's Old Mortality.] 
P. Harlequin and Friar Bacon; or, The Brazen Head (C.G. T. 

26/12/1820). L. 78 S. [15/12/1820]. 8 1820. 

P. Harlequin and Mother Shipton ; or, Riquet with the Tuft (C.G. 
T. 26/12/1826). L.C. 19/12/1826. 8 1826. 

[Farley seems to have been responsible for many of the C.G. 
annual pantomimes. I have included here only those distinctly 
attributed to his pen. In the others probably only the effects were 
arranged by him.] 


O.F. Uncle Gregory. L.C. Birmingham, 23/2/1849. 

FAWCETT] I800-I850 301 

C. Hartley Manor. L.C. Birmingham, 2/12/1849. 
F. Worse than Ever, L.C. Birmingham, 2/12/1849. 


O.F. It's All a Mistake (E.L. F. 19/2/1819). 8 1820. 
M.D. The Maid of Genoa; or, The Bandit Merchant (Cob. M. 
26/6/1820). Duncombe, vol. v; Lacy, vol. xxix. 

[Performed at Bath, 18/4/1823, as The Dumb Girl of Genoa; or, 
The Mountain Robber.] 

P. Harlequin Jack of All Trades ; or, Harlequin the Busy Bee. L.C. 
R.P. 18/2/1844. 


M.D. The Field of Forty Footsteps (Tottenham-street, Th. 14/1/1830 ; 
City, M. 11/7/1831). L.C. 27/5/1833. Dicks 569. 


M.D. Justice; or, The Caliph and the Cobbler (D.L. T. 28/11/1820). 
L. 788. [21/11/1820]. 

[Music Cooke and Horn.] 

M.D. The Miller's Maid (E.O.H. Th. 16/8/1821). L. 117 M. 
[18/7/1820]. 8 1821. 
[Music Jolly.] 

D. Fair Rosamond (W.L. Th. 18/10/1821). Dicks 788. 

Ext. "Sweep Sweep Sweep!" or, The Revolt of the Chumnies (R.P. 

M. 17/11/1834; S.W. M. 24/11/1834). 
D. Newton Forster (Surrey, M. 10/8/1835). Dicks 938. 
M.D. Wapping Old Stairs ; or, The Rover's Cruise (H. 2 M. 20/1 1/1837). 

L.C. 1837. Dicks 966; Cumberland Minor , vol. xiii. 
M.D. The Floating Kingdom; or, The Last Voyage of Captain Cook 

(S.W. M. 29/1/1838). 

F. The Aldgate Pump (Strand, 7/6/1841). L.C. 7/6/1841. Dicks 778. 
Ba. The Bump of Benevolence (Strand, M. 6/9/1841). L.C. 1/9/1841. 

Dicks 778. 

D. The Eve of Battle (Surrey, 7/10/1844). L.C. 28/9/1844. 
D. The Widow's Mite (C.L. 13/11/1848). L.C. 3/11/1848. 

[Davenport Adams (p. 501) adds The Last Shilling (1844).] 

FAUCIT, Mrs J. S. 

D. Alfred the Great (Norwich, 5/1811). L. 54 S. [19/2/1811]. 

T. Aristodemus. 12 1809 [Dublin]. 
[From the Italian of Monti.] 


P. Obi; or, Three-fingered Jack (H. W. 2/7/1800). L. 38 S. 
[26/5/1800]. 8 1800; Duncombe, vol. lix. 

[Music Arnold.] 
P. Perouse; or, The Desolate Island (C.G. S. 28/2/1801). 8 1801 

Ba. The Fairies' Revels ; or, Love in the Highlands (H. a S. 14/8/1802). 

L. 41 S. [10/1/1802]. 8 [1802]. 

Bal. The Enchanted Island (H. W. 20/6/1804). L. 20 L. [14/6/1804]. 
M.D. The Secret Mine (C.G. F. 24/4/1812). See T.f. DIBDIN. 
C.O. The Barber of Seville (C.G. T. 13/10/1818). L. 112 M. 
[5/10/1818]. 8 1818; 8 [1819]. 

[Music Bishop. Written in collaboration with D. TERRY.} 



D. Cooke's Folly. L.C. Canterbury, 12/2/1840. 

F. The Indian (D.L. M. 6/10/1800). L. 38 S. [30/3/1800]. 8 [1800]. 

D. Faust. 8 1841; 12 1847. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


O.F. The Assignation (D.L. S. 12/12/1812). 

T. Edwin (Norwich, 1817). L. Extra L. [2/1817; as, Edwin, Heir of 

Cressingham] . 

[Based on Miss Porter's The Scottish Chiefs.] 
T. Bertha; or, The Assassin of Istria (Norwich, 1819). L. 72 S. 

M.D. The Ruffian Boy (Norwich, 1819). 

[See Thirty-Five Years of a Dramatic Author's Life (1859), 60. 

This seems also to have been played as Giraldi; see T. L. G. 

Burley, op. cit. p. 36. As Giraldi; or, The Ruffian of Prague it 

appears in L. 23 L. [22/2/1820].] 
M.D. Edda (Surrey, M. 29/5/1820). 8 1820 [as E.; or, The Hermit of 

T. Antigone; or, The Theban Sister (Norwich, 1821). L. 122 M. 


P. Alonzo and Imogene (Surrey, 2/4/1821). 
M.D. The Innkeeper of Abbeville; or, The Ostler and the Robber 

(Norwich, 1822; Surrey, 1826). L. 124 M. [Norwich, 6/3/1822], 

8 1822; Dicks 950; Cumberland Minor, vol. iii; Lacy, vol. xc. 
M.D. The Fortunes of Nigel; or, King James I and his Times 

(Surrey, T. 25/6/1822). Cumberland Minor, vol. iv. 

[A dramatisation of Scott's novel.] 
M.D. Joan of Arc; or, The Maid of Orleans (S.W. M. 12/8/1822). 

Lacy, vol. ciii. 

C.O. The Barber; or, The Mill of Bagdad (Surrey, M. 21/10/1822). 

Dicks 975. 
M.D. Peveril of the Peak (Surrey, 6/2/1823). 8 [1823]; Cumberland 

Minor, vol. v. 

[A dramatisation of Scott's novel.] 
M.D. Nerestan, Prince of Persia; or, The Demon of the Flood (S.W. 

M. 19/5/1823). 
M.D. Waverley (Adel. Th. 11/3/1824). L.C. 6/3/1824 [as W.; or, 

Sixty Years Since]. Cumberland Minor, vol. v. 

[Music Rodwell. A dramatisation of Scott's novel.] 
Spec. The Fire-worshippers; or, The Paradise of the Peris (Surrey, 

M. 19/4/1824). 
M.D. The Floating Beacon; or, The Norwegian Wreckers (Surrey, 

M. 19/4/1824). Cumberland Minor, vol. ii; Lacy, vol. Ixxv. 
M.D. The Burning Bridge; or, The Spectre of the Lake (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Der Freischutz; or, The Demon of the Wolfs Glen, and the 

Seven Charmed Bullets (Surrey, M. 6/9/1824). 8 1824. 
M.D. Wardock Kennilson; or, The Outcast Mother and her Son 

(Surrey, M. 25/10/1824). Dicks 376. 

FITZBALL] 1800-1850 303 

M.D. Omala; or, Settlers in America (Surrey 6/6/1825). L.C. 1825. 
M.D. Father and Son; or, The Rock of La Charbonniere (C.G. M. 

28/2/1825). L.C. 15/2/1825. 

Ba. Cupid in Disguise (Olym. 31/10/1825). L.C. 25/10/1825. 
Ba. The Pilot; or, A Tale of the Sea (Adel. M. 31/10/1825). L.C. 
25/10/1825 [as The P.; or, A Storm at Sea]. 8 1825; Dicks 347; 
Dicks B.D. [1867]. 

[A dramatisation of Cooper's novel.] 
M.D. The Three Hunchbacks. L.C. Edinburgh, 3 1/1/1826. Cumberland 

Minor, vol. vi. 

D. The Betrothed (Olym. 31/1/1826). L.C. 10/1/1826. 
M.D. The Songs of the Birds. 

[Music Rodwell. See Thirty-Five Years, p. 165.] 
M.D. The Flying Dutchman; or, The Phantom Ship (Adel. M. 
1/1/1827). L.C. 30/11/1826. Cumberland Minor, vol. ii; Lacy, 
vol. Ixxi. 

[Music Rodwell.] 
Ba. The Libertine's Lesson (Adel 8/10/1827). L.C. 4/10/1827. 

Dicks 598. 

Ba. Nelson; or, The Life of a Sailor (Adel. M. 19/11/1827). L.C. 

Adel. 14/1 1/1827 C as N.; or, Britannia rules the Waves]. Dicks 760. 

M.D. The Inchcape Bell; or, The Dumb Sailor Boy (Surrey, M. 

26/5/1828). Lacy, vol. Ixxix; Cumberland Minor, vol. i. 
M.D. The Earthquake; or, The Spectre of the Nile (Adel. M. 
15/12/1828). L.C. 22/11/1828 [as The Phantom of the Nile]. 

[Music Rodwell.] 

M.D. The Red Rover; or, The Mutiny of the Dolphin (Adel. M. 
9/2/1829). L.C. 14/2/1829. Dicks 450; Cumberland Minor, vol. vi. 

[A dramatisation of Cooper's novel.] 

M.D. The Devil's Elixir; or, The Shadowless Man (C.G. M. 
20/4/1829). L.C. 24/3/1829. 

[Music Rodwell.] 
M.D. Die Rauberbraut; or, The Robber's Bride (E.O.H. 15/7/1829). 

[Music F. Ries.] 

O.F. Les deux nuits; or, The Night before the Wedding (C.G. Th. 

[Music Bishop. Based on Boieldieu's Les deux nuits.] 
Ent. Mr Chairman (C.G. 12/1829). 

[See Thirty-Five Years, p. 193.] 

O. Ninetta; or, The Maid of Palaiseau (C.G. Th. 4/2/1830). L.C. 

[Music Bishop. Based on Rossini's La Gazza Ladra.] 
Vaud. The Maid of the Oaks (Vauxhall, 1830). 

[A curtailment of the original comic opera; see Thirty-Five 
Years, i. 199.] 
M.D. The Black Vulture; or, The Wheel of Death (Adel. M. 

4/10/1830). L.C. 27/9/1830. 
Ba. William and Adelaide (Adel. M. 11/10/1830). 

[This seems first to have appeared at Vauxhall earlier in 1830; 
see Thirty-Five Years, i. 199.] 
M.D. The Haunted Hulk (Adel. T. 12/7/1831 ; Surrey, M. 21/1/1833). 

L.C. 11/7/1831. 

O. The Sorceress (Adel. Th. 4/8/1831). L.C. 19/7/1831. 
[Music F. Ries.] 


M.D. The Sea Serpent; or, The Wizard and the Winds (Adel. M. 
3/10/1831). L.C. 23/9/1831. 

[Written in collaboration with J. B. BUCKSTONE] 
Vaud. The Fillip on the Nose (Vauxhall, 1831). 

[See ib. i. 213; this seems to be by Fitzball, but the reference 
is ambiguous.] 

M.D. Robert le Diable; or, The Devil's Son (Adel. M. 23/1/1832). 
L.C. 21/1/1832. 

[Written in collaboration with J. B. BUCKSTONE. An 
adaptation of Scribe and Delavigne, Robert le Diable (Paris, 
21/11/1831), with music by Meyerbeer.] 
O. Der Alchymist (D.L. T. 20/3/1832). L.C. 13/3/1832. 

[Music Sphor, adapted by Bishop. Words by T. H. BAYLY, 
songs by Fitzball.] 

M.D. Andreas Hofer, the Tell of the Tyrol (Surrey, M. 11/6/1832). 
Vaud. The Bottle of Champagne (Vauxhall, F. 27/7/1832). 

[Music Bishop.] 

Oa. The Sedan Chair (Vauxhall, M. 27/8/1832). 
Bal. The Maid of Cashmere (D.L. S. 16/3/1833). L.C. 5/3/1833. 

[Music Bishop. An adaptation of Scribe, Le dieu et la bayadere] 
M.D. The Soldier's Widow; or, The Ruins of the Mill (Adel. S. 
4/5A833; Surrey, M. 27/8/1849). L.C. 1/5/1833 [as The Mill of 
the Loire] . 

M.D. Jonathan Bradford; or, The Murder at the Roadside Inn 
(Surrey, W. 12/6/1833). Dicks 370; Lacy, vol. Iv; Duncombe, 
vol. xh. 

[Music Jolly. A play of this title is in L.C. 31/10/1835.] 
M.D. Mary Glastonbury (Surrey, S. 28/9/1833). 

C. Walter Brand ; or, The Duel in the Mist (Surrey, M. 30/12/1833). 
Duncombe, vol. xni 

M.D. Esmeralda; or, The Deformed of Notre Dame (Surrey, 14/4/1834; 
Adel. M. 17/11/1834). Dicks 346; Lacy, vol. xviii. 
[Based on Hugo's novel.] 

D. Tom Cringle ; or, The Man with the Iron Hand (Surrey, 26/5/1834). 
Duncombe, vol. xiv. 

O. The Lord of the Isles ; or, The Gathering of the Clans (Surrey, 
Th. 20/11/1834). 

[Music Rodwell. An adaptation of Scott's poem ] 
R.D. The Last Days of Pompen; or, The Blind Girl of Tessaly (Vic. 

T. 6/1/1835). 

[An adaptation of Lytton's novel.] 

D. The Note Forger (D.L. M. 20/4/1835). L.C. 13/4/1835. Dicks 
968 ; Lacy, vol. xxxviii ; Duncombe, vol. xvii. 

[This seems to have been the play produced at S.W. on M. 
26/8/1839 as The N. F.; or, A Father's Curse] 
D. Carlmilham (C.G. M. 20/4/1835). L.C. 13/4/1835 [as C.; or, The 

Drowned Creiu}. 

M.D. Paul Clifford (C.G. W. 28/10/1835). L.C. 16/10/1835. Dicks 
367. 8 1835 [Songs]; Duncombe, vol. xx. 

[An adaptation of Lytton's novel. Music Rodwell.] 
O. The Siege of Rochelle (D.L. Th. 29/10/1835). L.C. 23/9/1835. 
8 [1835; Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses]; Lacy, vol. xcv; 
Duncombe, vol. xlvii. 
[Music M. W. Balfe.] 

FITZBALL] 1800-1850 305 

C. Inheritance; or, The Unwelcome Guest (C.G. T. 24/11/1835). 
L.C. 25/11/1835. 

[From Miss Ferrier's novel.] 

D. The Carmelites; or, The Convent Belles (C.G. Th. 3/12/1835). 

L.C. 27/11/1835- 

[An adaptation of V habit nefait pas le moine.] 
M.D. The Bronze Horse; or, The Spell of the Cloud King (C.G. M. 

14/12/1835). L.C. 14/12/1835. 
[Music Auber, arranged by Rodwell. An adaptation of Scribe, 

Le cheval de bronze (Paris, 23/3/1835).] 
R.O. Quasimodo; or, The Gipsy Girl of Notre Dame (C.G. Th. 

4/2/1836). L.C. 29/1/1836. 8 [1836; Songs] ; Duncombe, vol. xxv. 

[Based on Hugo's novel ; see Esmeralda above.] 
Bsq. Za-ze-zi-zo-zu (C.G. M. 4/4/1836). L.C. 29/3/1836. Duncombe, 

vol. xxi. 

[Translated from the French.] 
D.F. The Assurance Company ; or, The Boarding School of Montesque 

(C.G. S. 30/4/1836). L.C. 23/4/1836. 
M.D. The Wood Devil (S.W. M. 9/5/1836). 
O. The Rose of the Alhambra; or, The Enchanted Lute (C.G. Th. 

12/5/1836). L.C. 2/5/1836. 

[Music de Pinna. Fitzball seems merely to have revised this 

M.D. The Sexton of Cologne; or, The Burgomaster's Daughter (C.G. 

W. 15/6/1836). L.C. 6/1836. 

[Music Rodwell.] 

M.D.Spec. The Hindoo Robber (C.G. Th. 29/9/1836). L.C. 26/9/1836. 
F. Mutual Expense; or, A Female Travelling Companion (C.G. T. 

11/10/1836). L.C. 7/10/1836. 
M.D. Thalaba the Destroyer; or, The Burning Sword (C.G. M. 

21/11/1836). L.C. 18/11/1836. Cumberland Minor, vol. v. 
D. False Colours; or, The Free Trader (C.G. S. 4/8/1837). L.C. 

2/3/1837. Lacv, vol. ex. 
D. The Eagle's Haunt (St J. F. 5/5/1837). L.C. 21/4/1837 [as The 

Eagle's Nest]. 
T. Walter Tyrrel (C.G. T. 16/5/1837). L.C. 15/5/1837. Dicks 565; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 
O. Joan of Arc (D.L. Th. 30/11/1837). 8 [1837; Songs, Duets, 

Trios] ; Lacy, vol. ciii. 

[Music Balfe.] 
M.D. The Negro of Wapping; or, The Boat-builder's Hovel (Garrick, 

M. 16/4/1838). Duncombe, vol. xxix. 
C.O. Diadeste; or, The Veiled Lady (D.L. Th. 17/5/1838). L.C. 

9/5/1838. 8 [1838; Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[Music Balfe.] 
D. Oconesto ; or, The Mohawk Chief (R.P. M. 3/9/1838). 

[In Thirty-Five Years, ii. 162, this is given to the City Theatre.] 
O. The Maid of Palaiseau (D.L. S. 13/10/1838). L.C. 13/10/1838. 
8 [1838; Songs, Duets, Trios]. 

[Music Rossini adapted by Bishop. This was a separate version 
of La Gazza Ladra ; see above Ninette.] 

M.D. The King of the Mist; or, The Miller of the Hartz Mountains 
(D.L. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 26/3/1839. Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 
[Music Stansbury.] 


C.O. Scaramuccia; or, The Villagers of San Quintino (E.O.H. F. 

23/8/1839). L.C. 29/12/1836 and 20/8/1839. 8 [1839; Songs, 

Duets, Trios, Chorusses]. 

[Music Ricci.] 
O. Keolanthe; or, The Unearthly Bride (E.O.H. T. 9/3/1841). L.C. 


[Music Balfe.] 

Ba. The April Fool (Olym. 17/5/1841). L.C. 17/5/1841. 
M.D. The Robber's Sister; or, The Forge in the Forest (E.O.H. 

7/6/1841). L.C. 7/6/1841. 

Bal. Hans of Iceland (C.G. M. 27/9/1841). L.C. 24/9/1841. 
D. Charlotte Hanwell; or, Sorrow and Crime (S.W. M. 

R.D. Ombra; or, The Spirit of the Reclining Stone (Surrey, T. 

M.D. The Trooper's Horn; or, The Goblin of the Chest (Lye. 

9/5/1842). L.C. 7/5/1842- 
M.D. Jane Paul; or, The Victim of Unmerited Persecution (Vic. M. 


D. The Miller's Wife (Vic. 22/8/1842). 
Spec. The Owl Sisters; or, The Haunted Abbey Ruin (Adel. F. 

31/9/1842). L.C. 5/10/1842. 
M.D. Mary Melvyn ; or, The Marriage of Interest (Adel. M. 20/2/1843). . 

L.C. 12/2/1843. 12 1843; Dicks 622. 
Oa. The Queen of the Thames; or, The Anglers (D.L. S. 25/2/1843). 

L.C. 7/1/1843 [as Uncle Brayling; or, The Fisherman of the Thames}. 

12 1843. 

[Music Hatton.] 
D. The Ranger's Daughter (Olym. M. 27/2/1843). L.C. 18/2/1843 

[as Mathew the Poacher; or, The R. D.]. 
Bal. Spec. Ondine; or, The Naid (Queen's, 9/11/1843). L.C. 

23/9/1843. Dicks 746. 

[Based on Pixe're'court, Ondine; ou, la Nymphe des Eaux (Paris, 

Bsq. Alma (Adelphi). 

[See Thirty-Five Years, ii. 197.] 
O. La Favorita (D.L. W. 18/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. 12 1858 


[An adaptation of the opera by G. Vaez and A. Roger (Paris, 

1840), with music by Donizetti.] 
O. The Daughter of the Regiment (D.L. Th. 30/11/1843). L.C. 

16/11/1843 [as Madelaine; or, The D. of the R.]. Duncombe, vol. lii 

[as Madelaine; or, The D. of the R.]. 

D.D. The Momentous Question (Lye. M. 17/6/1844). L.C. 10/6/1844 

[as Rachael Ryland; or, The M. Q.]. Dicks 762; Duncombe, vol. 1; 

Lacy, vol. xxx. 
D.D. Home Again; or, The Lieutenant's Daughters (Lye. Th. 

28/11/1844; Surrey, M. 10/2/1845). L.C. 26/11/1844. Dicks 820; 

Duncombe, vol. li ; Lacy, vol. cxi. 
O. The Fairy Oak (D.L. 18/10/1845). L.C. 18/10/1845. 

[Music H. Forbes.] 
O. Maritana (D.L. S. 15/11/1845). L.C. 3/11/1845. 8 1845; 

12 [1860]. 
[Music W. V. Wallace. Based on Don Caesar de Bazan.] 

FOX] 1800-1850 307 

O. The Crown Jewels (D.L. 16/4/1846). L.C. 18/4/1846 [as Catarina]. 

8 [1846]. 

[Music Auber, adapted by Tully. An adaptation of Scribe and 

de St Georges, Les diamante de la couronne (Paris, 6/3/1841).] 
Spec.O. The Desert; or, The Imanns Daughter (D.L. M. 5/4/1847). 

L.C. 3/4/1847- 

[Music F. David adapted by Tully.] 

D. The Wreck and the Reef (Surrey, 24/5/1847). L.C. 21/5/1847. 
D. The Traveller's Room (Surrey, M. 1/11/1847). L.C. 31/10/1847. 

Buncombe , vol. Ix. 
O. The Maid of Honour (D.L. M. 20/12/1847). L.C. 20/12/1847. 

8 [1847]. 

[Music Balfe.] 
O. The Daughter of the Regiment (Surrey, 21/12/1847). L.C. 

18/12/1847. Dicks 761. 

[New version for the Surrey.] 
M.D. The Lancashire Witches. A Romance of Pendle Forest (Adel. 

3/1/1848). Dicks 1036. 
D. The Crock of Gold; or, The Murder at the Hall (C.L. 5/1848; 

R.A. M. 25/6/1849). L.C. C.L. 31/10/1847. 
Spec. Marmion; or, The Battle of Flodden Field (R.A. M. 12/6/1848). 

L.C. 17/4/1848. Duncombe, vol. Ixiii. 
O. Quentin Durward (C.G. W. 6/12/1848). L.C. 2/12/1848. 8 1848. 

[Music H. R. Laurent.] 
Spec. Corasco; or, The Warrior's Steed (R.A. M. 12/2/1849). L.C. 

Spec. The White Maiden of California (R.A. M. 9/4/1849). L.C. 

D. Alhamor the Moor; or, The Brother of Valencia (Surrey, M. 

9/4/1849). L.C. 2/4/1849- 
Spec. The Prophet (R.A. M. 1/10/1849). L.C. 18/9/1849. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Le prophete (Paris, 16/4/1.849), with 

music by Meyerbeer.] 

[In addition to these the following are mentioned in Thirty-Five 

Years: Auld Robin Grey (written but not produced, ii. 159); 

Pascal Bruno (produced in Germany, ii. 158-9). For his later plays 

see the autobiographical study referred to, and the account in 

the D JV.B.] 


T. The Spaniard and Siorlamh. 8 1810. 
T. The Siege of Carthage. 8 1819. 


M.D. The Bohemian Bandit (Olym. Th. 6/4/1843). L.C. 1/4/1843 [as 
The B. B.; or, The Shrine of St. Margaret's]. 


M.D. Gonzalo; or, The Spanish Bandit. 8 1821. 

FOX, G. 

P. The House that Jack built; or, Harlequin tattered and torn 
(Olym. W. 26/12/1821). L. 123 M. [20/12/1821]. 

[A piece of this title was advertised at the Olym. on Th. 
20/11/1817 as "the last new Pantomime."] 



[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 261.] 

C.O. The Egyptian Festival (D.L. T.I 1/3/1800). L. 74 M. [24/2/1800]. 
8 1800; 8 1800 [Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses]. 

[Music Florio.] 

F. The Counterfeit (D.L. S. 17/3/1804). L. 80 M. [29/2/1804], 
8 1804 [bis]. 


C.O. The Muleteer. L.C. Grecian, 27/4/1844. 

O.F. Locked Up; or, A Day of Economy. L.C. Grecian, 30/12/1848. 


T. Olympia. 8 1821. 


[Published several translations of Aristophanes* comedies.] 


O. Sketches from Life; or, The Wandering Bard. 8 1809 [Songs]. 


T. Guilt; or, The Gipsey's Prophecy. . .followed by Schiller's Ideal 
and the Cranes of Ibycus. 8 [1819]. 

[A translation from the German of A. G. A. Mullner.] 


T. The Admirable Crichton. 12 1802. 

D. The Battle of Luncarty; or, The Valiant Hays Triumphant over 
the Danish Invaders. 12 1804 [Edinburgh]; 12 1806. 


The New British Theatre. 8 1814. 

[Contains of Gait's: i. Tfc* Apostate; or, Atlantis Destroyed; 
2. Hector; 3. Love, Honour, and Interest; 4. The Masquerade; 
5. The Mermai^, 6. Orpheus; 7. The Prophetess; 8. The Watch- 
house; 9. T\ e Witness] 


T Lorenzo, the Outcast Son. . . founded on the Robbers of Frederick 

Schiller. 8 1823. 
T. Caswallon, King of Britain. 8 1826. 


T. The Sultana; or, The Jealous Queen. 8 1806 [Gloucester]. 


D. King Rene's Daughter (Strand, T. 11/12/1849). L.C. 6/12/1849 
[printed]. 8 1849 [not published]. 

[A translation from the Danish of Henrik Hertz.] 


O. The Black Opera (Strand, T. 1/6/1847). 

[GAZUL, CLARA pseud. 

The Plays of Clara Gazul. A Spanish Comedian. With Memoirs of 
her Life. 8 1825. 

[Contains: i. The Spaniards in Denmark; 2. A Woman is a 
Devil ; 3. African Love; 4. Ines Mendo; 5. Heaven and He/I. Clara 
Gazul is a pseudonym for Prosper Me'rime'e.] 

GORE] 1800-1850 309 


F. The Meteor; or, A Short Blaze for a Bright One. 8 1809. 


C. Right at Last (Surrey, F. 17/10/1828). 


D. Streanshall Abbey; or, The Danish Invasion (Whitby). 8 1800 


C. The Tender Sisters. 8 1805 [in The Theatrical Recorder]. 


T. Guilt; or, The Anniversary. 4 1819 [Edinburgh; not published]. 
[A translation from the German of A. G. A. Milliner.] 



D. Robert Ryland; or, The Carpenter's Family. L.C. Britannia, 



T. Antonio; or, The Soldier's Return (D.L. S. 13/12/1800). L. 39 S. 

[9/12/1800]. 8 1800. 
T. Faulkner (D.L. W. 16/12/1807). L. 86 M. [3/12/1807]. 8 1807. 


M.D. Second Sight; or, Prediction (Surrey, M. 4/2/1828). 
M.D. The Two Drovers. L.C. Edinburgh, 4/7/1841. 

[This, as The T. D ; or, The Prophetess of the Glen, was acted 
at the Surrey on M. 24/9/1849.] 


C. She Lives ! or, The Generous Brother (H.* M. 7/3/1803). L. 40 S. 

C.O. Angelina (provinces, 1804). 


D. The Mysterious Stranger. 8 1812. 

D.Poem. The Bond. 8 1824. 

C. The School for Coquettes (H. z Th. 14/7/1831). L.C. 18/6/1831. 
C. Lords and Commons (D.L. T. 20/12/1831). L.C. 8/12/1831. 
M.D. The Queen's Champion (H.* W. 10/9/1834). L.C. 28/7/1834. 

Dicks 744. 
C. Modern Honour; or, The Sharper of High Life (C.G. W. 

3/12/1834). L.C. 20/11/1834. 

C. The King's Seal (D.L. S. 10/1/1835). See.?. KENNEY. 

D. The Maid of Croissey; or, Theresa's Vow (H. 1 M. 20/7/1835). 
L.C. 19/6/1835. Dicks 339; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

C.D. KingO'Neiljor, The Irish Brigade (C.G. W. 9/12/1835). L.C. 

1835. Dicks 461 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
D. Don John of Austria (C.G. S. 16/4/1836). L.C. 15/4/1836. 

[An adaptation of C. Delavigne, Don Juan d'Autriche.] 
D. A Tale of a Tub (H. S. 15/7/1837). L.C. 11/7/1837. 
F. A Good Night's Rest; or, Two in the Morning (Strand, M. 

19/8/1839). L.C. 8/8/1839. Dicks 403 ; Duncombe, vol. xxxix. 


M.D. Dacre of the South; or, The Olden Time. 8 1840. 

C. .Quid pro Quo; or, The Day of Dupes (H. T. 18/6/1844). L.C. 

10/6/1844. 8 [1844]; DM* 766. 

D. Faust. And Schiller's Song of the Bell. 8 1823; 8 1825. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 
D. Wallenstein's Camp. 8 1830. 

[A translation of Schiller, Wallensteins Lager (1800).] 
T. Hernani; or, The Honour of a Castilian (Bridgewater House, 
22/6/1831). 8 1832 [with Catherine of Cleves]. 

[An adaptation of Hugo, Hernani (1830).] 

M.D. Catherine of Cleves (C.G. W. 18/1/1832). L.C. 15/1/1828. 
8 1832 [with Hernani]. 

[An adaptation of Dumas, Henri trots.] 
T. The Paria. 8 1836. 

[A translation from M. Beer.] 
D. Alfred. 8 [1840]. 
T. Blue Beard. 8 1841. 

GRADY, T. y. 

P. The Firedrake and the Fairy of the Silver Flame ; or, Harlequin 
Rub-a-dub-dub and the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick- 
maker, all fell out of a rotten Potatoe. L.C. Effingham, 30/1 1/1843 


F. Invasion... Addressed to the Yeomanry of Ireland. 8 1803 

D.Sk. Custom's Fallacy. 8 1805. 


D. The Dumb Conscript ; or, A Brother's Love and a Sister's Honour 

(R.A. 1835). Dicks 429. 
R.D. The Corsair's Revenge (Vic. W. 15/7/1835). Dicks 751. 

[See also under UNKNOWN AUTHORS.} 
M.D. The Gold Seekers; or, The Outcasts of Anzasca (S.W. M. 

F. My Uncle's Card; or, The First of April (E.O.H. M. 13/7/1840). 

L.C. 12/7/1840. Dicks 419. 
D. Norah O'Donnell ; or, The Sybil of the Camp (S.W. M. 6/1/1840 ; 

Surrey, M. 6/3/1843, as N. O'D.; or, The Fatal Prophecy). 
R.D. Faust; or, The Demon of the Drachenfels (S.W. 9/1842). 

Dicks 573. 

[This author has several later plays.] 

T. Ben Nazir, the Saracen (D.L. M. 21/5/1827). L.C. 14/5/1827. 

8 1827. 

D.D. The Tempter; or, The Effects of Passion (Fitzroy, Th. 

26/12/1833). Dicks 712; Duncombe, vol. xxix [as The T.; or, The 

Old Mill of St. Dennis]. 

Ba. Cupid (Queen's, 15/6/1835). Buncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
Ext. The Black God of Love (Surrey, M. 12/9/1836). 
Bsq. The Wife: A Tale of a Mantua Maker! (Strand, M. 19/6/1837). 

L.C. 2/6/1837. Duncombe, vol. xxvi. 

GUNNING] 1 800- 1850 311 

Ba. Olympic Frailties; or, The Magic Zone (Olym. 12/4/1841). L.C. 


The Spaniard; or, Relvindez and Elzora...and The Young 
Country Widow. . .With Three Letters to Dr Blair; and Thoughts 
on the Present State of the British Drama, and what seems 
calculated to improve it. 8 1839. 

T. D'Enghien. 8 1842. 


Bsq. The Death of Life in London; or, Tom and Jerry's Funeral 

(Cob. M. 2/6/1823). L.C. 1823. 8 [1823]. 
D. "Boz's" Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Lesson of Life; or, The Woodsman's Dream (S.W. T. 

M.D. Paul the Pilot; or, The Wreck of the Raven in 1692 (S.W. M. 

M.D. Jack Sheppard; or, The Housebreaker of the Last Century 

(S.W. M. 28/10/1839). 

M.D. The Death Omen; or, The Wizard Tree (S.W. M. 3/2/1840). 
M.D. Bianca Contarini ; or, The Doge's Daughter (S.W. M. 20/4/1840). 
Bsq. La Somnambula (S.W. M. 7/6/1841). 
Ba. That Rascal Jack (S.W. 2/1843). 
Ba. "A Row in the Buildings" (S.W. M. 3/6/1844). 


F. The Portrait of Cervantes (C.G. T. 21/6/1808). L. 87 M. 


F. Is He a Prince? (C.G. T. 7/2/1809). 
F. The Budget of Blunders (C.G. F. 16/2/1810). L. 91 M. [2/1810], 


T. Gisippus (D.L. W. 23/2/1842). L.C. 10/2/1842. 8 1842; Dicks 
604; 8 1857 [in Poetical and Dramatic Works \ reprinted 1859]. 


D. William Tell; or, The Hero of Switzerland. L. 21 L. [4/4/1812]. 

T. Anne Boleyn. 8 1827. 

T. Socrates. 8 1828. 


T. The Warden of Galway (Dublin, 1831; Coburg, M. 14/5/1832). 

L.C 3/10/1834. 
T. Alom Pram (Dublin, 1832). 


D . The Lady of Belleisle ; or, A Night in the Bastille (D .L. 4/ 1 2/ 1 839) . 
Lacy, vol. xci. 

[Based on Dumas, Mademoiselle de Belleisle.] 


M.D. The Wife with Two Husbands. 8 1803. 

[A translation of Pixe*re*court, La femme a deux maris (Paris, 


T.C. Princess Turandot. 8 1836. 

[An adaptation from Schiller's drama.] 
D. Faust. 8 1842; 8 1843. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 
D. Alboin. L.C. Edinburgh, 5/5/1846. 
D.Poem. King Charles the First. 8 1846. 


Bsq. Romeo and Juliet. 12 1812. 

Int. The Architect. 8 1807. 


M.D. Quentin Durward (Cob. M. 9/6/1823). 

M.D. The Idiot Witness; or, A Tale of Blood (Cob. M. 6/10/1823; 

Bath, 22/3/1827). Duncombe, vol. v; Lacy, vol. xlvi. 
M.D. The Haunted Hulk; or, The Rebel's Heir (Cob. M. 26/7/1824). 
M.D. The Wraith of the Lake (Cob. 26/10/1829). 
D, Eily O'Connor; or, The Foster Brother (City, M. 18/7/1831). 
M.D. Austeriitz; or, The Soldier's Bride (Queen's, M. 26/9/1831). 

Dicks 479; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv. 
M.D. The Wizard Skiff; or, The Pirate Boy (Cob. M. 26/12/1831; 

Surrey, M. 23/7/1832). 

Ba. Love and Mystery; or, Which is my Cousin? (S.W. M. 23/1/1832). 
D. The Invisible Husband (Queen's, 2/7/1833). 
D. Jacob Faithful, the Lighter-Boy. A Tale of the Thames (Vic. T. 

16/12/1834). Dicks 507; Duncombe, vol. xvi. 

[Based on Marryat's novel.] 
M.D. My Poll and My Partner Joe (Surrey, M. 31/8/1835). Dicks 500; 

French 1058; Lacy, vol. Ixxi; Cumberland Minor, vol. ix. 

[Music Jolly.] 
Vaud. A House Divided (St J. M. 4/1/1836). L.C. 31/12/1835. 

Dicks 576. 
D. The Ocean of Life; or, Every Inch a Sailor (Surrey, M. 4/4/1836). 

Dicks 634; Cumberland Minor, vol. xi; Lacy, vol. Ixix. 
M.D. Rattlm the Reefer , or, The Tiger of the Sea (Vic. M. 22/8/1836). 

Duncombe, vol xxiv. 
D. Richard Plantagcnet; or, A Legend of Walworth (Vic. Th. 

1/12/1836). Dicks 449; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiv. 
Ba. Maidens, Beware! (Vic. T. 6/12/1836). Dicks 772. 
D. Breakers Ahead; or, A Seaman's Log (Vic. M. 27/3/1837). 

Duncombe, vol. xxvii. 

D. Angelme de Lis (St J. 29/9/1837; H. z F. 17/1/1840). L.C. 1837. 

Dicks 669; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii. 
R.D. Amihe; or, The Love Test (C.G. S. 2/12/1837). L.C. 1837. 

8 [1837; Songs, Duets, Trios, Recitatives, Chorusses]; 12 1862. 

[Music W. M. Rooke.] 
D. The French Spy; or, The Siege of Constantina (Adel. 4/12/1837). 

Dicks 680. 
Spec. The Rye House Plot! or, The Maltster's Daughter (S.W. M. 

D. The Charming Polly; or, Lucky and Unlucky Days (Surrey, M. 

2/7/1838). Dicks 600; Duncombe, vol. xxx. 

HAMILTON] 1800-1850 313 

O. Henrique; or, The Love Pilgrim! (C.G. Th. 2/5/1839). 8 [1839; 

Songs, Duets]. 

[Music W. M. Rooke.] 
D. Alice Grey, the Suspected One; or, The Moral Brand (Surrey, 

M. 20/5/1839). Dicks 354; Lacy, vol. xliv. 
D. The Alpine Hold (Vic. 3/6/1839). 

D. The Phantom Ship; or, The Demon Pilot (Surrey, M. 1/7/1839). 
D. Armstrong the Shipwright; or, Saturday Night at Sea (Surrey, 

M. 2/9/1839). 

Spec.D. King Harold ; or, The Battle of Hastings (Vic. M. 16/9/1839). 
M.D. Jack Sheppard (Surrey, M. 21/10/1839). 
[Based on Ains worth's novel.] 

M.D. Nick of the Woods; or, The Altar of Revenge (Vic. 1839). 

Buncombe, vol. xliv. 
T. The Life of a Woman; or, A Curate's Daughter (Surrey, M. 

20/4/1840). Dicks 468. 
D.D. The Factory Boy; or, The Love Sacrifice (Surrey, M. 8/6/1840). 

Dicks 641. 
D. The Wizard of the Wave (Vic. M. 7/9/1840). Dicks 921 ; Lacy, 

vol. xlvi. 
D. The Yew Tree Ruins ; or, The Wreck, the Miser and the Murderer 

(Vic. M. 11/1/1841). Dicks 485; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv. 
D. Claude Duval (Surrey, 3/5/1841). 
D. The Queen of a Day (Surrey, 14/6/1841). 12 [1841 ; Songs]. 

[An adaptation from the French of E. Scribe.] 
M.D. The Iron Hand; or, The Dumb Carrier Boy and his Pony 

(Surrey, M. 18/10/1841). 

D. Elizabeth Lazarus (Surrey, M. 17/1/1842). 
Spec. Aslar and Ozines ; or, The Lion Brothers of the Burning Zaara 

(Lye. M. 16/1/1843). L.C. 27/12/1842 [with "Hunters" for 

M.D. Ruth; or, The Lass that Loves a Sailor (Vic. 23/1/1843). 

Dicks 925 ; Lacy, vol. xliv. 
O. The Spirit's Song. L.C. E.O.H. 12/4/1843. 


Ext. Faust and Marguerite. Lacy, vol. Ixxiii. 


Ba. The French Refugee (St J. M. 20/2/1837). 

Ba. Mabel's Curse (St J. M. 27/3/1837). L.C. 23/3/1837. 12 1837; 

Dicks 424; Duncombe, vol. xxvin. 
D. The Groves of Blarney (Adel. M. 16/4/1838). L.C. 13/4/1838. 

12 [1838]; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 
D. Chester Fair (Queen's, 27/5/1844). L.C. 22/5/1844. 
Ba. Juniper Jack; or, My Aunt's Hobby (Queen's, 16/6/1845). L.C. 



D. The Female Volunteer; or, The Dawning of Peace. 8 1801. 


M.D. ElphiBeyjor, The Arab's Faith (D.L.Th. 17/4/1817). L. 68 S. 
[2/4/1817]. 8 1817. 

[Music Attwood, Horn and Smart.] 


O. David Rizzio (D.L. S. 17/6/1820) L. 77 S. [1/6/1820]. 8 1820; 
8 1820 [Duets, Chorusses]. 

[Music Braham, Attwood, Cooke and Reeve. Songs by 
CHARLES DIBDlti Junior % 


O.D. The Portrait of Cervantes (Crow-street, Dublin, 27/2/1810). 
O.D. The Magician without Magic (Crow-street, Dublin, 1/3/1815). 
[Music Jonathan Blewitt.] 


HART, y. P. 

D. Mary le More ! (S.W. T. 28/8/1838 ; not first performance). 
D. The Freemason; or, The Secret of the Lodge Room (Queen's, 
3/6/1839). Dicks 909. 


M.D. Raymond de Percy; or, The Tenant of the Tomb (Sunderland, 
1822). 12 1822 [Bishopswearmouth]. 

HASKIN, y. [of Cuckney]. 

T. Osburga; or, The Danish Invasion (Mansfield, F. 7/8/1829). 
[See The Dramatic Magazine (1829), p. 214.] 


M.D. Quentin Durward. 8 1823. 

F. Disguises; or, Two Stages from Gretna (S.W. 1824). 12 1824. 


Koranzo's Feast. 8 1811. 


T. The Viceroy. 8 1811 [Chichester], 


T. Conscience; or, The Bridal Night (D.L. W. 21/2/1821). 8 1821. 
T. Durazzo (C.G. 11/1838). 8 1823. 

T. Mary Stuart (D.L. W. 22/1/1840). L.C. 20/1/1840. 8 1840; 
Dicks 749. 


D. Faust. 8 1833; 8 1834; 8 1847; 8 1851. 
[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


D. The Earl of Leicester. 8 1843. 

[Based on Sir Walter Scott, Kenilworth.] 

D. Cortez. 8 1800. 
D. Pizarro. 8 1800. 


T. Catherine Douglas. 8 1843. 


T. The Vespers of Palermo (C.G. F. 12/12/1823). L. 128 M. 

[23/10/1823; as Procida; or, The V. of P.]. 8 1823; Dicks 155. 
T. The Siege of Valencia. 8 1823. 

HOARE] 1800-1850 3*5 


C. Tryal's All (Crow-street, Dublin, 1802). 

[The Biographia Dramatica suggests that Herbert is a pseudonym 
for Dowling.] 


C. Too much the Way of the World. 8 1817. 

C. Hydrophobia; or, Love created Madness. 8 1820. 


D. Fleurs de Lys (Lye. M. 19/7/1847). See A. B. REACH. 

T. Don Pedro, King of Castille (D.L. M. 10/3/1838). L.C. 16/2/1838. 


C. The Fortune Hunters (H.* Th. 23/7/1812). 


O.F. The Non-descript (C.G. T. 5/10/1813). L. 100 M. [22/9/1813]. 


D. The Tower of London; or, The Death Omen and the Fate of 
Lady Jane Grey (C.L. S. 26/12/1840). Lacy, vol. xciv. 

[Written in collaboration with T. H. LACY.] 

D. Wilful Murder (P'cess, T. 18/6/1844). L.C. 14/6/1844. Buncombe, 
vol. h; Lacy, vol. xxxii. 

D. Martin Chuzzlewit (Queen's, 29/7/1844). L.C. 27/7/1844. Lacy, 
vol. i (new series). 

[Written in collaboration with T. H. LACY.] 

F. The House Dog. L.C. Vic. 15/2/1845. Duncombe, vol. hi. 

D. Laid up in Port; or, Sharks Alongshore (Vic. 13/4/1846). L.C. 
10/4/1846. Duncombe, vol. Ivi; Lacy, vol. cv. 

R.D. The Devil's Mount; or, The Female Bluebeard (Queen's, 
24/5/1847). L.C. 21/5/1847. Lacy, vol. Ixxxvin. 

Int. A Devilish Good Joke; or, A Night's Frolic (Vic. 1848). Dun- 
combe, vol. Ixi. 


T. The Poet's Child. 8 1820. 

C. The First of May (C.G. S. 10/10/1829). L.C. 2/10/1829. 
T. Brian, the Probationer; or, The Red Hand. 8 1842. 


D. Faust. 8 1839; 1 6 1840. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 

Ent. Love in the Desert. 8 1802. 
D. Ivor ; or, The Sighs of Ulla (Henley-on-Thames, c. 1808). 8 1808. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 260-70.] 

D. The Children; or, Give them their Way (D.L. M. 28/4/1800). 
L. 39 S. [21/4/1800]. 

[Music Kelly.] 
C. Indiscretion (D.L. S. 10/5/1800). L.39S [4/5/1800]. 8 1800 [to]. 


C.O. Chains of the Heart ; or, The Slave by Choice (C.G. W. 9/12/1801). 
L. 76 M. [27/11/1801 ; as C.for the H.; or, The Slaves of Cento]. 
8 1801 [Songs, Duets]; 8 1802. 
[Music Mazzinghi and Reeve.] 

O.F. The Paragraph (C.G. Th. 8/3/1804). 8 1804; 8 [1804; Songs, 
Duets, and Chorus]. 

[Music Braham.] 

C. The Partners (H.* F. 28/6/1805). L. 45 S. [6/1805]. 
C. Something to Do (D.L. F. 22/1/1808). L. 87 M. [16/1/1808]. 



Bsq. The Setting Sun. . .To which is added a new musical Drama; 
being a Parody on the Beggar's Opera. 8 1809. 


[The Theatrical Recorder (1805) contains the following translations: 
vol. i. i, Philip the Second (from Alfieri); 2. From Bad to Worse 
(from Calderon); 3. Emilia Galotti (from Schiller): vol. ii. 
i. Fortune Mends (from Calderon); 2. Minna von Barnhelm (from 
Lessmg); 3. The Baron (from Moratin); 4. Rosamond (from 

M.D. The Goldsmith (H. Th. 23/8/1827). L.C. 18/8/1827. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 270-1.] 

M.D. Deaf and Dumb ; or, The Orphan Protected (D.L. T. 24/2/1801). 
L. 41 S. [9/2/1801]. 8 1801 [4 editions]; 8 1802 [sth], Dicks 263. 
[An adaptation of Bouilly, Vabbe de VEpe y itself based on 
Kotzeb ue's work.] 

M.Ent. The Escapes; or, The Water-carrier (C.G. W. 14/10/1801). 
M.D. A Tale of Mystery (C.G. 8.13/11/1802). L. 78 M. [4/11/1802]. 
8 1802; 8 1813 [3rd, 4th, sth and 6th]. Dicks 38; Cumberland, 
vol. viii. 

[An adaptation of Pix6"r<court, Coelina; ou, Venfant du mystere 
(Paris, 1800).] 

C. Hear Both Sides (D.L. S. 29/1/1803). L. 43 S. [18/1/1803]. 
8 1803 [4 editions]. 

D. Proverbs. The Two Friends and The Play is over [in Travels 
from Hamburgh. 4 1804, vol. hi], 

M.D. The Lady of the Rock (D.L. T. 12/2/1805). L. 45 S. [6/2/1805]. 

8 1805 [2 editions]. 
C. The Vindictive Man (D.L. Th. 20/1 1/1806). L. 47 S. [16/1 1/1806]. 

8 1806; 8 1809 [2nd]. 
C.O. The Marriage of Figaro (C.G. 6/3/1819). L. 116 M. [28/2/1819]. 

8 1819; 8 1819 [Airs, Duets, Trios, Choruses]. 
[Music H. R. Bishop.] 


D.D. Grace Huntley (Adel. M. 14/10/1833; Surrey, M. 31/3/1834). 

L.C. 14/10/1833. Lacy, vol. Ixxxii; Cumberland Minor, vol. vii. 
M.D. Wapping Old Stairs ! or, The Child of a Tar (R.P. M. 7/7/1834; 

Surrey, M. 13/11/1837). Duncombe, vol. xxviii. 
Ba. The Seasons (not Thomson's) (Strand, M. 23/5/1836). L.C. 


HOOK] 1800-1850 317 


M.D. Augustus and Gulielmus; or, The Villagers (H. 3/1806). 

L. 47 S. [4/3/1806]. 

[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 271-2.] 

C.O. What a Blunder! (H.* Th. 14/8/1800). L. 75 M. [4/8/1800]. 
8 1800; 8 1800 [Songs, Duets, and Choruses]. 

[Music J. Davy.] 

C. Love gives the Alarm (C.G. Th. 13/2/1804). 
C. The Gazette Extraordinary (C.G. T. 23/4/1811). L. 94 M. 

[4/4/1811]. 8 1811. 

O.F. Frost and Thaw (C.G. T. 25/2/1812). 
[Music Cooke. Attributed to Holm an.] 


Three Comedies. 8 1838 [Colchester]. 

[Contains translations from Schiller, Freigeist, Schatz and 

T. Gisela. 8 1839. 

C. The Land we live in (D.L. S. 29/12/1804). L. 81 M. [14/12/1804]. 
8 1805 [3 editions]. 


F. The Queen's Horse (Olym. M. 3/12/1838). See.?, R. PLANCHE. 


O.F. Mr Sims (Surrey, W. 25/2/1829). 

M.D. York and Lancaster (Adel. 5/10/1829). L.C. 24/12/1828. 

C.O. The Soldier's Return; or, What can Beauty do? (D.L. T. 
23/4/1805). 8 1805; 8 [1805; Songs, Duets, Choruses]. 

[Music J. Hooke.] 

O.F. The Invisible Girl (D.L. M. 28/4/1806). L. 85 M. [23/4/1806; 
as Loquacity; or. The I. G.]. 8 1806; Cumberland, vol. xl. 

[An adaptation of Le babillard.] 

O.F. Catch him who can! (H. Th. 12/6/1806). L. 46 S. [6/6/1806]. 
8 1806; Cumberland, vol. xl. 

[Music J. Hook.] 

M.D. Tekeli; or, The Siege of Montgatz (D.L. M. 24/11/1806). 
L. 47 S. [28/10/1806]. 8 1806; 8 1808; 12 1814 [Dublin]; 
Dicks 542 ; Cumberland, vol. xxx. 

[Music J. Hook. An adaptation of Pixe>6court, Teheli; ou, le 
siege de Montgatz (Paris, 29/12/1803).] 

M.D. The Fortress (H.> Th. 16/7/1807). L. 86 M. [9/7/1807]. 8 1807. 
[Music J. Hook. An adaptation of Pixrcourt, La forteresse du 
Danube (Paris, 1805).] 
D.Sk. Music Mad (H. a Th. 27/8/1807). L. 49 S. [23/8/1807]. 8 1808. 

[Music J. Hook.] 

M.D. The Siege of St. Quintin; or, Spanish Heroism (D.L. Th. 
10/11/1808). L. 508. [4/11/1808]. 

[Music J. Hook.] 

O.F. Killing No Murder (H.* M. 21/8/1809). L. 89 M. [22/6/1809] 
and L. 88 M. [1809, printed]. 8 1809 [Together with a Preface, 


and a Scene suppressed by order of the Lord Chamberlain; 

2 editions]; 8 1811 [sth]; Cumberland, vol. xxxi. 

[Music J. Hook.] 
C.O. Safe and Sound (Lye. M. 28/8/1809). 8 1809. 

[Music J. Hook.] 

Ext. Ass-ass-ination (Orange House, near Windsor, 30/1/1810). 
D.Trifle. The Will, or the Widow ; or, Puns in Plenty (Orange House, 

near Windsor, 30/1/1810). 

F. Trial by Jury (H.* S. 25/5/1811). L. 53 S. [20/5/1811]. 8 1811. 
F. Darkness Visible (H.* M. 23/9/1811). 8 1811 [bis]. 
F. Oil and Vinegar (H.* M. 10/7/1820). L. 77 S. [22/6/1820]. 

C. Exchange no Robbery; or, The Diamond Ring (II. 2 S. 12/8/1820). 
L. 78 S. [8/7/1820]. 8 1820; Dicks 908; Cumberland, vol. xxxvii. 

O.F. Over the Water (H.* S. 23/9/1820). L. 77 S. [20/9/1820]. 
F. A Day at an Inn (Lye. 25/8/1823). Dicks 776. 
[Based on Killing No Murder.] 


F. Nota Bene (D.L. Th. 12/12/1816). L. 62 S. [4/12/1816]. 


[For his earlier translations see A History of Late Eighteenth Century 

Drama, p. 272.] 

Dramas of the Abbe Pietro Metastasio. Translated from the Italian. 
8 1800. 


O. The Bayadere. L.C. Grecian, 1/3/1844. 

F. The Savage and the Maiden; or, Crummies and his Daughter. 
L.C. Grecian, 31/5/1844. 

[Adapted from Dickens.] 

Esq. Aladdin, m another Shape. L.C. Grecian, 12/9/1844. 
O. Ma Part; or, Carlo Broschi (Grecian, 27/4/1846). L.C. 26/1/1846. 
F. The Poddyhighs. L.C. Grecian, 13/2/1849. 


O.F. All m the Dark (E.O.H. 1/4/1839). L.C. 17/4/1839. 


T. The Death of Marlowe. 8 1837; 8 1870; Lacy, vol. Ixxxix. 
T. Cosmo de' Medici. 8 1837; 8 1875. 
T. Gregory VII. 8 1840; 8 1849. 
Miracle Play. Judas Iscariot. 12 1848. 

HORT, Major. 

O.F. Love la Militaire (Edinburgh, 4/1841). 


T. De Valencourt (Norwich, Lynn, etc. 1842). L.C. Norwich, 
7/5/1842. 8 1842 [Norwich; as Extremes; or, De V.]; 8 1842 
[London] . 

[Written in collaboration with WILLIAM H. HOSKINS.] 


D. Count de Denia. 

T. De Valencourt (1842). See H. H. HOSKINS. 

IRWIN] 1800-1850 319 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 273.] 

C.O. Wilmore Castle (D.L. T. 21/10/1800). L. 75 M. [11/10/1800], 
8 1800 [bis]; 8 [1800; Songs, Airs, Duets]. 
[Music J. Hook.] 


C. Term Day; or, The Unjust Steward. 8 1803 [Newcastle]. 


[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 273J 

T. The Step-Mother. 8 1800; 8 1812. 
T. The Last of the Greeks. 8 1828. 


D. The Bridge of Notre Dame; or, The Parricide's Curse (Surrey, 
4/1847). L.C. 8/4/1847. Buncombe, vol. hx. 


Scenes from an unfinished Drama [published in The Indicator, 

D.Sk. A Father Avenged [published in The Companion, 28/5 and 

D. A Legend of Florence (C.G. F. 7/2/1840). L.C. 30/1/1840. 

8 1840 [2 editions]; and in Works, 12 1844; 12 1849; 12 1857 

[Boston]; Dicks 373. 
[A MS. with variants is in the Forster Collection, South 

Kensington Museum.] 


C. Love's Victory; or, The School for Pride (C.G. W. 16/11/1825). 
L.C. 12/10/1825. 8 1825. 

[A translation from the Spanish of Moreto.] 
T. Alphonzus. 8 1825. 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 275-] 

C. To Marry, or Not to Marry (C.G. S. 16/2/1805). L. 82 M. 
[9/2/1805]. 8 1805 [bis]. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 276.] 
T. Mutius Scaevola; or, The Roman Patriot. 8 1801. 

D. The Maid of Orleans; or, La Pucelle of Voltaire. Translated into 
English Verse. 8 1822. 


D. The Bride of Messina. 8 1837. 

[A translation of Schiller, Die Braut von Messina (1803).] 


C.O. The Bedouins; or, The Arabs of the Desert (Crow-street, 
Dublin, 1/5/1801). 12 1802 [Dublin]. 
[Music Sir John Stevenson.] 



C. The Poor Gentlewoman (Crow-street, Dublin, 4/3/1811). 
C.O. The Cavern (Hawkins-street, Dublin, 1825). 

[Music Sir John Stevenson.] 


D. The Templar and the Jewess. 8 [c. 1833], 

[A version of Der Templar und die Juden (Leipzig, 1826), by 
W. A. Wohlbriich with music by H. Marschner, itself based on 
Scott's Ivanhoe.] 


P. Tom Tiddler's Ground (Queen's, 26/12/1846). L.C. 26/12/1846. 

F. Where's Eliza? (Queen's, 15/11/1847). L.C. 19/11/1847. 

P. Fair Rosamond ; or, Harlequin and the Magic Rose. L.C. Queen's, 


D. Jonathan Wild (Queen's, 25/9/1848). L.C. 10/8/1848. 
P. The Maid and the Magpie; or, Harlequin and the Magic Spoon. 

L.C. Queen's, 23/12/1848. 
D. Faust; or, The Fiend of the Volcano (Queen's, 22/1/1849). L.C. 


D. The Haymakers. L.C. Queen's, 14/4/1849. 
D. Seven Dials; or, The Beggars of London (Queen's, 6/6/1849). 

L.C. 6/6/1849. 

[Also ascribed to T. TOWNSEND.] 
D. Old London Bridge. L.C. Queen's, 7/7/1849. 
D. The Hand of Fire. L.C. Queen's, 30/8/1849. 
R.D. The Iron Grip. L.C. Queen's, 15/10/1849. 
D. Death at the Stake; or, The Jew of Eastcheap. L.C. Queen's, 

P. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood ; or, Harlequin and the Golden 

Horn. L.C. Queen's, 18/12/1849. 


F. A Wild Goose Chase (D.L. T. 21/11/1820). 8 1820. 


C. A Touch at the Times (C.G. M. 6/7/1812). 8 1812. 

[This seems to be the same as The Town, L. 96 M. [C.G. 
C. The Students of Salamanca (C.G. S. 23/1/1813). L. 99 M. 

[12/1/1813]. 8 1813. 
C. Delusion (C.G. Th. 4/3/1813). 

[A version of the preceding play.] 

F. The Invisible Bridegroom (C.G. W. 10/11/1813). L. 97 M. 

[Attributed to Jameson.] 

C. Love and Gout; or, Arrivals and Marriages (H. T. 23/8/1814). 
F. The King and the Duke ; or, Which is Which? (C.G. T. 6/12/1814). 

L. 58 S. [28/11/1814]. 8 1814. 
C. Living in London (H. S. 5/8/1815). L. 103 M. [29/7/1815]. 

8 1815. 

F. The Mail-Coach Passengers (D.L. T. 13/2/1816). L. 108 M. 

[Attributed to Jameson.] 
C. Exit by Mistake (H.> M. 22/7/1816). 

JERROLD] 1800-1850 321 

O.F. Teasing made Easy (H. W. 30/7/1817). L. 67 S. [24/7/1817]. 

[Music Bishop.] 
C. Nine Points of the Law; or, Possession (H. S. 18/7/1818). 


M.D. Mark the Mulatto; or, The Smuggler of the Blue Crag Rock 
(S.W. W. 24/8/1836). 


F. The Lady's Dream (Harrowgate, 12/9/1822). 12 1823 [North- 

allerton; in Theatrical Eccentricities]. 

F. More Frightened than Hurt (S.W. M. 30/4/1821). Dicks 992. 

[Originally called The Duellists.] 
M.D.Spec. The Chieftain's Oath; or, The Rival Clans (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Gipsy of Derncleuch (S.W. M. 27/8/1821). Duncombe. 

[Based on Scott, Guy Manner ing, with suggestions from La 

Sorciere; ou, Vorphelin tcossais (Paris, 3/5/1821) by Fre"de*ric 

(Dupetit-Me>) and Victor (J. H. B. Ducange).] 
M.D. The Island; or, Christian and his Comrades (S.W. 1823). 

[Based on Byron's poem, The Island (1823).] 
Bsq. Dolly and the Rat; or, The Brisket Family (Olym. M. 6/1/1823). 

Int. The Smoked Miser (S.W. 6/1823). Dicks 3 6 ; Duncombe, vol. Hi; 

Lacy, vol. Iviii. 
D.Sk. The Seven Ages [announced in The Mirror of the Stage, 

26/1/1824, as about to be published]. 
Ba. The Living Skeleton (Cob. 15/8/1825). 

Int. London Characters; Puff! Puff!! Puff!!! (Cob. T. 22/11/1825). 
Ba. Popular Felons (Cob. 5/6/1826). 
F. Paul Pry (Cob. 27/11/1827). Dicks 982; Lacy, vol. xlvii; Mod. 

Eng. Com. Th. No. 67. 

Vaud. The Statue Lover (Vauxhall, M. 2/6/1828). Duncombe. 
M.D. Descart, the French Buccaneer; or, The Rock of Annaboa 

(Cob. M. 1/9/1828). Dicks 258; Duncombe. 
M.D. The Tower of Lochlain; or, The Idiot Son (Cob. M. 1/9/1828). 

Duncombe, vol. viii; Lacy, vol. ex. 
D.Sat. Wives by Advertisement; or, Courting in the Newspapers 

(Cob. M. 8/9/1828). Dicks 971 ; Duncombe. 
M.D. Ambrose Gwinett; or, A Sea-side Story (Cob. M. 6/10/1828). 

Dicks 637; Cumberland Minor, vol. viii; Richardson Minor, vol. ii; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxxvi. 
Ext. Two Eyes between Two; or, Pay me for my Eye (Cob. M. 

13/10/1828). Dicks 975; Lacy. 
M.D. Fifteen Years of a Drunkard's Life! (Cob. M. 24/11/1828). 

Dicks 220; Duncombe, vol. iii. 

M.D. Vidocq ! the French Police Spy (Surrey, 6/1/1829). Duncombe. 
M.D. Bampfyde Moore Carew (Surrey, F. 13/2/1829). Duncombe. 
[A play of this title appears in L. 63 S. [Olym. 12/2/1816].] 
M.D. John Overy, the Miser; or, The Southwark Ferry (Surrey, M. 

20/4/1829). Dicks 796; Cumberland, vol. vii; Richardson Minor, 

vol. ii; Lacy, vol. Ixxxvi. 
F. Law and Lions! (Surrey, Th. 21/5/1829). Dicks 964; Duncombe, 

vol. iv. 


M.D. Black Eyed Susan; or, All in the Downs (Surrey, M. 8/6/1829). 

Dicks 230; Lacy, vol. xxiii; Duncombe, vol. iv. 
M.D. The Flying Dutchman (Surrey, 15/10/1829). Richardson. 
Ba. The Lonely Man of Shiraz (Surrey, 3/11/1829). 
T. Thomas a Becket (Surrey, 30/11/1829). Dicks 619; Richardson 

Minor, vol. iii; Cumberland Minor, vol. xi. 
M.D. The Witch-Finder (D.L. S. 19/12/1829). 

M.D. Sally in our Alley (Surrey, M. 11/1/1830). Dicks 934; Cum- 
berland Minor, vol. xvi. 
D. Gervaise Skinner; or, Penny Wise and Pound Foolish (Surrey, 

M. 25/1/1830). 

[A Gervaise Skinner occurs in L.C. Olym. 24/10/1831.] 
M.D. The Mutiny at the Nore; or, British Sailors in 1797 (R.P. M. 

7/6/1830). Dicks 795 ; Cumberland Minor, vol. v; Lacy, vol. Ixxviii. 
M.D. The Press-Gang; or, Archibald of the Wreck (Surrey, M. 

M.D. The Devil's Ducat; or, The Gift of Mammon (Adel. Th. 

16/12/1830). L.C. 13/12/1829. Dicks 933; Cumberland Minor ^ 

vol. v; Lacy, vol. cvii. 
D. Martha Willis, the Servant Maid; or, Service in London (R.P. 

M. 4/4/1831). Dicks 420. 

C. The Bride of Ludgate (D.L. Th. 8/12/1831). L.C. 5/12/1831. 
Dicks 530; Cumberland, vol. xxx; Lacy, vol. xciii. 

M.D. The Broken Heart; or, The Farmer's Daughter of the Severn 
Side (City, 1832). 

D. The Rent Day (D.L. W. 25/1/1832). L.C. 23/1/1832. 8 1832; 
Dicks 210; Duncombe, vol. xxv; Lacy, vol. xv. 

C. The Golden Calf (Strand, S. 30/6/1832). L.C. 21/4/1837. Dicks 

529; Cumberland Minor , vol. ix. 

D.D. The Factory Girl (D.L. S. 6/10/1832). L.C. 4/10/1832. 
C. Nell Gwynne; or, The Prologue (C.G. W. 9/1/1833). C.G. 

29/12/1832. 8 1833; Dicks 274; Lacy, vol. xxxvii; Duncombe, 

vol. Ixv. 
C. The Housekeeper; or, The White Rose (H.* W. 17/7/1833). 

L.C. 10/7/1833. 8 1833; Dicks 294; Duncombe, vol. xvi; Lacy t 

vol. xxix. 
F. Swamp Hall; or, The Friend of the Family (H. a W. 11/9/1833). 

L.C. 26/8/1833. 
C. The Wedding Gown (D.L. Th. 2/1/1834). L.C. 28/12/1833. 

8 1834; Dicks 591 ; Duncombe, vol. xxxvii. 
C. Beau Nash, the King of Bath (H.= W. 16/7/1834). L.C. 2/7/1834. 

8 1834 -, Dicks 554. 
C. The Schoolfellows (Queen's, 16/2/1835). L.C. 7/2/1835. Dicks 

525 ; Duncombe. 
T. The Hazard of the Die (D.L. T. 17/2/1835). L.C. 16/2/1835. 

8 1835; Dicks 638; Duncombe, vol. xviii. 

Ba. Hearts and Diamonds (Olym. M. 23/2/1835). L.C. 17/2/1835. 
Ba. The Man's an Ass (Olym. M. 26/10/1835). L.C. 21/10/1835. 
[MS. also in Forster Collection.] 

C. Doves in a Cage (Adel. F. 18/12/1835; Strand, M. 12/6/1837). 
L.C. 17/12/1835. Dicks 633 ; Duncombe, vol. xx; Lacy, vol. xcix. 

D. The Painter of Ghent (Strand, M. 25/4/1836; C.L. M. 
l /5/ l &37)* L.C. 13/4/1836. Dicks 651; Duncombe, vol. xxi ; Lacy, 
vol. xxix. 

JONES] 1800-1850 323 

F. The Man for the Ladies (Strand, M. 9/5/1836). L.C. 6/5/1836. 

Dicks 652. 
Ba. The Bill-Sticker ; or, An Old House in the City (Strand, Th. 

21/7/1836). L.C. 23/7/1836. 
Ba. The Perils of Pippins; or, The Man who "couldn't help it" 

(Strand, Th. 8/9/1836). L.C. 26/8/1836. Dicks 447; Duncombe, 

vol. xxiii. 
Ba. A Gallantee Showman; or, Mr. Peppercorn at Home (Strand, 

M. 27/3/1837). L.C. 22/3/1837. 

D.D. The Mother (H.'Th. 31/5/1838). L.C. 8/6/1838. 
D. The Spendthrift [written 1839, but not acted]. 
C. The White Milliner (C.G. 9/2/1841). Dicks 607; Duncombe, vol. 

xliii; Lacy, vol. Ixxii. 

C. Bubbles of the Day (C.G. F. 25/2/1842). L.C. 20/2/1842. 8 1842; 
8 1845 ; Dicks 553. 

D. The Prisoner of War (D.L.T. 1/3/1842). L.C. 10/1/1842. 8 1842; 
Dicks 521 ; Lacy, vol. xxvii; Duncombe, vol. Iviii. 

C. Gertrude's Cherries; or, Waterloo in 1835 (C.G. T. 30/8/1842). 
L.C. 27/8/1842. 8 1842; Dicks 656; Lacy, vol. Ixxxviii. 

C. Time Works Wonders (H. S. 26/4/1845). L.C. 25/4/1845. 
8 1845 ; Dicks 851 ; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. Series 3 ; Lacy, vol. xcii. 

F. A Honeymoon Scruple (Surrey, 26/5/1845). L.C. 24/5/1845. 
[For Jerrold's other plays see the D.N.B.] 


[See A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 277.] 
T. The Persian Heroine (D.L. W. 2/6/1819). L. 75 S. [21/5/1819; as 
Xerxes]. 4 1822 [stage version]. 


R.D. TheCastleofWonders(D.L.M.8/3/i8i 9 ). L. 115 M. [9/2/1819]. 
[Music Tanza.] 


D. The Lion of the Jungle; or, Yaldo the Remorseless. L.C. Albert, 

D. The Gipsey Farmer; or, Jack and Jack's Brother (Surrey, 

28/4/1845). L.C. 25/4/1845. New British Theatre, No. 509; 

Lacy, vol. xxxvi. 
D. Gale Breezeley; or, A Tale of a Tar (Surrey, M. 8/9/1845; 

Queen's, Th. 26/2/1846). L.C. 6/9/1845. Lacy, vol. vii. 
D. Jack Long of Texas; or, A Shot in the Eye (Vic. 12/4/1847). 

L.C. 8/4/1847. 
D. Daniel Day and the Faust Child, the Oak and the Coffin (R.P. 

3/7/1848). L.C. 29/6/1848. 
D. The Drunkard's Children (R.P. 10/7/1848). L.C. 10/7/1848. 

Lacy, vol. xcix. 

JONES, Capt. J. 

D. The Philanthropist. 8 1801. 

T. Sons; or, Family Feuds. 8 1809. 


T. Longinus. 8 1827. 
T. The Stepmother. 8 1829. 

T. Spartacus, the Roman Gladiator (Surrey, M. 31/8/1840). L.C. 
Bath, 28/3/1840. 8 1837. 


T. The Cathedral Bell. 8 1839. 

D. The Carpenter of Rouen (Olym. 24/6/1844). L.C. 31/5/1844- 

Dicks 384. 
R.D. The Surgeon of Paris; or, The Younger Days of the Carpenter 

of Rouen. L.C. Albert, 17/10/1849. Dicks 714. 


C. The Green Man (H. S. 15/8/1818). L. 70 S. [10/8/1818]. 8 1818 
[bis]-, Dicks g$8. 

[From the French of D'Aubigny and Poujol.] 
F. Too Late for Dinner (C.G. T. 22/2/1820). L. 118 M. [29/1/1820; 

as, Ins and Outs; or, A Little too Late]. 8 1846. 
F. Peter Fin; or, A New Road to Brighton (H.* Th. 11/7/1822). 

L. 83 S. [30/6/1822 ; as The Retired Fishmonger; or, A N. R. to B.]. 

8 1822 [as Peter Fin's Trip to Brighton]. 


F. Phantoms; or, The Irishman in England. 8 1803. 
F. Confined in Vain; or, A Double To-do. 8 1805. 

T. The Fall of Carthage. 8 1810. 
T. Caius Gracchus. 8 1810. 


T.C. The Merchant of Bruges (D.L. Th. 14/12/1815). See D. J. W. 

D. Richard Duke of York ; or, The Contention of York and Lancaster 
(D.L. M. 22/12/1817). 8 1817. 

[Attributed to Kean; see G. C. D. Odell, op. cit.] 


T. Otho the Great [in Poems, 1883]. 


D. The Point of Honour (H.* T. 15/7/1800). L. 75 M. [9/7/1800]. 
8 1800; 8 1 80 1 ; 8 1805; Dicks 791 ; Cumberland, vol. xxviii. 

[An adaptation from Mercier, Le deserteur.] 

D. The Wanderer ; or, The Rights of Hospitality (C.G. T. 12/1/1808). 
L. 48 S. [10/12/1807] and L. 47 S. [H.* 5/6/1806]. 8 1808; 
8 [1809]. 

[An adaptation of Kotzebue, Eduard in Schottland. A revised 
version appeared at C.G. Th. 26/11/1829 as The Royal Fugitive, 
with music by J. Stansbury. On this see The Dramatic Magazine 
(1829), p. 300.] 

F. Plot and Counterplot; or, The Portrait of Michael Cervantes 
(H. Th. 30/6/1808). L. 88 M. [23/6/1808; as P. and C.; or, The 
Spanish Valets]. 8 1808; 8 1812 [2nd]; Dicks 503; Cumberland, 
vol. xli; Lacy, vol. xc. 

[An adaptation of Dieulafoi, Le portrait de Michael Cervantes.] 
M.D. Kamtchatka; or, The Slave's Tribute (C.G. W. 16/10/1811). 
L. 94 M. [3/10/11; as The Day of Tribute, under which title it 
was first announced]. 

[An adaptation from Kotzebue.] 
F. The Child of Chance (H. W. 8/7/1812). 
M.D. The Brazen Bust (C.G. S. 29/5/1813). L. 100 M. [22/5/1813]. 

KEMBLE] 1800-1850 325 


T. Francis the First (C.G. Th. 15/3/1832). L.C. 14/2/1832. 8 1832 

[9 editions]; 8 1833 [ioth]. 
D. The Star of Seville. 8 1837 [bis]. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 278-9.] 

C. Congreve's The Way of the World. 8 [1800] ; 8 1815. 
T. Shakespeare's King John. 8 1800; 8 1808. 

C. Congreve's The Double Dealer. 8 [1802] ; 8 1815. 
T. Lee's Mithridates. 8 1802. 

T. Shakespeare's Richard III. 8 [1801] ; 8 1814. 

T. Shakespeare's Hamlet. 8 [1802]; 8 1814. 

T.C. Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. 8 [1802]; 8 1815. 

T.C. Shakespeare's Cymbeline. 8 [1802]; 8 1815. 

T.C. Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. 8 [1803]; 8 1815. 

D. Shakespeare's King Henry the Eighth. 8 1804; 8" 1815. 
T. Shakespeare's Othello. 8 1804; 8 1814. 

T.C. Shakespeare's Henry V. 8 1806; 8 1815. 

C. Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona. 8 1808; 8 1815. 

C. Massinger's New Way to pay Old Debts. 8 1810; 8 1814. 

T. Addison's Cato. 8 1811. 

C. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. 8 1811; 8 1815. 

C. Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. 8i8n;8i8i5. 

C. Beaumont's and Fletcher's Rule a Wife and Have a Wife. 8 181 1 ; 

8 1815. 

T. Otway's Venice Preserved. 8 1811. 
C. The Follies of a Day (Holcroft's). 8 1811. 
T. Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 8 1812. 
T. Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. 8 1813. 
T. Moore's Gamester. 8 1814. 
T. Rowe's Fair Penitent. 8 1814. 
T. Shakespeare's Conolanus. 8 1814. 
T.C. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. 8 1814. 
T. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 8 1814. 
T. Young's Revenge. 8 1814. 
T. Southerne's Isabella. 8 1814. 
T. Murphy's Grecian Daughter. 8 1815. 
T. Rowe's Jane Shore. 8 1815. 
T.C. Shakespeare's Henry IV. 8 1815. 
C. Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. 8 1815. 
C. Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. 8 1815. 
C. Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew; or, Katharine and 

Petruchio. 8 1815. 
C. Shakespeare's As You Like It. 8 1815. 

[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 279.] 
F. Personation; or, Fairly Taken In (D.L. M. 29/4/1805). L. 82 M. 

[21/4/1805]. Dicks 748. 
Int. The Day after the Wedding; or, A Wife's First Lesson (C.G. W. 

18/5/1808). L. 87 M. [12/5/1808]. 8 1808; 8 1811 [2nd]; 

Dicks 284; Cumberland, vol. xxix; Lacy, vol. iii. 


C. Match-making; or, Tis a Wise Child that knows its own Father 
(C.G. T. 24/5/1808). 

[Ascribed to Mrs Kemble.] 

C. Smiles and Tears; or, The Widow's Stratagem (C.G. T. 
12/12/1815). 8 1815. 


[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 279.] 

R.D. Flodden Field (D.L. Th. 31/12/1818). L. 69 S. [8/12/1818]. 
8 1819. 

[Music Cooke; based on Scott's Marmion.] 


Ent. The Jubilee. 8 1809. 

M.D. The Siege of Isca; or, The Battles of the West (New, Th. 
10/5/1810). 8 1810. 


M. Britain's Genius. A Mask. 8 1840. 


T. The Siege of Antwerp; or, The Inundation (S.W. M. 14/1/1833). 
8 [1833]; 8 1838. 


F. Raising the Wind (C.G. S. 5/11/1803). L. 79 M. [24/10/1803; as 

How to Raise the Wind}. 8 1803 ; 8 1804 [and] ; 8 1805 ; 8 1810; 

Dicks 208; Cumberland, vol. xix; Lacy, vol. ii (extra series). 
O.F. Matrimony (D.L. T. 20/11/1804). 8 1804 [3 editions]; Dicks 

906; Cumberland, vol. xxvi; Lacy, vol. xxxvii. 

[Music M. P. King; based on Marsollier, Adolphe et Clare.] 
O.F. Too many Cooks (C.G. T. 12/2/1805). L. 84 M. [14/1/1805]. 

8 1805. 

[Music M. P. King.] 
C.O. False Alarms; or, My Cousin (D.L. M. 12/1/1807). L. 80 M. 

[14/2/1804]. 8 1807 [bis] ; 8 1807 [Airs, Duets, Trios] \Cumberland, 

vol. xxxix. 

[Music Braham and M. P. King.] 
M.D. Ella Rosenberg (D.L. Th. 19/11/1807). L. 86 M. [16/11/1807]. 

8 1807; Dicks 216; Cumberland, vol. xxvii. 

[Music M. P. King.] 
M.D. The Blind Boy (C.G. T. 1/12/1807). L. 48 S. [23/11/1807]. 

8 1807; Dicks 753 ; Cumberland, vol. xxv; Lacy, vol. Iviii. 
C. The World! (D.L. Th. 31/3/1808). L. 50 S. [25/3/1808]. 8 1808. 
C.O. Oh! this Love! or, The Masqueraders (Lye. T. 12/6/1810). 

[Music M. P. King.] 

O.F. Turn Him Out! (Lye. S. 7/3/1812). 8 1812 [bis]. 
F. Love, Law and Physic (C.G. F. 20/1 1/1812). L. 96 M. [12/1 1/1812]. 

12 1821 [Dublin]; Dicks 673; Cumberland, vol. xxiv; Lacy, vol. i 

(extra series). 

C. Debtor and Creditor (C.G. W. 20/4/1814). 8 1814. 
F. The Fortune of War (C.G. W. 17/5/1815). L. 105 M. [1/5/1815]. 
M.D. The Portfolio; or, The Family of Anglade (C.G. Th. 1/2/1816). 

L. 108 M. [29/1/1816]. 8 1816. 
C. The Touchstone; or, The World as it goes (D.L. S. 3/5/1817). 

L. 66 S. [4/1817]. 8 1817. 

KENNEY] 1800-1850 327 

O.F. A House out at Windows (D.L. S. 10/5/1817). 8 1817. 

[Music Corn.] 

C. AWordtotheLadies(C.G.Th.i7/i2/i8i8). L. 23 L. [10/12/1818]. 
O.F. Match-breaking; or, The Prince's Present (H. a Th. 20/9/1821). 

L. 80 S. [18/9/1821]. 8 1821. 
C. John Buzzby; or, A Day's Pleasure (H. 3 W. 3/7/1822). L. 84 S. 

[23/6/1822]. 8 1822. 

C.O. Sweethearts and Wives (H. a M. 7/7/1823). L. 85 S. [21/6/1823]. 
8 1823 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]; 12 [1827; Philadelphia]; 
Dicks 228 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xv. 

[Music Whitaker, Nathan, T. Cooke and Perry.] 
C.O. The Alcaid; or, The Secrets of Office (H. a T. 10/8/1824). 

L.C. 14/7/1824. 12 [1824]; Cumberland, vol. viii. 
C.O. The Wedding Present (D.L. F. 28/10/1825). L.C. 26/10/1825. 

[Music Horn.] 

R.D. Benyowsky ; or, The Exiles of Kamschatka (D.L. Th. 16/3/1826). 
L.C. 6/3/1826. 8 1826. 

[Music Sir J. Stevenson, Cooke, Horn, Livius and Kelly; based 
on Kotzebue's drama.] 
O.F. Thirteen to the Dozen (H.* F. 28/7/1826). L.C. 3/7/1826. 

[An adaptation of Le conspirateur sans le savoir; ou, les manteaux] 
C. The Green Room (C.G. W. 18/10/1826). L.C. 28/9/1826. 
C. Spring and Autumn; or, The Bride at Fifty (H.* Th. 6/9/1827). 
L.C. 29/8/1827 [with titles reversed]. Dicks 708; Lacy, vol. xxiv. 
O.F. The Illustrious Stranger; or, Married and Buried (D.L. M. 
1/10/1827). L.C. 20/9/1827 [as The I. S.; or, Marriage in the 
East]. 8 1827; Dicks 254; Cumberland, vol. xxiii; Lacy, vol. lii. 

[Music Nathan. Written in collaboration with J. MILLINGEN] 
F. Forget and Forgive ; or, Rencontres in Paris (D.L. W. 21/1 1/1827). 

L.C. 19/11/1827. 
C. Frohcks in France (D.L. S. 15/3/1828). 

[A revised version of the preceding play.] 

M.D. Peter the Great (C.G. S. 21/2/1829). See T. MORTON. 
O. Masaniello (C.G. M. 4/5/1829). L.C. 14/3/1849. 12 1831; 
8 1850; Lacy, vol. xcjii. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La muette de Portici (Paris, 29/1/1828).] 
T. The Pledge; or, Castilian Honour (D.L. F. 8/4/1831). L.C. 
6/1/1831. 8 1831; Lacy, vol. Ixxvii [as Hernani]. 

[An adaptation of V. Hugo, Hernani] 
F. The Irish Ambassador (C.G. Th. 17/11/1831). L.C. 15/11/183!. 

Dicks 920. 
F. The Self-Tormentor ; or, Whims and Fancies (D.L. Th. 16/2/1832). 

L.C. 11/2/1832. 

Ba. Fighting by Proxy (Olym. M. 9/12/1833). L.C. 5/12/1833. 
12 1835; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv. 

[This is said to be taken from a French adaptation of More 
Frightened than Hurt (1821) by D. JERROLD] 
Ba. Dancing for Life (Olym. Th. 16/1/1834). 
F. A Good-looking Fellow (C.G. Th. 17/4/1834). L.C. 16/4/1834. 
8 1834. 

[Written in collaboration with A. BUNN.] 
C. The King's Seal (D.L. S. 10/1/1835). L.C. 12/1/1835. 8 1835. 

[Written in collaboration with Mrs GORE.] 
Ba. "Not a Word!" (Olym. M. 26/1/1835). L.C. 19/1/1835. 


C.O. The Spirit of the Bell (E.O.H. M. 8/6/1835). L.C. 9/5/1835 

[as The Magic Bell}. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 

C. Hush! or, Secrets at Court (D.L. 27/12/1836). L.C. 16/12/1836. 
F. Macintosh and Co. (C.G. W. 21/2/1838). L.C. 9/2/1838. 
O. Barbara; or, The Bride of a Day (C.G. S. 3/11/1838). L.C. 

T. The Sicilian Vespers (Surrey, M. 21/9/1840). 8 1840. 

[An adaptation of C. Delavigne, Les vepres siciliennes.] 
F. Love Extempore (H.'T. 23/11/1841). L.C. 4/11/1841. Dicks 733. 
Bsq. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp (Lye. 1844). See A. SMITH. 
C. Infatuation (P'cess, Th. 1/5/1845). L.C. 28/4/1845. 
F. Up the Flue; or, What's in the Wind (1846). See D. BOUCI- 


C. Drenched and Dried; or, Water and Fire. 8 [1820]. 

M.D. The Wandering Boys (S.W. 24/5/1830). Dicks 916; Lacy, vol. 
xxxiv; Cumberland Minor, vol. iii; Duncombe, vol. vi. 

[Music Nicholson. An adaptation of Pixe>ecourt, Le pelerin 
blanc (Paris, 1801).] 
M.D. Therese; or, The Orphan of Geneva (W.L.). Duncombe', 

Dicks 30. 
F. The Intimate Friend; or, A Queer Guest at a Wedding (Queen's, 

F. 26/12/1845). Duncombe, vol. i. 

Oa. He "lies like Truth" (E.O.H. Th. 24/7/1828). L.C. 25/7/1828. 
Dicks 914; Lacy, vol. Ixxv. 

[An adaptation of Le menteur veridique} 


T.C. The Merchant of Bruges; or, The Beggars Bush (D.L. Th. 
14/12/1815). 8 1815; 8 1816 [and]; Dicks 103; B.D. vol. iv. 
[Music Cooke. An adaptation of Brome's play.] 

M.D. Ehsma (Richmond). 8 1824. 


O.F. The Sailor and Soldier; or, Fashionable Amusement (Hull, 

1805). L. 44 S. [Hull and York, 30/12/1804]. 

O.F. A Chip of the Old Block; or, The Village Festival (H.> T. 
22/8/1815). L. 60 S. [15/8/1815]. 8 1815. 

[Music Whitaker .] 

Int. Cry To-day and Laugh To-morrow (D.L. F. 29/11/1816). 
L. 63 S. [17/11/1816; as Sunshine after Rain]. 

[Music Cooke.] 

C.O. The Veteran Soldier; or, The Farmer's Sons (D.L. S. 23/2/1822). 
L. 85 S. [13/2/1822]. 8 1822. 

[Music Whitaker, Parry and Cooke.] 


D. Leo; or, The Gypsy (Waterford, 1810). 

D. Brian Boroihme; or, The Maid of Erin (Belfast, 1811 ; C.G. Th. 
20/4/1837). L.C. 16/4/1837. Dicks 670; Lacy, vol. cix; Acting 
Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 

KNOWLES] I8OO-I850 329 

T. Caius Gracchus (Belfast, 13/2/1815 ;D.L.T. 18/11/1823). L-8? S. 

[6/11/1823]. 8 1823 [Glasgow] ; Dicks 298; Cumberland, vol. vi. 
T. Virginias; or, The Liberation of Rome (Glasgow, 1820; C.G. W. 

17/5/1820). L. 120 M. [9/5/1820]. 8 1820 [bis]; 8 1823 [5th]; 

Dicks 246; Cumberland, vol. vi. 
T. The Fatal Dowry (D.L. W. 5/1/1825; S.W. W. 27/8/1845). 

L.C. 27/12/1824. 8 1825. 

[An adaptation of Massinger's drama.] 
D. William Tell (D.L. W. 11/5/1825). L.C. 13/5/1825. MS. B.M. 

Add. 27719. 8 1825; Dicks 238; Cumberland, vol. xxii; Lacy, 

vol. Ixxxin. 

C. The Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green (D.L. S. 22/11/1828). 
L.C. 8/5/1828. 8 1828; Dicks 695. 

D. Alfred the Great; or, The Patriot King (D.L. Th. 28/4/1831). 
L.C. 14/4/1831. 8 1831 ; 8 [1832]; Dicks 314. 

D. The Hunchback (C.G. Th. 5/4/1832). L-C. 30/3/1832. 8 1832 
{bis] ; 8 1836 [9th] ; Dicks 206 ; Cumberland, vol. xlii ; Lacy, vol. Ixvii. 

M. The Vision of the Bard (Edinburgh, 1/10/1832; C.G. M. 
22/10/1832). L.C. 20/10/1832. 8 1832. 

D. The Wife: A Tale of Mantua (C.G. W. 24/4/1833). L.C. 
17/4/1833. 8 1833 [6 editions] ; Dicks 288; Lacy, vol. cix. 

C. The Beggar of Bethnal Green (Vic. 1834). 8 1834. 

[A revised version of The Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green.] 

D. The Daughter (D.L. T. 29/11/1836). L.C. 23/11/1836. 8 1837 
[bis]-, Dicks 313. 

[Also played as The Wrecker's Daughter.] 

T. The Bridal (H.* M. 26/6/1837). L.C. 24/6/1837. 8 [1837]; 
Dicks 320; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

[An adaptation of Beaumont's and Fletcher's, The Maid's 

C. The Love-Chase (H.* M. 9/10/1837). L.C. 1837. 8 1837; Dicks 
322; Cumberland, vol. xli; Lacy, vol. Ixviii. 

D. Woman's Wit; or, Love's Disguises (C.G. W. 23/5/1838). L.C. 
22/5/1838. 8 1838; Dicks 302. 

D. The Maid of Mariendorpt (H. T. 9/10/1838). L.C. 11/10/1838. 

8 1838 ; Dicks 496. 
D. Love (C.G. M. 4/11/1839). L.C. 2/11/1839. 8 1840; Dicks 364; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxiv; Cumberland, vol. xl. 
T. John of Procida; or, The Bridals of Messina (C.G. S. 19/9/1840). 

L.C. 14/9/1840. 8 1840; Dicks 6gi. 
[Also played as The Bride of Messina.] 

C. Old Maids (C.G. T. 12/10/1841). L.C. 8/10/1841. 8 1841; 
Dicks 629. 

T. The Rose of Arragon (H. S. 4/6/1842; Surrey, M. 17/9/1849). 
L.C. 3/6/1842. 8 1842; Dicks 689. 

D. The Secretary (D.L. M. 24/4/1843). 8 1843 ; Dicks 665. 
D. The Rock of Rome. 8 1849. 

[The Dramatic Works were published in 3 volumes in 1843, 
reprinted in 1856 and (in one volume) in 1859. These do not 
contain all the dramas given above.] 


C. The Maiden Aunt (H. W. 19/11/1845). L.C. 19/11/1845. 16 



KNOX, Capt. 

D. Faust. 8 1847. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


C. The Bride [1808]. 


O. The Turkish Lovers (D.L. T. 1/5/1827). L.C. 26/3/1827 [as 

The T.L.; or, The Faithful Infidel]. 

C. Love and Reason (C.G. T. 22/5/1827). L.C. 14/5/1827. 12 1827. 
[An adaptation of Bertrand et Susette by Scribe.] 

C. The Two Friends (H.* F. 11/7/1828). L.C. 10/6/1828. Dicks 679; 
Cumberland, vol. xxxvii. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Rodolphe; ou,frere et sceur.] 
C. The Stepmother (C.G. W. 22/10/1828). L.C. 22/10/1828. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La belle-mere (Paris, 1/3/1826).] 
C. The Soldier's Stratagems (C.G. W. 5/11/1828). L.C. 23/10/1828. 
C.O. Love in Wrinkles; or, The Russian Stratagem (D.L. Th. 
4/12/1828). L.C. 22/11/1828. 

[Music by the author. An adaptation of La vieille] 
O. The Maid of Judah ; or, The Knights Templars (C.G. S. 7/3/1829 ; 
Vic. Th. 27/11/1834; R.P. M. 14/12/1835). L.C. 14/2/1829. 
Cumberland, vol. xxv. 

[An adaptation of Ivanhoe (Paris, 15/9/1826) by E. Deschamps 
and G. G. de Wailly] 
C.O. The Casket (D.L. T. 10/3/1829). L.C. 3/2/1829. 

[Music Mozart. An adaptation of Les premieres amours] 
M.D. Robert the Devil, Duke of Normandy (C.G. T. 2/2/1830). L.C. 
28/11/1829 [as R. the D.; or, The Bridal Ring]. Lacy, vol. xxxi. 

[An adaptation of L'anneau de la fiancte. Genest attributes this 
play to Raymond.] 

C.O. Cinderella; or, The Fairy Queen and the Glass Slipper (C.G. 
T. 13/4/1830). L.C. 15/3/1830. 8 1830 [Songs, Duetts; re- 
printed 1840] ; Dicks 1060; Lacy, vol. xvin. 

[Music Rossini. An adaptation of La Cenerentola] 
D.Spec. Napoleon Buonaparte, Captain of Artillery, General and 
First Consul, Emperor and Exile (C.G. M. 16/5/1831). 8 1831 
[Programme containing description], 

O. Fra Diavolo; or, The Inn of Terracma (C.G. Th. 3/11/1831). 

L.C. 17/10/1831. 8 1831 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Fra Diavolo (Paris, 28/1/1830), with 

music by Auber.] 
O. The Coiners; or, The Soldier's Oath (C.G. S. 23/3/1833). L.C. 


[Music Auber.] 


F. A Silent Woman (17/8/1835). 12 [1835]. 

C. The Pickwickians. Lacy, vol. i (new series). 

D. The Tower of London (C.L. S. 26/12/1840). See T. H. HIGGIE. 
D. Martin Chuzzlewit (Queen's, 29/7/1844). See T. H. HIGGIE. 
D. Clarissa Harlowe (P'cess, M. 28/9/1846). L.C. 1/10/1846. Dicks 

995; Lacy, vol. Ixxvii. 

[Written in collaboration with J. COURTNEY ; but see note 

LATHOM] 1800-1850 331 

on this play under T. H. REYNOLDSON. Apparently Lacy had 
already produced a Clarissa Harlowe at the Olympic on 3/1/1831.] 


D. The House of Morville (Lye. Th. 27/2/1812). L. 56 S. [8/2/1812]. 
8 1812 [bis]. 

C. The Golden Glove; or, The Farmer's Son. 8 1815. 

T. John Woodvil. 12 1802; 8 1818 [in Works]. 

[This play, originally called Pride's Cure, had been offered to 
J. P. Kemble at Christmas 1799 but refused.] 

F. Mr. H (D.L. W. 10/12/1806). L. 84 M. [8/12/1806]. 8 1818 

[in Works}. 

D. The Wife's Trial; or, The Intruding Widow [published in 
Blackwood's Magazine, Dec. 1828]. 

D. The Pawn-broker's Daughter [published in BlackwoocTs Magazine, 
Jan. 1830]. 


C.O. Whistle for it (private, Stanmore Priory; C.G. 10/4/1807). 

L. 49 S. [5/3/1807]. 8 1807. 

D. Timon of Athens (D.L. 28/10/1816). 8 1816. 
[See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 77-80.] 


Ba. The Devil's Daughter; or, Beelzebub's Belles (Queen's, 17/11/1839). 

Dicks 940. 
Ca. Advice to Husbands (P'cess, 1846). Duncombe, vol. Ivii. 

T. The Count Arezzi. 8 1824. 
T. The Earl of Brecon. 8 1841. 

[Published with Faith's Fraud and The Ferryman.] 


T. Count Julian. 8 1812; 8 1821 [with Gebir}\ and in Works 

[8 184658 1876; 8 1909]. 
T. Andrea of Hungary and Giovanna of Naples. 8 1839; and in 

Works, as above. 

T. Fra Rupert. 8 1841 ; and in Works, as above. 
T. The Siege of Ancona. 8 1846 [in Works]. 
[Scenes] Antony and Octavius. 8 1856. 


F. Come and See (H.* M. 18/7/1814). L. 103 M. [12/7/1814]. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 280; The Dash of the Day is there antedated.] 
C. The Dash of the Day (Norwich, 1800). L. 20 L. [25/7/1800]. 

8 1800 [Norwich; bis]. 
C. Curiosity (Norwich, 1801). L. 74 M. [Norwich, 18/11/1800]. 

8 1 80 1 [Norwich]. 
F. Holiday Time ; or, The School-boy's Frolic. L. 20 L. [Norwich, 

C. The Wife of a Million (Norwich, 1802). L. 20 L. [Norwich, 

3/3/1802]. 12 1803 [Norwich]. 


O.F. The Dash; or, Who but he? (D.L. S. 20/10/1804). L. 44 S. 
[Q/ i o/ 1 804 ; as The Denouement} . 

[This seems to be an alteration of Holiday Time (1800) by 
Lathom; the alteration may not be his.] 


O.F. In and Out of Tune (D.L. T. 1/3/1808). L. 49 S. [22/2/1808]. 

[Evidently the play was originally written by Lawler, who 
penned it at the suggestion of Corri, the composer; the actual 
working-out (Lawler says distortion) was accomplished by 
A. CHERRY. See Biographia Dramatica, n. 321.] 

C. The School for Daughters. 8 1808 ; Mod. Engl. Com. Th. No. 79. 
M.D. Industry and Idleness (Surrey, M. 15/4/1811). 

O.F. Sharp and Flat (Lye. W. 4/8/1813). 8 1813. 

[Music J. Hook.] 
Ba. The Advertisement for a Husband; or, More Blunders (Surrey, 

M. 30/5/1814). 

T. The Glorious Revolution of 1688. 8 1821. 


Ba. The Fairy Lake; or, The Magic Veil (D.L. 26/10/1839). L.C. 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 280.] 
M.D. The Three Strangers (C.G. S. 10/12/1825). L.C. 28/10/1825. 

8 1826. 


O. Caleb Quotem and his Wife! or, Paint, Poetry and Putty!. . .To 
which is added a Postscript, including the Scene always play'd in 
the Review, or Wags of Windsor, but omitted in the Edition lately 
published by G. Colman, Esq. 8 [1809]. 

[See A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 280.] 


[Nelson Lee's productivity was enormous ; often three or four Christmas 

pantomimes from his pen appeared in the same year at different 

theatres. The list given here is certainly not complete, record 

being made only of those pieces which can quite definitely be 

assigned to him.] 
P. The Whitechapel Needle; or, Harlequin and the Pretty Little 

Dicky Bird. L.C. R.P. 11/12/1843. 
P. Harlequin Grammar; or, Murray and A. E. I.O.U. (Surrey, T. 

26/12/1843). L.C. 20/12/1843. 

M.D. The Maid and the Magpie. L.C. Grecian, 1844. 
P. Auld Lang Syne; or, Morning, Noon and Night and Harlequin 

Jack o* Daylight. L.C. Standard, 21/12/1846. 
P. Forty Thieves; or, Harlequin AH Baba and the Robber's Cave 

(R.A. S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 27/11/1846. 

D. Past, Present and Future. L.C. Standard, 1847. 

P. Harlequin Doctor Syntax and his Dapple Grey Marc (R.A. M. 

27/12/1847). L.C. 4/12/1847. 
P. Battledore and Shuttlecock; or, Harlequin Trap, Bat and Ball 

(Surrey, M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 22/12/1847. 

LEMON] 1800-1850 333 

M.D. The Mysteries of an American City. L.C. Britannia, 28/1/1848. 
Bsq. Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry (C.L. 30/9/1848). 

L.C. 22/9/1848. 
P. War, Love and Peace; or, Harlequin Gossip Chat and Beauty 

(C.L. 26/12/1848). L.C. 14/12/1848. 
P. Harlequin and Yankee Doodle, who came to Town upon his Little 

Pony (R.A. W. 26/12/1849). 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 281.] 
C. The Assignation (D.L. W. 28/1/1807). L. 48 S. [15/1/1807]. 


C. The Sons of Erin; or, Modern Sentiments (Lye. S. 11/4/1812). 
L. 55 S. [4/4/1812]. 8 1812 [3 editions]. 

[Called on first performance, Prejudice; or, Modern Sentiment.] 


D. Faust. 12 1841; 12 1843 [Frankfurt a. MJ. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


[For A Masque, The Corstcans and The Sylph see Biographia Dramatica, 

i. 450.] 

D. Cromwell. 8 [1838; privately printed]. 

D. Louise (Vic. M. 19/2/1838). 8 [1838]. 


C. Gneving's a Folly (Lye. F. 21/4/1809). L. 51 S. [20/4/1809]. 
8 1809. 

C. Where to find a Friend (D.L. Th. 23/11/1815). L. 61 S. 
[15/11/1815]. 8 1815; 8 1816 [2nd]. 


O.F. P.L.; or, 30 Strand (Strand, M. 25/4/1836). L.C. 13/4/1836. 
Dicks 977; Duncombe, vol. xxii. 

D. Arnold of Winkelreid ; or, The Fight of the Sempach (Surrey, M. 
25/7/1836). Duncombe, vol. xxii. 

M.D. The Ancestress ; or, The Doom of Barostein (C.L. M. 27/3/1837). 

Duncombe , vol. xxvm. 

[See below under 1840.] 
Ba. Love and Chanty (St J. Th. 3/5/1838). L.C. 2/5/1838. Ztofo 963 ; 

Duncombe, vol. xxx. 
O.F. The M.P. for the Rotten Borough (E.O.H. F. 27/7/1838). L.C. 

21/7/1838. Dicks 719. 
Ba. The Grey Doublet (E.O.H. T. 28/8/1838). L.C. 8/1838. Dicks 

719; Duncombe, vol. xxx. 
M.D. Self- Accusation ; or, A Brother's Love (E.O.H. M. 10/9/1838). 

L.C. 1/9/1838. Dicks 483 ; Duncombe, vol. xxxi. 

Ba. A Familiar Friend (Olym. S. 8/2/1840). L.C. 5/2/1840. Dicks 981. 
Ba. The Ladies' Club (Olym. 3/1840). L.C. 25/2/1840. Dicks 386; 

Lacy, vol. xiii. 
D. Gwyneth Vaughan (Olym. W. 1/4/1840; P'cess, T. 2/7/1844). 

L.C. 27/3/1840. Dicks 345; Lacy, vol. xxix. 


Ba. The House of Ladies (Olym. 4/1840). L.C. 25/4/1840. 12 [1840]. 

F. A Captain pro tern. (Olym. M. 18/5/1840). L.C. 18/5/1840. 

Ba. Three Secrets (E.O.H. 9/6/1840). L.C. 1840. 

Ba. Ins and Outs (E.O H. F. 26/6/1840). L.C. 23/6/1840. 

D. The Demon Gift (E.O.H. M. 29/6/1840). See J. BROUGHAM. 

D. The Ancestress (E.O.H. M. 14/9/1840). L.C. 14/9/1840. Dicks 


[See above under 1837. I do not know whether the earlier play 

belongs to Lemon or not; it may have been a first version of this.] 

C. Fashionable Arrivals (C.G. Th. 29/10/1840). L.C. 20/10/1840. 
Dicks 562. 

F. Bob Short (H.* S. 5/12/1840). L.C. 8/12/1840. 

F. The Gentleman in Black; or, The Loves of the Devils. L.C. 

Olym. 9/12/1840. Dicks 776. 

[This may be the same as the play with the same title acted at 

the City, W. 26/12/1832.] 

D. The Brother's Sacrifice; or, Self-Accusation (S.W. T. 2/2/1841). 

[See above under 10/9/1838.] 
F. The Good for Nothing (H. a Th. 4/2/1841). L.C. 1840 and L.C. 


Ba. The Little Gipsy (Olym. 12/4/1841). L.C. 2/4/1841. 
Ba. The Silver Thimble (Strand, 12/4/1841). L.C. 11/4/1841. 
Ba. Lost and Won. L.C. Olym. 1/5/1841. Dicks 594. 
C. What will the World say? (C.G. S. 25/9/1841). L.C. 24/9/1841 

[as Vanity; or, W. w. the W. s.?]. 8 1841. 
F. My Man Tom (Olym. Th. 27/1/1842). 
Ba. Robinson Crusoe. L.C. Olym. 21/3/1842. 
Ba. Dick Whittington and his Cat (Olym. M. 28/3/1842). L.C. Olym. 


Ba. Robert Burns (Strand, Th. 31/3/1842). L.C. 23/3/1842. 
Ba. Wax and Wonders (Strand, 1/8/1842). L.C. 1/8/1842. 

C. Grandfather Whitehead (H.* F. 31/9/1842). L.C. 21/9/1842. 
Dicks 505 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 

D. The Adventures of a Gentleman (Olym. M. 3/10/1842). L.C. 

R.D. The Turf (C.G. M. 31/10/1842). L.C. 25/10/1842. 8 1842; 

Dicks 497. 

F. Love and War (Olym. M. 21/11/1842). L.C. 10/11/1842. 
Bsq. Us Amores da Gileso Scroggini e Molli Brownim (Olym. M. 

27/3/1843). L.C. 1/5/1841. 

F. The Bashful Irishman (H. Th. 20/4/1843). L.C. 1/4/1843. 
F. The Yellow Husband (H.* W. 17/5/1843). L.C. 11/4/1843. 
D. Old Parr (H.* M. 9/10/1843). L.C. 30/9/1843. Dicks 686. 
Bsq. Open Sesame (Lye. M. 8/4/1844). See G. A. A BECKETT. 

D. The Sempstress (H.* S. 25/5/1844). L.C. 22/5/1844. Dicks 759. 
D. Don Caesar de Bazan (P'cess, T. 8/10/1844). See G. A. 

Bsq. The Knight and the Sprite (Strand, M. 11/11/1844). See 


D. The Chimes (Adel. 19/12/1844). See G. A A BECKETT. 
Bsq. St. George and the Dragon (Adel. M. 24/3/1845). See G. A. 


Spec. Peter Wilkms (Adel. Th. 9/4/1846). See G. A. A BECKETT. 
D. The Old Soldier (H.* 18/6/1845). L.C. 10/6/1845. 

LEWIS] 1800-1850 335 

O.F. Honesty the Best Policy (Strand, M. 11/6/1849). L-C. 6/6/1849. 
D. The Three Secrets; or, The Lost Jewels (Surrey, M. 23/7/1849). 

Dicks 596. 
F. Hearts are Trumps (Strand, M. 30/7/1849). L.C. 10/8/1849. 

Dicks 1058. 
F. Domestic Economy (Adel. Th. 8/11/1849). L.C. 5/11/1849. 

Dicks 1034. 

[To these should be added: The Pacha's Bridal (1836), My 

Sister Kate (1838), The Lady of the Lake (1843).] 

LENNOX, Lord W. 

F. Incog. ; or, Three Days at a Well-known Hotel (D.L. W. 11/6/1817). 
L. 66 S. [2/6/1817; with "Hatchetts" for "a Well-known Hotel"]. 


O.F. Maid or Wife; or, The Deceiver Deceived (D.L. M. 5/11/1821). 
L. 79 S. [28/10/1821). Cumberland, vol. xxxiii. 

[Music by the author.] 

O. Masaniello; or, The Dumb Girl of Portici (D.L. M. 4/5/1829). 
L.C. 25/4/1829. 

[An adaptation of Scribe and Delavigne, La muette de Portici 
(Paris, 29/1/1828), with music by Auber.] 


D. Grace Clairville; or, The Coiner of Symon's Yat (Surrey, M. 
20/2/1843). Dicks 951. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 281.] 
R.D. Adelmorn, the Outlaw (D.L. M. 4/5/1801). L. 41 S. [17/3/1801]. 

8 1 80 1 [bis] i 8 1 80 1 [Songs; 3 editions]; 12 1801 [Dublin]. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 
T. Alfonso, King of Castile (C.G. F. 15/1/1802). L. 76 M. [19/11/1801]. 

8 i8oi;8 1802 [2nd]. 
D. The Captive (C.G. T. 22/3/1803). [Printed in his Life (1839), 

vol. i. 136-41.] 
T. The Harper's Daughter (C.G. W. 4/5/1803). L. 78 M. [8/4/1803]. 

12 1813 [Philadelphia]. 

[An adaptation of The Minister, itself an adapted translation of 

Schiller, Kabale und Ltebe.] 
M.D. Rugantino; or, The Bravo of Venice (C.G. F. 18/10/1805). 

L. 83 M. [11/10/1805]. 8 1805; 12 [1814; Dublin]; Oxberry, 

vol. ix; Cumberland, vol. xxxiv. 

[An adaptation of Pixdrecourt, L'homme d trois visages; ou, le 

proscrit de Venise (Paris, 1801). The original music seems to have 

been by Dr Busby, but, when acted at Crow-street, Dublin, in 

1814, the play was given out as with music by T. Cooke.] 
M.D. The Wood Daemon; or, "The Clock has Struck" (D.L. W. 

1/4/1807). L. 86 M. [24/3/1807]. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 
T. Adelgitha; or, The Fruits of a Single Error (D.L. Th. 30/4/1807). 

L. 85 M. [22/4/1807]. 8 1806 [3 editions]; 8 1817 [sth]; Cum- 
berland, vol. xxxix. 
D. Venoni; or, The Novice of St. Mark's (D.L. Th. 1/12/1808). 

L. 49 S. [26/11/1808]. 8 1809; Cumberland, vol. xxxviii. 


M.D. Raymond and Agnes. L. 89 M. [Norwich, 22/11/1809]. 

Cumberland, vol. xxxviii. 
M.D. Timour the Tartar (C.G. M. 29/4/1811). L. 94 M, [6/4/1811]. 

8 [1811]; 8 [1814; Dublin]; Cumberland, vol. xxix; Lacy, 

vol. Ixxix. 
M.D. One O'Clock! or, The Knight and the Wood Daemon (Lye. 

Th. 1/8/1811). L. 54 S. [16/7/1811]. 8 [1811]; Dicks 128; 

Oxberry, vol. xix; Cumberland, vol. xxxn; Lacy, vol. xc. 

[Music M. P. King and M. Kelly. See The Wood Daemon 

C.O. Rich and Poor (Lye. W. 22/7/1812). Dicks 755 ; Oxberry, vol. xix. 


C. Forget and Forgive ; or, The Road to Happiness (Newcastle, 1804). 


O. Catherine Gray (D.L. 27/5/1837). 

O. The Gipsy's Warning! (D.L. Th. 19/4/1838). L.C. 6/4/1838. 
8 [1838; Songs, Duets, Trios, Recitatives, Choruses]. 

[Music J. Benedict. Written in collaboration with R. B. 

[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 281-2.] 

M.Ent. The Ring; or, Love me for myself (D.L. 1/1800). L. 38 S. 
[13/1/1800]. 8 1800. 
[An alteration of his earlier play, The Pavilion.] 


T. Epichans (D.L. W. 14/10/1829). L.C. 10/10/1829. 8 1829. 

The Tragedies of Vittorio Alfieri, translated from the Italian. 8 1815. 

T. The Duke d'Ormond. 8 1822. 

D. The Bride of Messina. 8 1839 [Munchen]. 
[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


B.O. Robin Goodfellow; or, The Frolics of Puck (P'cess, W.6/i2/i848). 
L.C. 2/12/1848. 


D. The Bride of Messina. 8 1841; 8 1863 ford] 
[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


F. False Conclusions (Grecian, 20/1/1845). L.C. 18/12/1844. 

D. The Privateer; or, The Lady of St Tropez. L.C. Grecian, 


Vaud. The Corporal; or, Brothers in Arms. L.C. Grecian, 22/3/1845. 
C.O. The Chalet; or, Caught, not Won. L.C. Grecian, 28/10/1845. 
O.F. Ernestine and Georgette. L.C. Grecian, 1846. 
F. Wife and Widow. L.C. Grecian, 18/3/1846. 
O. The Crown Brilliants. L.C. Grecian, 10/7/1846. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Les diamants de la couronne (Paris, 

6/3/1841), with music by Auber.] 
F. My Friend. L.C. Grecian, 18/9/1846. 

LUCAS] 1800-1850 337 

F. Family Arrangements. L.C. Grecian, 12/10/1846. 
F. Edwin and Emma. L.C. Grecian, 13/2/1847. 
O. Hymen's Muster Roll; or, A Marriage at the Drum Head. L.C. 
Grecian, 3/6/1847. 


P. Puss in Boots; or, Harlequin and the Ogre (R.C. Th. 28/5/1801). 

F. Modern Misses; or, Sixteen and Sixty-three (Exeter, 8/5/1812). 

8 1812. 

D. The Castle of Morosino. 8 1812. 

D. The Avenger (Surrey, F. 13/2/1835). L.C. 20/8/1835 [licensed for 

country Theatre Royals]. 
T. The Provost of Bruges (D.L. W. 10/2/1836). L.C. 1/2/1836 [as 

Bertulphe, the P. of B.]. 8 1836 ; Dicks 68 1 ; Cumberland, vol. Ixiv. 
D. The Trustee. 8 1841. 
D. Love's Sacrifice; or, The Rival Merchants (C.G. M. 12/9/1842). 

L.C. 27/8/1842 [as The R. M.; or, The Daughter's Sacrifice]. 

Dicks 650; Lacy, vol. Ixvii. 

C. Look before you Leap; or, Wooings and Weddings (H. 2 Th. 
29/10/1846). L.C. 31/10/1846. Dicks 998; Acting Nat. Drama, 
vol. xni. 

D. The Wife's Secret (H.* M. 17/1/1848). L.C. 8/1/1848. Dicks 1005 ; 
Lacy, vol. Ixxxii. 

[This was first produced at the Park Theatre, New York, on 
D. The Trial of Love (P'cess, 7/1/1852). 


Ba. The Beau Ideal (Olym. M. 9/11/1835). L C. 13/11/1835. 

Ba. Rory O'More (Adcl. F. 29/9/1837). L.C. 1837. Dicks 356 ; Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 

[Based on his own novel.] 
D. The White Horse of the Peppers (H.* S. 26/5/1838). L.C. 

25/5/1838. Dicks 441 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
Ext. The Happy Man (H. 3 M. 20/5/1839). L.C. 4/6/1839. Dicks 328; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
F. The Hall Porter (E.O.H. F. 26/7/1839). L.C. 1839. Dicks 520; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
M.D. The Greek Boy (C.G. T. 29/9/1840). L.C. 25/9/1840. Dicks 

609; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
Oa. II Paddy Whack in Italia. L.C. E.O.H. 22/4/1841. Duncombe, 

vol. xhv. 

LUCAS, N. y. 

D. The Maid of Orleans. 8 1841 [Bremen]; 8 1845. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 

Int. The Manuscript. 12 1809. 

M.D. The Death Plank; or, The Dumb Sailor Boy (R.P. 7/1832). 

Duncombe, vol. xxxvii. 

M.D. The Traitor's Gate; or, The Tower of London in 1553 (R.P. 
M. 31/3/1834). Lacy, vol. xcv. 


Ca. The Widow Bewitched (P'cess, W. 13/11/1844). L.C. 14/10/1844. 

Duncombe, vol. Hi; Lacy, vol. cxvi. 
M.D. The Rag-Picker of Paris (Queen's, 28/6/1847). 


Esq. The Sorrows of Werther(C.G.W. 6/5/1818). L. 71 S. [28/4/1818]. 
O.F. Family Jars (H. a M. 26/8/1822). L. 84 S. [15/8/1822; as F. J.; 

or, The Double Mistake and the Triple Discovery]. Lacy, vol. xiv; 

Dicks 355. 

[Music Perry.] 
F. "Fish out of Water" (H.* T. 26/8/1823). L. 86 S. [17/8/1823; 

with sub-title, or, Clerkship and Cookery] . Dicks 355 ; Lacy, vol. xvi. 
M.Ent. Hide and Seek (H.' M. 25/10/1824). L.C. 16/10/1824. 

Cumberland, vol. xii. 
M.D. The Shepherd of Derwent Vale; or, The Innocent Culprit 

(D.L. S. 12/2/1825). L.C. 1/2/1825 [as Reverses; or, The I. C.]. 

8 [1825]; Lacy, vol. Ixxxix. 

[Music Horn.] 
F. Lofty Projects; or, Arts in an Attic (C.G. F. 22/4/1825). L.C. 

28/3/1825. Cumberland, vol. x. 
C. Roses and Thorns; or, Two Houses under One Roof (II.* W. 

24/8/1825). L.C. 1825. Cumberland, vol. xii. 
F. Three Deep; or, All on the Wing (C.G. T. 2/5/1826). L.C. 

21/4/1826. Dolby. 
F. White Lies; or, The Major and the Minor (D.L. S. 2/12/18,46; 

S.W. M. 6/8/1827). L.C. 2/12/1826. 8 1826. 
F. Fast and Slow (D.L. W. 18/4/1827). L.C. 14/4/1827. 
Int. Management; or, The Prompter Puzzled (H. 1 M. 29/9/1828). 

L.C. H. 2 29/9/1828. 12 [1830] ; Cumberland, vol. xxxviii. 

[An adaptation of Le benefictatre by T. de Lambert and fitienne.] 

F. Rhyme and Reason (D.L. T. 11/11/1828). L.C. Adel. 21/10/1826. 

[I do not know whether the L.C. play is the same as that given 

at D.L. or not.] 

C. The Widows Bewitched (C.G. T. 3/2/1829). L.C. 16/1/1829. 
F. False and Constant (W.L. M. 23/11/1829). Lacy, vol. xvi; 

Dicks 646. 

[Said to have been given at H. 2 16/6/1823 and Queen's, 

Ba. Honest Frauds; or, Money and Music (H. 1 29/7/1830). L.C. 

Ba. Scheming and Seeming; or, Mimic Art and Attic Science (Adel. 

Th. 7/10/1830). L.C. 1/10/1830 [as Seeming and Scheming; or, 

A. S. and M. A.]. 

C. Capers and Coronets (Queen's, M. 4/5/1835). Duncombe, vol. xvii. 
Ba. French Polish (Olym. 17/2/1840). L.C. 28/10/1839. 

C. Belford Castle; or, The Scottish Gold Mine (H. 2 Th. 19/6/1841). 
L.C. 7/6/1841. Dicks 617. 

Ca. The Rights of Woman (Strand, M. 5/6/1843). L.C. 20/11/1843 

[as The R. of W.; or, The Rose and Thistle]. 
Ba. Sharp Practice. L.C. Strand, 10/8/1843. Lacy, vol. Iv. 

LYON, T. E. 

F. Wife Hunting; or, A Hint for Duelling. L.C. C.L. 8/5/1844. 

D. The Battle of Life (C.L. M. 4/1/1847). L.C. 7/1/1847. 

MACFARREN] 1800-1850 339 

F. Templars' Tricks; or, Financeering (Crow-street, Dublin, 


D. The Duchesse de la Valliere (C.G. W. 4/1/1837). L.C. 2/1/1837. 

8 1836 [bis] ; Dicks 847. 
D. The Lady of Lyons; or, Love and Pride (C.G. Th. 15/2/1838). 

L.C. 9/2/1838. 8 1839 [10 editions] ; 8 1841 ; 8 [1848] ; Dicks 188 ; 

Lacy, vol. xxxiv. 
D. Richelieu; or, The Conspiracy (C.G. Th. 7/3/1839). C.G. 1838. 

8 1829 y Dicks 317. 
D. The Sea-Captain; or, The Birth-Right (H. a Th. 31/10/1839). 

L.C. 28/10/1839. 8 1839; Dicks 311. 

C. Money (H.* T. 8/12/1840). L.C. 1839. 8 1840; Dicks 318. 

[For his later work see the Collected Works 8 1873-5 or the 
Life by T. Cooper 8 1873.] 


Oa. A Day near Turin (E.O.H. Th. 6/5/1841). L.C. 6/5/1841. 

T. Winkelried. 12 1837. 

[A translation from the German of K. H. W. Vblcker.] 


Ba. Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon (Olym. M. 4/12/1843). 
L.C. 2/4/1841. Dicks 866. 

[It is possible that this was acted in 1841, when Lever's novel, 
on which it is based, was published.] 

C.O. The Vow. 8 [1802?; Sheffield]. 


D. Faust. 12 1838 [Dumfries]; 12 1842. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


Bsq.O. Ah I what a Pity!!! or, The Dark Knight and the Fair Lady 

(E.O.H. M. 28/9/1818). L. 114 M. [14/9/18x8]. 
Ba. Sir Peter Pry; or, Male Curiosity (Cob. W. 9/6/1819). 
Int. Winning a Husband; or, Seven's the Main (Cob. 20/9/1819). 

Dicks 971 ; Cumberland Minor, vol. v. 
M.D. The Horatii and Curatii (Cob. M. 3/1/1820). 
O.D. Gil Bias at 17, 25, 52 (Lye. Th. 15/8/1822). L. 127 M. [28/6/1822]. 

Dicks 698. 

[Music Moss.] 
D. Edward the Black Prince; or, The Glories of England in 1356 

(Cob. M. 19/8/1822). 
M.D. Guy Fawkes; or, The Gunpowder Treason (Cob. 9/1822). 

8 1822; Cumberland Minor, vol. iv; Lacy, vol. cxiv. 
Ext. Tom and Jerry in France (Cob. 2/12/1822). 
D. George III, the Father of his People (Cob. 30/8/1824). 
D.O. Malvina (D.L. S. 28/1/1826). L.C. 1/1826. 8 [1826]; 8 1826 

[2nd]; Cumberland, vol. xxxvi. 
[Music T. Cooke.] 


Fairy Tale. Oberon; or, The Charmed Horn (D.L. M. 27/3/1826). 
L.C. 23/3/1826. 8 1826. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 

M.D. The Boy of Santillane; or, Gil Bias and the Robbers of Asturia 
(D.L. M. 16/4/1827). L.C. 7/4/1827. 8 1827; Dicks 698 [as 
Gil Bias; or, The oy of Santillane] ; Cumberland, vol. xxxvi. 

[Music T. Cooke and Blewitt ] 
D. The March of Intelleck; or, Family Masquerading (Surrey, M. 

27/8/1827). Cumberland Minor, vol. xii. 

M.D. The Talisman; or, The Genii of the Elements (Surrey, M. 
7/4/1828). 8 1828. 
[Music Blewitt.] 
Oa. Auld Robin Grey (Surrey, S. 17/5/1828). 

[Music A. Lee.] 

C.O. My Old Woman (Surrey, W. 14/1/1829). Dicks 581. 
P. Harlequin Reformer (Surrey, 1831). 
D. The Danish Wife (Queen's, Th. 10/3/1831). 
Oa. The Piccadilloes (Queen's, W. 13/4/1831). 8 [i 83 1 ; Songs, Duets], 
O. Lestocq; or, The Fete of the Hermitage (C.G. S. 21/2/1835). 
L.C. 18/2/1835. 8 [1835]; Cumberland, vol. xxxiii. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Lestocq; ou, Vmtrigue et I'amour 
(Paris, 24/5/1834); Auber's music arranged by T. Cooke.] 
Oa. Innocent Sins; or, Peccadilloes (Cob. 8/1836). L.C. 15/8/1836. 

[See The Piccadilloes above.] 
O. The Devil's Opera (Lye. M. 13/8/1838). L.C. 8/1838. Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
F. Latin, Love and War; or, If the Cap fits ye, wear it (H. z M. 

1/4/1839). L.C. 2/4/1839. Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 
M. The Emblematical Tribute in Honour of Her Majesty's Nuptials 

(D.L. 10/2/1840). 
C.O. The Matrimonial Ladder (E.O.H. Th. 25/3/1841). 

[Music A. Thomas.] 

O. Don Quixote (D.L. T. 3/2/1846). L.C. 26/1/1846 [as The 
Adventures of D. ).]. 
[Music by the author.] 


The Spanish Father [1808]. 

[See The "Stage" Cyclopedia.] 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 284.] 

F. The First Night's Lodging. 12 [? 1800]. 
M.Ent. The Monopolizer Outwitted ! 12 1800; 12 1801. 
M.Ent. The Soldier's Widow; or, The Happy Relief. 8 1800. 
M.D. The Chance of War; or, The Villain Reclaimed. 12 1801. 
M.Ent. Fashion; or, The World as it goes. 12 1802. 
M.Ent. The First of April ; or, The Fool's Errand (Strolling Players in 

Jersey, 1802). 12 1802. 

M.D. The Lottery Chance; or, The Drunkard Reclaim'd. 12 1803. 
M.D. Britons to Arms; or, The Consul in England. 12 1803. 
M.D. Saw ye Bony coming? or, The Female Volunteers. 12 1804. 
M.Ent. A Touch at the Times; or, An Attempt to please. 12 1804. 
M.Ent. The Coronation I ! or, The British Captives in France. 12 1804. 

MCLAREN] 1800-1850 341 

M.Ent. A Soldier and a Sailor. 12 1805 [see the next play]. 

[An altered version of The Soldier's Widow.] 
Esq. The Old Roscius; or, The World for Novelty... to which is 

added A Soldier and a Sailor. 12 1805. 
O.F. The Highland Drover. 12 [1805]. 

[His earlier play of the same title altered.] 
M.Ent. The Days we live in; or, A Tale of Eighteen Hundred and 

Five. 12 1805. 

M.Ent. A Dish of All Sorts. 12 1806. 
O.F. A Wife to be Sold; or, Who Bids Most?. . .to which is added 

The Slaves. 12 1807. 
M.D. Kenneth, King of Scots; or, The Female Archers. 12 1807. 

[A revised version of The Chance of War.] 

M.Ent. The British Carpenter; or, 1'he Irishman in France. 12 1808. 
M.D. Bessie Bell and Mary Gray; or, Love m the Highlands. 8 1808. 
M.D. The Spanish Heroine; or, The Female Patriots. 12 1808. 
M.Ent. How to grow wise; or, Folly exposed. 12 1808 [Dumfries]. 
O.F. London out of Town; or, The Family Genius's. 12 1809. 
M.D. The Private Theatre; or, The Highland Funeral. 12 1809. 
O.F. Whimsicality; or, Great News from France. 12 1810. 
O.F. Empress and No Empress; or, Mr. Bony's Wedding. 12 1810. 
D.Sk. Spite and Malice; or, A Laughable Accident ... to which is 

added an Humble Attempt to convert The Gentle Shepherd into 

English Prose. 12 1811. 

O.F. Paddy Bull; or, A Cure for the Gout. 12 1811. 
O.F. The Elopement; or, A Caution to Young Ladies. . .to which is 

added The Duelists. 12 1811. 

O.F. The Swindlers; or, Diamond cut Diamond. 12 1812. 
O.F. The Tricks of London; or, Honesty the Best Policy. 12 1812. 
M.D. The Prisoner of War; or, A Most Excellent Story. 12 1813. 

[Also known as The Resource of War.] 

M.D. The Irish Girl; or, Cossack and No Cossack. 12 1813. 
M.Ent. Good News' Good News! or, The Case is Altered. 8 1814. 
M.Ent. Forget and Forgive; or, All made up again. 12" 1814. 
M.D. The Last Shift; or, The Prisoner's Released. 12 1814. 
M.Ent. Mr. Napie's Reception in Elba. 12 1814. 
M.Ent. Retaliation; or, An Hour and a Half in Paris. 12 1815. 
M.D. The Highland Chiefs. 12 1815; The Maid of Lorn; or, The 

Castle of Dunstaffnage. 12" 1815. 

M.Ent. The Man in the Moon; or, Tumble Down Naps. 8 1815, 
M.Ent. The Man-Trap; or, A Scene in Germany. 8 1816. 
M.Ent. The Deceiver; or, Old Robin and his Niece. 12 1816. 
M.Ent. The Debating Club; or, The Noble Revenge. 12 1816. 
M.Ent. The Coup-de-Mam ; or, Love and War in Yankyland. 12 1816. 

[A revised version of The Coup de Main (1784).] 
M.Ent. Live and Hope; or, The Emigrant Prevented. 12 1817. 
M.D. Second Sight; or, A Tale of Other Days. 12 1817. 
M.D. The Highland Robbers; or, Such Things Were. . .To which is 

added Health to the Rich and Work to the Poor: an Interlude. 

12 1817. 
M.Ent. The Half-way House; or, The Battle of the Dandies. 8 1818. 

[This was also published with the titles reversed.] 
M.D. Oliver Cromwell; or, The Scotch Regalia. . .To which is added 

Imitation Tea; or, Death in Disguise. An Interlude. 12 1818. 


M.D. The Siege of Berwick; or, The Brothers Devoted. 8 1818. 
M.D. Filial Duty; or, The Heart of Midlothian. 12 1819. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 

M.D. Wallace the Brave; or, The Siege of Perth. 12 1819. 
Int. The Highland Wedding... To which is added, The Highland 

Funeral. A Farce. 12 1819. 
M.Ent. Females Beware! or, The Ingenious Footman. 8 1820; The 

Plagiarist Detected; or, The Ingenious Footman. 8 1820. 
M.D. The Isle of Mull; or, The Lady on the Rock. 12 1820. 
Int. Folly Exposed! or, Miss Sootie's Masquerade. A Satirical, 

Ironical, Some-let-at all, None-wit-at all, Bombastical, Fantastical, 

not Spurious but quite Curious Interlude. 12 1820. 
M.D. The Unfortunate Youth; or, Bear the worse, and hope for the 

better. 12 1821. 
Int. Food for Mirth ; or, Half an Hour in the Highlands ... To which 

is added A Peep at the Lord Mayor's Show. A Dramatic Piece. 

8 1821 ; Dead and Not Dead, or, Half an Hour in the Highlands. 

8 1821. 

Int. The Royal Visit; or, All Alive in Auld Reekie. 12 1822. 
M.Ent. The New Marriage Act; or, Look before you leap. 12 1822. 
M.Ent. Juvenile Friendship; or, Ancient Animosities. 8 1822. 
O.F. All the World's a Fair ; or, A Merry Day at Greenwich. 12 1822. 
O.F. The Runaway Bride; or, The New Marriage Act Repealed. 

12 1823. 

O.F. The Three Wishes; or, The King's Frolic. 8 1823. 
F. Credulity; or, The Force of Superstition ... To which is added 

A Chip of the Old Block ; or, The Pirates Repulsed. An Interlude. 

12 1823. 

Int. Music has Charms ; or, The Marrow-bones and Cleavers. 12 1824. 
Int. The Ups and Downs of Life; or, The Fortunate Irishman. 

12 1824. 

M.D. The Beautiful Insane; or, The Rose of Morven. 12 1824. 
Int. Arrogance brought down. 12 1824. 

Bsq. The Affair of Honour; or, The Dishonourable Affair. 12 1825. 
Int. Eccentricity; or, Every One has his Whim. 12 1826. 
[Many of these were acted in Scots theatres.] 


M.D. St. Ronan's Well (P'cess, Edinburgh, 5/6/1824). 

M.D. Marmion (Newcastle, 1814). 

[Based on Scott's poem.] 
M.D. Rokeby (Newcastle, 1814). 

[Based on Scott's poem.] 
T. Macbeth (C.G. 6/11/1837). 
T. King Lear (C.G. 25/1/1838). Lacy. 

[See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 194-6.] 
T. Coriolanus (C.G. 12/3/1838). 

[See f'6. ii. 197-8.] 

C. The Tempest (C.G. 13/10/1838). 

[Seei'fc. ii. 200-1.] 

D. Henry V (C.G. 1839). 

[See ib. ii. 201-2.] 

MATHEWS] 1800-1850 343 

C. As You Like It (D.L. 1/10/1842). Lacy. 

[See ib. ii. 205-7.] 

D. Philip van Artevelde (P'cess, M. 22/11/1847). L.C. 13/11/1847. 

[Stage version of the play by Sir HENRY TAYLOR.] 
D. The Bridal. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

[Stage version from Beaumont and Fletcher.] 


M.D. Infanticide; or, The Bohemian Mother (Cob. M. 15/9/1823). 

M.D. Frederick the Great; or, The King and the Deserter (Cob. 

15/9/1824). Dicks 597; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiii. 
D. The Violet (P'cess, T. 18/11/1845). L.C. 11/11/1845. 


M.D. Ignacio. L.C. Albert, 3/3/1845. 

T. Almahidc and Hamet. 8 1804. 

[Based on Dryden, The Conquest of Granada.] 

T. Hector. 8 [1810]. 

[A translation from the French of J. C. J. L. de Lancival.] 


D. Edgar; or, Caledonian Feuds (C.G. F. 9/5/1806). L. 85 M. 
[29/4/1806; as E.; or, Northern F.]. 8 1806. 

[Based on Mrs Radcliffe, The Castles of Athlen and Dumblayne.] 


T. The Patrician's Daughter (D.L. S. 10/12/1842 ; S.W. W. 26/8/1846). 

L.C. 3/12/1842. 8 1841 ; 8 1842 [3 editions] ; Lacy, vol. xliii. 
D.Poem. Gerald. 12 1842. 
F. Borough Politics (H. 2 S. 27/6/1846). L.C. 24/6/1846. Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. xii. 
D. The Heart and the World (H.* 4/10/1847). L.C. 18/10/1847. 

8 1847. 

T. Strathmore (H.* W. 20/6/1849). L.C. 16/6/1849. 8 1849; 
Lacy, vol. Ivi. 

[Based on Scott, Old Mortality.] 

[For his later plays see The Dramatic and Poetical Works, 2 vols. 
8 1876.] 


T. The Natural Son. 8 1805 [Liverpool]. 


C. Lost and Found; or, The Black Forest (Lye. W. 2/1/1811). 

L. 91 M. [22/2/1810]. 8 1811. 

T. The Seducer. 8 1811. 

T. Bentivogho. 8 1824. 

D.R. The Wreck. 8 1824. 

D.R. Blighted Love. 8 1832. 

T. The Stem Resolve. 8 1837. 

Ent. Country Cousins (Lye. M. 28/2/1820). 


Ent. Christmas at Brighton (Lye. 2/1820). 
Ent. The Hypochondriac (Lye. 1/3/1821). 
Ext. Pong Wong (H.* W. 13/9/1826). L.C. 28/8/1826 [as P. W.; or, 

The Horoscope}. 

Ent. The Home Circuit; or, Cockney Gleanings (Lye. 12/3/1827). 
C. The Court Jester (H. 2 Th. 19/7/1832). L.C. 7/7/1832. 
C. My Wife's Mother (H.> W. 3/7/1833). L.C. 27/6/1833. Dicks 659 ; 

Lacy, vol. xxm. 

C. Pyramus and Thisbe, or, The Party Wall (H. 2 W. 14/8/1833). 
Ba. Truth; or, A Glass too much (Adel. M. 10/3/1834). L.C. 8/3/1834. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii. 

M.D. Mandrm (Adcl. M. 28/9/1835). L.C. 23/9/1835. Dicks 931. 
F. The Hump-backed Lover (Olym. M. 7/12/1835). L.C. 7/12/1835. 

Dicks 660; Cumberland, vol. xii. 

Ba. He would be an Actor (Olym. M. 31/10/1836). L.C. 1837. 
Ba. Why did you Die? (Olym. M. 20/11/1837). L.C. 1837. Dicks 662', 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. 11. 
Ba. The Ring-doves (Olym. M. 11/12/1837). L.C. 9/12/1837. Dicks 

66 1 ; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. Series 11; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. in. 
Ba. The Black Domino (Olym. Th. 18/1/1838). L.C. 1837. Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. 111. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Le domino noir (Paris, 2/9/1837), with 

music by Aubei .] 
F. Patter versus Clatter (Olym. 21/5/1838; C.G. W. 15/9/1841). 

L.C. 19/5/1838. Dicks 660; Lacy. 
Int. Two in the Morning (C.G. S. 3/10/1840). L.C. 23/9/1840. 

Dicks 946; Lacy, vol. xx. 
F. The Dowager (C.G. S. 3/12/1842). L.C. H. a 5/12/1842. Dicks 662; 

Lacy, vol. xxii. 

[An adaptation of Le chateau de ma mere.] 
F. Used Up (H.> T. 6/2/1844). See D. BOUCICAULT. 
C. A Match for a King (H. 2 M. 7/10/1844). L.C. 14/10/1844. 

[A version of Don Caesar de Bazan.\ 
F. Astounding Phenomena (Lye. M. 7/2/1848). L.C. 18/12/1847. 


T. Bertram; or, The Castle of St. Aldobrand (D.L. Th. 9/5/1816). 
8 1816 [7 editions] ; Cumberland, vol. xlni; Dicks 61. 

[Music Cooke.] 

T. Manuel (D.L. S. 8/3/1817). L. 68 S. [15/2/1817]. 8 1817 
[3 editions]. 

[Music Cooke.] 
T. Fredolfo (C.G. W. 12/5/1819). L. 114 M. [19/4/1819]. 8 1819. 


[For his earlier works see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 286.] 
T. The Fall of the Mogul, Founded on an interesting Portion of 

Indian History, and attempted partly on the Greek Model. With 

other occasional poems. 8 1806. 


F. Make your Wills (H.' S. 16/7/1836). L.C. 14/7/1836. Cumberland, 
vol. xxxv ; Lacy, vol. lix. 

[Written in collaboration with G. SMITH.] 

MILDENHALL] 1800-1850 345 


F. The Wandering Minstrel (Fitzroy, Th. 16/1/1834). Dicks 1040; 

Lacy, vol. xxiii. 

F. "But however " (H.* T. 30/10/1838). L.C. 24/10/1838. Mod. 
Eng. Com. Th. vol. i ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v; Lacy, Supp. vol. iii. 

[Written in collaboration with H. BAYLIS.] 
Ba. The Young Sculptor (St J. M. 11/2/1839). L.C. 1839. 


D. Ambition; or, Marie Mignot (JH. a M. 13/9/1830). L.C. 7/9/1830. 
12 1830; Dicks 781 ; Richardson; Cumberland, vol. xxxiv. 


F. Who's to Blame; or, No Fool like an Old One. 8 1805; 8 1813 

[in Thespian Gleanings]. 

Ba. My Husband's Secret; or, Natural Magic (Adel. Th. 21/11/1822). 
L. 85 S. [19/9/1822]. 


D. Nick of the Woods (Vic. M. 29/4/1839). Dicks 547. 
[Originally produced in New York, 5/2/1838.] 


C.O. The Ambassadress. L.C. Grecian, 29/6/1848. 

[An adaptation of Scribe and de Saint Georges, Uambassadrice 
(Paris, 21/9/1836), with music by Auber.] 

T. Mary Stuart. 8 1801. 

[A translation of Schiller, Maria Stuart (1801).] 


D. Barnaby Rudge (E.O.H. M. 28/6/1841). See C. SELBY. 


D. The Road to Happiness (Standard, M. 11/12/1848). L.C. 

D. Punishment in Six Stages (Standard, M. 5/2/1849). L.C. 19/1/1849. 


D. The Adventures of Ulysses; or, The Return to Ithaca. 8 1810. 


D. Richard, Duke of York ; or, The Contention of York and Lancaster 
(D.L. M. 22/12/1817). L. 67 S. [13/11/1817]. 8 1817. 
[An alteration of Shakespeare, Henry VI.} 


Ba. A Sprig of Shillelah; or, An Irishman in all his Glory (S.W. M. 

F. The Post of Honour (Lye. M. 8/4/1844). L.C. 1/4/1844 [as The 

P. of H.; or, The Valiant Sentinel}. Duncombe, vol. xlix; Lacy, 

vol. xlviii. 

C. The Governor's Wife (Lye. Th. 7/8/1845). L.C. 30/7/1845. 
Dicks 990; Lacy, vol. xxxi. 

D. The Death Wedding (Queen's, 27/10/1845). L.C. 24/10/1845. 
Ca. Sister and I (Lye. Th. 4/6/1846). L.C. 23/5/1846. Dicks 383; 

Duncombe, vol. Ivi. 

D. The Stolen Will; or, The Haunted House (Queen's, 7/12/1846). 
L.C. 12/12/1846. 


Esq. Joan of Arc; or, The Maid of All-he-uns (Olym. M. 5/4/1847). 

L.C. 3/4/1847. 

D. The Ship of Glass (Queen's, M. 5/4/1847). L.C. 3/4/1847. 
F. Brigands in the Bud (Olym. M. 22/1/1849). L.C. 19/12/1848. 

Duncombe, vol. Ixiii. 


F. The Fond Uncle. L.C. Manchester, 11/11/1843. 

O.F. The Bee Hive (Lye. S. 19/1/1811). L. 53 S. [12/1/1811]. 8i8ii; 
Cumberland, vol. xxx. 
[Music Horn.] 

Int. Ladies at Home; or, Gentlemen, we can do without you (H.* S. 
7/8/1819). L. 23 L. [30/7/1819]. Lacy, vol. x. 

O.F. The Illustrious Stranger (D.L.Th. 4/10/1827). SeeJ.KENNEY. 

D. The King's Fool; or, The Old Man's Curse (Vic. W. 17/7/1833). 

F. Who'll lend me a Wife? (Vic. T. 22/7/1834). Dicks 647; Dun- 
combe, vol. xvin; Lacy, vol. iii. 

D. The Miser's Daughter. 12 1835. 

Ba. Borrowed Feathers (Queen's, F. 29/1/1836). Dicks 967; Dun- 
combe, vol. xx. 


C. Sharps and Flats. L.C. Edinburgh, 9/3/1846. 


T. Fazio (Surrey, 22/12/1816, as The Italian Wife;C.G.Th. 5/2/1818). 
L. 113 M. [7/3/1818; printed copy]. 8 1815 [Oxford]; 8 1816 
[Oxford; 2nd] ; 8 1818 [4 editions] ; Dicks 22; Lacy, vol. Ixvi. 

D. Samor. 8 1818 [2 editions]. 
D.Poem. The Martyr of Antioch. 8 1822. 

D.Poem. The Fall of Jerusalem. 8 1820 [bis'] ; 8 1821; 8 1822. 
D.Poem. Belshazzar. 8 1822. 
D.Poem. Anne Boleyn. 8 1826. 


F. The Philosopher. 8 1819. 

[A translation of the German play attributed (wrongly) to 


D.R. Barmecide; or, The Fatal Offspring (D.L. T. 3/11/1818). 
L. 113 M. [28/10/1818]. 8 1818. 

[Music Cooke.] 

M.D. The Jew of Lubeck; or, The Heart of a Father (D.L. T. 
11/5/1819). L 75 S. [25/3/1819]. 8 1819 [bis]. 

[Music Cooke.] 
Ba. Twelve Precisely; or, A Night at Dover (Olym. M. 1/1/1821; 

H. 3 11/10/1822). L. 23 L. [23/12/1820]. 

D.D. The Bandit of the Blind Mine (Cob. M. 15/10/1821). 12 [1821]. 
F. Bears not Beasts; or, Four Legs better than Two (Cob. M. 

3/12/1821). Dicks 387. 

M.D. The Temple of Death (Cob. W. 26/12/1821). 12 [1821]. 
M.D. Frankenstein; or, The Demon of Switzerland (Cob. M. 
18/8/1823). Lacy, vol. Ixxv; Duncombe, vol. ii [as The Man and 
the Monster]. 

[Based on Mrs Shelley's romance.] 

MITFORD] 1800-1850 347 


C 02- or, The Veteran and his Projeny (Cob. M. 25/6/1827; D.L. 
6/6/1838). L.C. D.L. 2/6/1838 [titles reversed]. Dicks 651; 
Duncombe, vol. Ixvi; Lacy, vol. xxxvi. 

M D The Hut of the Red Mountains ; or, Thirty Years of a Gambler s 
' Life (Cob. M. 3/9/1827). 8 1827; 12 [1830]. 

[Based on V. Ducagne, Trente ans; ou, la vie d'unjoueur.j 
M.D. The Gambler's Fate; or, A Lapse of Twenty Years (D.L. M. 
15/10/1827). L.C. 15/10/1827. 8 1827; Dicks 308. 

[It appears that both these versions were by MilnerJ 
M.D. St. Valentine's Eve; or, The Fair Maid of Perth (Cob. M. 

[This dramatisation of Scott's novel also appeared as The F. M. 
of P.; or, The Battle of the Inch.] 
M.D. The Spirit of the Waters; or, Undine and the Goblin Page 

(Cob. M. 9/3/1829). 

M.D. Masaniello; or, The Dumb Girl of Portici (Cob. M. 3/5/1829). 
Cumberland Minor, vol. i. 

[An adaptation of Scribe and Delavigne, La muette de Portici 
(Paris, 29/1/1828), with music by Auber.] 

F. Woman's Wit; or, Who's to have him? (Cob. M. 23/11/1829). 
F. Dead Men's Shoes (Cob. M. 23/11/1829). 

R.D. Mazeppa; or, The Wild Horse of Tartary (R.A. M. 4/4/1831). 
Dicks 620 ; Cumberland Minor, vol. v. 

[Based on Byron's poem.] 
D. Victorine (S.W. M. 9/1/1832). Dicks 352. 

Ba. Chevy Chase; or, The Battle of Otterburn (R.A. M. 23/4/1832). 
D. The Tower of Nesle; or, The Dark Gondola (Cob. M. 3/9/1832). 

Duncombe, vol. x. 
D. Gustavus of Sweden; or, The Masked Ball (Vic. F. 8/11/1833). 

Dicks 630; Duncombe, vol. xiii. 

Ba. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green (Vic. W. 19/2/1834). 
M.D. The Vacant Chair; or, Scotland and Algiers (S.W.T. 18/11/1834). 
D. The Idiot Queen ; or, The Chapel of Miracles (S.W. M. 19/1/1835). 
D. The Temple of Death (S.W. M. 27/4/1835). 

[See above under 26/12/1821.] 
M.D. Don Juan's Early Days (C.L. 1837). Duncombe, vol. xxxv. 

[Written in collaboration with E. STIRLING.} 
Ent. Dick Turpin's Ride to York (Surrey, M. 30/8/1841). Dicks 632. 


C. The Comedy of A Wife to be Lett. . .compressed into two Acts. 
8 1802. 

[An adaptation of Mrs Haywood's comedy.] 


T. Julian (C.G. S. 15/3/1823). 8 1823 \bis}\ 8 1827 [with Foscan\\ 

Cumberland, vol. xxxii. 
T. The Foscari (C.G. S. 4/11/1826). L.C. 30/10/1826. 8 1826; 

8 1827; Cumberland, vol. xxxiv; Lacy, vol. Ixxxvi. 
Dramatic Scenes. 8 1827. 

NDII 23 


T. Rienzi (D.L. Th. 9/10/1828). L.C. 4/10/1828. 12 1828 [4 editions] ; 

Cumberland, vol. xxiv; Lacy, vol. xc. 
T. Inez de Castro. L.C. 28/2/1831. Dicks 672. 
T. Charles I (Vic. W. 2/7/1834). 8 1834; Dicks 667. 

[See copy of the Charles I in L.C. 15/10/1825, when a licence 
was refused, and the accompanying correspondence.] 
R.D. Sadak and Kalascade (E.O.H. M. 20/4/1835). L.C. 4/4/1835- 
8 [1835]. 

[Music Packer.] 


T. The Piccolomini. 8 1827 [Edinburgh]. 

[A translation of Schiller, Die Piccolomini and Wallensteins Tod.] 

MOLINI, Miss. 

D. William Tell. 8 1846. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 

Spec. Moscow (Regency, 18 1 o). 
O.F. The Diamond Arrow; or, The Postmaster's Wife, and the 

Mayor's Daughter (Olym. M. 18/12/1815). L. 104 M. [14/12/1815]. 

8 1816; Richardson Minor, vol. iii; Cumberland Minor, vol. x. 

[Music G. W. Reeve.] 
Ba. All at Coventry; or, Love and Laugh (Olym. M. 8/1/1816). 

L. 63 S. [2/1/1816]. 8 [1816]; 8 1825; D^k* 9', Richardson 

Minor, vol. ii; Cumberland, vol. iii; Lacy, vol. lix. 
Ba. Joconde; or, Le Prince Troubadour (Olym. M. 29/1/1816). 

L. 63 S. [23/1/1816]. Richardson Minor, vol. ii; Dicks 538; 

Cumberland Minor, vol. xii. 
O.Ext. Giovanni in London ; or, The Libertine Reclaimed (Olym. F. 

26/12/1817; S.W. M. 19/4/1830). London Stage, vol. iii; Cum- 
berland, vol. xvii; B.D. vol. iii; 8 1825; Dicks 104; 8 1818 

[Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 
Ba. Rochester; or, King Charles the Second's Merry Days (Olym. M. 

16/11/1818). L. 728. [14/11/1818]. 8 1819; 8 1X25; Dicks 528; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxxiii; Richardson Minor, vol. i; Cumberland Minor, 

vol. xi. 

Ba. The Dandy Family and the Ascot Jockies (R.A. M. 15/6/1818). 
C. Wanted a Wife ; or, A Cheque on my Banker's (D.L. M. 3/5/1819). 

L. 73 S. [27/4/1819]- 8 1819. 

[See A Cheque on my Banker (D.L. 1821) under UNKNOWN 


C. Pigeons and Crows (H.> S. 28/8/1819). L. 75 S. [17/8/1819]. 

[This was claimed by T. HOOK but the bills distinctly advertise 
Moncrieff as the author.] 

Ba. The Green Dragon; or, I've quite forgot (Adel. S. 23/10/1819). 
L. 73 S. [8/10/1819]. 

D. Ivanhoe; or, The Jewess (Cob. 24/1/1820). 8 1820; Duncombe, 
vol. xix. 

D. The Lear of Private Life; or, Father and Daughter (Cob. Th. 
27/4/1820). Dicks 924; Richardson Minor, vol. i; Cumberland 
Minor, vol. vii. 

[Based on Mrs Opie, Father and Daughter.] 

MONCRIEFF] 1800-1850 349 

M.D. The Shipwreck of the Medusa; or, The Fatal Raft (Cob. M. 

19/6/1820; R.P. M. 16/1/1831). Richardson Minor, vol. iv; 

Cumberland Minor, vol. xri. 
M.D. The Ravens of Orleans; or, The Forest of Cercotte (Cob. M. 

3/7/1820). Cumberland Minor, vol. xv. 

M.D. The Vampire (Cob. T. 22/8/1820). Richardson Minor, vol. iii. 
Bsq.M.D. Teresa Tomkins; or, The Fruits of Geneva (Olym. S. 

24/3/1821). L. 83 S. [13/3/1821]. 8 1821. 
D. A Mother and Son (D.L. T. 24/4/1821). L. 79 S. [4/1821]. 
F. The Spectre Bridegroom; or, A Ghost in spite of himself (D.L. 

M. 2/7/1821). L. 121 M. [28/6/1821]. 8 1821; Dicks 353; 

Cumberland, vol. xvi ; Lacy, vol. xxxv. 
F. Monsieur Tonson (D.L. Th. 20/9/1821). L. 79 S. [17/9/1821]. 

8 1821; 8 1824; Dicks 115; French Minor; French 102; London 

Stage, vol. iii; Cumberland, vol. xvi; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv. 

C. The Lost Life (D.L. T. 13/11/1821). L. 82 S. [12/10/1821]. 

Ba. Tom and Jerry; or, Life in London (Adel. M. 26/11/1821). 

L. 120 M. [23/11/1821]. 8 1826; Dicks 82; French Minor N.Y.; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxxviii; Richardson's New Minor, vol. i; Cumberland, 

vol. xxxiii. 

[Based on Egan's sketches.] 
F. The Adventures of a Ventriloquist ; or, The Rogueries of Nicholas 

(Adel. 1822; Bath, 18/1/1823). 12 1822. 
Ba. Actors al Fresco (Vauxhall, 1823). 8 [1827; Songs]. 

[Music J. Blewitt, T. Cooke and C. E. Horn.] 
F. The Secret; or, The Hole in the Wall (Adel. 29/2/1823). 8 1825 ; 

French Minor, vol. xvii; Douglas Minor N.Y. vol. iii; Buncombe, 

vol. iii [as The Party Wall]. 
M.D. Fazio (D.L. M. 27/10/1823]. 
M.D. The Cataract of the Ganges! or, The Rajah's Daughter (D.L. 

M. 27/10/1823). L. 86 S. [9/10/1823]. 8 1823 ; Richardson [1830] ; 

French N.Y. vol. clxxx; Cumberland, vol. xxxiii. 
M.D. Zoroaster; or, The Spirit of the Star (D.L. M. 19/4/1824). 

L.C. 13/4/1824. 8 1824 [bis]. 
O.F. The Bashful Man (E.O.H. M. 20/9/1824). Dicks 100; London 

Stage, vol. iv; Cumberland Minor, vol. xv; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. 

vol. v; B.D. vol. x. 
M.D. Jack Sheppard, the Housebreaker; or, London in 1724 (Cob. 

M. 18/4/1825; Vic. M. 21/10/1839, as J. S.; or, The Progress of 

Vaud. The Kiss and the Rose; or, Love in the Nursery Grounds 

(Vauxhall, F. 10/8/1827). 8 182?. 
F. Home for the Holidays (Surrey, 8/1/1838). 
M.D. The Somnambulist; or, The Phantom of the Village (C.G. T. 

19/2/1828). 8 1828; Dicks 224; Cumberland, vol. xviii; Lacy, 

vol. Ixxxvi. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La somnabule (Paris, 6/12/1819).] 
Ba. The Irresistibles (Surrey, M. 11/8/1828). Duncombe, vol. xv. 

D. Monsieur Mallet ; or, My Daughter's Letter (Adel. Th. 22/1/1829). 
8 1851; Dicks 936. 

[Music J. Barnett.] 
M.D. Father and Daughter; or, The Victim of Seduction (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Pestilence of Marseilles; or, The Four Thieves (Surrey, 



M. 20/10/1829). Richardson Minor, vol. ii; Cumberland Minor > 

vol. xi. 

[An adaptation of Pixe*recourt, La peste de Marseille (Paris, 

Ext. Van Dieman's Land; or. Settlers and Natives (Surrey, Th. 

11/2/1830). Dicks 918; Richardson Minor, vol. iv; Cumberland 

Minor, vol. x. 
D. The Heart of London! or, A Sharper's Progress (Adel. M. 

15/2/1830; Cob. M. 31/10/1831). L.C. 1829. 8 1839; Dicks 430. 
M.D. The Beggar of Cripplegate; or, The Humours of Bluff King 

Hal (Surrey, S. 6/3/1830; S.W. M. 21/1/1833). Cumberland 

Minor, vol. xi. 
M.C. Shakespeare's Festival ; or, The New Comedy of Errors (Surrey, 

F- 23/4/1830). 12 [1830]; Richardson Minor, vol. iv; Cumberland 

Minor, vol. x. 
M.D. Old Heads on Young Shoulders ; or, The House in the Forest 

(Surrey, F. 7/5/1830). 
Vaud. Bringing Home the Bride! or, The Husband's First Journey 

(Adel. T. 1/3/1831). L.C. 7/2/1831 [with titles reversed]. 8 1838; 

Dicks 666. 

[An adaptation of Le voyage de la marine.] 
D. Reform ; or, John Bull Triumphant (Cob. M. 14/3/1831). Richard- 

son Minor, vol. iv; Cumberland Minor, vol. xiii. 
D. Gipsy Jack (Cob. 30/5/1831). Cumberland Minor, vol. ix. 
M.D. Eugene Aram; or, St. Robert's Cave (Surrey, W. 8/2/1832). 

Dicks 312; Cumberland Minor, vol. x; Lacy, vol. ciii. 

C. Peer and Peasant (H. a T. 11/9/1832). L.C. 31/8/1832. 8 1836; 
Dicks 639. 

M.D. Lochmvar; or, The Bridal of Netherby (R.A. M. 24/9/1832). 

D. One Fault (Cob. 7/1/1833). 

Vaud. How to take up a Bill; or, The Village Vauxhall (City, M. 
4/11/1833; Vic. T. 10/11/1835). 8 x8 3 7. 

[Based on Melesville, Uami bontemps; ou, la maison de mon oncle.] 
D. The Waggoner of Westmoreland (Garrick, 6/1/1834). 
Ba. Lestocq (Vic. 2/3/1835). Duncombe, vol. xvi. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Lestocq; ou, Vintrigue et Vamour 
(Paris, 24/5/1834), with music by Auber.] 

D.Spec. The Jewess; or, The Council of Constance (Vic. M. 
30/11/1835). L.C. 13/11/1835. Dicks 416; French N.Y. vol. 


[An adaptation of Scribe, La Juive (Paris, 23/2/1835), with 
music by Hale"vy.] 

O.F. The Parson's Nose! or, The Birth Day Dinner (Vic. T. 
8/12/1835). 8 1837. 

[Music G. B. Chapman. An adaptation of De"saugiers, Le diner 

de Madelon; ou, le bourgeois du Marais. It is said that MoncriefFs 

play was first acted at the City, 4/11/1833; I have not found a 

record of this performance.] 

F. The Winterbottoms ! or, My Aunt, the Dowager (Strand, M. 

5/6/1837). L.C. 2/6/1837. 8 1837. 

Ba. Sam Weller; or, The Pickwickians (Strand, M. 10/7/1837; "new 
edition," Strand, M. 16/4/1838). L.C. 6/7/1837. 8 1837; Dicks 
541 ; Lacy, vol. i [new series], 
[Based on Dickens' sketches.] 

MORTON] 1800-1850 351 

C. The "Tobit's Dog!" (Strand, M. 30/4/1838). L.C. 27/4/1838. 
8 1838; Dicks 438. 

F. Tarnation Strange; or, More Jonathans (Strand, F. 3/8/1838). 

L.C. 28/6/1838. 8 1842; Dicks 687. 

Int. Foreign Airs and Native Graces (H. a M. 1/7/1839). L.C. 1839. 
Ba. The Ballad Singer (Strand, 12/8/1839). L.C. 12/8/1839. 
P. Harlequin and Jack of Newbury; or, Baa, baa, Black Sheep and 

the Old Woman of Berkeley (Vic. S. 26/12/1840). 
M.D. Giselle; or, The Phantom Night Dancers (S.W. M. 23/8/1841). 

L.C. Liverpool, 6/7/1842. 8 1842. 

[Music A. Adam. Based on a ballet of Giselle (Paris, 28/6/1841).] 

D. Perourou, the Bellows Mender; or, The Beauty of Lyons (S.W. 
M. 14/2/1842). Dicks 608; Ames 89; Dimcombe, vol. Ivni. 

D. Far Off; or, The Royal Visit to Edinburgh (S.W. M. 26/9/1842). 
D. The Red Farm; or, The Well of St. Marie (S.W. W. 31/8/1842). 

Dicks 6n. 
M.D. The Wood Wolf of the Black Mountains; or, The Milo of 

Brittany (S.W. M. 28/11/1842). 
M.D. The Scamps of London; or, The Cross Roads of Life (S.W. 

M. 13/11/1843). L.C. 9/11/1843 [under sub-title]. 8 1851; 

Dicks 472; French 1213 ; Lacy, vol. Ixxxi. 
[Based on Sue, Les mysteres de Paris.] 
F. Borrowing a Husband (P'cess, M. 27/11/1843). L.C. 25/11/1843. 

Dicks 699. 

D. Caesar, the Watch Dog of the Castle (Vic. 29/4/1844). Dicks 745. 
Vaud. The Mistress of the Mill (S.W. W. 17/10/1849). L.C. 5/3/1849). 

12 1850; Dicks 423 ; Lacy, vol. xxi. 

[Based on Me"lesville, Meuniere de Marty.] 


M.D. The Heart of Midlothian (Pantheon, Edinburgh, 1/2/1819). 


C.O. The Gipsy Prince (II. 2 F. 24/7/1801). L. 40 S. [17/7/1801]. 

[Music M. Kelly.] 

T. Montbar; or, The Buccaneers. 8 1804. 

C.O. M.P.; or, The Blue Stocking (Lye. M. 9/9/1811). L. 93 M. 
[30/8/1811]. 8 1811. 

[Music by the author.] 

Int. Lodgings to Let (Strand, M. 6/5/1839). L.C. 5/3/1839. 


Bsq. Conolanus Travestie. 8 1846 [Liverpool], 


O. The Maid of Saxony. 8 1842. 
D. Brier Cliff. 8 1842. 


P. Harlequin and Margery Daw ; or, The Saucy Slut and the Sea-Saw 

(Adel. Th. 26/12/1833). L.C. 23/12/1833. 
C.O. The Dragon (E O.H. M. 4/8/1834). L-C. 4/8/1834. 

[Music A. Lee.] 

F. My First Fit of the Gout (Queen's, M. 9/3/1835). Lacy, vol. xi. 
F. My Husband's Ghost (H.* T. 26/4/1836). L.C. 4/4/1836. Cum- 
berland, vol. xxxv; Lacy, vol. xciii. 


Ba. The Sentinel (Olym. 23/2/1837). L.C. 10/2/1837 [as Halt! or, 

The S.]. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
Ext. The Spitfire (E.O.H. W. 13/9/1837). L.C. 1837. Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. ii; Lacy, vol. Ixii [as Alabama], 
O.F. The Barbers of Bassora (C.G. S. 11/11/1837). L.C. 1837. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 

[Music J. Hullah.] 
F. The Original (C.G. M. 13/11/1837). L.C. 1837. Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. ii. 
F. Chaos is come again; or, The Race Ball (C.G. M. 19/11/1838). 

L.C. 1838. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 
F. Sayings and Doings; or, The Rule of Contrary (C.G. Th. 

18/4/1839). L.C. 17/4/1839. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
F. Brother Ben (C.G. W. 9/12/1840). L.C. 7/12/1840. Lacy, vol. xxxiv. 
F. The Wrong Man (C.G. S. 6/1 1/1841). L.C. 29/10/1841. Dicks 433. 
P. Guy Earl of Warwick; or, Harlequin and the Dun Cow (C.G. S. 


[Probably the same pantomime occurs in L.C. Birmingham, 

F. The Attic Story (D.L. 19/5/1842). Cumberland, vol. xlii; Mod. 

Eng. Com. Th. vol. lii. 
Ba. Cousin Lambkin (C.G. S. 8/10/1842). L.C. 6/7/1842. Duncombe, 

vol. xlv. 
F. The Highwayman (C.G. W. 4/1/1843). L.C. 27/12/1842. 12 

F. The Thumping Legacy (D.L. S. 11/2/1843; S.W. M. 19/8/1844). 

L.C. 7/1/1843- 12 [1843]. 
F. The Double-bedded Room (H.* S. 3/6/1843). L.C. 1/6/1843. 

Duncombe, vol. xlvii. 
F. My Wife's Second Floor (P'cess, Th. 22/6/1843). Duncombe, 

vol. xlvii ; Lacy, vol. xliv. 
F. The Wedding Breakfast (H.* Th. 24/8/1843). L.C. 21/8/1843. 

Duncombe, vol. xlvii. 
F. My Wife's Come (D.L. W. 18/10/1843). L.C. 11/10/1843. 

Duncombe, vol. xlviii. 

F. Slight Mistakes (C.G. W. 18/10/1843). L.C. 7/10/1843. 
F. The Railroad Trip (H. a M. 23/10/1843). See T. MORTON. 
F. The Milliner's Holyday (H.* S. 29/6/1844). L.C. 25/6/1844. 

Duncombe, vol. 1; Lacy, vol. xxxvin. 
F. Young England (H.* 8.30/11/1844). L.C. 26/11/1844. Duncombe, 

vol. Ii. 
F. The Corporal's Wedding (Adel. M. 20/1/1845). L.C. 18/1/1845). 

L.C. 18/1/1845 [as The C. W.; or, A Kiss from the Bride]. Dun- 

combe, vol. hi. 
F. The Mother and Child are doing well (Adel. M. 24/2/1845). 

L.C. 1/3/1845. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 
F. The King and I (H.> W. 4/6/1845). L.C. 2/6/1845. Duncombe, 

vol. liii; Lacy, vol. xl. 
F. Who's the Composer? (H. T. 28/10/1845). L.C. 27/10/1845. 

Duncombe, vol. hv. 
F. Lend me Five Shillings (H. Th. 19/2/1846). Lacy, vol. xxx; 

Duncombe, vol. Iv. 
F. The Irish Tiger (H. S. 2/5/1846). L.C. 5/5/1846. Lacy, vol. 

xxxiv; Duncombe, vol. Ivi. 

MORTON] 1800-1850 353 

F. Done on Both Sides (Lye. Th. 24/2/1847). L.C. 22/2/1847. 

Lacy, vol. xxvi; Duncombe, vol. Ixi. 
F. Who did you take me for? (H. T. 1/6/1847). Lacy, vol. cxi; 

Duncombe, vol. lix. 
F. Who's my Husband (H. 16/10/1847). L.C. 18/10/1847. Lacy, 

vol. Ixxx; Duncombe, vol. Ix. 
F. Box and Cox (Lye. M. 1/11/1847). L.C. 31/10/1847. Dicks 

1059; Lacy, vol. v; Duncombe, vol. Ix; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. 

vol. iv. 

[Based on Une chambre a deux lits; see The Double-bedded Room, 

Ca. Old Honesty (H. a Th. 6/4/1848). L.C. 8/4/1848. Duncombe, 

vol. Ixi; Lacy, vol. xxxviii. 
F. Going to the Derby (Adel. M. 22/5/1848). L.C. 20/5/1848. 

Duncombe, vol. Ixii; Lacy, vol. xxxvii. 
F. Poor Pillicoddy (Lye. W. 12/7/1848). L.C. 18/7/1848. Lacy, 

vol. xxxviii; Duncombe, vol. Ixii. 
D. The Midnight Watch. L.C. M'bone, 5/10/1848. Lacy, vol. xxxix; 

Duncombe, vol. Ixii. 
F. Slasher and Crasher (Adel. M. 13/11/1848). Duncombe, vol. Ixii; 

Lacy, vol. viii. 

F. Your Life's in Danger (H.* W. 20/12/1848). L.C. 14/12/1848. 

Duncombe, vol. Ixin; Lacy, vol. ix. 
F. The Trumpeter's Wedding (H.* W. 21/3/1849). L.C. 

F. John Dobbs; or, A Dab at Anything (Strand, 23/4/1849). L.C. 

21/4/1849. Duncombe, vol. Ixiv; Lacy, vol. vii. 
F. A Most Unwarrantable Intrusion (Adel. M. 11/6/1849). L.C. 

18/5/1849 Duncombe, vol. Ixiv; Lacy, vol. vii. 
F. Where there's a Will there's a Way (Strand, Th. 6/9/1849). L.C. 

21/7/1849. Duncombe, vol. Ixiv; Lacy f vol. ix. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 288-9.] 
C. Speed the Plough (C.G. S. 8/2/1800). L. 38 S. [29/1/1800]. 

8 1800 [10 editions]; 8 1805; Dicks 23; Cumberland, vol. xv; 

Lacy, vol. li; B.D. vol. iv. 
C.O. The Blind Girl; or, A Receipt for Beauty (C.G. W. 22/4/1801). 

L. 40 S. [26/3/1801]. 

[Music Mazzinghi and Reeve.] 
C. Beggar my Neighbour; or, A Rogue's a Fool (H. a S. 10/7/1802). 

L. 41 S. [3/7/1802]. 

[Partly based on Iffland, Die Neffen.] 
C. The School of Reform; or, How to rule a Husband (C.G. T. 

15/1/1805). L. 83 M. [8/1/1805]. 8 1805; Dicks 216; Cumberland, 

vol. xvii. 
C. Town and Country (C.G. T. 10/3/1807). 8 1807; 8 1815; 

Dicks 345 ; Cumberland, vol. xxiii. 
M.D. The Knight of Snowdoun (C.G. T. 5/2/1811). L. 94 M. 

[12/1/1811]. 8 1811. 

[Based on Scott, The Lady of the Lake. Music Bishop.] 
C. Education (C.G. T. 27/4/1813). L. 100 M. [20/3/1813]. 8 1813; 

Cumberland, vol. xvi. 


M.D. The Slave (C.G. T. 12/11/1816). 8 1816; 8 1816 [Airs, Duets, 

Chorusses]; 8 1818 [2nd]; Cumberland, vol. xxii. 

[Music Bishop.] 
F. Who's my Father? (C.G. M. 13/4/1818). L. 113 M. [5/4/1818; 

as My Father! Methinks I see my Father!]. 
F. A Roland for an Oliver (C.G. Th. 29/4/1819). L. 73 S. [23/4/1819]. 

8 1819; Lacy, vol. Ixxv; Dicks 337. 

[Based on Scribe, Une visile d Bedlam (Paris, 24/4/1818).] 
M.R. Henri Quatre; or, Pans in the Olden Time (C.G. S. 22/4/1820). 

L. 118 M. [7/4/1820]. 8 [1820]. 
C. A School for Grown Children (C.G. T. 9/1/1827). L.C. 30/12/1826. 

8 1827 [bis]', Dicks 716. 
O.F. The Invincibles (C.G. Th. 28/2/1828). L.C. 27/2/1828. Cum 

her land, vol. xxxvi. 
[Music A. Lee.] 

O. The Sublime and Beautiful (C.G. F. 5/12/1828). L.C. 10/11/1828. 
M.D. Peter the Great; or, The Battle of Pultawa (D.L. S. 21/2/1829). 

L.C. 17/2/1829. 

[Music Cooke and Dr Carnaby; written in collaboration with 

J. KENNEY. An adaptation of Frederic du Petit-M(5r6, La 

bataille de Pultawa (Pans, 1808).] 

C. Separation and Reparation (H. z Th. 1/7/1830). L.C. 25/5/1830. 


F. The Windmill (D.L. T. 25/1/1842; S.W. M. 9/8/1847). L.C. 

F. The Eton Boy (D.L. S. 29/10/1842; Lye. M. 8/2/1847). L.C. 


F. The Angel of the Attic (P'cess, S. 27/5/1843). Buncombe, vol. xlvi. 
F. The Railroad Trip; or, London, Birmingham and Bristol (H.* M. 
23/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. Duncombe, vol xlviii. 
[Written in collaboration with J. M. MORTON.] 

D. Judith of Geneva (Adel. M. 29/1/1844). L.C. 26/12/1843. Dun- 
combe, vol. li. 

D. The Drunkard's Glass (Lye. M. 21/4/1845). L.C. 21/4/1845. 
F. Seeing Wright (Adel. M. 29/9/1845). L.C. 25/9/1845. 
F. The Dance of the Shirt; or, The Sempstress's Ball (Adel. M. 
30/10/1848). L.C. 3/11/1848. Duncombe, vol. Ixiii. 

MORTON, Hon. Mrs. 

D. TheGypseyFather(C.G.T. 31/5/1831). L.C. 30/5/1831. 


[I have not been able to find exemplars of the following plays listed in 
the Biographia Dramatica (1812) i. 527-8: Cephisa (1804), The 
Minc'd Pie (1806), The Gipsies (12 1807), The Upholsterer (1807), 
The Comet (1807), The Best Heart in the World (12 1807), 
Arabella, The Barber of Pera, The Bubbles (1808), Don Quixote in 
Barcelona (12 1808), JEsop (1808), Nourmahal Empress of Hindostan 
(1808), The Purr ah (1808), Scenes in Imitation of the Rehearsal 
(1809), An Additional Scene to As You Like It (1809), An Additional 
Scene to The Alchymist (1809), British Loyalty (1809), The Gleaner 
(1809), The Revenge of Ceres (1810), Orbis; or, The World in the 
Moon (1810), Ingratitude (1810), The Freeholder (1810), Adelfrid 
(12 1811). I assume that the most of these were not printed.] 

NEALE] 1800-1850 355 


C. The Irishman in Italy (False and True). 1806. 

[See Clarence, The "Stage" Cyclopaedia. I cannot trace this 


Int. Family Treacheries. L.C. Adel. Glasgow, 11/4/1846. 


C. Fashionable Life; or, A Season at Cheltenham (Adel. Glasgow, 
1845). L.C. i/2'i845 [printed copy]. 8 1845 [Glasgow]. 


M.D. Rob Roy (Edinburgh, 10/6/1818). 

[This, like many of Murray's plays, is based on the work of 

Sir Walter Scott.] 
M.D. The Antiquary; or, The Heir of Glen Allen (Edinburgh, 

M.D. George Heriot ; or, The Fortunes of Nigel (Edinburgh, 6/2/1823). 

L. 127 M. [27/1/1823]. 
M.D. Montrose (Edinburgh, 3/5/1823). 
M.D. The Heart of Midlothian (Edinburgh, F. 5/3/1824). 
M.D. Ivanhoe (Edinburgh, 24/11/1824). 
M.D. The Rose of Ettrick Vale (Edinburgh, 23/5/1825; E.O.H. M. 

7/12/1835). Dicks 769. 

M.D. Redgauntlet (Edinburgh, 28/5/1825). L.C. 24/4/1825. 
M.D. Mary, Queen of Scots; or, The Escape from Loch Leven 

(Edinburgh, 3/10/1825; Olym. M. 3/1/1831). L.C. Olym. 

1/1/1831. Dicks 408; Lacy, vol. iv. 
C.D. Cramond Brig; or, The Gudeman o' Ballangrich (Edinburgh, 

27/2/1826; E.O.H. M. 20/10/1834). Dicks 571; Lacy, vol. i 

[new series]. 
F. No (Edinburgh, 14/11/1826). Lacy, vol. i [new series]. 

D. Gilderoy (Edinburgh, 25/6/1827). Dicks 371 ; Lacy, vol. ix. 
M.D. The Two Diovers (Edinburgh, 10/11/1828). 

M.D. Dominique the Deserter; or, The Gentleman in Black (Edin- 
burgh, 1833; S.W. T. 30/7/1844). L.C. Edinburgh, 4/4/1833. 
Ne?v B.T. No. 66; Lacy, vol. 1. 

D. Philippe; or, The Secret Marriage. A Story of the Revolution 
(Edinburgh, 1838). Dicks 372; Lacy, vol. Ixxxii. 

Int. Diamond cut Diamond (Edinburgh, 1838; Strand, M. 19/6/1843). 

Dicks 372; Lacy, vol. vii. 
M.D. Jack Sheppard (Edinburgh, 17/2/1840). 

[Based on Ains worth's novel.] 
M.D. Oliver Twist (Edinburgh, 23/3/1840). 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 


D.D. Dennis; or, The Gibbet Law of Halifax [MS. dated 28/1/1833 
in the possession of Mr Crompton Rhodes]. 


D. Eliza Holmes (R.P. 22/9/1845). L.C. 25/8/1845. 
D. The Venetian Maid. L.C. R.P. 1848. 

D. The Cross of Death; or, The Day Witness (R.P. 11/9/1848). L.C. 


P. The Fish in the Ring; or, Harlequin Johnny Homer and the 

Fayre Mayde of Stepney. L.C. R.P. 23/12/1848. 
P. The Two Thumbs; or, Multum in Parvo. L.C. R.P. 17/2/1849. 


D. The Robber of the Alps (Bradford, c. 1820). 
D.Poem. The Siege of Bradford (Bradford, 1821). 8 1821 [Bradford] ; 
8 1831. 


F. Tea (Torquay, 11/1/1807). 


Ba. The Married Bachelor; or, Master and Man (Adel. M. 5/11/1821). 
L. 124 M. [31/10/1821; as Married or Not; or, The Married 
Bachelor]. Dicks 316; Richardson Minor, vol. i ; Cumberland Minor, 
vol. x; Lacy, vol. i [new series]. 


M.D. The Corsair; or, The Pirate's Isle (Crow-street, Dublin, 1814). 

[Music J. Blewitt.] 
M.D. Lalla Rookh (Crow-street, Dublin, 4/6/1818). 

[Music C. Horn.] 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 295-6.] 
O.F. The Sixty-third Letter (H.'W. 28/7/1802). L. 77 M. [24/6/1802; 

as The Joke; or, The S. L}. 8 1802; 8 1803. 

[Music Arnold. The bills attribute this to P. HO ARE] 
F. The Middle Dish; or, The Irishman in Turkey (D.L. M. 

Int. The Farthing Rushlight. 1810. 

[For this and the following play see The "Stage" Cyclopaedia] 
Ba. The Fortunate Tars. 1810. 
F. The Sleepwalker; or, Which is the Lady? (H.* M. 15/6/1812). 

L. 97 M. [13/5/1812; as The Twin Sisters; or, Forgery in Love]. 

8 1812; Cumberland, vol. xi. 
F. My Landlady's Gown (H.* S. 10/8/1816). L. 65 S. [2/8/1816; as 

One for Another,- or, M. L. G.]. 8 1816. 
O.F. Frightened to Death (D.L. Th. 27/2/1817). L. no M. [15/2/1817], 

8 1817. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 


F. The Actress of All Work ; or, My Country Cousin (Olym. Th. 

28/1/1819). L. 74 S. [26/1/1819]. Buncombe, vol. vi. 
F. The Conscript (Fitzroy, W. 19/3/1834). Dicks 969. 
D. The Delusion; or, Is She Mad? (Queen's, M. 1/2/1836). Dicks 

765 ; Duncombe, vol. xxi. 
M.D. Matteo Falcone; or, The Brigand and his Son (E.O.H. M. 

6/6/1836). L.C. 2/6/1836. Dicks 349; Duncombe, vol. xxiii; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxxiii. 
Ba. The First of September; or, Going out a-shooting (Strand, M. 

2/9/1839). L.C. 22/8/1839. 

[Written in collaboration with F. L. PHILLIPS.] 
Ba. The Swiss Huntress. L.C. Olym. 29/10/1840. 

PALMER] 1800-1850 357 

Bsq. Norma Travestie (Adel. M. 6/12/1841). L.C. 1/12/1841. Dun- 
combe, vol. xlv; Lacy, vol. Iv. 

Bsq. Acis and Galatea (Adel. 28/2/1842). L.C. 18/2/1842. 
Bsq. Lucy of Lammermoor (Strand, M. 14/2/1848). L.C. 12/2/1848. 


O. Der Freischutz; or, The Seventh Bullet (E.O.H. F. 23/7/1824). 
L.C. 14/7/1824. Lacy, vol. Ixix; 8 [1866]. 

[Music Weber. This play is also attributed to S. J. ARNOLD.] 
Ba. Legerdemain; or, He's no Conjurer. L.C. Adel. 22/11/1828. 
Dicks 657. 

[A Legerdemain was acted on 18/7/1842 at the Strand.] 
O.F. My Fellow Clerk (E.O.H. M. 20/4/1835). L.C. 4/4/1835. 
Dicks 558. 

[Music Tutton.] 

F. I and my Double (E.O.H. T. 16/6/1835). L.C. 30/5/1835. Dicks 
579 ; Duncombe, vol. xxxv. 

[Music G. A. Macfarren.] 

M.D. The Dice of Death (E.O.H. M. 14/9/1835). L.C. 2/9/1835. 
Dicks 592; Duncombe, vol. xxviu; Lacy, vol. ex. 

[Music E. J. Loder.] 
M.D. The Castilian Nobleman and the Contrabandista (Adel. M. 

Ba. Twice Killed (Olym. Th. 26/11/1835). L.C. 27/11/1835. Dicks 

531 ; Duncombe, vol. xxi; Lacy, vol. xxiv. 
O.F. A Day well Spent; or, Three Adventures (E.O.H. M. 4/4/1836). 

L.C. 4/4/1836. 12 1836; Dicks 531; Duncombe, vol. xxxi; Lacy, 

vol. xxxi v; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
Ba. The Gunpowder Plot (not the 5th of November) (E.O.H. M. 

9/5/1836). L.C. 6/5/1836. 
D. Midshipman Easy (Surrey, 26/9/1836). 
Ba. A Quiet Day. L.C. 1837. Dicks 987; Duncombe, vol. xxxiv; 

Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
Ba. The Rape of the Lock (Olym. M. 27/3/1837). L.C. 3/12/1836. 

Duncombe, vol. xxxiii; Dicks 1021. 
Ba. No Followers (Strand, M. 4/9/183?)- L.C. 1837. Dicks 987; 

Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i; Duncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
M D. The Truant Chief (Vic. 2/10/1837). 
F. The Pacha's Pets (Vic 10/9/1838). 
M.D. The Idiot Boy (Vic. 1/10/1838). 
F. Doctor Dilworth (Olym. M. 15/4/1839). L.C. 1/5/1839. Dicks 558 ; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vn. 
Ba. English Etiquette (Olym. M. 2/11/1840). L.C. 27/10/1840. 

Dicks 658. 

Bsq. Fair Star (P'cess, M. 8/4/1844). See A. SMITH. 
D. The Alchymyst's Daughter (P'cess, M. 3/6/1844). L.C. 31/5/1844. 
Ca. The Cottage of Love. L.C. Lye. 6/9/1845. 

C. The Last of the Bravoes (Lye. M. 13/10/1845). L.C. 25/9/1845. 

D. The Reigning Favourite (Strand, T. 9/10/1849). L.C. 3/10/1849. 
Lacy, vol. i [new series]. 

F. A Family Party (Strand, M. 12/11/1849). L.C. 7/11/1849. 


C. Life (Olym. 16/11/1846). L.C. 1/10/1846. 


PARDOE, Miss. 

D. Agnes St. Aubin, the Wife of Two Husbands (Adel. Th. 21/1/1841). 


T. Revenge, or, The Novice of San Martino. 8 1818. 


O.F. High Notions; or, A Trip to Exmouth (D.L. Th. 11/2/1819). 

L. 112 M. [11/11/1818]. 
O.F. Helpless Animals (C.G. W. 17/11/1819). L. 72 S. [13/11/1819; 

as H. A.; or, Bachelors' Fare]. 
O.F. The Cabinet and Two Wives; or, A Hint to Husbands (D.L. 

W. 2/6/1824). 
O.F. My Uncle Gabriel (D.L. F. 10/12/1824). L.C. 27/11/1824. 

8 1824 [Songs, Duets]. 

[Music J. Parry.] 

O.F. A Trip to Wales (D.L. S. 11/11/1826). L.C. 27/10/1826. 
Ca. Damp Beds (Strand, T. 29/5/1832). Buncombe, vol. xv. 
F. P. P.; or, The Man and the Tiger (Adel. M. 21/10/1833; S.W. 

Th. 15/5/1845). L.C. 21/10/1833. Dicks 977; Lacy, vol. xi. 
Ba. The First Night; or, My Own Ghost (Adel. M. 3/11/1834). 

L.C. 1/11/1834. Duncombe, vol. xv. 
Ba. Meet me by Moonlight (Olym. M. 13/5/1839; Strand, M. 

30/8/1841). L.C. 11/5/1839. Duncombe, vol. xlv. 

[See under UNKNOWN AUTHORS (S.W. M. 27/3/1837).] 
D.D. Woman's Trials (D.L. W. 27/11/1839). L.C. 24/11/1839. 

Dicks 523 [as The Lucky Horseshoe; or, W. T.] ; Lacy, vol. xxvi. 
D.D. Alice Aukland (Vic. 14/10/1843). L.C. 14/10/1843. 
F. A Cure for Love (H. 2 T. 29/11/1842). L.C. 12/11/1842. Dicks 

603 ; Lacy, vol. xni. 

D. False Visions (Queen's, 14/9/1846). L.C. 17/9/1846. 

D. Eugenia Claircille; or, The New Found Home (Adel. Th. 

17/9/1846). L.C. 17/9/1846. Dicks 994; Acting Nat. Drama, 

vol. xni. 
D. Harvest Home (Adel. W. 29/3/1848). L.C. 25/3/1848. 


D. Accusation; or, The Family of Anglade (D.L. Th. 1/2/1816). 
L. 64 S. [28/1/1816]. Dicks 267. 

[Revised by T. J. DIBDIN.} 

T. Brutus; or, The Fall of Tarquin (D.L. Th. 3/12/1818). L. 71 S. 
[31/10/1818]. 8 1818 [5 editions]; 8 1819 [6th]; Cumberland, 
vol. xi; Dicks 31 ; B.D. vol. iii. 

[Music Hayward.] 
M.D. Therese, the Orphan of Geneva (D.L. F. 2/2/1821). L. 84 S. 


M.D. Adeline; or, The Victim of Seduction (D.L. S. 9/2/1822). 
L. 85 S. [10/1/1822]. 

[An adaptation of Pixrcourt, Valentine; ou, la Seduction 
(Paris, 1822).] 

D.Sk. Love in Humble Life (D.L. Th. 14/2/1822). L. 125 M. 
[26/1/1822]. Cumberland, vol. xi; Dicks 358. 

[Based on Scribe, Michel et Christine] 
Ba. The Armistice (Surrey, 7/1822). 
M.D. Ali Pacha (C.G. S. 19/10/1822). See under J. R. PLANCHg. 

PEAKE] 1800-1850 359 

M.D. The Two Galley Slaves; or, The Mill of St. Aldervon (C.G. 
W. 6/11/1822). L. 127 M. [31/10/1822]. Lacy, vol. Ixxii. 

[Music Cooke and Horn.] 
O. Clari; or, The Maid of Milan (C.G. Th. 8/5/1823). See under 

F. Mrs. Smith; or, The Wife and the Widow (H. W. 18/6/1823). 

L. 87 S. [10/6/1823]. Lacy, vol. Ixxxiv; Dicks 683. 

C. Charles the Second ; or, The Merry Monarch (C.G. Th. 27/5/1824). 
L.C. 8/4/1824 [as C. the S.; or, Royal Waggery]. 8 1824 ; 12 1825 J 
Dicks 244; Lacy, vol. xxx. 

[Based on La jeunesse de Henri V.] 

O.F. 'Twas I (C.G. S. 3/12/1825). L.C. 11/1825 [as T. I.; or, The 
Truth is a lie]. Lacy, vol. ix; Dicks 405. 

[Based on La rose et le baiser; ou, la servante justifiee] 
F. Peter Smmk; or, Which is the Miller? (H. T. 26/9/1826). L.C. 
24/8/1826. Lacy, vol. Ixxv; Dicks 683 [as P. S.; or, The Armistice]. 

[Sec The Armistice (1822) above.] 
O. The White Maid (C.G. T. 2/1/1827). L.C. 16/10/1826. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La dame blanche (Paris, 10/12/1825), 
with music by Boieldieu, itself based on Guy Mannering and The 
Monastery by Scott.] 

F. The Lancers (D.L. S. 1/12/1827). L.C. 30/11/1827 [as The L.; 
or, One Coat and Two Bodies]. Dicks 517; Cumberland, vol. xix. 

C. Procrastination; or, The Late Mr. M. (H. 2 M. 21/9/1829). 
L.C. 18/9/1829. 

D. Woman's Revenge (Olym. 27/2/1832). L.C. 25/2/1832. 


T. Eurypilus, King of Sicily. 4 1817 [Manchester]. 

T. King Stephen; or, The Battle of Lincoln. 8 1822 [Manchester]. 


The Dramas of T. L. Peacock, edited by A. B. Young. 8 1910. 

[Contains The Dilettanti, The Three Doctors and The Circle of 


D.Sk. The Bridge that carries us safe over (E.O.H. W. 18/6/1817). 

L. 67 S. [16/6/1817]. 
D.Sk. Wanted a Governess! (E.O.H. M. 15/9/1817). L. 66 S. 

O.F. Amateurs and Actors (E.O.H. S. 29/8/1818). L. 68 S. [15/8/1818 ; 

as A. and A.; or, The Elopement]. 8 1818 ; Dicks 962 ; Cumberland, 

vol. xvi. 
O.F. A Walk for a Wager! or, A Bailiff's Bet (E.O.H. M. 2/8/1819). 

L. 114 M. [14/7/1819]. 8 1819. 

[Music Pindar.] 
F. The Duel; or, My Two Nephews (C.G. T. 18/2/1823). 8 1823 ; 

Cumberland, vol. xxii. 
M.D. Presumption; or, The Fate of Frankenstein (E.O.H. M. 

28/7/1823). L. 131 M. [12/7/1823]. 

[Music Watson. Based on Mrs Shelley's romance.] 
F. The Poachers (C.G. F. 6/2/1824). 
O.F. Jonathan in England (E.O.H. F. 3/9/1824). L.C. 24/8/1824. 

Dicks 589 [as Americans Abroad]. 


Ba. The Life of an Actor (Adel. Th. 2/12/1824). L.C. 1/12/1824. 

Dicks 582. 
O.F. Before Breakfast (E.O.H. Th. 31/8/1826). L.C. 15/8/1826. 

[Music Barnett.] 
F, The 100 Note (C.G. W. 7/2/1827). L.C. 27/1/1827. Dicks 640; 

Cumberland, vol. xxxiv. 
F. Comfortable Lodgings; or, Paris in 1750 (D.L. S. 10/3/1827). 

L.C. 17/2/1827. Dicks 678 ; Cumberland, vol. xxix; Lacy, vol. Ixxxii. 
O.F. Two Seconds! (E.O.H. T. 28/8/1827). L.C. 10/8/1827. 
M.D. The Haunted Inn (D.L. Th. 31/1/1828). L.C. 16/1/1828. 

Dicks 677; Cumberland, vol. xxx; Lacy, vol. i [new series]. 
M.D. The Bottle Imp (E.O.H. M. 7/7/1828). L.C. 24/6/1828. 

Dicks 593 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 
M.D. The Noyades; or, Love and Gratitude (E.O.H. M. 14/7/1828). 

L.C. 5/9/1826. 

[Music Moss.] 
O.F. The Master's Rival ; or, A Day at Boulogne (D.L. Th. 12/2/1829). 

L.C. 12/1/1829. Cumberland, vol. xxii; Lacy, vol. xciv. 

[Music Hawes. Based on Crispin, rival de son maitre.] 
Oa. The Middle Temple; or, "Which is my Son?" (E.O.H. S. 

27/6/1829). Dicks 692; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 
M.Ent. The Spring Lock (E.O.H. T. 18/8/1829). L.C. 16/8/1829. 

8 [1829; Songs] ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 
O.F. The Chancery Suit (C.G. T. 30/11/1830). L.C. 12/11/1830. 

8 1831 ; Dicks 583 ; French. 
M.R. The Evil Eye (Adel. Th. 18/8/1831). L.C. 25/7/1831. Dicks w, 

Lacy, vol. xlni. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 
M.D. The Climbing Boy (Olym. F. 13/7/1832). L.C. 26/6/1832. 

Dicks 675. 

[Music Hawes.] 

D. The Smuggler Boy (C.G. T. 5/2/1833). L.C. 4/2/1833. Dicks 907. 
F. In the Wrong Box (Olym. M. 3/2/1834). L.C. 25/1/1834. 12 

1834; Dicks 737. 
M.D. The Dead Guest; or, The Sexton's Prophecy (E.O.H. M. 

11/8/1834). L.C. 14/7/1834- 

[Music A. Lee.] 
Ba. The Chain of Gold; or, A Daughter's Devotion (Adel. M. 

29/9/1834)- L.C. 11/9/1834. Dicks 694. 
D. Death and the Doctor (C.G. 10/2/1835). L.C. 31/1/1835. 
M.D. The Steel Pavilion; or, The Charcoal Burners of the Hartz 

(C.G. M. 23/5/1836). L.C. 23/5/1836. 
Fa. House Room; or, The Dishonoured Bill (E.O.H. M. 8/8/1836). 

L.C. 4/6/1836 [with titles reversed]. 12 1836. 
F. A Quarter to Nine (Lye. 27/7/1837). Dicks 946; Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. ii. 
M.D. Blanche of Jersey (E.O.H.W. 9/8/1837). L.C. 1837. 12 [1837]; 

Dicks 557 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii. 

[Music J. Bamett.] 
Ext. The Meltonians (D.L. M. 16/4/1838). L.C. 28/12/1837. 12 

[1838] ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 

PETER] 1800-1850 361 

O. The Gipsy's Warning (D.L. Th. 19/4/1838). See G. LINLEY. 
O.F. Lying in Ordinary (E.O.H. Th. 28/6/1838). L.C. 1838. 12 

[1838] ; Dicks 768 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 
O.F. Gemini (E.O.H. M. 2/7/1838). L.C. 1838. 12 [1838]; Dicks 

768 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
Ba. "H. B." (Adel. M. 9/12/1839). L.C. 6/12/1839. Dicks 703; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. viii. 
Ba. My Home is not my Home; or, The Nabob's Return (Olym. W. 

26/2/1840). L.C. 25/2/1840 [under sub-title]. 
Ext. The Devil in London ; or, Sketches in 1840 (Adel. M. 20/4/1840). 

L.C. 13/4/1840. Dicks 718. 

[Written in collaboration with J. B. BUCKSTONE.] 

C. Court and City (C.G. W. 17/11/1841). L.C. 22/4/1841. Cumber- 
land, vol. xlii; Dicks 655. 

[Based on Steele, The Tender Husband and Mrs Sheridan, The 

F. Uncle Rip (Lye. M. 13/6/1842). L.C. 3/6/1842. Cumberland, 

vol. xlii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. iii. 
F. Madelon ; or, The Devil of a Dancing Master (Strand, M. 1 5/1/1844). 

L.C. 12/1/1844. 

D. Ten Thousand a Year (Adel. F. 29/3/1844). L.C. 11/11/1844. 
Cumberland Minor, vol. xvi; Dicks 445. 

[Based on Warren's novel.] 
F. The Three Wives of Madrid ; or, The Diamond Ring (Lye. Th. 

25/4/1844). L.C. 19/4/1844- 12 [i844L 
C. The Sheriff of the County (H. M. 24/2/1845). L.C. 20/2/1845. 

Dicks 843 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 

F. The False Mr. Pope (H.' Th. 11/9/1845). L.C. 6/9/1845. 
M.D. The Devil of Marseilles; or, The Spirit of Avarice (Adel. W. 

1/7/1846). L.C. 1/7/1846 [as The Demon of M.]. 12 [1846]. 
[Music A. Mellon.] 

C. The Title Deeds (Adel. M. 21/6/1847). L.C. 19/6/1847. 12 
[1847]; Dicks 1013 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiv. 

D. Gabrielli; or, The Bequeathed Heart (Adel. Th. 18/11/1847). 
L.C. 13/11/1847. Dicks 584. 


F. The Sleeping Draught (D.L. W. 1/4/1818). L. 69 S. [6/3/1818]. 

8 1818; Dicks 363; Cumberland, vol. xxix; Lacy, vol. Iviii. 
D. The Jew of Malta (D.L. F. 24/4/1818). L. 69 S. [29/3/1818]. 
[An adaptation of Marlowe's play.] 

D. Mary Stuart. 8 1839 [Munich]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


Ext. Little Offsprings; or, Babes out of the Wood (C.G. 26/4/1828). 
L.C. 14/4/1828. 


D. William Tell. 8 1839 [Heidelberg]; 8 1867. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 
D. Mary Stuart. 8 1841 [Heidelberg]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 
D. The Maid of Orleans. . .and other poems. 12 1843. 



Int. Prejudice; or, A Bachelor's Vow. L.C. Brighton, 8/1/1848. 

Int. The King's Choice. L.C. Brighton, 29/1/1848. 

Int. Cupid in Brighton ; or, A Visit irom the Celestials. L.C. Brighton, 

Ca. Katty from Connaught (Strand, M. 27/8/1849). L.C. 25/8/1849. 


Ba. The First of September (Strand, M. 2/9/1839). See W. H. 

M.D. The Red Man; or, The Legend of Ravenstone. L.C. Garrick, 


D. Ivan de Bassenvelt. L.C. 1845. 
D. The Italian Lover. L.C. Garrick, 28/5/1846. 
D. The Pastor's Daughter. L.C. Garrick, 1/7/1846. 
D. The Elixir of Life; or, Revelations of London. L.C. Garrick, 



D. Fidelio; or, The Fortress of St. Jacques (R.P. 7/1/1837). Dun- 
combe, vol. xxvii. 


F. The Man in the Moon (D.L.M. 8/12/1817). L. 67 S. [23/11/1817; 

as The M. in the M.; or, The Striking Feature]. 8 1818. 
M.D. The Heroine; or, A Daughter's Courage (D.L. M. 22/2/1819). 
L. 748. [24/1/1819]. 8 1819. 
[Music Cooke.] 


Lyrical D. King Renews Daughter (Dublin, 28/11/1849). 8 1848; 
Lacy, vol. xxxvi. 

[Based on the Danish of Henrik Hertz.] 


F. Paddy Miles, the Limerick Boy (S.W. 22/4/1836). Lacy, vol. xcv. 


Ba. My Own Blue Bell (Surrey, S. 16/4/1831). Dicks 515. 

D. The Drunkard's Doom (Vic. 21/9/1832). Dtcks 945. 

D. The Hebrew Husband ; or, The Jews' Revolt (Cob. M. 14/1/1833). 

D. The Whistler; or, The Fate of the Lily of St. Leonard's (Cob. 

M. 28/1/1833; S.W. M. 8/4/1833). Duncombe, vol. xxviii; Lacy, 

vol. xcvii. 

[Based on Scott, The Heart of Midlothian.] 
M.D. The Last Nail ; or, The Drunkard's Doom (Cob. M. 1 1/2/1833). 

[See The Drunkard's Doom, above.] 
M.D. Lurline; or, The Revolt of the Naiades (Adel. M. 13/1/1834; 

R.P. M. 17/2/1834). L.C. 11/1/1834. 
M.D. The Monster of the Eddystone; or, The Lighthouse Keepers 

(S.W. M. 7/4/1834; R.P. M. 18/8/1834, as The Eddystone Elf). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. x; Lacy, vol. Ixix. 
M.D. The Jersey Girl; or, The Red Robbers (Surrey, M. 9/2/1835). 

Dicks 512; Lacy, vol. xxvi. 

D. Rose Roy; or, The Valley of the Red Rose (S.W. T. 7/7/1835). 
D. The Infernal Machine; or, The French Regicides (S.W. M. 


PITT] 1800-1850 363 

D. Ankle Jack; or, The Thief's Shoe (S.W. M. 17/8/1835). 

D. John Johnson, the Farmer of Fiddler's Green (S.W. Th. 3/9/1835). 

D. Blue Eyed Mary (S.W. Th. 3/9/1835)- 

D. The Mill of Berezina (C.G. 14/11/1835). L.C. 19/10/1835. 

Ba. The Twins, Paul and Philip (Queen's, Th. 21/1/1836). Dicks 419. 

D. The Holstein Hussar; or, The Grenadier Guard (S.W. M. 


[See The Hussars of Hesse, below.] 
D.D. Simon Lee; or, The Murder of the Five Fields Copse (C.L. 

1/4/1839). Lacy, vol. Ixxviii. 
M.D. Rookwood! or, The Legend of the Old Lime Tree (S.W. M. 

D.D. Susan Hopley; or, The Vicissitudes of a Servant Girl (Vic. 

31/5/1841). L.C. Edinburgh, 21/9/1842. Lacy, vol. Ixix. 
M.D. The Whistler; or, The Fate of the Lily of St. Leonard's. L.C. 

Edinburgh, 4/7/1841. 

[See above under 1833.] 
D. The Beggar's Petition ; or, A Father's Love and a Mother's Care 

(City, 18/10/1841). Dicks 514; Lacy t vol. Ixxxvii. 
D. The Wrack of the Heart; or, The Story of Agnes Primrose 

(Vic. W. 3/11/1841). 
D.D. The Last Man ; or, The Miser of Eltham Green. L.C. Liverpool, 

27/12/1842. Duncombe, vol. xxiv. 

D.D. Cumberland Mary (Vic. 10/6/1844). L.C. 31/5/1844. 
D. Charlotte Hayden; or, The Victim of Circumstances. L.C. 

Britannia, 25/6/1844. 
M.D. Woman's Life; or, The Trials of the Heart. L.C. Britannia, 

M.D. The Murder House; or, The Cheats of Chick Lane. L.C. 

Britannia, 8/1844 [licence refused]. 
Spec. The Greek Brothers; or, The Pirate of the Gulph (Queen's, 

4/11/1844). L.C. 7/10/1844. 

D. The Soldier's Oath (Garrick 11/11/1844). L.C. 28/9/1844. 
P. Tom Titler's Ground ; or, Harlequin and the Fairy of Old London 

Stone. L.C. Britannia, 10/12/1844. 
D.D. Marianne, the Child of Charity; or, The Head of a Lawyer 

(Vic. 30/12/1844). L.C. 28/12/1844. Dicks 825. 
D. The Black Fisherman; or, The Daughter of the Deep (Standard, 

20/1/1845). L.C. 15/11/1844. 
D. Belinda the Blind; or, The Stepmother's Vengeance. L.C. 

Britannia, 22/1/1845. 
D. Bertha the Broom Girl ; or, The Astrologer's Star. L.C. Britannia, 

D. Feodora; or, The Dropping Well of Gedar (Vic. 24/2/1845). 

L.C. 22/1/1845. 

M.D. II Diavolo Duraldi. L.C. Britannia, 22/3/1845. 
M.D. Ellen Mavourneen. L.C. Britannia, 21/4/1845. 
M.D. The Golden Arrow; or, The Matricide of the Catacombs and 

the Maid of Notre Dame. L.C. Britannia, 24/4/1845. 
D. Geoffrey Kurdistan; or, The Blacksmith's Daughter and the 

Mock Marriage (Vic. M. 28/4/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 
M.D. The Maids of St. Michael; or, The Spectre of the Mine. L.C. 

Britannia, 2/6/1845. 
D. Ellen and Susan. L.C. Britannia, 17/6/1845. 


D. The Farmer's Daughter; or, The Rajah's Vengeance. L.C. 

Britannia, 30/7/1845. 

D. Theresa Vorschner (Vic. 10/8/1845). L.C. 10/8/1845. 
D. The White Slave. L.C. Britannia, 15/8/1845. 
D. Tallyho, the Modern Mephistopheles. L.C. Britannia, 6/9/1845. 
D. Moyra; or, The Malediction of the Dead (Vic. 15/9/1845). L.C. 

D. Japhet in Search of a Father (Vic. 29/9/1845). L.C. 


D. The Primrose of Ireland. L.C. Britannia, 1845. 
P. The Golden Lily; or, The Three Brothers of Bagdad. L.C. 

Britannia, 29/9/1845. 
D. Gideon Giles the Roper; or, The Gipsey Belle. L.C. Britannia, 

D. Pauline the Pirate; or, The Female Buccaniers. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Weaver's Wife; or, The First Crime. L.C. Britannia, 

D. David Hunt; or, The Backwoodsman's Daughter. L.C. Britannia, 

P. Chachechichochu ; or, Harlequin in China. L.C. Britannia, 


D. The Minstrel Boy. L.C. Britannia, 16/1/1846. 
D. Margaret Maddison (Britannia, 9/2/1846). L.C. 15/8/1845. 
D. Crosby Ravensworth. L.C. Britannia, 18/3/1846. 
D. Poor Robin (Britannia, 13/4/1846). L.C. Britannia, 18/4/1846. 

[Based on Gray's Elegy ] 
D. The Hussars of Hesse; or, The Third Day. L.C. Britannia, 

D. Jarvis the Honest Man; or, The Merchant's Daughter (Vic. 

4/5/1846). L.C. 4/5/1846. 
D. The Pawnbroker; or, The Sorrows of a Sister. L.C. Britannia, 


D. Toussaint 1'Overture. L.C. Britannia, 23/6/1846. 
M.D. The Wild Man of Andalusia; or, Don Quixote. L.C. Britannia, 


Spec. The Ocean Doomed. L.C. Britannia, 5/8/1846. 
M.D. Mary Livingstone; or, The Maid's Murder. L.C. Britannia, 

D. Quentin Matrys ; or, The Maid of Antwerp (Surrey, M. 16/1 1/1846). 

L.C. Bower, 16/10/1846. 
D. The Gypsey Twins. L.C. 1847. 
D. Carlos Gangenelh. L.C. 1847. 

D. The Battle of Life (Britannia, M. 11/1/1847). L.C. 7/1/1847. 
D. Martin the Foundling. L.C. Britannia, 23/1/1847. 
D. Algernon the Blind Guide; or, The Lord of the Storm (Vic. F. 

5/2/1847). L.C. 30/1/1847. 
D. Wildfire Dick. L.C. Britannia, 9/2/1847. 

[Also called The Dishonoured Bill.} 
F. The Yorkshire School; or, Life in Little. L.C. Britannia, 

M.D. The String of Pearls; or, The Fiend of Fleet Street. L.C. 

Britannia, 22/2/1847. 

[This seems to have been produced as Sweeney Todd.] 

PITT] 1800-1850 365 

D. The Prussian Brothers; or, The Victim of the Violet. L.C. 

Britannia, 27/2/1847. 

[Called at first The Death of Xavier.] 

D. The Lancashire Witches. L.C. Standard, 28/2/1847. 
D. The Daemon of the Drachenfalls ; or, The Monk, the Friend and 

the Enemy. L.C. Britannia, 5/3/1847. 
D. Martin and James ; or, The Adventures of a Country Girl. L.C. 

Britannia, 14/4/1847. 

D. The Pirate Smuggler; or, The Mad Girl of St. Martin's. L.C. 
Britannia, 14/4/1847. 

C. Black Bayaderes; or, Rival Serenades. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Poacher's Wife; or, Pride and Poverty. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Haunted Hall ; or, The Spectre of the Quarry. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Victim of Falsehood; or, The Fruits of a Single Lie. L.C. 

Britannia, 3/6/1847. 
D. The Gipsey Twins (Britannia, 12/7/1847). L.C. 1/5/1847 [as 

Gipsey Norris; or, Life in the Merry Greenwood]. 
D. The Bloodhound of Cuba; or, Caesar the Half-breed. L.C. 

Britannia, 22/7/1847. 
D. Phillip IV; or, The Mariner and his Monkey. L.C. Britannia, 


M.D. The Maid and the Mirror. L.C. Britannia, 6/9/1847. 
D. The Merchant's Clerk (Vic. 4/10/1847). L.C. 1/10/1847. 
D. Ronald Dhu; or, The Black Cat of Coventry. L.C. Britannia, 

D. Miles's Boy; or, The Miller of Goodwood. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Bottle Bane; or, The Drunkard's Fate (Britannia, W. 

20/10/1847). L.C. 18/9/1847. 

[This seems to have appeared alongside Pitt's other version at 

the Queen's, S. 4/10/1847.] 
P. The Yellow Dwarf; or, Harlequin and the Sun of the Sunflower. 

L.C. Britannia, 22/12/1847. 

D. The Revolution of Paris. L.C. Britannia, 1848. 
D. Annette Carlme; or, A Soldier's Gratitude (Britannia, M. 

15/5/1848). L.C. 3/5/1848. 
F. Lilly Laburnem; or, The Blue above and the Blue below. L.C. 

Britannia, 12/5/1848. 

D. The Flirt; or, False Accusation. L.C. Britannia, 29/6/1848. 
D. Nat Graves; or, The Yorkshire Highwayman and the Twin 

Brothers. L.C. Britannia, 10/8/1848. 
P. Old Parr and the Magic Pills ; or, Harlequin and the Wizard of 

Ashdale. L.C. Britannia, 1848. 
D. First Friendship; or, A Soldier's March from the Cradle to the 

Grave. L.C. Britannia, 30/9/1848. 
D. The Fine Old British Veterans; or, The Shamrock of Chelsea. 

L.C. Britannia, 5/10/1848. 
D. The Sikh Spy. L.C. Queen's, 5/3/1849. 
D. Martin Hayward; or, The Victim of Perjury. L.C. Britannia, 

D. A Wife and No Wife. L.C. Britannia, 8/10/1849, 



D. The Sea Lion; or, The Frozen Ships and the Hermit of the 

Sea-bound Bay. L.C. Queen's, 7/11/1849. 

D. The White Nun of Wakefield. L.C. Britannia, 12/11/1849. 
D. The Sailor's Progress from the Press-gang to the Ocean Grave. 

L.C. Britannia, 15/11/1849. 
D. The Sailor's Progress and the Horrors of War. L.C. Standard, 


[Pitt has many dramas produced after 1850. Before this date 

were produced Chartley the Fatalist, The Valkyre and Poor Susan.] 


[The plays marked with an asterisk are not included in PlanchS's 

own list.] 
Bsq. Amoroso, King of Little Britain (D.L. T. 21/4/1818). L. 70 S. 

[17/4/1818]. 12 1818; Cumberland, vol. xliii. 

[Music Cooke.] 
P. Rodolph the Wolf; or, Columbine Red Riding Hood (Olym. M. 

21/12/1818). L. 71 S. [19/12/1818]. 

O. The Troubadours ; or, Jealousy Out-witted (Olym. T. 9/2/1819). 
M.D. Abudah; or, The Talisman of Oromanes (D.L. T. 13/4/1819). 

L. 115 M. [3/1819]- 
[Music M. Kelly.] 
M.D. The Czar; or, A Day in the Dockyards (S.W. M. 21/6/1819). 

[Based on Le bourgmestre de Sardam.] 

Ba. The Caliph and the Cadi; or, Rambles in Bagdad (16/8/1819). 
Ba. Fancy's Sketch; or, Look before you leap (Adel. F. 29/10/1819). 

L. 73 S. [27/10/1819]. 
Int. Odds and Ends ; or, Which is the Manager? (Adel. F. 19/1 1/1819). 

L. 115 M. [26/11/1819]. 
M.D. The Vampyre; or, The Bride of the Isles (E.O.H. W. 9/8/1820). 

L. 1 17 M, [25/7/1820]. 8 1820 ; Dicks 875 ; Cumberland, vol. xxvii ; 

Lacy, vol. cvii. 

[Based on Le vampire.] 
Ext. A Burletta of Errors; or, Jupiter and Alcmena (Adel. M. 

6/11/1820). L. 117 M. [4/11/1820]. 
Ba. Who's to Father Her? or, What's bred in the Bone won't come 

out of the Flesh (Adel. M. 13/11/1820). L. 117 M. [8/11/1820; 

under sub-title]. 
Ba. The Deuce is in Her! or, Two Nights in Madrid (Adel. M. 

27/11/1820). L. 1 17 M. [7/11/1820; as Who ts She? or, T. N.inM.]. 
M.D. Zamoski; or, The Fortress and the Mine (Adel. M. 11/12/1820). 

L. 118 M. [6/12/1820]. 

P. Dr Syntax; or, Harlequin in London (Adel. T. 26/12/1820). 
Bsq.Ba. Giovanni, the Vampire; or, How shall we get rid of him? 

(Adel. M. 15/1/1821). L. 121 M. [10/1/1821; "Introductory 

M.D. Kemlworth Castle; or, The Days of Queen Bess (Adel. F. 

9/2/1821). L. 124 M. [5/2/1821]. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 

Ba. Lodgings to be Let (Adel. M. 19/2/1821). L. 121 M. [14/2/1821]. 
Ba. Half an Hour's Courtship; or, Le chambre a coucher (Adel. W. 

28/2/1821). L. 77 S. [22/12/1820], 
Ba. Sherwood Forest; or, The Merry Archers (Adel. M. 12/3/1821). 

L. 121 M. [7/3/1821], 

PLANCH^] I800-I850 367 

M.D. The Mountain Hut; or, The Tinker's Son (S.W. M. 23/4/1821 ; 

Olym. M. 25/11/1822). L. 126 M. [21/11/1822]. 
O.F. Peter and Paul; or, Love in the Vineyards (H.* W. 4/7/1821). 

L. 122 M. [28/7/1821]. Dicks 898. 

M.D. The Witch of Derncleuch (E.O.H. M. 30/7/1821). L. 123 M. 

[Music W. Reeve. Based on Scott, Guy Mannering.] 
Ba. Capers at Canterbury (Adel. M. 1/10/1821). L. 121 M. [27/9/1821]. 
M.D. The Corsair's Bride; or, The Valley of Mount Etna (Adel. M. 


Ba. Love's Alarum (Adel. Th. 8/11/1821). 

M.D. Le Solitaire ; or, The Recluse of the Alps (Olym. S. 24/1 1/1821). 
L. 121 M. [17/11/1821 ; as LeS.;or, The Unknown of the Mountain}. 
M.D. The Pirate (Olym. M. 14/1/1822). L. 128 M. [1/1822]. 
C.O. All in the Dark; or, The Banks of the Elbe (Lye. W. 10/7/1822). 
L. 125 M. [20/6/1822; under sub-title]. 8 1822; Dicks 896. 

[Music B. Livius. Based on Hazard et Folie by H. J. B. D. 
Oa. The Fair Gabrielle (E.O.H. F. 6/9/1822). 

[Music B. Livius.] 

M.D. Ah Pacha; or, The Signet Ring (C.G. 8.19/10/1822). L. 126 M. 
[18/10/1822; as The Pacha]. 

[Genest credits this to J. H. PA YNE, but it appears in Planche"s 
own list of his works.] 

O. Maid Marian ; or, The Huntress of Arlingford (C.G. T. 3/12/1822). 
L. 126 M. [24/10/1822]. 8 [1822]. 

[Music Bishop. Based on Peacock's novel.] 

O. Clari; or, The Maid of Milan (C.G. Th. 8/5/1823). L. 128 M. 
[24/4/1823 ; as Clari; or, The Milanese Peasant Girl], Dicks 406. 

[Music Bishop. This also is credited by Genest to J. H. PA YNE.] 
O.F. "I will have a Wife!" (E.O.H. Th. 7/8/1823). L. 131 M. 

[Music Reeve.] 

O.F. Too Curious by Half; or, Marplot in Spain (E.O.H. W. 
27/8/1823). L. 131 M. [5/8/1823]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

M.D. Cortez; or, The Conquest of Mexico (C.G. W. 5/11/1823). 
8 [1823]. 

[Music Bishop.] 

M.D. St. Ronan's Well (Adel. M. 19/1/1824; Edinburgh, 5/6/1824). 
L. 132 M. [15/1/1824]. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 
Oa. Military Tactics (E.O.H. T. 6/7/1824). L.C. 5/7/1824. 

[Music Reeve. Based on Les projets de manage.] 
O. The Frozen Lake (E.O.H. F. 3/9/1824). L.C. 14/8/1824. 

[Music Reeve. Based on Scribe, La neige; ou, le nouvel figinard 
(Paris, 9/10/1823).] 

M.D. Der Freischutz ; or, The Black Huntsman of Bohemia (C.G. Th. 
14/10/1824). L.C. 7/10/1824. 8 1825 [bis; as The F.; or, The 
Wild Huntsman of B.]. 

[Music B. Livius, based on Weber.] 

C. A Woman never Vext; or, The Widow of Cornhill (C.G. T. 
9/11/1824). 8 [1824]; Dicks 880; Cumberland, vol. viii. 
[Based on Rowley's play.] 


Pag. The Coronation of Charles X of France (C.G. 11/7/1825). 

O. Lilla (C.G. F. 21/10/1825). L.C. 30/9/1825. 

M.D. Jocko; or, The Brazilian Monkey (C.G. T. 8/11/1825). L.C. 

Bsq. Success; or, A Hit if you like it (Adel. M. 12/12/1825). L.C. 

6/12/1825. 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i]. 
O. Oberon ; or, The Elf-King's Oath (C.G. W. 12/4/1826). L.C. 1826. 

8 1826 [3 editions]; Lacy, vol. lix; 8 [1826; Songs]. 

[Music Weber; based on Wieland's poem.] 
F. Returned Killed (C.G. S. 31/10/1826). C.G. 26/10/1826. 8 1826; 

Dicks 894. 

[Based on Le mart dans Vembarras] 
Int. All's Right; or, The Old School-fellow (H.* F. 15/6/1827). 

L.C. 31/5/1827. 
Vaud. "Pay to my Order"; or, A Chaste Salute (Vauxhall, M. 

9/7/1827; S.W. W. 26/12/1832). 
C.O. The Rencontre; or, Love will find out the Way (H. J Th. 

12/7/1827). L.C. 16/6/1827. 
F. You must be buried (H.* S. 11/8/1827). L.C. 6/8/1827. 

[Based on La veuve de Malabar] 
Ba. Paris and London; or, A Trip across the Herring Pond (Adel. M. 

21/1/1828). L.C. 29/12/1827. Cumberland Minor, vol. hi; Dicks 

886; 1 6 1842 [Stuttgart]. 

C. The Merchant's Wedding; or, London Frolics in 1638 (C.G. T. 
5/2/1828). 8 1828; Dicks 879; Cumberland, vol. xix. 

[Based on Mayne, The City Match and Rowley, Match me at 
O. Carron Side; or, The Fte Champtre (C.G. T. 27/5/1828). 

L.C. 28/4/1828. 
F. A Daughter to Marry (H. M. 16/6/1828). L.C. 3/6/1828. 

[Based on Une demoiselle a marier; ou, la premiere entrevue.] 
C.O. The Green-eyed Monster (H. M. 18/8/1828). L.C. 12/8/1828. 
Cumberland, vol. xxn; Dicks 891 ; Lacy, vol. ci. 

[Based on Les deuxjaloux.] 

Ba. The Mason of Buda (Adel. T. 21/10/1828). L.C. 16/10/1828. 
Cumberland Minor, vol. i. 
[Music Rod well.] 

D. Charles XII; or, The Siege of Stralsund (D.L. Th. 11/12/1828). 
L.C. 10/12/1828. Cumberland, vol. xxv; Dicks 871; Lacy, vol. 

M.D. Thierna-na-Oge ; or, The Prince of the Lakes (D.L. M. 
20/4/1829). L.C. 10/4/1829. 

[Music Cooke.] 

D. The Partisans ; or, The War of Paris in 1649 (D.L. Th. 21/5/1829). 
L.C. 6/5/1829. 

[Based on La maison du rampart; ou, une journee de la ronde] 
Int. Manoeuvring (H.* W. 1/7/1829; S.W. M. 24/8/1846). L.C. 

[Based on Uambassadeur. Written in collaboration with 

O. Der Vampyr (E.O.H. T. 25/8/1829). L.C. 20/8/1829. 
[Based on Der Vampyr with music by Marschner.] 
D. The Brigand Chief (D.L. W. 18/11/1829). L.C. 21/11/1829. 
Dicks 876; Cumberland, vol. xxiv; Lacy, vol. i [new series]. 

PLANCH^] I8OO-I85O 369 

C.O. The National Guard ; or, Bride and No Bride (D.L. Th. 4/2/1830). 
L.C. 25/1/1830. 8 1830 [Songs, Duets]. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La fiancee (Paris, 10/1/1829), with 
music by Auber.] 

M.D. The Dragon s Gift; or, The Scarf of Flight and the Mirror of 
Light (D.L. M. 12/4/1830). L.C. 8/4/1830. 

[Music Cooke.] 
O. Hofer; or, The Tell of the Tyrol (D.L. S. 1/5/1830). L.C. 

26/4/1830. 12 [1830]. 

[Based on Rossini's Guillaume Tell, with music arranged by 
F. The Jenkinses; or, Boarded and Done For (D.L. Th. 9/12/1830). 

L.C. 11/12/1830. Dicks 899; Lacy, vol. viii. 

Ba. Olympic Revels ; or, Prometheus and Pandora (Olym. M. 3/1/183 1). 
L.C. 23/12/1830. 12 1834; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i]; Lacy, 
vol. xli. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE.] 
O. The Romance of a Day (C.G. Th. 3/2/1831). L.C. 6/1/1830. 

[Music Bishop.] 

F. My Great Aunt; or, Where there's a Will (Olym. S. 5/3/1831). 
L.C. 21/2/1831 [as M. G. A.; or, Expectations]. 12 1846; Dicks 
897; Lacy, vol. xx. 

M.D. The Legion of Honour (D.L. S. 16/4/1831). L.C. 11/4/1831 
[as The L. of H.; or, Better Late than Never]. 
[Based on Le centenaire] 

C. A Friend at Court (H.* T. 28/6/1831). L.C. 21/5/1831. 

M.D. The Army of the North; or, The Spaniard's Secret (C.G. S. 

29/10/1831). L.C. 17/10/1831. 
C.O. The Love Charm ; or, The Village Coquette (D.L. Th. 3/11/183 1). 

L.C. 2/11/1831. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Le philtre (Paris, 15/6/1831), with 

music by Auber.] 
Ba. Olympic Devils ; or, Orpheus and Eurydice (Olym. M. 26/12/183 1). 

L.C. 21/12/1831. 12 1836; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i]; Lacy, 

vol. xli. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE] 

D. The Compact (D.L. Th. 5/4/1832). L.C. 2/4/1832. 
Spec. His First Campaign (C.G. M. 1/10/1832). 

F. My Daughter, Sir; or, A Daughter to Marry (Olym. T. 9/10/1832). 

L.C. 8/10/1832. Cumberland, vol. xxxvn; Dicks 897; Lacy, 

vol. Ixxiv. 

[Another version of A Daughter to Marry (1828).] 
Ba. The Paphian Bower; or, Venus and Adonis (Olym. W. 26/12/1832). 

L.C. 24/12/1832. 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i] ; Lacy, vol. 


[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE] 
Vaud. Promotion; or, A Morning at Versailles in 1750 (Olym. M. 

18/2/1833; Queen's, Th. 23/4/1835). L.C. 9/2/1833. 12 1852; 

Dicks 893 ; Lacy, vol. xxi. 
D. Reputation; or, The Court Secret (C.G. M. 4/3/1833). L.C. 

18/2/1833. 8 [1833]; Dicks 892. 
Oa. The Students of Jena ; or, The Family Concert (D.L. T. 4/6/1833). 

L.C. 8/6/1833. 
[Music ChelardJ 


O. The Court Masque; or, Richmond in the Olden Time (Adel. M. 

9/9/1833). L.C. 19/8/1833- 

[Based on Le pr aux clercs} 

Ext. High, Low, Jack, and the Game; or, The Card Party (Olym. 
M. 30/9/1833). 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i] ; French's N.Y. No. civ. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE.] 

O. Gustavus III; or, The Masked Ball (C.G. W. 13/11/1833). L.C. 
12/11/1833. 8 1833; 8 [1833; Songs, Duets, Choruses]. 

[An adaptation of Scribe's opera, with music by Auber, arranged 
by T. Cooke.] 

Ext. The Deep Deep Sea; or, Perseus and Andromeda (Olym. Th. 
26/12/1833). L.C. 19/12/1833. 16 1834; 8 [1833; Songs, Duets, 
Chorusses]; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i]. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE.] 
O. The Challenge (C.G. T. 1/4/1834). 

[Based on Le pr4 aux clercs ; music T. Cooke.] 

C.D. Secret Service (D.L. T. 29/4/1834). L.C. 22/4/1834. 8 1834; 
Dicks 870. 

[Based on the French of Melesville and Duveyrier.] 
Vaud. Q The Loan of a Lover (Olym. M. 29/9/1834). L.C. 22/9/1834. 

8 1834; Dicks 895; Lacy, vol. ix. 
Vaud. "My Friend, the Governor" (Olym. M. 29/9/1834). L.C. 

22/9/1834. Dicks 899. 

D. The Regent (D.L. S. 18/10/1834). L.C. 18/10/1834. 8 1834; 
Dicks 884. 

[Based on Le moulin de Javelle by Scribe and Mdlesville.] 
O. The Red Mask; or, The Council of Three (D.L. S. 
15/11/1834). L.C. 28/10/1834 [as The Bravo; or, The Red 

[Music Templeton.] 

Ext. Telemachus; or, The Island of Calypoo (Olym. F. 26/12/1834). 
L.C. 19/12/1834. Lacy, vol. li; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, i]. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE} 
Ba. The Court Beauties (Olym. S. 14/3/1835). L.C. 7/3/1835. 12 

1835 ; Dicks 898 ; Lacy, vol. xxi. 

M.D. The Travelling Carriage (D.L. M. 26/10/1835). L.C. 28/10/1835. 
O.D. The Jewess (D.L. M. 16/11/1835). 8 1835. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, La Juive (Paris, 23/2/1835), with 
music by Halevy, arranged by T. Cooke.] 

M.D.Spec. Chevy Chase (D.L. W. 2/3/1836). L.C. 29/2/1836. 
8 1836 [Songs, Choruses]. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 
Ba. Court Favour; or, Private and Confidential (Olym. Th. 29/9/1836). 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ii; Dicks 883. 
O. The Siege of Corinth (D.L. T. 8/11/1836). L.C. 1836. 

[Music Rossini, adapted by Cooke.] 
Vaud. The Two Figaros (Olym. W. 30/11/1836). L.C. 22/11/1836. 

Dicks 888 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

Ba. Riquet with the Tuft (Olym. M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 14/12/1836. 
Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

[Based on Riquet d la houppe. Written in collaboration with 

F. A Peculiar Position (Olym. W. 3/5/1837). L.C. 1/4/1837. Dicks 
878 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 

PLANCHfj 1800-1850 371 

O. Norma (D.L. S. 24/6/1837). L.C. 3/6/1837. 8 1848; Lacy, 

vol. xxxii. 

Vaud. The New Servant (Olym. F. 29/9/1837)- L.C. 1837. 
M.D. The Child of the Wreck (D.L. S. 7/10/1837). L.C. 1837. 

Dicks 877 ; Lacy, vol. xxxix. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 
M.D. Caractacus (D.L. M. 6/11/1837). L.C. 1837. 

[Music Balfe. An adaptation of Bonduca by Beaumont and 


Ba. Puss in Boots (Olym. T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 21/12/1837. 
O. The Magic Flute (D.L. S. 10/3/1838). L.C. 8/3/1838. 8 [1838; 


[An adaptation of Die Zauberflote, with music by Mozart.] 
Review. The Drama's Levee; or, A Peep at the Past (Olym. M. 

16/4/1838). L.C. 6/4/1838; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, ii]. 
F. The Printer's Devil (Olym. Th. 11/10/1838). L.C. 1838. Dicks 

889 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 
F. The Queen's Horse; or, The Brewer of Preston (Olym. M. 

3/12/1838). L.C. 30/11/1838. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

[Written in collaboration with M. B. HORAN.] 
Ext. Blue Beard (Olym. W. 2/1/1839). L.C. 1839. 12 [1839]; 8 [1839; 

Songs, Duets and Chorusses] ; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Ex- 
travaganzas, ii]. 

[Written in collaboration with C. DANCE.] 
F. Faint Heart ne'er won Fair Lady (Olym. Th. 28/2/1839). L.C. 

18/2/1839. Duncombe, vol. xxxix; Dicks 878; Lacy, vol. xxxv. 
F. The Garrick Fever (Olym. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 30/3/1839. Dicks 

88 1 ; Lacy, vol. xxii. 
M. The Fortunate Isles; or, The Triumphs of Britannia (C.G. W. 


[Music Bishop.] 
Ext. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood (C.G. M. 20/4/1840). L.C. 

13/4/1840. 12 [1840]; 8 1840 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]; 

Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, ii]. 

C. The Spanish Curate (C.G. T. 13/10/1840). L.C. 30/9/1840. 
Dicks 874. 

[An adaptation of the play by Beaumont and Fletcher.] 
P. Harlequin and the Giant Helmet; or, The Castle of Otranto 
(C.G. S. 26/12/1840). L.C. 15/12/1840. 
[Opening only.] 

D. The Captain of the Watch (C.G. Th. 25/2/1841). L.C. 16/2/1841. 
1.2 [1841]; Dicks 893; French, 270. 

[Based on Le Chevalier du Guet by Lockroy.] 
D. The Embassy (C.G. M. 22/3/1841). L.C. 8/3/1841. 
Ext. Beauty and the Beast (C.G. M. 12/4/1841). L.C. 10/4/1841. 
8 1841 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]; 12 [1841]; Dicks 1017; 
Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, ii]. 

C.O. The Marriage of Figaro (C.G. T. 15/3/1842). 8 1842 [Songs, 
Duets, Chorusses]. 
[Music Mozart.] 

Ext. The White Cat (C.G. M. 28/3/1842). L.C. 25/3/1842. 8 1842 
[Songs, Duets, Chorusses]; Lacy, vol. xxiv; 8 1879 [in Extra- 
vaganzas, ii]. 
[Music J. H. Tuliy.] 


Vaud. The Follies of a Night (D.L. W. 5/10/1842). L.C. 5/10/1842. 

12 1842; Dicks 869; Lacy, vol. xiv. 
C. The Way of the World (H. 2 S. 17/12/1842). 

[An alteration of Congreve's play.] 
Ext. Fortunio; or, The Seven Gifted Servants (D.L. M. 17/4/1843). 

L.C. 11/4/1843. 12 1843 ; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1843 [Songs] ; 8 1879 

fin Extravaganzas ', ii]. 
F. Who's your Friend ? or, The Queensberry Fate (H. 2 T. 22/8/1843). 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x; Dicks 882. 
Ext. The Fair One with the Golden Locks (H. 2 T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 

20/12/1843. 12 1852; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 Tin Extravaganzas, ii]. 
C. Grist to the Mill (H. 2 Th. 22/2/1844). L.C. 17/2/1844. 12 1844; 

Dicks 890 ; Lacy, vol. xx. 
Review. The Drama at Home; or, An Evening with Puff (H. a M. 

8/4/1844). L.C. 6/4/1844. 12 1844; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, 

iij ; Lacy, vol. xx. 
F. Somebody Else (H. 2 W. 4/12/1844). L.C. 26/11/1844. Dicks 895 ; 

Lacy, vol. xi. 
Ext. Graciosa and Percinet (H.* Th. 26/12/1844). L.C. 23/12/1844. 

12 1845; Lacy, vol. xx; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, ii]. 
Ext. The Golden Fleece; or, Jason in Colchis, and Medea in Corinth 

(H.' M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 8 1845 [Songs, Duets, 

Chorusses]; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, in]; Lacy, vol. xx. 
F. A Cabinet Question (H. 2 T. 23/9/1845). L.C. 15/9/1845. 12 1845 ; 

Dicks 889 ; Lacy, vol. xx. 
Ext. The Bee and the Orange Tree; or, The Four Wishes (H. 2 F. 

26/12/1845). L.C. 26/12/1845. 12 1846; 8 1879 [in Extra- 
vaganzas, lii] ; Lacy, vol. xx. 
F. The Irish Post (H. 2 S. 28/2/1846). L.C. 27/2/1846. 12 1846; 

Dicks 937; Lacy, vol. xx. 
C. "The Birds" of Aristophanes (H.* M. 13/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 

12 1846; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, iii]; Lacy, vol. xx. 
[Based on The Birds of Aristophanes.] 

C. Queen Mary's Bower (H. 2 S. 10/10/1846). L.C. 12/10/1846. 
12 [1847]; Dicks 996; Lacy, vol. xx. 

F. Spring Gardens (H.* Th. 15/10/1846). L.C. 16/10/1846. 12 

[1846]; Dicks 997. 
F. Story-Telling; or, "Novel" Effects (H. 2 W. 16/12/1846). 

[Partly acted on T. 8/12/1846; Farren was unable to continue 

and the performance was abandoned.] 
Ext. The Invisible Prince; or, The Island of Tranquil Delights 

(H. 2 S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 26/12/1846. 8 [1846; Songs, Duets, 

Choruses] ; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, iii] ; Lacy, vol. xix. 
Ext. The New Planet; or, Harlequin out of Place (H. 2 M. 5/4/1847). 

L.C. 3/4/1847. 12 1847; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, iii]. 

D. The Jacobite (H. 2 S. 12/6/1847). H. 2 11/6/1847. 12 1852; 
Dicks 1015; Lacy, vol. xiv. 

D. The Pride of the Market (Lye. M. 18/10/1847). L.C. 1/10/1847. 

12 1847; Dicks 999; Lacy, vol. xx. 
Ext. The Golden Branch (Lye. M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 22/12/1847. 

8 [1848]; 8 1847 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]; 8 1879 [in 

Extravaganzas, iii] ; Lacy, vol. xix. 
D. Not a Bad Judge (Lye. Th. 2/3/1 848). L.C. 29/2/1848. Dicks 1016; 

Lacy, vol. viii. 

POCOCK] 1800-1850 373 

Bsq. Theseus and Ariadne; or, The Marriage of Bacchus (Lye. M. 
24/4/1848). 12 1848 ; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, m]. 

Ext. The King of the Peacocks (Lye. T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 23/12/1848. 
12 [1849]; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, iii]. 

D. A Romantic Idea (Lye. Th. 8/3/1849). L.C. 5/3/1849. 12 [1849]; 
Dicks 1010; Lacy t vol. xxi. 

F. Hold your Tongue (Lye. Th. 22/3/1849). L.C. 5/10/1848. 
12 [1849]; Dicks loio', Lacy, vol. xx. 

Ext. The Seven Champions of Christendom (Lye. M. 9/4/1849). 
L.C. 14/4/1849. 12 [1849]; Lacy, vol. xxi; 8 1879 [in Extra- 
vaganzas, iiij. 

C. A Lady in Difficulties (Lye. M. 15/10/1849). 12 [1849]; Lacy, 
vol. xxi. 

Ext. The Island of Jewels (Lye. W. 26/12/1849). L.C. 21/12/1849. 
12 [1850]; Lacy, vol. xix; 8 1879 [in Extravaganzas, iv]. 

[For his later plays see Extravaganzas (1879), vol. v, pp. 328-30.] 

Vaud. The Welsh Girl (Olym. M. 16/12/1833). L.C. 28/11/1833. 
12 1834; Dicks 873. 

D. The Sledge Driver (H. 2 Th. 19/6/1834). L.C. 9/6/1834. 12 1834. 
D. Ivan Damloff; or, The Russian Mandate (Surrey, M. 16/11/1835). 
Ba. A Handsome Husband (Olym. M. 15/2/1836). L.C. 5/2/1836. 

12 [1836]; Dicks 887; Lacy, vol. xi. 
D. The Ransom (H.* Th. 9/6/1836). L.C. 2/6/1836. 12 1836; 

Dicks 885. 
Ba. A Pleasant Neighbour (Olym. Th. 20/10/1836). 12 [1836]; 

Dicks 873. 
Ba. A Hasty Conclusion (Olym. Th. 19/4/1838). L.C. 29/3/1838. 

12 1838; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv; Dicks 887. 

O. Virginia (D.L. Th. 30/10/1800). 8 1800. 
[Music S. J. Arnold.] 


R.D. The Mmerali ; or, The Betrothed (Vic. W. 1/7/1835). L.C. 
21/12/1835. Duncombe, vol. xxih ; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv [both as The M.; 
or, The Dying Gift]. 


O.F. Yes or No? (H. 31/8/1808). L. 49 S. [24/8/1808]. 8 1809. 

[Music C. Smith.] 

O.F. Hit or Miss! (Lye. M. 26/2/1810). L. 91 M. [20/2/1810]; 
L. 132 M. [1/9/1823; new scenes]. 8 1810 [3 editions]; 8 1811 
[4th]; Cumberland, vol. xxxiv; London Theatre, vol. xxiv. 
M.D. Twenty Years Ago! (Lye. S. 21/7/1810). L. 52 S. [22/6/1810]. 

8 1810 [bis]. 
Int. The Morning Post and the Morning Herald (Lye. F. 31/5/1811). 

L. S4S. [25/5/1811]. 

O.F. Any Thing New (Lye. M. 1/7/1811). L. 54 S. [15/6/1811]. 
8 1811. 

[Music C. Smith.] 
O.F. The Green-eyed Monster; or, How to get your Money (Lye. M. 

14/10/1811). L. 53 S. [15/2/1811]. 
Ba. Harry le Roy (C.G. F. 2/7/1813). L. 99 M. [22/6/1813]. 

[Based on Dodsley, The King and the Miller of Mansfield] 


M.D. The Miller and his Men (C.G. Th. 21/10/1813). L. 99 M. 

[14/10/1813 ; as The Bohemian Miller]. 8 1813 ; 8 1816; 8 1820; 

Dicks 28; Dicks B.D. [1867]; Cumberland, vol. xxvi; Lacy, vol. i 

[new series]. 
M.D. "For England, Ho!" (C.G. W. 15/12/1813). L. 98 M. 

[8/12/1813]. 8 1814; Cumberland, vol. xxxix. 
C.O. John of Paris (C.G. S. 12/11/1814). L. 101 M. [29/10/1814]. 

8 1814; 8 [1820]; Cumberland, vol. xxvi. 

[An adaptation of St Just, yean de Paris, with music by Boieldieu 

arranged by Bishop.] 
M.D. Zembuca ; or, The Net-Maker and his Wife (C.G. M. 27/3/1815). 

L. 105 M. [13/3/1815]. 8 1815. 
M.D. The Magpie, or the Maid? (C.G. F. 15/9/1815). 8 [1815]; 8 

1816 [2nd]; Dicks 948; Cumberland, vol. xxviii; Lacy, vol. Ixxxvii. 
[Based on L. C. Caigniez, La pie voleuse; ou, la servante de 


F. The Farce Writer (C.G. M. 5/10/1815). L. 61 S. [3/10/1815]. 
M.D. John du Bart; or, The Voyage to Poland (C.G. W. 25/10/1815). 

L. 105 M. [19/10/1815]. 
M.D. The Ravens; or, The Force of Conscience (C.G. T. 28/1/1817). 

L. in M. [14/1/1817]. 
M.D. The Heir of Vironi; or, Honesty the Best Policy (C.G. Th. 

27/2/1817). L. m M. [11/1/1817]. 

[Music Bishop and Whitaker.] 
M.D. Robinson Crusoe; or, The Bold Bucaniers (C.G. M. 7/4/1817). 

L. in M. [22/3/1817]. 8 1817; Dicks 214; Lacy, vol. Ixxxix; 

Cumberland, vol. xxviii. 

[Based on Pixe're'court, Robinson Crusoe (Paris, 2/10/1805).] 
M.D. The Libertine (C.G. T. 20/5/1817). L. HI M. [10/5/1817]. 

8 1817. 

[An adaptation of Shadwell's play.] 
F. Husbands and Wives (C.G. W. 3/12/1817). L. in M. [27/11/1817; 

as H. and W.; or, The Debt and the Duel]. 
M.D. The Antiquary (C.G. 1818). 

[This version was a failure ; see below.] 
M.D. Rob Roy Macgregor; or, Auld Lang Syne! (C.G. Th. 12/3/1818). 

L. 112 M. [28/2/1818]. 8 1818 [bis]; Dicks 70; Oxberry [1821]; 

Dicks B.D. [1867]; Waverley Dramas [1845]; Lacy, vol. iii; 

B.D. [1864], vol. ii. 

[Music J. Davy. This version of Scott's novel includes Songs 

by Burns and Wordsworth.] 
M.D. The Antiquary (C.G. T. 25/1/1820). L. 118 M. [13/1/1820], 

8 1820; 8 1820 [Songs, Duets]. 

[Music Bishop and T. Cooke. Written in collaboration with 

M.D. Montrose ; or, The Children of the Mist (C.G. Th. 14/2/1822). 

L. 127 M. [6/2/1822]. 8 1822. 

[Music Bishop, Ware and Watson. Based on Scott's novel.] 
M.D. Nigel; or, The Crown Jewels (C.G. T. 28/1/1823). L. 125 M. 

[31/12/1822]. 8 1823. 

[This version of Scott*s novel was hurried out to forestall 

another at D.L.] 
F. Cent, per Cent.; or, The Masquerade (C.G. Th. 29/5/1823). 

L. 129 M. [10/5/1823]. 8 [1823]. 

POLACK] 1800-1850 375 

M.D. Woodstock (Surrey, M. 15/5/1826; C.G. S. 20/5/1826). L.C. 
15/5/1826. 8 1826- Dicks 533. 

[From a note in The Gentleman's Magazine it seems that the 
Surrey version was the same as that given at C.G.] 
M.D. Peveril of the Peak (C.G. S. 21/10/1826). L.C. 28/9/1826. 
8 1826 [Songs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[Music C. E. Horn. Based on Scott's novel.] 

M.D. Alfred the Great; or, The Enchanted Standard (C.G. S. 
3/11/1827). L.C. 2/10/1827 [under sub-title]. 8 1827. 

[Partly based on O'Keeffe, The Magic Banner.] 
M.D. Tuckitomba; or, The Obi Sorceress (C.G. M. 7/4/1828). 

L.C. 3/3/1828. 

M.D. The Robber's Bride (C.G. Th. 22/10/1829). L.C. 21/10/1829. 
Cumberland Minor, vol. xi; Dicks 362; Cumberland, vol. xxviii; 
Lacy, vol. Ixix. 

[Music F. Ries. Also called The Robber s Wife.] 
M.D. The Blue Anchor; or, A Tar for All Weathers (C.G. M. 

18/10/1830). L.C. 11/10/1830. 

F. The Omnibus! or, A Convenient Distance! (C.G. M. 6/12/1830). 
L.C. 25/11/1830. Duncombe; Dicks 725; Lacy, vol. xxxii. 

[An alteration of R. J. Raymond, Cherry Bounce (S.W. 

M.D. Comrades and Friends; or, Life for Life (C.G. F. 11/2/1831). 
L.C. 26/1/1831. Dicks 747. 

[Based on D'Aubigny, Les deux sergeants.] 
F. Country Quarters (C.G. T. 6/12/1831). L.C. 12/11/1831. 
M.D. The Doom Kiss (D.L. M. 29/10/1832). L.C. 19/10/1832. 

[Music Bishop.] 

F. Clutterbucks ; or, The Railroad of Love (C.G. W. 31/10/1832). 
L.C. 20/10/1832. 

[Based on Le pre d'occasion.] 

M.D. The Ferry and the Mill (C.G. S. 19/10/1833). L.C. 4/10/1833. 
F. Scan. Mag. (C.G. S. 23/11/1833). L.C. 12/11/1829 [as S. M.; or, 

The Village Gossip]. 
F. Anster Fair; or, Michael Scott the Wizard (D.L. M. 31/3/1834). 

L.C. 16/3/1834. 

Ent. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (D.L. F. 
26/12/1834). L.C. 20/12/1834. 8 1834. 

[Based on Scott, The Bridal of Triermain. Music T. Cooke.] 
F. The Night Patrol (D.L. Th. 1/10/1835). L.C. 2/10/1835. 
M.D. Cavaliers and Roundheads (D.L. T. 13/10/1835). L.C. 

[Based on Scott, Old Mortality] 

M.D. The Kmg and the Duke; or, The Siege of Alencon (C.G. F. 
8/2/1839). L.C. 1839. 
[Music T. Cooke.] 


D. Esther, the Royal Jewess; or, The Death of Haman (R.P. M. 

9/3/1835). 12 [1835 ; bis] ; Duncombe, vol. xvi. 

M.D. St Clair of the Isles; or, The Outlaw of Barra (Vic. M. 
16/4/1838). 12 [1838] ; Dicks 794. 

[This play seems to be given in Dicks 794 under the name of 



Esq. Hamlet Travestie (New, Th. 24/1/1811; C.G. Th. 17/6/1813). 

L. 55 S. [15/9/1812; printed copy]. 12 1810; 8 1811 [2nd and 

3rd]; 8 1814 [sth] ; 12 1817; Lacy, vol. x. 
Spec. The Earls of Hammersmith; or, Infant Maturity; or, Youth, 

Age, Love, Murder and Usurpation (Surrey, T. 1/10/1811). 

[This is preserved in L. 21 L. [14/1/1814].] 
F. The Hole in the Wall (D.L. W. 23/6/1813). L. 5 7 S. [11/6/1813]. 

8 1813. 
Int. Intrigue (D.L. T. 26/4/1814). L. 102 M. [2/4/1814]. 8 1814; 

Dicks 315; Lacy, vol. liv; Buncombe, vol. vn. 
F. Who's Who? or, The Double Imposture (D.L. W. 15/11/1815). 

L. 106 M. [7/11/1815]. 8 1815. 
F. A Short Reign and a Merry One (C.G. F. 19/11/1819). L. 73 S. 

[10/9/1819]. 8 1819. 
F. Matchmaking (H. 2 S. 25/8/1821). L. 81 S. [16/8/1821 ; as Marriage 

Projects]. Lacy, vol. xxvii; Dicks 522. 

[Based on Les projets de manage] 
F. The Two Pages of Frederick the Great (C.G. S. 1/12/1821). 

L. 123 M. [20/11/1821]. 8 1821 ; Dicks 954. 

[Based on Les deux pages] 

F. Old and Young (D.L. Th. 5/12/1822). L. 84 S. [29/11/1822]. 
C. Simpson and Co. (D.L. S. 4/1/1823). L. 85 S. [27/11/1822; as 

Mr S. and C]. 8 1827 ; Lacy, vol. Ixxiv; Dicks 336. 
M.D. Augusta; or, The Blind Girl (D.L. T. 14/1/1823). L. 86 S. 

F. Deaf as a Post (H. a S. 15/2/1823). 8 [New York; N.D.] ; Dicksm ; 

Lacy, vol. xiv. 
F. A Year in an Hour ; or, The Cock of the Walk (H.* Th. 17/6/1824). 

L.C. 11/6/1824. 8 1824. 
C. Married and Single; or, Belles and Bailiffs (H. a F. 16/7/1824). 

L.C. 24/6/1824 [as M. and S.; or, Takings and Mistakings]; L.C. 

D.L. 20/7/1824. 8 1824. 

[Based on L'homme a, soixante ans] 
F. 'Twould Puzzle a Conjuror (H. 2 S. 11/9/1824). L.C. 6/9/1824. 

Dicks 648 ; Lacy, vol. xiv. 
C. Tribulation; or, Unwelcome Visitors (H. 2 T. 3/5/1825). L.C. 

19/4/1825. 8 1825; Cumberland, vol. xn; Dicks 960. 

[Based on Un moment d 'imprudence] 
C. Paul Pry (H. 2 T. 13/9/1825). L.C. 9/1825. 8 [New York; N.D.] ; 

Duncombe, vol. i; Dicks 321 ; Lacy, vol. xv. 
F. TheScape-goat(C.G.F.25/i 1/1825). L.C.7/ii/i825.8i826;Drfo 

550; Lacy, vol. xcviii; B.D. [1864], vol. xii; London Stage, vol. iv. 
F. 'Twixt the Cup and the Lip (H.* M. 12/6/1826). L.C. 8/5/1826. 
C. The Wife's Stratagem; or, More Frightened than Hurt (C.G. T. 

13/3/1827). 8 1827; Dicks 567. 

[Based on Shirley, The Gamesters.] 
O.F. Gudgeons and Sharks; or, Piecrust Promises (H. 2 S. 28/7/1827). 

L.C. 12/7/1827 [with titles reversed]. 
C. The Wealthy Widow; or, They're both to blame (D.L. M. 

29/10/1827). L.C. 22/10/1827. 8 [1827]. 

[Based on La jeune mari ] 
F, My Wife! What Wife? (D.L. W. 1/4/1829). Lacy, vol. xcvi; 

Dicks 585. 

POWER] 1800-1850 377 

F. Lodgings for Single Gentlemen (H. a M. 15/6/1829). L.C. 

25/5/1829. Lacy, vol. cxv; Duncombe, vol. liv; Dicks 403. 
D. Past and Present; or, The Hidden Treasure (D.L. T. 23/2/1830). 

L.C. 18/2/1830. Lacy, vol. xcvi. 

[Based on Antoine, ou les trots tpoques.] 
F. Turning the Tables (D.L. Th. 11/11/1830). L.C. 5/11/1830. 

Duncombe, vol. xiii; Dicks 380; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. No. 68; 

Lacy, vol. xl. 
F. A Nabob for an Hour (C.G. Th. 21/3/1833). L.C. 9/5/1833- 

Duncombe, vol. xn; Lacy, vol. cviii. 

[Based on Scribe, L'oncle cTAmerique (Paris, 14/3/1826).] 
C. A Soldier's Courtship (D.L. T. 3/12/1833). L.C. 30/11/1833. 

8 1833; Dicks 343; 12 [N.Y. N.DJ. 

C. Patrician and Parvenu; or, Confusion Worse Confounded (D.L. 
8.21/3/1835). L.C. 14/3/1835 [under sub-title]. 8 1835. 

D. The Atonement; or, The God-daughter (H. 2 T. 24/5/1836). 
L.C. 10/5/1836. 8 1836; Dicks 160. 

[Based on Pere et parent ] 

F. Delicate Attentions (St J. Th. 24/11/1836). L.C. 18/11/1836. 
8 1837; Duncombe, vol. xxxii. 


D. Byzantium. 8 1823. 


M.D. The Fair Fugitives (C.G. M. 16/5/1803). L. 43 S. [5/4/1803]. 

[Music Busby.] 
T. Switzerland (D.L. M. 15/2/1819). 


D. The Venetian Outlaw, His Country's Friend. 8 1805. 

[An adaptation of Pixe*rdcourt, Uhomme a trots visages; ou, le 
proscrit de Vemse (Pans, 1801).] 

POWELL, THOMAS [of Monmouth]. 

D. The Children in the Wood. 12 1805 [in Works]. 

POWELL, THOMAS [of New York]. 

D. The Count de Foix. 8 1842. 

F. The Blind Wife; or, The Student of Bonn. 8 1843. 

T. The Wife's Revenge. 8 1843. 

D. The Shepherd's Well. 8 1844. 

C. Married Lovers (C.G. W. 2/2/1831). L.C. 29/1/1831. 8 1831. 
F. Born to Good Luck ; or, An Irishman's Fortune (C.G. S. 17/3/1832). 

L.C. 24/2/1832. Lacy, vol. 11; Dicks 784. 

D. St Patrick's Eve ; or, The Order of the Day (D.L. S. 24/1 1/1832). 
L.C. 22/11/1832. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. li; Dicks 518. 

[Music T. Cooke.] 
F. Paddy Gary, the Boy of Clogheen (C.G. W. 29/5/1833). L.C. 

25/5/1833. Lacy, vol. xxvi. 
M.Ent. O'Flannigan and the Fairies; or, A Midsummer Night's 

Dream (not Shakespeare's) (C.G. 24/4/1836; H. a W. 26/12/1838). 

L.C. 23/4/1836. 

C. Etiquette; or, A Wife for a Blunder (C.G. M. 16/5/1836). 
Int. How to Pay the Rent (H. Th. 2/4/1840). L.C. 17/3/1840. 

Dicks 407; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i. 



[For his earlier works see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 299-] 
C.O. Fire and Frost. 8 1805. 

[For this and the following plays see The Biographia Dramatica.] 
D. Hail Fellow, well met! 8 1805. 
C.O. Love's Trials; or, The Triumphs of Constancy. 8 1805. 


Int. Reformation (C.G. 28/6/1815). L. 61 S. [19/7/1815]. 


[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 300.] 
T. Adelaide (D.L. S. 25/1/1800). L. 40 S. [14/1/1800]. 8 1800. 

C. A Prior Claim (D.L. T. 29/10/1805). L. 83 M. [22/10/1805]. 
8 1805; 8 1806 [2nd]. 

[Written in collaboration with S. J. ARNOLD.} 

RAFTER, Capt. 

D.D. Pauline (C.L. 27/10/1845). L.C. 22/10/1845. 
O. La Dame Blanche. L.C. Grecian, 20/6/1848. 

[An adaptation of Scribe's opera.] 
M.D. The Heart of Midlothian (P'cess,W. 18/4/1849). L.C. 2/4/1849. 


Spec. The Skeleton Steed ; or, The Phantom Knights of the Charmed 
Bay. L.C. Apollo, 26/12/1843. 


O.F. The Lowland Lassie in London. L. 43 S. [D.L. 6/5/1803]. 

[This seems to be the same as The Highland Lassie; or, A Trip 
from the North. 8 1803 [cf. also Musical Dramas 8 (1806)].] 
M.D. The Exiles. 8 [1806; in Musical Dramas}. 


D. The Devil's Share. L.C. Liverpool, 1843. 

Vaud. The Two Sisters; or, The Ghost's Legacy. L.C. Liverpool, 

Vaud. Mariette; or, The Reward. L.C. Liverpool, 24/10/1843. 


M.D. The Castle of Paluzzi; or, The Extorted Oath (C.G. W. 

27/5/1818). L. 71 S. [20/5/1818; under sub-title]. 8 1818. 
M.D. The State Prisoner (R.A. M. 25/10/1819). 8 1818. 
F. Cherry Bounce (S.W. M. 27/8/1821). Lacy, vol. lix; Dicks 360; 

Duncombe, vol. viii. 
F. Which is my Cousin? (H. a Th. 29/9/1825). L.C. 1825. 8 [1825]. 

C. "The Two make a Pair"; or Manoeuvring (D.L. S. 7/4/1827). 
L.C. 3/4/1827. 

D. The Greek Family (D.L. Th. 22/10/1829). 

[Music Cooke.] 
R.D. Robert the Devil; or, The Wizard's Ring (Cob. M. 21/6/1830). 

12 1830 [Richardson; as R. the D.; or, The Duke of Normandy}', 

Cumberland, vol. xxxiii. 
F. The Deuce is in Her (Adel. 28/8/1830). L.C. 7/8/1830. Dicks 993 ; 

Duncombe, vol. vii. 
F. "P.S. Come to Dinner" (Surrey, M. 22/11/1830). 

REDE] 1800-1850 379 

D.D. The Farmer's Daughter of the Severnside; or, The Broken 

Heart (Cob. M. 11/4/1831). Lacy, vol. xxvi [with sub-title, or, 

Mr and Mr s Toodles}. 
M.D. The Wreck of the Leander, 50; or, The Fatal Coral Bank 

(Cob. M. 23/5/1831). 

[See also under UNKNOWN AUTHORS.] 
M.D. The Old Oak Tree (E.O.H. M. 24/8/1835). L.C. 25/8/1835. 

Duncombe, vol. xviii. 

[Music G. A. Macfarren.] 
F. The Balance of Comfort (Adel. M. 22/2/1836). L.C. 13/2/1836 

[as The B. of C.; or, Bachelors and Married Men]. Duncombe, 

vol. xxxi. 
Oa. Mrs White (E.O.H. Th. 23/6/1836). L.C. 6/1836. Lacy, vol. Iv; 

Dicks 360; Duncombe, vol. xxii. 

D.D. The Village Story ; or, The Farmer and his Wife. L.C. 21/4/1838. 
M.D. The Emigrant's Daughter: A Tale of the Neutral Ground 

(E.O.H. T. 7/8/1838). L.C. 8/1838. Duncombe, vol. xxxi. 
F. Like Father, like Son (E.O.H. Th. 13/8/1840). L.C. 11/8/1840. 

Dicks 993 ; Duncombe, vol. xlii. 
D. Paul the Brazier ; or, The Reign of Terror (Olym. M. 1 6/1 1 /i 840). 

L.C. 10/1840. 
D. The Lone Hut (Lye. M. 4/7/1842). L.C. 22/6/1842 [as The Lone 

House; or, A Legend of Mount Blanc}. Dicks 682. 
D. The Discarded Daughter (Surrey, M. 5/4/1847). L.C. 3/4/1847. 

Duncombe, vol. lix. 

Spec. Lalla Rookh ; or, The Ghebirs of the Desert (R.A. M. 13/6/1836). 

Dicks 549. 
D. The Factory Assassin ; or, The Dumb Boy of Manchester (R.A. 

M. 25/9/1837). L.C. 1837 [under sub-title only]. Dicks 368; 

Lacy, vol. xxvi [as The Dumb Man of Manchester}. 
Ba. The White Wolf; or, The Condemned House and the Diet of 

Ratisbon. L.C. Olym. 2/8/1841. 

P. Harlequin, Prince of Thebes. L.C. Apollo, 19/11/1845. 
Spec. The Edict of the Secret Council; or, The Exiled Plantagenet. 

L.C. Apollo, 17/12/1845. 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth. L.C. Apollo, 16/1/1846. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
Spec. Elizabeth of England. L.C. Apollo, 18/3/1846. 


F. Which Mr Smith? (Lye. Th. 8/10/1846). L.C. 17/9/1846. 
D. Fleurs de Lys; or, Love's Triumph (Lye. M. 19/7/1847). L.C. 
22/7/1847 [as F. de L.; or, Well Won}. 

[Written in collaboration with H. HERBERT.] 
F. The Special (Olym. 3/5/1848). L.C. 3/5/1848. 

Spec. Sixteen String Jack (Cob. T. 18/2/1823). Dicks 392. 

Ext. Professionals Puzzled; or, Struggles at Starting (Strand, Th. 


M.D. The Rake's Progress (City, M. 28/1/1833). L.C. Olym. 
3/6/1833 [not necessarily the same]. Dicks 240; Duncombe, vol. xii; 
Lacy, vol. xxxii. 
M.D. Five Degrees of Crime (City, M. 1 1/2/1833 J R-P. M. i i/i 1/1833). 

N D II 25 


F. His First Champagne (Strand, M. 7/10/1833). L.C. 1/10/1832. 

Dicks 212; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi; Lacy, vol. Ixxiii. 
D. Faith and Falsehood; or, The Fate of the Bushranger (R.P. M. 

6/10/1834). Dicks 548; Duncombe, vol. xxxiii. 
Ba. Wealth and Want; or, The Village Politicians (Surrey, M. 

26/1/1835). L.C. 1835. Duncombe. 
F. An Affair of Honour (Olym. Th. 12/3/1835). L.C. 5/3/1835. 

12 i83s;Dickt 517. 
D. The Skeleton Witness; or, The King's Evidence (Surrey, M. 

27/4/1835). 12 1835 [as The S. W.; or, The Murder of the Mount]. 
Ext. Cupid in London ; or, Some Passages in the Life of Love (Queen's, 

Th. 18/6/1835). Duncombe, vol. xvii. 
Ba. The Old and Young Stager (Olym. M. 7/1 2/1835). L.C. 7/12/1835. 

Dicks 728; Duncombe, vol. xx. 

Ba. Come to Town (Strand, M. 25/4/1836). L.C. 15/4/1836. Dun- 
combe, vol. xxi. 
M.D. The Gaberlunzie Man (E.O.H. M. 26/9/1836). L.C. 26/9/1836. 

Duncombe, vol. xxiii. 
Ba. A Flight to America; or, Twelve Hours in New York (Adel. M. 

7/11/1836). Duncombe, vol. xxiv. 
Bsq. Douglas Travestie (Adel. 13/2/1837). L.C. 4/2/1837. Duncombe, 

vol. xxv ; Lacy, vol. xlvi. 
Ba. The Peregrinations of Pickwick; or, Boz-i-a-na (Adel. M. 

3/4/1837). L.C. 4/1837 [as The Pickmckians]. Duncombe, vol. 


D. Rosalie; or, The Exile's Daughter. L.C. H. 2 1838. 
M.D. Kohal Cave; or, The Events of a Year (S.W. M. 9/7/1838). 
Ba. The Devil and Dr Faustus (Strand, M. 31/5/1841). L.C. 

D. The Rake's Progress. L.C. Edinburgh, 4/7/1841. 

[See above under 1833.] 
Ext. The Frolics of the Fairies; or, The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle 

(Strand, M. 12/7/1841). L.C. 21/7/1841. 

Ba. The Mission of Mercury (Strand, 12/9/1841). L.C. 12/4/1841. 
D. Sixteen String Jack; or, Ravin the Reefer (Olym. 15/11/1841). 

L.C. 11/11/1841. 

[See above under 1833.] 
Ba. The Conquest of Cupid; or, Lucre against Love (Strand, Th. 

31/3/1842). L.C. 23/3/1842. 
D.D. Jack in the Water; or, The Ladder of Life (Olym. M. 25/4/1842 ; 

S.W. M. 31/7/1843). L.C. 29/4/1842. Dicks 574. 
Bsq. Norval (Olym. T. 18/10/1842). 
[See Douglas Travestie, 1837.] 

Ba. Loves of the Devils. L.C. Olym. 10/11/1842. 
D. Life's a Lottery; or, Jolly Dick the Lamplighter (Olym. M. 

14/11/1842). L.C. 10/11/1842. Dicks 601. 
D. The Son of the Desert; or, The Demon Changling (S.W. M. 

27/2/1843; Olym. Th. 16/3/1843). L.C. 14/2/1843. 
D. Our Village; or, Lost and Found (Olym. M. 17/4/1843). L.C. 

21/4/1843. Dicks 711; Lacy, vol. Ixxxviii [as O. V.i or, The Lost 

D. The Gamecock of the Wilderness (Olym. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 

Ca. Saloon and Cellar (Strand, 26/5/1845). L.C. 24/5/1845. 

REYNOLDS] 1800-1850 381 

Ext. The Boyhood of Bacchus (Olym.M. 6/10/1845). L.C. 6/10/1845. 
Spec. The Arab and his Steed (R.A. 13/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
F. The Queen's Bench (Strand, M. 13/11/1848). 
C.O. La Somnambula, or, The Somnambulist (C.G. 1848). 12 [1848]. 

D. Barark Johnson; or, The Blind Witness (Surrey, M. 8/4/1844). 

L.C. 1/4/1844. Duncombe, vol. xlix. 

T. Launcelot of the Lake. 8 1843. 

C. Odd Whims ; or, Two at a Time (Norwich and Harwich, c. 1803). 
L. 78 M. [Norwich, 28/4/1803). 8 1804 [in Odd Whims, and 

F. No (Bath, 16/5/1828). Cumberland Minor, vol. v; Dicks 310. 
Ba. My Grandfather's Will; or, The Man of Straw (Adel. M. 1/10/1838). 
L.C. 25/9/1838. Dicks 480. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 301.] 
C. Life (C.G. S. 1/11/1800). L. 38 S. [28/9/1800]. 8 1801 [6 

editions]; 12 1801 [Dublin]; Inchbald's Modern Theatre, vol. i. 
C. Folly as it Flies (C.G. Th. 29/10/1801). L. 76 M. [19/10/1801]. 

8 1802 [bis] ; Cumberland, vol. xxvii; Dicks 793 ; Inchbald's Modern 

Theatre, vol. ii. 
C. Delays and Blunders (C.G. S. 30/10/1802). L. 42 S. [10/1802]. 

8 1803; 8 1805. 

C. The Three Per Cents. (C.G. S. 12/11/1803). 
M.D. The Caravan; or, The Driver and his Dog (D.L. M. 5/12/1803). 

L. 43 S. [30/11/1803]. 8 [1803; 3 editions]; 8 1803 [Songs, 

Duets, Trios, Chorusses]. 

[Music W. Reeve.] 
C. The Blind Bargain; or, Hear Him Out (C.G. W. 24/10/1804). 

8 1805; Cumberland, vol. xxvm; Dicks 625. 
O.F. Out of Place; or, The Lake of Lausanne (C.G. Th. 28/2/1805; 

Surrey, F. 8/1/1813). 

[Music W. Reeve and Braham.] 
C. The Delinquent; or, Seeing Company (C.G. Th. 14/11/1805). 

L. 83 M. [7/11/1805; under sub-title], 8 1805; Dicks 903; 

Cumberland, vol. xl; Inchbald's Modern Theatre, vol. ii. 
Spec. The Deserts of Arabia (C.G. Th. 20/11/1806). L. 47 S. 

[18/10/1806]. 8 1806 [Airs, Duets, Chorusses]. 

[Music G. Lanza.] 
O.F. Arbitration; or, Free and Easy (C.G. Th. 11/12/1806). L. 46 S. 


[Music G. Lanza.] 
C. Begone Dull Care; or, How will it end (C.G. M. 9/2/1808). 

8 1808. 

O. The Exile; or, The Deserts of Siberia (C.G. T. 10/11/1808). 
L. 87 M. [2/11/1808]. Cumberland, vol. xxix. 

[Music Mazzinghi and Bishop.] 

D.O. The Free Knights; or, The Edict of Charlemagne (C.G. Th. 
8/2/1810). L. 92 M. [10/1/1810; with titles reversed]. 8 1810. 



D.R. The Bridal Ring (C.G. T. 16/10/1810). L. 92 M. [3/10/1810], 

[Music Condell.] 

D.O. The Virgin of the Sun (C.G. F. 31/1/1812). L. 95 M. [1/1/1812]. 
8 1812 [4 editions]. 

[Based on Kotzebue's play.] 

D. The Renegade (C.G. W. 2/12/1812). L. 96 M. [20/11/1812]. 
8 1812; 8 1813. 

[Music Bishop. Based on Dryden, Don Sebastian and The 
Spanish Friar} 
F. What's a Man of Fashion? or, A Match against Time (C.G. M. 

27/11/1815). L. 61 S. [9/11/1815]. 8 1815. 

C.O. A Midsummer Night's Dream (C.G. S. 17/1/1816). 8 

[Music Bishop. On the alterations in the text see G. C. D. 
Odell, op. cit. ii. 75-7.] 

C.O. The Humorous Lieutenant; or Alexander's Successors (C.G. 
18/1/1817). L. 109 M. [C.G. 29/12/1816]; B.M. MS. Add. 

M.D. The Duke of Savoy ; or, Wife and Mistress (C.G. M. 29/9/1817). 

L. in M. [14/9/1817]; B.M. MS. Add. 27,708. 

[Music Bishop.] 
M.D. The Father and his Children (C.G. S. 25/10/1817). L. 109 M. 

M.D. The Illustrious Traveller; or, The Forges of Kanzell (C.G. 

T. 3/2/1818). L. 114 M. [26/i/j8i8]. 
M.D. The Burgomaster of Sardaam; or, The Two Peters (C.G. W. 

23/9/1818). L. 114 M. [10/9/1818]. 

C.O. The Comedy of Errors (C.G. S. 11/12/1819). 8 1819. 
[Music Bishop. See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 131-5.] 
C.O. Twelfth Night (C.G. W. 8/11/1820). 

[Music Bishop. See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. 11. 135-7.] 
C.O. Don John; or, The Two Violettas (C.G. T. 20/2/1821). 8 

[Music Bishop and Ware. An adaptation of The Chances by 
Beaumont and Fletcher as altered by Buckingham.] 
C.O. The Tempest (C.G. T. 15/5/1821). 

[Music Bishop. See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 137-8.] 
C.O. The Two Gentlemen of Verona (C.G. Th. 29/11/1821). 
[Music Bishop. See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 138-40.] 
C.O. The Merry Wives of Windsor (D.L. F. 20/2/1824). 

[Music Bishop. See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 140-2.] 
M.D. Edward the Black Prince (D.L. M. 28/1/1828). L.C. 14/1/1828. 
Musical score and lyrics in B.M. MS. Add. 27,722. 

[Music Bishop. Based mainly on Shirley's play (1750).] 
P. Harlequin and Queen Mab; or, The Three Glass Distaffs (C.G. 

F. 26/12/1834). L.C. 20/12/1834. 
P. Harlequin and Old Gammer Gurton; or, The Lost Needle (D.L. 

M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 23/12/1836. 
P. Harlequin Jack-a-Lantern ; or, The Witch of the Dropping Well 

(D.L. T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 20/12/1837. 
P. Harlequin and Jack Frost; or, Old Goody Hearty (D.L. W. 

26/12/1838). L.C. 1838. 

P. Harlequin and the Enchanted Fish ; or, The Genii of the Brazen 
Bottle (Adel. S. 26/12/1840). L.C. 17/12/1840. 

RHODES] 1800-1850 383 


F. Confounded Foreigners (H. S. 6/1/1838). L.C. 6/1/1838. Acting 
Nat. Drama, vol. iii. 


D. The Rich Man of Frankfort (Surrey, W. 31/10/1838). Cumberland 

Minor, vol. xiv. 

D. The Elixir of Love (Surrey, 1839). Lacy, vol. xxxvii, 
C. The Brewer of Preston; or, The Black Charger (Surrey, M. 

1/7/1839). Lacy, vol. cxiii [as The B. of P.; or, Malt and Hops]. 
[A play of this title is in L.C. 1848 licensed for the Grecian. 

It is probably an alteration by Reynoldson of his earlier work.] 
R.D. The Venetian; or, The Council of Ten (Surrey, M. 20/4/1840). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. xv. 

C.O. Don Pasquale. L.C. Grecian, 28/10/1843. 12 1856. 
F. The 24th of May (Olym. 12/2/1844). L.C. 8/2/1844. 
C.O. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. L.C. Grecian, 27/4/1844. 
C.O. The Crown Diamonds (P'cess, Th. 2/5/1844). L.C. 26/3/1844. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Les diamants de la couronne (Paris, 

6/3/1841), with music by Auber.] 
R.D. The Pirate. L.C. Grecian, 15/11/1844. 

C.D. Monseigneur ; or, The Pans Robbers. L.C. Grecian, 10/12/1844. 
C.O. Spirits and Water. L.C. C.L. 1845. 
C.O. The Brigadier (P'cess, 29/1/1845). L.C. 25/1/1845. 

[Originally called The Grenadier.] 
O. Gustavus III; or, The Masked Ball. L.C. Grecian, 15/2/1845. 

[An adaptation of Scribe's opera; see under jf. R. PLANCH&] 
C.O. The Due d'Olonne (P'cess, M. 14/4/1845). L.C. 26/1/1845; 

Grecian, 5/1/1845. 

C. The Chevalier de St Georges (P'cess, T. 20/5/1845). L.C. 

[An adaptation from the French of MeUesville and Beauvoir 
(Pans, 15/2/1840).] 
F. Jack o' both Sides (P'cess, T. 21/10/1845). L.C. 13/10/1845. 

D. Manette. L.C. P'cess, 1846. 

D. A Curious Case (P'cess, 17/8/1846). L.C. 21/8/1846. 

D. Clarissa Harlowe (P'cess, M. 28/9/1846). L.C. 12/10/1846. 

[The L.C. manuscript definitely ascribes this play to Reynoldson ; 
but it was announced as by T. H. LACY and J. COURTNEY] 
D. Ernestine; or, The Foster Sister (P'cess, T. 14/4/1846). L.C. 

[An adaptation from the French of Dennery and Clement 
(Paris, 31/10/1845).] 
F. The Barber Bravo (P'cess, F. 7/8/1846). L.C. 21/8/1846. 

[In MS. called also The Invention of Powder] 
F. Keeping a Place (P'cess, W. 4/11/1846). L.C. 6/11/1846. 
D. Dreams of the Heart (P'cess, W. 17/3/1847). L.C. 10/3/1847. 
D. The Drunkard's Children (Surrey, M. 3/7/1848). L.C. 29/6/1848. 
[Based on the drawings of G. Cruickshank, who directed the 

T. Dion. 8 1806; 8 1820. 

D. The Fifth of November; or, The Gunpowder Plot. An Historical 
Play. Supposed to be written by William Shakespeare. 8 1830. 



Bsq. Bombastes Furioso (H. a T. 7/8/1810). L. 51 S. [2/8/1810], 
12 1813 [Dublin]; 8 1822 [pirated]; 8 1822 [ist authorised]; 
12 1830; Dicks 222; Lacy, vol. iii; Duncombe, vol. xlviii; Cumber- 
land, vol. xliii. 


C.O. Bone Squash Diabolo (Surrey, S. 9/7/1836). 


T. Croesus, King of Lydia. 4 1845 ; 8 1861. 
D. Cromwell. 8 1847; 8 1873; 8 1876. 

[This was performed at the Queen's on 21/12/1872.] 
D. Isolda. 8 1848. 
D. Vandyck; a Play of Genoa. 8 1850. 


Poems. 8 1804 [contains Emma and Odin], 

T. Ethelred. 8 [1810]. 
T. Gertrude. 8 [1810]. 


[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 302.] 
M.D. The Maid of Lochlin. 8 1801. 


D. The North Briton; or, Female Heroism (S.W. Th. 11/10/1810). 
P. Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry; or, Harlequin in 
Warwickshire. L.C. Birmingham, 12/12/1846. 

D. Buonaparte; or, The Freebooter. 8 1803. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P 302.] 

Int. The Alarmist; or, Cheerful Opinions. 8 1803 [Chichester]. 
Int. The Maniac Maid; or, Euphemia's Flights (Portsmouth, 1804). 
D. Thermopylae; or, The Repulsed Invasion (Gosport Naval 

Academy, 4/1805). New British Theatre [1814], vol. ii. 
D. Cornelia; or, A Roman Matron's Jewels (Chichester, 1805). 

8 1810. 


P. Graciosa the Fair; or, Harlequin Fairy King (Royalty, W. 


M.D. Magdalena and her Faithful Dog. L. 64 S. [Hull, 21/12/1816]. 


D.R. Ellinda; or, The Abbey of St Aubert (Newark, 1800). 


D. William Tell. 8 1825; 8 1834. 

[A translation of Schiller's play.] 

T. The Fall of Mortimer. 8 1806. 

RODWELL] 1800-1850 385 


Esq. Babes in the Wood (Olym. M. 24/4/1843). L.C. 21/4/1843. 
F. The Tragedy Queen (Lye. M. 13/12/1847). Lacy, vol. xxv [as 
Comedy and Tragedy]. 

[An adaptation from the French of N. R. Fournier (Paris, 


T. William Tell. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 
D. The Invasion. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 
T. Zuma. 8 1800. 

[A translation of the play by P. F. A. Le Fevre.] 

Fa. Where shall I dine? (Olym. W. 17/2/1819). L. 74 S. [18/2/1819]. 

8 [i8i9];Ztefc?973. 
Ba. More Blunders than One ; or, The Irish Valet (Adel. M. 13/12/1824). 

L.C. 9/12/1824; L.C. 1/7/1825 [new scene]. Dicks 413. 
F. Freaks and Follies; or, A Match for the Old One (Adel. M. 

5/11/1827). Dicks 988. 

F. Grimalkin; or, The Cat's Wife. L.C. Adel. 5/11/1828. Dicks 515. 
F. Teddy the Tiler (C.G. M. 8/2/1830). L.C. 1/2/1830. Cumberland, 

vol. xxv; Dicks 784. 

[Based on Pierre le couvreur.] 
Ba. Was I to blame? (Adel. M. 13/12/1830). L.C. 18/11/1830. Lacy, 

vol. xxxii. 
F. I'll be your Second (Olym. M. 10/10/1831). L.C. 8/10/1831 [with 

sub- title, or, The Note at Hand]. Lacy, vol. iii. 
O.F. My Own Lover (D.L. W. 11/1/1832). 

[Music by G. H. B. Rodwell.] 
F. The Chimney Piece; or, Natural Magic (D.L. S. 23/3/1833). 

L.C. 15/3/1833. 
Ba. The Mysterious Family (Adel. M. 5/10/1835). L.C. 28/9/1835, 

Dicks 857. 
Ba. The Breach of Promise of Marriage (Adel. M. 21/2/1842). L.C. 

Adel. 18/2/1842. Dicks 693. 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Une chaine (Paris, 29/11/1841).] 
Oa. The Students of Bonn (D.L. M. 21/3/1842). L.C. 5/3/1842. 
M.D. Pride of Birth (Adel. M. 16/1/1843). Dicks 615; Duncombe, 

vol. xlvi. 
F. My Wife's Out (C.G. M. 2/10/1843). L.C. 22/9/1843. Dicks 699; 

Lacy, vol. xlv. 
F. The Pic Nic; or, Husbands, Wives and Lovers (Adel. M. 

4/12/1843). L.C. 7/11/1843 [as The Picnic Party]. Dicks 561. 
M.D. Adele; or, The Rou6 Brother (Strand, T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 

23/12/1843 [as A.; or, The Lone Farm]. 
M.D. The Seven Maids of Munich; or, The Ghost's Tower (P'cess, 

S. 19/12/1846). L.C. 12/12/1846. 8 [1846; Songs, Duets, 



F. The Young Widow ; or, A Lesson for Lovers (Adel. M. i /i 1/1824). 

L.C. 29/10/1824. 8 1824; Dicks 413; Lacy, vol. xxii. 
F. A Race for a Dinner (C.G. T. 15/4/1828). L.C. 14/3/1828. 

Dicks 973; Lacy, vol. cii; Cumberland, vol. xix. 



M.D. Black Hugh; or, The Outlaw's Fate (R.P. M. 22/10/1832). 

Duncombe, vol. xx. 

M.D. The Heart that can feel for Another! (S.W. Th. 6/10/1836). 
Ba. The Mounting Sylph. L.C. Garrick, 20/3/1844. 
F. Barney Buntlme Ashore. L.C. R.P. 1845. 
D. Luke Sommerton; or, The Renegade's Daughter. L.C. Garrick, 


D. The Fanner of Inglewood Forest (R.P. 9/2/1846). L.C. 7/2/1846. 
D. Frank the Ploughman; or, Love, Madness and Revenge. L.C. 

Britannia, 18/5/1849. 

ROUSE, Miss E. 

Bsq. Buy-em-dears, alias Bay-a-deres (Strand, F. 12/10/1838). L.C. 


M.Ent. The Montem. 8 1808. 


M.D. Zebroni, the Fire King; or, The Lonely Fisherman of Bagdad. 

L.C. Manchester, 14/3/1843. 
D. The Lambton Worm. L.C. Sunderland, 17/4/1848. 


D. Don Carlos; or, Persecution. 8 1822 [6 editions]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama. This was acted at the Surrey 
on Th. 8/6/1848 and a copy of the acting version is in L.C. 
T. Cams Gracchus. 

[A translation of Monti.] 


Ba. One too many; or, Just in Time (Queen's, M. 4/1/1836). Lacy, 

vol. xcvii. 

O. King Charles II (P'cess, S. 27/10/1849). L.C. 17/10/1849. 
8 [1849]. 

[Music G. A. Macfarren.] 


F. Everybody's Husband (Queen's, 2/2/183 1 ; Surrey, M. 20/10/1834). 
Cumberland Minor, vol. iv; Lacy, vol. xcii. 

[Acted at Edinburgh, 11/12/1834, as E. H.; or, Digamy, Trigamy 
and Quadrigamy.] 
F. Quite at Home (Strand, M. 8/12/1834; E.O.H. 5/11/1835). L.C. 

5/11/1835. Cumberland, vol. xxxv. 

M.D. George Heriot; or, The Fortunes of Nigel (Perth, c. 1823). 
M.D. Rob Roy (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 29/3/1825). 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 304J 

C. The Castle of Glyndower (D.L. M. 2/3/1818). 


D. Mary Stuart, and The Maid of Orleans. 8 1824. 

[Translations of Schiller's dramas. Actually issued in Dec. 1823 
(see BlackwoocTs Magazine, vol. xiv. Dec. 1823).] 

SELBY] 1800-1850 387 


D. Lorenzo, the Outcast Son. 8 1823. 

[An adaptation of Schiller, Die Rauber.] 




F. Wanted to Marry. L.C. Brighton, 25/8/1849. 

SCOTT, Miss. 

Spec. Asgard, the Demon Hunter; or, Le Diable a la Chasse (Sans P. 

T. 17/11/1812). L. 97 M. [5/11/1812]. 
M.D. The Old Oak Chest; or, The Smuggler's Sons and the Robber's 

Daughter (Sans P. M. 5/2/1816; Cob. M. 19/7/1824). L. 22 L. 

[20/1/1816]. 12 [? 1825; Lacy]. 

[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 3040 

M.D. Guy Mannering (C.G. T. 12/3/1816). See D. TERRY. 
D. Halidon Hill. A Dramatic Sketch, from Scottish History. 8 1822 

[Edinburgh]; 12 1822 [Philadelphia]. 
D. The Doom of Devorgoil. 8 1830 [Edinburgh]. 
D. The House of Aspen (Surrey, T. 17/11/1829). 

[Published in The Keepsake 1830, and later in the author's 

D. Auchindrane; or, The Ayrshire Tragedy (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 

5/6/i8 3 o). 


Ba. The One Fault (City, T. M. 11/7/1831). Dicks 551- 

[An adaptation of Scribe, Une Faute (Paris, 17/8/1830).] 
O.F. A Day in Pans (Strand, W. 18/7/1832). Dicks 425; Lacy; 

Duncombe, vol. xvi. 
F. Captain Stevens (City, M. 31/12/1832). Dicks 957; Duncombe, 

vol. xi. 
F. Frank Fox Phipps, Esq. (Vic. T. 18/2/1834). Dicks 959 ; Lacy 1492 ; 

Duncombe, vol. xiv. 
D. The Heiress of Bruges (Vic. M. 4/8/1834). Dicks 674; Duncombe, 

vol. xv. 
Ba. The Unfinished Gentleman (Adel.M. 1/12/1834). L.C. 28/1 1/1834. 

Duncombe, vol. xv: Dicks 417; Lacy 502. 

[This was acted at Edinburgh on 18/6/1835 as Jack Rag out of 

C. The Married Rake (Queen's, M. 9/2/1835). L.C. 10/12/1835. 

Dicks 676; Duncombe, vol. xvi; Lacy, vol. Ixxi. 
Ba. Robert Macaire; or, The Exploits of a Gentleman at Large 

(Add. M. 2/3/1835; S.W. M. 29/10/1838). L.C. 28/2/1835. 

Dicks 325 ; Lacy 450. 

[See The Two Murderers ] 
F. Catching an Heiress (Queen's, W. 15/7/1835). Dicks 402; Lacy, 

vol. xxxix; Duncombe, vol. xviii. 
Oa. The Guardian Sylph; or, The Magic Rose (Queen's, M. 3/8/1835). 

Duncombe, vol. 1. 
F. Hunting a Turtle (Queen's, M. 14/9/1835). L.C. 21/11/1835 [query; 

an error in date]. Dicks 402 ; Duncombe, vol. xix ; Lacy, vol. xl. 


C. The Rival Pages (Queen's, Th. 8/10/1835). L.C. 16/9/1835 
Dicks 926; Duncombe, vol. xxv; Lacy 1400. 

M.D. The Two Murderers ; or, The Auberge des Adrets (City, 1835) 

L.C. 16/10/1835. Duncombe y vol. xvi. 
O.F. The Widow's Victim (Adel. Th. 17/12/1835). L.C. 16/11/1835 

Dicks 415 ; Lacy 930. 
Ba. Little Sins and Pretty Sinners (Queen's, T. 12/1/1836; Strand 

M. 4/6/1838). L.C. 8/6/1838. Dicks 957 ; Duncombe, vol. xxx. 
O.D. The Fate of War; or, Adventures in Camp (C.G. F. 11/3/1836) 

L.C. 9/3/1836. 
Ba. Frederick of Prussia; or, The Monarch and the Mimic (Queen's 

M. 24/7/1837, as The King of Prussia). Dicks 423; Lacy 478 

Duncombe, vol. xxvii. 

D. A Father's Sacrifice (C.L. F. 3/11/1837). 

Ba. The Dancing Barber (Adel. M. 8/1/1838). L.C. 5/1/1838. Dick 

380; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iii; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. ii. 
Ba. The Valet de Sham (St J. Th. 29/3/1838). L.C. 26/3/1838 

Dicks 770; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. iv. 

F. I'll not have a Wife; or, Mutual Objections (S.W. M. 4/6/1838). 
D.D. Jacques Strop; or, A Few More Passages in the Life of tru 

Renowned and Illustrious Robert Macaire (Strand, M. 24/9/1838) 

L.C. 20/9/1838. Dicks 599; Duncombe, vol. xxxi; Lacy, vol. cii. 
Ba. Ask No Questions (Olym. W. 24/10/1838). L.C. 20/10/1838 

Dicks 454; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 

[Based on Bayard and Pickard, Mathias Vinvalide (Paris, 1837). 
Ba. The King's Gardener; or, Nipped in the Bud (Strand, M 

1/4/1839). L.C. 27/3/1839; L.C. Edinburgh, 1841. Dicks 535 

Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 
Ba. The Fairy Lake; or, The Magic Veil (Strand, M. 13/5/1839) 

L.C. 29/4/1839. Duncombe, vol. xxxvii. 

[Based on Le lac des fees with music by Auber.] 
Bsq. The Loves of Lord Bateman and the Fair Sophia (Strand, W 

3/7/1839). L.C. 1/7/1839. Duncombe, vol. xxxvii. 
D. Marcelline; or, The Soldier's Legacy (Strand, M. 9/9/1839) 

L.C. 5/9/1839. Dicks 568; Duncombe, vol. xli. 
Ba. Behind the Scenes; or, Actors by Lamplight (Strand, 12/9/1839) 

L.C. 29/8/1839. Dicks 703; Duncombe, vol. xxxvni; Lacy 1702. 
Ba. The Pink of Politeness (Olym. S. 8/2/1840). L.C. St J. 5/2/1840 

Dicks 772; Duncombe, vol. xli. 
D. Barnaby Rudge (E.O.H. M. 28/6/1841). L.C. 30/6/1841. Dick 

393; Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i; Duncombe, vol. xliii; Lacy 

vol. xci. 

[Written in collaboration with C. MELVILLE; based or 

Dickens' novel.] 
Ba. The Lady and Gentleman in a peculiarly perplexing Predicamen 

(E.O.H. M. 9/8/1841). L.C. 6/8/1841. Dicks 425; Duncombe 

vol. xliv; Lacy, vol. Ixix. 

Ext. Punch (Strand, S. 18/9/1841). L.C. 1/9/1841. Dicks 618. 
Ba. The New Footman (Strand, F. 28/3/1842). L.C. 21/3/1842 

Dicks 535; Duncombe, vol. xlv; Lacy, vol. cvii. 
F. The Boots at the Swan (Strand, W. 8/6/1842; Adel. W. 5/4/1843) 

L.C. 27/5/1842. Dicks 564; Duncombe, vol. xlv; Lacy 503. 
Ba. Antony and Cleopatra (Adel. M. 7/11/1842). L.C. 29/10/1842 

Dicks 602; Duncombe, vol. xlvi. 

SERLE] 1800-1850 389 

Ba. The Moral Philosopher (Adel. M. 9/10/1843 ; Surrey, W. 4/7/1 849). 

L.C. 28/9/1843. Duncombe, vol. xlviii. 
Esq. Antony and Cleopatra Married and Settled (Adel. M. 4/12/1843 ; 

M. 26/2/1844). L.C. 7/11/1843. Dicks n&. 
F. Dissolving Views ; or, The Lights and Shadows of Life (Strand, 

M. 22/1/1844). L.C. 12/1/1844. 
Esq. King Richard ye Third; or, Ye Battel of Bosworth Field (Strand, 

M. 26/2/1844). L.C. 21/2/1844. Duncombe, vol.xlix; Lacy, vol. xl. 
D. The Mysterious Stranger (Adel. W. 30/10/1844). L.C. 19/10/1844. 

Dicks 798 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 
D. London by Night (Strand, M. 12/5/1845). L.C. 9/5/1845. 

Dicks 721. 
F. The Irish Dragoon ; or, Wards in Chancery. L.C. Adel. 16/5/1845. 

Dicks 952 ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 
F. Powder and Ball; or, St. Tibb's Eve (Adel. M. 16/6/1845). L.C. 

17/6/1845. Duncombe, vol. liii. 
D. The Lioness of the North; or, The Prisoner of Schlussenburg 

(Adel. M. 22/12/1845). L.C. 8/12/1845. Dicks 929; Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. xii. 
F. The Phantom Breakfast (Adel. Th. 15/1/1846). L.C. 16/1/1846. 

Dicks 955 ; Duncombe, vol. Iv; Lacy, vol. ci. 

[Based on U omelette fantastique.] 

F. You must be married (Queen's, 8/1846). L.C. 24/7/1846. 
Bsq. The Phantom Dancers ; or, The Will's Bride (Adel. M. 2/1 1/1846). 

L.C. 19/10/1846 [as Giselle; or, The P. D.]. 
F. Out on the Sly; or, A Fe"te at Rosherville (Adel. M. 12/7/1847). 

L.C. 3/6/1847. Duncombe, vol. Ix. 
F. Peggy Green (Lye. W. 1/12/1847). L.C. 14/12/1847. Dicks 1012; 

Duncombe, vol. Ixi; Lacy, vol. xlii. 
Spec. The Pearl of the Ocean; or, The Prince and the Mermaiden 

(Adel. M. 20/12/1847). L.C. 13/12/1847. 

Bsq. The Enchanted Tower; or, The Adventures of Prince Head- 
strong and Princess Bloommgbell (M'bone, M. 6/3/1848). L.C. 

C.D. The Witch of Windermere (M'bone, 4/12/1848). L.C. 

18/11/1848. Lacy 1249. 

F. Taken in and Done for (Strand, Th. 10/5/1849). Lacy, vol. iii. 
F. Chamber Practice ; or, Life in the Temple (Strand, M. 25/6/1849). 

L.C. 26/6/1849. Duncombe, vol. Ixiv. 

T. Raffaelle Cimaro. 8 1819. 
D. Fulvius Valens. 8 1823. 
M.D. The Victim of St Vincent; or, The Horrors of an Assault 

(Cob. M. 22/8/1831; Surrey, M. 11/5/1835). 
D. The Man in the Iron Mask; or, The Secrets of the Bastille (Cob. 

M. 16/1/1832; City, M. 5/3/1832). Dicks 428. 
D. The Merchant of London (D.L. Th. 26/4/1832). L.C. 18/4/1832. 

8 1832; Dicks 1033. 
D. The House of Colberg (D.L. M. 1/10/1832). L.C. 29/9/1832 [as 

Colberg; or, The Bridal]. 8 1833. 
D.D. The Yeoman's Daughter (Adel. W. 17/7/1833). Duncombe, 

vol. xii. 
D. The Gamester of Milan (Vic. M. 21/4/1834). Duncombe, vol. xiv. 


D. The Widow Queen (E.O.H. Th. 9/10/1834). L.C. 9/10/1834. 
M.D. The Shadow on the Wall (E.O.H. M. 20/4/1835). L.C. 


[Music J. Thomson.] 
D. The Ghost Story (Adel. M. 4/1/1836; Queen's, F. 5/4/1839). 

L.C. 6/1/1836. 12 1836. 

M.D. The Witch's Son (E.O.H. M. 2/5/1836). L.C. 2/5/1836. 
D. The Queen of the Beggars (H.* S 16/9/1837). L.C. 1837. 
M.D. The Afrancesado ; or, Secrecy and Truth (C.G. Th. 19/10/1837). 

[Music A. Lee.] 
D. The Parole of Honour (C.G. S. 4/11/1837). L.C. 1837. Dicks 

1032; Buncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
M.D. Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans (C.G. T. 28/11/1837). L.C. 

1837. 12 1837; Dicks 1029; Duncombe, vol. xxxiv. 
D. The Foresters ; or, Twenty-five Years Since (C.G. F. 19/10/1838). 
L.C. 13/10/1838. 
[Music Loder.] 
D.R. Agnes Bernauer, the Maid of Augsberg (C.G. S. 20/4/1839). 

L.C. 17/4/1839. 

D. Master Clarke (H. 2 S. 26/9/1840). L.C. 8/9/1840. Dicks 1031. 
O. Sappho (D.L. S. 1/4/1843). L.C. 11/3/1843. 8 [!8 43 ]. 

[Music Pacmi.] 

D. The Priest's Daughter (S.W. M. 3/2/1845). L.C. 11/1/1845. 
C. The Scornful Lady (M'bone, M. 29/11/1847). L.C. 19/11/1847. 

[Adapted from the play by Beaumont and Fletcher.] 
T. The Double Marriage. L.C. M'bone, 25/3/1848. 

[Attributed to Serle.] 

C. The Youthful Queen, Christine of Sweden (D.L. F. 24/10/1828). 
L.C. 4/10/1828 [as Christine; or, The Mysterious Protectress]. 
Cumberland, vol. xxi; Dicks 483. 

[Based on La reine de seize ans by Bayard.] 

F. My Wife or my Place (H.* S. 20/8/1831). See T.J. THACKERA Y. 
F. Jealousy (C.G. S. 20/10/1838). L.C. 17/10/1838. 12 [1838]; 
Dicks 928; Duncombe , vol. xxxii. 

[Written in collaboration with Mrs F. S. SHANNON.] 

F. Jealousy (C.G. S. 20/10/1838). See C. SHANNON. 


T. Alasco (Surrey, M. 5/4/1824). 8 1824. 

[This play was banned for the regular theatres, but was acted 
at the Surrey without a L.C. licence.] 

T. Adelaide; or, The Emigrants (Crow-street, Dublin, 19/2/1814; 

C.G. Th. 23/5/1816). 8 1814 [Dublin]; 8 1816 [2nd]. 
T. The Apostate (C.G. S. 3/5/1817). L. no M. [27/4/1817). 8 

1817 [4 editions]; 8 1818 [sth]. 
T. Bellamira ; or, The Fall of Tunis (C.G. W. 22/4/1818). L. 1 13 M. 

[16/4/1818]. 8 1818 [3 editions]. 

T. Evadne; or, The Statue (C.G. W. 10/2/1819; S.W. M. 10/11/1845). 
L. 114 M. [30/1/1819]. 8 1819 [5 editions]; Dicks 25; Oxberry, 
vol. xiv; Lacy, vol. xxiv; B.D. vol. iv. 
[Based on Shirley, The Traitor} 

SINNETT] 1800-1850 391 

D. Montoni ; or, The Phantom (C.G. W. 3/5/1820). 
T. Damon and Pythias (C.G. M. 28/5/1821). SeeJ.BANIM. 
D. The Huguenot (C.G. W. 11/12/1822). 
T. The Cenci. 8 1819 [and later]. 

[This drama, as is well known, was first acted by the Shelley 

Society on May 7, 1886; there have also been recent modern 


Lyrical D. Prometheus Unbound. 8 1820. 
Esq. CEdipus Tyrannus; or, Swellfoot the Tyrant. A Tragedy. 

8 1820. 
Lyrical D. Hellas (1822). 4 1886 [ed. for Shelley Society by T. J. 



O. The Orphans; or, The Generous Lovers. 8 1800 [bis]. 

M.D. The Russian (D.L. Th. 13/5/1813). L. 98 M. [9/4/1813]. 

D. Stella. 8 1804. 

[A translation of Goethe's play.] 
D. The Patriot Father. 8 1830. 

[A translation of Kotzebue, Die Hussiten.] 


C. The Female Jacobin-Club. 8 1801 [Liverpool]; 8 1802. 

[A translation of Kotzebue, Der wetbliche Jacobiner-Clubb.] 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

p. 307-] 

C. Sketches from Life (Brighton, 1802). 
Int. A Birthday Tribute (Brighton, 12/8/1805). 

[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P- 307.] 
D.R. A Tale of Terror (C.G. Th. 12/5/1803). L. 79 M. [27/4/1803]. 

8 1803. 
C. Time's a Tell-Tale (D.L. T. 27/10/1807). 8 1807; Inchbald's 

Mod. Th. vol. x. 
O. The Russian Impostor; or, The Siege of Smolensko (Lye. S. 

22/7/1809). L. 50 S. [17/7/1809]. 

[With alterations by S.J. ARNOLD} 
C. The Friend of the Family (Edinburgh, 24/2/1810). 

C. Policy; or, Thus runs the World away (D.L. S. 15/10/1814). 
L. 59 S. [3/10/1814; under sub-title]. 


D. Idela (Liverpool, 1802). L. 78 M. [2/11/1802]. 

M.D. The British Captain and the Indian Chief (Royalty, M. 

T. Atreus and Thyestes. 8 1821. 

[A translation from the French of Cre" billon.] 



C. The Word of Honour (C.G.W. 26/5/1802). L. 77 M. [20/5/1802]. 

C. The High Road to Marriage (D.L. F. 27/5/1803). 

M.D. The Sleeping Beauty (D.L. F. 6/12/1805). L. 83 M. [22/10/1805]. 

C. Maids and Bachelors ; or, My Heart for Yours (C.G. F. 6/6/1806). 
L. 84 M. [31/5/1806]. 

[An alteration of The High Road to Marriage.] 

D. The Mysterious Bride (D.L. W. 1/6/1808). L. 88 M. [29/5/1808]. 
D.R. The Magic Bride (Lye. W. 26/12/1810). L. 52 S. [12/12/1810], 

C. Lose No Time (D.L. F. 11/6/1813). L. 57 S. [5/6/1813]. 

T. Montezuma. 8 1838. 


T. Francis the First; or, The Curse of St Vallier. 8 1843. 

[Le Roi s* amuse! A Tragedy. . .by Victor Hugo. Translated by 
F. L. S. t and entitled F. the F.; or, The C. of St V.] 
[Le roi s* amuse was produced in Paris, 22/11/1832,] 

D. Condi's Wife. L.C. Edinburgh, 11/3/1843. 

D. Blanche Heriot; or, The Chertsey Curfew (Surrey, M. 26/9/1842 ; 

M'bone, M. 18/9/1848). Dicks 586; Lacy 1083. 

Bsq. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp (Lye. 5/8/1844). L.C. 

[Written in collaboration with C. KENNEY.] 

Bsq. Fair Star; or, The Singing Apple and the Dancing Waters 
(P'cess, M. 8/4/1844). L.C. 26/3/1844 [as Princess Fair Star]. 

[Written in collaboration withj. OXENFORD.] 

D. The Cricket on the Hearth; or, A Fairy Tale of the Home (Lye. 
S. 20/12/1845). L.C. 17/12/1845. Dicks 394. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

P. The Enchanted Horse ; or, Prince Firoaz, Schah of Persia and the 
Princess of Bengal (Lye. F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 20/12/1845. 

[Written in collaboration with T. TA YLOR.] 
Bsq. Hop o' my Thumb (Lye. M. 16/3/1846). L.C. 9/3/1846. 
D. The Battle of Life (Lye. M. 21/12/1846). L.C. 16/12/1846. 
12 [1846]; Dicks 1001. 
[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

P. Friar Rush (D.L. M. 27/12/1847). See A. CROWQUILL. 

D. The Headsman (Olym. 4/1/1849). L.C. 4/1/1849. 

Bsq. Guy Fawkes; or, A Match for a King (M'bone, M. 9/4/1849). 

12 [l8 49 ]. 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 
p. 308.] 

O.F. A Trip to Bengal. 8 1802. 

F. Make your Wills (H.* S. 16/7/1836). See E. MA YHEW. 

D. Amaranthus; or, The Nympholept. 8 1821. 

C. First Impressions; or, Trade in the West (D.L. S. 30/10/1813). 
L. 100 M. [25/10/1813]. 8 1813 [bis']. 

SOANE] 1800-1850 393 

SMITH, y. 

D. Ralph de Bigod, Earl of Norwich (Norwich, 1829). 

[This writer is described as the author of Creon and The Siege 
of Colchester.] 


F. The Absent Apothecary (D.L. W. 10/2/1813). L. 98 M. [5/2/1813]. 


Ba. Sir Roger de Coverley (Adel. M. 17/10/1836). L.C. 1836. 
Duncombe, vol. xxiv. 

[Another play of this title appears in L.C. 7/5/1834.] 
D. Wolsey (Surrey, M. 27/1/1845). Duncombe, vol. liv. 

M.D.Spec. Lolonois; or, The Bucaniers of 1660 (R.C. Th. 6/8- 
F. 21/8/1818). 


Bsq. The Highgate Tunnel; or, The Secret Arch (Lye. Th. 2/7/1812). 
L. 21 L. [24/6/1812]. 8 1812. 


T. Athelwold (D.L. Th. 18/5/1843). L.C. 11/5/1843. 


M.D. The Peasant of Lucerne. 8 1815. 
T. The Bohemian. 8 1817. 

M.D. The Innkeeper's Daughter (D.L. M. 7/4/1817). L. 66 S. 
[17/3/1817]. 8 1817; Duncombe, vol. xliii; Lacy, vol. cxiv. 

[Music Cooke.] 

M.D. The Falls of Clyde (D.L. W. 29/10/1817). L. 22 L. [17/10/1817]. 
8 1817; 8 1818 [2nd] ; French 1894; Cumberland, vol. xxxi. 

[Music Cooke.] 

M.D. Rob Roy, the Gregarach (D.L. W. 25/3/1818). L. 69 S. 
[2/3/1818]. 8 1818; Cumberland, vol. xxxvi. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 
Ent. The Dwarf of Naples (D.L. 8.13/3/1819). L. 116 M. [4/3/1819]. 

8 1819. 

M.D. Self-Sacrifice; or, The Maid of the Cottage (E.O.H. M. 
19/7/1819). 8 1819. 

[Music Reeve ] 

Extracts from Goethe's Tragedy of Faustus. 4 1820. 
D. The Hebrew (D.L. Th. 2/3/1820). L. 77 S. [9/2/1820; as The 
Pilgrim from Palestine] . 8 1 8 20 . 

[Based on Scott, Ivanhoe.] 
O. Der Freischutz (D.L. 10/11/1824). L.C. 9/11/1824. 8 1825. 

[Music Bishop. Based on the libretto by J. F. Kind.] 
D. Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples (D.L. Th. 17/2/1825). 
L.C. 27/1/1825. 

[Music Bishop.] 

R.D. Faustus (D.L. M. 16/5/1825). L.C. 3/5/1825. 8 1825. Cumber- 
land, vol. xxxiii. 

[Music Bishop, Horn and Cooke. Written in collaboration 
withD. TERRY.] 

O. Aladdin (D.L. S. 29/4/1826). L.C. 25/4/1826. 8 1826. 
[Music Bishop.] 


M.D. Pride shall have a Fall; or, The Ladder of Life (Cob. M. 

30/7/1832). 8 1824. 

F. The Young Reefer (Queen's, M. 27/4/1835). Cumberland, vol. viii. 
R.D. Zarah (Queen's, M. 7/9/1835). L.C. 16/8/1835. Dicks 357; 

Cumberland, vol. xxxv; Lacy, vol. xcii. 
D. The Chelsea Pensioner (Queen's, Th. 29/10/1835). Duncombe, 

vol. xix. 
D. Lilian, the Show Girl (Surrey, M. 10/10/1836). Dicks 739; 

Duncombe, vol. xxiv. 

C.O. The Syren (P'cess, M. 14/10/1844). L.C. 19/7/1844. 8 [1844], 
[Based on La Sirene by Scribe with music by Auber (Paris, 

R.D. The Wilis; or, The Night Dancers (P'cess, W. 28/10/1846). 

L.C. 23/10/1846 [as Giselle}. 8 1846 [bis; as The Night Dancers}. 
Oa. The Young Guard (P'cess, Th. 20/1/1848). 
O. Haydee; or, The Secret (Strand, M. 3/4/1848). L.C. 29/3/1848. 

12 1848 [Davidson's Dramatic Operas}. 
[Based on Scribe, Haydee (Paris, 28/12/1847), with music by 



M.D. Crazy Jane (Surrey, T. 19/6/1827; S.W. S. 3/7/1830). Cumber- 
land Minor, vol. ii. 
D. The Roebuck; or, Guilty and Not Guilty (Surrey, M. 1/10/1827). 

Dicks 544; Duncombe, vol. ii. 
O. Sylvana (Surrey, T. 2/9/1828). Cumberland Minor, vol. iii. 

[Based on the opera by F. H. Heimer (Frankfort, 16/9/1810).] 
Int. "Yes!" (Surrey, 1829). Dicks 310; Cumberland Minor, vol. ii. 
O.F. The Day after the Fair; or, The Roadside Cottage (Olym. M. 

5/1/1829). L.C. 15/12/1828. Cumberland Minor, vol. iii ; Dicks 415 ; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxvi. 

M.D. Maurice the Woodcutter (R.P. M. 9/2/1829). Duncombe, vol. vi. 
M.D. Home Sweet Home! or, The Ranz des Vaches (C.G. Th. 

19/3/1829). L.C. 17/2/1829. 12 1829; Duncombe, vol. iii; Dicks 


[Music Bishop.] 
Ba. Shakespeare's Early Days (C.G.Th. 29/10/1 829). L.C. 17/10/1829 

[called at first The Life of William Shakespeare}. Dicks 792; 

Lacy, vol. xciii ; Cumberland, vol. xxviii. 
M.Ent. The Female Mascaroni; or, The Fair Brigands (Surrey, S. 

12/2/1831). Cumberland Minor, vol . xiii . 
M.D. The 'Mistletoe Bough; or, The Fatal Chest (Garrick, 1834). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. xii [as The M. B.; or, Young LoveVs 

Bride} ; Lacy, vol. c. 

M.D. Yonck, the King's Jester (Vic. 9/1836). 
Ba. A Dey and a Knight (Adel. M. 22/10/1838). L.C. 19/10/1838 

[as A D. and a K.; or, Four and Twenty Hours in Algiers}. 
Ba. The Turn among the Knights of Chivalry in the Days of Not 

Lang Syne (E.O.H. M. 9/9/1839). L.C. 7/9/1839. 
Ext. Charles O'Malley (Olym. 10/4/1841). L.C. 10/4/1841. 
Ba. The Bay of Biscay; or, The Modern Adonis (Olym. 25/10/1841). 

L.C. 14/10/1841. 
Ba. Young Maids; or, The Witcheries of Wych Street (Olym. 

22/11/1841). L.C. 19/11/1841. 

STAFFORD] 1800-1850 395 

D. The Sea. L.C. Olym. 18/5/1842. Cumberland Minor, vol. vii; 

Lacy, vol. cv. 
D. The Union Jack; or, The Sailor and the Settler's Daughter 

(Surrey, M. 7/11/1842). 

M.D. Bibboojor, The Shipwreck. L.C. Liverpool, 5/12/1842. 
Spec. Nautical Torn and Jerry. L.C. Liverpool, 7/1/1843. 
P. Harlequin and the Singing Mouse. L.C. M'bone, 11/12/1843. 
M.D. The Shadow of Death; or, Captain Hawk in the Coffin Cell. 

L.C. Bower, 12/10/1846. 

M.D. Amy; or, Love and Madness. L.C. Bower, 18/3/1847. 
D. The Battle of Life. L.C. Bower, 7/1/1847. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

D. The Lady in Black; or, The Nun of the Bank. L.C. Bower, 

[Various later plays.] 

D. The Cambrian Hero; or, Llewelyn the Great. 4 [1800?]. 

[Ascribed to Sotheby.] 
T. The Siege of Cuzco. 8 1800. 
T. Julian and Agnes; or, The Monks of the Great St Bernard 

(D.L. S. 25/4/1801). L. 41 S. [17/3/1801]. 8 1801. 
T. Orestes. 4 1802; 8 1802. 

M. Oberon; or, Huon of Bordeaux. 12 1802 [Bristol], 
T. Ivan. 8 1816. 

T. Ellen; or, The Confession. 8 1816. 

D. Wat Tyler. 8 1817 [3 separate editions], 

[Written in the eighteenth century.] 

F. Urania;or, The Illuming (D.L. F. 22/1/1802). L. 428. [18/1/1802]. 

8 1802. 


D. Lost and Won. 8 1840. 

D. The Steward. 8 1844 [in The Night Voices, and Other Poems}. 
D. Honesty (C.G. M. 27/1/1845). L.C. 24/1/1845. 8 1845 [bis]. 
D. Judge Jeffreys (S.W. W. 15/4/1846). 8 1846 [as Jeffreys; or, The 

Wife's Vengeance]. 
D. The Lords of Ellmgham (Olym. W. 17/5/1848). L.C. 13/5/1848 

8 1839; 8 1843; 8 1848. 

Ca. Cousin Cherry (Olym. M. 20/11/1848). L.C. 18/11/1848. 8 

[See also Cousin Matthew under UNKNOWN AUTHORS.] 
D. The Witch-Wife: A Tale of Malkin Tower (M'bone, M. 
18/6/1849). L.C. 18/5/1849. 12 1849. 

[Various later dramas.] 

D. My Uncle Toby (Surrey, F. 22/2/1828). 12 [1828]. 

D. The Pretender; or, The Rose of Alvey (Surrey, M. 8/12/1828). 

12 [i828];/)zc/976. 

F. The Frenchman in London. 12 [1834]. 

M.D. Love's Frailties (Lye. M. 9/11/1835). L.C. 5/11/1835. 12 
[1835] iDkkt 713- 
[Music Jolly.] 

N D H 26 



F. Rejected Addresses ; or, The Triumph of the Ale King. 8 1812. 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 308-9.] 

T. The Tournament . . . Imitated from the Celebrated German Drama 
entitled Agnes Bernauer. 8 1800. 

[An adaptation of J. A. von Toning und Kronsfeld, Agnes 


T, Gertrude and Beatrice; or, The Queen of Hungary. 8 1839. 
D. Martinuzzi; or, The Patriot (Lye. 26/8/1841). L.C. 6/8/1841. 
[See Dramas for the Stage, 2 vols. 8 1846.] 


F. A Figure of Fun ; or, An Evening at Richmond (C.G. F. 16/2/182 1). 

L. 122 M. [1/2/1821]. 12 [1821]. 
M.D. Tilbury Fort (Gravesend, 1829). 

[Based on Scott, Kenilworth.] 

Ba. A Lucky Hit; or, Railroads for Ever. L.C. 23/4/1836. Lacy, vol. iii. 
M.D. Don Juan (C.L. 1837). See H. M. MILNER. 
M.D. Carline, the Female Brigand (R.P. 16/1/1837). Duncombe, 

vol. xxvi. 
Ba. The Pickwick Club; or, The Age we live in (C.L. M. 27/3/1837). 

Duncombe, vol. xxvi. 

[Based on Dickens' sketches.] 
F. Bachelors' Buttons (Strand, M. 29/5/1837). L.C. 27/5/1837. 

Duncombe, vol. xxvi. 
Ba. Woman's the Devil; or, A Masked Ball (Vic. Th. 3/8/1837). 

Duncombe, vol. xxvii. 
D. The Rose of Corbeil (C.L. M. 13/11/1837). Duncombe, vol. xxix; 

Lacy, vol. cxi. 

F. Dandolo; or, The Last of the Doges (C.L. M. 8/1/1838). Dun- 
combe, vol. xxxv. 
F. The Bluejackets ; or, Her Majesty's Service (Adel. M. 15/10/1838). 

L.C. 13/10/1838. Duncombe, vol. xxxi; Lacy, vol. xlvii. 
Ba. Nicholas Nickleby( Adel. M. 19/11/1838). L.C. 16/11/1838. Mod. 

Eng. Com. Th. vol. li; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. v. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Wreck at Sea; or, The Fern Light (Adel. M. 3/12/1838). 

Lacy, vol. cvi [as Grace Darling; or, The Wreck at Sea] ; Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

D. Oliver Twist (Adel. 25/2/1839). L.C. 21/2/1839. 
M.D. Jane Lomax; or, A Mother's Curse (Adel. M. 4/2/1839; Surrey, 

M. 4/6/1849). L.C. 1839. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 
R.D. The Silver Crescent (Lye. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 17/3/1839. 
Ba. Out of Luck; or, His Grace the Duke (S.W. M. 1/4/1839). 
F. The Little Back Parlour (E.O.H. 17/8/1839). L.C. 19/8/1839. 

Duncombe, vol. xxxviii; Lacy, vol. cxi. 
D. The Knight of the Dragon and the Queen of Beauty (Adel. M. 

18/11/1839). Duncombe, vol. xxxix [as The Dragon Knight]. 
Ba. The Devil's Daughters; or, Hell's Belles (Surrey, M. 4/11/1839). 

Duncombe, vol. xli. 

STIRLING] 1800-1850 397 

D. The Fortunes of Smike; or, A Sequel to Nicholas Nickleby (Adel. 

M. 2/3/1840). Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i; Acting Nat. Drama, 

vol. ix. 

Ba. Mister Horatio Sparkins (Olym. F. 6/3/1840). 
Ba. The Serpent of the Nile (Adel. M. 20/4/1840). L.C. 9/3/1840. 

Buncombe, vol. xli. 
M.D. Guido Fawkes; or, The Prophetess of Ordsall Cave (Queen's, 

Manchester, 6/1840; E.O.H. M. 24/8/1840). L.C. 29/8/1840. 

Duncombe, vol. xlii. 
Ba. The Old Curiosity Shop ; or, One Hour from Humphrey's Clock 

(Adel. M. 9/11/1840). L.C. 3/11/1840. Duncombe, vol. xlviii; 

Lacy, vol. Ixxvii. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
Ba. Teddy Roe (Strand, M. 19/4/1841). L.C. 18/4/1841. Duncombe, 

vol. xliii. , 

Ba. The Rubber of Life; or, St. James's and St. Giles's (Strand, 

10/5/1841). L.C. 6/5/1841. Duncombe, vol. xliii. 
D. Barnaby Rudge (Strand, 9/8/1841). L.C. 6/8/1841. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

Ba. The Pawnbroker's Widow. L.C. Adel. 10/1/1842. 
Spec. The Miser's Daughter (Adel. 24/10/1842). L.C. 21/10/1842. 

Duncombe, vol. xlv; Lacy, vol. xcix. 
F. Yankee Notes for English Circulation (Adel. S. 24/12/1842). L.C. 

21/12/1842. Duncombe, vol. xlvi. 
Ba. Captain Charlotte (Adel. M. 6/3/1843; S.W. W. 5/8/1844). L.C. 

Adel. 1/3/1843. Duncombe, vol. xlvi; Lacy, vol. xxxix. 
Ba. Nice Young Ladies (Strand, M. 19/6/1843). L.C. 10/6/1843 [as 

N. Y. L.; or, The Home Service}. Duncombe, vol. Ixii. 
Ba. Auld Lang Syne; or, The Flower of Ellersiie. L.C. Strand, 


D. Aline; or, The Rose of Killarney (Strand, M. 10/7/1843). Dun- 
combe, vol. xlvii; Lacy, vol. xciv. 
Ba. Wanted, a Wife; or, London, Liverpool and Bristol (Adel. M. 

23/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843 [under sub-title]. 
D. The Bohemians; or, The Rogues of Paris (Adel. M. 6/11/1843). 

L.C. 30/10/1843. Dicks 98; B.D. vol. x. 
[Based on Sue, Les mysteres de Paris.} 
Int. Beds for Two. L.C. Liverpool, 11/12/1843. 
D. A Christmas Carol (Adel. M. 5/2/1844). L.C. 27/1/1844. 

[Based on Dickens' tale.] 
Ba. The Young Scamp; or, My Grandmother's Pet (P'cess, T. 

27/2/1844). Duncombe, vol. xhx. 

D. Martin Chuzzlewit (Lye. T. 9/7/1844). L.C. 4/7/1844. Duncombe, 
vol. 1. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

D. The Sealed Sentence. L.C. Surrey, 9/11/1844. Duncombe, vol. li. 
D. The Chimes, A Goblin Tale (Lye. 2/1/1845). L.C. 23/12/1844. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
D. Margaret Catchpole (Surrey, M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 

Duncombe, vol. lii ; Lacy, vol. iii. 
D. The Secret Foe (Surrey, 12/5/1845). L.C. 9/5/1845. Duncombe, 

vol. liii. 

Sk. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures (Lye. 10/7/1845). L.C. 2/7/1845. 
Duncombe, vol. liii. 



Ca. By Royal Command (Lye. 25/8/1845). L.C. 15/8/1845. B.D. 

vol. xi; Lacy, vol. cvi. 
D. Lestelle; or, The Wrecker's Bride (Surrey, Th. 21/8/1845). L.C. 

1845. Duncombe, vol. liv. 
D. Clarisse; or, The Merchant's Daughter (Adel. M. 1/9/1845). 

L.C. 21/8/1845. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 
D. The Rover's Secret (Surrey, 29/9/1845). L C. 6/9/1845. 
F. The Railway King (Olym. Th. 30/10/1845). L.C. 27/10/1845. 

Duncombe, vol. liv. 

Ca. Who is She? (Adel. 20/11/1845). L.C. 19/11/1845. B.D. vol. xi. 
D. The Mendicant Son; or, The Jew of Southwark (Surrey, 

26/12/1845). L.C. 17/12/1845. Duncombe, vol. Iv. 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth (Adel. W. 31/12/1845). L.C. 3/1/1846. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xii. 
[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Sea King's Vow; or, A Struggle for Liberty (Surrey, 

16/2/1846). L.C. 14/2/1846. Duncombe, vol. Iv. 
D. The Cabin Boy (Adel. M. 9/3/1846). L.C. 9/3/1846. Lacy, 

vol. civ; Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xii. 
D. Industry and Indolence; or, The Orphan's Legacy (Adel. Th. 

9/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846 [as Indolence and Industry]. Duncombe, 

vol. Ix. 
F. On the Tiles (Surrey, 13/4/1846). L.C. 12/2/1845. Duncombe, 

vol. Ivi. 
D. The Last Kiss; or, A Soldier's Grave (Surrey, Th. 30/4/1846). 

L.C. 22/4/1846. Duncombe, vol. Ivi. 

D. Above and Below (Lye. Th. 16/7/1846). L.C. 10/7/1846. Dun- 
combe, vol. Ivii. 
F. Mrs. Harris (Lye. Th. 22/10/1846). L.C. 19/10/1846. Duncombe, 

vol. Ivii. 
Ext. The Jockey Club (Adel. M. 19/10/1846). L.C 12/10/1846. 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xiii. 
D. The Hand of Cards (Surrey, W. 30/12/1846). L.C. 16/12/1846. 

Duncombe, vol. Ivii. 

D. The State Prisoner (1847). B.D. vol. iv. 
D. Raby Rattler; or, The Progress of a Scamp (Surrey, W. 3/2/1847). 

L.C. 23/1/1847. Duncombe, vol. Iviii. 
D. The Battle of Life (Surrey, 1/1847). L.C. 9/1/1847. 

[Based on Dickens' tale.] 
D.D. Lilly Dawson; or, A Poor Girl's Story (Surrey, 8/3/1847). L.C. 

27/2/1847. Duncombe, vol. Iviii. 
F. Kissing goes by Favour (Surrey, M. 5/4/1847). L.C. 3/4/1847. 

Duncombe, vol. Iviii. 
F. Buffalo Girls; or, The Female Serenaders (Surrey, 17/4/1847). 

L.C. 14/4/1847 [as B. G.; or, Can't ye come out tonight?]. Dun- 

combe, vol. lix. 
D. The Anchor of Hope; or, The Seaman's Star (Surrey, 19/4/1847). 

L.C. 14/4/1847. Duncombe, vol. lix; Lacy, vol. cxi. 
D. Long Beard, Lord of Londano (C.L. 24/5/1847). L.C. 23/10/1846. 
D. The Ragpicker of Paris (Surrey, Th. 24/6/1847). Duncombe, 

vol. lix [as The R. of P. and the Dress-maker of St. Antoine] ; 

Lacy t vol. Ixxxi. 

D. Mary of Manchester; or, The Spirit of the Loom. L.C. Man- 
chester, 13/12/1847. 

SWANWICK] 1800-1850 399 

D. The Gold Curse; or, The Liverpool Merchant. L.C. Amphi- 
theatre, Liverpool, 30/8/1847. 

F. The Bedroom Window (Olym. W. 15/3/1848). L.C. 11/3/1848. 
Duncombe, vol. Ixi. 

M.D. The Idiot of the Mill. L.C. C.L. 10/8/1848. Duncombe, vol. 

D. Nora Creina (Surrey, M. 11/9/1848). L.C. 7/2/1846. Duncombe, 
vol. Iv. 

M.D. Jeannette and Jeannot ; or, The Village Pride (Olym. 26/10/1 848 ; 
Strand, M. 6/11/1848). L.C. 15/10/1848. Lacy, vol. cvi. 

F, The Bould Soger Boy (Olym. M. 6/11/1848). Lacy, vol. cxi. 

D. The Lost Diamonds (Olym. 12/2/1849). L.C. 13/2/1849. Dun- 
combe, vol. Ixiii. 

F. Family Pictures (M'bone, 11/3/1849). 12 [1849]; Lacy, vol. cvi. 

D. Clarence Clevedon, his Struggles for Life or Death (Vic. 9/4/1849). 
L.C. 2/4/1849. Duncombe, vol. Ixiv. 

D. The Mother's Bequest (Strand, M. 7/5/1849). L.C. 28/4/1849. 
Duncombe, vol. Ixiv. 

D. The Lily of the Desert ; or, The Arab Spy (Surrey, M. 28/5/1849). 
L.C. 26/5/1849. B.D., vol. iii. 

D. The White Slave; or, The Flag of Freedom (Vic. 10/8/1849). 
L C. 30/6/1849. Duncombe, vol. Ixvi. 


F. An Object of Interest (Lye. M. 14/7/1845). L.C. 27/1/1845. 

Lacy, vol. xvi. 
F. The Fortress (Olym. 2/1848). L.C. 12/2/1848. 


Esq. Cherry and Fair Star. L.C. Queen's, 16/5/1845. 


Oa. Marinette; or, The Wolf of St Ange. L.C. Liverpool, 1/3/1843. 
[Music George Hargreaves.] 


C. The Loyal Peasants. 8 1804. 


T. The Bridal of Armagnac. 8 1823. 


D. The Test of Guilt; or, Traits of Ancient Superstition. 4 1808. 
D. Ancient Times. 8 1808. 


Bsq. Euripides 's Alcestis burlesqued. 8 1816. 


O.F. The Beggar on Horseback (H.> S. 21/3/1846). L.C. 22/3/1846. 


C. Family Pride (H. Th. 18/11/1847). L.C. 19/11/1847. 


D. The Maid of Orleans. 8 1843 [in Selections from the dramas of 
Goethe and Schiller]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama; a complete translation 
appeared in 1870.] 


D. Faust. 12 1834. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


D. The Sicilian Captive. 12 1800. 


T. The Serf; or, The Russian Brothers (C.G. W. 23/1/1828). L.C. 
5/11/1827. 12 1828; Cumberland, vol. xix. 

[An adaptation from the German of . B. S. Raupach.] 
D. William Tell. 8 1829. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 
D. Faust. 8 1835; 8 1839. 

[A translation of Goethe's drama.] 


Bsq. Sir Rupert the Fearless (Strand, 24/4/1848). L.C. 22/4/1848. 
Bsq. The Merchant of Venice. 8 1849 [Oxford]; 8 1853 [expanded 

version] ; Lacy, vol. xi. 
Bsq. Hamlet. 8 1849 [Oxford]. 
Bsq. Macbeth Travestie. 8 1850 [Oxford] ; Lacy, vol. viii. 

T. Ion (C.G. Th. 26/5/1836). L.C. 25/5/1836. 8 1835 [privately 

printed]; 8 1836; 8 1836 [2nd]; 8 1836 [3rd]; 8 1837 [ 4 th]; 

Dicks 319. 
T. The Athenian Captive (H. S. 4/8/1838). L.C. C.G. 13/4/1838. 

8 1838 ; Dicks 327. 

[The play was to have been presented at C.G. but Mrs Warner's 

indisposition caused it to be taken to H. 2 .] 
T. Glencoe; or, The Fate of the Macdonalds (H.* S. 23/5/1840; 

Surrey, T. 2/10/1849). L.C. 19/5/1840. 8 1839 [privately 

printed]; 8 1840; Dicks 323. 


Allegorical D. Prabod'h Chandro' daya; or, The Rise of the Moon of 

[A translation from the Sanskrit and Prakrit.] 


D.D. The Factory Strike; or, Want, Crime and Retribution (Vic. M. 
7/5/1838). Dicks 790. 


C. The Profligate. 8 1820. 


D. Isaac Comnenus. 8 1827. 

D.R. Philip van Artevelde. 8 1834; 12 1844 ford]; 12 1846 [4th]; 
8 1852 [6th]. 

[A stage version of this drama appeared at the Princess's, M. 
22/11/1847; see under W. C. MACKEADY.] 
D. Edwin the Fair. 8 1845; 12 1845. 

[For his other plays see The Works, 5 vols. 8 1877-8.] 

TERRY] 1800-1850 401 


D. The Miser's Daughter (D.L. T. 24/2/1835). L.C. 17/2/1835 [as 
The Miser and Ms Daughter]. Dicks 612. 

[Based on Ainsworth's novel.] 

M.D. The Chain of Guilt; or, The Inn on the Heath (S.W. M. 
3/10/1836). Dicks 904; Cumberland Minor ; vol. xii; Lacy* vol. ex. 
M.D. The Knights of St. Albans ; or, The Chrystal Cross and Glittering 
Fountains (S.W. M. 18/9/1837). 

M.D. The Light of Other Days ; or, The Last Leaf of the Tree (S.W. 

T. 31/10/1837). 
Bsq. Fair Rosamond, according to the History of England (S.W. 1838). 

Duncombe, vol. xxv. 

Ext. Jim Crow in his new Place (Adel. M. 31/12/1838). L.C. 1838. 
M.D. The Wine House; or, The Valley of the Soldier's Curse (S.W. 

M. 25/11/1839). 

F. Claude Duval (C.L. 8/5/1842). Dicks 613. 
D. Herne the Hunter; or, The Royal Stag Hunt of Windsor Forest 

(R.A. M. 5/6/1843). Dicks 309. 
D. George Harrington ; or, The Life of a Pickpocket. L.C. Garrick, 

8/1844 [licence refused]. 
F. A Trip to Kissingen (Lye. Th. 14/11/1844). L.C. 9/11/1844. 

Dicks S&i. 

Bsq. Cinderella (Lye. 12/5/1845). L.C. 8/5/1845. 
D. The Gipsy Bride ; or, A Sister's Love. L.C. Bower, 31/10/1845. 
P. The Enchanted Horse (Lye. F. 26/12/1845). See A. SMITH. 
D. The Village Outcast (Brit. 20/7/1846). Dicks 444. 
D. To Parents and Guardians (Lye. M. 14/9/1846). L.C. 17/9/1846. 

Dicks 997. 

D. Dombey and Son (Strand, M. 2/8/1847). L.C. 1/8/1847. 
D. The Bottle (C.L. M. 18/10/1847). L.C. 1/10/1847. Lacy, vol. 

xvii; Dicks 333. 
D. Frank Heartwell; or, Fifty Years Ago (C.L. 17/1/1848). L.C. 

D. The Drunkard's Children; or, A Sequel to the Bottle (C.L. M. 

10/7/1848). L.C. 10/7/1848. 

D. The Waits (Standard, 8/1/1849). L.C. 9/1/1849. 
Ext. Diogenes and his Lantern; or, The Hue and Cry after Honesty 

(Strand, W. 26/12/1849). 

[For his later works see the D.N.B. Before 1850 were produced 

The Life Boat, A Lonelye Spot, "Box's" Pickwick and The Green 

Hills of the Tyrol.] 

T. The Shipwrecked Lovers. 12 1801 [in Poems, Dublin]. 


T. Cardinal Beaton. 8 1823 [Edinburgh]. 
D. John Baliol. 8 1825 [Edinburgh]. 
Hebrew Dramas. 16 1845 [Edinburgh]. 


M.D. Guy Mannering; or, The Gipsey's Prophecy (C.G.T. 12/3/1816). 
L. 107 M. [26/2/1816; as Right and Might; or, The Castle of 
Ellangowan]. 8 1816 [Mr]; 8 1817 [3rd]; 8 1818 [4th]; Oxberry, 


vol. xii ; Dicks 80; Waver ley Dramas (1845) ; Cumberland, vol. xliii; 

Lacy, vol. xviii; B.D. vol. i. 

[Music Bishop. Written in collaboration with Sir WALTER 


C.O. The Barber of Seville (C.G. 13/10/1818). See J. FAWCETT. 
M.D. The Heart of Mid-Lothian (C.G. S. 17/4/1819). L. 115 M. 

[31/3/1819]. 8 1819; 8 1819 [Airs, Chorusses]; Waverley 

Dramas (1845). 

[Music Bishop.] 

M.D. The Antiquary (C.G. T. 25/1/1820). See ISAAC POCOCK. 
R.D. Faustus (D.L. M. 16/5/1825). See G. SOANE. 


F. The Barber Baron; or, The Frankfort Lottery (H. 2 M. 8/9/1828). 

L.C. 23/8/1828. 8 [1828]; 12 1830 [Richardson]. 
M.D. The Executioner; or, Vanrick of Voorn (Cob. M. 2/2/1829). 

Richardson Minor, vol. in. 
C. The Force of Nature (H.* F. 16/7/1830). L.C. 2/7/1830. 8 1834; 

Dicks 970. 

F. My Wife or my Place (H. 2 S. 20/8/1831). L.C. 22/7/1831. 
8 1831. 

[Written in collaboration with C. SHANNON.] 

O. The Mountain Sylph (E.O.H. M. 25/8/1834). L.C. 9/8/1834. 

[Music J. Barnett.] 

[For an earlier play see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama t 

P- 3"-] 
D.R. The Fairy of the Lake. 8 1801 [in Poems, Hereford]. 


F. Mr. Tibbs (D.L. Th. 8/3/1821). L. 82 S. [3/3/1821]. 8 1821. 

F. An Uncle too many (Brunswick, M. 25/2/1828). 8 1828 [A Brief 
Narrative of the Opening and Sudden Destruction of the Royal 
Brunswick Theatre. . . To which is subjoined. . .An Uncle too many}} 
Cumberland, vol. xi; Richardson Minor, vol. i. 

[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama t 
P- 3"-] 

The German Theatre. 8 1800; 8 1801; 12 1811 [4th]. 

[Contains the following translations: vol. i. i. The Stranger 
(Kotzebue, published 1798); 2. Rolla (Kotzebue); 3. Pizarro; or, 
The Death of Rolla (Kotzebue); vol. 2. i. Don Carlos (Schiller, 
published 1798); ii. Count Benyowsky; or, The Conspiracy of 
Kamtschatka (Kotzebue); vol. 3. i. Lovers' Vows; or, The Natural 
Son (Kotzebue); ii. Deaf and Dumb; or, The Orphan (Kotzebue); 
iii. The Indian Exiles (Kotzebue); iv. False Delicacy (Kotzebue); 
vol. 4. i. Otto of Wittelsbach; or, The Choleric Count (Babo); 
ii. Dagobert, King of the Franks (Babo) ; iii. Adelaide of Wulfingen 
(Kotzebue, published 1798); vol. 5. i. The Robbers (Schiller); 
ii. The Happy Family (Kotzebue, published 1799); in. Conscience 
(Iffland); vol. 6. i. The Ensign (Schroder); ii. Count Koenigsmark 
(Reitzenstein) ; iii. Stella (Goethe); iv. Emilia Galotti (Lessmg).] 

T. Ignes de Castro. 12 1800. 

[A translation from the Portuguese of Domingo Quita.] 


M.D. Godolphin, the Lion of the North (D.L. T. 12/10/1813). 
L. 58 S. [28/9/1813]. 

[Music Horn.] 
M.D. Rokeby; or, The Buccaneers Revenge. 8 1814 [Dublin]. 

[A dramatisation of Scott's poem.] 

M.D. Oberon's Oath; or, The Paladin and the Princess (D.L. T. 
21/5/1816). L. 65 S. [8/5/1816]. 8 1816. 
[Music Parry.] 


M.D. Jack Robinson and his Monkey (Surrey, M. 14/7/1828). L.C. 

28/3/1828; as, Monkeyana; or, The D. S.]. Duncombe, vol. xxvii; 

Lacy, vol. xxxi. 

[On the authorship of this piece see The Dramatic Magazine 

(1829), pp. 246-7; The Gentleman's Magazine ascribes it to 


F. Nothing Superfluous (H.* W. 5/8/1829). L.C. 8/6/1829. Dun- 
combe, vol. v. 
M.D. The Shade; or, Blood for Blood (Surrey, S. 22/8/1829). 

Duncombe, vol. vi. 
M.D. The Dumb Savoyard and his Monkey (Cob. M. 5/7/1830). 

Duncombe, vol. vi; Lacy, vol. xcviii. 
D. The King's Command (Adel. M. 26/10/1835). Duncombe, vol. xix. 


D. The Maid of Orleans. 8 1845 [Burns' Fireside Library]. 
D. William Tell. 8 1845 [Burns' Fireside Library]. 
[Both translations from Schiller.] 


O.F. A Cure for Romance (E.O.H. M. 30/8/1819). 8 1819. 
[Music Jolly.] 


Ba. Follow my Leader (Strand, 17/8/1843). L.C. 10/8/1843. 


P. The Cobbler's Apprentice of Whitechapel ; or, Harlequin and the 
Queen of the Fairy Palace of Crystal Fountains. L.C. R.P. 

F. All's Fair in Love; or, A Match for a Lawyer (C.G. F. 29/4/1803). 
L. 79 M. [23/4/1803]. 

C. The Honey Moon (D.L. Th. 31/1/1805). L. 82 M. [25/1/1805]. 
8 1805; Cumberland, vol xiii; Dicks 14; Lacy, vol. xvi. 

D. The Curfew (D.L. Th. 19/2/1807). L. 48 S. [3/2/1807]. 8 1807 
[7 editions]; Cumberland, vol. xliu; Dicks 102; B.D. vol. iv. 

[Music Attwood.] 
C. The School for Authors (C.G. M. 5/12/1808). L. 87 M. 

[17/11/1808]. 8 1808. 
O.F. Yours or Mine? (C.G. M. 23/9/1816). L. 107 M. [12/9/1816; 

as The Hue and Cry; or, Y. or M.?]. 
C. The Faro Table ; or, The Guardians (D.L. T. 5/11/1816). L. 84 M. 

[13/10/1816]. 8 1816. 
M.D. The Fisherman's Hut (D.L. W. 20/10/1819). 


C. Garcia; or, The Noble Error (S.W. W. 12/12/1849). 12 [1849]. 



D. Don Carlos. 8 1843 [Karlsruhe] ; 12 1844. 
[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 

M.D. John Stafford; or, The Murder at the Black Farm (R.P. M. 

8/6-M. 22/6/1835). Buncombe, vol. xxii. 
M.D. Mary's Dream; or, Far, far at Sea (R.P. 24/7/1837). Buncombe, 

vol. xxix; Lacy, vol. cvii. 
M.D. Topsail Sheet Blocks; or, The Gunner and the Foundling 

(S.W. M. i/io/!838). 
M.D. One Crime (S.W. M. 28/1/1839). 
M.D. The Bell-Ringer of St. Paul's and his Daughter; or, The 

Huntsman and the Spy (S.W. M. 25/2/1839). Duncombe, vol. xxxvi. 
M.D. The Court of Spain; or, The Queen of a Day (S.W. M. 


D. Temptation (Surrey, M. 12/12/1842). 12 [1842]. 
D. The Lost Ship; or, The Man o' War's Man and the Privateer 

(Surrey, M. 16/10/1843). 12 [1843]; Dicks 705; Lacy, vol. xx. 
R.D. Whitefriars; or, The Days of Charles II (Surrey, M. 8/4/1844). 

Duncombe, vol. xlix; Dicks 742; Lacy, vol. xl. 
Spec. Spirit Haunted (Surrey, 31/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 
F. United Service (C.L. 10/11/1845). L.C. 1845. 
D. The Doom Light; or, The Bridal Eve. L.C. Garrick, 31/10/1845. 
D. The Witchfinder and his Mother (R.P. 17/11/1845). L.C. 

D. The Cricket on the Hearth (C.L. 5/1/1846). L.C. 3/1/1846. 

Duncombe, vol. xxv. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Midnight Watch; or, The Death Signal. L.C. Britannia, 


M.D. The Murder on the Thames. L.C. R.P. 16/1/1847. 
D. The Life of a Ship from her Cradle to her Grave (C.L. 22/2/1847). 

L.C. 13/2/1847. 
M.D. Cartouche, the Renowned Robber of France (Surrey, M. 


D. Mary Stuart. 12 1838 [Devonport]; 12 1838. 


T. Nina Sforza (H. M. 1/11/1841). L.C. 17/9/1841. 8 1840; 
8 1841 -, Dicks 635. 

O.F. Call again to-morrow (Olym. Th. 2/8/1832). L.C. 26/7/1831 [as 

I promise to pay; or, C. a. to-m.]. Duncombe, vol. x. 
C.Ent. Mr and Mrs Pringle (D.L. T. 9/10/1832). L.C. 8/10/1832. 

Cumberland, vol. xxxi. 

C. Men of Pleasure (D.L. T. 11/12/1832). L.C. 29/11/1832. 
Ba. The Lady of the Lake (Strand, 3/7/1843). L.C. 22/6/1843. 

8 [1843]. 
M.D. The Forest Maiden and the Moorish Page (Surrey, M. 

31/5/1847). L.C. 21/5/1847. 

WALDRON] 1800-1850 405 

TURNER, E. S. and F. J. 
D. The Maid of Orleans. 12 1842. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 


T. The Carib Chief (D.L. Th. 13/5/1819). L. 75 S. [22/4/1819]. 
8 1819 [3 editions]. 


Spec. The Inquisition; or, The Maid of Portugal (R.A. M. 14/7/1800). 
Spec. Fair Rosamond; or, Woodstock Bower (R.A. M. 27/7/1801). 
Spec. Zittau, the Cruel; or, The Woodman's Daughter (R.A. M. 

[Music M. Lawrence.] 
Spec. 1588; or, The Spanish Armada (R.A. M. 28/5/1804). 

[Music Broad.] 

Ba. There he goes (R.A. M. 15/4/1805). 
Spec. The Spanish Patriots ; or, A Nation in Arms (R.A. M . i s/8/ 1 808) . 

[For his earlier works see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P. 313-] 
T. King John. . .Altered from Shakespeare (Reading School, 1800; 

C.G. F. 20/5/1803). 8 1800; 8 1803. 

[See G. C. D. Odell, op. cit. ii. 70-2.] 
D. The Second Part of King Henry IV. 8 1801. 
D. The Merchant of Venice. 8 1802. 


D. Love's Systems (Fobsey Magnus, seat of Sir J. Knowles, 

D.Poem. Julian the Apostate. 8 1822. 
D. The Duke of Mercia. . .and other Poems. 8 1823. 
T. Mary Tudor. 8 1847. 


F. The Barber and the Bravo; or, The Princess with the Raven 
Locks (Surrey, M. 31/8/1846). Duncombe, vol. Ivii. 

D. Wilham Tell. 8 1827. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 

D. Woman's Love ; or, The Triumph of Patience (C.G. W. 17/12/1828), 

L.C. 10/12/1828. 13 1829. 
F. The Phrenologists (C.G. T. 12/1/1830). L.C. 30/11/1829. 

12 1830. 
T. The Jew of Aragon ; or, The Hebrew Queen (C.G. W. 20/10/1830). 

L.C. 29/10/1829. 12 1830. 
M.D. The Forest of Ardennes; or, The Minstrel (R.P. T. 2/7/1833). 


[For his earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

pp. 313-14-] 

C.O. The Miller's Maid (H.> S. 25/8/1804). L. 44 S. [14/8/1804]. 
[Music Davy.] 



M.D. Sigesmar the Switzer (D.L. S. 26/9/1818). L. 69 S. [19/9/1818]. 
8 1818. 

[Music Cooke.] 
T. Wallace (C.G. T. 14/11/1820). L. 119 M. [6/11/1820]. 8 1820; 

M.D. The Warlock of the Glen (C.G. S. 2/12/1820). L. 120 M. 

[28/11/1820], Duncombe, vol. iv; Lacy, vol. xlvi. 
M.D. Geraldi Duval, the Bandit of Bohemia (D.L. S. 8/9/1821). 
L. 81 S. [3/9/1821; under sub-title]. 

[Music Cooke.] 
Bsq. Rumfustian Innamorato; or, The Count of Quodlibet (D.L. T. 

24/2/1824). L.C. 20/7/1824. 

[Originally called The Prince of Pimlico.] 

O. The Fall of Algiers (D.L. W. 19/1/1825). L.C. 20/12/1824. 

[Music Bishop. This opera is also attributed to J. H. PA YNE.] 
T. Caswallon; or, The Briton Chief (D.L. M. 12/1/1829). L.C. 
5/1/1829. 8 [1829]. 


M.D. The Wild Boy of Bohemia (Olym. M. 12/2/1827). L.C. 

10/1/1827; Lacy, vol. cxiv. 

[This is no doubt the same as The W. B. of B.; or, The Force 

of Nature acted at the Garrick, T. 1/11/1831.] 
D. Napoleon ; or, The Emperor and the Soldier (S.W. M. 15/9/1828). 

Dicks 961 ; Duncombe, vol. in. 
D.D. The Factory Lad (Surrey, M. 15/10/1832). Duncombe, vol. xi; 

Dicks 930. 
D. Nell G wynne, the Orange Girl (Surrey, M. 4/2/1833). Duncombe, 

vol. x. 

D. Caslina; or, A Tale of Mystery. 8 1802. 

[An adaptation of Pix6re"court, Ccelina; ou, I 'enfant du mystere.] 
D. The Merchant of Guadeloupe (Margate, 5/10/1802). L. 20 L. 
[26/9/1802]. 8 1802. 

[From the French of L. S. Mercier.] 
F. Simple Simon. 8 1805 [Madras]. 
C. The Slanderer. 8 1823. 

[From the French of . Gosse.] 
T. Abdalla. 8 1845. 


C. The Fashionable Friends (D.L. Th. 22/4/1802). L. 42 S. 
[16/3/1802]. 8 1802. 

[Found among Walpole's papers.] 


O. The Circassian Bride (D.L. Th. 23/2/1809). L. 51 S. [20/2/1809], 
[Music Bishop.] 


F. The Masquerade Ball. L.C. R.P. 18/3/1846. 
F. Rival Tinkers; or, The Maid of the Fountain. L.C. Albert, 

WEBSTER] 1800-1850 407 

O.F. A West Wind; or, Off for London (Lyc.T. 29/9/1812). 8 1812. 

T. The Fall of Carthage (Whitby, c. 1801). 8 1802 [Whitby]. 


Ba. Which is the Uncle? L.C. Strand, 1/5/1841. 

F. The Irish Engagement (M'bone, 21/9/1848). L.C. 22/9/1848. 

F. Which is the King? (M'bone, M. 6/11/1848). L.C. 3/11/1848. 

12 [1848]. 
M.D. The Dream of Life (M'bone, 1849). L.C. 17/2/1849. 12 [1849]. 

D. Robert le Grange ; or, The Night of the French Revolution (S.W. 

M. 4/9/1843). 

C.O. The Syren. L.C. Grecian, 1844. 

D. The Old Man's Bride (Garnck, 22/4/1844). L.C. S.W. 4/1/1844. 
D. Martin Chuxzlewit (Strand, 15/7/1844). L.C. 15/7/1844. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 
D. Bianca di Molmo. L.C. Garrick, 1845. 
D. The Fair Maid of Perth (Surrey, 26/5/1845). L.C. 16/5/1845. 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 

D. The Story of a Feather (Strand, M. 23/6/1845). L.C. 21/6/1845. 
D. The Secretary (Surrey, T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 23/12/1848. 

WEBSTER, BENJAMIN, the Younger. 

D. The Yule Log; or, Christmas Eve (Olym. 22/2/1847). L.C. 
13/2/1847. Lacy, vol. xcviii. 


F. Highways and Byways (D.L. T. 15/3/1831). L.C. 28/2/1831 

[as //. and B.; or, The Two Husbands]. Cumberland, vol. xxviii. 

[Based on Monsieur Rigaud and Partie et Revanche.] 
D. Paul Clifford, the Highwayman of 1770; or, Crime and Ambition 

(Cob. M. 12/3/1832). Cumberland Minor, vol. vi. 

[Based on Lytton's novel.] 
Ba. The Old Gentleman (Olym. M. 19/11/1832). L.C. 17/11/1832. 

Buncombe , vol. xiii. 
M.D. The Golden Farmer; or, The Last Crime (Cob. W. 26/12/1832). 

Cumberland Minor, vol. vi; Lacy, vol. Ixxvi. 
Ent. Webster's Wallet of Whims and Waggeries (Adel. 1836). L.C. 

F. The Modern Orpheus; or, Music the Food of Love (C.G. S. 

15/4/1837). L.C. 13/4/1837. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. i. 
F. My Young Wife and my Old Umbrella (H.* F. 23/6/1837). 

L.C. 13/6/1837. Mod. Eng. Com. Th. vol. i; Acting Nat. Drama, 

vol. i. 
Oa. The Swiss Swains (H. 3 Th. 5/10/1837). L.C. 1837. French; 

Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vi. 

[Music A. Lee.] 
C.D. The Village Doctor (H. 2 W. 24/7/1839). L.C. 21/7/1839 [with 

sub-title; or, The Hind's Disease]. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. vii. 
Ba. Hobbs, Dobbs and Stubbs; or, The Three Grocers (H. a Th. 

26/3/1840). L.C. 18/3/1840. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
F. The Unfortunate Youth (H. 1 Th. 1/10/1840). L.C. 25/9/1840. 
D. The King's Barber (H. 2 Th. 25/2/1841). L.C. 11/2/1841. 


C. Foreign Affairs ; or, The Court of Queen Anne (H. W. 1 1/8/1841). 

L.C. 14/8/1841. 

C. Peter and Paul (H.* M. 11/7/1842). Acting Nat. Drama, vol. ix. 
M.D. The Destruction of the Bastille (H.* 19/12/1842). Dicks 1014. 

C. The Little Devil (H. a T. 16/5/1843). L.C. 28/4/1843. 

F. Caught in a Trap (H. S. 25/11/1843). L.C. 27/10/1843. Acting 

Nat. Drama, vol. x. 
Oa. The Fox and the Goose; or, The Widow's Husband (Adel. W. 

2/10/1844). Acting Nat. Drama, vol. x. 

[Written in collaboration with D. BOUCICAULT.] 

D. Don Caesar de Bazan (Adel. M. 14/10/1844). See D. BOUCI- 

F. The Miseries of Human Life (H.* Th. 27/11/1845). L.C. 

29/11/1845. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xi. 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth (H.* T. 6/1/1846). L.C. 3/1/1846. 

C. The Black Domino; or, A Night's Adventure (H. z 10/6/1846). 
L.C. 10/6/1846. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xii. 

Oa. The Wonderful Water Cure (H.* W. 15/7/1846). L.C. 10/7/1846 

[as, The Miraculous Cold Water Cure]. Acting Nat. Drama, 

vol. xiii. 
F. Mrs. Sarah Gamp's Tea and Turn-out (Adel. M. 26/10/1846). 

L.C. 23/10/1846. Acting Nat. Drama, vol. xin. 
Ca. The Roused Lion (H.* M. 15/11/1847). Acting Nat. Drama, 

vol. xiv. 
Ba. Pierrot (the Married Man) and Polichinello (the Gay Single 

Fellow) (Adel. M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 30/12/1847. Acting Nat. 

Drama, vol. xiv. 
Bsq. The Devil's Violin and the Revolt of the Flowers (Adel. Th. 

10/5/1849). L.C. 5/5/1849. 
F. A Bird of Passage (H. M. 10/9/1849). L.C. 31/8/1849. 

D.Poem. Joseph and his Brethren. 8 1824; 8 1876; 8 1908 [Oxford]. 


[For her earlier plays see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 

P. 315-1 
T. The Minstrel; or, The Heir of Arundel. 8 1805. 

[See also her Poems and Plays. 8 1799-1805, 4 vols.] 

T. Female Heroism. . .Founded on Revolutionary Events that 

occurred in France, in the Summer and Autumn of 1793 (Dublin, 

19/5/1804). 8 1803 [Dublin]. 
Ent. The Muse's Chaplet; or, The Feast of Thalia (Lye. 9/4/1822). 


F. Nettlewig Hall; or, Ten to One (D.L. Th. 7/4/1831). L.C. 
23/3/1831. 12 [1831]; Cumberland, vol. xxxv. 

D. Othello, the Moor of Fleet-street (Adel. 28/1/1833). L.C. 

T. St. Aubert ; or, The Hour of Retribution. 8 1 808 [in The Dramatic 


O.D. The Castle of Udolpho. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 
T. The Barons of Ellenbergh. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 

WILKINS] - 1800-1850 409 


O. Lucrezia Borgia (P'cess, S. 30/12/1843). L.C. 23/12/1843. 
Dicks 378. 

M.D. Albert and Rosalie. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant}. 

T. The Earl of Cowrie. 8 1845. 

D. The King of the Commons (P'cess, W. 20/5/1846). L.C. 9/5/1846. 
D. Feudal Times (S.W. Th. 18/2/1847). L.C. 23/1/1847 [as F. T. 

or, The Court of James III]. 8 1847. 
D. John Savile of Haysted (S.W. W. 3/11/1847). L.C. 31/10/1847. 

8 1847. 

Ca. The Colonel's Belle; or, The Non-marriables (P'cess, Th. 
14/5/1846). L.C. 5/5/1846. 

D. The Cavalier (H. 2 Th. 15/9/1836). L.C. 5/9/1836. Dicks 644 ; 

Duncombe, vol. xxvi. 

D. Richard Savage (Surrey, M. 26/12/1842). 
D. Woman's Worth; or, The Three Trials. L.C. Surrey, 5/5/1846. 

D.Poem. KingJamestheSecond;or,TheRevolutionofi688. 8 1828. 


Ca. Watch and Ward (Lye. M. 28/10/1844). L.C. 22/10/1844. 

F. A Model of a Wife (Lye. M. 27/1/1845). L.C. 18/1/1845. Dicks 

1008; Lacy, vol. Ixi. 
Ca. Luck's All (Lye. M. 23/6/1845; Olym. M. 13/11/1848). L.C. 

F. The Loan of a Wife (Lye. M. 29/6/1846). L.C. 21/6/1846. 

Duncombe, vol. Ivi. 

F. Five Hundred Pounds Reward; or, Dick Turpin the Second 
(Lye. Th. 28/1/1847). L.C. 30/1/1847. Dicks 1003 ; Duncombe, 
vol. Iviii. 

[Based on Le capitain des voleurs.] 
F. The First Night (P'cess, M. 1/10/1849). 
[Based on Le pere de la debutante.] 


D. A Trial of Skill (S.W. W. 15/2/1837). 


Dramas adapted to the English Stage. 12 1804-5. 
F. Maids; or, The Nuns of Glossenbury. L. 55 S. [Lye. 28/5/1812; 
licence refused]. 

[Based on Les dragons et les EMdictim of Le Brun.] 


D. The Village Belles (C.L. 24/11/1845). L.C. 19/11/1845. 
D. Our Own Hearth at Home; or, A Tale of a Reaper's Fireside 

(C.L. 19/2/1849). L.C. 27/1/1849. 
D. Haps and Hazards. L.C. C.L. 20/3/1849. 
O.D. The Prophet (C.L. 22/9/1849). 
D. Pride and its Fall; or, The Jacobite and the Man of Warsman. 

L.C. C.L. 29/9/1849. 


D. The Swiss Girl; or, The Parricide, the Lover and the Avenger 
(C.L. 5/11/1849). L.C. 19/10/1849. 

[The L.C. manuscripts mention him as author likewise of The 
Queen of the Hills, The Green Hills of the Far West, Kate of 
Colerane and The Eve of Waterloo.] 


C. The Wolf and the Lamb (H. S. 23/6/1832). L.C. 22/6/1832. 
Dicks 968; Duncombe, vol. xxxii [as The Brothers; or, The W. and 

M.D. Wenlock of Wenlock; or, The Spirit of the Black Mantle (S.W. 

M. 30/6/1834). Duncombe, vol. xvii. 
M.D. The Red Crow; or, The Archers of Islington and the Hog of 

Highbury (S.W. M. 30/6/1834). Duncombe, vol. xiv. 
M.D. The Golden Cornet ; or, The King's Wager (S.W. M. 15/9/1834). 

D. The Seven Clerks; or, The Three Thieves and the Dreamer 
(Surrey, M 3/11/1834). Dicks 923; Duncombe, vol. xv; Lacy, 
vol. xl. 

M.D. Raymond the Rebel; A Tale of the Irish Rebellion (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Raven's Nest; or, The Bride of the Grave (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Castle Cauldron; or, The Scourged Page (S.W. Th. 


D. Rmaldo Rinaldini (S.W. Th. 7/1/1836). Duncombe, vol. xx. 
O.F. The Captain is not A-Miss (E.O.H. M. 18/4/1836). L.C. 

16/4/1836. Dicks 417; Duncombe, vol. xxi; Lacy, vol. xxix. 
Ba. State Secrets ; or, The Tailor of Tamworth (Surrey, M. 12/9/1836). 

L.C. Edinburgh, 4/7/1841. Dicks 914; Duncombe, vol. xxiii; Lacy, 

vol. lui. 
D. The Death Token (Surrey, M. 15/5/1837). L.C. 1837. Duncombe, 

vol. xx vi. 
D. Lord Darnley; or, The Keeper of the Castle Hill (Surrey, 

11/9/1837). L.C. Olym. 2/8/1841. 12 1837; Dicks 715; Dun- 
combe, vol. xxxii; Lacy, vol. Ixxvni. 
F. Sudden Thoughts (C.L. 21/10/1837). Dicks 407 ; Mod. Eng. Com. 

Th. vol. i; Duncombe, vol. xxxiv; Lacy, vol. xxxiii. 
Ba. The King's Wager; or, The Camp, the Cottage and the Court 

(Vic. T. 5/12/1837). 12 [1837] ; Dicks 501 ; Duncombe, vol. xxxv; 

Lacy, vol. Ixii. 

[See The Golden Cornet, above.] 
C. The Black Domino; or, The Masked Ball (S.W. T. 6/2/1838). 

Duncombe, vol. xxviii; Lacy, vol. Ixxxviii. 

[Based on Scribe, Le domino noir (Pans, 2/9/1837), with music 

by Auber.] 
Ba. Tis She; or, Maid, Wife and Widow (St J. T. 6/2/1838). L.C. 

1837. 12 1838; Duncombe, vol. xxxv. 
O.F. The Jacket of Blue (R.P. 14/2/1838). Dicks 552; Duncombe, 

vol. xxviii; Lacy, vol. cviii. 
Ba. The Crown Prince; or, The Buckle of Brilliants (S.W. M. 

16/7/1838). Dicks 484; Duncombe, vol. xxx; Lacy, vol. xxvi. 
M.D. Gentleman Joe (S.W. M. 3/9/1838). 
F. The Wren Boys (C.L. 8/10/1838; M'bone, M. 9/10/1848). Dick* 

404; Duncombe, vol. xxxii; Lacy, vol. lii. 

WILKS] I800-I850 411 

F. My Wife's Dentist; or, The Balcony Beau (H. S. 4/5/1839). 

L.C. 1/5/1839. Dicks 524; Duncombe, vol. xliii; Lacy, vol. xxxv. 
D. Tortesa the Usurer (Surrey, Th. 18/7/1839). 
D. The Ladye of Lambethe; or, A Bridal Three Centuries Back 

(Surrey, M. 5/8/1839). Buncombe, vol. xxxviii. 
D. Ben the Boatswain ; or, Sailor's Sweethearts (Surrey, M. 19/8/1839). 

Duncombe, vol. xxxviii; Lacy, vol. xxviii. 
F. A Scene of Confusion (Vic. M. 16/9/1839). 
R.D. Michael Earle, the Maniac Lover (Surrey, Th. 26/12/1839; 

S.W. M. 17/7/1843). Dicks 685 ; Buncombe, vol. xl ; Lacy, vol. xxxiii. 
M.D. The Ruby Ring; or, The Murder at Sadlers Wells (S.W. M. 

22/6/1840). Buncombe , vol. xli. 
Ba. The Railroad Station (Olym. S. 3/10/1840). L.C. 30/9/1840. 

Dicks 524; Duncombe, vol. xlii; Lacy, vol. xlvii. 
C.D. The Serjeant's Wedding (Prince's, Th. 26/11/1840). L.C. 

17/11/1840. Dicks 627; Duncombe, vol. xliii; Lacy, vol. xci. 
C.D. Cousin Peter (Olym. 1 1/10/1841). Dicks 552 ; Duncombe, vol. xliv. 
D. Raffaelle the Reprobate; or, The Secret Mission and the Signet 

Ring (Vic. W. 3/11/1841). Dicks 401 ; Lacy, vol. x. 
Ba. The Ladies Seminary (Olym. 8/11/1841). L.C. 4/11/1841. 
F. Bamboozling (Olym. 16/5/1842). L.C. 5/5/1840 [as B.; or, My 

Wife Polly}. Dicks 627 ; Duncombe, vol. xli; Lacy, vol. xxviii. 
D. The Welcome Home (Surrey, M. 5/9/1842). 
F. My Valet and I (Olym. M. 31/10/1842). L.C. 26/10/1842. Dicks 

770; Duncombe, vol. xlvi. 
M.D. Sixteen String Jack; or, The Knaves of Knaves Acre (S.W. M. 

28/11/1842). Duncombe, vol. Ixiii; Lacy, vol. cv. 
D. The "Old Blue Lion" in Gray's Inn Lane; or, Death on the 

Tavern Stairs (S.W. M. 16/1/1843). 

C. The Devil's in it (P'cess, T. 9/5/1843). 

D. Halvei, the Unknown; or, The Doom at Midnight (S.W. M. 
12/6/1843). Dicks 690; Lacy, vol. xlii. 

R.D. The Dream Spectre (Vic. 24/7/1843). Dicks 913 ; Lacy, vol. xl. 
R.D. The Ambassador's Lady; or, The Rose and the Ring (Strand, 

M. 7/8/1843). L.C. 8/1843. Dicks 707 ; Duncombe, vol. xlvii. 
M.D. The Watchmaker of Clerkenwell; or, A Drum of the Olden 

Time (S.W. M. 2/10/1843). 
M.D. The Roll of the Drum (Adel. M. 16/10/1843). L.C. 11/10/1843 

[as Military Marriage; or, The R. of the >.]. Dicks 706; De Witt's 

Acting Plays (N.Y.) 77; Duncombe, vol. xlix; Lacy, vol. ciii. 
F. A Mistaken Story (P'cess, W. 1/11/1843). L.C. 24/10/1843. 

Dicks 736; Duncombe, vol. xlix; Lacy, vol. xx. 
F. Out for a Lark (P'cess, T. 21/11/1843). L.C. 18/11/1843. 
F. The Fairy Lady; or, The Cabinet of Bronze (Vic. 15/1/1844). 

L.C. 11/11/1843. 
D. Woman's Love; or, Kate Wynsley, the Cottage Girl (Vic. T. 

22/4/1845). 12 [1845]; Dicks 414; Lacy, vol. iv. 
D. The Strange Legacy; or, The Man with Three Coats. L.C. C.L. 


Spec. The Battle of the Amazons. L.C. R.A. 12/2/1848. 
R.D. Kennyngton Crosse; or, The Old Farm House on the Common 

(Surrey, 12/6/1848). L.C. 8/6/1848. Lacy, vol. Ixxv. 

[Wilks has several later plays; before 1850 were produced 

Eily O'Connor and Crichton of Clunie.] 

NDII 27 



T. Bianca Visconti. 1843. 

[See The "Stage" Cyclopedia.] 
WILMOT, Mrs BARBARINA [afterwards BRAND, Baroness DACRE]. 

T. Ina (D.L. S. 22/4/1815). 8 1815 [3 editions]. 

Dramas, Translations, and Occasional Poems. 2 vols. 8 1821. 


The Isle of Palms. 1812. 

[See The "Stage" Cyclopedia.] 

F. Male and Female Serenaders ; or, Native Talent Best. L.C. Albert, 


D. The City of the Plague. 8 1816. 


F. The Irish Doctor; or, The Dumb Lady Cured (Queen's, 
19/11/1844). L.C. 15/11/1844 [as A Cure for Dumbness; or, An 
Irish Diploma]. Dicks 949; Lacy, vol. xxvii. 

[An adaptation of Moliere, Le medecin malgre lui] 

Buondelmonte, The Zingari, Cleanthes, and the Count of Flora; 
Four Dramatic Poems. 8 1826. 

F. A Sovereign Remedy (P'cess, Th. 1/7/1847). L.C. 26/6/1847. 
F. Founded on Facts (Olym. M. 7/8/1848). L.C. 10/8/1848. Lacy, 

vol. xlv; Duncombe, vol. Ixii. 

F. Plots for Petticoats (S.W. M. 17/9/1849). L.C. 7/9/1849. 12 
[1849] ; Lacy, vol. cii. 

D. The Borderers. 8 1842. 

[Written 1795-6. See C. Wordsworth, Memoir of W. W. i. 96-7, 

C.O. The Villagers. 8 1808. 
F. Look before you leap. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 

T. Richard II (D.L. Th. 9/3/1815). 8 1815. 

[On this alteration of Shakespeare's play see G. C. D. Odell, 
op. cit. ii. 72-5.] 
D. Marie Antoinette; or, The Queen's Lover (Vic. M. 5/10/1835). 

[This seems to be the same as the play contained in L.C. R.P. 

D. The Court of Oberon; or, The Three Wishes. 4 1831; 
vol. xvii. 

[Written before 1800.] 


T.C. The Key of the Garden. 12 1801 [Dundee]. 
F. Water's Water. 12 1801 [Dundee]. 

UNKNOWN AUTHORS] 1800-1850 413 


[See also A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 318.] 
Ent. The Haunted Village ; or, The Way to be happy (Gainsborough, 

F. The First of May (S.W. F. 26/10/1849). L.C. 24/10/1849. 

D. Varney the Vampyre. L.C. Bower, 5/9/1846. 

T. Abarbance the Hebrew; or, Raymond the Betrayer. L.C. 

Britannia, 10/8/1849. 
M.D. The Abbey Lands ; or, Arden of Faversham (Cob. T. 30/1 1/1824). 

[Apparently an alteration of Lillo's play.] 
P. A. B. C.; or, Harlequin Guy Earl of Warwick and the Dun Cow 

(Vic. Th. 26/12/1833). 
Spec. Abd el Kador, the Napoleon of Algeria. L.C. Britannia, 


D. The Abdication of Ferdinand; or, Napoleon at Bayonne. 8 1809. 
Bal. Abelino; or, The Robber's Bride (R.C. M. 15/4/1805). 
D. Abigail; or, The Second Witness. L.C. Woodbridge, 2/4/1849. 
Ba. Abou Hassan; or, The Sleeper Awake (Pav. T. 20/11/1810). 

L. 92 M. [10/10/1810]. 

F. Above and Below. L.C. P'cess, 13/12/1847. 
Ba. Absent without Leave. L.C. 1824. 
Ba. Absent without Leave (Strand, M. 28/8/1837). 
P. Abudah; or, The Talisman of Orosmanes (R.A. W. 1/10/1817). 
D. Accusation; or, La Famille Laffarge. L.C. Adel. 19/11/1840. 
O. Acis and Galatea. L.C. D.L. 15/6/1838. 
Bal. Acis et Galathe (H. 1 S. 31/1/1818). 
P.Bal. Acteon and Diana (D.L. S. 25/10/1800). 
Ba. Acting Mad (Adel. W. 6/12/1820). L. 77 S. [5/12/1820]. 

[Formerly called The Apprentice.} 

Ba. Acting Run Mad; or, The Dunstable Actor (Lye. 26/12/1835). 
F. The Actor in Distress; or, How to Raise your Salary? (Cob. M. 


F. The Actress of All Work; or, My Country Cousin. L. no M. 
[D.L. 4/12/1817]. 

[See OXBERRY, 1819.] 

M.D. Adalna; or, The Tartar Hordes (Olym. M. 27/1/1823). 
Vaud. Adelaide; or, The Royal William (Vaux. M. 26/7/1830). 
M.D. Adelaide of Wulfingen; or, The Dreadful Secret (Cob. M. 

[Based on Kotzebue's drama.] 
D. Adele; or, The Mystery (Surrey, M. 17/9/1849). 

[See RODWELL, 1843.] 
Oa. Adeline. L.C. Grecian, 22/2/1847. 
R.D. Adelmorn, the Outlaw (S.W. T. 26/12/1843). 

[See LEWIS, 1801.] 
Ba. The Adelphi Academy; or, The March of Intellect. L.C. Adel. 


D. Admiral Benbow; or, The Earthquake of Jamaica (Surrey, M. 



C.O. Adolf and Clara ; or, The Two Prisoners (German, S. 26/10/1805). 

12 1812 [in Kleine Deutsch-Englische Opern]. 
M.D. Adolph Arnal; or, The Death Spell (Vic. M. 27/3/1837). 

[This is also cited as Albert Arnall.] 
Bal. Adolphe et Matilde; ou, le pouvoir de 1'amour (H. 1 S. 1/5/1819). 

C. Adolphus and Clara ; or, The Two Prisoners. Translated from the 
French of J. B. Marsollier by Eleanor H - [in The Lady's 
Magazine, 1804]. 

M.Ent. Adolphus Count Zelmar. L. 55 S. [C.G. 15/2/1812]. 
Adolphus Pumpernickel. L.C. Norwich, 15/5/1830. 
Ba. The Adopted Child (Royalty, M. 10/12/1810). 
[From the play by S. Birch, 1795.] 

D. Adomi, the Deformed, and Beraldo, the Profligate (Cob. M. 

Bal. Adrian and Louisa (W.L. Th. 18/1/1821). 

Ba. The Advantages of Lying; or, How to give a Rout (Surrey, M. 


D. The Adventures at an Inn (C.L. M. 8/5/1837). 
D. The Adventures of a Shilling (Queen's, 27/1/1845). L.C. 18/1/1845. 
Ent. The Adventures of a Ventriloquist. L.C. D.L. 11/5/1826. 
P. The Adventures of Charley-wag, who eat the Pudding. L.C. 

Effingham, 16/12/1846. 
Ext. The Adventures of Jerry Abbershaw, the Rum-Padder of Ninety- 

Five (Cob. W. 18/1/1826). 
P. JEsop's Fables ; or, Harlequin from Elysium (Olym. T. 26/12/1826). 

L.C. 11/12/1826 [as Harlequin from the Shades], 
M.D. The ^Ethiop's Oath; or, The Child of the Desert (Royalty, T. 

4/3/i82 3 ). 

Bal. JEtius et Fulvie (H. 1 S. 10/1/1818). 
F. An Affair of Honour. L.C. Grecian, 17/7/1845. 
Spec. The Afghanistan War; or the Revolt at Cabul and British 

Triumphs in India (R.A. M. I7/4-M. 24/4/1843). 
M.D. Afloat and Ashore; or, The British Tar -in Storm and Sun- 

shine. L.C. Albert, 17/2/1849. 

M.D. The African; or, Slave Trade Cruelty (Cob. M. 6/1/1823). 
Ent. Agamemnon, the Faithful Negro (R.A. M. 7/6/1824). 
D. Agnes de Meranie. L.C. Albert, 13/10/1845. 
The Agony Bill (Pav. M. 27/10/1834). 
Bal. L'agre*able re-union (H. 1 30/12/1806). 
Ba. The Air Balloon; or, All in the Clouds (S.W. M. 16/7/21). 
M.D. Aladdin (R.A. F. 20/9/1833). 
D. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp. L. 93 M. [Norwich, 


M.D. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp (New, M. 13/5/1811). 
M.D. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp (C.G. M. 19/4/1813). 

L. 100 M. [5/4/1813]. 

R.Spec. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp (C.G. 1826). 
R.D. Aladdin and his Cloud Palace; or, The Dumb Slave and the 

Sorcerer (R.A. T. 21/9/1830). 
Spec. Alaric and Eliza; or, The Merciless Marauder (R.C. W. 


F. Alarming Accidents. L.C. P'cess, 20/12/1845. 
Bal. Alasnum and his Cottage Queen; or, The Adventures of a Night 

(Sans P. Th. 31/10/1816). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 415 

M.D. Albert and Elmira; or, The Dumb Boy and his Horse (S.W. 

M. 26/6-M. 3/7/1820). 
D. Alberto and Lauretta; or, The Orphans of the Alps. L. 46 S. 

[H.* 15/12/1806]. 
Bal. Alcide (H.' S. 21/7/1821). 
D. Alexander Selkirk (Vic. 3/11/1845). L.C. 7/11/1845. 

Alexis. L.C. 30/5/1831. 

D. Alfred and Emma. 8 1806. 

[A translation of Kotzebue, Die Kreuzfahrer.] 

M.D. Alfred and Matilda; or, The Test of Guilt (S.W. M. 25/4/1825). 
Bal. Alfred le Grand, roi d'Angleterre (H. 1 S. 8/3/1823). 
D. Alfred the Great. 8 [1829]. 

M.D. Alfred the Great; or, England Invaded (Surrey, W. 8/5/1811). 
M.D. Alfred the Great; or, The Battle of Eddington (S.W. Th. 

[An adaptation o Sheridan Knowles' play, made with his 

Ali Baba; or, The Forty Thieves. L. 46 S. [D.L. 4/4/1806]. 
M.D. Ali Baba; or, The Forty Thieves (New, M. 15/4/1811). 

[This is probably the same as the Ali Baba printed at Dublin 
in 1814.] 

Alice Gray. L.C. E.O.H. 1833. 

M.D. Alice Home; or, The Revenge of the Blighted One. L.C. 

Garrick, 23/12/1843. 
Spec. Alina. L.C. Queen's, 5/11/1844. 
Bal. Aline, reine de Golconde (H. 1 F. 16/5/1823). 
D. Ali Pasha; or, The Signet Ring (Surrey, M. 3/10/1836). 

[See PLANCHti, 1822.] 
R.D. Alive or Dead; or, The Lover's Signal (S.W. 1/1/1844). L.C. 


All about Love and Jealousy (Olym. S. 11/4/1846). 

F. All a Mistake (C.G. S. 2/7/1825). L.C. 11/6/1825, as All's a 

All at Home; or, The Irish Nieces. 8 1804 [Dublin]. 

F. All for the Best (P'cess, W. 28/10/1846). L.C. P'cess, 15/10/1845. 
R.D. All Hallows* Eve; or, The Spirit of the Lake (Surrey, M. 

22/l/l8 3 8), 
M.D. All Hallows' Even; or, The Brownie of the Brig (Cob. M. 

C. All in Confusion (German, M. 10/3/1806). 

[From Kotzebue.] 

All in One; or, What's the Result? L.C. 1826. 
Ba. All in One Night; or, The Charter of the Forest (W.L. M. 

[See T.y. DIBDIN, 1825.] 
Ba. All's Right (Olym. M. 21/1/1833). L.C. 4/12/1832. 

C. All's Well that Ends Well [altered version with music and songs] 
(C.G. F. 12/10/1832). L.C. 1/10/1832. 

[This included a masque, Oberon and Robin Goodfellow.} 
F. All the World's a Stage (D.L. M. 31/5/1819). 

D. Almahar, the Moor (Surrey, M. 9/4/1849). 

M.D. Almazaide ; or, The Fortress of Astracan (Surrey, M. 30/8/1824). 

T. Almeyda; or, The Neapolitan Revenge. 8 1801. 

Spec. Alonzo and Imogine ; or, The Bridal Specter (Pav. M. 15/2/1808). 


D. Alonzo of Castile ; or, The Treacherous Moor (R.P. M. 27/5/1833). 
M.D. Alonzo the Brave; or, The Spectre Bride (R.P. M. 29/10/1832). 
T. Alonzo the Patriot; or, The Moors in Grenada (S.W. M. 

D. Aloyse; or, The Forester's Daughter (Edin. T. 9/12/1828). L.C. 

Edin. 11/12/1828. 
[Music Pindar.] 

M.D. Alp, the Renegade ; or, The Moslem's Oath (Cob. M. 4/10/1824). 
M.D. Alp, the Tartar Khan; or, The Mountain Pass (R.P. M. 

M.D. Alvarez; or, Father and Son. L.C. 31/10/1835. 

[This may be The Castilian Nobleman (Adel. 1835).] 
Ba. Always Wrong and Try Again (S.W. M. 2/2/1829). 
R.D. Alwyn and Bertholdy; or, Predestination (Surrey, M. 11/4/1831). 
Spec. Alzira; or, The Algerine Corsair (Pav. M. 6/11/1809). 
Bal. Alzora and Nerine; or, The Fairy Gift (Cob. M. 11/5/1818). 
D. Amalderac, the Black Pirate; or, The Rock of Death (R.P. M. 


Ba. Amanthis; or, The Child of Nature (Surrey, M. 16/10/1820). 
C.O. The Amber Box (Dublin, 1800). 
D. Ambition. L.C. 1836. 

D. The Amethyst Ring; or, The Boy of the Alps (Vic. M. 4/6/1838). 
Bal. Amintas et Sylvie; ou, I'^preuve re*ciproque (H. 1 S. 2/1/1802). 
Bal. Aminte et Sylvie (H. 1 T. 12/4/1814). 
Bal. L'amour; or, Wine and Passion (Adel. F. 5/11/1819). 
Bal. L'amour et la folie (H. 1 T. 18/2/1817). 
Bal. Les amours de Glauque et Circe (H. 1 F. 6/1/1809). 
Bal. Les amours de Mars et Ve"nus (H. 1 T. 30/4/1811). 
Bal. Les amours de Paris. L.C. 14/7/1834. 
D. Amy; or, Love and Madness. L.C. Bower, 18/3/1847. 
M.D. Anaconda; or, The Boa-Constrictor and the Buffalo (R.C. M. 

M.D. The Anaconda, the Terrific Serpent of Ceylon (W.L. M. 

30/9/1822; Adel. M. 23/1/1826). L.C. Adel. 18/1/1826. 
Bal. Anacreon; ou, 1'amour fugitif (H. 1 Th. 17/5/1810). 
Anacreontics Revived (C.G. 1800). 

M.D. The Anchorite; or, Forest Bandit (Surrey, M. 27/6/1825). 
D.D. The Anchor's Weighed. L.C. Standard, 29/9/1849. 
D. Andrea Hofer. L.C. 26/3/38. 

[See F1TZBALL, 1832. This is probably The Guide of the 

Tyrol (Adel. 1838).] 

R.D. Androcles, the Slave ; or, The Wounded Lion (Cob. M. 8/6/1829). 
Ba. Angelina (Olym. Th. 19/3/1840; P'cess, M. 15/3/1847). 
T. Angelo; or, The Tyrant of Padua (Vic. M. 15/6/1835). 
Bal. The Angler; or, Sport after Rain (E.O.H. T. 17/6/1817). 

[Music M. Solly.] 

Ba. The Animated Effigy (Sans P. T. 12/2/1811). L. 94 M. [29/1/1811]. 
Ba. The Animated Fig (Sans P. M. 25/2/1811). 
Bal. The Animated Portrait (E.O.H. T. 30/7/1816). 
M.D. Anna; or, The Black Spectre (Cob. M. 10/12/1821). 
M.D. Anne Boleyn, the Second Queen of King Henry VIII (Cob. 

M. 22/8/1825). 
Ca. Anne Bracegirdle. L.C. Lye. 4/12/1847. 

[This may be The Tragedy Queen (Lye. 1847).] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 417 

Ann Grandet. L.C. 27/5/1835. 

Sk. Ann Jane Thornton, the Female Sailor (R.P. M. 23/2/1835). 

F. Anonymous. L.C. C.G. 8/6/1838. 

Bsq. Another Maid and Another Magpie (Olym. F. 3/11/1815). 

L. 106 M. [18/10/1815]. 
Bsq. Another Mummy (R.P. M. 14/10/1833). 
Bsq. Another Piece of Presumption (Adel. M. 20/10/1823). L. 128 M. 

M.D. Antigone; or, The Theban Brothers (Surrey, M. 11/8/1823). 

[See FITZBALL, 1821.] 
M.D. The Antiquary and the Bluegown Beggar; or, The Storm of 

Mussel Craig (Cob. M. 2/7/1832). 
F. Antiquity. 8 1808. 
M.D. Antoine, the Savage; or, The Outcast (Cob. M. 4/8/1828; 

S.W. W. 23/5/1832). 

Bal. Antonio and Leonora (Sans P. 26/12/1814). 
Ba. Antony and Cleopatra (Surrey, M. 28/5/1810). 
Bal. Apelles et Campaspe; ou, la gen6rosit<$ d'Alexandre (H. 1 Th. 


Ba. Apollo Daggerwood( Adel. M. 6/1 2/1 8 19). L. 117 M. [10/12/1819]. 
Bsq. Apollo's Choice; or, The Contest of the Aonides. 8 1815. 

Apollo's Festival (D.L. 18/5/1814). 

D. The Apostate Moor (Cob. M. 31/12/1832). 

Ba. The Apparition (S.W. M. 17/11/1828). 

T. The Appeal (Edin. M. 16/2/1818). L. 112 M. [4/2/1818]. 

F. An Appeal to the Public (Lye. M. 27/11/1848). 

Bal. Appel des F6es; or, Fairy Call (S.W. M. 8/8/1831). 

D. The Appointed Spot (Vic. M. 31/3/1845). 

O.F. An April Fool. L. 126 M. [E.O.H. 19/6/1822]. 

Ba. The April Fool. L.C. Olym. 17/5/1841. 

P. April Fools; or, Months and Mummery (S.W. M. 7/4/1817). 

P. The Aquatic Harlequin; or, Fashion's Fools (S.W. M. 3/4/1809). 

Spec. The Arab. L. 96 M. [Pav. 24/11/1812]. 

Spec. The Arab ; or, The Freebooters of the Desert (R.A. M. 5/6/1809). 

D. The Arab Boy (Queen's, 27/4/1846). L C. 31/1/1846. 

Spec. The Arabian Night's Entertainments (Strand, M. 26/4/1847). 

M.D. The Arab of the Desert; or, The French Spy (R.P. M. 2/1/1831). 

[See The French Spy.] 
M.D. An Arab's Faith; or, The Seven Towers of Jaba (Royalty, M. 

8/4/1822; Cob. M. 24/1/1825). 

D. Arabs of the Desert ; or, The Dumb Bedouin (C.L. M. 29/5/1837). 
Lyric D. Arcadia; or, The Freaks of the Passions. L.C. Britannia, 


F. The Arctic Story (D L. S. 1/10/1842). 
Bsq. The Area Sylph (E.O.H. M. 7/9/1840). 
F. Are You Coming to Bed? (Strand, M. 26/4/1847). 
Bal. Argus and his Hundred Eyes (R.A. T. 28/8/1821). 
Mono D. Aristodemus. 8 1802 [in The Poetical Register]. 
D. Armand; or, The Peer and the Peasant (M'bone, Th. 18/1/1849). 

L.C. 9/1/1849 [as A.; or, The Days of Louis the XV]. 

[This drama was written by Anna C. O. Mowatt (Mrs Ritchie) 

in America, and had been produced at the Park Theatre, New 

York on 27/9/1847.] 
F. An Armful of Bliss (Olym. M. 6/11/1843). L.C. 1/11/1843. 


D. The Armourer of Paris; or, The Cross of Blood (Surrey, M. 

MD. The Armourer's Forge; or, The Rebellion of Lowland's Creek 

(R.A. M. 14/4/1834). 

Oa. Arrangement (Adel. M. 15/8/1831). L.C. 28/7/1831. 
Ba. Arrivals; or, Three Days at Long's (Olym. M. 10/12/1821). 
F. Arrived at Last (S.W. M. 19/5/1823). 
D. The Arrogant Boy. 8 1802. 
Ba. Artaxerxes (Surrey, Th. 19/9/1811). 
Ba. Artipadiades, King of Queeramania (R.A. M. 15/4/1822). 
Mus. Piece. The Artisan's Daughter. L.C. Lye. 6/8/1842. 
D. The Artist of Cas. L.C. Glasgow Adel. 22/3/1846. 

Asancesado. L.C. C.G. 1837. 

Ba. The Ashantee Prince. L.C. Lye. 18/5/1842. 

Ba. Asleep or Awake; or, Who am I? (Surrey, M. 6/10/1823). 

T. Asprand (Salisbury, W. 20/3/1805). 

M.D. The Assassin. L. 108 M. [D.L. 9/10/1816], 

M.D. The Assassin Labourer; or, The White Farm (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Assassin of Dijon; or, The Beggar and the Soldier (R.A. 

M. 18/4/1831). 

The Assignation. L.C. C.G. 21/11/1826. 

D. Assignation, Dissipation and Starvation (Surrey, M. 21/6/1830). 
O.F. Assumptions. L. 131 M. [E.O.H. 23/8/1823]. 
F. Astonishment. L. 71 S. [D.L. 9/10/1818]. 

C. As You Like It (C.G. F. 10/12/1824). 

[Altered, with music by Bishop.] 

O.F. At Home (C.G. Th. 25/2/1813). 8 1813 (bis). L. 98 M. 

[Ascribed to Dudley.] 
M.D. The Attack on the Convoy. L.C. Argyll Rooms, 2/12/1828. 

D. At the Madonna's Shrine. L.C. R.P. 19/4/1847. 

D. The Auberge des Adrets; or, The Two Murderers (Vic. W. 

3/12/1834). L.C. 19/1/1835. 
Sk. August First; or, The Opening of London Bridge (S.W. M. 


Int. Augustus Buggins (Strand, M. 8/12/1834). 
Bal. Aurora; or, The Flight of Zephyr (C.G. F. 7/2/1817). 
Ba. The Automaton; or, The Whims of Love (Strand, M, 


T. The Avenger; or, The Leaguers of Austria (Pav. M. 1/10/1838). 
M.D. The Avenger; or, The Moor of Sicily (Cob. M. 28/6/1824). 
M.D. The Avenger; or, The Moor of Sicily. L.C. Britannia, 


C.O. Un' Avventura di Scaramuccia (E.O.H. Th. 29/12/1836). 
Ent. The Awkward Recruit (Royalty, M. 7/1/1805). 
M.D. Ayesha; or, The Maid of Kars (R.P. M. 4/1/1836). 
O. Azor and Zemira; or, The Magic Rose (C.G. T. 5/4/1831). 

L.C. 22/2/1831 [as The M. R.; or, Beauty and the Beast}. 

[Music Spohr, arranged by Sir G. Smart.] 
M.D. The Babes in the Wood; or, The Cruel Uncle (Surrey, M. 


Babington. L.C. Newcastle, 10/1/1826. 

Bal. P. The Baboon of Paraguay (Cob. M. 22/3/1830). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 419 

Ba. Bachelors' Miseries; or, The Double Disappointment (Sans P. 
M. 19/10/1818). L. in M. [7/10/1818]. 

The Bachelor's Vow (Strand, Th. 10/5/1849). 
F. The Back-Biter (Surrey, M. 18/4/1836). 

Ba. Bad Business; or, A Meeting of Managers (Adel. M. 19/11/1832). 

L.C. 19/11/1832. 

Ba. Bad Customers; or, Who Pays the Piper? (Pav. M. 26/3/1810). 
C.O. Bad Neighbours; or, The Earl and the Baron. L. 52 S. [Lye. 

[This may be Plots! or, The North Tower (Adel. 1810), by 


Spec. Baghran-Ho; or, The Tartars Tartar'd (Pav. M. 20/1/1812). 
M.D. Bakarak, the Miser; or, The Crazy Old Slippers of Bagdad 

(Surrey, M. 26/7/1824). 

F. The Bald Head (Olym. M. 30/3/1840). L.C. 27/3/1840. 
Ba. The Balloon (Royalty, M. 9/11/1812). 

[Altered from A Mogul Tale (1784) by Mrs Inchbald.] 
Ba. The Balloon in Turkey (R.A. M. 3/7/1837). 

Bal Masque; or, What shall I do for a Ticket? (Olym. 12/7/1848). 
L.C. 10/7/1848. 

O. The Bandit. 8 1814. 

D. The Bandit Innkeepers. L.C. Brighton, 20/2/1832. 

M.D. The Band of Death; or, The Robber's Mother (Royalty, M. 

M.D.Spec. The Banished Brother; or, The Secret Enemy (Cob. M. 


C.O. The Bankrupt Cobbler (German, Th. 27/2/1806). 
Ent. Bannister's Budget with the Shipwreck; or, Two Ways of Telling 

a Story (D.L. M. 30/5/1814). 

M.D. Bannockburn; or, The Ghost Seer (Cob. M. 5/2/1827). 
Ba. The Barber and his Brothers (Adel. T. 7/11/1826). L.C. 1826. 
Ba. The Barber and the Hairdresser. L.C. Adel. 14/10/1828. 
F. The Barber Barrister. L.C. H. 17/5/1838. 

[Presumably this is The Irish Barrister (H. a 1838).] 
F. The Barber Bravo. L.C. Surrey, 5/9/1846. 
Ext. The Barber of Bagdad; or, "Pay me for being shaved" (Cob. 

Th. 26/1/1826). 

Mus.D. The Barber of Paris. L.C. 6/7/1842. 
C.O. The Barber of Seville (E.9.H. S. 3/7/1824). 

[This was an altered version of Rossini's opera, with additional 

music from Mozart, Fioravanti, Dibdin and others.] 
C.O. The Barber of Seville. L.C. 5/12/1831. 

Ba. The Barbers at Court (Olym. M. 21/12/1835). L.C. 30/11/1835. 
O. Barcarolle (P'cess, M. 5/4/1847). L.C. P'cess, 3/4/1847. 
Ba. Barnaby Brittle; or, A Wife at her Wit's End (Royalty, M. 


[An alteration of the farce (1781) made out of T. Betterton's 

The Amorous Widow.] 
D. Barnaby Rudge (Adel. 20/12/1841). L.C. 10/12/1841. 

[This is, of course, an adaptation of Dickens' novel.] 
D. The Barn Burners (City, M. 8/4/1833). 
C.O. Barney Brallaghan; or, "Meet Me by Moonlight" (Surrey, M. 

O.F. Barney Brallaghan's Courtship. L.C. C.G. 26/6/1827. 


F. Barney Burke; or, The Devil's in the Room (M'bone, Th. 


M.D. Barnwell, the London Apprentice; or, Fatal Love (Cob. Th. 

[A version of Lillo's play.] 

M.R. The Baron de Trenck (E.O.H. M. 4/9/1820). L. 119 M. 
[Music Reeve.] 

C. The Baronet; or, Female Society (C.G. W. 1/4/1840). L.C. 

Bsq. Baron Munchausen (Edin. M. 7/12/1840). 

P. Baron Munchausen; or, Harlequin and the Genii of the Green 
Island (Vic. Th. 26/12/1839). 

D. Barrington, the Pick-Pocket (Surrey, M. 21/10/1833). 
M.D. Barsissa; or, The Hermit Robber (S.W. M. 16/9/1816). 
The Bas-Bleu. L.C. Edin. 14/12/1835. 

Spec. The Bashaw; or, Eastern Fete (R.A. M. 31/8/1801). 

M.D. The Bashaw; or, Midnight Adventures of Three Spaniards 

(Sans P. M. 23/1/1809). 
Ba. The Bashful Irishman; or, The Dublin Adventure. L.C. Adel. 

D.D. Basil and Barbara, Children of the Battle; or, The Curse 

Entailed. L.C. Britannia, 10/7/1848. 

Tale. The Basket-Maker ; or, The Palace of Plenty (Cob. M. 18/4/183 1). 
Naut. Spec. Basque Roads (R.A. W. 26/4/1809). 
D. The Bastille (H.> M. 19/12/1842). L.C. 21/12/1842. 
Int. The Bath Road (D.L. Th. 14/10/1830). 
M.D. The Battle of Agincourt; or, The Fight of St. Crispin's Day 

(R.A. M. 15/9/1834). 

M.D. The Battle of Agincourt; or, The Parricide (Cob. Th. 2/6/1825). 
Spec. The Battle of Barnet; or, The Last of the Barons. L.C. R.A. 

Eques.D. The Battle of Blenheim ; or, The Horse of the Disinherited 

(Surrey, M. 20/9/1841). 
M.D. The Battle of Bosworth Field (Caledonian, Edinburgh, M. 

M.D. The Battle of Bosworth Field; or, The Life and Death of 

Richard III (Cob. M. 29/1/1827). 

M.D. The Battle of Cronstad. L.C. Argyll Rooms, 2/12/1828. 
P. The Battle of the Fairies (Adel. S. 2/1/1836). 
Ba. The Battle of Hexham ; or, Days of Yore (Royalty, M. 17/8/1812). 

[A version of G. Colman's play (1789).] 
D. The Battle of Life. L.C. Norwich, 23/1/1847. 

[Adapted from Dickens' tale.] 
Spec. The Battle of Navarino ; or, The Arab of the Red Desert (R.A. 

M. 26/5/1828). 
D. The Battle of Pultawa; or, The King and the Czar (C.G. M. 

23/2/1829). L.C. C.G. 20/2/1829. 

[From F. du Petit-Mer, La bataitte de Pultawa (Paris, 1808).] 
M.D. The Battle of Telavera (Royalty, M. 21/8/1809). 
Spec. The Battle of the Nile (S.W. T. 28/3/1815). 
Spec. The Battle of Trafalgar (S.W. M. 14/4/1806). 
M.D. The Battle of Trafalgar; or, The Death of Nelson (Cob. M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 421 

Spec. The Battle of Vittoria (Royalty, S. 10/7/1813310! perfor- 

Spec. The Battle of Waterloo (Royalty, W. 15/11/1815). 
M.D. The Battle of Waterloo. L.C. Hull, Davis 's Royal Amphi- 
theatre, 25/4/1825. 
M.D. The Battle of Worcester; or, King Charles in the Royal Oak 

(Cob. M. 18/4/1825). 
Bal. La Bayadere (H.' T. 14/6/1831). 

[Music Auber.] 

Bal. La Bayadere (D.L. Th. 20/2/1845). 
D. The Bayonet; or, The Murder of the Old Stone Quarry (Vic. M. 

Hist.R. The Beacon of Liberty (C.G. W. 8/10/1823). L. 129 M. 


[Music Bishop.] 
F. Bears not Beasts; or, Four Legs better than Two. L. 132 M. 

[Norwich, 5/5/1823]. 

[See H . M. MILNER, 1822.] 

M.D. The Beauty and the Beast (Surrey, W. 22/4/1812). 
P. Beauty and the Beast; or, Harlequin and the Magic Rose(Adel. 

W. 26/12/1821). L. 121 M. [1821]. 
M.D. Beauty and the Beast; or, The Magic Rose (Cob. M. 

Spec. Beauty and the Bey; or, Sidi Hamet Muley Ben Ismael and 

Peggy Larkins (Surrey, W. 27/12/1820). 
Spec. The Beauty of Bruges. L.C. Adel. 27/12/1842. 
Ba. The Beaux' Stratagem (Surrey, M. 21/5/1810). 

[A version of Farquhar's comedy (1707).] 
Ba. The Beehive (S.W. M. 20/8/1827). 
[See.?. G. MILLINGEN, 1811 J 
M.D. The Beggar's Bush. 

[A new "address" for this play is preserved in L. 105 M. 

[D.L. 12/1815].] 

M.D. The Beggars of Toulouse (R.A. M. 30/4/1832). 
Ba. The Beggar's Opera (Royalty, M. 4/2/1811). 

[A new version of Gay's opera (1728).] 
Bsq. The Beggar's Opera Burlesqued (Adel. M. 16/11/1840; Strand, 

Th. 9/9/1841). 

Int. Be Guarded. L.C. Sheffield, 2/12/1848. 
F. Belford and Minton ; or, There and Back Again (H. 2 F. 13/8/1819). 

L. 23 L. [10/8/1819; as The Chase; or, T. and B. A.]. 
R.D. The Belgian Patriot; or, The Silent One (Surrey, M. 3/9/1838). 
T. Bellamere, Earl of Carlisle. 8 1807. 
M.D. Bella Ridstone; or, Love, Hatred and Revenge. L.C. Garrick, 

Ba. The Belle of the Hotel ; or, American Sketches (H.* M. 17/1 1/1842 ; 

Strand, M. 26/6/1843). 

[This is apparently an American piece. It was acted at Niblo's 

Garden, New York, in August, 1842; and had probably been 

written to display the versatility of Fanny Fitzwilliam, who was 

there on a visit ] 
F. Belles Have at Ye All ; or, More Flirts than One (H.* Th. 1/9/183 1). 

L.C. 30/7/1831. 

[An adaptation of Gibber's The Double Gallant.] 


Oa. Belles without Beaux; or, The Ladies among themselves (E.O.H. 

F. 6/8/1819). 

[Music G. Ware. Adapted from the French.] 
F. Belles and the Ring (P J cess, W. 5/5/1847)- L.C. 5/3/1847. 
C.O. Belmont and Constance; or, The Elopement from the Seraglio 

(D.L. W. 23/6/1841). 

[Music from Mozart.] 

M.D. Belmonti ; or, The Vulture of the Apennines (R.A. M. 19/4/1830). 
D. Ben Block; or, The Veteran and his Son (R.P. M. 21/9/1835). 
M.D. Ben Brace; or, The Last of Lord Nelson's Agamemnon (R.A. 

M. 6/6/1836; Surrey, M. 9/1/1837). 

D. Benedetto Mangone; or, The Old Log House (Vic. M. 15/8/1836). 
F. The Benefit Night; or, Lovers and No Lovers. L.C. Hull, 

Bsq. The Benevolent Cut-throat. 8 1800 [in The Meteors} under the 

pseudonym of "Fabius Pictor"]. 
M.D. The Benevolent Jew; or, The Gamester, the Seducer and the 

Murderer (Royalty, M. 17/12/1821). 
Ba. The Benevolent Tar (Surrey, M. 24/11/1823). 
M.D. Ben Nazir, the Saracen (Surrey, M. 5/9/1842). 

[See T. C. GRATTAN, 1827.] 
M.D. Bertha and Durimel; or, The Soldier's Father (Surrey, M. 

D. Bertrand and Burkenstaff; or, The Conspiracy of Copenhagen. 

L.C. 3/4/1834- 

F. The Best of Husbands (Strand, Th. 7/6/1832). 
Ca. Betly. L.C. Lye. 1/1838. 
C.O. Betly (Lye. 9/3/1841). L.C. 27/2/1841. 

[Music Donizetti.] 
M.D. The Betrothed; or, The Eve of St. Mark (Queen's, F. 


M.D. Bianca; or, The Three Trials (S.W. M. 4/5/1846). 
D. Bibboo; or, The Island Ape (R.P. M. 25/2/1839). 
Ext. Billy Button's Disaster on his Journey to Brentford (R.A. M. 


Ba. Billy Snivel and Sally Sly (R.P. M. 10/3/1834). 
Ba. Billy Taylor, the Gay Young Fellow (S.W. M. 2/1/1831). 

[See BUCKSTONE, 1829.] 
F. Binks the Bagman. L.C. H. 22/6/1842. 

[See COYNE, 1843.] 

M.D. The Bird of Paradise (R.C. M. 22/9/1800). 
Ba. Birds of Paradise (Queen's, Th. 5/3/1835). 
O.F. Birds without Feathers (H.* F. 1/10/1824). L.C. 30/9/1824. 
Bsq. The Birmingham Girl (Strand, M. I5/4-M. 22/4/1844). L.C. 

Ba. The Biter Bit; or, Cut your Coat according to your Cloth (S.W. 

W. 26/12/1827). 
D. The Bivouac of the Hills; or, The Bridal Gift (Surrey, M. 

29/1/1849). L.C. 19/12/1848 [as The Bridal Gift]. 
F. The Blackamoor's Head (D.L. S. 16/5/1818). L. 70 S. [7/5/1818]. 
Ca. Black and White (P'cess, M. 20/2/1843). 

Ba. Black and White; or, Which is Thomas? (Surrey, M. 18/8/1823). 
C.Sk. The Black Band; or, The Bravoes of Calabria (R.P. M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 423 

M.D. The Black Banner; or, The Tribunal of Blood (Cob. M. 

Ba. The Black Domino (C.G. F. 16/2/1838). L.C. 9/2/1838. 

[This and the following play are adaptations of . Scribe, 

Le domino noir (Paris, 2/9/1837), with music by Auber.] 
Ba. The Black Domino. L.C. 20/1/1838. 
M.D. The Black Dwarf; or, The Reiver of Westburn Flat (R.A. M. 

F. The Black Eagle; or, The Female Captain (R.A. M. 19/4/1841). 

D. Blackeyed Susan. L.C. C.G. 23/11/1829. 

M.D. Blackeyed Susan; or, The Lovers' Perils (Cob. M. 1/6/1829). 
[These two pieces seem to be distinct from that byJERROLD, 

F. Blackeyed Susan at Dunstable; or, A Company in One (R.P. 

M. 13/9/1830). 

Bal. The Black Festival; or, Love in America (S.W. W. 28/5/1800). 
D. The Black Flag of Toraldi. L.C. R.P. 27/2/1847. 
M.D. The Black Forester; or, The Children of Mexico (Cob. M. 


R.D. Black Friday; or, The National Star (Surrey, M. 16/4/1838). 
O. The Black Gentleman; or, A Match for the Devil. L.C. Lye. 

Spec. The Black Hand; or, The Dervise and the Peri (Adel. M. 

29/9/1834). L.C. 11/9/1834. 
M.D. Black Hugh the Outlaw; or, The White Boys of Ireland (S.W. 

M. 2/5/1836). 

M.D. The Black King; or, The Gold Dreamer (Vic. M. 1/4/1839). 
M.D. The Black King; or, The Three Brothers (Cob. M. 29/11/1830). 
D. The Black Law of Martinique (Surrey, M. 14/11/1842). 
D. The Black Legend; or, The Horse and the Murderer (R.A. M. 


[Evidently given later as The Horse and the Murderer; or, 

Barnet Fair.] 
D. The Black Legend of Rotherhithe; or, The Horse and the Ostler 

(Vic. M. 5/2/1838). 8 1838. 
M.D. The Black Musket; or, The Twins of the Tyrol (R.P. M. 

M.D. The Black Phantom; or, The Smuggler and the Jew (S.W. M. 

Ba. The Blacksmith of Antwerp (D.L. 1816). L. 63 S. [17/9/1816]. 

8 1816. 

[Altered from the play by O'Keeffe.] 
Bsq. The Black Somnambulist. L.C. 19/8/1848. 
R.D. The Black Spider; or, The Field of Terror (Cob. M. 

D. The Black Tower; or, A Tartar's Vengeance (R.P. M. 

Spec. The Black Tower and the Spanish Patriots ; or, The Downfall 

of Saladin (Cob. M. 3/3/1823). 
M.D. The Black Valley; or, The Tomb of St. Aubin (Royalty, M. 

M.D. The Black Woodsman; or, The Devil and Tom Walker (Cob. 

T. 3/7/1827). 
M.D. Blanca Rubea, the Heroine of Padua (Surrey, M. 12/7/1824). 


F. Blase* ; or, The Man in Search of a Sensation (P'cess, S. 17/2/1844). 

L.C. 3/2/1844- 

[Derived from the same source as BOUCICAULTs Used Up 

(H.* 1844) L'homme blase.] 
Ba. Bletchington House ; or, The Warning Voice (St J. M. 26/12/1836). 

L.C. 23/12/1836. 
M.D. The Blighted Willow; or, The Shepherd's Heir (S.W. M. 


D. The Blind Beggar of Moorfields (City, W. 27/6/1832). 
Ba. The Blind Father; or, The Peasant Marchioness (Strand, M. 

18/9/1837). L.C. 1837. 

O.F. Blind Man's Buff; or, Who Pays the Bill? (R.A. M. 18/9/1815). 
[Sec T. J. DIBDIN, 1803. A play of this title is in L.C. 

M.D. Blindness; or, The Peasant Prince (Cob. M. 20/8/1821). 

[Presumably the same as The Blind Prince (Cob. M. 22/12/1828.] 
D. The Blind Orphan (Surrey, M. 7/1/1833). 
O. The Blind Sister (P'cess, Th. 10/5/1849). L.C. 21/4/1849 (as The 

B. S.; or, The Mountain Farm). 

D. The Bloodhound; or, The Orphan's Grave (Vic. M. 31/3/1845). 
D. Blood Royal; or, State Jewels. L.C. C.G. 27/10/1843. 
Ba. Blood will have Blood. L. 98 M. [Pav. 18/4/1813]. 
M.D. The Blue Anchor; or, Neptune the Smuggler's Friend (Cob. 

M. 23/4/1832). 
M.D. The Blue Anchor; or, The Life of Spritsail Jack. L.C. Apollo, 


Int. The Blue Devils (Kelly's, M. 9/5/1842). 
D. Blue-eyed Mary; or, The Lily of the Village (R.P. M. 8/6- 

M. 22/6/1835). 
M.D. The Blue Man; or, The Punishment of Sacrilege (S.W. M. 

P. The Blue Mountain Spirits; or, Harlequin Aerial (R.C. W. 

P. Bluff King Hal; or, Harlequin and the Enchanted Arrow (P'cess, 

T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 2/12/1848. 
F. The Boarder (H.* Th. 14/6/1832). L.C. 2/6/1832. 
Int. The Board of Conviviality; or, Fun and Harmony (C.G. 

M.Ent. Bobinet the Bandit; or, The Forest of Monte-Scarpini (C.G. 

F. 4/12/1815). L. 61 S. [29/11/1815]. 

O.F. The Bogle of the Clyde; or, The Bailie Bewitched (Perth, 1836). 
D. The Bohemian Mother (Surrey, M. 18/4/1831). 
D. The Bohemians; or, The Thieves of Paris (C.L. M. 20/11/1843) 

L.C. 18/11/1843. 

[This and the following piece are derived from Sue's Les 

mysteres de Paris. See under STIRLING and BARNETT.] 
D. The Bohemians ; or, The Thieves of Paris (Queen's, M. 4/12/1843). 
Spec. The Bold Bucaniers; or, Caribs (Cob. M. 15/5/1826). 
P. Bold Robin Hood ; or, The Pretty White Horn and the Enchanted 

Princess of Sherwood Forest (R.A. T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 30/9/1848. 
Ba. A Bold Stroke for a Wife (Surrey, M 27/8/1810). 

[An adaptation of Mrs Centlivre's comedy.] 

P. Bonafaiso; or, Harlequin King of Epirus (R.A. M. 4/6/1804). 
M.D. Bonduca; or, The British Queen (R.A. M. 4/8/1823). 


Ba. Bone Squash. L.C. 5/11/1839. 

[See RICE, 1836.] 

M.D. The Boor's Hut; or, Russian Perfidy (R.A. M. 26/6/1820). 
D. Border Feuds; or, The Lady of Buccleuch. 8 1811 [Dublin]. 
M.D. Borrachio, the Outlaw; or, The Child of Mystery (Surrey, M. 


F. The Bosom Friend. L.C. H. a 7/10/1844. 
D. The Bottle (Strand, M. 25/10/1847). 

[Attributed to F. F. COOPER.] 
D. The Bottle. L.C. R.P. 18/10/1847. 
D. The Bottle (Vic. S. 11/10/1847). 
D. The Bottle (Standard, S. 18/10/1847). 

Ba. The Bottle of Champagne (Olym. Th. 8/1/1835). L.C. 5/1/1835. 
Bsq. A Boudoir of Burlesque. L.C. Vic. 24/8/1844. 
D. Bourbons and Bonapartists ; or, First Love (Surrey, M. 23/10/1837). 
D. The Boy and the Bandits (Adel. M. 16/4/1838). 
Ent. The Boyhood and Old Age of Mr. Yates (C.G. Th. 13/6/1822). 
D. The Boy King (Adel. 28/8/1845). L.C. 25/8/1845. 
Ba. The Boys of Horsley Down; or, Girls of Chelsea Reach (Cob. 

M. 3/12/1827). 
M.D. The Brahman's Curse; or, The Gentoo's Daughter (R.P. M. 


M.D. Branksome Castle (Surrey, M. 4/2/1811 3rd performance). 
Bal. The Brave and the Fair (Lye. Th. 11/7/1816). 
Spec. The Brave Cossack ; or, The Secret Enemy (R.A. M. 30/3/1812). 
M.D. The Bravo and the Venetian Conspirators (R.A. M. 15/11/1819). 
[Acted later at the same theatre as The Conspirators; or, The 

Venetian Bravo.] 

M.D. The Bravo's Son. L. 115 M. [Bath, 4/3/1819]. 
F. Brazen Nose College; or, The Oxford Scholar (City, M. 12/12/1831). 
M.D. The Brazen Water-Tower; or, The Doubtful Child (S.W. M. 


M.D.Ent. Brazilian Jack; or, The Life of an Ape (S.W. M. 19/5/1834). 
Ba. Breach of Promise. L.C. Olym. 12/12/1841. 
Ba. The Breakfast of Love; or, The Rover Reclaimed (Royalty, M. 

Int. A Breeze in the Baltic ; or, The Danes in the Dumps (Edinburgh, 

T. Brennus : or The Downfall of Tyranny ... By Bntannicus. 8 1832 

[Edinburgh and Glasgow]. 
M.D. Brian Boroihme, the Victorious; or, The Battle of Clontarffe 

(Cob. M. 28/2/1820). 

Ba. The Bricklayers' Arms (Adel. T. 9/2/1830). L.C. 25/1/1830. 
D. The Bridal Eve; or, Innocence Rewarded (Strand, M. 14/6/1847). 
Bal. The Bridal of Flora (D.L. S. 9/11/1816). 
O. The Bridal Promise (Olym. Th. 13/6/1833). L.C. 29/5/1833. 
Bal. The Bride and Bridegroom; or, The Dandy Drenched (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Bride and the Proscribed ; or, The Widow's Nuptials (S.W. 

T. 17/3/1840). 

Spec. The Bride of Abydos (R.A. M. 5/4/1847). L-C. 10/3/1847. 
M.D. The Bride of Lammermuir; or, The Mermaid's Well (R.A. M. 

[Adapted from Sir Walter Scott's novel ; see also the following plays. 


M.D. The Bride of Lammermuir. L. 76 S. [Edinburgh, 27/10/1819], 

[See CALCRAFT, 1822.] 

D. The Bride of Lammermoor (Queen's, M. 9/5/1831). 
O. The Bride of Lammermoor (M'bone, S. 9/10/1848). 
D. The Bride of the Bleeding Heart; or, The Soldier of Vietri (R.P. 

M. 31/12/1832). 
D. The Bride of the Nile. L.C. R.A. 20/12/1845. 

[Another appears as a spectacle in L.C. R.A. 25/8/1845, acted 

on 1/9/1845.] 

D. The Bride of the Prairie (Queen's, M. 13/9/1847). L.C. 13/9/1847. 
O. The Bride of Venice (D.L. M. 22/4/1844). L.C. 14/4/1844. 

[Music Sir Julius Benedict.] 
D. The Bride's Journey. L.C. Vic. 22/4/1846. 
D. The Brigand Monk and the Dog of Mount St. Bernard (Vic. M. 


Spec. The Brigands of Ancona (R.A. M. 8/12/1845). 
Spec. The Brigands of Ancona; or, The Attack of the Dragoons. L.C. 

Apollo, 17/2/1844. 

D. The Brigand's Daughter. L.C. Albert, 24/10/1845. 
Ba. Brighton Cliff ; or, The White Hawk Lady. L.C. 30/7/1831. 
Esq. The Brisket Family; or, The Running of the Rat (Olym. W. 

9/1/1822). L. 85 S. [3/1/1822]. 

Bal.Spec. Britain's Allies (Pantheon, M. 27/12/1813). 
Ent. Britain's Jubilee (Pav. Th. 26/10/1809). L. 51 S. [18/10/1809]. 

C. The British Admiral and the Seaman's Son. L. 97 M. [Norwich, 

Spec. British Courage (R.A. M. 8/7/1805). 

Spec. British Heroes ; or, The Defeat of Junot (Royalty, M. 19/9/1808). 
F. The British Lion. L.C. Adel. 4/11/1848. 

M.D. The British Lion; or, The French Prison (Cob. M. 

D. The British Queen. L.C. Hull, 1/2/1840. 

D. A British Sailor Abroad and at Home (S.W. M. 19/7/1830). 

C. The British Soldier; or, Life's Campaign (Norwich, S. 16/3/1805). 
L. 82 M. [16/2/1805]. 

M.D. Britons at Navarino; or, The Destruction of the Turko- 

Egyptian Fleet (Cob. M. 26/11/1827). 
Ba. Broadbrim and Co. (S.W. M. 11/2/1828). 
Int. Broad but not Long; or, The First Night of a New Piece (C.G. 

15/6/1814). L. 102 M. [1/6/1814]. 
Ext. Broad Grins; or, Harlequin Mag and Harlequin Fag (Olym. T. 

7/2/1815). L. 105 M. [1/2/1815]. 

Ba. Broad Grins; or. The Laughing Philosopher (Cob. M. 2/2/1829). 
M.D. Broadsea Cliffs; or, A Tale of the Seaside (Surrey, M. 


D. The Broken Chain; or, The Lady of Nuremberg (Surrey, M. 

D. The Bronze Horse; or, The Flying Palfrey of China (R.A. M. 


[Adapted from E Scribe, Le cheval de bronze (Paris, 23/3/1835), 
music by Auber ] 
C.O. Brother and Sister (City, M. 24/10/1831). 

[See DIMOND, 1815.] 
D. The Brothers. L.C. Manchester, 2/12/1843. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 427 

Ba. The Brothers in Arms ; or, The Wolf and the Lamb (St J. M. 
16/4/1838). L.C. 13/4/1838. 

[See The Wolf and the Lamb (H.* 1832) by T. E. WILKS.] 

C. The Brothers of Cordova. L.C. 28/2/1826. 

[An adaptation of Fletcher's The Spanish Curate.] 
M.D. The Brothers of Turin; or, The Children of the Alps (S.W. M. 

D. The Brown Devil; or, The Charmed Pirate. L.C. 16/1/1830. 
M.D. Brown Fanny; or, The Teaman's Car (Vic. M. 31/3/1834). 

F. Brown, Jones and Robinson, a Legend of the Hackney Road 

(C.G. Th. 27/9/1838). L.C. 25/9/1838. 
O. The Brown Man (E.O.H. Th. 19/8/1819). L. 117 M. [29/7/1819]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

Ba. The Brown Man (Olym. 4/12/1820). L. 77 S. [29/11/1820]. 
Ba. Bruno ; or, The Sultan's Favourite (Adel. M. 8/10/1821). L. 123 M. 

[2/10/1821]. [Acted at Bath in 1822 as The Bashazo and the 

M.D. Brutus; or, The Fall of Tarquin (Surrey, M. 23/2/1829). 

[See PAYNE, 1818.] 

O. The Buccaneers. L.C. Lye. 2/6/1,824. 
F. The Budget of Blunders (E.L. M. 11/1/1819). L. 91 M. [11/2/1810; 

as Madness Rules the Hour; or, A B. of B.]. 

[Adapted from GREFFULCHE, q.v.] 
Ext. Buonaparte Burnt Out; or, The Allies Victorious(Surrey, M. 


Spec. Buonaparte's Destiny (Cob. M. 31/1/1831). 
Spec. Buonaparte's Fatalities (R.A. M. 15/9/1828). 
[Made up from previous spectacles at R.A.] 
M.D. Burgundy the Bold (Surrey, S. 22/9/1832). 
D. Burgundy the Bold; or, The Fate of the Raven of Rheinfeldt 

(Cob. M. 24/9/1832). 

Spec. A Burlesque Steeplechase (R.A. M. 13/7/1835). 
P. The Burning Mountain; or, Neptune's Gift (R.C. M. 6/2/1804 

3rd performance). 

Spec. The Burning of the Kent East Indiaman (Cob. M. 8/8/1825). 
P. Butcher, Butcher, Kill an Ox. L.C. R.P. 17/12/1845. 
O.Bsq . The Butterfly Ball ; or, The Jealous Moth (C.G. T. 19/1 1/1833). 

L.C. 16/11/1833 [as The B. B.; or, Loves of the Plants]. 
P. The Butterfly's Ball (Lye. S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 21/12/1846. 
Ext. "Buy a Broom?"; or, How many were Bavarians (Cob. M. 


F. By Special Appointment. L.C. Vic. 21/7/1849. 
D. The Cabin Boy (D.L. 28/6/1836). L.C. 25/6/1836. 
F. The Cabinet; or, Much Ado about Nothing (German, Th. 


M.D. The Cabinet Secret (S.W. M. 11/6/1832). 
F. The Cady. L. 106 M. [D.L. 21/5/1815]. 
D. Caesar, Bob and Lucy Neal. L.C. Bower, 21/5/1847. 
Bal. Cantata. Caesar's Triumph over the Gauls (H. 1 Th. 6/7/1815). 
Oa. The Caid. L.C. St J. 17/12/1849. 

D. The Caitiff of Corsica; or, The Universal Bandits. 8 1807. 
D. Caius Marius. L.C. 4/5/1837. 
D. Calaf. 8 1826. 
M.D. Calas; or, Father and Son (S.W. M. 3/4/1820). 

NDII 28 


D. Caledonia; or, The Thistle and the Rose (Edinburgh, W. 

23/12/1812). L. 97 M. [12/11/1812]. 
M.D. The Caledonian Assassin; or, The Recluse of the Monastery 

(Surrey, Th. 26/2/1824). 
Bal. Caledonian Laurels; or, The Highlander's Return (D.L. F. 


Bal.O. Le Calife de Bagdad (H. 1 Th. 11/5/1809). 
Bal. Le Calife voleur (H. 1 Th. 2/6/1814). 

M.D. The Caliph and the Slave; or, Dead Alive (R.P. M. 12/4/1830). 
M.D. The Caliph Haroun Alraschid; or, The Arab of the Desert 

(Surrey, M. 2/8/1824). 
Spec. The Caliph Vathek; or, The Career of Crime (Cob. F. 


F. The Cameleon. L. in M. [Edin. 1/1817]. 
M.D. Camelford; or, Three O'Clock (Royalty, M. 23/9/1822). 
M.D. Camilla the Amazon; or, The Mountain Robber (Sans P. Th. 

6/2/1817). L. "0 M. [23/1/1817]. 
Spec. The Camp (D.L. T. 25/10/1825). 
F. The Camp and the Convent; or, The Devil and St Dunstan 

(Cob.W. 1/11/1820). 

O.F. II Campanello (Lye. Th. 30/11/1837). L.C. 2/12/1837. 
Spec. The Camp of Silesia ; or, The Gipsy Queen (R.A. M. 8/1 1/1847). 

L.C. 6/11/1847. 

Ba. Can Love Kill? (St J. Th. 10/3/1836). L.C. 7/3/1836. 
Ext. The Cannibal (Strand, M. 7/5/1838). L.C. 4/5/1838. 
D. Canonburg; or, The Merchant's Vow. L.C. 16/1/1834. 
D. Canonburg Tower; or, The Fair Maid of Islington (S.W. M. 

Ext. Cannon-mouth and Pistol-shot; or, A qui le victoire? (S.W. M. 


Ba. Can't I do what 1 like with my own? (R.P. M. 8/8/1831). 
Spec. The Cape of Good Hope; or, Caffres and Settlers (R.A. M. 

D. Captain Bertram; or, The Seaman's Fireside (Surrey, M. 

D. Captain Bertram and Jack Junk (Surrey, Th. 1/6/1837). 

[This may be a variant title for the above.] 
C.O. Captain MacShane; or, The White Bear. L. 41 S. [Norwich, 


Ba. "Captain (Query?) " (Prince's, M. 30/11/1840). 
M.D. Captain Ross; or, The Hero of the Arctic Regions (R.P. M. 


F. Captain Stevens. L.C. Adel. 19/9/1838. 
F. Captain Tarradiddle; or, What will the World say? (H. a W. 

Spec. The Captive Mariner; or, The Generous Turk (Royalty, M. 


M.D. The Captive Princess ; or, The Book of Fate (R.C. Th. 6/10/1814). 
Bal. Caractacus (D.L. F. 22/4/1808). 

[Arranged by D'Egville with music by Bishop.] 
Ba. The Caravan; or, The Driver and his Dog (E.L. F. 20/9/1816). 

[See REYNOLDS, 1803.] 
C. Carbonari; or, The Bride of Parma (P'cess, M. 10/2/1845). L.C. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 429 

M.D. Card-Drawing; or, Presumptive Evidence (S.W. M. 11/5/1829). 
D. Card-Drawing; or, The Knave of Clubs. L.C. C.G. 27/2/1828. 
M.D. Cardillac, the Terror of Paris; or, The Ruins of St Paul (Cob. 

M. 29/1/1827). 

F. The Cardinal's Letters (S.W. W. 28/8/1844). L.C. S.W. 22/8/1844. 
F. The Careful Servant and the Careless Master (C.G. T. 29/10/18 16). 

L. 107 M. [23/10/1816]. 
Ba. The Caribee; or, Travellers from Threadneedle-street (Cob. M. 


F. Cariboo; or, The Prude. L.C. Bristol, 20/2/1842. 
D. Carl Carlsruhe ; or, The Seven Adventures (Surrey, M. 27/1/1840). 
Bal. Carl et Lisbeth; ou, le deserteur malgr lui (H. 1 M. 16/5/1814). 
M.D. Carline; or, The Last of the Vendeans (City, M. 24/10/1831). 
M.D. Carlowitz and Orloff (R.P. M. 31/1/1831). 
Spec. Carl Zeitter and his Bride; or, The Devil and the Rider (R.A. 

M. 20/7/1835). 

Ba. Carlo; or, The Watch Dog (Olym. Th. 16/11/1837). L.C. 1837. 
Bal. Le carnaval de Venise (H. 1 Th. 31/5/1821). 
D. The Carnival at Naples (C.G. S. 30/10/1830). L.C. 23/10/1829. 

[Music J. Barnett.l 
P.Sk. The Carnival of Venice; or, The Return of Harlequin (Cob. 

M. 11/10/1824). 
D. The Carpenters of Lambeth; or, The Bride of the Thames (Vic. 

M. 30/8/1847). L.C. 28/8/1847. 
D. Casanova. L.C. 13/4/1837. 
D. Casper Hauser; or, The Wild Boy of Bavaria (Queen's, M. 

M.D. Casper the Doomed; or, The Victim of the Vault (Vic. M. 


M.D. The Castellan's Oath (C.G. F. 4/6/1824). L.C. 15/5/1824. 
Bal. The Castihan Minstrel (Lye. F. 8/6/1 8 10). 
C.O. The Castle of Andalusia (H. S. 26/7/1817). 

[O'Keeffe's opera reduced to two acts; music by Arnold.] 
C.O. The Castle of Aymon; or, The Four Brothers (P'cess, W. 

20/11/1844). L.C. 15/11/1844. 

[Adapted from Les quatre fils Aymon (Paris, 15/7/1844) by 

Leuven and Brunswick; music by Balfe.] 
O.F. The Castle of Lausanne; or, The Tricks of Timothy. L. 84 M. 

[C.G. 23/2/1805]. 

Ba. The Castle of Limburg (Olym. Th. 22/10/1840). 
Ba. The Castle of Limburg; or, Man or Wife (Surrey, Th. 


[Adapted from Matrimony^ 

T. The Castle of St Aldobrand. L. 63 S. [D.L. 29/4/1816]. 
D. The Castle of St Aldobrand (Cob. W. 22/2/1832). 
M.D. The Castle of Steinberg (Olym. M. 17/1/1831). L.C. 13/1/1831. 
M.D. The Castle of Tarento; or, The Prisoner's Escape (Cob. T. 


Ba. The Castle of Wolfenstein; or, The Accusing Spirit (Olym. M. 
10/11/1828). L.C. 6/11/1828. 

C. Castles in the Air. L. 69 S. [D.L. 20/2/1818]. 
F. Castles in the Air (Surrey, W. 29/2/1832). 
D.R. Castle Walstenfurth. 8 1801. 

D. Caswallon, the King of Britain. L.C. Plymouth, 13/12/1826. 



M.D. The Cataract of Sostenza; or, The Heir of Valvoni (Cob. W. 

O. Catarma; or, The Crown Jewels L.C. Vic. 22/8/1844. 

[An adaptation of E. Scribe and de Saint- Georges, Les diamants 

de la couronne (Paris, 6/3/1841), with music by Auber. See the 

following play also.] 
O. Catarina; or, The False Jewels (Strand, 10/6/1844). L.C. 


T. Catherine de Medicis. 8 1820. 
Esq. The Cat in the Larder; or, The Maid with the Parasol L.C. 

Edinburgh, 21/9/1842. 
Ext. The Cat of Kilkenny; or, The Forest of Blarney. L. 104 M. 

[Olym. 18/2/1815]. 
P. Cat's Castle; or, Harlequin, the King of the Rats (Adel. T. 

24/12/1844). L.C. 18/12/1844. 
Ba. Caught and Caged. L.C. H. 2 12/8/1830. 
O.F. Caught at Last (S.W. M. 23/3/1818). 
F. Caught Napping (C.G. Th. 7/10/1841). L.C. 8/10/1841. 
M.D. The Cavaliers; or, The Fight of Marston Moor (Cob. M. 

P. The Cavern in the Rock; or, The Midnight Assembly (R.C. M. 


P. C. D. I. T. D. Now Find it Out (Cob. M. 30/6/1823). 
M.D. Celeste; or, The Emperor's Victim (S.W. M. 7/10/1839). 
D. Celeste, the French Spy. L.C. Liverpool, 19/7/1831. 
D. The Cellar Spectre (Adel. S. 11/7/1833). L.C. 1/5/1833. 
Bal. C'est 1'amour (H. 1 T. 6/6/1820). 
Ba. C'est 1'amour, 1'amour, 1'amour; or, Who can help it? (R.A. M. 

R.D. The Chains of the Heart; or, The Milesian Mother (Surrey, 

M. 8/6/1835). 
F. Chalk Farm; or, Pistols and Petticoats (Adel. M. 13/2/1832). 

L.C. 8/2/1832. 

Int. The Challenge; or, A Glass too much (S.W. Th. 7/4/1836). 
F. The Chamber of Horrors (S.W. W. 17/11/1847). L.C. 6/11/1847. 
F. Champagne (M'bone, T. 15/2/1848). L.C. 12/2/1848. 
Spec. The Champ de Mai; or, The Hundred Days of Buonaparte 

(R.A. M. 20/9/1824). 

Ba. Changed at Nurse; or, A Fish out of Water (S.W. T. 29/5/1821). 
O.F. Change Partners (D.L. Th. 10/3/1825). L.C. 28/7/1825 [as Turn 

Hands and C. P.]. 

[Music Horn ; J. M. MORTON had a play of this name.] 
Ba. The Changes (Olym. M. 16/10/1843). 

F. Change upon Change; or, The Yorkshire Lover (Leeds, 1805). 
F. Changing Servants. L.C. 6/7/1836. 
Oa. The Chaplain of the Regiment. L.C. Grecian, 27/1/1849. 
F. The Character of Solomon Swop. L.C. 17/11/1832. 
M.D.Spec. The Charioteers ; or, The Bacchanalian Festival. L. 51 S. 

[Pav. 21/11/1810]. 
Spec. Charlemagne (D.L. M. 22/10/1838). L.C. 19/10/1838. 

[Music Eliason and StandburyJ 
C. Charles II (Kelly's, M. 9/5/1842). 

M.D. Charles XII and Peter the Great; or, The Battle of Pultawa 
(Cob. M. 26/5/1828). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 431 

D. Charles Edward, the Last of the Stuarts (Edinburgh, M. 21/4/1828). 
D. Charles Edward Stuart the Pretender in Scotland; or, The 

Misfortunes of an Exile. L. 130 M. [Exeter, 20/2/1823]. 
D. Charles Ganganelli; or, The Bravo of Castille. L.C. Britannia, 

M.D. Charles the Terrible; or, The Siege of Nancy (W.L. W. 


[Adapted from Pixe're'court, Charles le Temeraire, ou le siege de 

Nancy (Paris, 26/10/1814).] 
M.D. Charles the Terrible; or, The Siege of Nancy (Cob. M. 

12/4/1830; Surrey, M. 10/4/1837). 

[See above.] 

D. Charley over the Water (Surrey, S. 7/5/1831). 
Spec. Charlotte and Werther; or, Love and Madness (Pav. M. 

26/3/1810). L. 92 M. [16/3/1810; as W. and C.; or, Love's Victim}. 
D. Charlotte Corday; or, The French Revolution (S.W. Th. 

D. Charlotte Corday; or, The Bleeding Rose of Normandy (Albert, 

M. 19/10/1846). L.C. 1/10/1846. 
Legend. The Charmed Charger; or, Nipkins and the Spectre Steed 

(R.A. M. 21/7/1834). 

D. The Charter; or, Death and Liberty (S.W. M. 23/8/1830). 
D. The Charter; or, The Bastard Brother (Cob. M. 14/3/1831). 
Bal. La Chasse (C.G. T. 28/4/1818). 
Ca. The Chasseurs (Surrey, M. 26/9/1831). 
Ba. The Chaste Salute (Olym. W. 19/1/1831). L.C. 15/1/1831. 

C. Check to the King; or, The Queen's First Move (S.W. F. 
13/2/1846). L.C. 7/2/1846. 

D. Chelsea; or, The Pensioner's Bride (Surrey, S. 10/3/1832). 
F. A Cheque on my Banker (D.L. M. 13/8/1821). 

[An abbreviated version of MONCRIEFF's Wanted, a Wife.] 
M.D. The Cherokee Chief; or, The Dogs of the Wreck (Cob. M. 

M.D. Cherry and Fair Star; or, The Children of Cyprus (C.G. M. 

8/4/1822). L. 124 M. [29/3/1822]. 
Spec. Cherry and Fair Star; or, The Orphans of Cyprus (R.P. M. 

D. Cherry Chance; or, The Wild Days of Haggeston Bill. L.C. 

Britannia, 8/1/1848. 
C. The Chevalier d'Epsonne. L.C. Grecian, 3/6/1848. 

C. Le Chevalier d'Epsonne. L.C. 1848. 

O. Chiara in Rosenberg (Lye. M. 23/1/1837). 

[Music Ricci.] 

Ba. Chi Chu AH, the Charmed Pirate (Garrick, M. 7/2/1831). 
M.D. The Chieftains of Scotia; or, Malvina and Calmar (Royalty, M. 

D. The Child of Air. L.C. H.* 11/5/1844. 

O. The Child of Concealment; or, The Forest of Picardy. L. 107 M. 

[Norwich, 22/3/1816]. 
M.D. The Child of Mystery; or, The Ruby Cross (Olym. Th. 

1/2/1821). L. 80 S. [25/1/1821]. 
P. The Children in the Wood; or, Harlequin and Nobody (Adel. 

S. 24/12/1842). L.C. 21/12/1842 [as Harlequin and the C. in 

the W.]. 


M.D. The Children of the Mist; or, A Legend of Montrose (Cob. 

T. 13/7/1819). 

[A dramatisation of Sir Walter Scott's A Legend of Montrose.] 
D, The Chimes. L.C. Queen's, 11/1/1845. 

[Adapted from Dickens' tale.] 
Bal. The Chinese Divertisement (D.L. T. 6/4/1824). 
P. The Chinese Exhibition; or, The Feast of Lanterns (Strand, 

26/12/1844). L.C. 23/12/1844. 
D. The Chinese Junk; or, The Maid and the Mandarin. L.C. 

Britannia, 22/9/1848. 
Spec. The Chinese War; or, The Conquest of Amoy by British Arms 

(R.A. M. 27/5/1844). L.C. 17/5/1844 [as Wars in China; or, The 

Battle of Ching Ho]. 
Spec. Chinese Wonders : or, The Five Days Fate of Pekin (R.A. M. 


F. A Chip of the Old Block (Olym. T. 12/1 1/1844). 

[See KNIGHT, E., 1815.] 

M.D. Chiverton Hall; or, Neil Jagger's Cave (Cob. F. 26/12/1828). 
Sk. The Cholera Morbus; or, Love and Fright (Cob. M. 7/1/1831). 
M.D. Christians and Moors (Royalty, M. 2/2/1824). 
D. Christine; or, The Poisoner of Paris (S.W. M. 28/3/1842). 
Ba. Christmas Boxes (Adel. M. 19/12/1825). L.C. 6/12/1825. 
Ext. Christmas Capers ; or, The Jewess in the Show Room (Queen's, 

S. 26/12/1835). 
D. A Christmas Carol ; or, A Dream of the Past, Present and Future 

(Strand, M. 12/2/1844). L.C. 8/2/1844. 

[A dramatisation of Dickens' tale.] 
D. Christmas Eve. L.C. 1840. 

P. The Christmas Gossips ; or, Harlequin's Birth (Pav. S. 26/12/1812). 
D. The Christmas Log. L.C. Standard, 26/12/1846. 
Ent. A Christmas Tale (R.C. F. 26/12/1817). 

[An adaptation of the play (1773) by David Garrick.] 
T. The Cid. 8 1802. 

[A translation of Corneille by "A Captain of the Army."] 
Spec. Cindad Rodrigo (Surrey, Th. 20/2/1812). 
Ba. Cinderella (C.L. W. 21/2/1838). 
P. Cinderella (Edinburgh, S. 11/1/1809). 
P. Cinderella; or, Harlequin and the Little Glass Slipper (Surrey, 

M. 24/4/1848). L.C. 17/4/1848. 
C.O. Cinderella; or, The Fairy Slipper (D.L. M. 9/1/1837). 

[Music Rossini, La Cenerentola] 
P. Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (D.L. S. 14/1/1804). 

L. 43 S. [17/12/1803]. 
Spec. Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper. L. 23 L. [Norwich, 


F. Circumstances alter Cases. L.C. R.P. 11/5/1846. 
Ba. The Citizen (Cob. M. 30/8/1819). 
Ba. The Citizen of Paris; or, The Prince's Stratagem (Cob. M. 


Spec. The City Apprentice (Surrey, M. 2/3/1840). 
D. The City Madam (S.W. W. 30/10/1844). L.C. 19/10/1844. 

[This was Phelps* revival of Massinger's drama.] 
Spec. The City of the Plague and the Great Fire of London (Cob. 

M. 26/12/1825). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 433 

C. The City Rivals. L. 101 M. [C.G. 4/3/1814]. 

Esq. The Civil War of Poetry (Olym. S. 17/10/1846). L.C. 1/10/1846. 
F. Clairvoyance (Strand, M. 12/5/1845). L.C. 8/5/1845 [as C.; or, 

Double Delusions]. 
Spec. Clara; or, The Mysterious Recruit (Pav. M. 27/11/1809). 

L. 51 S. [18/11/1809]. 
Ba. Clarissa Harlowe (Olym. M. 3/1/1831). L.C. 1/1/1831. 

[This and the following play are adaptations of S. Richardson's 


D. Clarissa Harlowe. L.C. St J. 18/3/1847. 

T. Clavigo [an English rendering of Goethe's play appeared in The 

Literary World, vol. ii. 1847]. 
Vaud. Clementine. L.C. StJ. 9/11/1843. 
F. Clifford Castle (Glasgow, May, 1809). 
Ba. The Cloak and the Bonnet (E.O.H. Th. 26/8/1841). L.C. 


Bal. Clodpole's Mistake (Cob. M. 22/6/1818). 
P. The Clown's Fireside; or, A Tour through France (R.A. M. 


Ext. The Clown's Trip to the Moon (Surrey, M. 11/5/1829). 
M.D. The Coast Blockade; or, The Kentish Smuggler (Cob. M. 


M.D. The Cobbler of Munich (Surrey, T. 26/4/1831). 
F. Cockines in California (Adel. M. 26/2/1849). L.C. 28/2/1849. 
F. Cockorico; or, My Aunt's Bantam (Adel. M. 11/10/1841). L.C. 

Pol. The C[ogglesha]ll Volunteer Corps. 8 1804 [Colchester]. 

[Written "by an Inhabitant of Coggleshall."] 
D. Colomba, the Corsican Sister (Adel. S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 

F. The Colonel (C.G. T. 4/5/1830). L.C. 26/4/1830 [as The C.; or, 

The Female Travellers]. 
D. Colonel Blood; or, The Robbery at the Tower of London (Vic. 

M. 24/8/1846). 

Ba. Come of Age; or, The Happy Return. L.C. 30/3/1837. 
Sk. The Comet (Vic. M. 28/9/1835). 

P. The Comet; or, Harlequin Planet-struck (S.W. T. 13/11/1832). 
D.F. Comfortable Lodgings. L.C. E.O.H. 30/6/1831. 

[See PEAKS, 1827.] 
Ba. The Comic Robbers; or, The Escape upon the Common (S.W. 

M. 11/10/1830). 

Ba. Coming Up, Sir! or, He Would be a Sailor (S.W. T. 16/10/1827). 
Ba. The Committee; or, The Irishman in Distress. L. 126 M. 

[Olym. 18/1/1822]. 
Ba. Completely Successful; or, The Undutiful Father. L.C. Olym. 


[This may be Touch and Take (Olym. 1827).] 
D. The Comrades, an Anecdote of the Spanish War (Adel. M. 

20/3/1848). L.C. 21/3/1848. 
F. The Confederacy. L.C. 1827. 

F. Confounded Foreigners (H.* S. 6/1/1838). L.C. 6/1/1838. 
F. The Confusion; or, The Wag. 12 1842 [Cambridge]. 

[A translation of Kotzebue, Der Wirrwarr.] 
C. Coningsby. L.C. Lye. 30/3/1845. 


F. Conjectures ; or, The Man in the Camlet Cloak (H. 3 T. 15/6/1830). 

L.C. 25/5/1830. 
Ba. The Conjuror; or, Blaize in Amaze (Sans P. M. 30/10/1815). 

L. 22 L. [20/10/1815]. 
M.D. Conlath of the Isles; or, The Spectre on the White Horse 

(Cob. W. 17/10/1827). 

T. The Conquest of Granada (New, Th. 10/1/1811). 
M.D.Spec. The Conquest of Mexico; or, The Days of Ferdinand 

Cortez (R.A. T. 7/8/1832). 
M.D.Spec. The Conquest of Scinde; or, The Siege of Hyderabad 

(R.A. M. 28/7/1845). L.C. 24/7/1845- 
Spec. The Conquest of the Golden Pagodas ; or, The Triumph of the 

Tartar Cham (R.A. M. 20/8/1827). 
Ba. Conrad and Christine. L.C. Adel. 19/1/1828. 
M.D. Conrad, the Robber Chief; or, The Benevolent Israelite (S.W. 

M. 10/11/1828). 
T. Conrad the Usurper. . .And The Kinsmen of Naples. By the 

Author of Tancred. 8 1821. 
D. Conrad the Usurper; or, The Templars of Fortune. L.C. 

Britannia, 8/6/1848. 

Spec. The Conscript (R.A. M. 11/11/1839). 
R.D. The Conscript; or, The Veteran andhisDog(D.L.W. 17/11/1830). 

L.C. 12/11/1830 [as The Counterfeit; or, The V. and his D.]. 
M.D. The Conscript's Bride; or, Englishmen in Corsica (Cob. M. 


D. The Conscript's Sister (Olym. T. 21/8/1832). L.C. 13/8/1832. 
C.O. The Consequences; or, Safe and Sound. L. 50 S. [Lye. 


M.D. Conspiracy (Surrey, M. 27/3/1826). 
Ext. Constellations and Cauliflowers; or, The Old Maid's Almanack 

(R.A. M. 13/1/1823). 

Bal. The Contrabandist (Lye. M. 28/6/1847). 

Int. Contrarieties; or, All at Cross Purposes (D.L. Th. 29/5/1817). 
Ba. Conundrums (S.W. M. 9/7/1827). 
O. The Convent; or, The Pet of the Petticoats (S.W. M. 9/7/1832). 

L.C. 29/9/1832. 

[Music J. Barnett.] 

C.O. The Convent Belle (Adel. M. 8/7/1833). L.C. 6/7/1833. 
T. The Convict. L. 127 M. [C.G. 18/1/1822]. 
D. The Convict (C L. 11/1838) 
M.D. The Convict Ship (Cob. T. 9/5/1826). 

[On W. 1/4/1829 at the same theatre this was given as: The 

Convict Ship; or, John Howard ', the Philanthropist^ 
Ba. The Cook; or, The Wedding Dinner (Surrey, M. 11/10/1824). 
Ba. The Cook and the Secretary (Olym. F. 15/1 1/1833). L -C. 4/2/1833. 
[This was an adaptation of Changed at Nurse; or, A Fish out of 

Water (S.W. 1821).] 
Ba. The Cook of Kennington; or, No Followers Allowed (Vic. M. 

9/2/1846). L.C. Vic. 26/1/1846. 

Bal. Coquilla; or, The Shell Spirit (Olym. Th. 23/3/1848). 
T. Coriolanus (D.L. T. 25/1/1820). 

[A cut version of Shakespeare's tragedy, brought forward by 

Kean and Elliston; see G. C. D. Odell, Shakespeare from Betterton 

to Irving, ii. 149-51.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 435 

Ba. Cork Legs; or, What a Coincidence! (City, M. 14/1/1833). 
Spec. Cormac and Swaran ; or, The Chiefs of Erin (Pav. M. 12/2/1810). 

L. 51 S. [2/2/1810]. 
Ba. The Cornet (St J. W. 4/10/1837). L.C. 1837 [as The C.; or, 

Orders from Head Quarters], 
M.D. The Cornish Miners (E.O.H. M. 2/7/1827). L.C. 25/6/1827. 

[Music G. H. Rodwell.] 
Pag. The Coronation (D.L. W. 1/8/1821). 

Spec. The Coronation of Charles X of France (C.G. M. 11/7/1825). 
Pag. The Coronation of King George IV (R.A. M. 27/7/1821). 
Bal. The Corsair; or, The Italian Nuptials (H.* W. 29/7/1801). 

[Arranged by Farley, with music by Arnold.] 
O. The Corsair! (D.L. M. 20/3/1836). L.C. 15/3/1836. Programme 

of the Songs, etc. 8 [1836]. 

[Music of Herold's Zampa.] 
M.D. The Corsair's Revenge (R.P. M. 25/8/1834). 

[See H. P. GRATTAN, 1835.] 
R.D. The Corsair's Revenge (E.O.H. Th. 9/7/1840). L.C. 4/7/1840 

[as The Corsair]. 
M.D. The Corsair's Son; or, The Fall of Otranto (Royalty, M. 

D. The Corsican Maid; or, The Queen of the Hills (C.L. M. 

23/7/1849). L.C. 14/7/1849. 
Ba. Cosimo (St J. M. 7/5/1838). 
Ba. The Cottage and the Court; or, The King's Wager. L.C. St J. 

Spec. The Cottage of the Lake; or, My Vassal's Dog (S.W. M. 

M.D. Could the Murder? or, The Fatal Thicket (Surrey, M. 

M.D. The Council of Ten; or, The Giant Staircase (Cob. M. 


[Adapted from the French with the utilisation of some passages 

from Byron's Marino Faliero.] 

M.D. Count Bertram; or, The Pirates (Cob. M. 29/9/1823). 
T. Count Egmont. 8 1848. 

[A translation of Goethe's play.] 
O.F. The Counterfeits (Olym. W. 3/12/1828 3rd performance). L.C. 


C. The Countess of Lilliput; or, The Fair Old Maid of 1725 (R.A. 
M. 25/8/1828). 

R.D. The Count of Anjou; or, More Marriages than One (D.L. Th. 
2/5/1816). L. 63 S. [28/4/1816]. 

[Music Cooke.] 

Ba. Country Actors; or, The Manager's Son (Olym. M. 22/1/1827). 
L.C. 10/1/1827 [as Strolling C. A.; or, The M. S.]. 

[See BARRYMORE, 1824.] 
Ba. The Country Girl (Surrey, T. 8/9/1812). 

D. The Country Squire (Olym. F. 29/9/1837). L.C. 1837. 

[See DANCE, 1837.] 
M.D. La Coupe Gorge; or, The Black Inn of the Heath (R.A. W. 


Ba. A Court Ball in 1740 (P'cess, M. 16/6/1845). 
Ca. Court Favourites. L.C. Lye. 5/3/1847. 


Ca. The Court Guide (Lye. M. 3/7/1848). L.C. 1/7/1848. 

[This seems to be the same play as The Tutor's Assistant given 

at the Lyceum on T. 4/7/1848.] 
O.F. Courting by Mistake; or, A Trip to the Coronation (City, T. 


Ba. The Court of Old Fritz (Olym. Th. 22/11/1838). 
D. The Court of Queen Anne; or, The Prince and the Breeches 

Maker (Vic. M. 19/5/1834). 
Ba. The Court of Queen's Bench (Olym. M. 22/10/1832). L.C. 


[Music J. Barnett.] 

T. The Court of Tuscany. 8 1822. 
F. Cousin Campbell's Courtship (Strand, M. 7/8/1843). L.C. 

20/7/1843 [as C. C. C.; or, All Fair in Fair Time]. 
O.F. Cousin Joseph (E.O.H. S. 23/5/1835). L.C. 4/4/1835. 

[Music S. Nelson.] 
D. Cousin Matthew; or, Proof Impression. L.C. Olym. 4/9/1848. 

[See Cousin Cherry (Olym. 1848) by H. SPICER.] 
P. Cowardy, Cowardy Custard; or, Harlequin Jim Crow and the 

Magic Mustard-Pot (Adel. M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 12/12/1836 [as 


C. The Cow Doctor. 8 1810. 

M.D. Cramond Brig; or, The Gudeman of Ballangrich (S.W. M. 


[Sec MURRAY, 1826.] 

F. Crank the Clockmaker. L.C. Adel. 17/3/1846. 
Bal. Crazy Jane (H. 1 Th. 4/4/1805). 
Ba. The Crazy Old Slippers; or, The Miser of Bagdad (S.W. M. 


D. Creon, the Patriot. L.C Norwich, 12/5/1828. 
Ba. Crichton. L.C. 15/11/1839. 

Spec. Crichton; or, The Royal Bull-fight and the Dark Days of 

Catherine de Medicis (R.A. M. 3/7/1837). 
D. The Cricket on the Hearth (M'bone, 5/1/1846). L.C. 3/1/1846. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

M.D. The Criminal; or, The Old Oak Tree (R.P. M. 28/1/1839). 
Ba. Crimson Crimes; or, The Blood-stained Bandit (Adel. M. 

Int. Croaking; or, "Heaven send we may all be alive this day three 

months" (Lye. W. 2/5/1810). 

[Adapted from O. Goldsmith, The Good Natur'd Man.] 
D. Crohoove-na-Bilhoge (Surrey, M. 27/5/1833). 
M.D. Croohove of the Bill-Hook (Cob. M. 21/7/1828). 
O. The Crown Diamonds. L.C. Yarmouth, 6/9/1847. 
D. The Crown Prince (M'bone, M. 28/8/1848). 

[See W1LKS, 1838.] 
Ext. The Crumlesses; or, A Rehearsal Rehearsed (Strand, W. 


M.D. The Crusaders; or, Jerusalem Delivered (Cob. M. 3/4/1820). 
Vaud.Ext. Crusoe the Second (Lye. M. 5/4/1847). L.C. 3/4/1847. 
M.D. The Cry of Blood; or, The Juror Murderer (Cob. M. 


F. Cuffs and Kisses (S.W. M. 10/8/1846). L.C. 18/7/1846. 
D. Cullin, King of Scotland. L.C. 26/4/1836. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 437 

Ba. The Culprit (S.W. M. 23/10/1848). 

[See BAYLY, 1838.] 
Bal. Cunning against Art; or, Love in Scotland (Royalty, M. 

Ba. The Cupboard and the Cabinet (Adel. M. 9/12/1822). L. 84 S. 

[3/12/1822; as Cooking and Copying; or, The C. and the C.]. 
Esq. Cupid (Adel. 1832). 
Bal. Cupid and Flora (Royalty, M. 13/6/1814). 

Bal. Cupid and Folly; or, The Court of Love (D.L. W. 1/10/1833), 
Ca. Cupid and Psyche. L.C. P'cess, 22/4/1848. 
P. Cupid and the Woodcutter (Pav. T. 26/1/1813). 
D. Cupid's Diplomacy; or, Royal Woes and Royal Wooing (D.L. T. 

7/1/1840). L.C. 7/1/1840. 

Ba. Cupid turned Physician (S.W. M. 26/9/1831). 
Bal. Cupid Wanderer (R.A. M. 18/5/1818). 
Oa. A Cure for Coxcombs (Lye. Th. 30/8/1821). L. 123 M. [3/8/1821]. 

[Music Watson.] 

Bal. A Cure for the Heartache (Regency, M. 27/1/1812). 
D. The Curia (D.L. M. 3/6/1822). 

[This is a scene from Massinger's The Roman Actor.] 
F. Curiosities of Literature (H. S. 24/9/1842). L.C. 21/9/1842. 
F. Curiosity; or, The Doomed Entombed (R.A. M. 5/3/1849). 

[See CLARANCE, 1847.] 
Spec. The Curse of Mammon ; or, The Earl's Son and the Citizen's 

Daughter (Surrey, M. 1/4/1839). 
M.D. The Curse of St. Valher; or, The Jester's Daughter (S.W. W. 


F. A Cutlet for Two (P'cess, T. 19/12/1848). L.C. 14/12/1848. 
O. Cymon (Surrey, M. 1/2/1813). 

[Apparently an adaptation of Garrick's play (1767).] 
M.D. The Czar of Muscovy; or, The Three Ambassadors (Cob. M. 


D. The Daemon of Daneswall. 8 1802. 
M.D. The Daemon Owl; or, The Rosicrucian Student (R.P. M. 

P. The Daemon's Tribunal; or, Harlequin's Enterprises (Royalty, 

M. 16/11/1801). 
M.D. Daft Meg of the Cliff; or, The Seventh Night (R.A. M. 


Bal. The Dairy Maids; or, Generous Tars (D.L. W. 9/6/1802). 
Bal. Dalmaviva and Rosina; or, The Lover's Disguise (R.A. F. 


Bal. La Dama di Spirito in Napoli (H. 1 T. 13/2/1810). 
D. Dame Blanche. L.C. Vic. 24/5/1845. 

D. Damp Fire; or, The Murder in the Mine (S.W. M. 14/11/1842). 
Bal. Les Danaides (D.L. T. 4/2/1845). 
Bal. The Dancing Master (Olym. M. 2/1/1815). 
F. The Dangerous Neighbourhood (German, Th. 13/2/1806). 
P. Daniel O'Rourke; or, Harlequin from Killarney. L.C. Adel. 


P. Darby and Joan (R.C. Th. 28/5/1801). 
P. Darby and Joan; or, Harlequin and Robin Goodfellow (Vaux. S. 

O.F. Darby and Joan; or, The Dwarf (Royalty, M. 1/2/1802). 


M.D. The Dark Diamond (C.G.M. 5/11/1832). L.C. 31/10/1832. 

[Music Adam.] 
F. Dark Events; or, The Mis-adventures of a Night (Lye. M. 


Spec. The Dark Falcon; or, The Magic Goblet (Surrey, M. 1/6/1846). 
M.D. The Dark Pandour; or, The Fatal Armour (Cob. M. 11/8/1828). 
M.D. Darnley, the Knight of Burgundy; or, The Field of the Cloth 

of Gold (Cob. M. 21/6/1830). 
M.D. The Daughter; or, The Triumph of Innocence. L. 104 M. 

[D.L. 7/9/iSiSl. 
Bal.P. The Daughter of Air (S.W. M. 25/8/1800). 

[Adapted from the German.] 
T. The Daughter of the Air. 12 1831. 

[Translated from the German of E. B. Raupach.] 
Ext. The Daughter of the Danube (D.L. 21/11/1837). 

[Music A. Adam and A. Pilati.] 

O. The Daughter of the Regiment. L.C. Norwich, 13/5/1848. 
Ba. A Daughter to Marry. L.C. Lye. 30/7/1827. 
Ba. A Daughter to Marry (Surrey, M. 17/4/1837). 

[See PLANCHE, 1828.] 
P. Davy Jones; or, Harlequin and Mother Carey's Chickens (D.L. 

M. 27/12/1830). L.C. 21/12/1829. 

P. Davy Jones's Locker; or, Black-eyed Susan (Sans P. W. 23/12/1812). 
P. Davy Jones's Locker; or, Harlequin and Black-eyed Susan (Cob. 

M. 11/7/1825). 
Int. A Day after the Fair (Surrey, M. 27/11/1826). 

[See SOMERSET, 1829.] 

F. Day and Night. L. 104 M. [Edinburgh, 7/6/1815]. 
D. A Day at Dover (P'cess, M. 8/5/1845). 
C. A Day in the Country; or, A Meeting of Friends. L. 109 M. 

[Edinburgh, 20/1/1817], 
Ba. ADay's Fun;or, "All's Fair in Fair Time "(Adel.Th. 30/10/1828). 

L.C. 21/10/1828. 

[Adapted from jfe/<0w mes farces.] 
Spec. The Days of Chivalry; or, The Champion Horse and the Saxon 

Knight (S.W. M. 2/8/1841). 
Ba. The Days of Edward IV. L.C. Adel. 23/10/1835. 

[This is probably The King's Command (Adel. 1835) by C. P. 

Ba. The Days of Old ; or, The Houses of York and Lancaster (Surrey, 

W. 12/2/1812). 

Ba. A Day's Training (St J. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 30/3/1839. 
Vaud. A Day up the River (Vaux. M. 29/6/1829). 
F. The Dead Alive (Cob. T. 13/7/1819). 
Ba. Dead and Buried; or, How to Raise the Wind (Surrey, Th. 

M.D. Dead or Not Dead; or, The Spectre Bridegroom (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Dead Wife; or, Marmaduke the Smuggler (R.P. M. 

M.D. Deaf and Dumb; or, The Abb< de 1'Ep^e. 8 1801. 

[A translation of Bouilly's play.] 
F. Dealings with the Firm of Gasup and Harris. L.C. Queen's, 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 439 

F. Dearest Elizabeth (H.* S. 22/1/1848). L.C. 28/1/1848. 

D. The Death Dealer (Vic. M. 19/10/1840). 

R.D. The Death Doom; or, A Soldier's Honour (Vic. M. 19/6/1843). 

M.D. The Death Fetch; or, The Fatal Warning (Cob. M. 14/8/1826). 

M.D. The Death Fetch; or, The Supernatural Warning (City, W. 

Spec. The Death of Caesar; or, The Battle of Philippi (Surrey, F. 

Sk. The Death of General Mortier ; or, The Infernal Machine and the 

Massacre of Paris (R.A. M. 10/8/1835). 
M.D. The Death of General Woolfe; or, An Indian's Honour (Cob. 

M. 18/2/1833). 
Esq. The Death of Giovanni; or, The Shades of Logic, Tom and 

Jerry (Olym. M. 8/12/1823). L. 132 M. [3/12/1823]. 
Spec. The Death of Iturbide, Ex-Emperor of Mexico (Cob. M. 


M.D. The Death of Mary Queen of Scots (Surrey, M. 10/11/1823). 
M.D. The Death of Rolla (S.W. T. 18/9/1821). 
D. The Death of Sir John Moore and the Defeat at Corunna (R.A. 

M. 19/5/1834). 
D. The Death of the Queen of France. L. 80 M. [Norwich, 7/5/1804 ; 

licence refused]. 
Spec. The Death of the Race-Horse; or, The North Steamer (R.A. 

M. 7/4/1828). 

D. The Death of Tom Moody (R.A. M. 31/5/1830). 
T. The Death of Virginia ; or, The Last of the Decemviri (Caledonian, 

Edinburgh, 15/5/1829). 
D. The Death Secret; or, The Heart and the Key (Surrey, M. 


M.D. De Bassenvelt; or, The Green Rider. L.C. Garrick, 22/3/1845. 
P. The Deceitful Steward; or, The Orphans Protected (Olym. M. 


F. The Deceiver Deceived. L.C. C.G. 28/2/1826. 
D. Deception; or, The Hour of Midnight (S.W. M. 7/12/1835). 
F. Decorum; or, Very Suspicious (D.L. S. 5/3/1831). L.C. 18/2/1831. 
F. A Deed without a Name. L.C. Olym. 5/10/1824. 
D. The Deer Stalker; or, The Outlaw's Daughter (E.O.H. M. 

12/4/1841). L.C. 5/4/1841. 

Bal. Les de"guisements amoureux (H. x T. 1/7/1817). 
Bal. Les dguisements impre'vus (H. 1 T. 16/6/1829). 
R.D. De la Perouse; or, The Desolate Island (said to have been acted 

at D.L. on M. 7/11/1825). 
Ba. The Delights of the Diligence; or, The Paris Drag (S.W. M. 


M.D. De I'Orme; or, The Priest of Saragossa (Cob. M. 14/2/1831). 
Ca. Delusions (Queen's, Th. 10/3/1831). 
M.D. Demetri the Outcast; or, The Klepht of the Evil Eye (Vic. M. 

T. Demetrius the Impostor. 8 1806. 

[Translated from A. Sumarakov, ^Mlirpll.] 

O. The Demon Duke; or, The Mystic Branch (D.L. M. 20/2/1832). 
L.C. 14/2/1832. 

[Adapted from E. Scribe, Robert le Diable (Paris, 21/11/1831), 
with music by Meyerbeer.] 


M.D. The Demon Dwarf. L.C. Liverpool, 5/12/1842. 

[A play of this name seems to have been produced at the Vic. 

in January 1839.] 

Ba. The Demon Father ; or, The Devil and his Son (R.P. M. 12/3/1832). 
Spec. The Demon Horse ; or, The Twelve Wishes and the Charmed 

Bit (R.A. M. 9/11/1846). L.C. 1/10/1846. 

M.D. The Demon Knight; or, The Doom Kiss (S.W. M. 27/3/1837). 
D. The Demon Lord (Queen's, 15/11/1847). L.C. 1/10/1847. 
M.D. The Demon of Jealousy; or, The Modern lago (S.W. M. 

P. The Demon of the Mystic Dart; or, Harlequin and the Ladybird 

Sprite (R.P. M. 31/3/1834). 
M.D. The Demon of the Woods ; or, The Clock has Struck. L. 21 L. 

P. The Demon's Calendar; or, Harlequin Leapyear and the Fairy 

Lunar. L.C. Effingham, 2/12/1844. 
P. The Demon's Tribunal; or, Harlequin's Enterprises (R.A. W. 

R.D. The Demon's Trumpet and the Magic Ring (R.A. Th. 21/9/1826). 

C. A Deserted Wife in Search of a Husband. L.C. Newcastle, 

O. The Deserter (P'cess, M. 28/5/1849). L.C. 18/5/1849. 
M.D. The Deserter; or, Royal Clemency (Royalty, M. 26/1/1801). 
M.D. The Deserter of Naples (Lye. Th. 10/7/1817). 
Ba. Le Deserteur (E.L. M. 28/9/1818). 

D. Desrues the Deceiver; or, The Territor of St Faust (Clarence, 
M. 5/8/1833). 

Bal. Detection; or, The Merry Cobbler (Royalty, M. 7/1/1805). 

Bal. Les deux ages; ou, les quadrilles (H. 1 S. 7/6/1817). 

Ba. The Devil and the Lady; or, The Widow and the Rake (Cob. 

M. 26/2/1827). 
P. The Devil in a Bottle; or, Harlequin's Oddities (Royalty, M. 

P. The Devil at Dunmow; or, Harlequin and the Flitch of Bacon 

(S.W. M. 20/6/1831). 

Bal. The Devil in Love (D.L. M. 20/11/1843). 
Bal. The Devil on Two Sticks (D.L. Th. 1/12/1836). 

[Music C. Gide.] 
P. The Devil on Two Sticks ; or, The Miracles of the Moon (R.A. 

M. 23/5/1836). 
M.D. The Devil's Brother (D.L. T. 1/2/1831). 

[Music from Auber's Fra Diavolo, arranged by A. Lee.] 
M.D. The Devil's Punch Bowl; or, St. Patrick's Oak (R.P. M. 

M.D. The Devil's Ship; or, The Pirate of the Charmed Life (R.P. M. 


[See The Money Diggers (Cob. 1829).] 

Ext. The Devil's Walk; or, Pluto in London (Surrey, M. 4/10/1830). 
Bal. The Devil to Pay (D.L. S. 22/11/1845). 

Ba. A Dey and a Knight; or, Twenty Four Hours in Algiers (Olym. 
M. 6/11/1843). 

[See SOMERSET, 1838.] 

F. Le Diable a Quatre (P'cess, Th. 30/10/1845). 
F. Le Diable a Quatre; or, Dancing Mad. L.C. Garrick, 6/11/1846. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 441 

Ba. Diamonds and Clubs (W.L. M. 2/3/1829). 

D. Diane de Chivri, the Blind Girl (Surrey, M. 29/7/1839). 

Bal. II Diavolo Abruzzi; or, The Brigand Chief and the Dog of the 

Chateau (R.A. M. 7/7/1845). 
M.D. Dick Hatteraick, the Dutch Smuggler; or, The Sorceress of 

Derncleuch (Cob. M. 29/10/1821). 

[Adapted from PLANCH&, The Witch of Derncleuch, and 

La Sociere.] 
M.D. Dick Whittington and his Cat; or, London in 1370 (Cob. M. 

F. Did you ever take your Wife to Broughty Ferry? (Dundee, T. 

M.D. The Dillosk Gatherer; or, The Eagle's Nest (Olym. M. 

30/7/1832). L.C. 13/7/1832. 
M.D. Dinas Bran; or, The Prince of the Black Mountains (Cob. M. 


O.F. Dine at my Villa. L. 80 M. [C.G. 24/2/1804]. 
P. Ding Dong Bell, Pussy's in the Well ; or, Harlequin and the Magic 

Cat (Vic. F. 26/12/1834). 

Ba. The Dinner of Madelon (Olym. M. 22/12/1828). 
Ba. The Dinner of Madelon; or, The Sportsman and the Shepherd 

(Sans P. T. 17/12/1816). L. 108 M. [25/10/1816]. 
Spec. Dionysius; or, The Force of Friendship (Cob. Th. 2/6/1825). 
D. Diplomacy; or, Private and Confidential. L.C. 1836. 
O. Dirce; or, The Fatal Urn (D.L. S. 2/6/1821). L. 81 S. 


[Adapted from Metastasio's Demofoonte\ music by C. E. 

Ba. The Disappointments ; or, Love in Castile (Sans P. M. 3/12/1810). 

L. 93 M. [28/11/1810]. 
F. Discharge your Tiger (Lye. M. 29/10/1849). L.C. 6/6/1849. 

C. The Discontented Man. 8 1804. 

D. Discounting a Life; or, The Gentleman in Paris. L.C. Adel. 

P. The Discovery; or, Harlequin's Salutation to John Bull (R.A. M. 

Bsq. The Discreet Princess. L.C. P'cess, 16/10/1848. 

[This may be the play by J. R. Planche" not acted till 26/12/1855 

at the Olympic.] 
Oa. The Disguises (Lye. M. 8/9/1817). L. 68 S. [20/8/1817]. 

[Music Jolly.] 
P. Disputes in China; or, Harlequin and the Hong Merchants (Cob. 

M. 15/7/1822). 

D. Distraining for Rent (S.W. M. 20/2/1832). 
P. The Diving Bell; or, Neptune's Gift (R.A. M. 19/8/1805). 
O.F. Doctor and No Doctor (S.W. M. 25/2/1828). 
Ba. Doctor Bolus (S.W. M. 7/3/1831). 
P. Doctor Faustus and the Black Demon; or, The Seven Fairies of 

the Grotto (Adel. F. 26/12/1823). L. 130 M. [1823]. 
F. Doctor Poker. L. 62 S. [D.L. 21/9/1816]. 
Bal. Doctor Sangrado (C.G. M. 26/9/1814). 
Ext. Doctor Syntax in London (S.W. M. 31/3/1823). 
M.D. The Dog of the Convent (Surrey, M. 4/4/1831). 
D. The Dog of the Pyrenees (R.A. M. 29/12/1845). L.C. 17/12/1845. 


C.O. Domestic Arrangements; or, The Bachelor, the Maid, the Wife 

and the Widow (E.O.H. M. 10/8/1835). L.C. 17/7/1835. 

[Music S. Nelson.] 

Ca. Domestic Bliss (P'cess, T. 2/5/1848). L.C. 5/5/1848. 
D. Dominique; or, It is the Devil! (D.L. S. 8/10/1831). 
D. Dominique; or, The Devil and the Deserter (S.W. M. 31/10/1831). 
D. Dominique, the Resolute; or, The Possessed (Cob. M. 26/9/1831). 
C.O. Le Domino Noir (D.L. M. 10/8/1848). 

[From the opera by E. Scribe (Paris, 1837), with music by 

Auber ] 

Bal. Donald and Peggy ; or, Love in the Highlands (Pav. M. 9/11/1812). 
M.D. Donald McClean, the Highland Robber (S.W. M. 8/5/1820). 
Ba. The Don Cossack in London (R.C. W. 13/7/1814). 
O. Don Giovanni (P'cess, M. 1/10/1849). L.C. 22/9/1849. 
O. Don Giovanni; or, The Spectre on Horseback. L. 112 M. 

[C.G. 4/6/1819]. 

T. Don John of Arragon (Surrey, M. 11/5/1840). 
O. Don Juan (D.L. 10/1838). 8 1838 [Songs]. 
F. Donkey Races. L.C. 1826. 

Ba. Donna Aurora; or, Adventures at Salamanca (R.A. M. 2/7/1821). 
Ba. Donne Cambriate. L. 96 M. [Pantheon, 26/2/1812]. 
C.O. Don Pasquale (P'cess, M. 23/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. 

[Music Donizetti.] 

Bal. Don Quichotte; ou, les noces de Gamache (H. 1 T. 14/2/1809). 
Bal. Don Quixote; ou, la finesse de l'epe (Cob. M. 6/7/1818). 
R.D. Don Quixote, the Knight of the Wonderful Countenance; or, 

The Humours of Sancho Panza (Adel. M. 7/1/1833). L.C. 

Ba. Don Quixotte and his Man Sancho Panza (R.A. T. 13/9/1831). 
M.D. Don Sebastian, King of Portugal (Royalty, M. 14/4/1823). 
F. Don't be Frightened (C.G. S. 9/11/1839). L.C. 12/11/1839. 
D. The Doom'd Child (S.W. T. 13/11/1832). 
D. The Doomed House; or, The Parricide's Return (R.P. M. 


Spec. Dorothee; or, Love and Hatred (Olym. Pav. M. 28/3/1808). 
Spec. The Double Defeat; or, British Tars and Austrian Troops 

(Sans P. Th. 6/7/1809). 

Ba. The Double Dilemma (Olym. M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 12/12/1836. 
F. The Double Mark (German, S. 7/9/1805). 
F. Double or Quits (Queen's, M. 4/4/1831). 
M.D. Douglas (R.C. M. 12/4/1819; City, M. 24/10/1831). 
M.D. Douglas; or, The Noble Shepherd (Regency, Th. 17/9/1818). 
F. A Down East Bargain; or, Love in New York (Queen's, Th. 

F. Down the Area; or, Mistress and Maid (Adel. M. 10/11/1823). 

L. 126 M. [12/11/1822]. 
P. The Dragon of Wantley; or, Harlequin Knight and the Fairy 

Queen. L.C. Birmingham, 18/12/1844. 
F. Dramatic Cookery; or, How to Dish up a Farce (Adel. M. 

2/8/1845). L.C. 4/8/1845. 

Ca. The Dreamer (P'cess, S. 21/3/1846). L.C. 27/10/1845. 
D. The Dream Haunted (Vic. M. 11/6/1838). 
Bal. Drive Love out at the Door, He'll get in at the Window (D.L. 

T. 16/5/1815). 

\UTHORS] 1800-1850 443 

Ba. Dromio the Drinker; or, The Bath Struggle (S.W. T. 15/9/1835). 
F. Drop the Curtain (Lye. M. 26/11/1849). 

C. The Drunkard (German, W. 17/7/1805). 8 1805. 

[Adapted from Kotzebue.] 

D. The Drunkard's Children (Queen's, M. 10/7/1848). 
D. The Drunkard's Children (Vic. M. 10/7/1848). 

F. The Drunken Cobbler (R.A. M. 25/10/1819). 

Ba. The Drunken Recruit (S.W. T. 29/5/1821). 

D. La Duchessede Guise (Olym.M. 7/4/1 845). L.C. Olym. 5/4/1845. 

Ba. The Duel (Olym. F. 3/11/1837). 

M.D. Dugald the Drover; or, The Cattle Stealers and the Rover's 

Dog (S.W. M. 21/11/1842). 

Ba. Duke and No Duke (Surrey, M. 17/2/1812). 
Ba. The Duke; or, The Night before the Battle (Edinburgh, 1/7/1837). 
Ba. The Duke and the Policeman; or, The Night Guard (Cob. M. 

1/11/1830; Surrey, M. 24/4/1837). 
Ba. The Duke for a Day (Olym. Th. 24/2/1831). 
T. The Duke of Florence. . .By One of the Medici. 8 1843. 
T. The Duke of Mantua. 8 1823. 

[On the title-page is an emblematical figure clearly intended to 

be Byron, with a mask; the play is dedicated to Lady Byron.] 
T. The Duke of Milan (D.L. S. 9/3/1816). 8 1816 ("Revived... 

with Alterations and Additions"). 

[An adaptation of Massinger's drama.] 
Ba. The Duke of Shoreditch (Vic. M. 15/11/1841). 
Ent. The Duke's Coat; or, The Night after the Battle (R.A. M. 

Ent. The Duke's Coat; or, The Night after Waterloo. A Dramatick 

Anecdote; prepared for Representation at the Theatre-Royal, 

Lyceum, and Interdicted by the Licenser of Plays. 8 1815. 

L. 106 M. [29/8/1815; licence refused]. 

[This play was advertised at the Lyceum on 6/9/1815.] 
M.D. The Dumb Boy (S.W. M. 20/8/1821). 

[Also acted as The Deaf and Dumb Boy, rightful Count of 

Harancour .] 

Ba. The Dumb Boy of Avignon (Olym. T. 17/8/1841). L.C. 4/8/1841. 
R.D. The Dumb Brigand (Strand, M. 12/3/1832; City, M. 8/4/1833). 
M.D. The Dumb Driver (R.A. M. 12/3/1849). 

[A play of this name, licensed for York, appears in L.C. 1/2/1845.] 
Ent. The Dumb Norwegian and his Pony of Iceland (S.W. M. 

Oa. A Dun a Day (E.O.H. W. 10/9/1823). L. 131 M. [19/8/1823]. 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. Dunoir the Base; or, Is it a Spectre? (R.A. M. 31/3/1823). 

F. Duprez (P'cess, W. 22/3/1843). 

Ba. Dutch Law. L.C. Adel. 20/10/1835. 

Ba. The Dutchman's Dream ; or, Karl Pietrehl. A Tale of the Vettle 

King (R.P. M. 20/4/1835). 
M.D. The Dutch Pirate (S.W. M. 27/5/1822). 
M.D. The Dwarf; or, Malvesi the Deformed (R.P. M. 15/10/1832). 
[On M. 3/12/1832, this was given as The Deformed; or, The 

Profligate Reclaimed.] 

Vaud. Dying for a Kiss (P'cess, F. 9/7/1847). L.C. 1/7/1847. 
O.F. Each for Himself (D.L. Th. 24/10/1816). 8 1816. 

NDII 29 


T. Earl Harold. 8 1837. 

M.D. The Earl of Essex, the Unhappy Favourite; or, The Days of 

Queen Bess (Cob. W. 8/6/1825). 
T. The Earl of Ross. 8 1823. 
F. Early Closing; or, A Night at the Casino (P'cess, S. 24/7/1847). 

L.C. 19/6/1847. 
P. Earth, Air, Fire and Water; or, Harlequin Gas and the Flight of 

the Fairies. L.C. Vic. 14/12/1848. 

M.D. The Earthquake ; or, The Mysterious Visit (S.W. M. 28/1/1828). 
P. Easter Fair ; or, The Monkey and the Murder (Cob. M. 12/4/1830). 
Ext. Easter Hunting; or, Johnny Newcomes at Epping (S.W. M. 

P. The Easter Offering; or, Harlequin's Golden Harvest (S.W. M. 


O. The East Indian. L. 57 S. [Lye. 11/7/1812]. 
Tale of Enchantment. The Ebon Wand; or, The Charmed Man and 

the Charming Woman (Cob. M. 11/6/1832). 
D.D. Ecarte"; or, The Saloons of Paris. L.C. Surrey, 17/2/1844. 
Ba. Eccentricities; or, Mistakes in Madrid (Sans P. M. 26/12/1814). 

L. 103 M. [19/12/1814; with sub-title, or, The Witch of the 


M.D. The Echo of Westminster Bridge (Vic. M. 6/7/1835). 
D. Edgar. L.C. 13/3/1834. 

Bal. Edgar and Erne; or, The Highland Robber (Adel. M. 22/1 1/1819). 
T. Edward the Second. . .with Other Poems. By Theophilus Mac, 

of No Temple. 8 1809. 
D. Edward III. 8 1814. 
Spec. Edward the Black Prince; or, The Battle of Cressy (Olym. 

Pav. M. 9/11/1807). 
Spec. Edward the Black Prince; or, The Hero of England (Royalty, 

M. 7/1/1805). 

D. Edwin. L. 124 M. [Edinburgh, 25/4/1822], 
P. Edwin of the Green; or, Harlequin Hunchback (R.C. W. 

D. Egmont. 16 1848. 

[A translation of Goethe's play.] 

Ent. Egrirophadron; or, Polysceine Pasticcio (D.L. Th. 8/6/1815). 
D. The Egyptian Boy. L. 77 M. [C.G. 3/5/1802]. 
P. The Egyptian Oracle; or, Harlequin's Punishment (Royalty, M. 

F. "8. 10. i, if Quite Convenient" (D.L. W. 14/5/1823). L. 79 S. 


R.D. Eily the Banshee; or, The Shrieking Woman (R.P. M. 9/3/1835). 
D.Poem. Eitha and Aidallo. 8 1801. 
C. The Elder Brother. L.C. Bath, 1/3/1844. 
Ext. The Election; or, Billy and Mrs. Button's Journey to and from 

London and Brentford (R.A. M. 7/6/1813). 
Ext. The Election; or, Candidates for Rottenburgh (Cob. M. 

C. The Election; or, The Rival Brothers. L. 79 M. [Norwich, 

Local Bagatelle. Electioneering; or, Village Politicians (Surrey, S. 

P. The Elements ; or, Where is Harlequin? (S.W. M. 23/3/1818). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 445 

Spec. The Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water; or, The Monster 

Ballroom of 1837 (R.A. M. 15/5/1837). 
D. Elena Uberti (C.G. S. 15/1/1842). L.C. 10/1/1842. 
Spec. The Elephant of Siam (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 1830). 
Spec, The Elephants of the Pagoda (C.L. 16/2/1846). L.C. 14/2/1846. 
F. The Eleventh Day (D.L. 20/7/1835). 
D. The Eleventh Hour. L.C. Queen's, 29/1/1844. 
M.D. The Eleventh Hour; or, Sixteen Years Since (Cob. M. 


Spec. The Elfin Queen (Adel. S. 26/12/1835). L.C. 23/12/1835. 
D.Spec. The Elfins of the Ice; or, The Heroes of the Frozen Land 

(R.P. M. 4/4/1836). 
D. Legend. The Elfin Sprite; or, The Grim Grey Woman (C.G. M. 

8/4/1833). L.C. 20/3/1833. 
M.D. Elfrid; or, The Weird Wanderer of Jutland (Surrey, T. 


M.D. Elfrida; or, The Faithless Favourites (R.C. W. 11/5/1808). 
R.D. Elfrida; or, The Female Macbeth (R.P. M. 10/11/1834). 
Spec. El Hyder (Surrey, M. 23/5/1836). 
O. L'Elisir d'amore (E.O.H. Th. 15/12/1836, "last time"). 

[Donizetti's opera (Milan, 1832) ] 

M.D. Elizabeth; or, The Exile of Siberia (Cob. M. 26/5/1828). 
Bal. Ellen and Alberto; or, The Yorkshire Miller (Surrey, M. 


D.D. Ellen Ray; or, A Brother's Doom (R.P. M. 30/12/1833). 
M.D. Eloise; or, A Woman's Constancy (R.P. M. 25/2/1839). 
F. The Elopement. L.C. Leeds, 8/9/1826. 
O.F. The Elopement Extraordinary. L. 102 M. [D.L. 3/6/1814]. 
D. The Elpies' Son (Surrey, M. 9/7/1832). 

M.D. The Elshie ; or, The Wizard of the Moor (Royalty, M.29/9/i823). 
D. Emigration (Olym. M. 21/11/1836). 
M.D. Emigration; or, The Village, the Voyage and the Bush (R.P. M. 

4/5/1835). L.C. 1836. 

D. Emigration the Remedy (Olym. M. 24/7/1848). L.C. 24/7/1848. 
M.D. Emilie de la Roche; or, The Bride of the Bleeding Heart (S.W. 

M. 24/11/1834). 

Bal. Emily; or, Juvenile Indiscretion (D.L. 2/1807). 
O. The Emissary; or, The Revolt of Moscow (D.L. F. 13/5/1831). 

L.C. 13/5/1831. 

[An adaptation from Onslow, Le colporteur^ with music by 

B. Livius.] 

D. Emma Wingrove; or, Crime Slumbers. L.C. Queen's, 27/4/1844. 
Bal. Emmelme; ou, la Valde de Gnswald (H. 1 Th. 20/6/1816). 
Ext. The Emperor of Queerumania (S.W. M. 28/10/1805 3rd per- 
Spec. The Emperor of Russia; or, The Deserter of Moscow (R.A. 

M. 10/6/1844). 

D. The Emperor's Joke (Surrey, M. 28/11/1836). 
P. The Enchanted Beauties of the Golden Castle ; or, Harlequin and 

the One-eyed Genii (P'cess, S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 21/12/1846 

[with "Ogre" for "Genii" in title]. 
Bal. The Enchanted Bell (P'cess, S. 9/11/1844). 
Spec. The Enchanted Castle; or, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood 

(Cob. M. 27/5/1822). 



M.D. The Enchanted Fire of the Invisible Island; or, The Golden 

Galley (Cob. M. 27/12/1824). 
P. The Enchanted Garden (Riding School, Tottenham-street, M. 

Ext. The Enchanted Girdles ; or, The Witch, the Sprite, the Prince 

and the Barber (Cob. M. 7/1/1828). 

[See T.JDIBD1N, 1825.] 

P. The Enchanted Gondola. L.C. Albert, 23/5/1846. 
P. The Enchanted Grove; or, Harlequin and the Fairy of the Silver 

Lake (Queen's, M. 27/3/1837). 
P. The Enchanted Grove; or, Harlequin and the Spirit of the 

Enchanted Waters (Surrey, M. 4/4/1831). 

Ba. The Enchanted Horn (St J. M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 3/12/1836. 
P. The Enchanted Horn; or, Harlequin Prince of Persia (R.A. M. 

P. The Enchanted Hull; or, The Parthian Harlequin (Royalty, M. 

P. The Enchanted Island; or, Love among the Roses (Sans P. Th. 


M.D. The Enchanted Raven ; or, The Saxon King (R.A. W. 28/4/1841). 
D. The Enchanted Ring; or, The Demon Knight and the Baron's 

Daughter (R.P. M. 18/1/1836). 
P. The Enchanter; or, Harlequin Cymon (Olym. F. 26/12/1828). 

L.C. 24/12/1828. 

P. The Enchanters; or, Harlequin Sultaun (D.L. F. 26/12/1806). 
Ba. The Enchantment ; or, Trappolin's Vagaries (Royalty, M. 3/8/1812). 
F. The End of June (Lye. M. 3/8/1846). L.C. 24/7/1846. 
Bal. L'enfant prodigue; ou, les fStes de Memphis (H. 1 Th. 8/6/1815). 
Spec. England's King; or, A Soldier's Gratitude (R.A. M. 20/8/1827). 
Spec. England's Monarch; or, The Battle of Worcester and the Royal 

Oak (R.A. M. 24/7/1843). 

M.D. England, the Anchor and Hope of the World (Cob. M. 14/1/1828). 
M.D. The English at Paris; or, Events in 1821 (Cob. M. 23/4/1821). 
Ba. English Plum-Pudding; or, Two Masters Better than One 

(Surrey, M. 23/2/1824). 

Ba. Enjoyment (E.O.H. T. 7/9/1841). L.C. 16/9/1841. 
Ba. The Enraged Musician; or, Intrigue on the House-Top (Olym. 

M. 11/2/1828). 

C.O. The Epaulette (H.* S. 22/10/1825). L.C. 26/9/1825 [with sub- 
title, or, Love and Friendship]. 
Bal. L'e'pouse persane (H. 1 W. 30/5/1810). 

Sk. Epsom Downs; or, All Alive at the Races (Cob. M. 1/6/1818). 
D. Ernestine; or, A Woman's Love (E.O.H. M. 10/8/1840). L.C. 

P. The Erroneous Fortune-tellers; or, Harlequin's Judgment (R.A. 

M. 18/6/1810). 
D. The Escape of Latude; or, The Prisoner of the Bastile (Vic. T. 

Ba. Esdale Hall; or, The Times of Oliver Cromwell (Kelly's, S. 

23/7/1842). L.C. 12/11/1842. 
M.D. The Essex Rover; or, The Bridegroom of the Wave (R.P. M. 


Ba. Estelle. L.C. E.O.H. 28/8/1829. 
Ba. Estelle. L.C. 27/5/1835. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 447 

D. Estelle Dumas ; or, Love and War (S.W. M. 18/4/1842). 

Ba. Etchings and Sketchings. L.C. St J. 5/10/1836. 

T. Ethelwolf ; or, The Danish Pirates (Cob. M. 10/12/1827). 

M.D. Etheldnda Princess of Norwich; or, The Kings of Mercia and 

East Anglia, and the Wild Woman of Mosswold Heath (Adel. 

Norwich, 1837). 

M.Ent. Etiquette Run Mad (Tottenham-street, W. 25/8/1830). 
D. Eugene Aram. L.C. Edinburgh, 13/3/1832. 
M.D. Eugene Aram (S.W. M. 14/5/1832). 

M.D. Eugene Aram; or, The Cave of St. Robert (R.P. M. 13/2/1832). 
[This and the preceding plays are taken from the novel by 

Lord Lytton.] 

Ba. Eugenia; or, The Unknown Female (Cob. M. 18/10/1819). 
M.D. Eugenia; ou, la Place du Palais (S.W. M. 11/6/1832). 
M.D. Eugenic; or, The Secrets of the Abbey. L. 132 M. [Newcastle, 


D. Euphemia. L.C. 19/12/1836. 
O. Euranthe (Prince's, W. 3/6/1840). 

[An English version of Weber's opera (Vienna, 1823).] 
T. Euryphilus, King of Sicily. L. 22 L. [Manchester, 1817]. 
D. Eveline; or, The Well of Love (Surrey, M. 18/9/1843). 
C. Everybody's Relation (Surrey, M. 18/5/1840). 

C. Everyday Characters. 8 1805. 

Ba. The Exeter Mail ; or, Three Days at Hatchett's (S.W. T. 9/9/1828). 
M.D. The Exiled Minister; or, Father and Son (Cob. T. 26/12/1820). 
M.D. The Exile of Genoa (E.O.H. M. 4/9/1837). L.C. 27/6/1837. 

D. The Ex-Minister. L.C. 10/1/1834. 

C. The Exquisites (C.G. F. 29/4/1831). L.C. 27/4/1831. 

Bsq. "Eye-on!" (Queen's, F. 16/12/1836). 

Bal. The Faggot Makers (Sans P. M. 11/12/1809). 

O.F. Fair Cheating; or, The Wise Ones Outwitted (D L. 15/6/1814). 

[Music Parry.] 

O. The Fair Crusader. 8 1815 [New British Theatre]. 
F. The Fair Deserter (H.* S. 24/8/1816). L. 63 S. [20/8/1816]. 
Ba. The Fair Intriguers; or, The Masquerade Frolic (R.A. M. 

C. The Fair Lady. 8 1807. 

[A translation from Calderon.] 

D. The Fair Maid of Perth (Perth, T. 23/9/1828). 

[This seems to have been a distinct dramatisation of Scott's 
novel, as used by the company of Charles Bass in Perth, Dundee 
and Edinburgh.] 

M.D. The Fair Maid of Tottenham Court; or, The Charcoal Burner 
of Charing (S.W. M. 26/10/1840). 

Ba. The Fair Penitent (Royalty, M. 6/9/1813). 

C. Fair Play. L. 88 M. [C.G. 28/1/1808]. 

Ba. The Fair Quaker; or, The Humours of the Navy (Royalty, M. 

D. Fair Rosamond. L. 57 S [Norwich, 12/2/1813]. 

Spec. The Fair Slave ; or, The Moors and Africans (R.A. M. 19/5/1806). 
P. The Fairy; or, Britannia's Triumph. L. 44 S. [Hull, 10/1/1804]. 
P. The Fairy; or, Harlequin Prisoner (R.A. M. 13/6/1801). 
P. The Fairy Gnomes of the Golden Caves ; or, Harlequin and the 
Imp of the Great Mountains. L.C. C.L. 23/12/1844. 


Spec. The Fairy Lake; or, The Enchanted Veil (S.W. M. 20/5/1839). 

[See SELBY (1839).] 

P. Fairy Land; or, The Wandering Magician (R.A. M. 3/4/1809). 
Ba. Fairy Legends; or, The Moonlight Night (Sans P. M. 7/12/1818). 

L. H2 M. [18/11/1818, as Fairy Records; or, Days of Yore]. 
Bal. The Fairy of the Fountain; or, Cupid and the Giant (Sans P. 

M. 22/11/1813). 
P. The Fairy of the North Star; or, Harlequin at Labrador (Adel. 

M. 27/12/1819). 

P. The Fairy of the Oak ; or, Harlequin's Regatta (R.A. M. 2/9/1811). 
D. A Fairy Tale (P'cess, 9/5/1848). L.C. 8/5/1848. 
F. Faith and Hope; or, A Basement to Let (Grecian, 2/10/1848). 

L.C. 20/6/1848. 

D. The Fallen Spirit; or, Leon of Marana. L.C. 1836. 
Spec. The Fall of Badajoz (Surrey, M. 27/4/1812). 
M.D. The Fall of Fair Rosamond (Surrey, T. 13/3/1821). 
M.D. The Fall of Fair Rosamond; or, Woodstock Bower (R.P. W. 


M.Ent. The Fall of Montevideo (R.A. T. 28/4/1807). 
T. The Fall of Portugal; or, The Royal Exiles. 8 1808. 

[Attributed to Dr John Walcott, " Peter Pindar."] 
D.Past. The Falls of Clyde; or, The Fairies (Edinburgh, 1806). 

8 1806. 
M.D. The Falls of Clyde (Cob. M. 24/9/1827). 

[See SOANE, 1817.] 

P.R. False Accusation (R.C. M. 15/6/1818). 
M.D. False Accusation; or, The Soldier's Peril (R.A. T. 9/9/1828). 

C. False and True; or, The Irishman in Italy (D.L. M. 26/5/1806). 

[An amended version of False and True (1798), by Moultrie.] 
C.O. False Appearances; or, My Cousin. L. 49 S. [D.L. 2/1/1807]. 

D. False Delicacies. 8 1803. 

[A translation by J. T. from the French.] 

Bal. The False Friend; or, The Two Prisoners (R.A. M. 13/6/1803). 
M.D. False Friendship ; or, The Irish Traveller (Surrey, F. 28/8/1829). 

[An abridgement of False and True (D.L. 1806).] 

M.D. The False Marriage; or, Brother and Sister (S.W. M. 1/9/1828). 
Spec. The False Penitent ; or, The Monk of Palluzi (R.A. M. 22/7/1805). 

C. False Shame. L. 41 S. [Norwich, 17/3/1801]. 

D. False Visions. L.C. Queen's, 17/9/1846. 

Ca. Family Jars Mended (Surrey, Th. 26/12/1839). 

Ba. The Family Likeness (Strand, M. 10/6/1839). L.C. 8/6/1839. 

F. The Family Man; or, How Many More Wives? (Surrey, M. 


Ba. The Family of Genius. L.C. Bristol, 19/9/1826. 
Int. The Family Party; or, The Philosopher Puzzled (R.P. S. 

26/12/1835). L.C. 4/12/1835. 
Ba. Family Peculiarities ; or, The Sisters Three (Queen's, F. 13/2/1835). 

L.C. 2/12/1835. 
M.D. The Family Picture; or, The Sailor's Legacy (W.L. M. 


C. Family Politics. 8 1814 [New British Theatre}. 
Ba. The Fancy's Opera (Adel. M. 27/1/1823). L. 87 S. [19/1/1823]. 
Ba. Fanny Sims, Mistress of Arts (Adel. M. 8/10/1838). 
Ba. Farmer and Pheasant. L.C. Strand, 1836. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 449 

D. The Farmer Emigrant; or, The Blessings of Peace. L.C. Man- 
chester, 14/4/1847. 

C. The Farmer of Labian; or, The Blessings of Peace (Cob. M. 

P. The Farmer's Boy; or, Harlequin's Zodiac (R.C. M. 18/4/1808). 

D. The Farmer's Daughter; or, The Broken Heart (Surrey, M. 

M.D. The Farmer's Gun; or, The Murder on the Heath (S.W. T. 


M.D. The Farmer's Knife (Surrey, M. 17/9/1827). 
B.O. The Farmer's Son (Queen's, M. 19/1/1835). 

C. The Farmhouse Story. 8 1803. 

M.D. The Farm of Sterwick; or, The Signal (Royalty, M. 6/10/1823). 
F. The Fast Man (Lye. Th. 18/5/1848). L.C. 12/5/1848. 

D. Fatal Accusation; or, Albanio. L.C. 1825. 

D. The Fatal Attachment (Surrey, Th. 11/8/1831). 

D. The Fatal Duel of the Glacis; or, The Advocate's Wife (Cob. 

M. 11/6/1832). 

D. The Fatal Error; or, Woman's First Fault (Cob. M. 7/1/1833). 
M.D. The Fatal Floodgate; or, The Lock-keeper's Daughter (R.P. 

M. 19/5/1834). 
M.D. The Fatal Island and the Hour of Four; or, Lovers and their 

Friends (S.W. M. 23/8/1824). 
M.D. The Fatal Marksman ; or, The Demon of the Black Forest (Cob. 

M. 23/2/1824). 

M.D. The Fatal Pass (S.W. M. 12/4/1830). 

D. The Fatal Passion ; or, The Unnatural Combat (Vic. Th. 8/5/1834). 
Spec. The Fatal Pile; or, Virtue Revenged (Royalty, M. 6/2/1804). 
R.D. The Fatal Ravine; or, The Hunters of the Pyrenees (S.W. M. 


Spec. The Fatal Rock (Edinburgh, M. 29/12/1828). 
M.D. The Fatal Sandbank; or, The Shipwreck of the Leander [see 

The Wreck of the Leander Frigate}. 
Ba. The Fatal Secret (St J. S. 24/2/1838). L.C. 21/2/1838 [as The 

F. S.; or, Why did 1 listen?}. 

M.D. The Fatal Shaft ; or, The Murder of the Mine (R.P. M. 4/4/1836). 
D. The Fated Ship; or, The Wife and the Mistress. L.C. C.L. 

M.D. The Fate of the Gambler; or, The Wife of the Broken Heart 

(R.P. M. 13/10/1834). 
P. The Fates; or, Harlequin's Holyday (S.W. M. 31/5/1819). 

C. Father and Son. 8 1814 [New British Theatre]. 

[An adaptation of Kotzebue, Die beiden Klingsberg.] 
M.D. Fatherless Fanny; or, The Fair Mendicant and the Spirit of 
the Rock (R.P. M. 21/4/1834). 

[A play of this name is in L.C. R.P. 28/5/1846.] 

D. Father Matthias; or, Ask no Questions (Strand, M. 23/4/1849). 

[SeeSELBY, 1838.] 
D. The Father Murderer; or, A Voice from the Grave (R.P. F. 

M.D. A Father's Crime (E.O.H. M. 6/7/1835). L.C. 29/6/1835. 

[An adaptation from the French of E. Cresnier and St Hilaire.] 
M.D. A Father's Curse; or, Guilt Discovered (S.W. T. 26/9-Th. 


M.D. A Father's Curse; or, The Dumb Minstrel Boy (R.P. M. 

M.D. The Father's Curse; or, The Murder of the Old Oak Wood 

(Garrick, M. 15/2/1836). 

R.D. The Father's Curse; or, Twenty Years Ago (Cob. M. 23/8/1830). 
M.D. A Father's Guilt; or, The Victim's Tomb (Cob. M. 30/6/1823). 
D. A Father's Plea (Fitzroy, Th. 16/1/1834). 
D. Faustus. 4 1821; 4 1832. 

[An abridged translation of Goethe's play. The following two 

dramas are versions of the same original.] 
D. Faustus. 12 1834. 

D. Faust. . .rendered into English verse. 12 1838. 
M.D. Faustus; or, The Demon's Victim (Cob. M. 7/6/1824). 
D. The Favourite of the Derby; or, The Life of Man and Horse. 

L.C. R.A. 23/9/1844- 

Ext. Favourites in Town; or, Stage Arrivals (Adel. M. 12/12/1831). 
Esq. Fayre Rosamond. L.C. Vic. 21/8/1846. 
Int. The Feast of Apollo (D.L. 8/6/1829). 
P. The Feast of the Statue; or, Harlequin Libertine (D.L. F. 

26/12/1817). L. 65 S. [16/12/1817]. 

[This was called later Harlequin's Vision; or, The F. of the S.] 
Bal. La Fe Urgele (H. 1 S. 11/4/1818). 
M.D. The Felon of New York (Surrey, S. 24/8/1833). 

[When given at S.W. on W. 20/4/1836, said to be by the author 

of The Brigand, Baron Trenk, The Returned Pirate and The Twin 

M.D. The Felon's Hate; or, The Valley of Chamouni (R.A. M. 


D. The Felon's Son; or, Woman's Wrongs. L.C. Vic. 4/9/1848. 
D. The Female Bluebeard. L.C. L'pool, 10/2/1845. 

C. The Female Cavaliers (Fitzroy, M. 17/2/1834). 

Spec. Female Courage; or, The Bandit of the Rock (Sans P. Th. 

6/7/l8o 9 ). 
M.D. The Female Freebooter; or, The Mysterious Host (R.A. M. 

F. The Female Freemason; or, The Secret Blabbed (Queen's, M. 

Spec. The Female Hussar ; or, The Heroic Serjeant (R.A. M. 9/8/1802). 

D. Female Politics (Surrey, M. 31/5/1841). 
Bal. The Female Sentinel (H.* M. 15/6/1829). 

F. The Female Tournament. L.C. Newcastle, 21/7/1849. 

Ba. The Female Volunteer (Fitzroy, M. 28/4/1834). 

Bal. La Femme Sentinelle (D.L. T. 7/2/1832). 

Ba. The Female Waterman's Society; or, The Ran Dan Club (Vic. 

M. 30/11/1840). 

Spec. Ferdinand of Spain; or, Ancient Chivalry (R.A. M. 19/4/1813). 
Ferguson. L.C. 1837. 
R.D. The Ferry of the Giners (C.G. Th. 13/11/1823). L. 129 M. 


Bal. The Festival of Bacchus (D.L. M. 4/1/1802). 
Bal. The Festival of Fancy (R.A. M. 7/10/1805). 
Bal. The Festive Cottagers (D.L. 25/6/1823). 
Ca. La Fete Champetre. L.C. H.* 16/8^843. 
M.D. The Feudal Lady (Adel. M. 4/7/1831). L.C. 3/9/1830. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 451 

D. Fidelio; or, The State Prisoner of the Iron Den (Vic. T. 

M.D. The Field of the Cloth of Gold; or, The Knight of Burgundy 

(R.P. M. 23/5/1831). 

Spec. The Fiend; or, The Gold Curse (S.W. M. 31/10/1842). 
O. The Fiend Father; or, Robert of Normandy (C.G. T. 21/2/1832). 

L.C. 9/2/1832. 

[An adaptation of E. Scribe and G. Delavigne, Robert le Diable 

(Paris, 21/11/1831), with music by Meyerbeer.] 
Spec. The Fiend King; or, The Ruby Cross and the Last of the Magi 

(Vic. M. 16/4/1838). 
M.D. The Fiend of the Watch; or, The Fatal Purchase (S.W. M. 

T. Fiesco; or, The Conspiracy of Genoa. 8 1841 [Edinburgh]. 

[A translation of Schiller's drama.] 
Bsq. Fi, Fi ; or, The King of the Conjugal Islands (S.W. M. 12/5/1845). 

L.C. 9/5/1845. 

C. The Fifteenth Carbineers ; or, The White Goat (R.A. M. 5/5/1834). 
M.D. Fifteen Years of a British Seaman's Life; or, The Perils of the 

Ocean (R.P. M. 9/8/1830). 

D. Fifteen Years of a Soldier's Life; or, Scenes at Home and Abroad. 
L.C. Queen's, 19/4/1848. 

Ent. Fifty Years below the Sea; or, The Diver and the Ocean Fiend 

(R.A. M. 26/8/1833). 
D. Figaro. L.C. E.O.H. 27/8/1841. 
Bal. Figaro (H. 1 23/1/1816). 

P.Bal. Filial Love; or, The Double Marriage (S.W. M. 14/4/1800). 
D.Poem. Fingal; or, Erin Delivered. L. 99 M. [H. 1 3/7/1813]. 
P. Fire and Spirit; or, A Holiday Harlequin (S.W. M. 11/4/1803). 
R.D. The Fire Fiend; or, The Castle of Sunderwald (Cob. M. 


[Often called in subsequent bills The Elf of the Flame; or, 

P. The Fire Goblin; or, The Three Charcoal Burners (Sans P. S. 


Ext. The Fire King; or, The Frenchman Puzzled (S.W. M. 15/2/1830). 
P. The Fire King, Harlequin, and the Water Queen (E.L. M. 


R.D. The Fire-Raiser; or, The Blighted Moor (R.P. M. 11/7/1831). 
Ba. First Champaigne (Olym. M. 10/3/1845). 

M.D. First Claim; or, The Brigand Deserter (S.W. M. 23/11/1835). 
F. The First Floor (H. z M. 7/9/1818 2nd performance; S.W. M. 


[An Interlude of the same name was evidently played at Edin- 
burgh on 1/1/1829.] 
C. First Impressions. 8 1812. 
Ba. First Impressions (City, M. 4/4/1831). 
Ba. First Love (Adel. M. 21/1/1828). 
F. The First Night (P'cess, 1/10/1849). L.C. 22/9/1849 [as The 

Debutante; or, Her First Night]. 
F. The First Night of my Wedding (M'bone, M. 13/11/1848). L.C. 


F. The Fisherman. L. 22 L. [D.L. 17/10/1817]. 
M.D. The Fisherman's Daughter (P'cess, F. 6/1/1843). 


F. The Fitzpatricks ; or, Lovers from Tipperary (Strand, M. 

16/4/1838). L.C. 13/4/1838. 

F. Five Hundred Pounds (D.L. T. 28/8/1821). L. 82 S. [23/8/1821]. 
Int. Five Minutes too Late; or, An Elopement to Rheims (D.L. T. 


[Music Horn, Bishop and CookeJ 
F. Flat and Sharp. L. 57 S. [Lye. 23/7/1813]. 
F. The Flexible Man (Queen's, F. 3/7/1835). 
Ba. The Flip Flap Footman (Adel. M. 5/10/1840). 
D. Flitting Day; or, The Farmer's Daughter (Vic. 1/6/1846). L.C. 

D. The Floating Beacon; or, The Norwegian Wreckers. L.C. Adel. 


[See FITZBALL, 1824.] 
Bal. Flora's Sports (New, T. 27/11/1810). 
Bal. Florenski and Nina; or, A New Way to Obtain Consent (Surrey, 

Th. 7/10/1819). 
T. The Florentines (S.W. M. 2/6/1845). L.C. 2/6/1845 [printed 

copy]. 8 [i 845; Dublin]. 
M.D. Florinda Salviati, the White Devil; or, The Traitors of Ferrara 

(Cob. M. 27/10/1828). 

Bal. The Florist; or, The Arcades of Flora (Royalty, M. 8/2/1802). 
D. The Flower of Lucerne (P'cess, W. 39/11/1843). L.C. 25/11/1843. 
D. The Flower of the Mill (Vic. M. 1/2/1836). 
Ba. The Flowers of Loveliness (Queen's S. 26/12/1835). 
C. Flying Colours; or, Crossing the Frontier (Adel. W. 26/5/1847). 

L.C. 27/5/1847 [under sub-title]. 
P. The Flying Dutchwoman; or, Harlequin and the Enchanted 

Bay (R.A. M. 4/6/1827). 

M.D. The Flying Fish; or, The water King (S.W. M. 8/6/1835). 
P. The Flying Island of Laputa; or, Harlequin Gulliver (R.C. M. 


Bal. La Foire de Batavia (H. 1 F. 7/1/1803). 
Ba. The Follies of a Day; or, The Marriage of Figaro (Royalty, Th. 

Ba. Folly and Friendship (Olym. 23/1/1837). L.C. 19/1/1837. 

Ba. Folly as it Flies; or, The Modern Student (Cob. M. 15/12/1828). 

[See REYNOLDS, 1801.] 

Ba. Fontainebleau ; or, Our Way in France (Royalty, M. 13/6/1814). 
M.D. Fontainville Abbey; or, The Phantom of the Forest (Surrey, 

T. 9/3/1824). 

F. The Fools of Fashion. L. 20 L. [Norwich, 14/4/1802]. 
T. The Force of Friendship. L. 122 M. [C.G. 22/5/1821]. 

[This is probably BANIM's Damon and Pythias (C.G. 1821).] 
The Foreign Prince. L.C. Adel. 16/2/1839. 
M.D. For England Ho! (E.L. T. 8/12/1818). 

[See POCOCK, 1813.] 

M.D. The Forester of Savoy (Cob. M. 16/2/1829). 
Ba. The Forest Knight; or, Harry le Roy (Cob. M. 16/8/1824). 
Ba. The Forest Knight; or, The King Bewildered (Sans P. Th. 

4/2/1813). L. 98 M. [30/1/1813]. 
M.D. The Forest Savage; or, The Torrent of La Charbonniere (Cob. 

M. 9/5/1825). 
Bal. La Fort Enchanted (H. 1 S. 4/12/1802). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 453 

D. The Forgery. 8 1814. 

M.D. Forgery; or, Le Roy. L.C. 1824 [licence refused]. 

M.D. The Forgery ; or, The Fugitives' Wedding (Cob. M. 15/12/1828). 

Ca. Forgive and Forget (D.L. S. 31/10/1835). L.C. 31/10/1835. 

Ba. Forgive and Forget (Olym. M. 22/10/1838). L.C. 16/3/1838. 

D. The Fortress of Ganzbrough; or, The State Prisoner of Austria 

(C.L. M. 24/3/1845). 
M.D. The Fortress of Paluzzi; or, The Mysterious Monitor (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Fortress of Pressburg; or, The Hut of the Danube (Cob. 

M. 11/3/1822). 

D. The Fortunate Departure. 8 1810. 
Prel. The Fortunate Youth; or, Newmarket Hoax (Sans P. W. 

7/i/i8i8). L. 112 M. [5/1/1818]. 
Ba. The Fortunate Youth; or, The Force of Credulity (Olym. Th. 

29/1/1818). L. 71 S. [14/1/1818]. 
P. Fortunatus; or, The Magic Wishing Cap (Olym. F. 26/12/1845). 

L.C. 17/12/1845. 
Spec. Fortunatus and his Sons; or, The Magic Purse and Wishing 

Cap (C.G. M. 12/4/1819). L. 73 S. [1/4/1819]. 

[Music Bishop. An adaptation of Dekker's play.] 
F. The Fortune Hunter; or, A Morning at Margate (H.* Th. 

1/10/1846). L.C. 24/7/1846. 

P. Fortune's Favourite ; or, Harlequin's Harvest (R.A. M. 23/8/1813). 
Ba. Fortune's Frolic; or, The Ploughman turned Lord (Royalty, Th. 


[Apparently an adaptation of Allingham's comedy (1799).] 
O.F. Fortune's Frolics (H. a 1806?). 

P. Fortune's Gift; or, Harlequin Mad Tom (Sans P. M. 28/5/1810). 
O.F. The Fortune Teller (D.L. Th. 29/9/1808). L. 48 S. [6/10/1807]. 

[Music Reeve.] 

P. Fortumo and Harlequin (C.G. 1815). 

P. Fortunio and his Gifted Servants. L.C. Norwich, 12/12/1846. 
P. Fortunio and the Seven Gifted Men; or, Harlequin and the 

Horse (Cob. M. 8/5/1820). 
M.D. The Forty Thieves (Surrey, M. 16/3/1812). 

M.D. The Forty Thieves (S.W. T. 18/9/1821). 

M.D. The Forty Thieves (Lye. M. 16/11/1835151 time at this 

F. Forty Winks; or, The Birmingham Bagsmen (Surrey, M. 

Oa. Foster Brothers (Adel. Th. 2/9/1830). L.C. 28/8/1830 [as F. B.; 

or, The Conscript]. 
M.D. The Foul Anchor; or, Love Me, Love my Dog (Cob. M. 

6/12/1830; R.P. M. 18/2/1833). 
F. Found 100. L.C. P'cess, 31/10/1847. 

P. The Four Gates; or, Harlequin's Way (R.A. M. 19/4/1813). 
F. Four in Hand. L. 53 S. [H.* 10/9/1811]. 

[This is probably HOOK'a Darkness Visible (H. 1811).] 
Oa. Four Inside; or, Off by the Night Coach (Surrey, M. 5/1/1824). 
Ba. Four Sisters. L.C. E.O.H. 5/7/1833. 

[See BERNARD, 1832.] 

O. The Four Sons of Aymon (P'cess, 11/1844). 
[Music Balfe.] 


P. Fox and Geese ; or, Harlequin, the White King of Chess (Surrey, 

F. 26/12/1823). 

Int. The Fox and the Wolf; or, The Biters Bit (R.P. M. 30/12/1839). 
O. Fra Diavolo. L.C. D.L. 26/1/1831. 

[See LACY, 1831.] 

O. Fra Diavolo. L.C. Olym. 13/1/1831. 
D. Fra Diavolo; or, The Brigand Chief (Tottenham-street, W. 


[These three dramas are derived from E. Scribe, Fra Diavolo 

(Paris, 28/1/1830), with music by Auber.] 

M.D. France ; or, Heaven points to the Murderer (Cob. M. 2/12/1822). 
O. Francesca Doria; or, A Tale of the Abruzzi (P'cess, S. 3/3/1849). 

L.C. 23/2/1849. 
O. Francis I (D.L. T. 6/11/1838). L.C. 30/10/1838. 

[Music Loder.] 
M.D. Frankenstein; or, The Danger of Presumption (Royalty, M. 


[See PEAKS, 1823.] 
Bsq. Frank-in-Steam ; or, The Modern Promise to Pay (Olym. 

13/12/1824). L.C. 26/11/1824. 
D. Frank Wildeye; or, The Spendthrift Husband (Vic. 9/10/1848). 

L.C. 22/9/1848. 

D. The Fratricide; or, The Devil's Wood (R P. M. 3/2/1840). 
Ba. Freaks in an Attic (Strand, M. 20/9/1841). L.C. 24/9/1841. 
M.D. Frederick of Bavaria (Cob. M. 25/11/1822). 
M.D. Frederick of Bavaria; or, A Husband's Vengeance (Royalty, M. 

Ba. Frederick of Prussia; or, The King and the Comedian (Queen *s, 

24/7/1837). L.C. 1837- 
M.D. Frederick the Great and the Deserter; or, The Assassins of the 

Forest (Cob. M. 19/2/1821). 

O. The Freebooters (E.O.H. M. 20/8/1827). L.C. 24/7/1827. 
M.D. The Freebooters of Vienna; or, The Jew and his Family (Cob. 

M. 19/7/1824). 

O. Freedom and Slavery. L. 109 M. [C.G. 2/11/1816]. 
Ba. The Free Nigger of New York (Vic. M. 29/6/1840). 
Bsq. Der Freischutz (Olym. M. 4/10/1824). L.C. Olym. 30/9/1824. 
Bsq. Der Freischutz Travestie. By Septimus Globus. 8 1824. 
Bsq. Der Freischutz. L.C. Adel. 11/11/1828. 
M.D. The French Expedition; or, The Fall of the Sea Robbers (R.A. 

T. 24/8/1830). 

Spec. The French Forest (Royalty, M. 26/12/1803). 
D. The French Libertine (C.G. S. 11/2/1826). L.C. 28/1/1826. 

[Called at first Richelieu, then Rougemont.] 
Bal. The French Milliners (S.W. M. 12/7/1802). 
D. The French Revolution; or, The Massacre of Paris on the 27th, 

28th and 29th of July (R.P. M. 30/8/1830). 
Spec. The French Spy (Queen's, M. 4/4/1831; Scarborough, T. 

13/9/1831; Cob. M. 12/12/1831). 

[Music Auber.] 

D. The French War; or, The Soldier's Bride (Cob. M. 23/4/1832). 
F. Fricandeau; or, The Coronet and the Cook (H.* T. 9/8/1831). 

L.C. 10/6/1831. 
Ba. Fridolin (Prince's, Th. 26/11/1840). L.C. 22/11/1840. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 455 

F. A Friend at Court. L.C. C.G. 9/12/1830. 

[See J. R. PLANCHti, 1831.] 

F. A Friend Indeed! (Lye. M. 27/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
Ca. A Friend in Need (Strand, M. 23/4/1832). 
Ba. A Friend in Need (Olym. M. 13/10/1834). L.C. 13/10/1834. 
C. Friends at Court (Lye. M. 9/6/1845). L.C. 10/6/1845. 
C. Friendship in Fashion; or, Adventures in Vienna (Cob. M. 

C. Friendship, Love and Duty; or, The Prussian Soldiers. L. 97 M. 
[Edinburgh, 29/11/1813]. 

Ba. The Frightened Ghost; or, The Spanish Painter (R.A. W. 

M D. Fritz the Outlaw; or, The Mysterious Wife (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Fritz the Outlaw; or, The Wife of Two Husbands (R.P. M. 

Ext. Frolics in" Forty-Five "(D.L.W. 10/2/1836). L.C. 2/3/1836 [as 

The Empty Cottage; or, F. in F.-F]. 
F. The Frolics of Fortune ; or, The Lordly Ploughman (said to have 

been "revived" at Lye. W. 30/12/1835). 

[Seemingly this is Fortune's Frolic (Royalty, 1812).] 
Spec. The Frolics of the Fairies ; or, Puck in a Pucker (Fitzroy, M. 

P. Frost Fair; or, Harlequin frae the North (Olym. M. 

M.D. The Frozen Cliff; or, The Exiles in Siberia (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Frozen Hand; or, The Sea-King's Daughter (S.W. M. 

M.D. The Frozen Lake (C.G. F. 26/11/1824). L.C. 13/11/1824. 

[Music Reeve. An adaptation of E. Scribe and G. Delavigne, 

La Neige (Pans, 9/10/1823).] 

P. The Frozen Mountain ; or, Harlequinade Exile (Pav. M. 13/11/1809). 
M.D. Frozen Regions; or, The Treacherous Esquimaux (R.A. M. 


Bsq. Der Fryshot (Edinburgh, M. 8/8/1825). 
Ba. Fun and Fright; or, How to Gain Consent (Adel. W. 10/11/1819). 

L. 115 M. [14/11/1819]. 

D. The Funeral Pile (W.L. M. 15/10/1821). 

P. Furibond; or, Harlequin Negro (D.L. M. 28/12/1807). 

C.O. II Furioso (E.O.H. S. 17/12/1836). L.C. 17/12/1836. 

Oa. Gabrielle; or, The Incog. (Queen's, M. 20/4/1835). 

M.D. Gabrielle de Belleisle; or, The Libertine's Wager Lost (S.W. 

Th. 28/11/1840). 

Oa. Galatea (Queen's, Th. 3/2/1831). 
C. Gallantry ; or, Adventures in Madrid (D.L. S. 15/1/1820). L. 76 S. 


Ba. The Gallery of St Nicholas. L.C. 30/7/1832. 
Int. The Gallopade; or, Horse and Foot (H.* W. 15/5/1833)- 
Bal. The Galloping Lover; or, Ellen the Bride of Young Lochinvar 

(R.A. T. 3/10/1815). 

F. A Galvanic Ring (Surrey, 6/3/1845). L.C. 3/3/1845. 
M.D. Gambia; or, The Slave (S.W. T. 13/11/1832). 
M.D. The Gamblers (Surrey, M. 17/11/1823). 


M.D. The Gamblers; or, The Murderers at the Desolate Cottage 

(Cob. M. 17/11/1823). 

[On T. 18/12/1823 the title was changed to The Inseparables; 

or, The Spectre of the Desolate Cottage] 
D. The Gambler's Life in London; or, Views in the Country and 

Views in Town (S.W. F. 26/12/1828). 
Ba. The Gamester (Royalty, S. 20/3/1813). 

[A version of Moore's play (1753).] 
Ba. The Gamester Father; or, Precept without Practice (Adel. M. 

6/3/1837). L.C. 2/3/1837. 
D. The Gamester's Son; or, The Last of his Race. L.C. Surrey, 


D. The Gaming Table (Fitzroy, M. 3/2/1834). 
P. Gammer Gurton; or, Harlequin and the Magic Needle (R.P. M. 


[A pantomime of this title appears in L.C. 24/12/1829.] 
O.F. The Garland. L. 83 M. [D.L. 28/3/1805]. 

Bal. The Garland of Love; or, Jack's the Lad (Olym. F. 24/11/1815). 
M.D. Gaspard Hauser (Surrey, M. 24/9/1838). 
D. Gaston Dubarry ; or, A Night in La Bertandine (Olym. 1 1/1/1847). 

L.C. 7/1/1847. 

D. Gaul, King of Ragah. 8 1813. 

D. Gay Gracer of Three Wives. L.C. Grecian, 19/11/1845. 
O. La Gazza Ladra (D.L. Th. 4/6/1835). 

[English version of Gherardini's opera with music by Rossini.] 
Bal. The Generous Farmer; or, Harvest Home (Adel. W. 31/1/1821). 
D. Genevieve; or, A Romance of Real Life (Surrey, M. 8/5/1843). 
M.D. Genevieve; or, The Murderer of the Pyrenees (Surrey, M. 

R.D. Genevieve de Brabant; or, The Hall of Torture (S.W. M. 

D. Genevra, the Scourged One; or, The Convict of Munich (Vic. M. 

P. The Genii of Palmoguam; or, Harlequin the Sagacious Man 

(Cob. M. 4/3/1822). 
P.Sk. The Genii of the Lake; or, Harlequin Ploughboy (Cob. W. 


P. The Genii's Tomb; or, Harlequin Robber (R.A. M. 27/6/1803). 
F. A Genius Wanted ; or, The Left Wing (C.G. W. 19/10/1831). 
M.D. Gentleman Joe (Garrick, M. 16/4/1838). 
[See T. E. WILKS (S.W. M. 3/9/1838).] 
Ba. The Gentleman Rover (Surrey, W. 13/6/1827). 

[An adaptation of O'Keeffe's Wild Oats.] 

Ba. Geoffrey Dunstan; or, Who'll buy a Duck? (Cob. M. 21/1/1828). 
Spec. George and the Crocodile (R.P. M. 27/1/1834). 
T. George Barnwell ; or, The London Merchant (New, W. 29/5/181 1). 

[Obviously a reworking of Lillo's drama.] 
Bsq. George Barnwell; or, The London Merchant Tailor (Surrey, 

27/5/1844). L.C. 17/5/1844- 
Bsq. Georgey Barnwell (Surrey, Th. 7/7/1833). 

[There was probably a new version of this at the Surrey on 

M. 27/5/1844-] 

C.O. Geraldine; or, The Lover's Well (P'cess, M. 14/8/1843). 
[Music Balfe.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 457 

F. A German Blunder; or, Prince and No Prince. L. 89 M. [H. 

T. Germanicus ... Translated into English, from the French of 

A. V. Arnault. 8 1817. 
[See BERNEL, 1817.] 
D. The German Jew; or, The Deserter from Orleans (S.W. M. 


O.F. The German Patrol (R.A. M. 12/4/1830). 
D. Gertrude of Elsinore (Surrey, M. 19/9/1836). 
Ba. Gervase Skinner (Olym. M. 24/10/1831). 

[SeeJERROLD, 1830.] 

M.D. The Giant; or, Dunois in the Dark (R.P. M. 11/2/1839). 
Spec. The Giant Horse; or, The Siege of Troy (R.A. M. 8/4/1833). 
Ba. The Giant of Palestine (Adel. M. 31/12/1838). L.C. 1838. 
D. The Giant's Castle; or, The Well of Marble Water (Surrey, M. 


P. The Giant's Causeway. L.C. C.G. 13/12/1829. 
D. The Giant's Causeway; or, The Slumber of Wonders (Queen's, 

9/4/1844)- L.C. 22/3/1844- 

P. Gil Bias; or, Harlequin Everywhere (S.W. M. 30/6/1823). 
M.D.Spec. Gil Bias de Santillane; or, The Horse Banditti (R.A. M. 

Ba. Giovanni in Botany; or, The Libertine Transported (Olym. T. 

12/3/1822). L. 124 M. [16/2/1822]. 
Ba. Giovanni in Ireland (W.L. W. 31/1/1821). 
Ext. Giovanni in Ireland (D.L. W. 26/12/1821). L. 82 S. [11/12/1821]. 

[Music Cooke.] 
O.F. Giovanni in the Country; or, A Gallop to Grema Green (R.A. 

M. 31/7/1820). 

[On T. 15/8/1820 the title was changed to G. in the C.; or, The 

Rake Husband.] 
Ba. The Gipsey Daughter; or, The Cupid of Clerkenwell (Adel. T. 

16/3/1824). L.C. 12/3/1824. 

D. The Gipsey of Milan (S.W. 22/1/1844). L.C. 13/1/1844. 
M.D. The Gipsy Dumb Boy (Cob. M. 22/9/1823). 
Ba. The Gipsy Girl (Sans P. M. 9/1/1815). 
Ext. The Giraffe; or, The Cameleopard (S.W. M. 1/10/1827). 
Bal. Giselle; or, The Wilis (P'cess, M. 9/10/1843). 
Spec. Giselle; or, The Phantom Night Dancers (Surrey, T. 

D. The Glass ; or, The Dangers of the Gin Palace (Queen's, 24/1 1/1847). 

L.C. 19/11/1847. 

Ba. The Gleaners (Surrey, M 23/9/1811). 
Ba. The Gleaners; or, Harvest Frolic (Pav. T. 26/12/1809). L. 51 S. 

M.D. Glenarvon (Cob. T. 13/7/1819). 

[The title was altered on M. 3/12/1821 to Glenarvon; or, The 

Murdered Heir.] 
D. Glendwyr of Snowdon; or, The Rock of Death (Surrey, M. 


Tale of Enchantment. The Gnome Fly (Adel. W. 31/1/1838). 
D. The Gnome King. L.C. 27/1/1838. 
P. The Gnome King ; or, Harlequin of the Giant Mountains (Royalty, 

F. 26/12/1823). 


R.D. The Gnome King ; or, The Giant Mountains (C.G.M. 4/10/18 19). 
L. 73 S. [29/9/1819]. 8 1819. 

[Music Bishop.] 
P. The Godolphin Arabian ; or. The Race-horse of the Desert (R.A. 

M. 12/5/1845). L.C. 28/4/1845. 
Ba. Going to Execution; or, The Spanish Princess (Royalty, M. 


F. Going to my Uncle's ; or, My Wife's Husband (City, M. 14/1/1833). 
P. The Golden Axe; or, Harlequin and the Fairy Lake (D.L. M. 


D. The Golden Bell. L.C. Standard, 26/12/1845. 
M.D. The Golden Days of Good Queen Bess; or, The Destruction 

of the Spanish Armada (Cob. T. 26/12/1826). 

P. The Golden Dream ; or, Harlequin Animation (R.A. M. 18/5/1812). 
P. The Golden Dream; or, Harlequin and Plutus (Royalty, M. 

Ba. The Golden Farmer; or, When the Clock Strikes (R.A. M. 

Spec. The Golden-footed Steed ; or, The Charmed Horse of the Black 

Valley (R.A. M. 24/5/1847). L.C. 7/5/184?- 
P. The Golden Goose; or, Harlequin, the Goblin of the Mine 

(Surrey, F. 26/12/1828). 
M.D. The Golden Shield; or, The Day of Numa Pompilius (R.P. 

M. 7/1/1836). 

D. The Gold Seekers; or, The Dying Gift (Vic. 17/12/1838). 
D. The Gold Seekers of Alasca (S.W. T. 1/2/1842). 
F. Gone to Texas (P'cess, W. 13/3/1844). L.C. 9/3/1844. 
Bal. Gonsalve de Cordoue (H. 1 T. 2/4/1816). 
D. Gonzaga. 8 1814. 
Ba. Goodman's Fields in the Olden Time ; or, The Benevolent Jew of 

St Mary Axe (R.P. T. 27/12/1831). 
F. A Good Name (Lye. Th. 24/4/1845). L.C. 21/4/1845. 
P. Goosey, Goosey Gander ; or, Harlequin, the Fairy of my Lady's 

Chamber (R.P. W. 26/12/1832). 

Spec. Gordon Gray; or, Scottish Outlaws (Royalty, T. 2/4/1811). 
M.D. Gordon the Gypsey (E.O.H. M. 5/8/1822). L. 126 M. [2/8/1822]. 

[Music Watson.] 

Ba. The Gossip; or, Mischief Making (S.W. M. 14/2/1831). 
D. Grace Gayton (Surrey, M. 7/9/1846). 
D. Grace Rivers; or, The Merchant's Daughter (R.P. 5/2/1844). 

L.C. 27/1/1844- 
M.D. The Graeme; or, The Wizard of the Black Moor (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Graham, the Regent of Scotland (Cob. M. 7/5/1827; R.P. M. 

D. Gramachree Molly; or, The Bodagh of the Boyne (Surrey, M. 

5/8/1844). L.C. 8/8/1844. 
D. The Grand Army; or, The Attack on Monterreau (S.W. M. 

29/1/1838; C.L. 15/10/1838). 
F. Grandmother's Pet. L.C. P'cess, 12/2/1844. 
F. Grandpapa (D.L. W. 25/5/1825). L.C. 14/5/1825. 
Spec. Grand Sabre, the Traitor (S.W. M. 12/1/1829). 
F. The Grand Tour; or, Stopped at Rochester (C.G. T. 22/5/1821). 

L. i2i M. [11/5/1821]. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 459 

Spec. Grand Venetian Carnival (Cob. M. 12/3/1821). 

C. The Grave. 8 1802 [in The Metrical Miscellany}. 

Ba. A Grave Subject; or, The Gentleman in Black (Cob. M. 2/6/1828). 
O.F. The Great Alexander. L.C. C.G. 5/4/1828. 

D. The Great Metropolis; or, Last Century (Queen's, 24/3/1845). 
L.C. 22/3/1845. 

Ent. The Great Steeplechase; or, Harvest Home (R.A. M. 1/7/1844). 

F. The Great Unknown (H. T. 9/9/1823). L. 87 S. [1/9/1823]. 

F. The Great Unknown. L.C. Olym. 4/3/1840. 

M.D. The Grecian Daughter (Royalty, Th. 24/6/1813). 

M.D. The Great Amazon ; or, The Santon's Cave (Cob. M. 14/1/1833). 

C. The Greek Captive ; or, A Peep into the Seraglio. L.C. Liverpool, 

Spec. The Greek Renegade; or, The Fall of Missolonghi (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Greeks and the Turks; or, The Intrepidity of Jemmy, 

Jerry and a British Tar (Cob. M. 19/11/1821). 
Ba. The Green Dragon; or, The Dead Men taken Prisoner (Cob. M. 


Ba. Green Gosling; or, The Poacher (S.W. M. 12/5/1828). 
Ba. Green in France; or, Tom and Jerry's Tour (Adel. M. 6/1/1823). 

L. 83 S. [1822]. 

D. The Green Mantle; or, The Beggar Girl of Lambeth Marsh (Vic. 
M. 1/5/1837). 

C. The Green Room ; or, Intrigues and Disasters. L.C. H. a 12/9/1825. 

[See.?. KENNEY, 1826.] 
Bal. Greenwich Fair ; or, The Petticoat Lancers (Garrick, M. 4/4/183 1). 

D. The Greenwich Pensioner (Surrey, W. 1/12/1830). 

M.D. The Greenwich Pensioner; or. The Seaman's Oath (R.A. M. 

D. The Greenwich Railway; or, Two to One on the Winner (R.P. 

M. 8/6/1835). 

Spec. Gregarach, the Highland Watchword (R.A. M. 14/5/1821). 
Ba. The Grenadier (Olym. M. 24/1/1831). L.C. 15/1/1831. 
R.D. Grey the Collier (Olym. F. 3/11/1820). L. 77 S. [28/10/1820]. 
P. Grimalkin the Great; or, Harlequin and the King of the Cats 

(Adel. M. 27/12/1830). L.C. 23/12/1829. 
M.D. Grim Will, the Collier of Croydon; or, The Death of the Red 

King (Cob. M. 24/10/1825). 

Ba. Gripe in the Wrong Box; or, The Biter Bit (S.W. M. 11/7/1831). 
D. Griselda. 12 1844. 

[From the German of " F. Helm"; see ANSTRUTHER.] 
M.D. The Guard House (Queen's, M. 6/7/1835). 

C. The Guardians; or, The Man of my Choice. 8 1808 [Bath]. 
Ba. The Guardians off their Guard (Olym. Th. 20/2/1840). 

C.O. The Guardians Outwitted; or, A Bold Stroke for a Wife (E.O.H. 
M. 1/9/1823). 

[An adaptation of Mrs Centlivre's play; music Reeve.] 

D. The Guardroom Slave (H. T. 26/10/1841). 

D. The Gude Man of Ballangeich (R.A. M. 23/7/1849). 
D. The Guerilla Chief (E.O.H. 6/7/1826). 

[A dramatisation of John Doe, Tales of the O'Hara Family. 

A later version appeared at the Surrey in 1829 as Montalto; or, 

The Mountain Pass.] 

NDII 30 


D. The Guerilla Chief and his Daughters (D.L. M. 19/11/1827). 

[Music R. Hughes.] 
D. The Guide of the Tyrol (Adel. M. 26/3/1838). 

[See UNKNOWN AUTHORS, Andrea Hofer.] 
Ba. Gulliver and the Lilliputians. L. 102 M. [Olym. 26/3/1814]. 
F. Gun Cotton (Lye. M. 26/7/1847). L.C. 22/7/1847. 
D. Gunpowder Tom; or, A Seaman's Duty. L.C. Britannia, 

D. The Gunsmith of Orleans; or, The Dead Woman's Secret. L.C. 

Vic. 17/1/1847- 
D. Gustave Dubarry; or, A Night in La Berlandiere (Olym, M. 


D. Gustavus of Sweden. L.C. Hull, 6/2/1834. 
F. Gutta Percha (Surrey, 20/3/1848). L.C. 18/3/1848. 
Bsq. Guy Fawkes. A Gingerbread Tragedy. L. 122 M. [E.O.H. 

M.D. Gwmett Bremmel; or, The Harpooner of Fish Hook Bay (R.P. 

M. 28/4/1834). 
M.D. Hafed the Gheber; or, The Fire Worshippers (D.L. M. 

29/11/1824). L.C. 27/11/1824. 

[A dramatisation of Lalla Rookh.] 
M.D. The Hag of the Glen; or, The Bandit's Bride (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Hag of the Lake; or, The Castle of Monte Falcon (Royalty, 

M. 14/9/1812). 
R.D. The Hag of the Storm; or, The Doomed Knight (R.A. M. 


P. Hags of Mischief; or, Harlequin Ploughboy (Pav. M. 17/11/1806). 
F. Half an Hour in England, without Cozening (C.G. Th. 1/7/1819). 
Ba. The Half Pay Officer (Sans P.M. 18/1/1819). L. H7M. [14/1/1819; 

as The H. P. O.; or, Love and Honour]. 
P. The Hall of Mischief; or, Harlequin and Maggy Lawder (Surrey, 

M. 11/4/1814). 

Ent. Hallowe'en; or, The Vampire and the Water Kelpie (Perth, 1821). 
Bal. The Halt of the Caravan (D.L. S. 30/11/1822). 
Bsq. Hamlet. 8 1838. 

[No extant copy of this has been traced.] 
M.D. Hamlet Prince of Denmark (Cob. M. 4/2/1828). 
F. The Handsell Penny (Lye. Th. 13/5/1841). L.C. 6/5/1841. 
Ba. The Handsell Penny (Olym. M. 10/6/1844). 
Spec. Hans of Iceland; or, The Iron Casket (Olym. M. 28/11/1825). 

L.C. 17/11/1825. 
M.D. Hans of the Iron Hand; or, The Blacksmith of Warsaw (R.P. 

M. 8/10/1832). 

C. Happy at Last; or, Sigh No More, Ladies (Margate, 13/9/1805). 
Bal. The Happy Return (Brunswick, M. 25/2/1828). 
Ba. The Hard Frost; or, London in 1814 (R.A. M. 15/4/1833). 
P. Harlequin Achilles ; or, A Trip to Hyde Park (R.A. T. 12/1 1/1822). 
P. Harlequin Amulet ; or, The Magic of Mona (D.L. M. 22/12/1800). 

L. 75 M. [22/12/1800]. 
P. Harlequin and -^Esop; or, Wisdom versus Wealth (S.W. S. 

P. Harlequin and a Happy New Year; or, The White Cat and the 

King and his Three Sons (S.W. S. 26/12/1846). L.C. 16/12/1846. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 461 

P. Harlequin and Asmodeus; or, Cupid on Crutches (C.G. W. 

P. Harlequin and Cinderella; or, The Little Fairy and the Large 

Glass (S.W. M. 27/12/1841). 
P. Harlequin and Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (C.G. M. 

3/4/1820). L. 79 S. [22/3/1820]. 
P. Harlequin and Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (S.W. M. 

P. Harlequin and Cock Robin ; or, The Babes in the Wood (D.L. W. 

26/12/1827). L.C. 21/12/1827. 
P. Harlequin and Cupid ; or, Love in an Humble Shed (Surrey, M. 


P. Harlequin and Don Quixote (Pav. M. 11/1/1813). 
P. Harlequin and Don Quixotte; or, Sancho Panza in his Glory 

(C.G. M. 27/12/1819). L. 75 S. [17/12/1819]. 
P. Harlequin and Duke Humphrey's Dinner; or, Jack Cade and the 

Lord of London Stone (D.L. M. 27/12/1841). L.C. 12/12/1841. 
P. Harlequin and Fair Rosamond; or, Old Dame Nature and Fairy 

Art (C.G. W. 26/12/1838). L.C. 12/1838. 
P. Harlequin and Flora (Pav. T. 20/11/1810). 
P. Harlequin and Fortumo; or, Shmg-moo and Thun-Ton (C.G. 

T. 26/12/1815). L. 104 M. [11/12/1815; as Harlequin and Fortune; 

or, The Treasures of China]. 8 1815. 
P. Harlequin and Georgey Barnwell; or, The London Prentice (C.G. 

M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 19/12/1836. 
P. Harlequin and Golden Eyes; or, The Golden Wood (Olym. M. 

26/12/1825). L.C. 8/12/1825. 
P. Harlequin and Good Queen Bess ; or, Merry England in the Olden 

Time (D.L. W. 26/12/1849). L.C. 18/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin and Guy of Warwick (C.G. M. 27/12/1841). L.C. 

P. Harlequin and Hardyknute; or, The Knight and the Wooden 

Demon. L.C. M'bone, 23/12/1848. 
P. Harlequin and his Eleven Brothers; or, Little Puck and the 

Magician of the Hermitage (Vic. S. 26/12/1835). 
P. Harlequin and Hop o' my Thumb ; or, The Seven Leagued Boots 

and the Ogre's Seven Daughters (S.W. T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 

P. Harlequin and Hot Codlins ; or, The Little Old Woman and the 

Demon of the Metal Mine (Vic. Th. 26/12/1844). L.C. 23/12/1844. 
P. Harlequin and Jack the Giant-Killer; or, The Golden Castle 

(Cob. F. 26/12/1828). 

P. Harlequin and King Lud of Ludgate. L.C. C.L. 20/12/1845. 
P. Harlequin and King Pepin; or, Valentine and Orson (D.L. T. 

26/12/1843). L.C. 16/12/1843. 

P. Harlequin and Ladybird's Bower (Surrey, M. 26/12/1836). 
P. Harlequin and Little Bo-Peep; or, The Old Woman that Lived 

in a Shoe (Adel. M. 26/12/1831). L.C. 22/12/1831. 
P. Harlequin and Little Great Britain; or, Jack and the Bean-Stalk 

and the Ogre's Wife (S.W. M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 22/12/1847. 
P. Harlequin and Little King Pippin; or, The Golden Crown and 

Goblin of the Apple (Surrey, M. 29/12/1834). 
P. Harlequin and Little Red Riding Hood ; or, The Wizard and the 

Wolf (C.G. F. 26/12/1828). L.C. 15/12/1828. 



P. Harlequin and Little Thumb; or, The Seven Leagued Boots 

(D.L. M. 26/12/1831). L.C. 21/12/1831. 
P. Harlequin and Little Tom Tivy; or, The Fairy Queen and the 

Great Sea Snake. L.C. Albert, 23/12/1848. 
P. Harlequin and Mother Bunch; or, The Yellow Dwarf (C.G. W. 

26/12/1821). L. 81 S. [14/12/1821]. 
P. Harlequin and Mother Red Cap ; or, Merlin and the Fairy Snow 

Drop (Adel. Th. 26/12/1839). L.C. 12/1839. 
P. Harlequin and My Lady Lee; or, Goosey, Goosey Gander and 

the Spell-bound Goslings (Surrey, S. 26/12/1840). 
P. Harlequin and Number Nip ; or, The Giant Mountain (C.G. W. 

26/12/1827). L.C. 8/12/1827. 
P. Harlequin and Old Cocker; or, Arithmetic Hall and the Rule of 

Three (Olym. M. 26/12/1842). L.C. 21/12/1842 [as The R. of T.; 

or, H. Arithmetic}. 
P. Harlequin and Old Daddy Long Legs; or, Mary, Mary Quite 

Contrary (Surrey, S. 26/12/1835). 
P. Harlequin and Old Dame Trot; or, The Fairy and the Comical 

Cat (Surrey, T. 26/12/1837). 
P. Harlequin and Old Father -flEsop ; or, Little Cock Robin and the 

Children in the Wood (S.W. Th. 26/12/1839). 
P. Harlequin and Padmanaba; or, The Golden Fish (C.G. Th. 

26/12/1811). L. 53 S. [19/12/1811]. 
P. Harlequin and Peeping Tom of Coventry ; or, The Ladye Godiva 

and the Witch of Warwick (C.G. T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 14/12/1837. 
P. Harlequin and Poonoowingkeewangflibeedeeflobeedeebuskeebang, 

King of the Cannibal Islands (Adel. F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 

P. Harlequin and Poor Robin; or, The House that Jack Built (C.G. 

F. 26/12/1823). L. 85 S. [5/12/1823]. 
P. Harlequin and Riddle me, Riddle me Ree; or, You Can't Guess 

what this may be. L.C. Olym. 22/12/1841. 
P. Harlequin and St. Crispin's Day; or, The Merry Old Woman in 

the Shoe (R.P. M. 8/4/1833). 
P. Harlequin and St. George and the Dragon (D.L. S. 26/12/1846). 

L.C. 21/12/1846. 
P. Harlequin and the Astrologer of Stepney ; or, The Enchanted Fish 

and Fated Ring (Surrey, W. 26/12/1827). 
P. Harlequin and the Book of Life ; or, Health, Wealth and Content 

(R.P. M. 30/12/1839). 
P. Harlequin and the Cygnet; or, The Fairies of the Silver Lake 

(Olym. Th. 26/12/1822). 

P, Harlequin and the Dandy Club; or, 1818 (D.L. S. 26/12/1818). 
P. Harlequin and the Dragon of Wantley; or, More, of More Hall 

(C.G. M. 27/12/1824). L.C. 9/12/1824. 
P. Harlequin and the Dragon of Wantley ; or, Moore of Moore Hall 

and Mother Shipton's Black Dog (S.W. W. 26/12/1849). L.C. 

P. Harlequin and the Eagle ; or, The Man in the Moon and his Wife 

(Adel. T. 26/12/1826). 
P. Harlequin and the Elfin Sprite; or, The Little Grim Gray Woman 

(Vic. W. 26/12/1838). 
P. Harlequin and the Enchanted Figs; or, The Little Yellow Man 

of the Golden Mountain (Surrey, W. 26/12/1838). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 463 

P. Harlequin and the Enchanter of the Coral Cavern. L.C. Grecian, 

P. Harlequin and the Fairy Queen of the Magic Teapot; or, Chi, Hi, 

Ski, Ki! King of the Golden Pagoda. L.C. Standard, 19/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin and the Flying Chest; or, Malek and the Princess 

Schirine (D.L. F. 26/12/1823). 
P. Harlequin and the Giant King; or, The Red Rich Mountain 

(R.P. M. 14/5/1832). 

P. Harlequin and the Golden Branch. L.C. Grecian, 29/11/1845. 
P. Harlequin and the Golden Peacock; or, The Weird Sisters and 

the Wizard Magician of the Glades of Glen Dell. L.C. Grecian, 

P. Harlequin and the Happy New Year ; or, The White Cat and the 

King and his Three Sons (S.W. S. 26/12/1846). 
P. Harlequin and the King of the Ruby Mine; or, The Fairy 

Brilliant (Cob. M. 7/6/1824). 
P. Harlequin and the Knave of Clubs; or, The Queen and her 

Syllabubs (Adel. W. 26/12/1832). 

[Also played as H. and the King of C.; or, The Knave who Stole 

the Syllabubs.] 
P. Harlequin and the Lord Mayor of London; or, Fum, the Fire 

Fiend of Finsbury. L.C. Grecian, 18/10/1847. 
P. Harlequin and the Magic Marrowbone ; or, Taffy was a Welchman 

(Adel. F. 26/12/1828). L.C. 11/12/1828. 
P. Harlequin and the Magic Rose; or, Beauty and the Beast (C.G. 

M. 26/12/1825). L.C. 5/12/1825. 
P. Harlequin and the Merry Devil of Edmonton; or, The Great 

Bed of Ware (C.G. Th. 26/12/1839). L.C. 12/12/1839. 
P. Harlequin and the Ogress ; or, The Sleeping Beauty of the Wood 

(C.G. Th. 26/12/1822). L. 84 S. [17/12/1822]. 
P. Harlequin and the Old Witch of Teddmgton; or, The Golden 

Days of Good Queen Bess (Surrey, F. 26/12/1845). 
P. Harlequin and the Red Dwarf; or, The Adamant Rock (C.G. S. 

26/12/1812). L. 56 S. [11/12/1812]. 
P. Harlequin and the Royal Ram ; or, The Brazen Dragon (Cob. W. 

P. Harlequin and the Silver Dove; or, The Fairy of the Golden 

Ladder (Adel. W. 26/12/1838). L.C. 1838. 
P. Harlequin and the Spirit of the Moon; or, Giselle and the Night 

Dancers. L.C. M'bone, 16/12/1846. 
P. Harlequin and the Snake-King; or, The Coral Branch (S.W. M. 

P. Harlequin and the Steam King; or, Perroule's Wishes and the 

Fairy Frog (S.W. F. 26/12/1845). 
P. Harlequin and the Swans; or, The Path of Beauty (C.G. M. 

27/12/1813). L. 99 M. [15/12/1813]. 
P. Harlequin and the Sylph of the Oak; or, The Blind Beggar of 

Bethnal Green (C.G. Th. 26/12/1816). L. 62 S. [16/12/1816]. 

8 1816. 
P. Harlequin and the Talking Bird, the Singing Trees and the Golden 

Waters (D.L. M. 27/12/1824). L.C. 15/12/1824. 
P. Harlequin and the Three Sisters (Pav. F. 30/10/1807). 
P. Harlequin and the White Mouse; or, A Frog in an Opera Hat 

(Adel. W. 26/12/1827). L.C. 17/12/1827. 


P. Harlequin and the Wild Fiend of California; or, The Demon of 

the Diggings and the Gnome Queen of the Golden Lake. L.C. 

Grecian, 16/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin and the Witch of Edmonton; or, Nobody and his Wife 

(Cob. M. 26/12/1831). 
P. Harlequin and the World turned upside down ; or, Number Nip 

and the Enchanted Fountain (S.W. T. 26/12/1848). L.C. 

P. Harlequin and Tom Tyler ; or, The Genii of the Golden Garden 

and the Silver City (R.P. M. 27/12/1830). 
P. Harlequin and Wat Tyler ; or, The Fairies of the Land of Flowers. 

L.C. Vic. 16/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin and William Tell ; or, The Genius of Ripston Pippin 

(D.L. S. 24/12/1842). L.C. 21/12/1842. 
P. Harlequin at Helicon; or, Pantomime Renovated (New, M. 

P. Harlequin "At Home"; or, The Magic Fountains (S.W. F, 

29/6/1821 1 6th performance). 
P. Harlequin Bacchus (R.C. M. 15/4/1805). 
P. Harlequin Bluebeard; or, The Fairy of the Silver Crescent (Adel. 

T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 20/12/1843. 
P. Harlequin Cottager; or, The Wandering Fairy (Sans P. W. 

P. Harlequin Crochet and Quaver; or, Music for the Million (C.G. 

Th. 26/12/1844). L.C. 2/12/1844 [as C. and Q.; or, H. Sharp, 

Flat and Natural}. 
P. Harlequin Demon; or, The Moonlight Enchanters (Olym. M. 

24/12/1827). L.C. 17/12/1827. 
P. Harlequin Don Quixote de la Mancha; or, Sancho Panza and 

Dulcinea of Toboso (R.A. F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 29/11/1845. 
P. Harlequin Fairy Land; or, The Princess Zela and the Magic 

Wishes Three (M'bone, W. 26/12/1849). L.C. 18/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin Golden Farmer; or, The Fairy of the Silver Spring. 

L.C. Albert, 16/12/1846. 
P. Harlequin Gulliver; or, Giants and Dwarfs (D.L. F. 26/12/1845). 

L.C. 17/12/1845. 
P. Harlequin Gulliver; or, The Flying Island (C.G. F. 26/12/1817). 

L. 66 S. [11/12/1817], 
P. Harlequin Guy Fawkes; or, The Fifth of November (C.G. S. 

26/12/1835). L.C. 16/11/1835. 
P. Harlequin Handy; or, The Whim of the Moment (Cob. M. 

P. Harlequin Horner; or, The Christmas Pie (D.L. Th. 26/12/1816). 

L. 63 S. [19/12/1816]. Another MS. is in the possession of 

Mr R. Crompton Rhodes. 

P. Harlequin Hyacinth; or, The Golden Violet (S.W. M. 16/4/1827). 
P. Harlequin in Egypt (R.C. M. 16/1/1804). 
P. Harlequin in Scotland (Olym. Pav. M. 23/11/1807). 
P. Harlequin Jack of all Trades (D.L. M. 26/12/1825). L.C. 

P. Harlequin Jack Sheppard; or, The Blossom of Tyburn Tree 

(D.L. Th. 26/12/1839). L.C. 1839. 
P. Harlequin Jack the Giant Killer; or, The Ogre of St Michael's 

Mount (Olym. T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 20/12/1843. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 465 

P. Harlequin King of Spades (Olym. Pav. M. 28/2/1808). 

[Called later, The Card Party; or, H. K. of S.] 
P. Harlequin Lincoln Lucky of Lambeth; or, The Three Fairy 

Sisters of Witch Willow Dell (Vic. T. 26/12/1843), L.C. 20/12/1843. 
P. Harlequin Mamaluke; or, The British in Egypt (R.C. Th. 

P. Harlequin Munchausen ; or, The Fountain of Love (C.G. S. 

26/12/1818). L. 70 S. [17/12/1818]. 
P. Harlequin Othello! or, The Fairy and the Bran-new Birds-eye 

Bandana (S.W. T. 19/9/1837). 
P. Harlequin Pat and Harlequin Bat; or, The Giant's Causeway 

(C.G. M. 27/12/1830). 

P. Harlequin Perizade; or, The Talking Bird (S.W. M. 15/4/1805). 
P. Harlequin Peter Wilkins ; or, The King of the Air and the Flying 

Indian (Vic. M. 27/12/1841). 
P. Harlequin Pewerite. L.C. S.W. 20/12/1845. 
P. Harlequin Plagiarist; or, The Gigantic Ghost (Olym. Pav. M. 


[Music Lawrence.] 

P. Harlequin Pointer (Royalty, M. 2/11/1801). 

P. Harlequin Rasselas ; or, The Happy Valley (Sans P. Th. 9/2/1815). 
P. Harlequin Reclaimed; or, The Magic Mentor (Surrey, W. 

P. Harlequin Robin Hood and Little John; or, Merrie England in 

the Olden Time. L.C. S.W. 23/12/1844. 

P. Harlequin's Amour; or, Jupiter and Europa (R.A. M. 15/4/1811). 
P. Harlequin's Ancestors; or, Mother Shipton, Mother Bunch and 

Mother Goose (S.W. M. 8/4/1822). 

P. Harlequin's Banquet; or, The Magic Feast (R.C. W. 16/4/1800). 
P. Harlequin's Calendar; or, The Palace of Bears (Royalty, W. 

P. Harlequin's Court of Apollo; or, Gambols Revived (R.A. M. 

P. Harlequin's Death and Revival; or, The Clown in Purgatory 

(Lye. 9/4/1822). 
P. Harlequin's Gambols; or, The Skeleton and the Clown (Royalty, 

M. 19/12/1803). 

P. Harlequin's Holyday ; or, The Easter Offering (Cob. M. 4/4/183 1). 
P. Harlequin's Holyday; or, Who Killed the Dog? (Adel. Th. 

26/12/1822). L. 125 M. [18/12/1822; as, Who K. the D.; or, H.'s 


[Later called H. H.; or, The Cockney Sportsman.] 
P. Harlequin's Honeymoon; or, The Antipodean Clown (Cob. M. 

P. Harlequin's Hour Glass; or, Time Works Wonders (Olym. M. 

8/1/1816). L. 62 S. [20/12/1815]. 
P. Harlequin Silver Penny; or, The Old Woman in the Bottle (Cob. 

M. 27/12/1830). 
P. Harlequin Silver Sixpence and the Giant Penny-piece; or, The 

World of Coins (Adel. T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 17/12/1837. 
P. Harlequin Simple Simon; or, The May Queen and a Voyage to 

the North Pole. L.C. Albert, 21/12/1849. 
P. Harlequin Sinbad the Sailor; or, The White Gnome and the 

Valley of Diamonds. L.C. Albert, 1849. 


P. Harlequin's Olio (C.G. M. 19/2/1816). 

P. Harlequin's Punishment (Royalty, M. 5/4/1802). 

P. Harlequin's Races; or, Time Beats All (C.G. M. 26/12/1803). 

L. 43 S. [16/12/1803; as, Harlequin at his Old Tricks; or, All for 

the Races}. 

P. Harlequin's Salutation. L. 92 M. [Pav. 12/12/1810]. 
P. Harlequin's Trip to Paris; or, The Golden Flute (S.W. M. 

P. Harlequin Tarn o' Shanter and his Steed Meg; or, The Witches 

of Alloway Kirk (R.A. T. 26/12/1843). L.C. 16/12/1843. 
P. Harlequin Tom the Piper's Son Stole a Pig and Away He Run 

(Olym. T. 26/12/1820). L. 117 M. [20/12/1820]. 
P. Harlequin Traveller; or, The World Inside Out (D.L. W. 

26/12/1832). L.C. 24/12/1832 [as Europe, Asia, Africa and America; 

or, Harlequin Mercury}. 

P. Harlequin Vulcan and Venus. L.C. 14/12/1829. 
P. Harlequin Warrior; or, Quixotte and Sancho (Royalty, M. 

P. Harlequin Whittington; or, The Lord Mayor of London (C.G. 

M. 26/12/1814). L. 59 S. [10/12/1814]. 

P. Harlequin Yorkshireman ; or, The Fairy's Gift (Vic. T. 1 7/9/1833) . 
P. Harlequin Zambutto; or, The Devil upon two Sticks. L. 51 S. 

[C.G. 14/12/1810]. 

Ba. Harmony Hall (St J. Th. 13/10/1836). L.C. 10/10/1836. 
Bal. Harold the Renegade; or, The Red Cross Knights (C.G. T. 


M.D. The Harp of Altenberg (S.W. M. 28/1/1833). 
M.D. The Harpooner; or, The Ice Sea and the Monster Whale of 

Greenland (R.P. T. 2/7/1833). 

C. Harry le Roi ; or, The Benighted Monarch (Surrey, M. 13/10/1834). 
Spec. Harry of England; or, The Battle of Agincourt (S.W. M. 


M.Ent. Harvest Home. L. 50 S. [Norwich, 18/3/1808]. 
Ent. Harvest Home ; or, The Mayor Deceived (Royalty, M. 16/11/1801). 
Ba. Harvest Home; or The Tythe Sheaf (R.A. Th. 28/2/1811). 
O. The Harvest Queen (D.L. T. 22/5/1838). 

[Music Phillips.] 

O.F. Hassan and Lara (R.P. M. 25/5/1829). 
Ba. Hassan Pacha; or, The Arab's Leap (Adel. M. 20/2/1837). L.C. 

Ba. Haste to the Wedding; or, The Marriage Portion (R.C. M, 

M.D. Hate; or, The Cataract of the Mountain (Surrey, M. 


D. Hate and Love (Surrey, W. 27/1/1836). 

M.D. The Haunted Chamber; or, The Crime Discovered (Surrey, 

M. 24/11/1823). 
Ba. The Haunted Chamber; or, 'Tis Well it's no Worse (S.W. Th. 


O. The Haunted Head (Surrey, M. 11/1/1836). 
M.D. The Haunted Hulk (S.W. M. 7/5/1832). 
M.D. The Haunted Inn. L.C. Olym. 26/6/1832. 
D. The Haunted Man; or, The Compact with the -Ghost (Adel. 

20/12/1848). L.C. 20/12/1848. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 467 

D. The Haunted Man; or, The Ghost's Bargain. L.C. Albert, 

D. The Haunted Man; or, The Ghost's Bargain (A Fancy for 

Christmas) (Adel. W. 20/12/1848). L.C. 14/12/1848. 
F. The Haunted Man (Queen's, 1/1/1849). L.C. 1/1/1849. 

[This and the preceding plays are derived from Dickens 1 tale.] 
Ba. The Haunted Village (R.A. M. 28/1/1811). 
Ba. The Haunted Village; or, Love's Stratagem (Pav. M. 20/11/1809). 

L. 51 S. [24/10/1809]. 

C.O. Haydeejor, The Secret (C.G. 8.4/11/1848). L.C. 4/11/1848. 
[Adapted from E. Scribe, Haydee; ou, le secret (Paris, 28/12/1847), 

with music by Auber.] 

Bal. Heads and Blockheads (R.C. W. 13/1/1819). 
Int. Heads and Tails (P'cess, S. 25/2/1843). 
R.D. The Headsman; or, The Axe and the Sword (Surrey, M. 

F. Heads versus Pockets; or, Knaves Overtrumped. L.C. 1826. 

C. Hear Him Out. L. 81 M. [C.G. 9/10/1804]. 
F. Hearing is Believing (Queen's, M. 26/10/1835). 

D. The Heart (Vic. 26/6/1848). L.C. 26/6/1848 [as The H. Test]. 
D. The Heart and the Key ; or, The Haunted Grange. L.C. Britannia, 

M.D. The Heart of Midlothian (T.R. Edinburgh, 9/12/1819). L. 73 S. 

M.D. The Heart of Midlothian; or, The Lily of St Leonard's (T.R. 

Edinburgh, 23/2/1820). 

[These seem to have been distinct versions of Scott's novel.] 
D. The Heart's Trials (M'bone, M. 9/4/1849). L.C. 2/4/1849. 
M.D. The Hebrew Family; or, A Traveller's Adventure (C.G. F. 

8/4/1825). L.C. 15/2/1825 [as The Englishman in Spain}. 
M.D. The Hebrew Patriarch; or, The Unknown Knight (Royalty, M. 


D. The Hebrew Twins (C.L. 22/11/1847). L.C. 19/11/1847. 
Ba. The Heir at Law (Royalty, W. 10/1/1816). 
T. The Heiress of Strathearn (Edinburgh, 24/3/1813). 
D. The Heir of Villeroy; or, The Palace of Palermo (S.W. T. 

D. Helen Fortescue ; or, The Shipbuilder's Daughter. L.C. Standard, 

T. Helga; or, The Rival Minstrels. L. 21 L. [Edinburgh, 1/1812]. 

D. The Hemlock Draught (Olym. M. 29/1/1849). 

O.F. He must be Married; or, The Miser Outwitted. 8 1815. 

Ent. Henault Forest (St J. T. 5/11/1839). L.C. 4/11/1839. 

D. Henri de Rochemaine (Strand, M. 14/10/1844). 

M.D. Henriette; or, The Farm of Senange (C.G. F. 23/2/1821). 

L. 123 M. [17/2/1821]. 

[An adaptation from the French Therese^ 
Int. Henri Quatre; or, The Fair Gabrielle. L. 125 M. [E.O.H. 


D. Henri Quatre; or, The Olden Time (D.L. 21/6/1825). 
T. Henry I; or, The British and Norman Feuds. L. 82 S. [D.L. 


D. Henry V; or, The Conquest of France (Surrey, M. 22/3/1830). 
Bal. Henry and Mary (E.L. Th. 21/8/1817). 


Bal. Henry and Rosa (Cob. M. 21/6/1819). 

M.D. Henry de Fleurville; or, A Mother's Sacrifice (Cob. M. 

T. Henry of Transtamare (Edinburgh, 1/11/1805). L. 20 L. 


Ent. Henry's Entertainment. L.C. Adel. 16/2/1828. 
Ba. Henry's Table-Talk. L.C. Adel. 18/3/1825. 
Ba. Henry's Table-Talk; or, Odd Sayings and Queer Doings. L.C. 

Adel. 2/2/1826. 
O. Hermann; or, The Broken Spear (E.O.H. M. 27/10/1834). L.C. 


[Music John Thompson.] 
P. The Hermetic Seal; or, Harlequin the Conjuror (R.A. T. 

P. The Hermit's Altar; or, Harlequin from the Clouds (Sans P. Th. 


Ext. A Hermit Wanted (Cob. M. 27/10/1828). 
O. Hernando Cortez; or, The Conquest of Mexico. L. 130 M. 

[C.G. 13/10/1823]. 

T. Hernani; or, The Honour of a Castilian. L.C. St J. 24/4/1847. 
M.D. Herne's Oak (R.P. M. 29/12/1834). 
Ba. Hero and Leander (St J. M 16/4/1838). L.C. 27/4/1838. 
Spec. The Heroic Sergeant; or, Female Intrepidity (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Hertfordshire Tragedy; or, The Victims of Gaming (Cob. 

M. 12/1/1824). 
Ba. He's Here Again; or, No Peace for the Frenchman (S.W. M. 


Ext. He's no Conjuror (Adel. M. 5/1/1829). 
Ba. He's not a-miss (Olym. M. 16/1/1832). L.C. 14/1/1832. 
P. He with the Hump ; or, King Dick and Harlequin and the Cruel 

Tyrant that killed the Babbies. L.C. C.L. 21/12/1846. 
Ba. He Would Be an Actor (Olym. M. 31/10/1836). L.C. 1837. 
Ba. He Would Be a Player; or, The Stage-Struck Butler (Pav. M. 

15/1/1810). L. 88 M. [12/12/1809]. 
P. Hickerty Pickerty; or, Harlequin and the Sable Hen (Surrey, M. 

P. Hickety Pickety, the Black Hen ; or, Harlequin and the Silver Egg 

(R.P. M. 7/4-M. 14/4/1834). 

Int. Hide and Seek (C G Th. 11/11/1830). L.C. 24/10/1829. 
Ba. Hide and Seek. L.C. 4/11/1833. 

M.D. The Highland Cateran (E.O.H. Th. 14/9/1837). L.C. 1837. 
Bal. The Highland Rivals; or, Douglas the Hero (Surrey, M. 

D. The Highland Widow. L.C. 26/4/1837. 

[This is evidently the same as Dougal, the Piper; or, The H. W. 

(Adelphi, Edinburgh, 20/9/1836), taken from Scott's tale.] 
F. High Life; or, Taste in the Upper Story (Hull, 1801). 

[By "a Gentleman of York."] 
F. High Life in London. L.C. C.G. 1826. 
C.O. The High Road to Marriage; or, Love in Full Gallop (Olym. 

Th. 9/11/1820). L. 77 S. [7/11/1820]. 

F. Hints for Painters (C.G. 10/5/1803). L. 79 M. [2/5/1803]. 
Ca. Hints to Wives; or, Advice to Husbands. L.C. P'cess, 29/9/1845. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 469 

F. His First Champagne (Olym. T. 25/7/1848). 

F. His First Peccadillo (P'cess, 26/10/1848). L.C. 16/10/1848. 

Ba. His Highness. L.C. 2/4/1832. 

Ba. The Hoax (New, W. 21/11/1810). 

Ba. The Hoax; or, Who's Drowned? L.C. Bath, 27/4/1826. 

O. The Hoaxer; or, Vive la Bagatelle. L. 59 S. [Norwich, 5/11/1814]. 

Ba. Hoaxing; or, The Mayor Outwitted (Surrey, M. 3/5/1824). 

P. Hocus Pocus ; or, Harlequin washed White. 

[See Peake, Memoirs of the Colman Family, ii. 350.] 
D. Hogarth's Apprentices; or, Industry and Idleness (R.A. M. 

D. Hogarth's Apprentices; or, Industry and Idleness (Britannia, 

27/3/1848). L.C. 28/1/1848. 

P. Hokey Pokey Wankey Fum (S.W. Th. 7/1/1836). 
Int. The Holidays; or, Just Broke Up. L. 97 M. [Pav. 16/12/1813]. 
M.D. The Hollow Way ; or, The Hidden Treasure (Cob. M. 29/9/1828). 
D. The Home of the Brave; or, The Child of a Soldier (Strand, M. 

D. Homeward Bound; or, The Main-top Night Watch (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Homeward Bound; or, The Sailor and his Wife (Pav. M. 

M.D. The Homicide; or, The Dumb Boy and the Spectre Knight 

(Cob. M. 16/8/1824). 
M.D. L'Homme Noir; or, The Executioner of Paris (S.W. M. 


Ba. Homoeopathy (Queen's, M. 24/7/1837). 
D. The Honest Man's Fortune (S.W. W. 28/2/1849). 
Ba. Honest Thieves (Royalty, M. 4/2/1811). 
O.F. Honesty the Best Policy (D.L. W. 31/5/1815). 

[Music Reeve ] 
Ba. The Honey Moon (Surrey, W. 5/8/1812). 

[An adaptation of Tobin's drama.] 
Ba. Hong Puf. L. 121 M. [Adel. 4/12/1821]. 

C. Honour; or, Arrivals from College (D.L. S. 17/4/1819). L. 74 S. 

[Music Cooke.] 

D. Honour and Shame; or, The Ballet-girl and the Jew. L.C. R.P. 

D. The Hooded Bridegroom (M'bone, W. 28/11/1848). 

Ba. Hooking Walker; or, Eight Miles an Hour (S.W. M. 14/5/1821). 

D. I loom, the Scourge of Norway; or, The Foundry of Kanzel (Cob. 

M. 18/10/1830). 

Int. The Hope of Britain ; or, The Twelfth of August (Brighton, 1802). 
P. Hop o' my Thumb and his Brothers ; or, Harlequin and the Ogre 

(C.G. M. 26/12/1831). L.C. 21/12/1831. 
D. The Hop Pickers (Adel. M. 12/3/1849). L.C. 14/3/1849. 
Ba. Hops! and Steps! (Surrey, T. 13/8/1811). 

Ba. Hops without Malt; or, Equestrian Tuition (Cob. M. 14/7/1823). 
D. Horatia (Olym. M. 6/1/1845). 
M.D. The Horrors of the Bastile; or, The Escape of Latude (S.W. 

T. 15/9/1835). 

M.D. The Horrors of War; or, Sixteen Years Since (R.P. W. 


Spec. The Horrors of War; or, The Life of a Soldier (Cob. W. 

Ba. Horse and Foot; or, The Gallopade (Surrey, 26/8/1834). L.C. 

3/5/1833. , _ 

Spec. The Horse Banditti and their Forty Steeds ; or, The Attack of 

the Caravan (R.A. M. 26/4/1830). 
T. Hortensia. 8 1815. 
P. Hot Boiled Beans and the Very Good Butter; or, Harlequin and 

the Elfin's Supper (R.P. F. 26/12/1834). 
Ext. Hot Codlings (Surrey, T. 26/3/1822). 

P . The Hottentot Venus ; or, Harlequin in Africa (New, M . 3 / 1 2/ 1 8 1 o) . 
F. Hot Weather (Lye. Th. 23/7/1846). 

D. The Hour of Retribution (Queen's, 13/4/1846). L.C. 13/4/1846. 
M.D. The Hour of Retribution; or, The Tenant of the Tomb (Cob. 

M. 26/2/1821). 

C.O. The Hour of Twelve (S.W. M. 2/5/1836). 
Ba. An Hour with Napoleon (Strand, M. 1/7/1844). 
O.F. The House out at Windows (D.L. S. 10/5/1817). 
P. The House-warming ; or, The Peasant's Pic-nic (R.C. M. 1/7/1816). 
D. How Fair the World Is! L.C. Grecian, 14/10/1843. 
C.O. How happy could I be with either! L. 86 M. [C.G. 5/11/1807]. 
Ba. The Howlet's Haunt; or, The Story of the Skull (Adel. M. 

10/12/1832). L.C. 6/12/1832. 

Ba. How many Wives has he? (Strand, Th. 23/2/1832). 
F. How to Die for Love (Lye. Th. 21/5/1812). 8 1812 [4 editions] ; 

8 1816; 8 1827. 

[An adaptation of Kotzebue, Blind Geladen. The Blank Cartridge 

of L. 55 S. [9/5/1812] seems to be the same play.] 
Ba. How to get off (Olym. T. 25/11/1834). L.C. 22/11/1834. 
Int. How to get out of a Mess; or, The Cornet in a Majority (S.W. 

M. 17/5/1824). 

Ba. How to Live without Money (S.W. M. 9/8/1830). 
Ba. How to Pay your Taxes. L. 78 S. [Olym. 23/11/1820]. 
C. How to Tease and How to Please (C.G. Th. 29/3/1810). L. 91 M. 


C. How will it End? L. 90 M. [Manchester, 28/2/1809]. 
Ba. Hugo Bambino. L.C. 1824. 
M.D. The Huguenots (E.O.H. M. 25/4/1836). L.C. 31/3/1836. 

[An adaptation of E. Scribe, Les Huguenots (Paris, 20/2/1836), 

with music by Meyerbeer. See also the next two plays.] 
O. The Huguenots (Surrey, Th. 16/8/1849). L.C. 16/8/1849. 
M.D. The Huguenots ; or, The Massacres of 1576 (R.P. F. 27/1/1832). 
Ba. Humbug. L.C. Adel. 23/1/1827. 
Ba. Humbug; or, Medecine for the Million (Olym. M. 7/4/1845). 

L.C. x 1/3/1845- 
Bsq. Humgumption; or, Dr. Frankenstein and Hobgoblin of Hoxton 

(Surrey, M. 1/9/1823). 

Ba. The Humours of an Election (Adel. M. 9/1/1837). L.C. 6/1/1837. 
O.D. The Humours of the Navy; or, A Peep at Portsmouth (Surrey, 

M. 6/9/1830). 

Bsq. The Humpback. L.C. Edinburgh, 21/9/1843. 
Bsq. The Humpback (Strand, S. 12/5/1832). 
P. Humpty Dumpty; or, Harlequin Fairy of the Enchanted Egg 

(S.W. W. 26/12/1832). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 471 

C. The Hunchback (Cob. M. 17/10/1831). 

Ba. The Hunchback; or, Frolics in Bagdad (E.O.H. S. 8/7/1820). 

L. 24 L. [2/7/1820; as The Little Hunchback}. 

Ent. The Hunchback and his Horse Beelzebub (R.A. W. 23/5/1832). 
Bal. The Hunchbacked Brothers of Bagdad (C.G. W. 25/1/1826). 
P. Hundred Eyes; or, Harlequin and Argus (R.A. M. 3/4/1820). 

D. The Hungarian Cottage; or, The Brazen Bust (Dublin, 1814). 
Bsq. The Hunted Tailor's Journey to Erentford (R.A. T. 21/9/1813). 

[This is described as " a popular play."] 
Ba. The Hunter of the Alps (Royalty, Th. 15/7/1813). 
D. The Hunter's Bride (Strand, M. 8/1/1844). 
F. The Husband of my Wife (Lye. Th. 3/5/1849). 

C. Husbands Beware (City, M. 29/8/1831). 

F. The Husband's Mistake; or, The Corporal's Wedding (C.G. T. 

5/1/1830). L.C. 2/1/1830. 

[An adaptation of La Fiancee (Paris, 10/1/1829) by E. Scribe 

with music by Auber.] 

F. A Husband Wanted (Strand, F. 6/7/1832). 
R.Ba. The Hussar; or, Love and Mercy (Surrey, F. 22/6/1821 

2nd performance). 

M.Ca. The Hussars ; or, The Petticoat Colonel (Queen's, M. 7/1 1/183 1). 
Int. The Hustings. L. 72 S. [E.O.H. 24/6/1818; licence refused]. 

D. The Hut of Valais ; or, The Runaway Horse (R.A. M. 29/5/1843). 
Spec. Hyder Ali; or, The Lions of Mysore (D.L. M. 17/10/1831). 

L.C. 17/10/1831. 
[Music Cooke.] 

Spec. Hyder Ali; or, The Lions of Mysore (Cob. M. 23/7/1832). 
Bsq. Hyder Ali; or, The Lions of Mysore (Adel. M. 24/10/1831). 

L.C. 24/10/1831. 

D. The Hydra, the Moon and the Daffodil (S.W. S. 21/8/1830). 
Ba. The Hypochondriac (Surrey, M. 11/7/1825). 
C.O. The Hypocrite. L. 76 S. [E.O.H. 11/7/1819]. 
M.D. Hypolita, Queen of the Amazons (R.A. M. 12/4/1819). 
M.D. The Ice King (C.L. 23/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. 
M.D. The Iceland King; or, The Maid of Altona (R.P. M. 20/4/1835). 
M.D. Ida of the Cottage. L. 75 S. [E.O.H. 23/6/1819]. 
M.D. The Idiot Heir (S.W. M. 12/7/1819). 

Ba. The Idol's Birthday (Olym. M. 5/11/1838). L.C. 30/10/1838. 
Bal. Ildamor and Zulem (H. 1 Th. 30/5/1811). 
F. I'll Stay where I am. L. 129 M. [Olym. 17/11/1823]. 
Spec. Illusion; or, The Trances of Nourjahad (D.L. Th. 25/11/1813). 
D. The Illustrious Chief; or, The Daughter of Robert Macaire 

(Surrey, M. 23/5/1836). 

Ba. The Illustrious Stranger. L.C. St J. 21/4/1837. 
M.D. The Imperial Victims; or, The Caverns of Hoenhelbe (Cob. 

S. 25/9/1819). 

F. In and Out. L.C. Surrey, 31/10/1845. 
Int. In and Out; or, My Landlady's Side Door (Olym. S. 24/3/1821). 

L. 81 S. [26/2/1821]. 

D. The Inca; or, Peruvian Clemency (Cob. M. 28/6/1819). 
M.D. The Incendiary; or, The House Burners (S.W. M. 15/12/1834). 
F. " Incog!" What's in a Name (Lye. 20/7/1829). 
Bal. The Inconstant Villager (R.A. M. 9/5/1814). 
M.D. The Indian Father; or, The Bride of Mexico (Cob. M. 21/1/1822). 


R.D. The Indian Girl (D.L. S. 28/10/1837). L.C. 1837. 

[Music Eliason.] 

M.D. The Indian Maid; or, Sailors and Savages (S.W. M. 16/6/1823). 
Bal. The Indian Nuptials (H.* M. 20/2/1815). 
F. The Indians. L. 93 M. [C.G. 25/4/1810]. 
Bal. L'indorf et Rosalie; ou, 1'heureuse ruse (H. 1 Th. 27/5/1813). 
M.D. The Infant Heir ; or, The Son of Clanronald (Cob. W. 6/2/1828). 
D. Infanticide (Queen's, Th. 15/9/1831). 

Bal.P. The Infant Soldier ; or, Love in Miniature (R A. M. 11/10/1802). 
Ba. Inkle and Yarico (Surrey, W. 28/11/1810). 
M.D. The Innkeeper's Daughter (E.L. M. 1/9/1817). 

[An adaptation of SOANE's play.] 
P. The Innkeeper's Disaster; or, The Vintager's Frolic (Vic. Th. 


D. The Inn of Death; or, The Outcast Son. L.C. R.P. 10/3/1847. 
F. In Pursuit of a Wife (Vic. M. 7/9/1840). 
T. The Inquisition of 1 650 ; or, Eugene and Maria. L. 64 S . [Glasgow, 

Ba. The Inscription; or, The Indian Hunters (Sans P. M. 28/2/1814). 

L. 22 L. [26/2/1814]. 
Int. In Search of a Wife; or, Love in Disguise (Olym. M. 14/1/1828). 

L.C. 12/1/1828. 
F. In Statu Quo! or, Romance and Romancers (Queen's, Th. 

M.D. The Instrument of Torture (Surrey, M. 27/5/1844). L.C. 

C. Integrity (C G. Th. 8/10/1801). L. 40 S. [21/9/1801; as The 

Garland of Truth; or, Integrity Proved]. 
Ba. The Interrupted Sacrifice. L.C. E.O.H. 9/6/1826. 
C. Intimate Friends. L.C. D.L. 29/4/1842. 
Ba. Intrigue, Love, Honour and Obey; or, The Widow (Sans P. T. 

1/12/1812). L. 97 M. [27/11/1812]. 

C. The Intrigue of a Day; or, The Poet in Livery. 8 1814. 
Spec. The Inundation of the Nile (R.P. 13/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
Bal. The Invasion; or, All for our Country (R.A. M. 11/7/1803). 
F. The Invasion of England. 8 1803. 
Spec. The Invasion of England by William the Conqueror; or, The 

Battle of Hastings (R.A. M. 8/4/1844). 
M.D. The Invisible Avengers (Surrey, 1809). 
F. The Invisible Client (Olym. M 6/5/1844). L.C. 2/5/1844. 
Ba, The Invisible Girl (Cob. M. 13/1/1823). 

[See HOOK, 1806.] 

Ext. Invisible Green (M'bone, T. 15/2/1848). L.C. 12/2/1848. 
M.D. The Invisible Tribunal ; or, The Guilty Son (Cob. M. 27/2/1826). 
M.D. The Invisible Witness; or, The Gamester's Doom (S.W. M. 


Ba. The Invitation ; or, Better Late than Never (Surrey, M. 27/10/1823). 
Ba. I. O. U.; or, An Old Way to Pay New Debts (R.P. W. 5/9/1832). 
Ext. I. O. U. 7. i6s. 6d.; or, How to Pay Rent without Money (S.W. 

M. 4/7/1831). 
O. Iphigenia in Tauris (Prince's, Th. 9/7/1840). 

[An English version of Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris.] 
O. Ireland; or, The Rose of Kerry (Surrey, Th. 28/4/1831). 
F. The Irish Baronet. L.C. H. J 27/5/1847. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 473 

F. The Irish Barrister (H.* M. 21/5/1838). 

Ba. The Irish Crispin (Cob. M. 27/7/1818). 

F. The Irish Gentleman (Vic. M. 13/10/1834). 

M.D. The Irish Girl (Adel. Th. 9/9/1830). L.C. 9/9/1830. 

C. The Irish Girl ; or, The Blacksmith of Barnet. L. 23 L. [23/6/1819]. 
Ba. The Irish Heiress (City, M. 23/1/1832). 

D. Irish Loyalty; or, The King in Dublin (R.A. T. 18/9/1821). 
O.F. The Irishman in Italy (D.L. T. 15/6/1813). 

Ba. The Irishman in Naples (R.A. M. 8/4/1822). 

Ext. The Irishman in Windsor; or, John Bull and the Wet Quaker 

(Surrey, M. 10/4/1826; described as "a most popular comic 

entertainment "). 
Ba. The Irishman's Dream; or, "Am I Myself or Another?" L.C. 

Lyc. 1839. 

M.Ent. An Irishman's Fortune; or, Paddy O'Rafferty (Tottenham- 
street, M. 6/9/1830). 

[Evidently the same play, as The I. F.; or, The Adventures of 

P. O'R, was given at the City, M. 22/8/1831.] 
D. The Irishman's Home (R.A. 5/1833). 
D. Irish Molly; or, The Primrose of Ireland. L.C. Britannia, 


Ba. The Irish Nigger; or, The Foreign Prince (Strand, M. 3/5/1841). 
Ba. The Irish Poleander; or, The Lady and the Lawyer (Olym. M. 

27/10/1823). L. 130 M. [12/10/1823 ; as The I. P.; or, Love and 


Bal. The Irish Reapers (R.A. M. 8/6/1818). 
Ba. The Irish Widow. L. 81 S. [Olym. 25/10/1821]. 

C. The Irish Wife (C.G. S. 1/12/1832). L.C. 24/11/1832. 

Ba. The Iron Chest; or, Murder Brought to Light (New, M. 25/2/181 1). 
M.D. The Iron Hand; or, The Dumb Carrier Boy and his Pony 
(Surrey, M 18/10/1841). 

D. Iron Heart (S.W. W. 27/1/1830). 

M.D. The Iroquois; or, An Indian's Oath (Cob. Th. 13/11/1823). 
M.D. The Iroquois; or, The Canadian Basket Maker (C.G. M. 

20/11/1820). L. 119 M. [14/11/1820]. 

[An adaptation of O'Keeffe's The Basket Maker.] 
D. Isabel Bertrand; or, The Wine Drinkers of Paris (Vic. M, 

10/8/1846). L.C. 1/7/1846. 
D. Isabelle de Montral. L.C. C.G. 26/3/1834. 
M.D. Isaure; or, The Alpine Maniac (R.P. Th. 14/2/1833). 
D. Isaure; or, The Maniac of the Alps (City, Th. 10/5/1832). 
F. Is He Alive? or, All Puzzled (D.L. M. 15/6/1818). L. 68 S. 

[12/6/1818]. 8 1818. 
Ba. Is He Jealous? (Surrey, M. 15/5/1820). 

[See BEAZLEY, 1816.] 
D. Isidore e Merida; or, The Devil's Creek (D.L. Th. 29/11/1827). 

L.C. 26/11/1827. 

[Music Cooke and Barham.] 

Spec. Is it a Wedding? or, Horns and Hounds (R.C. T. 9/9/1800). 
F. Is it a Woman? (Vic. F. 27/9/1833). 

M.D. The Island ; or, Christian and his Comrades (S.W. M. 28/7/1823). 
Ba. The Islanders (D.L. 4/6/1816). 
Bal. The Island Nymph (D.L. Th. 12/2/1846). 
[Music Schira.] 


M.D. The Island of Darkness; or, The Black Enchanter. L. 60 S. 

[Olym. 13/3/1815]. 
F. Isn't it a Duck? (M'bone, M. 29/1/1849). L.C. 27/1/1849 [as 

I.i.aD.? or, The Bird Fancier}. 

O. The Israelites in Egypt; or, The Passage of the Red Sea (C.G. 
2/1833). L.C. 16/2/1833. 

[Made out of Rossini's Mose and Handel's Israel in Egypt."] 
M.D. The Italian Boys; A Tale of Pisa (S.W. M. 22/4/1833). 
Bal. The Italian Flower Girl (E.L. T. 7/1/1817). 

Spec. The Italian Gamester; or, The Wife and Mistress. L. 92 M. 

[Pav. 10/10/1810]. 

D. The Italian Husband. L. 56 S. [H.* 10/8/1812]. 
C.O. The Italians in Algiers (P'cess, 30/12/1844). L.C. 18/12/1844. 
D. The Italian Sister; or, The Brigand of Albans. L.C. Adel. 

M.D. The Italian Traitors; or The Medician Brutus (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Italian Wife. L. 65 S. [Olym. 28/11/1817]. 

[See H. H. MILMAN, 1816.] 

F. It's only my Aunt (M'bone, M. 14/5/1849). L.C. 18/5/1849. 
D. Ivanhoe; or, Isaac of York. 8 1820 [Birmingham]. 
M.D. Ivanhoe; or, The Jew of York (Cob. M 24/1/1820). 
M.D. Ivanhoe; or, The Saxon Chief (Adel. M. 14/2/1820). L. 119 M. 


[These three plays are all adaptations of Sir Walter Scott's 

M.D. Ivan of the Mask; or, The Dumb Henchman of the Isles. L.C. 

Edinburgh, 11/5/1826. 
O.F. I've lost my Place (Olym. M. 30/9/1833). L.C. 26/9/1833 [as 

I've left my Place; or, The Journey of Adventure], 
M.D. Iwan; or, The Mines of Ischinski (Surrey, M. 22/9/1823). 
Ba. I will have an Uncle (Olym. Th. 29/9/1836). L.C. 27/9/1836. 
Ba. I wish you may get it (Olym. 1/10/1825). L-C. 1825. 
Int. "I won't go!" or, A New Way to Keep a Place (Olym. M. 


Ba. Jacintha; or, Like Master like Man (S.W. Th. 12/7/1821). 
F. Jack and his Nine Wives (Surrey, M. 8/6/1840). 
P. Jack and Jill; or, The Clown's Disasters (Lye. Th. 30/7/1812). 

L. 57 S. [26/7/1812]. 
Ba. Jack Grapplehard; or, Neptune's Love Messenger (Sans P. W. 

P. Jack in the Box, And Harlequin and the Princess of the Hidden 

Island; or, Heigho and Rum Go (D.L. 26/12/1829). L.C. D.L. 

17/12/1829 ; another MS. in possession of Mr R. Crompton Rhodes. 
Ba. Jack Junk; or, The Seaman's Fireside (Surrey, M. 3/1/1842; 

R.A. M. 5/11/1849). 

D.D. Jack of Paddington (M'bone, 4/3/1844). L.C. 1/3/1844. 
P. Jack o' Lantern; or, Harlequin Sprite of the Dismal Swamp 

(R.A. M. 30/6/1828). 

D. Jack Ram; or, The Man and her Master. L.C. R.P. 8/4/1848. 
D. Jack's Alive; or, The Jacobites in 1745 (Surrey, M. 27/3/1837). 
Ba. Jack's Delight in his Lovely Nan (R.P. M. 12/10/1835). 
D. Jack Sheppard. L.C. Hull, 28/12/1839. 

[A dramatisation of Amsworth's novel.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 475 

P. Jack Straw's Castle; or, Harlequin and Dame Durden (R.P. S. 


P. Jack the Giant Killer (S.W. M. 11/4/1803). 

P.Bal. Jack the Giant Killer (Lye. M. 13/8/1810). L. 90 M. [1809]. 
Bsq. Jack the Giant Killer (Surrey, 13/2/1846). L.C. 11/2/1846. 
D. Jacob Faithful. L.C. Edinburgh, 1/9/1841. 

[This and the following play are dramatisations of Marryat's 

D. Jacob Faithful; or, The Life of a Thames Waterman (Surrey, M. 


Oa. James I of Scotland (Surrey, M. 7/8/1837). 
T. James the Third, King of Scotland. 8 1820. 

[By the author of Catherine de Medicis.] 
R.D. James Crichton of Clunie and Catherine de Medicis (Surrey, 

M. 7/5/1838). 

Bal. Jamie of Aberdeen; or, Love in a Mist (Sans P. F. 20/1/1815). 
D. Jane of Flanders; or, The Siege of Hennebonne. 8 1801. 

[Wntten by S. W.] 

D. Jane Shore (Surrey, Th. 7/7/1833). 
D. Jarvis the Honest Man; or, The Merchant's Daughter. L.C. Vic. 


Ba. The Jealous Husband (St J. M. 22/4/1839). L.C. 15/4/1839. 
F. Jeames the Railroad Footman of Berkeley Square (P'cess, W. 

17/12/1845). L.C. 17/12/1845. 
Ba. Jean de Paris. L.C. 19/5/1830. 

D. Jeannette et Jeannot; or, The Conscript Bride. L.C. Vic. 17/4/1848. 
D. JefTery the Seaman; or, The Tar's Revenge (R.P. W. 21/4/1830). 
D. Jeffreys; or, The Wife's Vengeance. L.C. S.W. 11/4/1846. 
F. Jenny Lind; or, The Northern Star (Adel. 15/4/1847). L.C. 

F. Jenny Lind at Last; or, The Swedish Nightingale (Lye. W. 

14/4/1847). L.C. 8/4/1847. 
D. Jessie Holes; or, The Wild Herde of the Wolf's Lair (Vic. M. 

Oa. Jessie the Flower of Dumb lane ; or, The Smugglers of the Glen 

(T.R. Edinburgh, 11/6/1834). 
O. Jessonda (Prince's, Th. 18/6/1840). 

[Libretto by E. Gehe; music Spohr. Vienna, 1825.] 
M.D. The Jew and the German; or, The Devoted Daughter (Royalty, 

W. 9/10/1822). 
M.D. The Jew and the Robbers; or, The Stage Overturned (Royalty, 

T. 16/12/1823). 
D. The Jewess. L.C. Queen's, 1/4/1844. 

[An adaptation of E. Scribe, La Juive (Paris, 23/2/1835) with 

music by Halevy. See also the following play.] 

O.D. The Jewess; or, The Cardinal's Daughter (R.P. M. 23/11/1835). 
M.D. The Jew of Cadiz (S.W. W. 11/9/1839). 
Ba. The Jew of Canada (Cob. M. 9/11/1829). 
D. The Jew of Frankford. L.C. Edinburgh, 1839. 
Ext. Jim along Josey (Surrey, M. 2/11/1840). 
F. Jinks the Gent (Surrey, M. 19/3/1849). 
M.D. Joan of Arc (Westminster, Th. 17/5/1832). 
M.D. Joan of Arc; or, The Maid of Orleans. L. 125 M. [Olym. 


N D II 31 


M.D. Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans (Cob. T. 7/2/1826). 

Ba. Job Fox, the Yankee Valet. L.C. E.O.H. 1/8/1836. 

P.F. Jockey and Jenny (R.A. 29/12/1806). 

Ba. The Jockey's Stratagem (R.A. T. 11/7/1843). 

C.O. Joconde; or, The Adventurers. L. 68 S. [E.O.H. 7/7/1818]. 

F. Joe Miller; or, The Man of Few Words (City, M. 11/3/1833). 

M.D. John Adams; or, The Mutineers of the High Seas (E.L. M. 

30/9/1816 3rd performance). 
D. John Anderson my Jo; or, The Fatal Marriage Morn (R.P. M. 


F. John Brown (D.L. T. 21/2/1826). L.C. 1826. 
Ba. John Brown; or, Bedlam Broke Loose (Cob. M. 6/10/1823). 
Ba. John Bull in France (Surrey, W. 21/8/1811). 
Ba. John Duddlestone, the Breeches Maker of Bristol; or, The 

Queen's Court (Surrey, Th. 13/7/1837). 
F. John Gilpin. L. 104 M. [Norwich, 18/3/1815]. 
O.F. John Gilpin (D.L. M. 28/4/1817). L. 68 S. [21/4/1817]. 
Spec. Johnnie Armstrong; or, The Border Chief (Surrey, M. 13/5/1822). 
Spec. Johnnie Armstrong ; or, The British Captives (R.C. T. 4/10/1803). 
Ext. Johnny Gilpin; or, The Calenderer's Horse (Royalty, T. 


D. John of Leyden. L.C. C.L. 18/9/1849. 
M.D. John of Lome and Helen of Argyle ; or, The Houses of Campbell 

and Maclean (Surrey, M. 31/5/1824). 
F. A Joke's a Joke; or, Too much for Friendship (D.L. T. 4/5/1830). 

L.C. 26/4/1830. 
D. Jonathan Bradford. L.C. 31/10/1835. 

[See FITZBALL, 1833.] 

M.D. Jonathan Dobson, the Congress Trooper (Cob. M. 10/1/1831). 
Ext. Jonny Gilpin ; or, The Linen-draper's Tour (R.C. Th. 28/7/1808). 
M.D. Joseph II; or, The Emperor and the Exile (Cob. M. 2/8/1830). 
Ba. The Jovial Mourners (S.W. M. 4/4/1831). 
Spec. Juan Fernandez; or, A British Seaman's Story (R.C. M. 


Bal.P. Juan Fernandez; or, The Island Ape (Surrey, M. 18/7/1825). 
Ext. Juan's Early Days (D.L. M. 18/2/1828). L.C. 16/2/1828. 

[Music Reeve.] 

M.D. Juan the Libertine (Cob. M. 24/7/1820). 
Pol. The Jubilee; or, John Bull in his Dotage. A Grand National 

Pantomime ; as it was to have been acted By His Majesty's Subjects, 

on the Twenty-fifth of October, 1809. 8 1809. 
D. The Judgment of Brutus; or, Tarquin and Lucretia (Cob. M. 


Ext. The Judgment of Paris (Strand, M. 23/4/1832). 
Bsq. The Judgment of Paris; or, The Pas de Pippins (Adel. Th. 

17/9/1846). L.C. 21/8/1846. 
D. Julian. L.C. 21/1/1831. 
D. Julie Ledru; or, The Goldsmith's Daughter (Surrey, 23/3/1846). 

L.C. 22/3/1846. 
M.D. Julio of Harancour; or, The Deaf and Dumb Orphan (Cob. M. 


M.D. Julius Caesar (E.L. M. 24/8/1818). 
F. Jumbo Jim (R.P. W. 12/12/1838). 
Ba. Justice and Quackery (Cob. M. 5/8/1822). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 477 

Spec. Justinio; or, The Bandit of Otranto (Cob. M. 30/10/1820). 

The Juvenile Dramatist; or, A Selection of Plays from the most 

celebrated German Writers upon Education. 8 1801 [Hamburg]. 

[A translation from J. En gel.] 

D. Juvenile Friendship; or, The Holidays. 8 1802. 
Bal. The Kaleidoscope; or, Pay for Peeping (R.C. M. 8/6/1818). 
M.D. Karackoo; or, The Sailor and his Dog (Vic. T. 27/5/1834). 
M.D. Kasil Irmark (Cob. 9/1829). 
Ba. Kate Carroway (Strand, 23/5/1842). L.C. 27/5/1842. 
D. Kate Wynsley; or, The Two Wives of Clitheroe (Surrey, M. 

D. Kathleen; or, The Bride of Minister (Britannia, 24/7/1848). 

[This seems to be the K.; or, The Maid ofM. in L.C. 5/9/1844.] 
D. Katitzka; or, The Siege of Dresden. L.C. Surrey, 29/3/1848. 
Ba. Katty O'Shiel ; or, The Follower of the Family (Vic. M. 25/10/1841). 
C. Keep your own Secret. 8 1807. 
[A translation from Calderon.] 

C. Keep your Temper; or, Know Whom you Marry. L.C. D.L. 
5/4/1829 [licence refused]. 

D. The Kelpie's Cave; or, The Highland Revenge (S.W. M. 

D. Kenilworth. 8 1824 [Edinburgh]. 

D. Kenilworth (D.L. M. 22/10/1832). 

Bal. Kenilworth (C.G. S. 9/2/1833). 

T. Kenilworth ; or, The Days of Good Queen Bess (D.L. M. 5/1/1824). 

D. Kenilworth; or, The Golden Days of England's Elizabeth (R.A. 

M. 8/3/1847). 
D. Kenilworth; or, The Merry Days of Old England. 8 1822 


MJD. Kenilworth Castle (Olym. T. 27/2/1821). L. 80 S. [21/2/1821]. 
M.D. Kenilworth Castle (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 19/3/1825). 

[This and the preceding dramas are all derived from Scott's 

romance and each seems to have been a separate version.] 
M.D. The Kentucky Rifle; or, The Horse and the Murderer (R.A. 

M. 23/4/1832). 
Spec. Kerim the Pearl Diver; or, The Monster of Mysore and the 

Fiend of the Whirlpool (Britannia, 7/6/1847). L.C. 21/5/1847. 
P. The Key of the Kingdom; or, Harlequin and the Fairy Bluebell 

(P'cess, F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 17/12/1845. 
Ba. Killigrew; or, King Charles at Tunbridge Wells (Adel. M. 

10/10/1825). L.C. 1825. 
O.F. The Kind Impostor (D.L. T. 8/5/1821). 

[An adaptation of Cibber, She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not. 

Music Cooke and Home.] 
Ba. Kind Intentions (Adel. Th. 24/2/1831). L.C. 22/2/1831. 

C. Kindred. 8 1837. 

[An adaptation of Kotzebue, Die Verwandschaften.] 

D. The King and his Crown (Surrey, M. 29/6/1835). 

Ba. A King and No King; or, The Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

L. 82 S. [Olym. 4/4/1821]. 

Sk. The King and the Actor (Strand, M. 30/9/1833). 
Ba. The King and the Cobler. L. 92 M. [Pav. 10/10/1810], 
Ba. The King and the Freebooter; or, The Keep of Castle Hill 

(Surrey, M. 11/9/1837). 



R.D. The King and the Piper (P'cess, T. 25/5/1847). 

Sk. The King at Rheims (R.A. M. 20/6/1825). 

P. King Bluebottle. L.C. Britannia, 21/12/1846. 

M.D. King Charles II; or, The Battle of Worcester (Surrey, W. 

7/8-S. 11/8/1821). 
D. King Hal's Early Days (D.L. F. 31/3/183?). L.C 18/3/1837 [as 

The E.D. of K.Hal]. 

O.F. King Henry VIII and the Cobbler (Pav. T. 27/10/1812). 
P. King Jamie; or, Harlequin and the Magic Fiddle (P'cess, W. 

26/12/1849). L.C. 28/11/1849. 

Ba. King John; or, The Origin of Horn Fair (Royalty, M. 2/6/1823). 
Ba. King Lear and his Three Daughters (Royalty, S. 24/10/1812). 
Eccentric Scene. The King of Rome; or, Little Buonaparte and his 

Warhorse (R.A. M. 10/9/1827). 

D. The King of Spain and his Barber (Surrey, W. 3/3/1812). 
Ca. The King of the Brigands (P'cess, Th. 28/1/1847). L.C. 

Ba. The King of the Danube and the Water Lily (Adel. M. 27/3/1837 ; 

R.P. M. 30/4/1838). L.C. 22/3/1837. 
Ext. The King of the Hills; or, The Frog, the Tortoise and the 

Sapajou (Surrey, M. 4/6/1838). 
C. King O'Neill; or, The Irish Brigade (H. S. 11/5/1839). 

C. King or Queen. L.C. Lye. 9/3/1846. 

Esq. King, Queen and Knave ; or, The Court of St. Mary Axe (Surrey, 
F. 15/5/1829). 

D. King Renews Daughter (H. 1 T. 18/12/1849). L.C. 16/12/1849. 
Ba. King Richard III; or, The Battle of Bosworth Field (Royalty, S. 


Bsq. King Richard III Travestie. . .with Annotations. 8 1816. 
Bsq. King Richard III. Travestie. A Burlesque, Operatic, Mock 

Terrific Tragedy. 8 1823 [Duncombe]. 
Ba. The King's Coin; or, Home is Home After All (Surrey, M. 

D. The King's Faith and the Fisher's Fealty (C.L. M. 11/12/1837; 

Vic. Th. 4/3/I840. 

Ca. The King's Favourites. L.C. Adel. 2/12/1844. 
Int. The King's Fireside (D.L. F. 17/12/1830). L.C. 11/12/1830. 
F. The King's First Lesson (S.W. Th. 8/3/1849). 

C. The King's Friend (S.W. W. 21/5/1845). 

D. The King's Highway. L.C. D.L. 20/3/1843. 

M.D. The King's Mistress; or, The Death of Jane Shore (Cob. M. 

D. King Stephen; or, The Wild Woman of the Fens (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Kirkauld's Point; or, A Legend of the Thames (S.W. M. 15/7/1839). 
C.O. The Kiss; or, Bertha's Bridal (Lye. M. 13/6/1842). L.C. 


Ba. Kiss and Be Friends (R.C. Th. 26/9/1816). 
Bal. Kiss in the Ring (Sans P. M. 19/10/1818). 
Vaud. The Kitchen; or, The Baker's Bride (S.W. M. 2/7/1832; 

Surrey, M. 17/8/1835). 

Bsq. The Kitchen Sylph (Adel. M. 6/10/1834). L.C. 6/10/1834. 
BaLP. Knapschou; or, The Forest Fiend (Lye. F. 4/8/1809). 
[Music C. Smith.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 479 

M.D. The Knight of Snowdoun (E.O.H. M. 14/7/1823). 

[See MORTON, xSixJ 
D. The Knight of the Black Plume; or, The Fisherman's Hut 

(Surrey, M. 30/5/1814). 
Ba. The Knight of the Boots; or, What will my Lady say? (Olym. 

10/3/1817). L. 109 M. [2/1817]. 
Spec. The Knight of the Eagle Crest; or, The Journey of Love (R.A. 

T. 18/12/1849). L.C. 15/12/1849. 
Spec. The Knights of St George; or, The Windsor Installation (R.A. 

M. 29/4/1805). 
Bal. The Knights of the Garter; or, St. George's Day (R.C. M. 

Spec. The Knights of the Sun; or, Love and Danger (R.A. T. 

27/7/1802; Royalty, M. 18/2/1805). 
M.D. The Knights of Villeroy; or, The Hermit of the Rock (Sans P. 

M. 17/3/1817). 
Ba. Knots and Noses; or, Gaul versus Lavater (Adel. 23/10/1820). 

L. 118 M. [20/10/1820; as K. and Knobs]. 
M.D. The Kocuba; or, The Indian Pirate's Vessel (Surrey, M. 

M.D. Kongo Kolo; or, Mandingo Warriors (R.A. Th. 28/2/1811). 

L. 92 M. [21/11/1810]. 
M.D. Korastikam Prince of Assassins ; or, The Dreaded Harem (Cob. 

M. 7/5/1821). 

Spec. The Koromantyns; or, Caesar and Clara (R.C. M. 19/9/1808). 
Oa. Kosciusko (Prince's, W. 13/5/1840). 

C. The Labyrinth Farm; or, The Fashionable Recluse. L. 21 L. 

D. The Ladder across the Street; or, The Heir of Fernside. L.C. 
Surrey, 30/8/1848. 

Ca. Ladies Beware; or, The Ultimatum (P'cess, S. 12/6/1847). L.C. 


Ca. The Ladies' Matrimonial Club (Surrey, M. 15/6/1840). 
D. The Lady and the Convict (Adel. 4/1/1841). L.C. 24/12/1840. 
D. A Lady at Dover. L.C. P'cess, 17/4/1848. 
Bsq. Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry (P'cess, Th. 

9/4/1846). L.C. 11/4/1846. 
C.Spec. Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry; or, Clearing the 

Toll (R.A. M. 31/7/1848). L.C. 10/7/1848. 

Bal. Lady Henrietta; or, The Statute Fair (D.L. M. 15/4/1844). 
Ba. A Lady in Difficulties. L.C. Olym. 13/11/1835. 

[See PLANCHG, 1849.] 

F. The Lady Killer (Surrey, S. 15/10/1831). 
Int. Lady Mary Wortley Montague ; or, Courtship and Matrimony in 

1712 (Lye. M. 1/4/1839). L.C. 1839 [but marked as licence refused]. 
Bsq. The Lady of Lions ; or, Clod, the Bellows Mender (Strand, M. 

11/6/1838; Olym. Th. 22/7/1841). L.C. 8/6/1838. 
D. The Lady of St. Tropez (Olym. Th. 1/1/1846). L.C. 15/2/1845. 
D. The Lady of St. Tropez. L.C. Garrick, 5/2/1845. 
O. The Lady of the Lake (C.G. T. 31/1/1843). L.C. 10/2/1843. 
O. The Lady of the Lake and the Knight of Snowdoun (D.L. 

4/1/1827). L.C. 4/1/1827. 
M.D. The Lady of the Louvre; or, The Queen's Favourite (R.P. M. 



Ba. The Lady of the Tower (Tottenham-street, 4/2/1811). 

Ca. The Lady of the Willow; or, Wife with Two Heads. L.C. Vic. 

Bsq. The Lady of the Wreck; or, Castle Blarneygig (S.W. M. 


D. Laffarge; or, Self-will in Woman (Adel. Th. 29/10/1840). 
M.D. The Lake of Lugano; or, Rathac the Fisherman (Cob. M. 

D. Lalli Tollendal; or, The General and the Jesuit (Surrey, M. 


P. The Lancashire Witches (New, Th. 27/12/1810). 
M.D. The Landgrave's Leap; or, The Ancestors of Leopold (Cob. M. 


D. Landlord and Tenant. L.C. R.P. 3/4/1847. 
P. The Land of Enchantment; or, The Fiend of the Fated Valley 

and Harlequin of the Magic Horn. L.C. Apollo, 21/12/1846. 
Spec. The Land Storm; or, The Sledge-Driver and his Dogs (Cob. 

M. 26/4/1819). 
P. Langamo's Cave; or, Harlequin and the Queen of the Crystal 

Grot. L.C. Albert, 17/5/1844. 

D. The Lapidary of Leyden (Surrey, M. 6/1/1840). 
P. The Lapland Fairy; or, Harlequin's Exile (Pav. M. 9/11/1812). 
D. The Larboard Fin; or, Twelve Months Since (Surrey, M. 


B.O. The Lass of Gowrie (E.O.H. W. 11/9/1839). L.C. 7/9/1839. 
F. The Last Act. 8 1814. 

Ba. A Last Day (Olym. W. 28/10/1840). L.C. 19/11/1840. 
M.D. The Last Days of Napoleon Buonaparte at St. Helena (R.A. 

M. 28/4/1828). 
M.D. The Last Guerilla Chief (E.O.H.Th. 6/7/1826). L.C. 13/6/1826. 

[Music M. Moss.] 

M.D. The Last Key; or, The Dempster's Doom (R.P. M. 23/6/1834). 
D. The Last Link of Love (M'bone, 24/3/1845). L.C. 24/3/1845. 
D. The Last Mail (Surrey, M. 27/6/1836). 
D. The Last Man (Olym. M. 10/11/1845). 
Spec. The Last of the Barons ; or, Warwick the King Maker and the 

Battle of Barnet (R.A. M. 10/11/1845). 

[A dramatisation of Lord Lytton's novel.] 
D. The Last of the Murdakes (R.P. F. 17/9/1830). 
M.D. The Last of the Romans; or, Rienzi the Patriot (R.P. F. 

Ba. The Last Whistle (D.L. 6/5/1835). L.C. 9/5/1835. 

[A dramatisation of Burns' Tarn o' Shunter} 
P. Laugh and Grow Fat; or, Harlequin Nutcracker (Olym. W. 

26/12/1849). L.C. 18/12/1849 [as Harlequin Jolly Nonsense}. 
C. The Laughable Lover. 8 1805. 

[By " Carol O'Caustic."] 
P. Laugh and Lay Down; or, Harlequin King of Spades (R.A. M. 


F. The Laughing Hyena (H. a S. 3/11/1849). L.C. 26/10/1849. 
Ba. Laugh when you can; or, Female Constancy (Surrey, S. 11/12/1813). 
Sk. The Launch of the Good Ship William and the Royal Adelaide 

(Cob. M. 19/7/1830). 
Bal. Laura et Linza; ou, le Troubadour (H. 1 Th. 8/5/1800). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 481 

Bal. Laurette (H. 1 T. 15/2/1803). 

M.D. Laurette; or, The Lily of St. Clarens (S.W. T. 8/11/1831). 

C.D. Lavater the Physiognomist and a Good Judge Too (H. M. 

27/3/1848). L.C. 25/3/1848. 
Ba. Law, Latin and Love; or, All the World at Colchester (S.W. M. 


[See Love, Law and Pugilism (1824).] 
Ba. The Law of Brahma ; or, The Hindoo Widow (Adel. M. 1/10/1838). 

L.C. 28/9/1838. 

D. The Law of Russia (R.P. M. 25/5/1829). 
D. The Law of the Land ; or, London in the Last Century (Surrey, 

M. 21/8/1837). 

C. The Law Suit. L. 105 M. [C.G. 27/11/1815]. 
Ext. Law versus Physic; or, The Clerkenwell Election (S.W. Th. 

F. Lawyers and their Clients; or, Love Suits (Edinburgh, 4/1/1815). 

L. 103 M. [19/12/1814]. 

F. Laying a Ghost (H. W. 15/11/1843). L.C. 7/11/1843. 
Ba. Layo'ers for Meddlers (Cob. M. 3/11/1823). 

[On M. 15/3/1824 this appeared as Sir Matthew Meddle and 

his Dog Turk; or, L.for M.] 
M.D. Lazaria the Greek; or, The Archon's Daughter (Cob. M. 


M.D. Lazuli; or, The Demon of the Rock (Garrick, M. 3/10/1831). 
Bal. Leander and Leonora (D.L. 16/2/1814). 
T. King Lear (D.L. 24/4/1820). 

[A slightly altered version used by Kean; see Odell, op, cit. 

ii. 151-2. Another version appeared at D.L. on 10/2/1823; see 

ib. ii. 154-6.] 
Bsq. King Lear and his Daughters Queer. 8 1830. 

[By "Hugo Vamp."] 

Spec. The Learned Lions (Queen's, Th. 20/10/1831). 
Ba. Leave the House; or, The Ghost's Advice (S.W. M. 3/11/1828). 
Ba. Lefevre; or, The Lost Likeness (St J. S. 9/11/1839). L.C. 


C. The Legacy; or, A Thousand Pounds Reward. L. 84 M. [C.G. 

[Is this The Romantic Lover (C.G. S. 11/1/1806)?] 
P. The Legacy; or, The Spendthrift (Pav. T. 23/1/1810). 
F. Legacy Hunting (Olym. W. 8/4/1840). L.C. 4/4/1840 [as L. H.; 

or, An Uncle from India]. 
F. The Legal Friend. L.C. H.* 15/8/1845. 
Ba. Legerdemain; or, The Conjuror's Wife (Strand, T. 30/8/1842; 

Surrey, M. 15/10/1849). L.C. 6/7/1842. 
M.D. Leila, the Maid of the Alhambra; or, The Siege of Granada 

(S.W. M. 22/10/1838). 

D. Lekinda, the Sleepless Woman (Adel. M. 30/9/1833). 

R.D. Lelia's Lamp; or, The Storm-Light of Anzasca (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Lending your Name (R.P. M. 6/5/1833). 
O. Leocadea (D.L. S. 17/12/1825). L.C. 1825. 

[Music by Auber arranged by B. Livius.] 
D.O. Leoline (P'cess, M. 16/10/1848). L.C. 22/9/1848. 

[Music Flotow.] 


D. Leoline; or, Life's Trials (Adel. M. 2/2/1846). L.C. 16/1/1846. 

D. Leontine. L.C. 24/5/1832. 

D. Leontine; or, Gerard the Pedlar. L.C. C.L. 11/3/1848. 

D. Leontine; or, Sixteen Years Since (Vic. M. 8/4/1844). L.C. 

Ba. A Lesson for Gentlemen; or, The City Wives (Strand, M. 

1/4/1839). L.C. 4/10/1838. 
P.C. A Lesson in Love (Queen's, M. 8/2/1836). 

D. A Lesson of Life ; or, Three Ways of Living. L.C. C.L. 18/1 1/1848. 
D. Lessons of Life; or, The Lacemakers of Lisle. L.C. Surrey, 


Ba. The Liberal Candidate (P'cess, M. 16/1/1843). L.C. 7/5/1842. 
Ba. The Libertine Defeated; or, African Integrity (Cob. M. 24/10/1825). 
M.D. The Libertine of Poland; or, The Colonel of Hussars (Cob. M. 


P. Liberty Hall; or, Harlequin Sportsman (Pav. S. 26/12/1807). 
Ba. Lie upon Lie; or, The Two Spanish Valets. L. 112 M. [Sans P. 


D. Life; or, The Drunkard's Children. L.C. Vic. 10/7/1848. 
D. The Life and Death of King Richard II ; or, Wat Tyler and Jack 

Straw (R.A. M. 1/9/1834). 
M.D. The Life and Death of King Richard III; or, The Battle of 

Bosworth Field (Surrey, T. 16/2/1813). 
M.D. The Life and Reign of George III, the Father of his People 

(Cob. M. 30/8/1824). 
P. The Life, Death and Restoration of the High Mettled Racer ; or, 

Harlequin on Horseback (R.A. M. 27/3/1815). 
D. The Lifeguardsman (P'cess, S. 17/11/1849). 
D. Life in America. L.C. 11/1836. 
Ba. Life in an Hotel; or, Dead, Buried and Up Again. L. 129 M. 

[Olym. 11/11/1823]. 

M.Ext. Life in Dublin (E.O.H. 5/9/1842). L.C. 3/9/1842. 
D. Life in London ; or, The Day and Night Scenes of Tom and Jerry, 

in their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis (R.A. M. 


Ext. Life in New York (Standard, 30/10/1848). L.C. 16/10/1848. 
Ext. Life in Paris; or, Adventures of the Halibut Family (Cob. M. 

D. The Life of the Brave; or, Land and Wave (R.P. 27/5/1844). 

L.C. 11/5/1844. 
D. A Life on the Ocean Wave ; or, A Tar Ashore and Afloat (Surrey, 

M. 26/11/1849). L.C. 21/11/1849. 

D. The Life Raft; or, The Two Reefers (Vic. M. 3/2/1845). 
D. Life's Luck; or, The Navvie's Wife. L.C. R.P. 17/4/1848. 
D. Light and Shade; or, The Seven Merry Maids of Marylebone. 

L.C. Britannia, 14/12/1848. 

Ca. The Light Dragoons (Lye. M. 18/10/1847). L.C. 18/10/1847. 
F. The Light Troop of St. James's (H.* S. 20/3/1847). L.C. 


F. Like Father, Like Son. L. 76 M. [Norwich, 19/5/1801]. 
D. The Likeness ; or, The Maid of Brittany. L.C. Grecian, 7/7/1849. 
R.D. Lilliput (D.L. W. 10/12/1817). L. 67 S. [2/12/1817]. 
Bal. Lilliputian Sports; or, Cupid's Frolic (R.A. M. 27/9/1802). 
Spec. Lilliput Island (Pav. Th. 11/1/1810). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 483 

D. The Lily of the Desert ; or, The Arab Spy (Surrey, M. 28/5/1849) . 

L.C. 26/5/1849. 
D. The Lilly of the Valley; or, The Dumb Boy of the Mill. L.C. 

Britannia, 23/9/1844. 

Ba. Lindamira; or, The Tongue-tied Tragedian (R.A. M. 8/10/1821). 
O. Linda of Chamouny (D.L. W. 12/1/1848). 
M.D. Linishee Lovel; or, The Gipsy of Ashburnham Dell (S.W. M. 


Spec. The Lion King. L.C. E.O.H. 3/9/1842. 
Spec. The Lion of the Desert; or, The French in Algiers (R.A. M. 

22/6/1840; R.A. T. 10/9/1844). 
Bsq. Lions for a Lark; or, The Beasts' Burletta (Adel. M. 


D. Lisbeth of the Tyrol (Queen's, 10/2/1845). L.C. 12/2/1845. 
Spec. Lisbon ; or, Ruse de Guerre on the Banks of the Tagus (R.A. 

M. 7/1/1811). 

Ba. Lisette. L.C. Olym. 29/1/1831. 
D. Lisle Wilton; or, The Convict Steward (Vic. 20/8/1849). L.C. 

D. The Lists of Ashby; or, The Conquests of Ivanhoe (R.A. M. 


Ba. Little Aaron; or, The Honest Israelite (Sans P. Th. 10/5/1810). 
Bal. The Little Captive (D.L. 18/12/1828). 
D. The Little Corporal; or, The School of Brienne (D.L. M. 

30/5/1831). L.C. 26/5/1831 [as The L. C.; or, Buonaparte at the 

Military School of Brienne]. 

D. Little Dawson; or, A Poor Girl's Story. L.C. Albert, 8/4/1847. 
Ba. The Little Duke (E.O.H. T. 24/8/1841). L.C. 14/8/1841 [as The 

Young D.]. 
Bal. Little Goody Two Shoes (D.L. F. 27/2/1829). 

[Music R. Hughes.] 

F. The Little Guardsman. L.C. P'cess, 13/11/1849. 
Bal. The Little Hunchback (D.L. Th. 7/3/1839). 

[Music Ehason.] 

Ba. The Little Innocent (Strand, M. 12/6/1843). L.C. 10/6/1843. 
D. Little Joey; or, The Poacher and his Son. L.C. 21/6/1845. 
M.Ent. The Little Laundress (E.O.H. M. 21/8/1837). L.C. 1837. 
D. Little Ned; or, The Street-singer, the Sailor and the Noble 

(M'bone, 11/11/1844). L.C. 9/3/1844. 
Ba. The Little Offspring (Olym. M. 2/10/1843). 
P. The Little Old Woman and her Pig ; or, Harlequin Pedlar and the 

Magic Petticoat (Adel. F. 24/12/1841). L.C. 22/12/1841. 
C.Sk. The Little Pigs (D.L. 4/6/1830). 
Tale of Enchantment. The Little Red Man; or, The Witch of the 

Water Snakes (S.W. T. 4/9/1832). 
Bal. Little Red Riding Hood (Surrey, M. 6/1/1812). 
P. Little Red Riding Hood; or, The Magician's Dream (New, Th. 

D . The Little Strawbonnetmaker ; or, The Old Horse Pistol (Standard, 

26/11/1849). L.C. 20/11/1849. 
P. Little Thumb .and the Ogre; or, The Fairy Boots. L. 48 S. 

[C.G. 1/4/1807]. 
P. Little Tommy Tucker; or, Harlequin and Mother Re*d-cap 

(Queen's, F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 20/12/1845. 


D. Liverpool in 1796; or, The Jew of Love Lane. L.C. Amphi- 
theatre, Liverpool, 8/1812. 

C. Living for Love. L.C. Olym. 17/1/1849. 

R.D. The Loadstone of the Earth; or, Gian Ben Gian and the Elixir 

of Immortality (Surrey, M. 27/3/1837). 
F. The Locksmith of London (Vic. M. 24/8/1846). 
F. Lodgings for Single Gentlemen. L.C. D.L. 28/11/1828. 
[See.?. POOLS, 1829.] 

D. Lodovic the Corsican; or, The Vesper Bell (R.A. M. 17/4/1837). 
D. Lolah; or, The Wreck Light (H.* M. 25/3/1844). L.C. 23/3/1844. 
Ext. London; or, Highdays and Holydays from Tyburn to White- 
chapel (Cob. M. 23/5/1825). 

Ba. The London Actor ; or, Four Score Years Ago (W.L. T. 13/1/1829). 
F. London and Kensington (R.A. M. 22/4/1844). 

C. London and the Country. L. 86 M. [C.G. 9/1/1807]. 

Spec. The London Apprentice; or, The Seven Towers of Con- 
stantinople (R.A. M. 3/6/1805). 

D. The London Apprentice and the Woman of Pleasure (Royalty, 
Th. 26/12/1822). 

[An adaptation of Lillo's George Bamwell.] 
D. The London Apprentices; or, Industry and Idleness (Cob. W. 

Ba. The London Carrier (Adel. M. 28/9/1835; R.A. M. 23/4/1849). 

L.C. 23/9/1835 [as The L. C.; or, The Poacher's Gun]. 
Ba. The London Hermit; or, Rambles in Dorsetshire (Surrey, Th. 


Int. The London Hermit (C.G. S. 7/12/1822). 
F. The London Lady (S.W. M. 27/11/1848). L.C. 18/11/1848. 
Ba. London Lions. L.C. Adel. 2/11/1838. 

Ba. London Manners at a Country Mansion (Royalty, M. 31/3/1823). 
F. London Stars; or, 'Twas Time to Counterfeit (C.G. S. 7/4/1821). 

L. 80 S. [3/4/1821]. 
D. A London Tradesman's Life ; or, Fifteen Years of Prosperity and 

Adversity (R.P. M. 29/8/1831). 

D. The Lone House on the Heath (R.A. M. 12/5/1834). 
M.D. The Lone Hut of Limehouse Creek; or, The Sailor and the 

Miser (R.P. W. 3/10/1832). 
D. The Lonely Lighthouse; or, The Prophet of the Rock (S.W. M. 

D. Long Finn; or, The Treasure Seekers' Doom. L.C. E.O.H. 


[See W. B. BERNARD, 1832.] 
R.D. The Long Rifle (Cob. M. 21/11/1831). 
Ba. Look at Home (Olym. M. 30/9/1833). L.C. 26/9/1833. 

[See EYRE, 1812.] 

Ba. Look before you Leap (Cob. Th. 15/8/1822). 
O.F. Look before you Leap. L.C. C.G. 9/5/1829. 
F. Loose Cash (Queen's, M. 24/7/1837). 
M.D. Lord Byron in Athens; or, The Corsair's Isle (S.W. M. 

Ba. Lord Mansfield's Wig; or, An Anecdote from the "Times" (Cob. 

M. 28/4/1823). 

Ba. Lord Mayor's Day; or, The City Festival (R.P. Th. 11/11/1830). 
[Sub-title altered to or, Cits and Sights on M. 10/11/1834.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 485 

D. The Lord Mayor's Fool; or, The Grand Secret; A Tale of 1642 

(R.P. M. 29/9/1834). 

D. The Lord Mayor's Fool of 1642 (R.A. M. 12/6/1837). 
M.D. The Lord of the Castle (Sans P. M. 13/10/1817). L. 109 M. 

M.D. The Lord of the Isles (Olym. M. 27/2/1815). L. 105 M. 

M.D. The Lord of the Isles ; or, The Gathering. L.C. C.G. 12/12/1835. 

[See E. FITZBALL, 1834.] 
M.D. The Lord of the Maelstrom; or, The Elfin Sprite of the 

Norwegian Seas (Cob. M. 8/6/1829). 
Ba. The Lord of the Manor. L.C. 25/1/1837. 
D. Lord Ullin's Daughter; or, Love and Friendship. L.C. Glasgow, 

T. Lorenzo. L. 82 S. [D.L. 10/2/1821]. 

[See Conscience.] 
D. The Loss of the Alceste; or, The Sailors and the Malays (R.P. 

M. 23/7/1832). 
Ext. Lost a Sovereign ; or, Never Travel during a Revolution (Olym. 

M. 3/4/1848). 

D. The Lost Child; or, A Villain Unmask'd (E.L. M. 7/12/1818). 
D. The Lost Child; or, The Fisherman of the Lake (S.W. M. 


Ca. The Lost Letter (P'cess, M. 6/2/1843; Strand, W. 15/3/1848). 
D. The Lost Shilling. L.C. Surrey, 1/2/1844. 
M.D. The Lost Son (Olym. T. 18/1/1831). L.C. 18/1/1831. 
M.D. Louis Chaumont; or, Adventures in the Pyrenees (Cob. M. 

Ba. Louise de Lignarolles; or, A Lesson for Husbands (Adel. M. 

5/11/1838). L.C. 2/11/1838. 
C.O. Love among the Roses; or, The Master Key (E.O.H. M. 


[Music Dr Kitchner.] 

O.F. Love and Agility; or, The Fugitive Baron. L.C. C.G. 2/1/1830. 
Ba. Love and Anatomy; or, The Skeleton Lover (Cob. M. 1/12/1828). 
D. Love & Crime; or, The Mysteries of Paris. L.C. Albert, 3/1/1844. 
C. Love and Impudence; or, The Fortune Hunters (H.* Th. 

23/7/1812). L. 56 S. [15/7/1812]. 

C. Love and Jealousy. L.C. Olym. 18/4/1846. 
Ba. Love and Laurel (Surrey, M. 30/3/1829). 

Ba. Love and Leather; or, A Cobbler's Luck (R.P. M. 29/6/1835). 

D. Love and Levity ; or, The Lady's Revenge (Queen's, W. 1/4/1835). 
M.D. Love and Madness; or, The Maniac of the Cave (Surrey, Th. 

P. Love and Magic; or, Harlequin's Holiday (D.L. M. 27/12/1802). 

L. 42 S. [24/12/1802]. 
Ba. Love and Poverty (Olym. Th. 6/3/1817). L. 109 M. [13/2/1817; 

as L. and P.; or, When Poverty comes in at the Door, Love flies out 

of the Window], 

Ba. Love and the Chase (Adel. M. 6/12/1819). L. 115 M. [10/12/1819], 
Bal. Love and the Lancet (R.C. F. 26/12/1817). 
M.D. Love and the Slave-Trade (S.W. M. 10/3/1828). 
F. Love and the Toothache (C.G. F. 13/12/1816). L. 108 M. 


Ba. Love a Bo-Peep ; or, The Masqueraders (S.W. M. 29/6/1829). 
F. The Love Birds (Lye. Th. 9/5/1844). L.C. 30/4/1844 [as The 

L. B.; or, Birds of Paradise]. 
Ba. Love, Debt and Fun. L.C. Adel. 26/1/1826. 
Prel. Love in a Bag ; or, The Flemish Tooth Drawer (Pav. M. 5/2/1810). 

L. 51 S. [16/1/1810]. 
Ba. Love in a Cottage (D L. 28/6/1836). 
Ba. Love in a Cottage (Olym. M. 28/9/1835). L.C. 23/9/1835. 
O. Love in Algiers. L.C. 11/3/1843. 
Ba. Love in an Orchard (S.W. Th. 9/5-Th. 16/5/1805). 
F. Love in a Sack (H.* M. 22/4/1844). L.C. 26/3/1844. 
O.F. Love in a Tub (Lye. 24/4/1809). 
Ba. Love in a Village. L.C. St J. 21/1/1837. 
F. Love in Limbo (C.G. F. 31/3/1815). L. 104 M. [18/3/1815]. 
F. Love in Livery (P'cess, M. 12/5/1845). 
Ba. Love in the City (Sans P. Th. 4/3/1813). 
Bal. Love in the Cupboard (Adel. W. 28/2/1821). 
Bal. Love in the Grove; or, The Merry Lasses (Sans P. T. 1/2/1814). 
Bal. Love in the Vintage (Sans P. T. 15/12/1815). 
Ba. Love Laughs at Bailiffs (Adel. 9/1829). 
C. Love Laughs at Locksmiths. 8 1803. 
[A translation of Bouilly, Une Folie.] 
Ba. Love Laughs at Locksmiths (Regency, 11/1811). 
F. Love, Law and Pugilism; or, The Latin Scholar (S.W. M. 


[See Law, Latin and Love (1829).] 
Ba. Love Letters (Olym. M. 25/11/1822). 

[See T.J. DIBDIN, 1822.] 
C. Love makes an Irishman; or, The Double Disguise (Bath, 

3/5/1825). L.C. Bath, 21/4/1825. , , ^ 

Ba. Lovers on All Sides ; or, Not such a Fool as he looks (Adel. F. 

7/1/1820). L. 120 M. [2/1/1820!. 
Ba. The Lover's Opera (Cob. Th. 25/11/1819). 
F. Love's Artifice (R.A. M. 7/5/1827). 

C. Love's Blind They Say. L.C. Strand, 7/11/1849. 
Ext. Love's Contrivances (R.A. M. 18/4/1825). 

F. Love's Errors ; or, The Child of Chance. L. 56 S. [H.* 18/6/1812]. 

D. Love's Fetters. L.C. Lye. 3/4/1847. 

D. Love's Frailties ; or, Passion and Repentance (Surrey, W. 2/1/1828). 

Oa. Love's Labyrinth. L. 117 M. [E.O.H. 17/8/1819]. 

C.O. Love's Mysteries. L. 52 S. [Lye. 31/5/1810]. 

Ba. Loves of the Angels (City, M. 11/3/1833). 

Esq. The Loves of the Lions (S.W. T. 8/11/1831). 

Ba. Loves of the Stars (Adel. M. 30/9/1833). L.C. 28/9/1833. 

O. The Love Spell (L'Elisir d'Amore) (Surrey, W. 29/5/1839). 

Ba. The Love Spell; or, The Flirts of the Village (Olym. Th. 

27/10/1831). L.C. 22/10/1831. 
O. The Love Spell ; or, The Mountebank of Ravenna (D.L. 24/6/1839). 

L.C. 20/6/1839. 
M.D. Love's Perils ; or, The Hermit of St. Kilda (R.C. M. 3 1 1/7/1809). 

L. ioi M. [Pav. 30/3/1813; this seems to be a revision of the 

earlier piece]. 

D. Love's Pledge; or, A Sister's Sacrifice (Surrey, M. 19/9/1842). 
Bal. Love's Puzzle (S.W. M. 28/7/1817). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 487 

D. Love's Rescue; or, The Last Hour (Queen's, 14/9/1846). L.C. 

F. Love's Stratagem (Surrey, M. 20/1/1812). 

C. Love's Telegraph (P'cess, W. 9/9/1846). L.C. 5/9/1846 [as To be 
or not to be; or, L. T.]. 

F. Love's Vagaries; or, How to Draw a Long Bow (Olym. M. 
1/12/1823). L. 130 M. [28/11/1823]. 

D. Love's Victory; or, The Dead Woman's Secret. L.C. C.L. 

D. The Loving Woman (H. M. 12/12/1849). L.C. 2/12/1849. 
M.D. Lowina of Tobolskoi; or, The Fatal Snow Storm (R.A. M. 

Ba. The Lowland Romp; or, The Madcap (Sans P. Th. 27/12/1810). 

L. 91 M. [11/12/1810]. 

F. Lowther Arcade (Lye. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 
D. Loyalty. L.C. Liverpool, 29/9/1845. 
P. . 5. D.; or, Harlequin, Pounds, Shillings and Pence. L.C. 

Surrey, 2/12/1844. 

Bal. Lubm and Laura; or, Love in a Cottage (Olym. Th. 4/12/1817). 
F. Lubin Log's Journey to London; or, York, you are not wanted 

(Cob. M. 3/7/1820). 

O. Lucetta; or, A Tale of Seville. L.C. D.L. 31/10/1846. 
O. Lucia di Lammermoor (P.cess, Th. 19/1/1843). 
R.D. Lucia di Lammermoor. L.C. Grecian, 5/11/1844. 
M.D. Lucius Catilme, the Roman Traitor (Cob. M. 4/6/1827). 
Ba. Luck in the Lottery (W.L. T. 13/1/1829). 
F. Lucky Bob. L.C. H.* 7/7/1849. 
P. The Lucky Horseshoe; or, Harlequin and the Princess of the 

Fairy Isle. L.C. Amphitheatre, Hull, 16/12/1846. 
D.D. The Lucky Horseshoe; or, The Lone Chamber of the Silent 

Highway (Vic. M. 28/3/1842). 
Bal. The Lucky Waterman; or, Tom of Chelsea Ferry (R.A. Th. 


M.D. Lucrece Borgia; or, The Fiend of Ferrara (S.W. M. 29/4/1832). 
Bal. Lucy Neal (Strand, M. 7/6/1847). 
M.D. Ludolph the Fiend of Germany (R.A. T. 2/9/1823). 
D. Luke Sumerton (Adel. T. 19/1/1836). L.C. 13/1/1836. 

C. The Lunatic Asylum; or, The Two Thompsons (Surrey, T. 

Ba. Lundy. L.C. Bristol, 22/2/1840. 

C.O. Lying made Easy (E.O.H. T. 1/8/1826). L.C. 24/7/1826. 

[Music Hawes.] 

F. Lynn Wives ; or, The Biters Bit. L.C. 8/5/1838. 
O. Mabel; or, The Gipsy's Vengeance (C.G. S. 22/2/1840). L.C. 

D. Mabel Connell (R.P. 8/9/1845). L.C. 6/9/1845. 

D. Mabel Gray; or, The Eagle's Cliff. L.C. Surrey, 17/2/1844. 
Bsq. Macbeth Travestie. 8 1813 [in Accepted Addresses]. 
Bsq. Macbeth Travestie (Strand, 16/5/1842). L.C. 11/5/1842. 
Int. The Mad Actor (Lye. 8/6/1825). 

C. Madame du Barry; or, A Glance at a Court (H. T. 2/8/1831). 

D. Madam Laffarge (Surrey, S. 25/12/1841). 

[See Laffarge, 1840.] 
Ba. Mad as a March Hare (Cob. M. 14/8/1837). 


D. Madelaine. L.C. H.' 7/10/1843. 

Ba. Madeline. L.C. 30/12/1837. 

M.D. The Mad Monarch; or, A House Besieged (Surrey, M. 

Ba. Mad or Not Mad; or, The Balloon Agent. L.C. Norwich, 

P. Maggie Lauder; or, Harlequin and the Wizard (Edinburgh, 


D. Maggie Lawder. L.C. Britannia, 28/4/1845. 
P. Magic and Fun; or, Harlequin and Oceanus (R.C. M. 22/5/1815). 
P. The Magic Bell; or, Harlequin in the Haunted Hall (S.W. W. 

P. The Magic Bowl; or, Harlequin Faggot-maker (Surrey, M. 

Spec. The Magic Car; or, The Three Days' Trial (D.L. M. 23/4/1832). 

L.C. 12/4/1832. 

[Music Cooke.] 
Oa. The Magic Fan (Vaux. 1832). 

[Music Bishop.] 

P. The Magic Feast ; or, Harlequin Renovated (Royalty, M . 3 / 1 2/ 1 804) . 
O. The Magic Flute (C.G. M. 27/5/1833). 

[Mozart's Die Zauberflote.] 

D. The Magician (Olym. M. 14/8/1848). L.C. 10/8/1848. 
P. The Magician of the Blazing Staff; or, Harlequin and the Fairy of 

the Wheatsheaf (R.P. T. 4/9/1832). 
P. The Magician of the Ruby Mine; or, Harlequin and the Magic 

Amulet (S.W. M. 11/6/1832). 

P. The Magicians; or, The Enchanted Bird (Sans P. S. 1/1/1814). 
P. The Magic of British Liberty ; or, The Disintegration of Bonaparte. 

L. 78 M. [York, 20/12/1803]. 
P. The Magic Pipe (Vic. F. 27/9/1833). 

P. The Magic Pipe; or, Dancing Mad (Sans P. M. 3/12/1810). 
P. The Magic Sword; or, Harlequin Warrior (R.C. M. 18/5/1807). 
P. The Magic Urn (Pav. M. 30/10/1808). 
P. The Magic Well ; or, Harlequin Pointer (Royalty, M. 6/2/1804). 

[See Harlequin Pointer, 1801.] 
P. The Magic World (R.A. M. 9/3/1807). 

P. The Magic World ; or, Harlequin's Restoration (Pav. M. 9/4/1810). 
M.Ent. The Magistrate (Sans P. M. 15/2/1808). 
D. Magna Charta; or, The Birthright of Britons (Vic. M. 6/1/1840). 
D. Magna Charta; or, The Eventful Reign of King John (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Maid and the Magpie (Surrey, T. 28/4/1846). 

[On the plays of this title see ARNOLD, POCOCK and 

JAMES. They are derived either from the opera, La gazza ladra, 

or from Caignier, La pie voleuse; ou, la servante de Palais eau.] 
M.D. The Maiden of the Black Rock; or, The Deserter of Dresden 

(S.W. F. 26/12/1834). 

M.D. The Maid Mariendorff (Perth, 18/4/1839). 
M.D. The Maid of Canada; or, The Hag of the Rapids (S.W. W. 


Ba. The Maid of Castile (Queen's, M. 19/1/1835). 
D. The Maid of Grenada; or, The Tribunal of Death (R.P. M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 489 

D. The Maid of Honour (Adel. M. 25/10/1841). L.C. 10/10/1841. 
Ba. The Maid of Moffat Dale; or, The Inn of Glendery. L.C. 

Olym. 6/5/1825. 

Spec. The Maid of Saragossa (R.A. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 15/2/1854. 
M.D. The Maid of the Forest; or, The Accusing Son (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Maid of the Glen; or, Edwin and Rosalie. L. 52 S. [Pav. 


T. The Maid of Warsaw (Strand, 14/9/1846). L.C. 21/8/1846. 
Ba. Maids and Bachelors; or, Nettlewig Hall (Surrey, M. 16/2/1824). 

C. Maids of Honour and the Night Demon (Surrey, M. 25/2/1839). 
Ba. Maison a Vendre (Olym. S. 3/10/1840). 

D. Maison Rouge; or, The Bouquet and Three Cards. L.C. Surrey, 

C.O. Le maitre de chapelle (D.L. 12/7/1845). L.C. 21/6/1845. 
[Music F. Paer (Paris, 29/3/1821).] 

C. Major and Minor (Queen's, Th. 21/5/1835). 
Int. Major Domo. L.C. Queen's, 26/11/1844. 

F. The Major's Daughter (P'cess, M. 15/10/1849). 

M.D. Malediction; or, The Deserted Priory (Cob. M. 18/1/1830). 

M.D. Malak the Jew; or, The Bandits (S.W. M. 8/11/1830). 

D. Malvoli; or, The Outlaw of Portugal (Surrey, M. 23/4/1849). 

F. Mammon and Gammon (P'cess, T. 14/3/1848). L.C. 11/3/1848. 

F. The Manager. L.C. 1/12/1834. 

F. The Manager in Prosperity; or, The Actor's Comedy (Cob. M. 


D. The Manager's Daughter. L.C. H.* 1837. 
Bsq. The Man and the Monkey; or, Who Stole the Partridge (Olym. 

F. 24/11/1815). L. 104 M. [10/11/1815]. 
D. The Man and the Monster; or, The Fate of Frankenstein (Cob. 

M. 6/8/1827). 

P. The Mandarin; or, Harlequin in China (R.A. M. 8/7/181 1). 
M.D. The Mandrill; or, The African Ape (R.P. M. 3/5/1830). 
Spec. Manfred; or, The Castle of Otranto (R.A. M. 30/5/1803). 
Ba. Manfred; or, The Mysterious Hermit. L.C. Olym. 14/8/1841. 
Ba. Manfredi. L.C. 7/5/1834. 

M.D. Manfredoni; or, The One-handed Monk (Cob. M. 19/3/1821). 
F. The Man his Own Master (D.L. W. 12/6/1816). L. 64 S. 


M.D. The Maniac; or, The Dark Assassin (Cob. M. 20/10/1823). 
M.D. The Maniac Mother; or, The Forest Foundling (Olym. T. 

M.D. The Maniac of the Sierra Morena; or, The Mountaineers (S.W. 

M. 6/9/1830). 
O.F. The Man in Mourning for Himself (E.O.H. S. 20/7/1816). 

L. 107 M. [12/7/1816]. 

[Music H. Smart and M. P. Corn.] 
M.D. The Man in the Iron Mask; or, The Royal Twins (R.P. M. 


P. The Man in the Moon (Strand, M. 27/12/1847). 
P. The Man in the Moon; or, Harlequin Dog-star (D.L. T. 

26/12/1826). L.C. 15/12/1826. 

P. The Man in the Moon ; or, The Magic Rose (R.C. W. 30/10/1816). 
Ba. The Man in the Red Coat; or, The Duel (Cob. M. 11/5/1829). 


Ba. The Man Milliner. L. 122 M. [Olym. 8/12/1821]. 

C. The Man of Business. L. 51 S. [Lye. 8/12/1809]. 

D. The Man of Mile End; or, The Assassin of Stebonheath (now 
called Stepney) (R.P. M. 13/10/1834). 

M.D. The Man of Mystery; or, The Fatal Precept (Surrey, M. 


M.D. The Man of the Black Forest (S.W. M. 1/5/1820). 
M.D. The Man of the Wood, the Fair Maniac and the Dumb Brother 

and Sister (R.A. M. 19/5/1823). 
Ba. The Man of Two Thousand ; or, An Hour before Marriage (Cob. 

M. 10/9/1821). 
Ext. Manslaughter by Moonlight; or, The Friendly Friend; or, The 

Ghost of a Hamper of Wine (R.A. F. 20/9/1822). 
C.O. The Man Trap (Strand, M. 26/11/1849). L.C. 16/11/1849. 
F. A Man without a Head (P'cess, M. 13/10/1845). L.C. 29/9/1845 

[as A M. without a H.; or, The Pleasures of Memory]. 
F. The Man with the Carpet Bag (Vic. M. 29/9/1834). 
F. The Man with the Nose; or, A Cure for Love (Adel. 16/10/1837). 

L.C. 1837. 
M.D. The Man- Wolf ; or, The Loup-garcon of the Odenwald (Cob. 

M. 4/4/183 1). 

Bal. The Marble Maiden (D.L. S. 27/9/1845). 
Ext. The Marble Maiden (Lye. Th. 5/3/1846). L.C. 27/2/1846 [as 

Playing at Marbles]. 

Bal. Le marchand d'esclaves; ou, la fete au serail (H. 1 S. 20/3/1819). 
M.D. The Marchioness de Brmvilliers; or, The Prisoner of the 

Seventeenth Century (Vic. M. 2/2/1846). L.C. 31/1/1846. 
D. Margaret Catchpole. L.C. Garnck, 5/4/1845. 
D. Margaret Catchpole, the Female Horse-stealer ; or, The Life and 

Adventures of a Suffolk Girl (Vic. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 
M.D. Margaret of Anjou; or, The White and Red Roses, and the 

Robber Woodcutters of Hexham Forest (Cob. M. 21/1/1828). 
D. Margaret of Regensburg. L.C. Norwich, 16/5/1837. 
M.D. Margaret's Ghost ; or, The Libertine's Ship (Vic. M. 14/10/1833). 
M.D. Marguerite; or, The Deserted Mother (Cob. M. 18/6/1821). 
M.D. Marie; or, The Manor House of Mont Louvier (S.W. M. 

O. Marie, the Foundling of the Lake (P'cess, Th. 18/1/1849). L.C. 


D. Marie, the Pearl of Chamouni (Surrey, M. 3/7/1843). 
M.D. Marietta; or, The Hidden Treasure. L.C. Adel. 21/11/1843. 
Ba. Manette; or, The Maid of Switzerland (Surrey, M. 5/11/1821). 
D. Mark Drummond; A Tale of the Past (Surrey, M. 3/9/1849). 
D. Mark Fresland ; or, The Citizen's Daughter (Olym. M. 21/2/1842). 
D. Markham and Greenwood; or, The Brother's Career (Vic. M. 


C. Mark the End On't. L. 86 M. [D.L. 9/5/1807]. 

D. Mark the Smuggler; or, The Coastguard of the Motherbank 
(Britannia, 19/3/1849). L.C. 14/3/1849. 

R.D. Marmion; or, The Battle of Flodden Field (New, Th. 

R.O. Marmion; or, The Battle of Flodden Field. L. 94 M. [Norwich, 

24/3/1811]. 8 1812 [Edinburgh]. 
Ba. Marplot in Spain. L. 121 M. [Adel. 7/11/1821]. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 491 

C.R. The Marquis de Carabas; or, Puss in Boots (C.G. M. 

30/3/1818). L. 113 M. [18/3/1818]. 
F. The Marriage Act (W.L. M. 30/9/1822). 
Ba. Marriage and Murder; or, A Wife by Compulsion (Royalty, M. 


F. The Marriage Certificate (P'cess, Th. 14/12/1843). L.C. 11/12/1843. 
Bal. The Marriage Contract (R.A. T. 17/5/1803). 
M.D. The Marriage Contract (S.W. Th. 27/4/183?). 
Ba. The Marriage Contract. L.C. Oiym. 18/2/1842. 
Bal. The Marriage Day (R.C. M. 15/4/1805). 
Bal. The Marriage Dowry (R.A. T. 22/7/1800). 

C. Marriage in Miniature (Queen's, M. 9/11/1835). 
C.O. The Marriage of Figaro. L.C. D.L. 9/2/1848. 

Ba. The Marriage of Gamacho; or, All Correct (Cob. W. 12/8/1818). 
F. The Marriage of Reason (H.* M. 4/3/1844). L.C. 1/3/1844 [as 

Bertrand and Suzetta; or, The M. of R.]. 

[An adaptation of . Scribe, Le manage de raison (Paris, 


Bal. Mars et TAmour (H.' S. 29/4/1815). 
T. Martellie. 8 1844. 

D. Martha; or, A Mother's Crime. L.C. Norwich, 15/4/1824. 
M.D. Martha the Gipsy (Surrey, M. 14/6/1824). 

Ba. Martial Law (Fitzroy, T. 7/1/1834). 

D. Martial Law ; or, The Colonel and the Soldier (Cob. M. 6/5/1822). 

D. Martin Chuzzlewit (Queen's, 29/7/1844). L.C. 27/7/1844. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

D. Martin Faber; or, Who's the Murderer? (Vic. M. 11/3/1839). 
M.D. Martin Rivers ; or, The Emigrant Murderer (R.P. M. 29/6/1835). 
D. Martmuzzi; or, The Patriot (Lye. 26/8/1841). L.C. 6/8/1841. 
D. Mary Fenwick (Vic. 9/6/1845). L.C. 7/6/1845. 
D. Mary Graham; or, A Tale of Sorrows. L.C. Vic. 3/1/1844. 
D. Mary Lester (Standard, 3/11/1845). 
D. Mary Lister; or, The Betrayed. L.C. R.P. 19/4/1844. 
P. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary; or, Harlequin Leap-Year. L.C. 

Garrick, 17/12/1845. 

T. Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots. 8 1801 [Edinburgh]. 
T. Mary Stuart. 8 1833. 

[This, as well as the majority of the "Mary Stuart" dramas, is 

a translation, or adaptation, of Schiller's play.] 
M.D. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (C.G. T. 14/12/1819). 

L. 116 M. [10/12/1819]. 

M.D. Mary Stuart; or, The Castle of Lochlevm (R.P. M. 21/1/1839). 
Ba Mary, the Maid of the Inn ; or, The Bough of Yew (Sans P. W. 

27/12/1809). L. 94 M. [11/1809]. 
M.D. Mary Tudor; or, The Tower of London in 1553 (Vic. M. 

D. Mary White; or, The Murders of the Old Tabbard (Vic. M. 


M.D. Marzovan, the Apostate (R.P. F. 3/9/1830). 
Spec. Masamello; or, The Revolt at Naples (R.A. M. 11/5/1829). 
Bal. Masamello; ou, le pecheur de Portici (H. 1 T. 24/3/1829). 

[Choruses in L.C. 25/3/1829.] 
Spec. Masamello, the Fisherman of Naples and Deliverer of his 

Country (Cob. M. 5/6/1826). 

NDII 32 


Ba. The Masked Battery (Strand, F. 26/12/1834). 

Ba. The Masquerade; or, A Day in Spam (R.A. S. 10/6/1820). 

M.D. The Massacre of Cyprus; or, The Grecian Amazon (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Massacre of Rajahpoor; or, Britons in the East Indies 

(Cob. T. 21/2/1826). 
F. Mast and Ploughshare; or, Britain's Bulwarks. L. 80 M. [C.G. 

Oa. The Master Key. L. 123 M. [E.O.H. 3/8/1821]. 

[This may be Two Wives (E.O.H. 1821).] 

Ba. A Master's Rival; or, A Day in France (S.W. M. 9/5/1831). 
Ba. The Master's Rival; or, Family Propensities (Vic. Th 5/12/1833). 
F. Match her who can! (H. 31/10/1842). L.C. 26/10/1842. 
F. Mathews and Co. (P'cess, M. 9/3/1846). L.C. 9/3/1846. 
D. Matilda. 8 1803. 

[By Eleanor H.; a translation from Mouvel.] 
Ba. Mat Mizen and Tom Tiller; or, Sprees Alongshore (R.P. M. 


Ba. Matrimony (Surrey, S. 22/8/1812). 
Sk. Matteo Falconi (Fitzroy, T. 28/1/1834). 
Ba. A Matter of Doubt; or, Seven Years Since (Adel. M. 6/10/1823). 

L. 130 M. [28/9/1823]. 

F. A Matter of Right. L.C. Adel. 2/4/1849. 
Ba. Matthew Hopkins. L.C. 30/9/1829. 

D. Maurice the Outcast; or, The Exile of Erin (R.P. M. 4/8/1834). 
D. Maurice the Woodcutter; or, The Prince and the Peasant (S.W. 

F. 11/12/1835). 
Ba. Maximums and Speciments of William Muggins ; or, The Lights 

and Shadows of the World we live in (Strand, M. 16/5/1842). 

L.C. 11/5/1842. 
P. May and December; or, Harlequin Fiddle-dee-dee! (Surrey, M. 


M.D. May and December; or, My Old Woman (S.W. M. 25/6/1832). 
D. May Marsden; or, Foul-weather Jack. L.C. Albert, 17/9/1846. 
D. May Morning; or, The Mendicant Heir (Vic. 26/1/1850). L.C. 


Ba. The Mayor and the Monkey (Adel. M. 26/3/1838). L.C. 26/3/1838. 
Ba. The Mayor of Garratt. L.C. St J. 11/2/1837. 
Ba. The Mayor of Garratt (Royalty, M. 3/12/1810). 

[Evidently a version of Foote's comedy.] 
Ba. The May Queen (Olym. M. 13/3/1843). 

[See BUCKSTONE, 1828.] 
Spec. Mazeppa; or, The Wild Horse of the Ukraine (Cob. M. 


Ba. The Mazourka (Queen's, Th. 28/5/1835). L.C. 2/12/1835. 
Ba. Medicus Borealis; or, A Day in Algiers. L. 108 M. [Glasgow, 

F. Meet me by Moonlight; or, The Irish Astrologer (S.W. M. 


[See T. PARRY (Olym. M. 13/5/1839)-] 
M.D. Meg Merrilies; or, The Witch of Ellangowan (S.W. M. 

T. The Melfi. L. 86 S. [C.G. 5/3/1823]. 

[This suggests the Julian (C.G. 1823) of MITFORD.] 

AUTHORS] 1 800 1850 493 

M.D. Melmoth the Wanderer, and Walburg the Victim (Cob. M. 


F. The Melo-dramatist; or, Call me at Three (R.A. M. 4/10/1819). 
Ba. The Memoirs of an Umbrella; or, The Silent Observer (Adel. 

M. 18/5/1846). L.C. 11/5/1846 [as The Adventures of an /.]. 

[Music G. H. B. Rodwell, from whose tale this is taken.] 
M.D. The Memoirs of the Duchess de Berri; or, The Carlists of 

La Vended (Surrey, M. 6/10/1834). 

Ba. Men and Women; or, Freaks of Love (S.W. M. 28/1/1828). 
M.D. The Mendicant Murderer (Surrey, W. 14/4/1830). 
Spec. The Merchant's Steed of Syracuse; or, The Flight of Damon 

(R.A. M. 20/4/1840). 

P. Merlin's Cave; or, Harlequin's Masquerade (R.A. M. 11/4/1814). 
P. The Mermaid; or, Harlequin-a-ground (R.C. M. 17/9/1804). 
P. The Mermaid; or, Harlequin Oddfish (Cob. Th. 26/12/1822). 
P. The Mermaid; or, Harlequin Fisherman (R.A. Th. 26/12/1822). 
M.D. The Mermaiden's Well (Brunswick, M. 25/2/1828). 

[A dramatisation of Scott's The Bride of Lammermuir.] 
Bal. The Merry Maidens (S.W. M. 26/9/1831). 
D. Merry Terry; or, The Reefer's Wrongs (Vic. M. 18/10/1841). 
O.F. The Merry Wives of Barbican (Queen's, M. 21/2/1831). 
Ba. The Merry Wives of Madrid. L.C. Norwich, 8/6/1829. 
Ba. The Merry Wives of Windsor (Royalty, M. 5/10/1812). 

[An adaptation of Shakespeare's play.] 
D. Metamora; or, The Last of the Wampanoags (P'cess, W. 

26/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 

Ba. Methinks I see my Father (St J. F. 29/9/1837). L.C. 1837. 
F. Methinks I see my Father. L.C. Lye. 7/11/1849. 
The Methodist. 8 1823. 
D. Michael and Christine (S.W. M. 2/1/1840). 

[An adaptation of E. Scribe, Michel et Christine (Paris, 

M.D. Michael Cange, the Porter of the Abbaye (Cob. M. 

M.D. Michael Howe, the Terror of Van Dieman's Land (Cob. M. 


Ba. Midas (Surrey, M. 15/10/1827). 
Ba. The Middle Dish; or, Too Curious by Half. L. 105 M. [Olym. 


D. Midnight; or, The Discovery (S.W. M. 6/2/1832). 
M.D. The Midnight Attack; or, The Hut of La Vendee (Surrey, M. 


P. The Midnight Bell; or, Harlequin Victim (R.A. M. 14/8/1809). 
[On M. 18/3/1811 this was performed at R.A. as The M. B.; or, 

Harlequin Wanderer. It appears in L. 95 M. [4/2/1811] as The 

Last Hour; or, Harlequin Victim.] 
M.D. The Midnight Bell; or, Dunmerline Castle (Royalty, M. 


M.D. The Midnight Murder (S.W. Th. 9/4/1835). 
P. Midnight Revelry ; or, Harlequin and Comus (Cob. M. 1 1/5/1818). 
C. A Midsummer Night's Dream (D.L. 30/11/1833). 

[See Odell, op. cit. li. 147.] 
Ba. Miles's Boy (R.P. M. 16/2/1835). 

F. Military Movements (Surrey, M. 3/8/1831 ; C.L. W. 21/6/1837). 



F. The Military Nurse ; or, The Drummer and the Babies (Grecian, 
7/8/1848). L.C. 10/8/1848. 

C. Military Promotion; or, The Young Colonel (H.* M. 10/7/1843). 
L.C. 8/7/1843 [as M. Movements]. 

D. Military Punishment; or, The Fate of the Widow's Sen (Surrey, 
M. 10/8/1846). 

C.Ent. The Militia Muster (D.L. S. 17/11/1832). L.C. 19/11/1832. 

Bal. The Millers; or, Revels by Moonlight (S.W. S. 1/5/1802). 

Ba. The Miller's Apprentice (Olym. T. 18/12/1821). 

Bal. The Miller's Daughter (R.A. Th. 30/7/1818). 

D. The Miller's Dog. L.C. Albert, 10/8/1849. 

Vaud. The Milliners (H. 3 S. 28/6/1828). L.C. 10/6/1828. 

F. The Milliners and the Lifeguardsmen (Surrey, M. 30/4/1849). 

M.D. The Mill of Aldervon; or, The Unknown (Cob. M. 

C.Int. The Mill of Bagdad; or, The Barber and the Olive Merchant 

(R.A. M. 7/7/i8 3 4). 

D. The Mill of Keben (Garrick, M. 7/2/1831). 
M.D. The Mill of the Lake (Surrey, M. 4/6/1827). 
M.D. The Mill of the Pyrenees (C.L. M. 16/10/1837). 
R.O. Mina (P'cess, M. 3/12/1849). L.C. 28/11/1849. 
Ba. Mind your Letters (Olym. Th. 10/10/1833). L.C. 10/10/1833. 
D. The Mine Girl of Kebal; or, The Ransom of the Rose Diamond 

(Vic. M. 14/9/1846). 

D. The Minerali (E.O.H. M. 21/12/1835). 
M.D. The Mines of Poland; or, The Castle of Minski (Royalty, M. 


[An adaptation from Pixe" re" court.] 
Ba. The Miniature (St J. M. 31/10/1836). 
D. The Minister of Finance (S.W. M. 9/4/1849). 
M.D. The Minstrel Boy; or, The Italian Wanderers (Cob. M. 

O. The Minstrel Maid. L. 124 M. [D.L. 22/11/1822]. 

[This is probably A Tale of Other Times (D.L. 1822).] 
D. The Minstrel of Lochmaben; or, The Winter Night. L.C. 

Edinburgh, 21/5/1827. 

Spec. The Miracle; or, Afghai the Lion King (R.A. M. 14/10/1839). 
D. Miranda (R.P. 9/1/1844). L.C. 3/1/1844. 
Spec. The Mirror of Fate; or, The Gnome of the Gold Mines. L.C. 

Albert, 20/3/1844. 
M.D. Misanthropy and Repentance (Surrey, Th. 22/3/1821). 

[An adaptation of Kotzebue's drama; also called The Recluse.] 
Ba. Misapprehension (Olym. M. 31/1/1831). L C. 26/1/1831. 
Ba. Mischievious Eyes (Olym. M. 1/10/1838). L.C. 24/9/1838. 

C. Misconception; or, The Mayor and the Three Coffins (City, T. 

Ba. The Miser of Madrid (S.W. F. 3/6/1831). 

F. The Miser Outwitted. L.C. Queen's, 13/5/1848. 

D. The Miser Reformed. L. 56 S. [Pav. 18/11/1812]. 

Ba. The Miser Smoked; or, The Benefit of Hanging (S.W. M. 


F. The Misers of Smyrna; or, Mufti's Tomb (Sans P. Th. 8/3/1810). 
D. The Miser's Will (Lye. M. 29/1/1844). L.C. 25/1/1844 [as 

Dolph Heyliger; or, The M. W.]. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 495 

D. Miss Eliza Cook; or, The Felon Father and the Gipsey Child. 

L.C. Garrick, 5/9/1846. 
Esq. A Mission to Borneo ; or, Sinbad the Sailor (Olym. M. 24/4/1848). 

L.C. 22/4/1848. 
F. Mias Pop; or, Where is the Note? (Adel. T. 6/2/1827). L.C. 

O.F. Miss Wright; or, Courting by Proxy (E.O.H. Th. 28/8/1828). 

L.C. 25/7/1826 [with titles reversed]. 

[Music Hawes.] 

Ba. The Mistake; or, The G. G. (Royalty, M. 21/4/1823). 
Ba. Mistake upon Mistake; or, The Irishman Bothered (S.W. M. 


Ba. The Mistress of Arts. L.C. 6/10/1838. 
F. The Model Couple (P'cess, 22/11/1848). L.C. 18/11/1848. 
Oa. A Model of a Man (Adcl. M. 12/11/1838). L.C. 8/11/1838. 
D. Modern Bohemians; or, London Scamps. L.C. Britannia, 

3/ia/l8 43 . 

F. Modern Collegians; or, Over the Bridge (Cob. M. 9/10/1820). 

D. The Modern Semiramide (Surrey, M. 23/1/1843). 

Ba. Modern Travellers (Surrey, Th. 7/3/1822). 

R.D. Modern Vittoria Bracciano ; or, The Abbess of Santa Maria 

(Cob. M. 13/2/1832). 
P. A Mogul Tale; or, Harlequin Wanderer (R.C. M. 3/6/1805). 

[See The Midnight Bell (1809).] 
M.Ent. Moments of Mystery; or, The Widow Bewitched (City, M. 

M.D. The Monastery; or, The White Maid of Avenel (S.W. Th. 

M.D. The Money Diggers; or, The Devil's Ship and the Pirates of 

the Charmed Life (Cob. M. 20/4/1829). 
C.P. Monkey Island; or, Harlequin and the Loadstone Rock (Lye. S. 

3/7/1824). L.C. 24/6/1824. 

Ba. The Monkey that has seen the World (City, M. 10/10/1831). 
O.F. Monks and Smugglers; or, Provision for the Convent (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Monk's Cowl; or, The Child of Mystery (R.A. M. 


D. Monomania; or, The Delusion (H.* F. 31/8/1838). 
D. Monseigneur; or, Paris in 1720 (P'cess, M. 13/1/1845). L.C. 


D. Monseigneur; or, Paris in 1720 (Vic. M. 20/1/1845). 
Ba. Monsieur Malbrouk. L.C. Olym. 17/12/1827. 
M.D. Montalbert; or, The Black Tower (R.A. W. 11/10/1815). 
R.D. Montaldi; or, The Black Banner (R.C. M. 29/6/1818). 
T. Montalto (D.L. M. 8/1/1821). L. 81 S. [1/1821]. 
M.D. La Monte d'Or; or, The False Accusation (R.A. M. 


D. Montrose (Glasgow, 1820). 
D. Montrose (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 8/9/1827). 
M.D. Montrose ; or, Second Sight. L. 76 S. [27/10/1819]. 
D. Montrose; or, The Gathering of the Clans. 8 1847 [Glasgow]. 
Spec. Mooltan and Googerat ; or, The Conquest of the Sikhs (R .A. 

M. 28/5/1849). L.C. 18/5/1849. 
D. The Moor Maiden (Surrey, M. 24/3/1845). 


The Moon's Age; or, The Coroner's Inquest (Queen's, M. 


C. Moonshine (H. Th. 3/8/1843). 

Spec. The Moorish Banditti; or, The Cave of Daroca (Pav. M. 

[Daroca changed to Plunder at revival on M. 17/10/1808.] 

D. The Moor of Toledo (Queen's, M. 15/2/1836). 

Spec. The Moors of Spain; or, The Horse of the Arab Chief (S.W. 

M. 26/7/1841). 

[This seems to be adapted from Pixe're'court, Les Maures 

d'Espagne (Paris, 9/5/1805).] 

Spec. Morah, the Beast Tamer (R.A. M. 24/4/1848). L.C. 19/4/1848. 
Bal. Mora's Love; or, The Enchanted Harp (H. 1 Th. 15/6/1809; 

C.G. Th. 4/12/1817). 
F. More Ethiopians; or, Jenny Lind in New York (Grecian, 

13/5/1847). L.C. 7/5/1847. 

Ba. More Merry than Wise (Colosseum, M. 28/8/1837). 
F. More Reform!; or, The Bill! the Whole Bill!! and Nothing but 

the Bill!!! (S.W. M. 23/5/1831). 
Bal. More Sacks than One; or, The Miller Outwitted (Olym. M. 

P. More Visitors in Town; or, The Devil's Ride to London (R.A. 

M. 30/7/1838). 
Ba. More Ways than One ; or, It's Well if it Takes (Adel. M. 29/1 1/1819). 

L. 115 M. [4/12/1819]. 
Ba. La Morgue ; or, The Little French Doctor (Olym. M. 24/1 1/1828). 

L.C. 3/12/1827. 
Int. Morilda's Wand; or, The Palace of Statues (Olym. Th. 13/12/1821). 

L. 120 M. [27/11/1821]. 
T. Moscow. 8 1819. 
D. The Mother and Daughters. 8 1805 [in The Theatrical Recorder, 

vol. 11]. 

[A translation of Les deux soeurs by A. de St Le"ger de Colleville.] 
D. Mother and Son (Adel. M. 30/9/1844). L.C. 23/9/1844. 
P. Mother Bunch and the Yellow Dwarf (R.A. M. 30/3/1807). 
D. Mother Red Cap ; or, " Payable at Sight" (Surrey, Th. 23/10/1834). 
P. Mother Red Cap; or, Harlequin and the Fairies of the Rose 

(Adel. M. 27/12/1824). L.C. 23/12/1824. 

C. The Mothers. 8 1805. 

M.D. The Mother's Secret. L.C. Britannia, 17/8/1849. 

P. Mother Whitecap ; or, Hey up the Chimney (Sans P. Th. 2/3/1809). 

M.D. The Mountain Bandit; or, The Dumb Girl of the Inn (S.W. 

T. 4/5/1824). 
M.D. The Mountain Cataract; or, The Enchanted Spell (Surrey, M. 

15/7/1844). L.C. 25/6/1844. 

R.D. The Mountain Chief (D.L.Th. 30/4/1818). L. 70 S. [13/2/1818]. 
[Music Lanza.] 

D. The Mountain Maid; or, The Beacon Tower (Surrey, M. 

M.D. The Mountain Robbers; or, The Terrific Horn (D.L. 6/1806). 
M.D. The Mountains of Modena; or, The Faithful Guide (Cob. M. 


C.O. The Mountebank (German, Th. 26/12/1805). 
Bsq.Bal. The Mount-ing Sylph (E.O.H. Th. 20/9/1838). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 497 

Bsq. The Mounting Sylph (S.W. T. 27/8/1839). 

R.D. Mount St Bernard; or, The Goldsmith of Grenoble (Adel. M. 
30/9/1839). L.C. 25/9/1839 [under sub-title only]. 

D. Mount St Bernard; or, The Headsman (Vic. T. 28/1/1834). 

Ba. Ml- and Mrs Grubb (Olym. 8/2/1840). 

F. Mr Briggs; or, The Pleasures of Housekeeping and Horse- 
keeping (R.A. M. 12/11/1849). L.C. 5/11/1849. 

Ba. Mr Busy (Adel. M. 3/12/1832). 

D. Mr Midshipman Easy (Surrey, M. 26/9/1836). 

Sk. Mr Paul Pry; or, I hope I don't intrude (Cob. M. 10/4/1826). 

F. Mrs Bunbury's Spoons (Adel. M. 15/10/1849). L.C. 4/8/1849. 

F. Mrs Caudle; or, Curtain Lectures (P'cess, M. 30/6/1845). L.C. 

F. Mrs Caudle Abroad and at Home (Adel. M. 16/8/1845). L.C. 

15/8/1845 [as Mrs Caudle's Adventures in France]. 
Ext. Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures. L.C. H.* 30/7/1845. 
F. Mrs Gamp and Mrs Harris (Queen's, M. 16/11/1846). 
C. Mrs H. ; or, The White Horse (Cob. W. 26/12/1832). 
Ext. Mrs Jane Shore (M'bone, 6/9/1845). L.C. 6/9/1845. 
F. Mr Smith; or, Doings near Delgany. L.C. Bristol, 23/3/1831, 
Bsq. Mrs Normer. L.C. Edinburgh, 21/9/1842. 

F. MrsPeaspod. L.C. R.P. 7/2/1846. 
Ba. Mrs Trictrac (Colosseum, M. 14/8/1837). 
Ba. Mrs Veal's Ghost (S.W. M. 18/8/1823). 
F. Mr Timms. L.C. H.* 10/11/1842. 

C. Mr Waller's Watch ; or, The Time o' Day (Strand, M. 10/8/1840). 
L.C. 8/8/1840. 

O. La muette de Portici (C.G. M. 23/6/1845). 

Ext. The Mufti's Tomb; or, The Turkish Misers (R.A. M. 7/4/1828). 

D. The Mule-driver and his Dogs (Albert, 20/4/1846). L.C. 

M.D. The Muleteer's Vow (E.O.H.M. 19/10/1835). L.C. 19/10/1835. 

Bal. Mulic the Slave (R.A. W. 19/5/1802). 

Spec. Mungo Parke; or, The Arab of the Niger (Surrey, M. 

D. Mungo Park; or, The Arab of the Niger. L.C. Liverpool and 

Manchester, 8/2/1841. 

Spec. Mungo Park; or, The Source of the Nile (Cob. M. 21/6/1824). 
Bal. Mungo Park; or, The Treacherous Guide (S.W. M. 3/5/1819). 
D. Murat; or, The French Grenadier's Coat (R.A. T. 15/8/1843). 
M.D. Murder and Madness; or, A Traveller's Tale (Surrey, S. 

M.D. The Murdered Guest (D.L. W. 27/12/1826). L.C. 23/12/1826. 

[Music Horn.] 
M.D. The Murdered Maid; or, The Clock Struck Four. L. 79 S. 

[Norwich, 25/4/1820]. 
M.D. The Murdered Monk; or, The Cavern of Calabria (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Murderer; or, The Devoted Son (Surrey, M. 5/8/1822). 
M.D. The Murderer. L. 130 M. [Edinburgh, 16/10/1823]. 
M.D. The Murderer's Dream ; or, The Abbey of Glenthorn. L. 1 13 M. 

[Olym. 20/10/1818]. 
M.D. The Murderer's Dream; or, The Card Drawer (Cob. M. 



M.D. The Murder of the Cliffs; or, The Smuggler's Dogs (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Murder of the Courier of Naples (Cob. M. 20/5/1822). 
D. The Murder of the Mount; or, Whitechapel in 1740 (R.P. M. 


D. The Murders of the Round Tower Inn. L.C. 22/2/1830. 
M.D. Murder will out. L. 101 M. [C.G. 19/9/1814]. 
F. Murphy's weather Almanac! or, Anno Domini 1838 (S.W. M. 


Ba. The Muse and the Merchant (Olym. 18/3/1840). L.C. 17/3/1840. 
Ba. Music hath Charms; or, The Ghost of an old Fiddle (S.W. T. 


O. The Musician of Venice (St J. W. 17/1/1838). L.C. 23/12/1837. 
Ba. Music Mad (Vaux. 8/1829). 
Ba. The Musquetaire (R.P. M. 13/10/1834). 
T. Mustapha. 8 1814. 

M.D. The Mutineer; or, The Rival Indians (R.A. M. 19/5/1817). 
M.D. The Mutiny of Spithead and the Nore ; or, British Sailors in 1797 

(Cob. M. 16/8/1830). 

[See JERROLD, 1830.] 
Spec. The Mutiny of the Britannia; or, The Perils of a Sailor 

(Royalty, M. 12/5/1823; R.P. M. 25/2/1833, with Seaman for 


Ba. My Absent Son; or, Brown Studies (Adel. M. 29/9/1828). 
O.F. My Aunt (Lye. T. 1/8/1815). L. 62 S. [25/7/1815]. 

[Music Addison.] 
F. My Best Friend; or, 277-7-7 (D.L. T. 23/1/1827). L.C. 


Sk. My Country Cousin (D.L. 29/5/1827). 

F. My Cousin the Minister (E.O.H. W. 7/8/1839). L C. 6/8/1839. 
Ba. My Eleventh Day (Olym. T. 28/2/1832). 
F. "My Father did so before me" (Lye. W. 25/10/1848). L.C. 

F. My First and Last Courtship (Strand, M. 20/8/1849). L.C. 


Ba. My Friend from Town (Queen's, M. 13/6/1831). 
Oa. My Grandfather (E.O.H. M. 29/9/1834). L.C. 20/9/1834. 

[Music A. Lee ] 

Ba. My Grandmother (Royalty, Th. 13/8/1812). 
Ba. My Grandmother's Estate (Olym. W. 7/10/1840). L.C. 7/9/1840. 
F. My Late Friend (H.* T. 18/8/1835). L.C. 4/8/1835- 
Ba. My Little Brother. L.C. Adel. 23/9/1840. 
F. My Lord. L. 83 S. [D.L. 30/3/1822]. 
C.O. "My Lord is not my Lord" (D.L. W. 29/1/1840). L.C. 


[Music Boieldieu.] 
Ba. My Lord ; or, The Warming Pan (Olym. M. 15/12/1843). L. 129 M. 


Ba. My Lover (St J. M. 20/5/1839). L.C. 7/5/1839- 
Ba. My Maiden Aunts (Lye. 21/6/1842). L.C. 22/6/1842. 
Ba. My Master's in Trouble (Queen's, F. 5/4/1839). 
F. My New Boarding House; or, Five Hours in Brighton (R.P. M. 

F. My Own Man (C.G. Th. 17/6/1824). L.C. 19/5/1824. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 499 

O.F. My Own Rival; or, Sophy, Lucy, and Lucy, Sophy (E.O.H. M. 

28/6/1819). L. 114 M. [13/8/1818]. 

[Music Hart.] 

C.O. My Own Twin Brother (E.O.H. T. 9/9/1834)- L.C. 4/8/1834. 
F. My Sister's Secret (P'cess, Th. 6/1/1848). L.C. 8/1/1848. 
Ba. My Spouse and I (E.L. T. 13/8/1816). 
Ba. Mysteries and Miseries; or, A Real John Bull (Royalty, M. 

M.D. The Mysteries of Alviano ; or, The Roman Catacombs (Cob. M. 


D. The Mysteries of London (M'bone, 18/5/1846). L.C. 11/5/1846. 
D. The Mysteries of Paris. L.C. Garrick, 28/8/1844 
D. The Mysteries of Paris; or, Fathers and Sons. L.C. Adel. 


M.D. The Mysteries of the Cloister (W.L. M. 8/10/1821). 
Spec. The Mysteries of the North; or, The Maid ol Lochlin (R.A. 

Th 11/10/1804 not first performance). 
D. The Mysteries of the Wall ; or, The Duel and the Valet (R.A. M. 

Spec. The Mysterious Freebooter; or, The Days of Queen Bess (R.A. 

M. 14/4/1806). 
M.D. The Mysterious Marriage; or, The Heir of Rosclva (Surrey, 

M. 16/7/1821). 

[This is the first performance of Harriet Lee's The Mysterious 

Marriage, printed in 1798.] 
M.D. The Mysterious Stranger; or, The Cave of St Cataldo (Cob. 

T. 11/10/1825). 

Ba. The Mysterious Tailor (R.A. M. 13/6/1831). 
T. The Mystic Cavern; or, The Progress of Ambition. L. 79 M. 

[Norwich, 24/3/1803]. 
P. The Mystic Coffer; or, Harlequin the Swan Queen (Royalty, S. 

P. The Mystic Tomb; or, Harlequin Restored (Surrey, Th. 


C. Mystification (D.L. S. 7/4/1821). L. 81 S. [6/4/1821]. 
C. Mystification. L.C. E.O.H. 18/9/1826. 
Ba. Mystification (Strand, Th. 26/1/1832). 
F. My Two Nephews. L. 128 M. [C.G. 8/2/1823]. 
F. My Uncle. L. 93 M. [C.G. 30/11/1811]. 
Ba. My Uncle's House; or, The Bull and the Magpie (Olym. M. 

2/1/1815). L. ror M. [19/12/1814]. 
O.P. My Uncle's Parlour (amateurs at Sir James Knowles' house in 

Cornwall, 22/12/1807). 
Ca, My Uncle's Pet. L.C. Olym. 18/10/1845. 

[See under T. ARCHER, 1846.] 
Ba. My Wife and Child (St J. M. 25/1/1836). 
F. My Wife's Bedroom (C.G. Th. 2/10/1834). L.C. 30/9/1834. 

[Later called Bed and Board.] 

O.F. My Wife's Husband (Tottenham-street, F. 12/2/1830). 
F. My Wife's Lodgings; or, Landed from China. L.C. Liverpool, 


Bal. The Nabob; or, The Indian Lovers (Lye. M. 10/7/1809). 
O. Die Nachtigal und der Rabe; or, Damon and Phyllis (Surrey, Th. 



O. Das Nachtlager von Granada (D.L. W. 9/5/1849). 

[Music C. Kreutzer.] 
F. Der Nachtteufel ; or, The Demon of the Night (H. Th. 7/3/1844). 

L.C. 1/3/1844. 
O. Nadir Shah; or, The Sultan and the Soldier. L.C. E.O.H. 

D. Naida; or, The Goddess of El Dorado (P'cess, Th. 10/2/1848). 

L.C. 9/2/1848. 

Bal. La Naissance de Flore (H. 1 F. 14/4/1809). 
Spec. Nameless; or, The Italian Brigand (R.A. M. 15/12/1845). 

[This is probably the same as The Brigands of Ancona (R.A. 

M. 8/12/1845).] 
Ba. The Namesakes; or, The Wife and the Widow (Queen's, Th. 


Ba. Name the Winner (Olym. M. 10/11/1834). L.C. 31/10/1834. 
D. Nancy of Portsmouth (Surrey, M. 3/1/1831). 
D. Napoleon; or, The Victim of Ambition (Surrey, S. 21/5/1831). 

L.C. 21/12/1830. 
Spec. Napoleon Bonaparte, General, Consul and Emperor (Cob. M. 

Ext.Spec. The Napoleon of Humble Life; or, Gipsy Jack (Cob. M. 

Spec. Napoleon's Glory; or, Wonders in St Helena. L.C. Adel. 

M.D. Narbonne Castle; or, The Mysterious Mother (Surrey, F. 


Ba. The Narcotic; or, A Dose in Mistake (Cob. M. 17/5/1824). 
O. Natalie; ou, la laitiere suisse (D.L. M. 16/6/1845). 
Spec. National Gratitude; or, Nelson's Funeral (C.G. 15/5/1806). 

L. 47 S. [8/5/1806]. 

Ba. Natural Magic (St J. Th. 26/10/1837). L.C. 1837. 
Ba. The Natural Son; or, The German Forest (Olym. T. 8/2/1814). 
Ba. Nature and Art (Vic. F. 29/5/1840). 
Ba. Nature will prevail (Surrey, M. 19/7/1824). 
F. Naughty Little Rose Pompon. L.C. Olym. 22/7/1847. 
Bal. The Naval Victory and Triumph of Lord Nelson (H. r S. 


M.D. The Navigators. L. 68 S. [Edinburgh, 11/12/1818]. 
M.D. The Neapolitan Assassins (S.W. W. 26/12/1827). 
Spec. The Neapolitan Pirate (R.A. W. 15/4/1807). 
P. The Necromancer; or, The Golden Key (Sans P. M. 11/12/1809). 
D. The Needle of Agony; or, The Persecuted Wife (Britannia, 

6/1849). L.C. 12/6/1848. 

M.D. The Negro Murderer (R.A. M. 4/4/1831). 
M.D. The Negro's Curse; or, The Foulah Son (Cob. F. 4/11/1825). 
M.D. Nelson's Arrival in the Elysian Fields (German, S. 18/1/1806). 
Ba. Nelson's Monument. L.C. R.A. 26/10/1843. 
Spec. Nelson's Ring. L.C. R.P. 12/10/1843. 

[A piece of this name appeared at the Standard on 10/2/1845.] 
F. Nephew and Niece (Adel. M. 26/2/1827). L.C. 13/1/1837. 
Bsq. Nero, a Roman-tick Fiddler (Adel. M. 19/8/1833). L.C. 


M.D. Neuha's Cave; or, The South Sea Mutineers (C.G. M. 4/4/1831). 
L.C. 18/3/1831. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 501 

Ba. The New Actress (Adel. M. 5/1/1835). L.C. 5/12/1834 [as The 

N. A.; or, Poor Mr Potter]. 

Ba. A New Don Juan (Adel. M. 11/2/1828). L.C. 8/2/1828. 
Ba. "A New Farce" (Olym. M. 5/1/1835). 
D. Newgate Ned; or, The Prig of Pimlico (S.W. M. 30/6/1834). 
Ba. The New Marriage Act; or, A Lesson for Lovers (Adel. M. 

7/10/1822). L. 126 M. [30/9/1822]. 
F. New Notions (H. S. 21/7/1838). L.C. 21/7/1838. 
F. News from China (H.* Th. 7/9/1843). L.C. 6/9/1843, 
F. New Shoes (" Silk Shoes ") ; or, The Innocent Deception (German, 

W. 7/8/1805). 

Ent. The Newspaper (Fitzroy, M. 3/3/1834). 

F. Newspaper Blunders; or, It's All a Mistake (Cob. M. 3/5/1824). 
P. The New World; or, Harlequin Re-animated (Royalty, M. 

12/1/1801 not new; Royalty, M. 25/2/1805 revised version). 
P. The New Year's Gift; or, Harlequin Jack of Newbury (Surrey, 

M. 27/12/1830). 

F. Next Door (Lye. Th. 2/10/1845). L.C. 25/9/1845. 
Ba. Next-door Neighbours; or, A Matrimonial Noose (Surrey, M. 

T. The Nibelungen Treasure. 16 1847. 

[A translation from the German of E. B. Raupach.] 
M.D. Nicholas Mendoza (Cob. M. 7/12/1829). 

D. Nicholas Nickelby and Poor Smike; or, The Victim of the York- 
shire School (Strand, M. 20/5/1839). L.C. 17/5/1839. 
D. Nick of the Woods. L.C. Leeds, 31/10/1844. 
D. Nick of the Woods; or, The Dark Spirit of the Dismal Swamp 

(Edinburgh, 4/9/1841). L.C. 1/9/1841 [as N. of the W.; or, 

Kentucky in 1782]. 

[HAINES had a drama of this title.] 
Ba. The Night after the Battle; or, The Emperor and the Page (Cob. 

W. 8/10/1823). 
Ba. The Night before the Wedding; or, Love in a Wheelbarrow (S.W. 

M. 14/5/1827). 

Ba. The Night Errand. L.C. 7/2/1834. 

R.D. The Night Hag; or, St Swithin's Chair (R.A. M. 11/9/1820). 
C.O. The Nightingale (P'cess, M. 24/4/1848). L.C. 13/11/1847 [as 

Phillis;or y The N.]. 
O. A Night in Granada (Prince's, W. 13/5/1840). 

[See Nachtlager von Granada.] 

D. A Night in the Bastile (D.L. Th. 5/12/1839 2nd performance). 
D. A Night in the Tower (Surrey, M. 22/1/1849). 
Ba. A Night of Excitement (Vic. M. 26/1/1846). 
F. A Night of Horrors (Surrey, 11/11/1844). L.C. 31/10/1844. 
Ba. A Night of Suspense (Strand, 21/8/1843). L.C. 16/8/1843. 
C. A Night's Adventures; or, The Road to Bath. 8 1819 [printed, 

but not published, under the name of "Philo- Aristophanes"]. 
F. A Night's Frolic; or, Once in a Hundred Years (Vic. M. 3/2/1845). 

L.C. 22/1/1845. 

M D. A Night with Punch (Strand, 23/10/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. 
Ba. Nina, the Bride of the Galley Slave (Adel. M. 26/3/1832). L.C. 


C.O. Nina. L.C. E.O.H. 12/1/1837. 
F. 1934; or, One Hundred Years Hence (Fitzroy, M. 5/5/1834). 


Bal. Ninette a la cour (H.' Th. 5/6/1806). 

D. The Ninth Hour (Lye. Th. 15/7/1847). L.C. 8/7/1847 [as From 

Nine till Ten]. 
Esq. The Ninth Statue ; or, The Jewels of the Sun (H.* W. 26/12/1849). 

L.C. 21/12/1848. 

R.D. The Ninth Statue ; or, The Magic Mirror (Surrey, M. 24/6/1833). 
Ba. Nipt in the Bud (Surrey, M. 14/6/1824). 
Ba. No. L.C. Adel. 27/2/1829. 

T. The Noble Heard; or, Love's Sacrifice. L.C. M'bone, 20/3/1848. 
C.O. The Noble Outlaw (C.G. F. 7/3/1815). 
D. The Noble Troubadour. L.C. Adel. 27/4/1840. 
Ba. No Dinner Yet; or, Sponge out of Town (Adel. M. 10/2/1823). 

L. 130 M. [3/2/1823 ; as Not Dined Yet; or, Sponge in the Country]. 
Bal. Nologise, King of the Parthenes ; or, The Triumph of Constancy 

(H.< M. 25/4/1803). 
Ba. No, no (Surrey, T. 30/6/1846). 
Oa. No Plot without Danger (E.O.H. S. 5/9/1835). L.C. 2/9/1835. 

[Music Mercadante.] 

D. Norah; or, The Girl of Erin (C.G. W. 1/2/1826). L.C. 18/1/1826. 
D. The Nore Light; or, The Smith of Sheerness (R.P. M. 9/6/1834). 
D. The Norman Fiend; or, The Repentant Criminal (Cob. M. 

Spec. The Northern Fleet; or, British Intrepidity Triumphant (R.C. 

W. 29/4/1801). 

M.D. The North Pole ; or, The Arctic Expedition (Cob. M. 22/6/1818). 
P. The North West Passage; or, Harlequin Esquimaux (D.L. T. 

26/12/1820). L. 24 L. [20/12/1820]. 
Ba. The Norwich Festival. L.C. 30/3/1837. 
Ba. No Song, No Supper (Royalty, M. 10/8/1812). 
B.O. "Not for me!"; or, The New Apple of Discord (E.O.H. S. 

23/8/1828). L.C. 20/6/1828. 

[Music L. Maurer.] 

Int. Not more than I want; or, That's Poz (S.W. M. 8/2/1830). 
Ba. Nothing Like Luck (Cob. M. 19/4/1824). 
F. Not Invited (S.W. W. 20/9/1820). 
R.D. Noureddin and the Fair Persian; or, The "Bright Star of the 

Mom" (C.G. M. 27/3/1837). L.C. 23/3/1837. 
Bal. Noureddin and the Tartar Robbers; or, The Rose of Balsora 

(Cob. M. 27/9/1819). 
O. Nourjahad (E.O.H. S. 12/7/1834 public "undress*' rehearsal; 

M. 21/7/1834). L.C. 12/7/1834. 

[Music E. J. Loder.] 
Ca. Novel Effects. L.C. H. 2 12/2/1846. 
Ba. Novelty; or, New Scenes and Old Faces (Adel. Th. 29/9/1836). 

L.C. 20/9/1836. 

F. Now or Never (D.L. T. 15/1/1839). L.C. 1839. 
Bal. No Work! No Wedding! (Cob. Th. 26/2/1824). 
M.D. The Noyades (Edinburgh, 24/1/1829). 

M.D. Number One! or, The Hackney Coachman (City, T. 31/5/1831). 
Ba. Number Two versus Number One; or, The Poppleton Court Plot 

at the Back of the 'Change (Cob. M. 4/2/1822). 
D. The Nun; or, Marie de Rudney (Surrey, M. 20/4/1835). 

[This appeared later as The Nun of the Black Convent; or, The 

Catacombs of St Agnes] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 503 

C.O. II Nuovo Figaro (Lye. T. 12/12/1837). L.C. 1837. 

O.F. The Nursery Maid Mistress; or, The Butler in the Suds. 

L. 96 M. [Pav. 24/11/1812]. 

Bal. The Nymph of Mount Helicon (Cob. M. 26/4/1819). 
D. Tht Oath. L. 108 M. [Newcastle, 7/5/i8i6]. 
M.D. The Oath of Freedom; or, The Patriots of Poland (R.P. M. 


O. Oberon. L.C. D.L. 16/4/1841. 
Bsq. Oberon. L.C. Lye. 21/8/1846. 
M. Oberon and Robin Goodfellow (C.G. F. 12/10/1832). 

[Inserted in Act I of All's Well that Ends Well.] 
Ba. Oberon and the Charmed Horn (Surrey, M. 3/12/1832). 
M.D. An Occasional Attempt. L. 83 M. [D.L. 8/11/1805]. 
P. The Ocean Fiend; or, The Knights of Sicily (R.A. M. 25/8/1828). 
M.D. The Ocean Fiend; or, The Wreck of the Raven (Cob. M. 

D. The Ocean Grave; or, The Miner of Mexico (Surrey, M. 

P. The Ocean Queen; or, Harlequin and the Enchanted Aloe (S.W. 

M. 26/12/1831). 

Ba. The Ocean Sylph; or, Davy Jones's Locker (R.A. M. 10/8/1840). 
D. The Ocean Wolf (Strand, M. 25/10/1847). 

P. O che bocconi! or, Harlequin's Vagaries (Royalty, M. 30/11/1801). 
T. Octavia Bragaldi (Surrey, Th. 9/5/1844). L.C. 6/4/1844 [as O. B.; 

or, The Confession]. 

R.D. Oberon 's Oath; or, The Paladin Princess (S.W. F. 3/10/1834). 
Ba. Octavian; or, The Goatherd of the Mountain (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Ocular Misfortunes; or, The Cadi's Flat (Surrey, T. 26/12/1837). 
Ba. Odd Fish at Margate (Cob. M. 28/6/1824). 
F. Odd Tricks and Rubbers (City, W. 27/6/1833). 
Ext. The Odd Volume; or, There's Spirit in Punch (Surrey, M. 


D. O'Donoughue and his White Horse (S.W. M. 25/5/1818). 
M.D. O'Donnell the Red; or, The Hibernian Hag and the Chief of 

Kildare (Cob. M. 6/3/1826). 
Ba. Of Age Tomorrow (Royalty, T. 8/9/1812). 

[See T.J. DIBDIN, 1800.] 
C. Off to the Continent (C G. T. 20/1/1835). 

[An altered version of Farquhar, The Constant Couple.] 
C. The Old Bachelor; or, The Day after Tomorrow (Cob. M. 

P. Old Beelzebub and Harlequin; or, Taffy in Holland (R.A. M. 

P. Old Bogie ; or, Lazy Dick of Leadenhall and Mother Leadenhall, 

the Witch of Epping (Olym. Th. 26/12/1844). L.C. 23/12/1844 

[as O. B.; or, Mother Ludlam, the Witch of Epping J. 
M D. The Old Chateau; or, The Hackney Coachman of the Barrier 

St Denis (Cob. M. 11/7/1831). 

M.D. The Old English Baron (W.L.M. 12/3/1821 ; Cob. M. 12/6/1826). 
P. Old Father Time; or, Harlequin and the Four Seasons (P'cess, 

M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 13/12/1847 [as Philip the Falconer; or, 

H. and the F. S.]. 
P. Old Harlequin's Fireside (D.L. W. 26/12/1804). 


Esq. The Old House at Home; or, A Night with Shakespeare. L.C. 

Adel. 6/9/1847. 
M.D. The Old House on the Thames; or, Lambeth in the Olden 

Time (Surrey, M. 19/3/1849). L.C. 14/3/1849. 
P. Old King Cole; or, Harlequin and the Fiddlers Three (Surrey, 

W. 28/12/1831). 

Ext. Old London Bridge and New London Bridge (Cob. M. 1/8/1831). 
Ba. Old Lovers and Young Lovers (Adel. S. 7/10/1826). L.C. 

3/10/1826 [titles reversed]. 
M.D. The Old Man of the Mountains ; or, The Castellan's Son (Cob. 

M. 27/3/1826). 

[See C. DIBDIN, 1803.] 

D. The Old Mint of Southwark (Surrey, 9/6/1845). L.C. 10/6/1845. 
P. Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog (C.G. Th. 26/12/1833). L.C. 

M.D. The Old Oak Chest; or, The Smuggler's Sons and the Robber's 

Daughter (Sans P. M. 5/2/1816; Cob. M. 19/7/1824). L. 22 L. 


C. The Old School (H.* Th. 5/2/1846). L.C. 31/1/1846. 
C. The Old Soldier; or, Which is Mine? L. 21 L. [Manchester, 

D. Old Strike a Light; or, The Spectre of the Rising Sun. L.C. 

D. The Old Swiss Church; or, The Black Robber of the Mountains. 

L.C. Britannia, 5/5/1849. 
D. The Old Toll House; or, The Carrier and his Dog (Vic. M. 

12/5/1845). L.C. 9/5/1845. 

Bal. Old Turtles; or, Billing and Cooing (R.A. W. 6/10/1819). 
D. The Old Willow Brook. L.C. Surrey, 14/8/1847. 
P. The Old Witch of Teddington; or, Harlequin and the glorious 

Days of Good Queen Bess. L.C. Surrey, 31/10/1845. 
P. The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket; or, Harlequin Arthur 

O'Bradley. L.C. C.L. 22/12/1847. 
M.D. Olga the Dreaded Witch; or, A Caffre's Vengeance (Surrey, M. 


Spec. The Olive Branch ; or, The Ratification (Royalty, M. 2/1 1/1801). 
M.D. Oliver Cromwell; or, The Days of the Commonwealth (R.P. 

M. 2/7/1832). 
M.D. Oliver the Outlaw; or, The Old Family Legend (S.W. M. 

Ba. Oliver Twist (St J. 27/3/1838). L.C. 26/3/1839. 

[Based on Dickens' novel.] 

M.D. Olivia; or, The Spanish Banditti (E.L. M. 14/12/1818). 
Ba. The Olympic Forget-me-not. L.C. Olym. 1836. 
Ba. The Olympic Pic-nic (Olym. S. 26/12/1835). L.C. 23/12/1835. 
Ba. Omadhaun; or, Poor Dog Tray (S.W. T. 13/10/1835). 
M.D. Omala; or, The Indian Sacrifice (Surrey, S. 6/6/1829). 
F. Omnia vincit Amor (C.L. M. 10/4/1837). 
Bal. Omnia vincit Amor; or, The Raw Recruits (Surrey, Th. 


Sk. On Board the Mars; or, A Ball upon Deck (S.W. M. 12/4/1830). 
Bal. Ondine; ou, la Naiad (H. 1 Th. 22/6/1843). 
D. On Duty (Lye. M. 7/4/1845). 
Ba. One Bird in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush (H.* 5/1/1803). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 505 

C. One Fool makes many. 8 1807. 

[A translation of De Soils, Un Bobo hace den to.] 

Ba. One Foot by Land and One by Sea; or, The Tarters Tartered. 
L. 95 M. [Pav. 4/11/1811]. 

Int. 102: or, My Great-great-grandfather (Edinburgh, 28/11/1834). 

Spec. The Hundred Battle Steeds; or, The Enchanted Arabs (R.A. 
M. 11/7/1836). 

Ba. One Night at Margate (Surrey, Th. 20/11/1828). 

P. One O'Clock; or, Harlequin Hardy Knute, the Knight and the 
Wooden Demon (M'bone, T. 26/12/1848). 

O.F. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, by Advertisement (E.O.H. S, 
17/7/1819; Bath, 21/5/1825). L. 23 L. [13/7/1819; as By Advertise- 
ment; or, The Immitator]. 

Ext. Only Six Hours More; or, Love and Indiscretion (Surrey, M. 


F. The Opening Night; or, The Manager Hoax'd. L. 102 M. 
[Liverpool, 3/5/1814]- 
Ba. The Opera Buffers; or, The Dress Rehearsal (Surrey, M. 


D. The Opera Dancer. 8 1805 [in The Theatrical Recorder]. 
Ba. Operamania; or, Music's the Language (Cob. M. 16/7/1821). 
Ba. The Opiate; or, The Doctor, the Miser and the Butcher (Surrey, 

M. 9/8/1824). 

Bal. Opposition; or, The Rival Dancing Masters (Adel. M. 9/10/1820). 
F. O.P. Victorious; or, Who dare sneeze? 8 1810. 
P. Ora and the Red Woodman; or, The Charmed Rifle (R.P. M. 


P. The Oracle; or, Harlequin's Punishment (Royalty, M. 18/2/1805). 
C.O. The Oracle; or, The Interrupted Sacrifice (Lye. 7/8/1826). 

[An adaptation of Winter, Das unterbrochene Opferfest.] 
Spec. The Oracle; or, The Olympic Conquest of Babylon (R.A. M. 

Ba. Orange Boven; or, The Embarcation for Holland (Surrey, S. 

P. Oranges and Lemons ; or, Harlequin and the Bells of St Clements 

(Adel. F. 26/12/1834). L.C. 22/12/1834. 
M.D. Ora, the African Slave (S.W. M. 19/4/1824). 
F. The Organ of Order (H. M. 24/6/1839). L.C. 23/6/1839. 
Ca. The Origin of Painting. L.C. Adel. 21/8/1846. 
Ba. Oroonoko, the Royal Slave (Surrey, T. 11/5/1813 2nd per- 

D. The Orphan Boy (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 24/12/1825). 
D. The Orphan of Hindoostan; or, The Mine of Rubies (R.P. T. 


O. The Orphan of War. L.C. E.O.H. 27/8/1842. 
M.D. The Orphan of Paris; or, The Duke's Mistress (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Orphan of Russia (Cob. M. 19/12/1831; Strand, S. 


M.D. The Orphan of the Alps (Cob. M. 31/3/1823). 
M.D. The Orphan of the Pyrenees; or, The Sicilian Queen (Surrey, 

M. 2/8/1824). 

M.D. The Orphans; or, Love and Jealousy (Royalty, M. 15/9/1823). 
M.D. The Orphan Soldier (Cob. M. 9/7/1821). 


D. Osbert; or, The Son's Revenge. L.C. Hull, 12/12/1846. 

R.D. Oscar the Bandit ; or, The March of Crime (Adel. M. 20/10/1834). 

L.C. 21/10/1834. 

R.D. Osnc the Dane (Queen's, F. 26/12/1845). 

M.D. Osric the Lion ; or, The Saxon Outlaw (Royalty, M. 13/10/1823). 
Bal. Ossian; ou, les bardes (H. 1 Th. 16/5/1805). 
Spec. Oswald and Egberta; or, Virtue and Valour (Royalty, M. 

Bsq. Othello-Travestie. . . With Burlesque Notes. 8 1813. 

[Under the pseudonym of " Ibef."] 
O. Othello. L.C. P'cess, 20/3/1844. 
D. The Othello of Private Life ; or, The Curse of Jealousy. L.C. C.L. 


Ba. Our Beadle (Adel. 4/11/1839). L.C. 2/11/1839. 
D. Our Bottle ; or, The Drunkard's Progress. L.C. Standard, 18/10/1847. 
Ba. Our Cousin German ; or, I did it for the best (Olym. M. 1 1/2/1839). 

L.C. 1839. 

Bal. Our Dancing Days (D.L.W. ii /2/i8oi). 18/11/1847. 
F. Our Friend the Duke (Strand, Th. 23/11/1848). 
Ba. Our Future Fate; or, Tom, Jerry and Logic in 1845 (Cob. M. 


F. Our House; or, Lodgings in London (S.W. T. 1/2/1842). 
Ba. Our Lady of the Willow (Vic. M. 24/6/1844). 
F. Our National Defences ; or, The Cockshott Yeomanry (Adel. Th. 

27/1/1848). L.C. 28/1/1848. 
Oa. Our Sisters (Lye. 11/8/1834). 

[Music A. Lee.] 
F. Out-generalled ; or, A Hint for Bachelors (Lye. M. 30/9/1844). 

L.C. 23/9/1844. 

D. The Outlaws ; or, The Cave of Glenmore. L.C. Albert, 28/4/1849. 
M.D. The Outlaw's Oath; or, The Chieftains of the Glen (S.W. M. 


Ba. Out of his Element; or, The Cook in a Stew (Cob. M. 23/1/1831). 
F. Out of Place (H. 2 M. 19/10/1840). L.C. 16/10/1840. 
Sk. Out of Place; or, Flats and Sharps (R.A. M. 27/3/1826). 
F. Out of the Rain. L.C. Lye. 25/11/1847. 
Oa. The Outpost (C.G. Th. 17/5/1838). L C. 7/5/1838. 
F. The Outside Passenger (H.* Th. 4/7/1811). L. 53 S. [26/6/1811]. 
R.D. Owen Ivan King of Manko; or, The Druid's Curse (R.P. M. 


T. Owen, Prince of Powys; or, Welsh Feuds (D.L. M. 28/1/1822). 
M.D. Paali; or, The Bride of Corsica (Surrey, M. 15/9/1823). 
Ba. Paddy O'Rafferty (New, S. 12/1/1811). 
Ba. Paired Off (Olym. M. 28/10/1833). L.C. 19/10/1833. 
D. The Palace of Geneva; or, The Spirit of the Vault (Vic. M. 


M D. Pahdre na Mouhl; or, Peter of the Castle (R.P. M. 8/2/1830). 
T. Panthea, Queen of Susia. 8 1809. 
Bal. Panurge (H. r S. 19/2/1820). 

Bal. Paphos assiegS par les Scythes (H. 1 F. 18/6/1802). 
D. Paquita the Spanish Girl (Surrey, M. 17/4/1843). 
M.D. Paris; or, The Massacre of the a8th (R.A. M. 9/8/1830). 

[On M. 16/8/1830 the title was altered to France; or, The 

Massacre of Paris.] 

AUTHORS] 1 800 1850 507 

F. The Parish Beadle (S.W. M. 26/12/1831). 

Bsq. The Parish Revolution (St J. M. 26/12/1836). L.C. 19/12/1836. 

M.D. The Parricide; or, The Venetian Secret Tribunal (R.A. M. 


O. Le fcart du demon (C.G. F. 13/6/1845). 
Bal. La partie de chasse d'Henri Quatre (H. 1 T. 27/2/1816). 
O. The Pasha's Bridal (E.O.H. Th. 8/9/1836). L.C. 2/9/1836. 
Spec. The Passage of the Deserts ; or, The French in Egypt and the 

Siege of Acre (R.A. M. 16/4/1838). 

M.D. The Passions, Love and Jealousy (Surrey, M. 8/12/1823). 
D. Past and Present; or, What a Change! L.C. C.G. 3/1826. 
Ba. Past Four O'Clock; or, A Trip to Blackheath (Cob. M. 16/3/1829). 
Past. Pastor Fido; or, The Faithful Shepherd. 8 1809. 
D. The Pastor's Fireside (Surrey, F. 4/2/1831). 
P. Past, Present and Future. L.C. 1837. 
Ba. Past Ten O'Clock and a Rainy Night (E.L. M. 30/12/1816). 

[See T.J. DIB DIN, 1815.] 
P. Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Baker's Man ; or, Harlequin and the Magic 

Cake. L.C. Queen's, 16/12/1843. 
Ext. Pat and his Potatoes; or, The Abandoned Irishman (Adel. M. 

30/4/1838). L.C. 28/4/1838. 

Int. Patent Seasons (Lye. M. 21/8/1820). L. 119 M. [16/8/1820]. 
M.D. Paternal Affection; or, Welcome Home (Cob. M. 7/1/1828). 
C.O. Patie and Roger; or, The Gentle Shepherd (H.* T. 10/11/1812). 
Ba. Pat in Portugal. L.C. 24/12/1837. 
Ba. Patrick's Dream. L.C. Olym. 23/11/1835. 
Bal. Patrick's Return; or, Love Awake and the Guard Asleep (D.L. 

W. 5/2/1816). 

C. Patrick the Foreigner; or, A Knight for a Day (Queen's, S. 

D. Le Patriot; or, A Bottle at Sea (Vic. M. 6/2/1837). 
T. The Patriot; or, Wallace. 8 1806 [Edinburgh]. 
T. The Patriot Prince. 8 1809 [Calcutta]. 

O.D. The Patriots; or, The City Besieged (Surrey, M. 16/1/1826). 

D. Patronage (Olym. M. 16/10/1848). L.C. 16/10/1848. 

D. Patronage; or, The False Position. L.C. Surrey, 19/10/1849. 

F. Pat's Vagaries and the Road-side Inn (C.L. M. 31/3/1845). 

Ba. Paul and Virginia (New, M. 6/5/1811). 

Bal. Paul and Virginia (C.G. Th. 5/11/1818). 

M.D. Paul Clifford ; or, The Highwayman of 1764 (S.W. M. 4/4/1836). 

[This may be Fitzball's play.] 
Bal. Paul et Virginie (H. 1 S. 6/2/1819). 
R.D. Pauline; or, The Phantom Lover. L.C. Ipswich, 10/8/1849. 

[See RAFTER, 1845.] 
R.D. Paul Jones (S.W. Th. 30/8/1827). 

[See T.J.DIBDIN, 1827.] 
Ext. Paul Pry on Horseback; or, A Peep at the Election (R.A. M. 


D.D. Paul the Persecuted (R.P. 6/2/1845). L.C. 6/2/1845. 
Ba. Paul the Rich and Peter the Poor (R.A. M. 20/4/1829). 
M.D. Paul the Rover; or, The Maniac Father and the Triumph of 

Love (Vic. M. 22/2/1841). 

F. The Pawnbroker's Sister; or, The Reprieved Man. L.C. 7/1825. 
F. Pay for Peeping (Strand, M. 18/6/1832; Fitzroy, M. 19/5/1834). 

NDII 33 


F. Pay me; or, If you don't (P'cess, T. 11/7/1848). L.C. 

29/6/1848 [as Twenty Six Shillings; or, Pay me or if you don't ]. 

Ba. The Peacock and the Crow (Adel. M. 6/2/1837). L.C. 3/2/1837. 
Equestrian D. The Pearl of the Harem (Surrey, W. 23/3/1842). 
Ba. The Peasant Boy (Surrey, M. 26/10/1812). 

[See D/MOJVA i8nj 
D. The Peasant Bride (Olym. M. 17/4/1843). 

C. The Peasant Countess. L.C. Adel. 23/1/1843. 

D. The Peasant Judge (Surrey, M. 7/9/1840). 

M.D. The Peasant Ruffian; or, The Rake's Progress (Cob. W. 


Bal. The Peasant's Dream (Lye. M. 23/8/1847). 
P.Sk. The Peasant's Frolic; or, Harlequin and the Miller's Maid 

(S.W. M. 22/9/1823). 
P. Pease Porridge Hot, Pease Porridge Cold, Pease Porridge in the 

Pot nine Days Old ; or, Harlequin Honeysuckle and the Demon, of 

the Toadstool Fen. L.C. Bower, 14/12/1848. 
D. The Pedlar's Dream (R.P. T. 26/1/1836). 
M.D. The Pedlar's Pack (S.W. M. 31/12/1832). 
D. Pedrillo; or, The Castle of Andalusia (St J. 9/2/1837). L.C. 


C.O. Pedrillo del Campo (Cob. M. 9/2/1829). 
P.P. Pedro Lobo; or, Here He Is Again (Olym. 8.3/11/1821). L.8oS. 


C. Pedro the Cruel and Manuel the Cobbler; or, The Corregidor of 
Seville (Surrey, M. 20/8/1838). 

D. Pedro the Devil; or, The Forest of Segovia (Cob. M. 13/9/1830). 

C. The Peer and the Secretary. L.C. Manchester, 5/3/1849. 

D. Peg Woffington; or, The State Secret (Adel. T. 24/6/1845). L.C. 
Adel. 10/6/1845. 

P. Pens, Ink and Paper ; or, Harlequin I.O.U. Pothooks and Hangers. 

L.C. C.L. 15/12/1849. 
Ba. Peregrine Pickle; or, Hawser Trunnion on Horseback (R.A. M. 


F. Perfection (Scarborough, 1839). 
Bal. The Peri (D.L. S. 30/9/1843). 
Spec. The Perilous Cavern; or, The Daring Brigands (R.A. M. 

D. Perizzi ; or, The Brigand, the Marchese and the Deserter (Vic. M. 

M.D. Perkin Warbeck; or, The Battle of Garra-muir (S.W. M. 


D. The Permit; or, The Ganger's Daughter (S.W. M. 26/9/1831). 
D. Perouse; or, The Desolate Island (D.L. M. 6/4/1846). 

C. The Perplexed Husband. L. 53 S. [Lye. 21/10/1811]. 

O.F. Perseverance (H. M. 1/3/1802). L. 77 M. [12/2/1802; as P.; or, 

He must have her], 
Ba. The Persian Ambassador and the Beautiful Circassian (Cob. M. 


P. The Persian Festival; or, Harlequin Emperor (R.A. M. 31/8/1812). 
O. The Persian Hunters; or, The Rose of Gurgistan (E.O.H. W. 

13/8/1817). L. 65 S. [11/7/1817; as Zodaiya; or, The R. of G.]. 
[Music Horn.] 

D, The Persian Prince and the Moorish Boy (C.G. T. 14/6/1836). 

AUTHORS] 1 800 1850 509 

M.D. Peruvian Heroes; or, The Fate of Pizarro (Cob. T. 20/9/1825). 

Bal. The Peruvian Lovers (D.L. T. 6/3/1827). 

Ba. Peter Bell (Surrey, M. 8/2/1836). 

F. Peter Jenkyns; or, Fibbing for a Friend (Lye. M. 8/9/1845). 

C. Peter*Piper; or, Found out at home. L.C. H. J 9/5/1846. 

F. Peter Priggins; or, Life in Oxford (Olym. M. 28/3/1842). L.C. 

Ba. Peter Proteus; or, How to gain Five Thousand Pounds (R.P. T. 


Sk. Peter Pry (Vic. 1821). 

Int. Peter the Beauty; or, The Man for the Ladies (R.P. M. 10/9/1832) 
M.D. Peter the Cruel; or, The Black Prince in Spain (Cob. M 


M.D. Peter the Cruel ; or, The Maid of Castile (Surrey, M. 18/1/1813). 
M.D. Peter Wilkins; or, The Flying Indians (C.G. M. 16/4/1827). 

L.C. 9/3/1827. 

D. La petite folle. L.C. D.L. 8/3/1825. 

Bal. Les petites braconniers (H. 1 S. 28/1/1815). 

Bsq.O. Les petites Danaides; ou, 99 victimes (H. 1 M. 18/7/1831). 

M.D. Petraki Germane ; or, Almanzar the Traitor (Cob. M. 1/12/1823). 

Int. Petrarch and Laura. L.C. Liverpool, 11/12/1843. 

Ba. The Petticoat Colonel; or, All Right at Last (City, M. 16/1/1832). 

Ba. Petticoat Government. L.C. 27/2/1839. 

[See DANCE, 1832.] 

D. Peveril of the Peak (Edinburgh, 12/4/1823). L. 128 M. [1/4/1823]. 
[This is an altered version of the Surrey rendering of Scott's 

M.D. The Phantom Voice; or, The Doomed One of the Hulk (S.W. 

W. 7/3/1838). 
T. Philip. L.C. 4/5/1832. 
M.D. Philip of Anjou; or, An Adventure in the Forest (Adel. M. 

8/4/1833). L.C. 29/3/1833. 
Ba. Philpot and Co. (S.W. M. 10/9/1827). 
D . Phoebe Hepell ; or, The Struggle of Seventy Years .L.C. Brighton, 


D. The Physician's Wife. L.C. Garrick, 15/10/1845. 
D. The Piccolomini's. 8 1805. 

[A translation from Schiller.] 
C.D. Pickwick; or, The Sayings and Doings of Sam Weller. L.C. 

Norwich, 8/5/1838. 

Oa. The Picturesque (Adel. Th. 25/8/1831). L.C. 18/6/1830. 
C. Pierre Bertrand (H.* Th. 14/12/1837). L.C. 12/12/1837. 
M.D. Pierre Bonnard and his Poor Family (Cob. M. 13/1/1823), 
Bal. Pietro il grande (H. 1 T. 12/12/1809). 
F. The Pig and the Pepper-pot. L.C. Adel. 23/9/1844. 
O. The Pilgrim. L. 106 M. [C.G. 26/3/1815]. 
Ba. A Pill for Portugals ; or, William the Great and Miguel the Little 

(R.P. T. 7/6/1831). 

O.F. A Pill for the Doctor (Surrey, M. 20/2/1826). 
Ba. Les Pilule [sic] du Diable ; or, The Devil's Pills (S.W. T. 2/7/1839). 
M.D. The Pilot; or, A Tale of the Thames (Adel. M. 6/12/1830). 

L.C. 25/11/1830. 

[A new version of the play by FITZBALL, 1825, made from 

Cooper's novel.] 


P. The Pindar of Wakefield; or, Gog and Magog (R.A. M. 13/8/1810). 
C.O. The Pirate of Genoa (E.O.H. F. 5/9/1828). 

[An English version of Weigh's opera, Gli amori marinari] 
F. The Place Hunter (H. a T. 12/5/1840). L.C. 29/4/1840. 
F. The Place Hunters (C.G. F. 12/2/1819). L. 74 S. [8/2/1819]. 

[On T. 16/2/1819 the title was altered to, How to get a Place.] 
M.D. The Plague of Marseilles (Cob. M. 20/10/1828). 

[This and the following play are versions of Pix^re'court's La 

Peste de Marseille (Paris, 2/8/1828).] 
M.D. The Plague of Marseilles; or, The Horrors of 1720 (S.W. Th. 


F. The Plague of Plymouth (Olym. M. 24/3/1845). L.C. 24/3/1845. 
F. The Plaguy Good-natured Friend. L. 86 M. [C.G. 13/10/1807]. 
M.D. The Planter and his Dog; or, The Slave's Revenge (R.P. Th. 


D. Sermon. The Pleasures of Anarchy. 8 1809. 
D. The Pledge; or, The Goldsmiths of Clerkenwell. L.C. Albert, 


Ba. The Pledge of Love (Surrey, M. 25/9/1843). 
M.D. Plots; or, The Portraits of Cervantes (Cob. M. 24/10/1831). 
Ba. Plots in Madrid; or, The Painter's Study (Surrey, M. 19/4/1824). 
P. The Plum Pudding Pantomime; or, Harlequin and the British 

Lion (Olym. M. 27/12/1847). L.C. 18/12/1847 [as The B. L.; or, 

H. Panic and King Plum pudding]. 
D. The Poacher and his Dog (E.O.H. M. 23/11/1835). L.C. 23/11/1835. 

[Music Hawes.] 

Ba. Poachers and Petticoats (Strand, M. 20/6/1836). 
Ba. The Pocket Book (Adel. F. 29/9/1837; Surrey, M. 16/3/1840). 

L.C. 1837 [as The P. B.; or, The Two Families]. 
F. Poetical Inventions (Queen's, M. 18/5/1835). 
M.D. The Poisoned Goblet; or, The Knights of Castile (S.W. M. 


D. The Poisoned Ring (Vic. M. 11/3/1839). 

D. The Poisoner and his Victim (R.P. 17/2/1845). L.C. 15/2/1845. 
P. The Poison Tree; or, Harlequin in Java (Sans P. M. 18/11/1811). 
M.D. The Poison Tree; or, The Decree of Java (R.P. M. 31/1/1831). 
P. The Polar Star. L.C. 24/12/1829. 
Bal. Pohchmel Vampire (Surrey, M. 4/8/1828). 
Spec. The Polish Tyrant; or, The Woman of Ten Thousand (R.A. 

M. 4/8/1806; Royalty, M. 23/2/1807). 
F. Polkamania (Lye. M. 29/4/1844). L.C. 27/4/1844. 
F. Polka, Polka, Polka; or, Who's to Teach? L C. Vic. 2/5/1844. 
M.D. Polly of Portsea and Joe the Marine (R.P. M. 4/7/1831). 
Ext. Pong Wong (H.* W. 13/9/1826). L.C. 28/8/1826 [as P. W.; or, 

The Horoscope]. 

Ba. Poor and Content. L.C. 13/10/1836. 
Ba. Poor Dog Tray (Vic. M. 7/4/1845). 
Ba. The Poor Gentleman (Royalty, M. 16/11/1812; Cob. W. 


[SeeCOLMAN, 1801.] 
D. The Poor Idiot; or, The Souterrain of Heidelburg (R.A. M. 


B.O. Poor Jack; or, Tom Bowling's Will (Cob. M. 1/2/1830). 
M.D. Poor Mary; or, The Maid of the Inn (Richmond, 24/6/1806). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 511 

O.F. Poor Relations (D.L. S. 25/2/1815). L. 22 L. [11/2/1815]. 

[Music Horn.] 
C. Poor Relations. L. 69 S. [H. z 10/7/1818]. 

C. Poor Relations; or, Who's to inherit? (H.* M. 14/8/1826). L.C. 

Ba. Poor Smike; or, Dotheboy's Hall (Vic. M. 20/5/1839). 

[A version of Dickens* Nicholas Nickelby.] 

O.F. Pop! or, Sparrow-shooting (Adel. T. 27/7/1830). L.C. 13/7/1830 
[as S.-s.; or, Goose Green]. 

P. Pope Joan; or, Harlequin on Card Island (Cob. M. 19/4/1819). 
Ba. Popolino; or, The Sleeping Draught (Vic. Th. 9/12/1841). 
F. Popping the Question (D.L. T. 23/3/1830). L.C. 20/3/1830. 

[See BUCKSTONE, 1846.] 
Ba. Popping the Question (S.W. T. 18/5/1830). 

[See BUCKSTONE, 1846.] 

Ba. Popularity (Strand, M 1/4/1839). L.C. 1839. 
Ba. The Port Admiral; or, The Village Cobbler (R.A. M. 18/5/1835). 
F. The Portraits; or, The Birth Day (S.W. M 5/11/1838). 

D. The Post Captain; or, Wife, Husband and Friend (Surrey, M. 

D. The Post-chaise Companion (Vic. T. 17/11/1835). 

M.D. The Post House; or, M. E. (R.A. W. 18/8/1819). 

D. The Postilion; or, Storms by Sea and Land (Vic. M. 20/2/1837). 

D. Poverty and Temptation. L.C. Vic. 19/11/1849. 

Ba. P. Q.; or, Bachelor's Wives (Olym. 12/12/1832). L.C. 10/12/1832. 

F. Practical Jokes; or, The Arrival of Redgauntlet. L.C. Bath, 

Ext. Pranks of Puck with the Elfin King (in the Grasshoppers' Glade 

by Moonlight) (Olym. M. 24/6/1844). 
O. Preciosa; or, The Spanish Gipsy (C.G. Th. 28/4/1825). L.C. 


[Music Weber.] 

M.D. Preciosa, the Spanish Gipsy. L.C. E.O.H. 26/8/1824. 
M.D. Predilection; or, The Two Drovers (R.P. M. 12/4/1830). 
D. The Prediction (P'cess, M. 18/11/1844). L.C. 14/11/1844. 
C. The Prescription; or, A Cure for Hysterics (H. a F. 7/6/1833). 

L.C. 13/5/1833- 

Int. The Pretty Girl of Dundee (Dundee, 1802). 
Bal. The Pretty Sicilian (D.L. Th. 4/2/1847). 
P. The Pretty White Mouse; or, Harlequin Robin Hood. L.C. 

Standard, 15/11/1844. 
M.D. The Pride of Kildare; or, The Dog of the Quarry. L.C. 

Albert, 4/11/1844. 
Aquatic D. The Prince; or, The Illuminated Lake (S.W. M. 

Ba. The Prince and the Player; or, A Trifling Mistake (Adel. M. 

6/10/1823). L. 130 M. [29/9/1823]. 
Ba. Prince Carouso. L.C. 18/11/1833. 

Ext. Prince Dorus; or, The Romance of the Rose. 12 1850 [Lacy]. 
Bal. Le prince et le jardinier (Sans P. T. 20/4/1813). 
M.Romance. Prince Lee Boo (D.L. W. 30/10/1833). L.C. 28/10/1833. 

[Music Lee.] 
Spec. The Prince of Cyprus ; or, The Horse of the Elements (R.A. M. 



P. Princess Battledore and Harlequin Shuttlecock; or, The Island of 

Feathers. L.C. Birmingham, 30/11/1843. 
Spec. The Princess who was changed into a Deer (D.L. M. 3/1 1/1845). 

L.C. 3/11/1845. 

[Music R. Hughes.] 

Bal. Le prince troubadour; ou, le double espreuve (H. 1 T. 21/2/1815). 
Bsq. The Printer's Devil; or, A Type of the Old One (Adel. M. 

26/3/1832). L.C. 27/3/1832. 
F. The Prisoner (German, S. 21/9/1805). 
[A version of Kotzebue's drama.] 

C. The Prisoner (D.L. T. 8/2/1842). 

[This may not be a new drama; it apparently does not appear 
in the L.C. collection.] 

D. The Prisoner of France; or, The Fatal Brand (Surrey, M. 

C.O. The Privateer (Lye. M. 22/8/1812). L. 56 S. [16/8/1812], 

[A version of Cumberland, The Brothers^ 

Spec. The Prize; or, The Little Trader (R.A. M. 13/6/1801). 
F. The Prize Wherry ; or, The Sailor's Triumph (Cob. M. 9/10/1820). 
F. The Problem Solved (Olym. M. 2/1/1843). 
D. Procrastination; or, The Unready Gentleman. L.C. C.G. 


M.D. The Prodigal (D.L. 29/4/1816). L. 63 S. [22/4/1816]. 
M.D. The Prodigal; or, The Horrors of Extravagance (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Prodigal Son; or, The Rites of Memphis (Cob. M. 


D. The Profligate (Olym. M. 29/1/1844). L.C. 25/1/1844. 
M.D. The Profligates; or, The Horrors of Intemperance; being 

Fifteen Years' Life of a Gentleman, a Farmer and a Thief (R.P. 

Th. 25/6/1829). 
D. The Progress of a Lawsuit; or, The Travels of a Sailor (Surrey, 

M. 31/5/1830). 
M.D. The Progress of a Rake; or, Three Degrees of Crime (Cob. M. 


M.D. The Progress of Vice (Cob. W. 23/4/1828). 
Ext. The Projector (amateur performance at the Naval Academy, Cold 

Harbour, Gosport, 1803). 
Oa. The Promissory Note (E.O.H.Th. 29/6/1 820). L. 728. [24/7/1819], 

8 1820. 

[Music Bochsa.] 

BaLEnt. The Proof of Love (Lye. S. 4/9/1813). 

Ba. The Proof of the Pudding (Olym. W. 22/2/1832). L.C. 18/2/1832. 
D. Proof Presumptive; or, The Abbey of San Marco (C.G. T. 

20/10/1818). L. 71 S. [13/10/1818, as P. P.; or, The Secret 


P. The Prophecy (Royalty, M. 16/3/1801). 
O. Le prophet (C.G. T. 24/7/1849). 

[Libretto E. Scribe, music G. Meyerbeer (Paris, 16/4/1849).] 
Ent. Proteus; or, Sketches of Character. L.C. 22/3/1833. 
F. The Provisional Government (Olym. W. 12/7/1848). L.C. 


D. The Provost of Bruges (Surrey, M. 9/6/1837). 
[See LOVELL, 1836.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 513 

M.D.* The Provost of Paris (Vic. M. 2/10/1837). 

[Also called The Truant Chief.] 
M.D. Prussian Discipline. L. 67 S. [C.G. 24/9/1817]. 

[This seems to be The Youthful Days of Frederick the Great.] 
P. Puck's Pantomime; or, Harlequin and Robinson Crusoe (D.L. T. 

24/12/1844). L.C. 18/12/1844. 

B. Pug; or, The Widow's Tears (Strand, M. 9/5/1836; E.O.H. T. 
14/9/1841). L.C. 6/5/1836. 

[Also called A Widow in Tears.] 

P. Pull Devil, Pull Baker; or, Harlequin Spite and the Fairy Queen 

of the Sylvan Bowers. L.C. R.P. 15/12/1849. 
C.O. Punch and Judy (Colosseum, W. 12/7/1837). 
Ca. Punch in Italy (Strand, M. 2/7/1849). L.C. 30/6/1849. 
Ext. Punchinello (Adel. M. 27/2/1843). 
P. Punch's Festival; or, Harlequin's Christmas Box (Surrey, T. 

P. Punch's Pantomime ; or, Harlequin King John and Magna Charta 

(C.G. M. 26/12/1842). L.C. 21/12/1842. 
Ba. The Pupil of da Vinci (St J. S. 30/11/1839). 
O. I Puritani (P'cess, Th. 16/3/1843). 

[An English version of Pepoli's opera (Paris, 25/1/1835), with 

music by Bellini.] 
D. The Puritan's Plot; or, The Court of King Charles and the 

Cheateries of Mulled Sake (Surrey, M. 2/7/1838). 
D. The Puritan's Sister. L.C. 25/5/1835. 
M.D. The Purse of Almo; or, The Mendicant Monks (Vic. M. 

P. Puss in Boots ; or, Harlequin the Miller's Son (C.G. W. 26/12/1832). 

L.C. 18/12/1832 [as H. and P. in B.]. 

Ba. Puss! Puss 11 Puss!!! or, Miss Metamorphoses (S.W. M. 29/10/1827). 
Spec. Pyramus and Thisbe; or, The Unfortunate Lovers (R.A. M. 


[Music M. Lawrence.] 

D. Pyramus and Thisbe. L.C. 30/12/1831. 

P. Q. in the Corner; or, Harlequin Schoolboy (Surrey, M. 23/4/1810). 
Oa. The Quadrille; or, A Quarrel for what? (E.O.H. M. 14/6/1819). 

L. 114 M. [13/8/1818]. 8 1819. 

D. The Quadroon Slave (H.* T. 26/10/1841). L.C. H. 19/10/1841. 
Bsq. The Quadrupeds; or, The Manager's Last Kick (Lye. Th. 

18/7/1811). L. 538. [12/7/1811]. 
M.D. The Quarantine Ship. L.C. R.P. 24/3/1845. 
Ba. A Quarter before Nine (E.O.H. Th. 27/7/1837)- L-C. 15/7/1837. 
Ba. Quarter Day; or, A New Way to Pay your Rent (Cob. M. 


Ba. Quarter Day; or, Who Pays the Rent? (New, M. 15/4/1811). 
Int. The Quarter Deck; or, Saturday Night (C.G. M. 13/5/1814). 
Oa. The Quartette ; or, Interrupted Harmony (E.O.H. Th. 18/9/1828). 

L.C. 17/9/1828. 
Int. Quavers and Capers (D.L. 3/6/1817). 

[A version of Fielding, The Virgin Unmasked.] 
Oa. The Queen and the Cardinal (E.O.H. M. 30/5/1836). L.C. 

P. The Queen Bee; or, Harlequin and Goody Two Shoes (Surrey, 

Th. 26/12/1839). 


D. Queen Catherine and Cardinal Wolsey; or, The Life of King 

Henry VIII (Cob. M. 28/1/1828). 
Pag. The Queen! God bless her! (R.A. M. 4/6/1838). 
D. Queen Mary; or, The Tower of London (Adel. M. 30/1 1/1840). 
Ba. The Queen of Hearts; or, The Card Party. L.C. 25/9/1833. 
D. The Queen of Poland; or, The Hunters of Moldavia. 'L.C. Vic. 

Spec. The Queen of the Abruzzi (Adel. M. 8/6/1846). L.C. 10/6/1846. 

[Attributed to y. S. COYNE.] 
P. The Queen of the Butterfly Tower; or, Harlequin and Old Bogie 

(R.P. F. 26/12/1828). 
P. The Queen of the Clover Field; or, Harlequin and "One, Two, 

Buckle my Shoe" (R.P. Th. 26/12/1833). 

D. The Queen's Command (E.O.H. S. 14/7/1838). L.C. 9/7/1838. 
D. The Queen's Lover (Kensington, 1834). 
D. Quentin Durward (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 23/6/1823). 

[This seems to have been a distinct version of Scott's novel.] 
R.D. The Questor's Steed; or, The Prophet of the Caucasus (R.A. 

M. 12/4/1841). 
Ba. Quite Out of the Common; or, Little and Good. L.C. E.O.H. 


F. Quits ; or, War versus Law (C.G.M. 30/1 0/1843). L.C. 26/10/1843. 
P. Quixotte and Sancho; or, Harlequin Warrior (R.A. M. 2/6/1800). 
Ba. Quoniam. L.C. 10/2/1831. 
D. Raby Rattler; or, The Progress of a Scamp (Surrey, W. 3/2/1847). 

L.C. 23/1/1847. 
Prel. A Race for a Rarity; or, The Bayaderes (Adel. M. 1/10/1838). 

L.C. 25/9/1838. 

F. A Race for a Wife (C.G. F. 20/10/1820). L. 118 M. [9/10/1820]. 
Ba. A Race for a Wife ; or, Win her and wear her (Olym. M. 17/1 1/1823). 

L. 24 L. [4/11/1823; titles reversed]. 
F. A Race for a Dinner (S.W. F. 19/7/1844). 
Fa. A Race to Hampstead (S.W. M. 22/6/1840). 
F. The Racket Court (S.W. M. 21/7/1845). 
D. Rafael the Libertine (Surrey, M. 8/10/1838). 
F. The Railroad for Ever; or, How to get rich (H.* T. 10/5/1836). 
F. Railway Bubbles (H.* S. 29/11/1845). L.C. 29/11/1845. 
P. The Railway King; or, Harlequin and the Chinese Queen. L.C. 

M'bone, 17/11/1845. 
F. Railway Mania; or, The Irish Sharebroker. L.C. Amphitheatre, 

Liverpool, 17/12/1845. 

Int. The Railway Train (Edinburgh, 12/12/1840). 
Ba. Raising the Wind (New, M. 6/5/1811). 
Spec. The Rajah of Nagpore; or, The Sacred Elephants of the Pagoda 

(R.A. M. 9/2/1846). L.C. 26/1/1846 [as The E. of the P.]. 
D. Ralph de Bigod, Earle of Norwich. L.C. 1829. 
D. The Ramblers; or, The Deserted Wife of Didcot (Vic. Th. 

F. The Ramsbottoms at Rheims ; or, The French Coronation (C.G. 

M. 11/7/1825). L.C. 6/1825. 

Int. Random Shots; or, Lucky Hits (S.W. M. 11/1/1830). 
D. Raphael's Dream; or, The Egyptian Idol. L.C. 13/3/1834. 
Spec. Raphael's Dream; or, The Mummy and the Study of Living 

Pictures (R.A. M. 13/9/1830). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 515 

T. The Rash Marriage. L. 101 M. [Edinburgh, 3/1813]. 

Ba. Rasselas; or, The Happy Valley (St J. S. 26/12/1835). L.C. 


M.D. The Rat-Trap ; or, The Pass of Abruzzi (Cob. M. 23/4/1827). 
D. Ravjn the Savage (S.W. M. 21/9/1807). 
Ba. Raykisnah the Outcast; or, The Hollow Tree (Sans P. M. 

22/11/1813). L. 99 M. [6/11/1813, as The Outcast; or, The H. T}. 
Ba. A Real John Bull (Surrey, M. 26/8/1822). 
O.F. The Reasonable Fool; or, All in Confusion (Pav. T. 17/12/1811). 

L. 93 M. [19/11/1811]. 
Ba. Rebecca and her Daughters (Vic. M. 12/6/1843). 

C. The Rebel. L.C. 28/4/1849. 

M.D. The Rebel Chief (E.O H. M. 27/6/1836). L.C. 21/6/1836. 
Sat. The Rebellion; or, All in the Wrong. A Serio-Comic Hurly 
Burly in Scenes. 8 1809. 

[This relates to the O P. riots ; see The Theatric Count.] 

D. The Rebellion of Norwich in 1549 (Norwich, 17/4/1815). 

C. A Receipt for Mirth. L. 54 S. [Lye. 18/12/1811]. 
F. A Recent Event. L.C. 31/10/1832. 

D. The Recluse (Edinburgh, 1825). L.C. 25/4/1825. 

[From Scott, The Black Dwarf. Music Caraffa, arranged by 

M.D. The Recluse; or, The Banks of the Delaware. L. 131 M. 

[Norwich, 16/4/1823]. 
O.D. The Recluse; or, The Valley of St. Gothard (D.L. 14/6/1825). 

L.C. 4/6/1825. 
D. The Recluse of the Cavern ; or, The Triumph of Fidelity (Surrey, 

S. 23/10/1830). 

Ba. El Recluta por Fuerza (Cob. W. 23/5/1832). 
O.F. Recommendations; or, Another Fish out of Water (Olym. M. 

27/10/1823). L. 132 M. [18/10/1823]. 
P. The Reconciliation (D.L. 26/4/1813). 
Ba. The Recruit (E.O.H. W. 9/9/1829). L.C. 18/8/1829. 

[This is said to be the same as The Recruit played at Dumfries 

in 1794; see A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, p. 341.] 
M.D. The Red Banner; or, The Barons of Ubaldo(Cob. M. 25/4/1831). 
D. RedclifT. L.C. Glasgow, 11/11/1845. 
M.D. The Red Daemon of the Harz Forest; or, The Three Charcoal 

Burners (Cob. M. 24/9/1821). 
D. Redgauntlet (Surrey, 1824). 

[There seems to have been a separate version of Scott's novel 

played at the Surrey this year.] 

R.D. The Red Gauntlet; or, The Piper's Receipt (R.P. M. 23/2/1835). 
D. The Red House ; or, The Queen's Bouquet and the Three Cards 

(Surrey, M. 26/2/1849). 

D. The Red Indian; or, Selkirk and his Dog (Surrey, M. 26/8/1822). 
M.D. The Red Indian ; or, The Shipwrecked Mariner and his Faithful 

Dogs (Surrey, T. 9/3/1824). 

[Apparently a revised version of the above.] 
M.D. Redland the Robber (R.P. F. 15/2/1833). 

M.D. The Red Maid ; or, The Renegade's Curse (R.P. M. 22/9/1834). 
D. The Red Man; or, The Sailem's Vow. L.C. Brit. 13/12/1847. 
D. The Red Man of Glatz (Vic. M. 23/4/1849). L.C. 21/4/1849. 
D. The Red Mantle ; or, The Bridal of Death (Queen's, T. 14/9/1841) . 


M.D. Red Riven; or, The Mill of Claris, a Canton in Switzerland 

(R.A. M. 19/8/1816; Cob. M. 18/4/1825). 
Spec. The Red Robber; or, The Statue in the Wood (Sans P. S. 


D. Red Robin. L.C. Surrey, 11/4/1846. t 

D. The Red Rover (Surrey, M. 7/9/1829). 
D. Red Roy (Edinburgh, 7/4/1809). 
Bal. Red Roy; or, Oswyn and Helen (H. W. 10/8/1803). 
D. The Red Savage; or, Sidney and his Dog (Cob. M. 6/9/1830). 
P. The Red Sorcerer; or, Harlequin Captive (Surrey, M. 


M.D. The Red Witch of Moravia (Cob. M. 31/7/1820). 
Int. Reflection (D.L. S. 13/12/1834). L.C. 9/12/1834. 
Ba. Reformation; or, Equivocal Appearances (Tottenham-street, Th. 


D. The Refuge. L.C. 15/2/1837. 
F. A Regiment of Tartars ; or, The Pretty Girl of Stilberg (H. a M. 

28/3/1842). L.C. 4/4/1842 [as The Pretty Girl of Stilberg]. 
M.D. The Reign of Terror ; or, The Horrors of the French Revolution 

(Cob. M. 27/12/1824). 
O.F. The Reign of Twelve Hours (E.O.H. Th. 5/8/1824). L.C. 


[Music G. B. Herbert.] 
O. La reine de Chypre (D.L. M. 7/7/1845). L.C. C.G. 10/6/1845. 

[Music Halevy, Paris 1841.] 
Bal. La reine de Golconde (H. 1 Th. 4/6/1812). 
Bsq. Rejected Addresses (Clarence, M. 12/8/1833). 
Bsq. The Rejected Addresses (St J. W. 24/2/1836). L.C. 22/2/1836 

[as The R. D., a Blind Bargain]. 
Ext. The Rejected Addresses Received; or, The Manager in his 

Slippers (Royalty, S. 20/3/1813). 
F. The Rejection ; or, Everybody's Business (Lye. F. W. 20/1 1/181 1). 

L. 53 S. [ii/n/i8ii, as The Refusal; or, E. B.}. 
Ba. The Renowned Mandarin, Whang Fong Long Tong Chang Song 

Ho; or, The Star of Destiny (Cob. M. 5/11/1821). 
M.D. The Reprobate. L. 70 S. [Adel. 11/3/1821]. 
M.D. The Reprobate; or, The Protean Bandit (W.L. M. 9/3/1829). 
M.Ent. Retaliation. L. 56 S. [Lye. 1/9/1812]. 
Ba. The Retort Courteous (Olym. Th. 23/10/1834). 
Bal. Returned from Trafalgar (New, S. 26/1/1811 3rd perform- 
Ext. The Return of Perouse ; or, The Chimpanzee in France (Surrey, 

M. 24/10/1836). 

Ba. The Review; or, The Wags of Windsor. L.C. St J. 19/4/1837. 
D. The Revolt at Sea. L.C. Adel. Glasgow, 13/9/1847. 
D. The Revolt of Bruges (Olym. Th. 10/3/1842). L.C. 5/3/1842. 
T. The Revolt of Flanders. 8 1848. 

[By the author of Richelieu in Love.] 
M.D. The Revolt of Surinam; or, A Slave's Revenge (Cob. T. 

M.D. The Revolt of the Greeks; or, The Maid of Athens (D.L. Th. 

10/6/1824). L.C. 29/5/1824. 

Bal. The Revolt of the Harem (C.G. W. 5/2/1834). 
Ext. The Revolt of the Seraglio on the other Side of the Pole (Surrev. 

W. I9/2-W. 26/2/1834). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 517 

T. Richard III (D.L. 12/3/1821). 

[The version played by Kean; see Odell, op. cit. ii. 152-3.] 
Esq. Richard III. L. 106 M. [H. 23/12/1815]. 
Bsq. Richard III. Travestie... with Annotations by Contrast Jumble. 

i* 1823. 
Past. Richard and Betty; or, Drop a Tear to her Memory. L.C. Brit. 


D. Richard Darlington. L.C. 1836. 

D. Richard Markham ; or, The Brothers. L.C. Vic. 5/9/1846. 
M.D. Richard Parker; or, The Mutiny at the Nore (Tottenham-street, 

M. 4/10/1830). 

Spec. Richard the Lyon (R.A. M. 14/9/1801). 
Spec. Richard Turpin, the Highwayman (R.A. M. 8/11/1819). 
Ba. Richmond Hill; or, The Widow and the Bailiff. L.C. Olym. 


P. Riddle Me, Riddle me Ree (Olym. T. 18/1/1842). 
P. Ride a Cock Horse (E.O.H. S. 26/12/1835). L.C. 24/12/1835. 
Ba. Rifle Manoeuvres (Adel. M. 19/2/1838). L.C. 19/2/1838. 
F. The Rifles; or, Who will he have? L.C. P'cess, 18/10/1847. 
Bal. The Right of Possession (Surrey, M. 18/10/1813). 
D. Rimonia (Royalty, M. 19/9/1808). 
M.D. Rmaldo the Remorseless; or, Philip and his Dog (Royalty, M. 


D. The Ring (Queen's, T. 29/1/1833). 
P. Riquet with the Tuft; or, Dewdrop and Rosebud (R.A. M. 


Bal. The Rival Brothers; or, The Haunted Hut (R.A. W. 23/10/1816). 
P. The Rival Clowns; or, Laugh if you like it (R.C. M. 17/7/1809). 
P. The Rival Genii; or, Harlequin Wild Man (S.W. T. 12/4/1814). 
M.D. The Rival Heroes, Charles XII and Peter the Great (S.W. M. 

29/5-M. 5/6/1820). 
M.D. The Rival Indians; or, The Sailor and his Dogs (Cob. M. 


[See The Red Savage.} 

Ba. The Rival Queens; or, Little Alexander the Great. L.C. Rich- 
mond, 11/4/1843. 

O.F. The Rival Soldiers (D.L. 8/7/1814). 

Ba. The River God (Olym. Th. 26/2/1835). L.C. 21/2/1835. 

M.D. The Robber of Epping Forest; or, The Man in Brown (S.W. 
Th. 10/2/1831). 

M.D. The Robbers; or, The Fatal Oath (S.W. W. 20/9/1820). 

O. The Robber's Bride (E.O.H. W. 15/7/1829). L.C. 23/6/1829. 

R.D. The Robber's Wife (City, M. 22/8/1831). 

Spec.D. The Robber's Wife; or, The Bleeding Nun of Lindenburg 

(Cob. T. 28/8/1821). 

[Also called One O'Clock.] 

Bal. Robert and Bertrand (D.L. M. 24/3/1845). 
Ba. Robert le Diable; or, The Devil's Son (S.W. M. 13/2/1832). 

[A version of Scribe and Delavigne, Robert le Diable (Paris, 
21/11/1831), with music by Meyerbeer.] 
M.D. Robert the Bruce (Perth, 8/1819). 

[A dramatisation of Scott, The Lord of the Isles ; this may be 
a revised version of the Coburg play.] 

M.D. Robert the Bruce; or, The Battle of Bannockburn (Cob. M. 


M.D. Robert the Bruce; or, The Battle of Bannockburn (S.W. W. 

M.D. Robert the Devil; or, The Terror of Normandy (R.P. T. 


O.F. Robin and Marion; or, Love in a Bustle (Sans P. M. 8/2/1819). 
M.D. Robmet the Bandit; or, The Forest of Montescarpmi (C.G. M. 


Bal. Robin Gray (D.L. S. 2/4/1814). 
Ba. Robin Hood (New, T. 27/11/1810). 
Bsq. Robin Hood and Richard Coeur de Lion! (Lye. M. 4/5/1846). 

L.C. 5/5/1846. 

O. Rob of the Fen (E.O.H. S. 7/7/1838). L.C. 22/6/1838. 
Spec. Rob Roy (Pantheon, Edinburgh, S. 17/1/1818). 
M.D. Rob Roy (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 3/5/1825). 

[This was the third Caledonian version of Scott's novel.] 
M.D. Rob Roy; or, The Traveller's Portmanteau (Olym. M. 

16/2/1818). L. 70 S. [12/2/1818]. 
M.D. Rob Roy McGregor (Cob. T. 8/7/1828). 
Ba. Rob the Ranter; or, One Good Turn deserves another (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Rock of Arpennaz; or, The Dumb Brother (Cob. T. 


Bal. The Rock of Beauty (Lye. M. 19/7/1847). 
M.D. The Rock of Skulls; or, The Hidden Treasure (S.W. M. 

M.D. Rodar the Raven; or, The Scourge of Denmark (S.W. M. 


M.D. Roderick of RavenschfF; or, The Black Pirate (R. P.M. 11/6/183 2). 
M.D. Roderick the Goth; or, The Vision of the Cavern (Cob. M. 

M.D. Rodolph and Rosa; or, The Queen of the Silver Lakes (R.C. 

M. 29/6/1807). 

C. The Roebuck. L. 128 M. [C.G. 17/11/1823]. 

F. Rogues All! or, Three Generations (D.L. S. 5/2/1814). L. 103 M. 


Ca. Roland; or, Carte over Arm (Edinburgh, 14/11/1835). 
F. A Roland for an Oliver (E.L. F. 30/7/1819). 
[See MORTON, 1819.] 

D. RoJla; or, The Peruvian Chief (Royalty, M. 26/11/1810). 

C. Rollo, the Minstrel; or, The Devil's in it (S.W. M. 26/6/1843). 

Oa. Romance and Reality (Clarence, M. 12/8/1833). 

M.D. The Romance of the Coast; or, The Smugglers and the Pre- 
ventive Service (Cob. M. 15/11/1830). 

M.D. The Romance of the Pyrenees; or, The Young Chasseur (Cob. 
M. 11/10/1830). 

Ca. The Romance of the Rhine (P'cess,T. 5/10/1847). L.C. 18/10/1847. 

Ba. The Roman Ladies (Olym. F. 6/11/1840). 

F. The Roman Nose (Surrey, M. 1/6/1835). 
[See ALMAR, 1834.] 

C. The Romantic Widow (H. M. 16/10/1837). 

M.D. Romeo and Juliet (Surrey, M. 22/3/1813). 

Bsq. Romeo Travestie. L.C. Edinburgh, 1/9/1841. 

M.Ent. The Romp (D.L. 22/5/1817). 

M.D. Ronald the Reiver; or, The Devil's Cave (Royalty, M. 31/3/1823). 

AUTHQRS] 1800-1850 519 

Ba. The Rope Ladder; or, Dissipation, Desperation and Starvation 

(Cob. M. 29/4/1822). 

Bal. La Rose; ou, les deguisements (H. 1 T. 18/5/1819). 
D. Rdse Ashford; or, Woman's Love (Surrey, T. 29/2/1848). L.C. 

D. Rose Clinton ; or, The Victim of Circumstantial Evidence (Vic. M. 

24/4/1848). L.C. 8/4/1848. 
Oa. Rose d'Amour; or, Little Red Riding Hat (C.G. Th. 3/12/1818). 

L. 68 S. [13/11/1818]. 

D. Rose Lendm; or, The Old Chapel Ruins (S.W. M. 28/2/1842). 
M.D. Rosenberg; or, The Outcasts of Molwitz (S.W. M. 9/6/1828). 
D. The Rose of Ettrick Vale. L.C. Adel. 29/10/1829. 
P. The Rose of Stepney; or, Harlequin and Old Father Thames 

(R.P. W. 26/12/1838). 
D. Rose Roy; or, The Valley of the White Rose (R.P. M. 11/5/1835). 

[See G. D. PITT (S.W. 1835).] 
C. Roses and Thorns; or, Two Houses under one Roof. L. 87 S. 

[C.G. 1/4/1823]. 

[SeeJ.LUNN, 1825.] 

P. Rose, Shamrock and Thistle. L.C. Standard, 8/12/1845. 
Ba. Rosine; or, Am I a Princess? (Adel. M. 31/10/1836). 
Bal. The Rossignol; or, The Bird in the Bush (D.L. W. 2/2/1825). 
Ba. Rouge et noir. L.C. E.O.H. 1838. 
C. Rough and Smooth; or, Nature and Sentiment (Surrey, F. 

Ba. A Rough Diamond (St J. M. 15/2/1836). L.C. 8/2/1836. 

C. The Rout Routed. 8 1800. 

M.D. The Rover of the Isles (R.P. M. 29/7/1833). 

F. A Row in the Buildings (S.W. W. 29/5/1844). L.C. 22/5/1844. 

Ba. The Row of Ballynavogue ; or, The Lily of Lismore (Sans P. 

Th 27/11/1817). L. in M. [14/11/1817; as Ballynavogue]. 
Ba. Roxalana (Surrey, M. 4/10/1819). 
Ba. The Royal Baker; or, The Knights of the Oven (R.P.M. 1/11/1830). 

D. Royal Charlie (R.P. 24/3/1845). L.C. 22/3/1845. 

Vaud. A Royal Commission from Pans (Olym. M. 20/4/1840). L.C. 

M.D. The Royal Dane (Surrey, M. 25/6/1827). 

[A version of Hamlet.] 
D. The Royal Delinquent; or, The Triumph of Justice (Vic. F. 

Spec. The Royal Foxhunt; or, The Life and Death of Tom Moody. 

L.C. Amphitheatre, Manchester, 10/3/1847. 
Ent. The Royal Jubilee (H.' W. 25/10/1809). 
M.D The Royal Mistress; or, The Life and Death of Jane Shore 

(R.P. W. 26/12/1838). 
MEnt. The Royal Nuptials; or, The Masque of Hymen (C.G. M. 

6/5/1816). L. 108 M. [28/4/1816; with the titles reversed]. 
M.D. The Royal Scots Fusileers ; or, The White Rabbit of Edinburgh 

Castle (R.P. M. 8/6/1835). 
Ba. The Royal Twelfth Cake; or, The Queen's Court of Conscience 

(R.P M. 7/1/1833). 

M.D. Roy's Wife; or, The Clachan of Aberfoil (Cob. F. 4/11/1825). 
[Described as "the favourite Caledonian romance"; probably 

a revised version of an earlier Rob Roy play.] 


M.D. The Ruby Cross (Cob. M. 9/2/1829). 

D. Ruby Ruins ; or, The Mother's Statue (Surrey, M. 14/2/1842). 

Spec. Rudolph of Hapsburg; or, The Weirds of the Rhine. L.C. 

Adel. 24/9/1841. 
P. Rudolph the Wolf; or, Columbine Red Riding Hood (Olym. M. 


M.D. Rugantino, the Bravo of Venice (Surrey, M. 11/7/1831). 
D. The Ruined House at Milbank (Vic. M. 26/1/1846). L.C. 

M. The Rums of Athens (P'cess, Th. 5/3/1846). L.C. 4/3/1846. 

M.D. The Ruins of St. Pierre (Surrey, M. 8/10/1832). 

P. Rule Britannia; or, Harlequin Old Dan Tucker and the Ocean 

Queen. L.C. R.P. 21/12/1846. 
Esq. Rumfuskin King of Bythnyphorbia (Olym. Th. 3/12/1818). 

L. 728. [25/11/1818]. 

M. The Rum Ones; or, The Club Night (Lye. 9/4/1822). 
F. The Runaway Husbands (H.* Th. 3/5/1849). L-C. 28/4/1849- 
Ba. Run for your Life (Adel. M. 17/1/1820). L. 119 M. [2/1/1820]. 
M.Ent. Rural Visitors; or, Singularity (Sans P. F. 16/1/1807). 
O. The Russian Captive (Queen's, Th. 16/6/1831). 
M.D. The Russian Daughter; or, Female Heroism (Cob. M. 


Bal. The Russian Festival (C.G. Th. 18/9/1817). 
C.O. The Russian Village. L. 98 M. [D.L. 21/12/1813]. 
Ba. The Rustic Adonis (Queen's, M. 31/7/1837). 
O. Ruth; or, Our Village Home. L.C. D.L. 17/2/1840. 
D. Ruth of Rosedale; or, The Maid, Wife and Widow. L.C. R.P. 

Ba. Ruth Tudor (Adel. M. 27/3/1837)- L-C. 9/3/1837 [as R. T.; or, 

The Reel Smuggled]. 

Bal. Les Sabotiers; or, The Merry Woodcutters (Pav. M. 1/12/1806). 
M.D. The Sacred Standard and the Chinese Prince; or, The Forest 

of Palms (Cob. M. 18/8/1828). 
Spec. Sadak and Kalasrade; or, The Waters of Oblivion (C.G. M. 

11/4/1814). L. 102 M. [25/3/1814]. 

Ba. The Sailor's Chest; or, The Family Picture (Cob. M. 3/2/1823). 
D. The Sailor's Home. L.C. R.P. 12/7/1845. 
D. St. Ann's Well! or, A Century Gone (S.W. M. 20/1/1840). 
Bal. St. Bartholomew; or, Fun Alive (S.W. M. 30/8/1830). 
Ba. St. Cuthbert's Eve; or, The Tomb of Monteith (Adel. M. 

9/10/1820). L. n8 M. [29/9/1820]. 
D. St. Dm, the Accused (Edinburgh, 22/8/1836). 
P. St. George and the Dragon; or, Harlequin and the Demon of 

the Nile, L.C. C.L. 16/12/1843. 
Legendary R. St. George and the Dragon ; or, The Seven Champions 

of Christendom (R.A. Th. 26/12/1822). 

M.D. St. Gothard's Mount; or, Fatal Retribution (Cob. M. 2/8/1824). 
M.D. St. Hilda's Cave; or, The Child of Crime (Cob. M. 9/8/1824). 
M.D. St. John's Priory; or, Islington in the Olden Time (S.W. M. 


O. St. Ronan's Well. L.C. D.L. 20/12/1824. 
Spec. St. Stephen's Well; or, The Bumpkin's Dream. L.C. Brit. 

Bal. La Salamandrine (C.G. T. 18/5/1847). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 521 

Spec. Salvator; or, The Invisible Brothers (Cob. M. 16/10/1820). 
D. Sam Patch (H.* M. 4/11/1844). L.C. Adel. 22/10/1844 [as S. P.; 

or, The Jumper]. 

D. Sam Scud; or, Peril of the Sea (Surrey, M. 7/3/1842). 
Ba. Sam Welter's Tour; or, The Pickwickians in France (Strand, M. 

25/6/1838). L.C. 1838. 
F. The Saracen's Head ; or, Not at Home (H. 3 S. 10/9/1814). L. 59 S. 

Oa. The Saracen's Head removed from Snow Hill. L. 72 S. [E.O.H. 


[This is probably the same as The Bull's Head (E.O.H. 1818).] 
D. Satan; or, The Devil in Paris. L.C. 10/10/1844. 
Ba. Satisfied; or, Not More than I Want (S.W. M. 31/1/1831). 
M.D. The Savage Chieftain; or, The Shipwrecked British Sailor and 

his Dogs (E.L. M. 16/9/1816). 

[See EYRE, 1814.] 

Bal. The Savage Lovers ; or, The Rival Regicides (Surrey, M. 24/4/1826). 
O. The Savoyard. 8 1815. 
P. Sawney Beane; or, Harlequin and the Man Eater I (S.W. M. 

Spec. Sawney Bean, the Terror of the North (Cob. T. 18/2/1823). 

D. The Scamps of London (Vic. T. 26/12/1843). 

Ba. The Scapegrace; or, I've been roaming. L.C. Adel. 5/3/1828. 

[See S. BEAZLEY, 1832.] 

Ca. The Scapegrace of Pans (Surrey, M. 8/4/1844). L.C. 1/4/1844. 
F. Scapin in Masquerade (D.L. S. 12/11/1803). 

[A version of Sgur, Crispin Duegne.] 
F. The Scarecrow (Lye. M. 1/5/1848). L.C. 19/4/1848. 
M.D. Scenes in London; or, The Jew, the Gamester, the Seducer, 

the Murderer and the Thief (Cob. M. 30/7/1821). 
F. The Schemer. L. 129 M. [Olym. 25/11/1823], 
F. Schoolboy Frolics (P'cess, W. 13/1/1847). L.C. 7/1/1847. 
Ba. The School for Fathers (Surrey, W. 29/7/1812). 
C. The School for Gallantry (D.L. S. 3/5/1828). L.C. 1/5/1838. 

[Music Cooke.] 
F. The School for Orators; or, A Peep into the Forum. 8 1806. 

Fa. The Schoolmaster at Home (E.O.H. S. 5/9/1835). L.C. 3/9/1835. 
[Music A. Wade.] 

C. The Scornful Lady. L.C. M'bone, 19/11/1847. 
Ent. The Scotch Ghost (D.L. W. 13/5/1801). 

[This may be another form of the following.] 

Bal. The Scotch Ghost; or, Little Fanny's Love (D.L. S. 8/2/1800). 
Bal. The Scotch Lovers; or, The Gretna Blacksmith (R.A. M. 

F. Scotch Marriage Laws ; or, The Dracon and her Deputy. L. 86 S. 

[Edinburgh, 18/3/1823]. 

F. Scotch Mist (Olym. M. 17/10/1842). L.C. 21/10/1842. 
M.D. Scotland's Patriot King (W.L. M. 1/10/1820). 
Ba. The Scottish Chiefs (not Miss Porter's) (Strand, M. 2/9/1839). 

L.C. 19/8/1839. 

D. Scrooge the Miser's Dream; or, The Past, Present and Future. 
L.C. S.W. 27/1/1844. 

Bal. The Sculptor; or, Love can move the Heart of a Stone (R.A. M. 


D. The Sculptor of Frankfort (Surrey, M. 5/2/1849). 

Spec. The Sculptor's Workshop (Surrey, M. 13/11/1837). 

M.D. The Sea Devil ; or, The Freebooter's Boy (S.W. Th. 26/12/1839). 

M.D. The Sea Devil; or, The Wandering Jew (Cob. M. 39/3/1830). 

D. The Sea Horse; or, Queen Elizabeth and the Knight of Sheppey 

(R.A. M. 15/4/1839). 

M.D. The Sea Lion; or, The Corsairs of Cuba (Cob. M. 9/5/1825). 
M.D. The Sea Lion's Den; or, The Idiot of the Island (S.W. M. 

Ba. The Sea-side Story (Cob. M. 26/7/1819). 

[See DIMOND, 1801.] 
M.D. A Sea-side Story; or, Gwinnet the Accused (S.W. M. 24/11/1828). 

[SeeJERROLD, 1828.] 

M.D. The Sea! the Sea! (R.P. M. 11/8/1834). 
D. The Sea Witch; or, The Pirate's Wife (R.P. W. 10/7/1839). 
R.D. Sebastian IV (Cob. M. 10/9/1821). 
D. Second Sight: A Tale of the Highlands (H.* Th. 1 1/8/1836). L.C. 


F. Second Thoughts are Best. L.C. R.P. 3/4/1847. 
Ba. The Secretary and the Cook; or, Exchange No Robbery (Cob. M. 


C.O. The Secret Marriage (C.G.T. 1/11/1842). L.C. 26/10/1842. 
Spec. The Secret Muse (R.A. M. 11/4/1814). 

[See T.J. DIBDIN, 1812.] 

Ba. The Secrets of the Night (Cob. M. 13/8/1821). 
M.D. Secret Springs; or, Love and Jealousy (Surrey, M. 7/1/1811). 
Bsq. The Scgonde Parte of the Tragycalle Historic of Thomasse 

Thumbe (E.O.H. T. 9/6/1840). L.C. 10/6/1840. 
T. Selim and Zuleika. 8 1815. 

M.D. Selima de Gray; or, The Forsaken Daughter (R.A. F. 2/10/1818). 
D. Senekos the Greek; or, The Ensign of Freedom (R.P. M. 


Ba. The Sentinel (Olym. Th. 23/2/1837). 
Bal. The Seraglio (C.G. M. 16/9/1816). 

M.D. Serbelloni; or, The Forest of Fnuli (S.W. M. 7/1/1833). 
Ba. Serenading (Olym. 31/10/1836). L.C. 1837. 
Ba. The Serjeant's Wife (Kelly's, M. 25/5/1840). 
M.D. The Serpent Lady; or, The Castle of Eberstem (R.P. M. 


Ba. The Servant of All Work (Surrey, Th. 4/8/1831). 
Ba. Seth Slope; or, Done for a Hundred (Strand, M. 22/7/1839). 

L.C. 15/7/1839. 
D. The Seven Ages of Man (Surrey, Th. 26/12/1844). L.C. 

Spec. The Seven Capes; or, The Pirate of Algiers (R.A. S. 1/10/1808; 

Pav. M. 13/2/1809). 

[In some bills " Islands" appears for "Capes."] 
R.Tale. The Seven Castles of the Passions (Lye. M. 21/10/1844). L.C. 


Ext. The Seven Champions of Christendom (Olym. M. 24/3/1845). 
P. The Seven Champions of Christendom (R.A. 7/1829). 
P. The Seven Champions of Christendom and the Storm Demon; 

or, Harlequin and the Fiery Flying Lion, the Terror of the Land. 

L.C Albert, 9/11/1844. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 523 

Bsq. SeVen in One; or, The Country Actrqss (Royalty, W. 

O.F. Seventeen and Seventy. L.C. H. z 1837. 

[A play Seven or Seventeen appeared at C.L. on 29/11/1837.] 
D. The Sexton of Stepney; or, The Beggar's Grave. L.C. Brit. 

D. The Shadowless Man; or, The Demon of the Crystal Rock 

(Surrey, M. 8/4/1833). 
C.D. The Shadows on the Water; or, The Cleverest Man in China 

(C.O. M. 17/3/1845). L.C. 15/2/1845. 

Ent. Shadrack; or, The Jew and the Sailor (Royalty, T. 5/2/1805). 
Ba. Shakespeare and Burbage (Strand, M. 16/7/1838). L.C 13/7/1838 

[as *S. and B.; or, Royal Precedence]. 
Ent. Shakespeare's Dream (Edinburgh, 16/4/1831). 
F. Shakespeare versus Harlequin (D.L. S. 8/4/1820). 

[A revised version of Garrick, Harlequin's Invasion. Music 

Reeve and Cooke.] 

M.D. Shamacda; or, The Desert Fiend (Surrey, M. 11/4/1814). 
F. The Sham Captain; or, "1 want my Ma." L.C. Brit. 19/4/1848. 
Ba. The Sham Fight; or, The Music-Master (R.P. M. 18/1/1836). 
Ba. The Sham Prince (St J. Th. 29/9/1836). L.C. 20/9/1836. 
D. The Shark of the Atlantic; or, The Fight for the Beacon. L.C. 


[Plays of this name appeared at the Queen's 27/11/1843 and at 

the C.L. 6/11/1843.] 
F. Sharp Set; or, The Village Hotel (Lye. M. 15/5/1809). L. 90 M. 

[10/5/1809; under sub-title]. 
O.F. Sharps, Flats and Naturals; or, The County Concert (Surrey, 

M. 30/5/1831). 

F. Shave you directly (Lye. W. 21/2/1849). L.C. 23/2/1849. 
Ba. The Sheep Stealer; or, The Yorkshire Attorney (Cob. M. 


Ent. The Sheet Anchor of Albion (Brighton, 12/8/1806). 
C. She Lives ; or, The German Brother. L. 80 M. [Margate, 2/1803]. 

P. The Shepherd and Shepherdess; or, Harlequin Fairy Lamb and 

the Demon of the Wolf's Glen. L.C. Albert, 30/10/1843. 
O.D. The Shepherd Boy (E.O.H. W. 7/9/1825). 

[Music Reeve.] 
M.D. The Shepherd King; or, The Princely Peasant and the Peasant 

King (R.A. M. 1/10/1832). 
O. The Shepherd of Derwent Vale; or, The Old Soldier (Cob. M. 


C. She's mine for a Thousand (Strand, 6/1845). L.C. 2/6/1845. 
Ext. She's not to be managed; or, How to Drive Tandem (Surrey, 

M. 27/6/1825). 

D.D. She's not to Blame (P'cess, Th. 29/12/1842). 

Ba. She Wants a Guardian. L.C. St J. 1837. 

F. Shifts of Genius; or, Phrenological Philanthropy. L.C. Man- 
chester, 14/12/1843. 

D. The Ship Boy; or, The White Slave of Guadeloupe (Vic. M. 
19/4/1847). L.C. 24/4/1847. 

MJPiece. The Ship Launch (D.L. 17/5/1804). L. 44 S. [13/5/1804], 
Ba. The Shipwreck (Royalty, M. 19/10/1812). 

N D ii 34 


D. The Shipwrecked Mother ; or, The Vow of Silence. L.C. Queen's, 

Bal. The Shipwreck of Policinello ; or, The Neapolitan Nuptials (C.G. 

M. 31/10/1825). 

D. The Shoemaker of Toulouse. L.C. Brit. 30/8/1847. 
Ba. Shooter's Hill; or, The First of September (R.A. M. '28/8/1 826). 
F. The Shop-walker (D.L. 17/12/1825). 
Ba. Short Cuts and Returns; or, The Tobacconist of Bishopsgate 

Street (City, M. 28/1/1833). 

Ba. Short Notice; or, A Husband at Sight (S.W. M. 6/8/1832). 
Ba. The Shrew; or, How to Tame a Woman (S.W. M. 1/12/1828). 
Spec. Siamovaindianaboo, Princess of Siam ; or, The Royal Elephant 

(Cob. M. 4/1/1830). 
Spec. The Siberian Exile; or, The Heroic Daughter (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Sicilian Hussars; or, The Black Bottle. L.C. 3/10/1840. 
D. The Sicilian Mother; or, The Wife of Two Husbands (Cob, M. 


[Also called The Matron of Palermo.} 

C.D. Sidonia di Molina (Adel. M. 2/12/1844). L.C. 2/12/1844. 
Spec. The Siege of Abydos; or, The Pirate of the Isles. L.C. Apollo, 


Spec. The Siege of Acre; or, Britons in the East (Cob. M. 26/1/1824). 
M.D. The Siege of Belgrade (Cob. Th. 17/4/1828). 
M.D. The Siege of Belgrade (St J. M. 7/3/1836). 
M.D. The Siege of Calais (S.W. M. 22/9/1823). 
D. The Siege of Dantzig; or, The Polish Patriot (Vic. M. 5/6/1837). 
Spec. The Siege of Flushing (R.A. M. 28/8/1809). 
M.D. The Siege of Gibraltar; or, General Elliot in 1782 (R.P. M. 

Spec. The Siege of Jerusalem; or, The Camp of the Wilderness (R.A. 

M. 20/4/1835). 
M.D. The Siege of Londonderry and the Battle of the Boyne (R.A. 

M. 22/5/1820). 

D. The Siege of Lynn. L.C. 8/5/1838. 
M.D. Spec. The Siege of Missolonghi ; or, The Massacre of the Greeks 

(R.A. M. 10/7/1826). 
M.D. The Siege of Montgatz; or, The Mill of Keben (Cob. M. 

O. The Siege of Sarragossa; or, Spanish Patriots in 1808. L. 99 M. 

[Norwich, 18/1/1813]. 
Spec. The Siege, Storming and Taking of Badajoz (R.A. M. 

Spec. Sights in England and Fetes in France (R.A. M. 22/8/1825). 

[Also called The Coronation.} 

M.D. Sigismorn, the Danish Chieftain (R.A. M. 27/3/1815). 
M.D. The Signal Fire; or, The Fortress of Kingratz (Cob. M. 


D. The Signal Rocket. L.C. Olym. 1/4/1844. 
Ba. The Sign Manual. L.C. 11/10/1838. 
Spec. The Sikh's Invasion; or, The War in India (R.A. M. 1/6/1846). 

L.C. 23/5/1846 [as Sikhs of the Punjab}. 
P. The Silver Arrow; or, Harlequin and the Fairy Pan Banon (D.L. 

W. 6/1/1819). L. 74 S. [2/1/1819]. 8 1819. [Airs, Chorusses.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 525 

M.D. * The Silver Knight; or, The Banquet 'Gallery (Cob. M. 


D. The Silver Palace. L.C. R.P. 20/3/1844. 

P. The. Silver Quince of the Golden Valley of Dates ; or, The En- 
chanter of the Cavern of Fire and the Fairy of the Region of Pearl. 

L.C. Apollo, 10/12/1844. 

Spec. The Silver Valley; or, Azim and Alzira (R.P. M. 14/9/1835). 
M.D. The Silver Veil; or, The Bedouin and the Fire- Worshipper 

(Cob. M. 11/3/1833). 
Ba. A Simple Historic. L.C. 23/5/1834. 
Ba. Simpson and Co. L.C. 1839. 

[See POOLE, 1823.] 
P. Sinbad the Sailor; or, The Spanish Clown (Royalty, M. 

P. Sinbad the Sailor, the Genii of the Deep ; or, The Clown, Emperor 

of China (Royalty, M. 24/8/1812). 

[Probably the preceding piece revised.] 
M.D. Sinbad the Sailor; or, The Valley of Diamonds (C.G. M. 

16/4/1838). L.C. 13/4/1838. 
F. The Singles in London. L. 76 S. [1819]. 
M.D. Sir Alfred the Bold; or, Sir Hildred the Black (R.A. M. 

M.D.Spec. Sir Sidney Smith; or, The Siege of Acre (Cob. M. 


[See The Siege of Acre.} 

Ba. Sir Solomon Squat, the City Vampire (Cob. M. 5/1/1824). 
O. The Sister of Chanty (E.O.H. T. 2/7/1829). L.C. 16/6/1829. 
M.D.Spec. The Sisters; or, The Heroines of Switzerland (R.A. T. 


D. The Sisters Saved. L.C. E.O.H. 15/7/1824. 
M.D. The Six Brigands of the Monastery de 1'Annonciade; or, The 

Murder of Fualdes (Cob. T. 24/10/1820). 

D. The Sixes! or, The Devil and the Dice (S.W. M. 4/5/1835). 
O.Vaud. Six Miles from Glasgow (S.W. M. 5/7/1830). 
F. Six Physicians ; or, The Patient Carried Off (C.G. F. 13/1 1/1818). 

L. 70 S. [5/11/1818; as, The Consultation]. 
D. Six Steps of Punishment (Queen's, M. 5/2/1849). 
O.F. Sixteen and Sixty. 8 1815. 

[By the author of The Gondolier] 
P. The Six Voyages of Sinbad the Eastern Mariner; or, Harlequin's 

Ordeal (Cob. T. 26/12/1820). 
M.D. The Skeleton Lover (Adel. F. 16/7/1830). L.C. 5/7/1830. 

[Music G. H, Rodwell.j 

Ent. Sketches in India (S.W. W. 18/3/1846). 
D. The Skimmer of the Sea; or, The Water Witch (S.W. M. 


M.D. The Slave King (Surrey, Th. 7/7/1833). 
Bal. The Slave Merchant (R.A. T. 6/10/1818). 
M.D. The Slave of Wealth; or, The Gnome of the Gold Mines. L.C. 

Vic. 13/11/1844- 

D. The Slave Sale (Vic. M. 30/4/1838). 
M.D. The Slaves' Revolt (R.A. M. 21/5/1827). 

M.D. The Slave Trade; or, African Gratitude (R.C. M. 15/3/1814). 
M.D. The Sleeping Beauty (Surrey, M. 6/1/1812). 



P. The Sleeping Beauty (Brighton, 1841). MS. in the possession of 

Mr Crompton Rhodes. 
Ba. The Sleepless Woman. L.C. 25/9/1833- 

Bsq. La Slumbernambula (Strand, M. 30/9/1844). L.C. 28/9/1844. 
M.D. The Smuggler's Dog; or, The Blind Boy's Murder^ (Cob. M. 


D. The Smuggler's Fate (Surrey, M. 15/4/1833). 
D. The Smuggler's Haunt; or, The Fireside Story (Vic. M. 


Ba. The Smuggler's Hut (Cob. F. 11/6/1819). 
D. The Smugglers of Dieppe; or, The Beggar and the Soldier (R.A. 

M. 2/10/1837). 

O.F. A Snake in the Grass; or, Which is He? (Surrey, M. 15/5/1826). 
M.D. Snap Apple Night; or, A Kick-up in Kerry (E.O.H. S. 

10/8/1839). L.C. 2/8/1839. 

M.D. Sobieski; or, The Royal Fugitive (Royalty, M. 12/11/1821). 
Ent. Sock and Buskin (Fishamble-street, Dublin, 27/1/1809). 
Spec. The Soldier Girl ; or, Albert and Louise (Surrey, M. 17/6/1822). 
D. A Soldier of Fortune. L.C. Surrey, 27/2/1846. 
Ba. The Soldier's Daughter (Royalty, M. 10/7/1815). 
D. The Soldier's Dream; or, The Conscript's Jealousy (Cob. M. 

6/3/1826; Olym. T. 21/11/1826; R.A. W. 25/3/1846). 
Bal. The Soldier's Frolic (Sans P. M. 21/1/1811). 
Ba. A Soldier's Honour; or, A Woman's Love (R.A. M. 8/5/1826). 
Bal. The Soldier's Return; or, The Fortune-teller's Frolic (R.C. M. 

3/7/i8o 9 ). 
D. The Soldier's Sister; or, The Child of the Army. L.C. Brit. 

Ba. The Soldier's Stratagem; or, Love and Transformation (Strand, 

F. 3/2/1832). 
D. The Soldier's Vow; or, The Libertine's Remorse (Vic. M. 

D. The Solitary of Lambeth; or, The Murder of St. George's Fields 

(R.A. M. 9/7/1849). 
M.D. The Solitary of Mount Savage; or, The Fate of Charles the 

Bold (Surrey, M. 27/5/1822). 
M.D. The Solitary of the Heath; or, A Tale of Blood (Cob. M. 


T. Solyman. 8" 1807. 
F. Somebody's in the House with Dinah; or, The Invitation to the 

Nigger Ball. L.C. Queen's, 27/5/1847. 
O. The Somnambula. L.C. E.O.H. 9/5/1835. 
Bal. Le songe d'Ossian (H. 1 T. 9/3/1824). 

F. The Son of the Navy (Strand, Th. 6/4/1848). L.C. 8/4/1848. 
M.D. The Son of the Wilderness. 12 [N.D.; Lacy\. 

[Based on the German of F. Hahn (E. F. J. freiherr von Munch- 


D. The Sons of Mars (Adel. M. 22/10/1849). L.C. 19/10/1849. 
Spec. Sons of the Ocean. L.C. Queen's, 7/11/1843. 

[This is evidently the play produced as Sons of the Sea on 


D. A Son's Revenge; or, The Spaniard's Vow (Vic. M. 10/10/1836). 
Spec. The Sophy of Brabant; or, The Fall of Gollo (Royalty, M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 527 

M.D. The Sorcerer; or, The Two Brothers ot Catania (Surrey, W. 

P. The Sorcerer's Three Golden Hairs; or, Harlequin Prince of 

China (S.W. M. 31/5/1830). 
T. The Sorceress. 8 1814. 
P. The Sorceress of Strozzi; or, Harlequin Wanderer (R.C. M. 

Spec. The Sorrows and Death of Cleopatra over the Body of Mark 

Antony in the Roman Camp (R.A. M. 23/9/1805). 
Bsq. The Sorrows of Werter; or, Love, Liquor and Lunacy (H.* M. 

19/9/1825). L.C. 9/1825. 

Spec. Spain and Portugal; or, Rebels and Guerillas (R.A. M. 

[See T.J.DIBDIN, 1827.] 

Ba. Spain in Devonshire; or, Locks no Use (S.W. M 11/5/1829). 
M.D. The Spaniard; or, The Fatal Revenge (Cob. M. 25/1/1819). 
D. The Spaniards; or, The Expulsion of the Moors. 8 1814. 
D. The Spanish Armada; or, The Golden Days of Queen Bess (R.P. 

M. 19/5/1834)- 
F. Spanish Bonds; or, Wars in Wedlock (H. S. 2/8/1823). L. 87 S. 

M.D. The Spanish Brothers; or, The Ventriloquist and the Murderer 

(Cob. M. 5/7/1830). 

Spec. The Spanish Bull-fight (Arena, M. 27/1/1834). 
Ent, The Spanish Gala; or, Cervantes Knight (S.W. M. 7/6/1813). 
Bal. Spanish Gallantries (D.L. Th. 4/3/1847). 
Bal. Spanish Gallants (D.L. Th. 18/3/1824). 

[Music Cooke.] 
D. The Spanish Husband; or, First and Last Love (D.L. T. 

25/5/1830). L.C. 22/5/1830. 
Ba. The Spanish Lover (R.A. T. 5/9/1843). 
Ba. Spanish Lovers. L.C. 21/12/1831. 

Ca. The Spanish Marriage (P'cess, Th. 1/6/1848). L.C. 17/4/1848. 
Spec. Spanish Martyrs; or, The Death of Riego (Cob. M. 13/6/1825). 
M D. Sparbuto ; or, The Robber's Wife of the Apennines (Surrey, M. 


F. Sparks in the Dark; or, The Three Cloaks (Vic. M. 28/4/1834). 
F. A Speaking Likeness (P'cess, S. 7/3/1846; Lye. T. 11/7/1848). 

L.C. 4/3/1846 [as Manette; or, The Very Picture]. 
R.D. The Spectre Monarch and his Phantom Steed; or, The Genii 

Horsemen of the Air (R.A. M. 12/4/1830). 
M.D. The Spectre of Ravenfells (R.P. M. 11/1/1830). 
Ext. The Spectre on Horseback; or, Don Giovanni (D.L. 12/6/1829). 
M.D. The Spectre Pilot (R P. M. 25/5/1829). 
F. Speculation; or, How to Buy a Horse without Money (Strand, 

Th. 7/6/1832). 

F. Speculation; or, Life in Glasgow. L.C. Glasgow, 27/11/1847. 
D. The Spendthrift; or, The Last Shilling. L.C. R.P. 12/1/1844. 
Bal. The Spirit of Air (D.L. S. 17/11/1838; P'cess, F. 12/6/1846). 
M.Ent. The Spirit of Beauty. L.C. Adel. 3/2/1841. 
D. The Spirit of Gold. L.C. Vic. 29/6/1848. 

D. The Spirit of the Fountain (P'cess, W. 1/11/1843). L.C. 18/10/1843. 
M.D. The Spirit of the Hill; or, The Village Somnambulist (Surrey, 

S. 1/3/1828). 


M.D. The Spirit of the Loom (Adel. Norwich, 16/11/1848). 
R. Legend, The Spirit of the Mist (Queen's, M. 23/5/1831). 
R.Tale. The Spirit of the Moon; or, The Inundation of the Nile 

(C.G. M. 19/4/1824). L.C. 9/4/1824. 
M.D. The Spirit of the Moon; or, The Vampire and the Bride of the 

Isles (Cob. M. 23/8/1830). 
M.D. Spoglioni; or, The Bandit of the Charmed Wrist (R.P. T. 


F. The Spoil'd Child. 8 [? 1800]; 8 1805. 
Ba. The Spoiled Child (St J. Th. 14/1/1836). 
Ba. The Sportsman and the Shepherd ; or, Where's the Wig? (Sans P. 

Th. 31/10/1816). 

Oa. Spring-Guns and Man-Traps (Strand, M. 20/2/1832). 
Ba. Spring or Autumn (H. 2 T. 1/10/1833). 
Spec. The Sprite of the Snowdrift (Surrey, M. 27/5/1844). 
M.D. The Spy of the Neutral Ground ; or, The American War of 1780 

(Cob. T. 27/9/1825). 
O.F. A Squeeze to the Coronation (E.O.H. Th. 19/7/1821). L. 122 M. 

[16/7/1821]. 8 1821. 

Ba. A Stage Letter ; or, A Bold Stroke for Success (R.C. M. 15/9/1806). 
Ba. Stage-Struck. L.C. 15/4/1837. 

Ba. The Stage-Struck Apothecary (S.W. M. 1/1/1827). 
Ba. The Stage-Struck Lady (Surrey, M. 4/10/1819). 
F. The Stage-Struck Yankee (Strand, Th. 27/2/1845). L.C. 

2/12/1844 [but licensed for Liverpool]. 

M.D. Stanislaus; or, The Siege of Dantsic (Cob. M. 8/9/1823). 
D. Stanislaus of Poland; or, The Mill of Marimount (Vic. M. 

D. Star of my Home; or, Mother and Daughter. L.C. Standard, 

Ext. " Stars ; or, A Dramatic Fate (Rehearsal) " (Queen's, S. 30/5/1835). 

Bsq. State Secrets ; or, Public Men in Private Life (C.G. T. 12/6/1821). 

L. 122 M. [4/6/1821]. 

Spec. The Statue Steed; or, The Black Hussar (R.A. M. 3/9/1832). 
D. The Steel Castle (R.A. M. 17/11/1845). 
T. The Step-mother ; or, Fraternal Friendship. L. 22 L. [Edinburgh, 

M.D. The Stolen Sheep; or, The Distressed Peasants (S.W. M. 


D. The Stolen Sheep; or, The Pauper's Curse. L.C. Brit. 13/2/1849. 
D. The Stone-Masons' Strike (Brit. 4/9/1848). L.C. 30/8/1848. 
Bsq. Stoney Batter; or, The Surrey Toll-Gate (Surrey, M. 21/1 1/1825). 
D. Stop him who can (Olym. S. 3/10/1840). 

Bal. The Storm; or, The Isle of the Genii (C.G. M. 24/11/1834). 
P. The Storm Fiend of the Apennines and the Arcadian Bowers ; or, 

Harlequin Prince of the Blood-red Plume. L.C. Albert, 18/12/1847. 
Spec. The Storming of Quito; or, The Temple of the Sun (R.A. M. 


[Revived R.A. M. 14/6/1847 with "Warrior" for "Temple."] 
Spec. The Storming of Seringapatam (R.A. M. 20/4/1829). 
O.F. The Stout Gentleman (E.O.H. Th. 8/9/1825). L.C. 18/8/1825. 

[A play of this name was licensed for Bath, L.C. 18/2/1824.] 
Ent. The Strand-ed Actor! or, Recollections which may or may not 
have happened (Strand, M. 25/11/1833). 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 529 

C. Strange Conclusions. L.C. H. 3/6/1848. 

D. The Strange Intruder. L.C. Vic. 15/11/1844. 
Ba. The Stranger (Royalty, M. 7/9/1812). 

Ent. The Stratagem; or, An Exquisite at Fault (Tottenham-street, 

D. Stratagems; or, The Lost Treasure (Sans P. M. 4/3/1816). 

L. 107 M. [5/3/1816]. 

Sk. The Striking Beauty (Queen's, M. 1/8/1836). 
Ba. Strolling Players ; or, Love and Mystery (Cob. M. 29/9/1823). 
M.D. Strozzi; or, The Free-traders of Piedmont (Cob. M. 3/5/1824). 
F. A Struggle for a Crown. L.C. H. 2 14/2/1846. 
D. The Student of Jena. L.C. Norwich, 3/6/1842. 

[See PLANCHE, 1833.] 
Ba. The Student; or, Love, War, Physic and Latin (Surrey, T. 

D. The Student of Blackfriars; or, The Descendants of Hugh 

Myddelton (S.W. Th. 2/5/1836). 

Ba. The Students; or, The Rebel's Gauntlet. L.C. 1837. 
F. Sudden Thoughts (Surrey, M. 17/4/1843). 
T. Sulieman. 8 1814. 

D. Suliote; or, The Greek Family. L.C. 19/10/1829. 
Ca. The Sultana (P'cess, 8/1/1848). L.C. 8/1/1848. 
M.Ent. The Sultan and the Slave (Tottenham-street, Th. 9/12/1830). 
Ba. The Sultan and the Slave; or, A Week in Turkey (Cob. M. 


Bal. The Summer FSte (Queen's, M. 24/7/1837). 
Ba. The Summer House. L. 104 M. [Sans P. 13/2/1815]. 
D. Sunshine and Shade (Olym. T. 4/4/1843 ; Surrey, M. 7/5/1849). 

L.C. 5/5/1849- 

Ext. Supper the Night before the Coronation (Queen's, M. 12/9/1831). 
Int. Sure Aim ; or, The Norfolk Sharp-shooters. L. 86 M. [Norwich, 


M.D. Surooj Semg; or, The Irishman in India (R.A. M. 17/1/1820). 
T. The Surrender of Calais. 8 1801 [York]. 

D. Suspicion; or, St. Augustine's Eve. L.C. Manchester, 1/3/1843. 
D. Suzanne (H.* M. 14/5/1838). L.C. 7/5/1838. 
Ba. Suzette (Clarence, M. 21/5/1832). 
D. The Swedish Ferryman (P'cess, M. 12/6/1843). 
Ba. Sweethearting (S.W. Th. 26/7/1827). 
M.D. Sweet Revenge; or, The Mysterious Stranger (S.W. T. 

M.D. The Swing Bridge (E.O.H. T. 1/7/1823). 

[Music Reeve.] 

C.O. The Swiss (German, S. 24/8/1805). 

M.D. The Swiss Boys; or, The Wanderers (S.W. M. 25/8/1828). 
B.O. The Swiss Family; or, Home! Sweet Home! (Surrey, F. 


Ba. The Swiss Father. L.C. Edinburgh, 22/8/1836. 
Bal. Swiss Revels; or, The Barn in a Bustle (R.C. M. 1/6/1806). 
Bal. The Swiss Villagers (D.L. M. 3/2/1823). 
P. The Sylph of the Sunflower; or, Harlequin and Daddy Long Legs 

(R.P. M. 23/5/1831). 
M.D. Sylvena! the Rose of Athlone; or, The Pass of Rathconnell 

(S.W. M. 29/7/1832). 


Ba. Sylvester Oaggerwood (Surrey, W. 28/11/1810). 
O.F. Sylvester Daggerwood. L.C. C.G. 31/3/1837. 
Ca. Symptoms. L.C. Lye. 15/10/1849. 
C.O. The Syren. L.C. Eagle, 6/11/1846. 

[This is derived from La Sirene by Scribe, with music by Auber 
(Paris, 26/3/1844)-] 

F. The Systematic or Imaginary Philosopher. 8 1800. 

O.F. Table Talk; or, Whims and Wonders. L.C. H.* 12/2/1827. 

O.F. Tactic out of Place. L.C. E.O.H. 27/10/1835. 

Esq. [The Tailors.] The Devil among the Tailors ; A Dramatic Bur- 
lesque, at full Length, of the Tailors ; or, A Tragedy for Warm 
Weather. . .To which is added an Account of the Fracas at the 
Theatre, August 15, 1805. 8 [1805; 5 editions]. 

F. Taken by Surprise (Olym. M. 21/2/1831). L.C. 21/2/1831. 

P. Take Warning! or, Harlequin in Scotland (R.A. M. 24/6/1805; 

Pav. M. 20/2/1809). 

Ba. Take your Choice (St J. M. 25/2/1839). 
M.D. The Taking of the Bastille. L.C. C.L. 27/4/1844. 
F. The Taking of the Pledge (P'cess, S. 5/10/1844). L.C. 27/7/1844. 

C. Taking Possession (Lye. M. 3/2/1845). L.C. 18/1/1845. 
M.D. The Tale of Mystery (Surrey, M. 16/3/1812). 

M D. A Tale of the O'Hara Family; or, Captain John Rock (Cob. T. 

P. The Talisman; or, Harlequin's Oracle (R.A. M. 2/6/1806; 

Royalty, M 23/2/1807). 

D. The Talisman (Edinburgh, 22/6/1825). L.C. 1825. 

[Based on Scott's tale.] 

Ba. " Talk of the Devil!" (Olym. S. 1/10/1831). L.C. 30/9/1831. 
Ba. Tame Tigers. L.C. Olym. 20/10/1838. 

O.F. Taming a Tartar; or, Magic and Mazourkaphobia (Adel. M. 
20/10/1845). L.C. 13/10/1845 [as T. a T.; or, Matrimony and 
Spec. The Taming of Bucephalus, the Wild Horse of Scythia ; or, The 

Youthful Days of Alexander the Great (R.A. M. 10/9/1827). 
O.F. The Taming of the Shrew (D L. 14/5/1828). 

[Music Rossini, Braham and T. Cooke.] 
M.D. Tarn o' Shanter; or, Beelzebub on Horseback (R.A. M. 

O. Tancredi (P'cess, M. 17/4/1843). 

[An English version of Rossini's opera.] 
Bal. The Tarantula (S.W. M. 24/10/1831). 

[Music Gide.] 
D. Tarempon and Sennda; or, The Hall of Silence (Surrey, M. 

O. Tarrare, the Tartar Chief (E.O.H. M. 15/8/1825). 

[Music Salieri.] 

Bal. The Tars in Port (Royalty, M. 16/2/1801). 
M.Ent. The Tars on Shore; or, Love and Jollity (D.L. 26/6/1818). 
Tale of Enchantment. The Tartar Witch and the Pedlar Boy (C.G. M. 
23/4/1832). L.C. 9/4/1832 [as The Witch of the Desert]. 

[A play of the same name was given as new at S.W. W. 

M.D. The Tartar Woman; or, The Spectre Crew (Surrey, M. 

AUTHpRS] 1 800-1 850 53 1 

Ent. Tea and Turn Out; or, Performers an * ^ aionables (C.G. W. 


Ba. Teaching made Easy (Royalty, M. 20/10/1823). 
F. Teague; or, The Faithful Irishman (Surrey, S. 24/3/1821). 
The Tea-Room ; or Fiction and Reality. 8 1811. 
M.R. Tears and Smiles. L. 89 M. [Lye. 8/5/1809]. 
Esq. Tea-totallers versus Wittelers (Adel. M. 7/12/1840). L.C. 

Ba. Teddy the Tiler (S.W. M. 10/5/1830). 

[See RODWELL, 1830.] 
Ba. Tekeli; or, The Siege of Montgatz (Royalty, M. 10/8/1812). 

[See HOOK, 1806.] 
O. Telemachus (C.G. 7/6/1815). L. 105 M. [25/5/1815]. 

[Music Bishop.] 

P. Telemachus; or, Harlequin and Calypso (R.A. T. 14/7/1807). 
Bsq. Telemachus; or, The Island of Calypso (Adel. Th. 17/10/1844). 

L.C. 7/10/1844- 
F. Temper; or, The Domestic Tyrant (Lye. M. 1/5/1809). L. 89 M. 

[27/4/1809; under sub-title]. 
D. The Temperance Pledge; or, A True Lesson of Life (Vic. M. 

D. The Templar and the Jewess (D.L. 26/5/1841). 

[A version of Der Templar und die Jiiden by W. A. Wohlbruck 

with music by H. Marschner, itself derived from Scott's Ivanhoe.] 
Ba. Temptation; or, The Vale of Sarnem (St J. S. 11/11/1837). L.C. 

M.D. The Tenant of the Tomb; or, The Vampire Bride (S.W. M. 


D. Ten Thousand Years (Adel. W. 17/11/1841). 
Ba. A Ten Years' Blunder (Surrey, M. 2/2/1824). 
D. Ten Years of a Woman's Life ; or, The Fruits of Bad Advice (R.P. 

M. 21/4/1834). 
D. The Terrible Unknown; or, The Nuns of St. Jago (Surrey, M. 


F. A Terrific Register; or, Tremendous 1824 (Cob. M. 15/3/1824). 
M.D. The Terrors of Conscience. L. 62 S. [C.G. 2/5/1816]. 
M.D. Thalaba the Destroyer (Cob. M. 11/8/1823). 
M.D. Thalia's Sketch Book (St J. T. 26/2/1836; Colosseum, M. 

16/4/1838). L.C. 27/2/1836. 

P. The Thames Tunnel ; or, Harlequin Excavator (Cob. M. 1 1/6/1827). 
Ba. That Rascal Jack. L.C. Strand, 6/9/1843. 

[See T. GREENWOOD, 1843.] 
F. That Rascal Jack (M'bone, M. 14/8/1848). 
O.F. That's the Manager; or, He would be a Player (R.A. M. 

Sat. The Theatric Count. A Tragi-Comedy . . . From the Orgoglio 

Cupitoso, Conte Teatrino, of Gonzago Dicchieri, adapted for 

Representation on the English Stage. 8 1809. 

[Relating to the O.P. riots; see The Rebellion.] 
M.D. Therese; or, The Maid of Geneva (Cob. Th. 8/2/1821). 
M.D. Therese; or, The Orphan of Geneva (Olym. W. 21/2/1821). 

L. 124 M. [17/2/1821]. 
Bsq. Theseus and Ariadne; or, The Labyrinth of Crete (E.O.H. M. 

11/7/1836). L.C. 11/7/1836. 


P. They would jf they could; or, The Double Surprize (R.A. W. 

D. Thirty Years; or, The Life of a Gamester. L.C. C.G. 

M.D. Thirty Years of a Gambler's Life (Adel. M. 15/10/182}). L.C. 

M.D. Thirty Years of a Gambler's Life (Cob. M. 10/1/1831). 

[These three plays are taken from V. Ducange, Trente ans; ou t 

la vie cTunjoueur (Paris, 19/6/1827).] 
F. Thompson and Co. (City, T. 19/4/1831). 
O.K. Three and One; or, The Colonel's Choice. L.C. 2/1839. 
[A play of this name was given at the Queen's, 2/1831.] 
Ba. The Three and the Deuce (Surrey, W. 27/6/1810). 

Ba. The Three Beauties of Dresden. L.C. Liverpool, 12/11/1831. 
M.D. The Three Caskets ; or, The Jew of Venice (Cob. M. 12/2/1827). 
Ext. The Three Cripples and the Queen of Billingsgate (Royalty, M. 

M.D. The Three Crumps; or, The Crooked Brothers of Damascus 

(Sans P. Th. 5/2/1818). L. 112 M. [5/1/1818]. 

C. The Three Dons ; or, The Rose of Tuscany (Cob. M. 17/1 1/1828). 
F. Three Fathers and One Son (Surrey, W. 27/6/1827). 

P. The Three Fishermen; or, The Box, the Fish and the Genii 

(Surrey, M. 15/7/1822). 
O.F. The Three Fives; or, Penny Wise and Pound Foolish (Pav. Th. 

13/2/1812). L. 95 M. [4/1/1812; as The T. F.; or, The Generous 


Sk. The Three Fra Diavolos (Lye. M. 10/6/1844). L.C. 10/6/1844. 
M.D. Three Generations; or, Before, During and After the French 

Revolution (Cob. M. 22/2/1830). 
P. The Three Golden Lamps ; or, Harlequin and the Wizard Dwarf 

(Adel. M. 26/12/1825). 
F. The Three Johns; or, The Miller's Wife of Charlton (Cob. M. 

M.D. The Three Mutineers; or, The Devil and the Dice (Cob. M. 

Ext. Threepence a Pot ; or, The loth of October (Cob. M. 1 1/10/1830). 

D. The Three Red Men (Surrey, M. 8/5/1848). 

[See ARCHER, 1848.] 

Ba. The Three Spectres (Queen's, Th. 7/7/1831). 
C.O. The Three Suitors (German, W. 15/8/1805). 

Sk. The Three Sultanas (R.A. M. 24/4/1826). 

O.F. Three to One (Queen's, Th. 3/2/1831). 

Ba. The Three Vampires ; or, Maids Beware of Moonshine ! (Cob. M. 


Ba. Three Weeks after Marriage (Surrey, F. 9/10/1812). 
P. The Three Wishes; or, Harlequin and Funny Island (R.A. M. 

Ba. Three Yards of Broadcloth; or, The Yorkshire Attorney (Cob. T. 


M.D. The Thunderbolt; or, The Burning Forest (R.A. M. 31/8/1835). 
P. Tibby and Tabby (Surrey, M. 31/8/1829). 
F. Tic douloureuse. L.C. C.L. 18/10/1847. 
M.D. The Ticket Porter; or, The Fate of Walsingham (Cob. M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 533 

Ba. The Tiger at Large ; or, The Cad of the Buss (Strand, M. 8/5/1837). 

L.C. St J. 21/4/1837. 

Spec. The Tiger Horde (R.C. M. 4/7/1814). 
M.D. The Tiger of the North (R.P. M. 17/6/1833). 
Vaud. The Timepiece (Vic. M. 15/8/1836). 
Ca. "The Times" (Queen's, M. 25/4/1831). 
Spec. Timour Khan; or, The Prince and the Mandarin (Surrey, M. 


Spec. Timour the Tartar (R.A. 9/1829). 

Ba. The Tinder Box; or, Sparks in the Dark (S.W. M. 19/5/1823). 
P. Tippitywitchet; or, Harlequin Tom Bobbin and the Comical 

Witches of Lancashire (Vic. F. 26/12/1845). L.C. 20/12/1845. 
Int. 'Tis well they are married (Brandenburgh House, 6/1804). 
Oa. Tit for Tat; or, The Tables Turned (E.O.H. T. 29/7/1828). 

L.C. 19/7/1828 [under sub-title]. 
Bal. The Tithe Sheaf; or, The Cockney Sportsman (Olym. M. 

P. Tit, Tat, Toe or, Harlequin Fairy Fortune and the Three Jolly 

Butcher Boys all in a Row. L.C. Effingham, 18/12/1847. 
D. Titus Caesar ; or, The Destruction of Jerusalem (R.P. M. 1/4/1839). 
Prel. To be Let by Auction (Olym. 23/10/1820). L. 78 S. 

Ba. To Be or not to Be; or, Harlequin versus Shakespeare (Surrey, 

Th. 26/12/1811). 

Ext. Tom and Jerry (S.W. M. 8/4/1822). 
O.F. Tom and Jerry; or, Life in London. L. 87 S. [Edinburgh, 

27/1/1823]. 8 1824 [Edinburgh]. 

[This is MONCREIFF'* play revised.] 

O.F. Tom and Jerry in Edinburgh (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 1/3/1823). 
M.D. The Tomb of Sigismond; or, The Murderer's Doom (W.L. M. 


Ba. The Tom Boy (New, S. 26/1/1811 3rd performance). 
Ba. Tom, Jerry and Logick Hop at Brighton. L.C. 24/10/1834. 
Ba. Tom, Jerry and Logic ; or, Life in London (Royalty, M. 29/4/1822). 
Ba. Tom Jones. L.C. Olym. 21/9/1843. 
F. Tom Jones; or, Coming Out. L.C. Liverpool, 16/10/1848. 
M.D. Tom Moor of Fleet Street; or, The Starling of the Old Saloup 

House (Surrey, M. 12/4/1841). 
D. Tom Trim (Surrey, M. 25/9/1843). 
Ba. Tom Tug; or, The Regatta (R.C. S. 14/9/1816). 
Ba. Too Busy by Half. L.C. 27/11/1832. 
Ba. Too Careful by Half; or, Who would have thought it? (Strand, 

M. 30/7/1838). L.C. 1838. 
F. Too Friendly by Half (C.G. 29/10/1807). 
O.F. Too Late for Dinner (S.W. T. 12/11/1844). 
Ba. Too Late for Dinner. L.C. 18/2/1835. 

[See JONES, 1820.] 
O.F. Too many Cooks spoil the Broth (P'cess, Th. 15/1/1846). L.C. 


F. The Toodles (City, 1832). 

F. Top Boots ; or, The Rival Quacks (R.P. M. 28/4/1834). 
F. To Persons about to Marry (Lye. M. 4/11/1844). L C. 

D. Toretta: A Tale of Seville (D.L. 9/1 1/1846). 


O. II Torneo (St J. F. 20/7/1838). 

M.D. The Torrent of the Valley ; or, TheDumb Boy and the Murderer 

(E.L.W. 27/11/1816). 
M.D. The Torrent of the Valley; or, The Speech of the Dumb 

Restored (Surrey, M. 6/8/1821). 
Ba. Touch and Take; or, Saturday Night and Monday Morning 

(Olym. M. 12/11/1827). 
O.F. Touch and Take; or, The Law of the Kiss (H. a M. 15/4/1839). 

L.C. 15/4/1839. 
O. Touch not the Queen. L.C. Grecian, 10/8/1849. 

[A version of Scribe, Ne touches pas a la reine (Paris, 16/1/1847). 

It seems that this play was not produced until 14/2/1853.] 
P. The Touchstone; or, Harlequin Traveller (R.C. F. 26/12/1817). 

[This is the old pantomime of The Touchstone altered.] 
O.F. The Tourist Friend. 1810. 

[Music C. Smith; see The "Stage" Cyclopaedia. "\ 
Ba. Tourists; or, A Supper for Three (Strand, 17/8/1839). L.C. 

Spec. The Tournament of London; or, The Spectre Champion of 

Ratcliff Cross (R.A. M. 4/8/1834). 
Spec. The Tower of London; or, England's Dark Ages (R.A. M. 

D. The Tower of London; or, Og, Gog and Magog (Adel. M. 

21/12/1840). L.C. 22/11/1840 [as The T. of L.; or, Queen 

Mary] . 
D. The Tower of Nesle; or, The Black Gondola (R.P. M. 


D. The Tower of Notre Dame (Surrey, M. 3/4/1837). 
M.D. The Tower of Zauffen; or, The Cavern of Glotzden (Cob. M. 


D. The Towers of Urbandine. L. 45 S. [Hull and York, 13/12/1805]. 
Ba. Town Favourites. L.C. 8/12/1831. 

Bal. Tracey Castle; or, Love and Jealousy (R.A. M. 20/5/1811). 
D. Trafalgar; or, The Last Days of Nelson. L.C. Brit. 12/6/1849. 
Int. Trafalgar; or, The Sailor's Play. 8 1807 [Uxbridge]. 
P. Transformation; or, Harlequin Navigator (Sans P. M. 25/3/1816). 
Ext. Transformation; or, Six to One against you (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Transformations; or, Travelling in Ireland (Olym. F. 16/2/1821). 
D. The Trapper of the Hills; or, The Strong Man of the West. 

(R.P. 3/11/1845). L.C. 31/10/1845. 
D. The Traveller; or, The Marriage in Sicily. 8 1809. 
M.D. The Travellers; or, Music's Fascination (Cob. M. 19/7/1819). 

[See CHERRY, 1806.] 
M.D. The Travellers Benighted ; or, The Forest of Rosenwald (H. M. 

30/9/1811). L. 95 M. [26/9/1811]. 
Ba. Travelling Incog.; or, A Bold Stroke for a Dinner (Cob. M. 

Bal.P. The Treacherous Baron; or, Albert and Emma (C.G. W. 

Ba. The Treacherous Black; or, The Monkey of the Wreck. L.C. 

M.D. The Treacherous Uncle; or, The Curse of Avarice (Surrey, T. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 535 

F. treacle and Mustard; or, My Aunt's ^Tragedy (Cob. M. 


F. The Treadmill ; or, The Greeks at Brixton (Olym. M. 4/1 1/1822). 
Bal. The Treble Lover; or, The Gentle Revenge (Sans P. M. 

M.D. Trenck the Pandour; or, The Bohemian Banditti (Surrey, M. 


D. Trevanion; or. The False Position (Surrey, M. 22/10/1849). 
Ent. Tria juncta in uno; or, Emma the Prude! Ellen the Romp! 

Eliza the Idiot! (Cob. M. 9/9/1822). 
M.D. The Trial of Friendship (Surrey, M. 5/12/1825). 

C. The Trial of Love (D.L. Th. 1/3/1827). L C. C.G. 24/2/1827. 

D. The Trial of Skill (R.P. M. 7/12/1835). 

Ba. The Trials of Poverty (Adel. M. 20/3/1843). 

O.F. Trick for Trick. L.C. C.G. 17/12/1827. 

O.F. Trick for Trick; or, The Admiral's Daughter (C.G. Th. 

2/7/1812). L. 56 S. [H. a 6/6/1812]. 
F. Tricking's Fair in Love (C.G. Th. 26/5/1814). L. 101 M. 

F. Tricks and Blunders; or, Which is my Son? (W.L. M. 

Ba. Tricks and Blunders; or, English, Irish and Scotch (Cob. M. 

Ba. Tricks and Blunders; or, English, Irish and Scotch. L.C. Olym. 


C. The Triple Discovery. L. 75 M. [H. z 13/3/1800]. 
F. A Trip to Hampton (P'ccss, W. 3/11/1847). 

Ba. A Trip to Scarborough (Royalty, M. 30/8/1813). 
Ba. A Trip to the Ball; or, The Family Tutor (Cob. M. 16/6/1823). 
F. A Trip to Tunbridge; or, Do you call that nothing? (City, Th. 

D. The Triumph of Fidelity (Strand, Th. 16/2/1832). 

D. The Triumphs of the Sons of Baliol; or, Liberty Vanquished. 

8 1810. 

M.Ent. The Trophy (Colosseum, M. 31/7/1837). 
Bal. The Troubadour (Queen's, M. 14/3/1831). 
Ba. A Troublesome Lodger (St J. M. 11/2/1839). L.C. 1839. 
D. True Satisfaction; or, The Borders of the Ukraine. L. 104 M. 

[D.L. 29/9/1815]. 
PreL Trumps in the Dumps ; or, A Peep into the House of Correction 

(S.W. M. 14/4/1823). 

[This appears for the Olym. in L. 127 M. [1/11/1822] as T. in 

the D ; or, Diamonds in Durance.] 
C. The Trustee. L. 89 M. [H.* 24/2/1809]. 
P. Truth; or, Harlequin Touchstone (W.L. W. 26/12/1821). 
Ba. Try Again; or, Counterplots and Countermines (Olym. F. 

12/1/1821). L. 80 S. [2/1/1821]. 

Bal. Try before you Buy; or, Sweet Roses (R.A. M. 19/5/1806). 
Pasticcio. T. T. S.; or, The Bar and the Stage (W.L. T. 13/1/1829). 
Ba. Turn and Turn; or, The Clown and the Captain (S.W. Th. 


O.F. Turn Hands and Change Partners. L.C. D.L. 28/7/1825. 
Ba. Turning the Tables. L.C. 22/11/1836. 
[See POOLS, 1830.] 


C. Turns and Returns. L. 60 S. [H. z 9/8/1814]. 

[This may be Love and Gout (H. 1814).] 
Spec. Turpin's 'Ride to York and the Death of Black Bess (R.A. M. 

M.D. The Turret Clock; or, Lovers' Signals (D.L. W. 28/1/1818). 

L. 69 S. [14/1/1818]. 

[Music Lanza.] 
P, The Turret Demon; or, Harlequin and Flora. L. 92 M. [Pav. 


F. The Twa Ghaists (Edinburgh, 1/5/1835). L.C. 4/4/1833. 
Int. The Twelfth of August (Brighton, 13/8/1805). 
Ba. The Twelve Months (Strand, Th. 18/12/1834). 
F. Twelve O'Clock; or, The Wager Lost (Olym. Th. 27/2/1823). 

D. The Twelve Pages. L.C. C.G. 2/1826. 
F. The 24th of May. L.C. Olym. 8/2/1844. 

Ext. Twenty Maids and One Bachelor (R.A. M. 11/7/1825). 
Ba. 20,000; or, London Love (Adel. M. 4/2/1833). L.C. 4/2/1833. 
D. The Twin Brothers ; or, Pride and Patience (Surrey, M. 1/2/1830). 
M.D. Twm John Catty, the Welsh Rob Roy (Cob. M. 14/4/1823; 

Garrick, M. 3/1/1831). 
Ba. The Two Bears (Cob. M. 13/5/1822). 
Spec. The Two Bears in Smyrna (R.A. M. 2/5/1831). 
Ba. The Two Bodkins. L.C. 2/12/1837. 
M.D. The Two Brothers of Pisa (Cob. M. 7/1/1822; Surrey, M. 

D. The Two Clerks ; or, The Merchant's Wife of Havre. L.C. C.L. 


O.F. The Two Crispins. L.C. D.L. 1826. 
F. The Two Doctor Hobbs's (C.G. S. 1/7/1815). L. 105 M. 

[19/6/1815; as, Love's Resurrection; or, The T. D. //.]. 
M.D. The Two Dogs of Ravensdale (Surrey, M. 3/9/1838). 
D. The Two Drovers (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 5/7/1827). 
M.D. The Two Farmers; or, The Forest of St. Valher (Surrey, M. 

D. The Two Fathers; or, The Inn of the Three Olive Trees (R.P. 

T. 26/1/1836). 
D. The Two Friends; or, The Liverpool Merchant. 8 1800. 

[By C. H.; a translation from BeaumarchaisJ 
M.D.Spec. The Two Galley Slaves; or, The Unknown (Cob. M. 

Bsq. The Two Gallows Slaves ; or, Escaped from Brixton (Olym. M. 

9/12/1822). L. 84 S. [30/11/1822; as Two More Slaves; or, E. 

from B.]. 
Ba. The Two Greens (Olym. Th. 20/2/1840). 

C. Two Heads better than One (Lye. M. 27/5/1844). 

C.O. The Two Houses of Granada (D.L. T. 31/10/1826). L.C. 

[Music Wade.] 

Ba. The Two Jack Sheppards (Olym. 26/4/1841). L.C. 26/4/1841. 
Ba. The Two Jim Crows (Vic. M. 6/a-M. 13/2/1837). 
Oa. The Two Little Savoyards (Queen's, F. 13/2/1835). 
Ba. The Two Little Savoyards (Sans P. M. 13/11/1815). 

D. The Two Locksmiths; or, Poverty and Crime (Surrey, M. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 537 

D. The Two London Locksmiths ; or, The Banker, the Thief and the 

Will (Vic. M. 29/11/1841). 

F. Two Mr. Browns (Bath, 6/5/1825). L.C. 26/4/1825. 
Ba. Two Murders but Nobody Hurt (Surrey, M. 3/6/1822). 
Ba. The Two Neighbours and their Wives (Vic. Th. 19/1/1837). 
D. Two Nights. L.C. C.G. 5/11/1829. 
F. Twonkey and Son. L.C. Richmond, 29/10/1842. 
F. Two o'Clock in the Morning (D.L. 22/6/1841). 
F. Two Old Maids of Florence. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant}. 
F. Two Owls in One Ivy Bush (Lye. Th. 23/11/1848). L.C. 

F. Two Pence (E.O.H. S. 14/7/1821). L. 24 L. [25/6/1821 ; as T. P.; 

or, Ladies Ridiculed]. 

[Music G. Reeve and M. Pindar.] 

O.F. The Two Prisoners. L. 44 S. [D.L. 12/11/1804]. 
D. The Two Pupils; or, The Pedagogue Puzzled (Surrey, Th. 


C. The Two Rainbows (P'cess, W. 2/12/1846). L.C. 27/11/1846. 
Ba . The Two Spanish Valets ; or, Lie upon Lie ! (Sans P . M . 2/ 1 1 / 1 8 1 8) . 
Ba. Two Stages from Gretna (Surrey, W. 12/11/1828). 

M.D. The Two Thieves ; or, The Murderers of Grenoble (Surrey, M. 


Bal. Two to One (R.A. T. 27/5/1806). 
Ba. The Two Valets (Cob. M. 2/9/1822). 

D. The Two Waiters (Standard, 7/5/1849). L.C. 5/5/1849. 

Sk. The Two Wives! or, A Hint to Husbands (E.O.H. T. 7/8/1821). 

L. 123 M. [6/7/1821 ; as The T. W.; or, A Hint to a Cross Husband]. 

[Music Parry.] 

M.Ent. The Tyrant and Parrasite. L. 95 M. [Lye. 25/1/1812]. 
D. The Tyrant of Algiers (Vic. M. 12/3/1838). 
M.D. The Tyrant of Syracuse; or, The Grecian Heroine (Cob. Th. 


Spec. The Tyrant Saracen and the Noble Moor (R.A. M. 15/4/1811). 
O. The Tyrolese Peasant (D.L. T. 8/5/1832). L.C. 7/5/1832. 
M.D. Ugolmo. L. 24 L. [Norwich, 3/1822]. 

M.D. Ugolino; or, The Tower of Famine (Surrey, W. 26/12/1821). 
D. Ulrica; or, The Prisoner of State (Adel. M. 11/3/1844). 

D. Ulric the Usurper (New, M. 3/12/1810). 

Spec. Ulthona the Sorceress (Sans P. 11/1807). 

F. The Ultra Exquisite; or, Which is the Dandy? L. 75 S. [Edin- 
burgh, 22/4/1819]. 

D. Umbroso; or, Magic Delusion (Vic. M. 31/3/1834). 

Tale of Enchantment. Una and the Lions; or, The Forest Queen 
(Garnck, M. 21/11/1831). 

Ba. Uncle and Nephew; or, Look before you leap (Royalty, M. 

O.F. Uncle Jonathan; or, Independence (S.W. M. 24/9/1827). 

Ba. Uncle Oliver; or, A House Divided (E.O.H. M. 20/3/1843). 

F. The Unconscious Counterfeit (D.L. 9/2/1809). L. 89 M. 

Vaud. Under the Oak (Vauxhall, F. 25/6/1830). 

M.D, Undine; or, The .Spirit of the Waters (C.G. M. 23/4/1821). 
L. 80 S. [12/4/1821]. 

Ba. Unfit for Service. L.C. Edinburgh, 4/4/1833. 


Spec. The Unhallowed Templar; or, Twelve Months and 'a Day 

(Cob. M. 16/4/1827). 

F. The Uniform" ; or, Two Men in One Coat (Surrey, W. 14/4/1841). 
Bal. The United Britons (D.L. Th. 10/1/1805 2nd performance). 
F. United Services (C.G. S. 11/12/1841). L.C. 11/11/1841.. 
M.D. The Unknown; or, Ulfrid the Dane (R C. M. 29/3/1819). 
D. The Unnatural Combat; or, The Admiral of Marseilles (R.P. M. 

Ba. Up and Down; or, The Road of Life (Strand, M. 3/9/1838). 

L.C. 8/1838. 

C. Ups and Downs; or, The Ladder of Life (D.L. T. 27/5/1828). 
L.C. 17/5/1828. 

D. Ups and Downs of Life; or, The Scamps of London. L.C. R.P. 

F. Up to Snuff; or, A Friend at a Pinch (P'cess, W. 22/3/1848). L.C. 
11/3/1848 [sub- title reads, or, New Year's Gifts}. 

R.D. Uranda the Enchanter of the Steel Castle (R.A. M. 7/4/1817). , 

M.D. Unlda the Transformed (R.P. M. 28/10/1833). 

Vaud. Used Up; or, L'homme blase\ L.C. York, 2/6/1845. 

Ba. The Usurer's Son. L.C. Adel. 23/2/1840. 

T. Valasco; or, Castilian Honour (M'bone, S. 29/9/1849). L.C. 

Spec. Valdevma the Cruel (Sans P. M. 8/2/1808). 

Ext. Valentine and Orson (Lye. M. 23/12/1844). L.C. 18/12/1844. 
8 [1844]. 

F. Valentine's Day, Dedicated to all whom it may concern. Valen- 
tine's Day; or, The Amorous Knight, and the Belle Widow. 
A New and Original Comedy. . .Prefixed by a Poetical Appeal to 
the Critics. By One Anonymous. 8 [1809]. 

F. Valentine's Day ; or, Paddy Carey's Fortune (Royalty, S. 13/2/1813). 

C. Valeria (H.* M. 15/9/1828). L.C. 13/9/1828. 

[A version of Scribe, Valerie (Paris, 21/12/1822).] 

Spec. The Valiant Clara; or, Love and Jealousy (Pav. M. 23/11/1812). 
P. The Valkyrae; or, Harlequin the Patriot Pole (Surrey, W. 

D. The Valley of Wolves (Surrey, M. 20/9/1830). 
Ba. The Valley of Flowers (St J. T. 14/5/1839). 

Spec. Valmondi; or, The Unhallowed Sepulchre (Adel. Th. 14/10/1824). 

L.C. 11/10/1824. 
M.D. Vannck of Voorn; or, The Executioner of Amsterdam (S.W. 

M. 16/11/1835). 

D. Viricatus, the Lusitaman Hero. L.C. Norwich, 30/6/1826. 
Ba. Valshi. L.C. 11/3/1824. 
M.D. Valvoni; or, The Knight of the Bloody Hand (Royalty, M. 


M.D. Van Donderman; or, The Two Friends (W.L. W. 28/1/1829). 
D. Varley the Vulture; or, A Race for Life (Brit. 10/2/1845). L.C. 

M.D. The Vehme Gericht; or, The Secret Tribunal (S.W. M. 

F. The Veiled Portrait; or, The Chateau de Beauvais (C.G. Th. 

10/5/1838). L.C. 7/5/1838. 

M.D. The Veiled Prophet of Khorossan (R.A. M. 24/7/1820). 
Ba. II Venditore d'Aceto. L. 96 M. [Pantheon, 26/2/1812]. 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 539 

Bal. The Venetian Nuptials; or, The Guardian Outwitted (D.L. Th. 

31/10/1822). * 

Ba. Venice Preserved; or, A Plot Discovered (E.L. M. 18/8/1817). 
F. The Venison Pasty (C.G. S. 10/11/1821). L. 123 M. [6/11/1821]. 
M.D. Vtfnoni (R.P. M. 30/12/1839). 

Bal. Venus and Adonis; or, The Bower of Bliss (S.W. M. 5/5/1828). 
Ba. Venus and Mars; or, The Golden Net (Strand, M. 8/4/1844). 

L.C. 1/4/1844- 

M.D. Venus a Vestal (Olym. Th. 15/10/1840). L.C. 16/10/1840. 
Ba. Venus in Arms; or, What won't a Woman do? (23/5/1836). L.C. 


[Attributed to Mrs C. B. WILSON.] 
D. The Vermont Wool Dealer (Strand, Th. 27/2/1845). L.C. 


Spec. The Veteran; or, The Mareschal de Logis (R.A. M. 8/10/1804). 
Bal. The Veteran; or, Who will get her out? (Olym. W. 31/1/1827). 
D. The Veteran Serjeant; or, The Gunner's Boy and the Foundling 

of the Camp (S.W. M. 15/4/1839). 

Past.O. The Vicar of Wakefield(H. 27/9/1823). L. 199 M. [21/9/1823]. 
M.D. The Viceroy; or, The Spanish Gipsy and the Assassin (S.W. 

M. 26/5/1817). 

D. The Victim (Adel. M. 9/12/1833). L.C. 7/12/1833. 
T. The Victim. L. u6 M. [Edinburgh, 17/12/1819]. 
M.D. The Victim; or, The Mother and the Mistress (Surrey, M. 

Spec. The Victims of Tyranny; or, The Monkish Warriors (R.A. M. 


D. Victoire; or, The Fall of Constantina (Adel. M. 4/12/1837). 
M.D. Victor and Hortense; or, False Pride (H. a Th. 2/11/1843 2nd 

performance). L.C. 28/10/1843. 

Bsq. "Victor Dene; or, I'll sleep on it" (Surrey, T. 31/1/1832). 
Spec. The Victories of Edward the Black Prince; or, The Battlefield 

(R.A. M. 1/4/1839). 
Spec. The Victories of Joan of Arc; or, The Siege of Orleans (R.A. 

M. 4/11/1839). 

Bal. The Village F6te (R.A. M. 6/9/1802). 
Ba. The Village FSte (New, M. 23/4/1810). 
D.D. Village Life in France; or, The Wine Dresser's Daughter (S.W. 

M. 30/1/1837). 
D. The Village Outcast. L.C. Olym. 26/11/1844. 

[SeeT.P. TAYLOR, 1846.] 
M.D. The Village Phantom (R.P. M. 15/4/1839). 
O. The Village Phantom ; or, The Somnambulists (Vic. F. 6/12/1833). 
F. The Village Practitioner (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 1824). 
T. La Vinda de Padilia (Cob. W. 23/5/1832). 
D. The Vine-dresser's Daughter (R.A. M. 7/9/1846). 
T. Virginia (M'bone, M. 7/5/1849). L.C. 28/4/1849. 
Ba. The Virginia Mummy. L.C. 15/3/1837. 
D. The Virgin of the Sun. L. 104 M. [Norwich, 12/6/1815]. 
P. Virtue and Vice ; or, Harlequin's Temptation (Cob. M . 1 7/8/18 1 8) . 
M.D. The Vision of the Sun; or, The Orphan of Peru (C.G. M. 

31/3/1823). L. 128 M. [14/3/1823]. 
Int. A Visit to the Wells; or, Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire 

(S.W. M. 19/4/1830). 

NDII 35 


Bal. La Vivandfere (H.' S. 20/7/1844). 

D. La Vivandiere ; or, The Eve of Waterloo. L.C. R.P. 2/7/1845. 

Ext. Vive la Bagatelle ; or, Tommy and Jerry t'other Side the Water 

(Cob. M. 2/12/1822). 
D. "Vive la Libert6"; or, The French Revolution of 1830 (Surrey, 

S. 14/8/1830). 
Ba. The Vizier's Son, the Merchant's Daughter and the Ugly Woman ; 

or, The Maid of Bagdad (Sans P. M. 16/12/1811). L. 94 M. 


Spec. Voorn the Tiger; or, The Horse Banditti (R.A. M. 8/6/1812). 
M.D. The Votaries of the Ruby Cross; or, The Treasure Seekers 

(Cob. M. 23/2/1829). 
M.D. The Vow of Vengeance; or, The Carib Chieftain and the Irish 

Witch (Cob. M. 11/6/1821). 
F. A Voyage to California ; or, The True Test of Gold (Vic. 5/2/1849). 

L.C. 3/2/1849 [as A Trip to C.]. 
Ent. A Voyage to India (Lye. Th. 20/8/1807). 
F. The Voyage to Margate; or, Sea Bathing a Cure for Roguery. 

L. 78 S. [E.O.H. 20/7/1820]. 

F. A Voyage to the Gold Mines. L.C. Queen's, 18/5/1849. 
D. A Voyage to the North. L.C. Hull, 26/12/1833. 
Spec. A Voyage to the North Pole; or, The British Esquimaux 

(Royalty, M. 3/11/1823). 

D. Waconsta; or, The Curse (Surrey, M. 12/11/1849). 
M.Ent. The Wager. 8 1808 [in The Dramatic Appellant]. 
Ba. The Wager; or, How to Furnish a House without Money (St J. 

Th. 5/1/1837). L.C. 3/1/1837. 

M.D. The Wager ; or, The Last Link in the Chain (S.W. M. 13/7/1840). 
C.O. The Wager; or, The Midnight Hour (D.L. W. 23/11/1825). 

L.C. 21/11/1825. 

[A version of Mrs Inchbald, The Midnight flour.] 

Bal. The Wags of Wapping (D.L. M. 16/11/1846). 

Ba. The Wags of Windsor (Royalty, c. M. 26/11/1810). 

M.D. Wake not the Dead ; or, The Spectre Bride (Cob. M. 18/10/1824), 

M.D. Walcot Castle [or Angelina]. L. 20 L. [1804]. 

F. Walker's Trunks, L.C. 30/6/1837. 

D. Wallace (Surrey, T. 12/3/1833). 

D. Wallenstein. 8 1799; 8 1800 [two parts]. 

P. Walooka and Noomahee; or, The Ape of the Island (Olym. M, 

R.D. Walpurghi's Eve; or, The Doom of the Daemon Knight (Surrey, 

S. 17/7/1830). 

D. Walsha; or, The Slave's Revolt (Vic. M. 13/11/1837). 
D. Walter Lorimer; or, The Brand of Crime (R.P. 13/1/1845). L.C, 

M.D. The Waltham Blacks; or, The Deer Stealer of 1623 (R.P. M, 

C.O. The Waltz (Lye. Th. 19/8/1813). L. 58 S. [7/8/1813]. 

[An adaptation of Wycherley, The Gentleman Dancing Master.] 
Bal.P. The Wanderer of Malabar (Cob. M. 19/4/1830). 
R.D. The Wandering Boys; or, The Castle of Olival (C.G. Th 

24/2/1814). L. 102 M. [11/2/1814], 

[Music Bishop. An adaptation of Pixere"court, Le pelerin blan< 

(Paris, 1801).] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 541 

D. The Wandering Jew (Queen's, Th. 5/3/1835). 

M.D. The Wandering Knight (New, T. 8/12/1810 

D. The Wandering Minstrel. L.C. 1827. 

D. The -Wandering Tribe; or, The Heir of Mowbray (Surrey, M. 


F. Wanted a Bravo. L.C. S.W. 5/9/1846. 
F. Wanted a Hermit (Lye. T. 25/5/1847). L.C. 13/5/1847. 
Ba. Wanted an Actor; or, The Manager at a Nonplus (R.P. M. 


Ca. Wanted a Title. L.C. Lye. 18/5/1849. 
Ba. Wards and Wardens. L.C. E.O.H. 28/8/1830. 
Spec. The War in Syria; or, The Bombardment and Capture of 

St. Jean d'Acre (Vic. M. 7/12/1840). 
R.D. The Warlock of the Glen (Surrey, M. 10/12/1827). 

[A play of this title was being played at the Caledonian, Edin- 
burgh, in 1823.1 

M.D. Warlsha; or, The Saxon Slave (Surrey, T. 27/4/1841). 
Ca. A Warning to Wives (S.W. 5/11/1849). L.C. 1/10/1847. 
D. The Warrior Kings; or, The Massacre of Jerusalem (R.P. M. 

D. The Warrior's Faith; or, Love, Honour and Friendship (R.P. M. 

Bal. The Warrior Slaves; or, The Miracle of Love (Vic. M. 


Spec. The Wars in Spain (R.A. M. 15/5/1837). 
Spec. The Wars of the Jews ; or, The Fall of Jerusalem (R.A. T. 

26/12/1848). L.C. 29/6/1848. 

Spec. Wars of the Punjab. L.C. Amphitheatre, Hull, 1/10/1846. 
Spec. The Wars of Wellington (R.A. M. 31/3/1834; M. 18/5/1840). 
M.D. The War Woolf of Tlascala; or, The Mexican's Watchword 

(Cob. M. 4/8/1828). 

D. The Washerwoman of St. Remy (R.A. M. 19/10/1846). 
D. The Watchdog of the Castle ; or, The Sword of Whitefriars. L.C. 

Vic. 20/3/1844. 
F. Watching the Body; or, How to Make a Will (M'bone, M. 


Ba. The Watchman ; or, The Army and the Navy (W.L. M. 9/2/1829). 
P.Bal. The Water-carrier and the Beauty; or, The Ugly Woman of 

Bagdad (Garrick, M. 7/2/1831). 

D. The Water Kelpie, a Tale of the Clyde (Edinburgh, 15/9/1844). 
Ent. The Waterman (S.W. M. 26/8/1844). 
Spec. The Water Queen ; or, The Spirits of Donan the Goblin Page 

(Surrey, M. 8/6/1835). 
Ba. The Water Witch; or, The Skimmer of the Sea (Adel. M. 

15/11/1830). L.C. 13/11/1830. 
P. Wat Tyler; or, The Lord Mayor of London. L.C. Queen's, 

D. Wat Tyler and Jack Straw; or, The Life and Death of King 

Richard II (Cob. M. 17/1/1831). 
D. The Wave. L.C. Vic. 19/8/1847. 
D. Waverley (Perth, 18/10/1822). 

[The version of Scott's novel used by the Corbett Ryder 

D. Waverley. L.C. C.G. 24/4/1824. 



D. Waverley;pr, The Forty Five (Caledonian, Edinburgh, 4/9/1827). 
[It seems that there was an earlier version given at this theatre 
on 19/7/1823.] 
F. The Way of the World. L.C. R.P. 10/6/1846. 

C. The Way to Win Her. 8 1814. 

Ba. The Weathercock (New. M. 18/2/1811). 

F. Webster's Royal Red Book (Adel. Th. 5/7/1849). L.C. 30/6/1849. 

F. The Wedding Supper (Vic. Th. 27/1 1/1834). 

Ent. A Week at Holyrood (Edinburgh, 38/4/1832). L.C. 23/4/1832. 

Ba. We Fly by Night (Royalty, S. 23/1/1813). 

D. The Wehr Wolves of St. Grieux (Surrey, M. 11/2/1833). 

P. The Weird Sisters; or, Harlequin in Despair (Royalty, Th. 


P. The Weird Sisters ; or, Harlequin Restored (Royalty, M. 25/1/1802). 
M.D. The Weird Woman of the Isles; or, Scotland's Ancient Days 

(Cob. M. 19/4/1824). 
Bal. Welcome Home; or, The Return from Navarino (S.W. W. 


M.D. The Welshman ; or, The Prince of Cambria (Cob. M. 15/5/1826). 
Ba. West Country Wooing (Queen's, M. 8/8/1836). 
Spec. The West Indian Terrific Brothers (Pav. M. 11/1/1813). 
F. The Wet Nurse (Surrey, M. 20/4/1840). 
F. Wet Weather (H.* T. 20/7/1819). L. 76 S. [9/7/1819]. 
Ba. Whackam and Windam; or, The Wrangling Lawyers (Sans P. T. 

25/1/1814; Olym. M. 26/1/1829). L. 22 L. [14/1/1814; as, Broad 

Grins; or, IV. and IV.]. 
C.O. Whang Fong; or, How Remarkable! (E.O.H. M. 21/8/1820). 

L. 79 S. [5/8/1820]. 

[Music Pindar.] 
F. What are you at? What are you after? or, There never was "such 

Times (Cob. W. 19/4/1820). 

F. What a Shocking Bad Hat! (Cob. T. 10/5/1831). 
Ba. What have I done? (Olym. M. 12/3/1838). L.C. 2/3/1838. 
Ba. What next? (E.L. W. 8/1/1817). 

[See T.J. DIBDIN, 1816.] 

O.Ent. What's in a Name? (E.O.H. M. 20/7/1829). L.C. 1/6/1829. 
Ca. What's in a Name? or, Black's White (Vic. W. 16/12/1835). 
F. What! The Devil Again! (Strand, M. 30/9/1833). 
F. What to Eat, Drink and Avoid (Olym. M. 4/9/1848). L.C. 


Ba. What will he do next? (Surrey, M. 5/12/1825). 
F. What would the Man be at? (C.G. F. 8/5/1801). L. 76 M. 

[30/4/1801 ; as, Three to One; or, W. w. the M. b. a.?]. 
F. Wheedling; or, Love in a Snowstorm (Strand, W. 18/7/1832). 

Int. When it takes Place, I shall keep my Seat and get a Place (C.G. 

F. 14/7/1820). L. 119 M. [21/6/1820; with "If" for "When"]. 
Spec. When the Bell Tolls; or, The Banditti of the Cavern (Cob. M. 

O.F. When the Clock Strikes; or, The Bandit Farmer (R.A. M. 

F. Where is Eliza? or, Have you seen my Sister? (Brit. 25/10/1847). 

L.C. 18/10/1847. 
F. Where's Eliza? What is she at? Where can she be? (Strand, M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 543 

C. Where to Find a Friend (Lye. M. 20/5/1811). L. 54 S. [11/5/1811], 

[See R. LEIGH.] 
Ba. Which can be the Man? The Prince or the Chimney Sweep (Cob. 

M, 8/1/1821). 
F. \\Shich is my Love? L.C. Queen's, 18/4/1846. 

[A play of this name was produced at the Queen's, 25/2/1850.] 
F. Which is the Woman? (Vic. T. 1/10/1833). 
P. Which is Which? or, Harlequin Puzzled (Surrey, W. 6/6/1810). 

D. The Whistle (R.A. M. 6/6/1836). 

M.D. The White Bard's Tower (R.A. M. 24/4/1820). 

P. The White Cat (Edinburgh, 26/1/1813). 

P. The White Cat; or, Harlequin in the Fairy Wood (Lye. M. 

23/12/1811). L. 53 S. [18/12/1811]. 
M.D. The White Cross Knight; or, Martha of Mile End (R.P. M. 

M.D. The White Eagle; or, Lionel Prince of Saxony (Cob. M. 

16/6/1828). * 
Tale of Enchantment. The White Fairy; or, The Dove and the Vulture 

(Cob. M. 12/4/1830). 

D. The White Farm (R.A. M. 29/11/1847). 
Ca. The White Feather (Lye. M. 20/5/1844). L.C. 11/5/1844. 

[Another drama of the same title is in L.C. C.G. 19/9/1843.] 
D. The Whitefeet; or, Mabel the Maniac (R.P. M. 9/7/1832). 
Spec. The White Hoods; or, The Beggars of Flanders (R.P. M. 

M.R. The White Lady; or, The Spirit of Avenel (D.L. M. 9/10/1826). 

L.C. 3/10/1826. 

[Music T. S. Cooke. A dramatisation of Scribe, La dame 

blanche (Paris, 10/12/1825), with music by Boieldieu.] 
Jnt The White Lion ; or, Love, Lies and Literature (R.P. M. 8/7/1833). 
M.D. The White Nun; or, The Heart of a True Blue (R.P. M. 

Spec. The White Pilgrims; or, The Orphans of Switzerland (Cob. W. 

D. The White Rose and the Red Rose; or, The Battle of Bosworth 

Field (R.A. M. 10/8/1835). 

D. The White Squall; or, The Mariner's Daughter (R.P. M. 27/5/1839). 
M.D. The White Surrey (Surrey, S. 9/4/1825). 
D. The White Wolf; or, The Black Walloon (R.A. M. 27/4/1840). 
D. The White Wreath; or, The Summer's Morn of 1660 and the 

Flitch of Bacon (R.A. M. 20/7/1840). 
M.D. Whitsun Eve; or, The Last Link of the Chain (R.P. M. 

Ext. Whittington and his Cat. 8 [1849; Ashford]. 

[By the author of Dead of Ennui and The Subaltern's Check 

Book; these I have been unable to find, but the former is evidently 

a version of L'homme blast or Used Up.] 
Esq. Whittington and his Cat. L.C. 24/3/1845. 
P. Whittington and his Cat; or, Harlequin Lord Mayor of London 

(D.L. S. 26/12/1835). 
R. Whittington and his Cat; or, The Fairy Queen of Herne's Oak 

(H.* T. 26/12/1837). L.C. 23/12/1837. 

Ba. Who am I? or, Adventures in Madrid (E.L. W. 3/11/1819). 
F. Who can I be? (C.G. M. 6/7/1818). L. 113 M. [30/6/1818]. 


F. Who did it? 6r, What's in the Wind? (Adel. M. 11/5/1840;. 
F. Who is that? knocking at the Door? (Strand, T. 23/11/1847). 
P. Who killed Cock Robin? L.C. C.G. 14/12/1829. 
M.D. Who kissed Jeannette; or, The Festival of the Rose. (E.L. M. 


F. The Whole Hog. L.C. Adel. 9/11/1844. 
F. Who Lives at Number Nine? (Adel. W. 28/3/1849). 
M.D. Who Owns the Head? or, The Monkey, the Mask and the 

Murderer (Cob. M. 15/1/1821). 

C.Ent. Who Pays the Piper? (Royalty, M. 26/12/1803). 
Int. Who Pays the Piper? L. 92 M. [Pav. 2/2/1810]. 
Oa. Who's at Home? or, Man and Wife before Marriage (E.O.H. M. 

1/8/1825). L.C. 4/7/1825. 

F. Who's my Papa? (P'cess, S. 19/4/1845). L.C. 21/6/1845. 
O.F. Who's the Rogue? (C.G. 15/5/1801). L. 76 M. [8/5/1801]. 

[Music Florio.] 

Ba. Who's to have him? (R.P. W. 18/5/1831). 
F. Why did I marry? (Olym. M. 11/12/1820). L. 119 M. [7/12/1820; 

with sub-title, or, City Intrigue}. 
Spec. The Wicked Negro; or, A Picture of St. Domingo (Royalty, M. 

O.F. The Widow; or, My Uncle's Will (Olym. 21/11/1831). L.C. 

F. The Widow Barnaby (H.* M. 18/1/1841). 

C. The Widow Bewitched; or, Love at Fault (H. 1 W. 15/6/1831). 
L.C. 21/5/1831. 

Ba. The Widow Flinn (Surrey, Th. 3/5/1810). 
Ba. The Widow of Cornhill. L.C. 25/10/1824. 

[See PLANCHG, 1824.] 
Ba. The Widow of Cornhill; or, London in 1444 (Surrey, *T. 


C.O. The Widow of Ems (Queen's, M. 7/11/1831). 
O.F. The Widow's Choice L. 87 M. [C.G. 15/2/1808]. 
M.D. The Widow's Daughter; or, The Murder of 1694 (R.P. Th. 

F. The Widow's Frolic. L.C. H. 10/11/1842. 

[A play of this name appeared at the Vic. 1/2/1841.] 
Ca. The Widow's Mistake (Queen's, M. 8/6/1835). 
Ba. The Widow's Mite. L.C. 4/4/1837. 
Bsq.Oa. Widow's Tears (Sans P. Th] 23/10/1817). 

D. The Widow's Vow. L.C. Olym. 10/11/1840. 

Ba. The Widow's Vow ; or, Mistake upon Mistake (R.A. M. 16/4/1827). 

D. The Wife (P'cess, T. 17/6/1845). 

D. Wife and Child. L.C. St J. 23/1/1836. 

Spec. The Wife and Mistress; or, The Italian Gamester (Pav. T. 


Ba. The Wife at her Wit's End (R.A. W. 3/1 1/1819 3rd performance). 
Ba. A Wife's First Lesson (Cob. M. 23/8/1819). 
Ba. A Wife's First Lesson (Royalty, M. 3/4/1815). 
D. The Wife's Tragedy. L.C. Effingham, 1/10/1846. 
M.D. A Wife with Two Husbands. 8 1803. 

[An adaptation of Pixre*court, Lafemme a deux marts (1802).] 
C.Int. Wig Reforms; or, Old Times and New Times (R.P. M. 


AUTHORS] 1800-1850 545 

D. *The Wild Dog of the Cape. L.C. Albert, 23^10/1846. 

F. Der Wildfang (German, W. 13/11/1805). 

Spec. The Wild Girl; or, La belle sauvage (R.C. M. 14/5/1804). 

M.D. ,The Wild Girl; or, The Assassins of Aveyron (R.A. M. 

Spec. The Wild Horse, Mazeppa ; or, The Child of the Desert (Surrey, 

M. 9/8/1841). 

C. The Wild Indian Girl. L. 106 M. [Edinburgh, 9/2/1815]. 
O.F. The Wild Irish Girl (Vic. T. 25/1/1842). 

F. The Wild Irishman ; or, O'Shatter m his Glory (Cob. W. 25/10/1820). 
Bal. The Wild Islanders ; or, The Court of Pekin (C.G.Th. 21/1 1/1805). 

D. The Wild Man of the Mountain. L.C. R.P. 21/2/1846. 
M.D. The Wild Woman of Languedoc (R.P. F. 1/5/1829). 
Spec. The Wild Zebra Hunt (R.A. M. 24/9/1832). 

M.D. Wilkins the Weaver; or, Bethnal Green in the Olden Time 

(R.P. M. 3I/3/I834). 

' M.D. WillBrockman;or,TheKentishSmuggler(R.P.W.9/n/i83i). 
Ent. William's Morsels of Mirth for Moments of Merriment. L.C. 

Adel. 18/2/1831. 

Ent. William's London Recollections. L.C. Olym. 25/2/1830. 
Bal. William's Return (Royalty, T. 2/4/1811). 
M.D. William Tell, the Hero of Switzerland (Cob. M. 2/7/1821). 
M.D. William Tell, the Hero of Switzerland (R.A. M. 7/6/1802). 
M.D. William the Conqueror; or, The Days of the Curfew Bell (Cob. 

M. 17/5/1824). 
Spec. William the Conqueror's Invasion of England; or, The Death 

of Harold. L.C. R.A. 9/3/1844. 
D. Willie Armstrong; or, Durie in Durance. L.C. Edinburgh, 


P. The Will of Fate ; or, Columbine Shepherdess (R.A. M. 3 1/8/1807). 
P. Will o' the Wisp (C.L. T. 26/12/1837). 
Ba. The Willow Grove; or, The Double Blunder (Surrey, M. 


Ba. Will Reckless (Queen's, S. 27/8/1836). 
F. The Window Curtain. L.C. Lye. 26/11/1849. 
Oa. Windsor Castle; or, The Prisoner King (C.G. S. 7/4/1838). L.C. 


C. Wine does Wonders (H.* 19/7/1820). 8 1820. 

[A cut version of Farquhar, The Inconstant.] 
C.O. Win Her and Wear Her (D.L. T. 18/12/1832). 

[An adaptation of A Bold Stroke for a Wife.] 
P. The Wishing Cap!!! or, Harlequin Blue-Coat Boy (R.C. W. 

P. The Witch and the Owl; or, The Palace of the Silver Lake 

(Sans P. T. 26/12/1815). 
P. The Witch and the White Horse ; or, The Old Woman of Banbury 

Cross (R.A. M. 18/7/1831). 
P. The Witch and the Wizard; or, Harlequin's Reprieve (R.C. F. 


D. The Witch of Derncleuch (Edinburgh, 25/5/1822). 

\SeePLANCHfi, 1821.] 
M.D. The Witch of Ravensworth; or, The Bridal Supper (Surrey, M. 

P. The Witch of the Green Bush. L.C. Grecian, 31/10/1846. 


P. The Witch of the Volcano ; or, Harlequin and the King of the 

Coral Isle (K.P. T. 27/12/1831). 
D. The Witch of the Whirlpool; or, The Hag's Haunt (S.W. M. 


Ba. Wives and Partners; or, Mr. Wilkins (S.W. M. 3/3/1828}. 
D. The Wizard of Peru; or, The Senator and the Barbary Courser 

(R.A. M. 28/9/1835). 

M.D. The Wizard Priest; or, The Hall of Fate (R.P. M. 8/4/1833). 
M.D. The Wolf Rock; or, The Five Brothers (R.P. M. 21/7/1834). 
D. Wolsey (Surrey, M. 27/1/1845). 
C. Woman (Queen's, M. 9/3/1835). 

C. Woman and Philosophy (Edinburgh, 3/4/1813). L. 100 M. 
[Edinburgh, 20/1/1813], 

D. Woman Beware of Woman! (Surrey, M. 15/6/1835). 

P. The Woman of Dreams; or, The Man in the Moon (H. a M. 

D. Woman's Life. L.C. 25/1/1834. * 

C. Woman's Rights. L.C. Olym. 18/7/1848. 

Ba. Woman's the Devil; or, A Masked Ball (Vic. Th. 3/8/1837). 

O. Woman's Willa Riddle (E.O.H. Th. 20/7/1820). L. 75 S. 


Ba. Woman's Wit (Olym. T. 17/10/1843). 
Ba. A Woman's Word; or, Imaginary Evils (Olym. F. 15/12/1820). 

L. 78 S. [7/12/1820]. 

[Originally advertised as Woman's Will, evidently a misprint.] 

D. Women and Wine (Fitzroy, Th. 6/2/1834). 

M.D. The Wonderful Lamp of Aladdin (Cob. M. 4/6/1827). 
M.D.Spec. The Wonderful Lamp; or, The Flying Palace of Africa 

(R.A. M. 5/7/1830; R.A. M. 9/9/1833). 
Bsq.Ext. The Wood Demon; or, One O'Clock (Lye. S. 8/4/1847). 

L.C. 1/5/1847. 

Ba. The Wood Demon; or, The Fatal Clock (Royalty, M. 8/2/1813). 
O. The Wooden Walls of Peter the Great. L. 84 M. [C.G. 1 1/10/1806]. 
Bal. The Woodman Prince (Sans P. M. 13/10/1817). 
M.D. Woodstock; or, The Cavalier in Edinburgh, a Tale of the Year 

1651 (Edinburgh, 17/6/1826). 

[Based on Scott's novel.] 
C.O. Wooing a Widow (R.P. M. 25/4/1836). 
Ba. Wooing a Widow; or, Love under a Lamppost. L.C. Adel. 


[See C. BERNARD, 1832.] 

M.D. Worga; or. The Goat-herd's Oath (Cob. M. 6/12/1824). 
F. The World of Wonders; or, Harlequin Caxton. L.C. Vic. 13/12/1847. 
Sat. Wortigerne. 8 1800 [in Monthly Magazine]. 

M.D. The Wreck; or, The Bucanier's Bridal (S.W. M. 31/1/1831). 
D. The Wrecker of Cornwall ; or, The Post-chaise of St. Agnes (R.A. 

W. 8/5/1839). 

M.D. The Wrecker's Bride. L.C. Surrey, 6/6/1845. 
M.D. The Wreckers of the Craig Foot ; or, The Ghost with the Golden 

Casket (Cob. M. 15/8/1831). 
M.D. The Wreck of the Leander Frigate; or, The Fatal Sandbank 

(Cob. M. 14/7/1828; R.P. M. 18/7/1831). 

[This is MONCRIEFF's The Shipwreck of the Medusa (Cob. 

1820) slightly altered.] 

AUTHORS] 1800-1850 547 

D. The Wreck of the Royal George ; or, The Seaman's Chest (Surrey, 
M. 12/10/1840). 

M.D. The Writer's Clerk; or, Life in Edinburgh (Caledonian, Edin- 
burgh, 4/7/1828). 

C. Th'e Wrong Master (Queen's, F. 5/4/1839). 

M.D. aia of China; or, The Fatal Flood-gate (R.A. M. 3/4/1820). 
Spec. Xo Fi; or, The Hag and the Emperor (Cob. M. 26/12/1825). 
Spec. The Yahrmanka nal Dhu; or, The Fair on the Ice (R.A. M. 


M.D. Yamun Dhuv; or, The Hand and Word (R.P. M. 18/1/1830). 
P. Yankee Doodle upon his Little Pony; or, Harlequin, how many 

Horses has your Father got in his Stable. L.C. R.A. 15/12/1848. 
F. Yankee Land (Strand, 7/10/1844). L.C. 7/10/1844. 
F. Yankee Notes for English Circulation (Adel. S. 24/12/1842). 

L.C. 21/12/1842. 

Int. Yard Arm and Yard Farm (Surrey, T. 7/7/1812). 
M.D. Yaromeer tfce Yager, the Hungarian William Tell (Garrick, M. 


D. The Yellow Admiral ; or, The Perils of the Battle and the Breeze 
(Vic. M. 12/5/1845). L.C. 8/5/1845. 

P. The Yellow Dwarf; or, Harlequin King of the Golden Mines 

(S.W. M. 22/5/1820). 
P. The Yellow Dwarf; or, Harlequin Knight of the Lion (Vaux. M. 

F. The Yellow Husband. L.C. D.L. 7/10/1842. 

[See M. LEMON, 1842.] 
D. The Yeoman's Daughter (Lye. 14/7/1834). L.C. 5/7/1833. 

[Music Howes.] 

D. The Yeoman's Daughter (Vic. W. 4/12/1833). 
M.D. The Yorkshire Grey (R.P. M. 19/8/1833). 
O.F. Young at Sixty. L.C. D.L. 28/3/1829. 
C.O. The Young Courier; or, The Miser of Waldcn (Strand, M. 


Ba. The Younger Son. L.C. Olym. 24/5/1840. 
Oa. The Young Friend. L.C. P'cess, 8/1/1847. 
D. The Young Highwayman; or, The Gibbet of Hounslow (R.A. 

M. 14/5/1838). 

Ba. The Young Hopefuls (Olym. Th. 15/3/1832). L.C. 8/3/1832. 
D. The Young King (H.* S. 29/7/1837). 

D. The Young Pretender (H. a S. 28/11/1846). L.C. 27/11/1846. 
Oa. The Young Prude. L. 117 M. [E.O.H. 31/7/1819]. 
M.D. The Young Queen ; or, Christine of Sweden (Cob. M. 3/1 1/1828). 
O.D. The Young Queen on her Travels (Surrey, M. 3/11/1828). 
F. The Young Reefer (Queen's, M. 27/4/1835). 
Ba. The Young Scamp; or, My Grandmother's Pet (P'cess, T. 


Ca. The Young Sculptor. L.C. Lye. 17/5/1844. 

D.D. The Young Tradesman's Progress. L.C. Standard, 19/11/1845. 
F. The Young Wife and the Old Maid (R.A. M. 10/4/1826). 
O.F. You're sure to be shot (Surrey, M. 29/10/1849). 
Oa. The Youthful Days of Henry III, King of Castile (Surrey, M. 


Spec. Zambo and Cadjoc ; or, The Terrific Brothers (Pav. M. 8/1/1810). 
O.R. Zameo; or, The White Warrior (Vic. M. 27/10/1834). 


Bal. Zamor and Camera; or, The Peruvian Boy (R.C. M. 6/4/1802). 
M.D. Zamor the Mexican and the Black Forester (Surrey, M. 

Spec. Zangarotti, the Demon of the Apennines; or, The Palace of 

Mystery (Royalty, T. 26/2/1822). 

Bal. Zelico; or, The Rival Mexicans (R.A. M. 11/4/1803). 
Bal. Zelis; ou, la forfit aux aventures (H. 1 T. 14/1/1812). 
Spec. Zelma; or, The Russian Daughter (E.L. W. 3/11/1819). 
Spec. Zembuca and the Net-maker of Persia ; or, The Siege of Estakhar 

(R.A. M. 21/9/1835). 

M.D. Zenaldi; or, St. Mark's Day (Surrey, Th. 25/7/1822). 
Bal. Z6phyr; ou, le retour du printemps (H. 1 S. 21/2/1818). 
Bal. Zephyr inconstant, puni et fixe"; ou, les noces de Flore (H. x T. 


Spec. Zilia; or, The Child of Mystery (R.A. M. 20/9/1802). 
Spec. Zingina; or, The Heroine of China (R.A. M. 22/8/1803). 
O. Zohrab the Hostage; or, The Storming of Mezanderan (C.G. T. 

28/2/1837). L.C. 23/2/1837. 

Spec. Zomai, the Caffre Chief (Cob. W. 19/4/1820). 
D. Zopyrus, the Hero of Persia (Norwich, 1844). L.C. Norwich, 


P. Zora; or, La belle sauvage (S.W. M. 16/8/1802). 
Ba. Zorayda (Olym. M. 19/11/1821). L. 121 M. [14/11/1821; as 

Z.; or, Scenes in Fashionable Life], 
Bal. Zoreida and Abdallah (Surrey, M. 17/2/1812). 
D. Zorinski; or, The Salt Mine of Cracow (S.W. M. 8/1/1841). 
Bal. Zulema (H.* T. 19/4/1836). 
Spec. Zulema the Circassian Beauty; or, the Robbers of the Caucasus. 

L.C.Albert, 21/11/1844. 

Bal. Zulica; ou, les Peruviens (H. 1 S. 17/5/1817). 
O. Zulieman; or, Wives Incog. (Bath, 12/3/1814). L. 101 M. 


Bal. Zulima and Zambourine (Adel. Th. 23/11/1826). 
Spec. Zuluca and the Rival Warriors; or, The Tiger Hunt (Surrey, 

M. 24/5/1824). 
D. Zumalacarregni, the Spanish Chieftain (R.P. M. 13/7/1835). 

II. Italian and German Operas mostly acted at the 

[This list makes no pretence at completeness. It includes 
little more than a register of the operas preserved in the two col- 
lections cited above. While it has proved impracticable to give here 
a complete list of operas performed in England between 1800 
and 1850, it was deemed advisable for various reasons to indicate 
the full MS. resources of the Larpent and Lord Chamberlain's 

O. Adelasia e Aleramo (H. 1 T. 10/1/1815). L. 103 M. [10/1/1815]. 

[Music J. S. Mayer; Milan, 1807.] 
O. Adelia (H.i S. 11/3/1843). L.C. 1/4/1843- 
C.O. Adehna (H. 1 S. 19/3/1825). L.C. 19/3/1825. 

OPERAS] 1800-1850 549 

C.O. Adolfo e Clara. L. 102 M. [H.' 26/5/1814^. 

[Music Puccita; Rome, 1801.] , 

O. L'Agnese (H.' Th. 15/5/1817). L. no M. [15/5/1817]. 
O. Alessandro e Timoteo (H. 1 T. 15/4/1800). L. 20 L. [28/3/1800], 

' [Music Sarti, revised by Perottij 
O. Alzira (H. 1 S. 28/2/1801). 
C.O. Gli Amanti Consolati (H. 1 Th. 23/6/1808). L. 88 M. [23/6/1808]. 

[Music Sarti; Turin, 1779.] 
O. Andromaque. L.C. H. 1 1/5/1841. 
C.O. Angiolina ; ossia, II Matrimonio per Susurro (H. 1 T. 22/12/1801). 

[Music Salieri; Vienna, 1800.] 
O. Anna Bplena (H.' F. 8/7/1831). L.C. 6/7/1831. 

[Music Donizetti; libretto Romani; Milan, 1822.] 
O. Anna Boleyn. L.C. P'cess, 7/1/1847. 
C.O. Un Anno ed un Giorno (Lye. T. 31/1/1837). 

[Music Be"ne"dict; Stuttgart, 1837.] 
O. Gli Arabi neile Gallic (H. 1 S. 12/5/1832). L.C. 1832. 

[Music Pacini; Milan, 1827.] 
O. Argemde e Serse (H. 1 S. 25/1/1806). 

[Music Portogallo; Milan, 1801.] 

O. Aristodemo (H.' Th. 9/6/1814). L. 58 S. [9/1/1814]; L. 102 M. 

[Music Pavesi; Naples, 1808] 
O. Aristodemo. L.C. H. 1 30/4/1827. 
O. Arrmda (H. 1 T. 1/6/1802). L. 77 M. [29/5/1802], 
O. L'Assedio di Corinto (H. r Th. 5/6/1834). L.C. 5/6/1834. 

[Music Rossini; Milan, 26/12/1828.] 
C.O. Le Astuzie Fallaci (H. 1 T. 23/4/1816). L. 108 M. [8/4/1816]. 

[Music Fioravanti.] 
C.O. Le Astuzie Femminili (H.* T. 21/2/1804). L. 81 M. [14/2/1804]. 

[Music Cimarosa; libretto Metastasio; Naples, 1793.] 
O. Atalida (H.' T. 20/3/1810). L. 92 M. [20/3/1810]. 
O. Athalie. L.C. H. 1 9/7/1827. 
O. Attila (H. 1 T. 14/3/1848). L.C. 11/3/1848. 
O. Aureliano in Palmira (H. 1 Th. 22/6/1826). L.C. 13/6/1826. 

[Music Rossini; Milan, 26/12/1813.] 
O. Bajazet. L.C. H. 1 1/5/1841. 

C.O. II Barbiere di Sivigha (H.' 27/1/1818; C.G. F. 4/7/1834; D.L. 
M. 27/7/1835). 

[Music Rossini, altered by Bishop; Paris, 1819.] 
O. II Barone di Dolsheim (H. 1 T. 22/1/1822). 

[Music Pacini; Milan, 1818.] 

O. Barseni Regina di Lidia (H. 1 S. 3/6/1815). L. 104 M. [6/1815]. 
O. Belisario (H. 1 S. 1/4/1837). L C. 1837. 

[Music Donizetti; Venice, 7/2/1836.] 

C.O. La Bella Pescatrice (H. 1 S. 11/4/1801). 

[Music Guglielmi; c. 1778.] 
O. Boadicea (H. 1 T. 23/3/1813). L. 99 M. [1/3/1813]. 

[Music V. Pucitta.] 
O. I Briganti. L.C. H. 1 2/7/1836. 

[Music Mercadante; libretto J. Crescini; Paris, 22/3/1836.] 
C.O. La Buona Figliccola. L. 92 M. [H. 1 19/6/1810], 
C.O. LaCacciadi Enrico Quarto(H.' T.7/3/i8o9). L. 9oM. [7/3/1809]. 

[Music Tarchi; Naples, 1783.] 


O. Camilla; ossi*, II Sotterraneo (H. 1 Th. 1/5/1806). L.Q6 M. 

C.O. Le Cantabrici Villane. L.C. H. 1 27/5/1842. 

[Music Fioravanti; Turin, 1795.] 
C.O. La Cappriciosa Pentita (H. 1 F. 6/1/1809). L. 90 M. [3/1/1809], 

[Music Fioravanti; Turin, 1797.] * 

O. I Capuletti ed i Montecchi (H. 1 S. 20/7/1833). 

[Music Bellini; libretto Roman! ; Venice, 12/3/1830.] 
O. La Cenerentola; ossia, La Bonta in Trionfo (H. 1 S. 8/1/1820). 
L. 118 M. [8/1/1820]. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Feretti; Rome, 1817.] 
O. La Clemenza di Scipione (H. 1 Th. 28/3/1805). L. 83 M. [28/3/1805]. 
O. La Clemenza di Tito. L. 85 M. [25/3/1806]. 
O. La Clemenza di Tito (H. 1 T. 3/3/1812). L. 96 M. [25/2/1812]. 
C.O. Climene (H. 1 Th. 25/4/1811). L. 95 M. [25/4/1811]. 
O. Conrado d'Altamira (H.' S. 10/8/1844). L.C. H. 1 15/8/1844. 

[Music Ricci; Paris, 15/3/1844.] c 

C.O. II Consiglio Imprudente (H. 1 T. 9/5/1815). L. 103 M. 

O. II Conte Ori (H. 1 S. 28/2/1829). L.C. 2/3/1829. 

[Music Rossini; libretto based on Scribe; Paris, 20/8/1828.] 
O. La Cosa Rara (H. 1 Th. 13/6/1805). L. 45 S. [1805]. 

[Music Martini; libretto L. da Ponte; Vienna, 1785.] 
C.O. Cos! fan Tutte; ossia, La Scuola dcgli Amanti (H. 1 9/5/1811). 
L. 95 M. [9/5/1811]. 

[Music Mozart; Vienna, 26/1/1790.] 
C.O. Cosl fan Tutte. L.C. 8/8/1842. 

O. II Crociato in Egitto (H. 1 S. 2/7/1825; 2nd performance). L.C. 

[Music Meyerbeer; libretto Rossi; Venice, 1824.] 
C.O. La Dama Soldato. L. 102 M. [4/6/1814]. 

[Music Orlandi.] 

C.O. La Dama Soldato (H. 1 Th. 13/5/1813). L. 99 M. [22/4/1813]. 
O. La Didone (H.' T. 26/1/1808). L. 88 M. [25/1/1808]. 

[Music Paisiello; libretto Metastasio; Naples, 1797.] 
O. Didone Abbandonata (H. 1 Th. 7/7/1814). L. 102 M. [7/7/1814]. 
O. Didone Abbandonata (H. 1 Th. 5/7/1827). L.C. 2/7/1827. 
O. Don Carlos (H. 1 Th. 20/6/1844). L.C. 14/6/1844. 

[Music Costa; libretto L. Tarantmi; London witnessed the first 
production of this opera ] 

C.O. Don Giovanni (H. 1 S. 12/4/1817). L. no M. [4/1817]. 

[Music Mozart; libretto L. da Ponte; Prague, 4/11/1787.] 
O. Don Gregono; ossia, L'Ajo nell* Imbarazzo (H. 1 T. 28/7/1846). 
O. Don Juan [in German]. L C. H. 1 17/7/1832. 

[Music Mozart.] 
O. Donna Caritea (H. 1 M. 26/7/1830). L.C. 26/7/1830. 

[Music Mercadante; Venice, 1826.] 
O. La Donna del Lago (H. 1 T. 18/2/1823). L. 131 M. [2/1823], 

[Music Rossini; libretto Tottola, based on Scott, The Lady of 
the Lake\ Naples, 4/10/1819.] 
C.O. Don Pasquale (H.' Th. 29/6/1843). L.C. 7/7/1843. 

[Music Donizetti; Paris, 4/1/1843.] 
C.O. I due Baroni (H. 1 S. 1/1/1803). L. 77 M. [30/12/1802]. 

[Music Cimarosa; Rome, 1777.] 

OPERAS] 1800-1850 551 

(X 1 due Foscari (H. 1 S. 10/4/1847). L.C. 14/4^847. 

[Music Verdi; libretto Piave; Florence, 2/1845.] 
C.O. I due Fratelli Rivali. L. 39 S. [H. 1 1800]. 

Music Nasolini.] 

C.O. Le due Nozze e un sol Marito (H. 1 T. 15/4/1806). L. 85 M. 

[Music Guglielmi; Naples, 1774.] 
O. Elfrida. L. 53 S. [15/6/1811]. 

O. Elisabetta Regina d'Inghilterra (H. 1 Th. 30/4/1818). L. 113 M. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Schmidt; Naples, 1815.] 
C.O. Elisa e Claudio (H. 1 S. 12/4/1823). L. 131 M. [4/1823]. 

[Music Mercadante; Milan, 1821.] 

O, Eriphile (H.* T. 19/2/1805). L. 83 M. [16/2/1805]. 
O. Ernani (H. 1 S. 8/3/1845). L.C. 1/3/1845. 

[Music Verdi; libretto Rossi; Venice, 1844.] 
' O. L'Eroina di Ffeab (H. 1 Th. 8/4/1813). L. 99 M. [8/4/1813]. 

[Music Ferrari.] 
O. L'Esule di Roma (H.' S. 4/2/1832). L.C. 4/2/1832. 

[Music Donizetti; Naples, 1829.] 
O. Euffermo di Messina. L.C. 6/6/1831. 
O. Euryanthe [in German] (C.G. S. 29/6/1833). 

[Music Weber; libretto Mdme von Chezy; Vienna, 1823.] 
O. Falstaff [in German] (H. 1 Th. 19/7/1838). L.C. 1842. 

[Music M. W. Balfe.] 
C.O. II Fanatico di Berlino (H. 1 S. 22/5/1802). 

[Music Paer; Vienna, 1797.] 

C.O. II Fanatico per la Musica (H. 1 Th. 19/6/1806). L. 85 M. 

[Music Caruso; Rome, 1781.] 
O. Faust (H. 1 1841). L.C. 28/5/1841. 

[Music Spohr; libretto in English J. C. Bernard.] 
O. La Favorita. L.C. C.G. 10/6/1845. 
O. La Favorita. L.C. H. 1 13/2/1847. 
O. La Fedra; ossia, II Ritorno di Teseo. L. 95 M. [26/2/1811], 

[Music Niccolini; Rome, 1804.] 
O. Fernando in Messico (H. 1 Th. 31/3/1803). L. 79 M. [1803]. 

[Music Portogallo; Rome, 1797.] 
O. Le Feste d' Iside (H.' Th. 21/4/1808). L. 88 M. [21/4/1808]. 

[Music Nasolini.] 
O. Fidelio (H. 1 F. 18/5/1832). L.C. 7/6/1832. 

[Music Beethoven; Vienna, 1805.] 
O. La Figha del Regimento (H. 1 Th. 27/5/1847). L.C. 27/5/1847. 

[Music Donizetti; Paris, 11/2/1840.] 
C.O. La Frascatana. L. 88 M. [9/1/1808]. 
O. Der Freischutz (H. 1 W. 9/5/1832). L.C. 28/5/1832. 

[Music Weber; libretto Kind; Dresden, 1819.] 

C.O. II Furbo contra il Furbo (H. 1 T. 1/3/1808). L. 88 M. [27/2/1808] ; 
L. 99 M. [16/1/1813]. 

[Music Fioravanti; Turin, 1795.] 
O. Gastone e Bajardo (H. 1 S. 26/2/1820). L. 118 M. [23/2/1820]. 

[Music Liverati.] 
O. La Gazza Ladra (H. 1 S. 10/3/1831). L. 83 S. [10/3/1821]. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Gherardini; Milan, 31/5/1817.] 


O. La Gemma di Vergy. L.C. H. 1 5/3/1842. 

[Music Danizetti; Milan, 1835.] 

O. Ginevra di Scozia (H. 1 Th. 16/4/1812). L. 97 M. [16/4/1812]. 
O. II Giorno Felice (Sans P. Th. 27/2/1812). L. 96 M. [11/1/1812]. 
O. Giulietta e Romeo (H. 1 T. 10/4/1832). L.C. 12/4/1832. f 

[Music Vaccai; libretto Romani; Milan, 31/10/1825.] 
O. II Giuramento (H. 1 S. 27/6/1840). L.C. 10/6/1840. 

[Music Mercadante; libretto Rossi; Milan, 26/12/1837.] 
O. La Griselda; ossia, La Vertii in Cimento (H. 1 S. 13/1/1816). 
L. 108 M. [10/1/1816]. 

[Music Paer; libretto Zeno; Parma, 1796.] 
O. La Grotta di Calypso. L. 78 M. [1803]. 

[Music Winter; libretto L. da Ponte.] 
O. Guillaume Tell (H. 1 S. 6/3/1830). L.C. 6/3/1830. 
O. Guillaume Tell. L.C. C.G. 6/6/1845. 
O. Ildegonda (H. 1 S. 15/7/1837). 

[Music Marliani; libretto Giannone; Paris ,'7/3/1 837.] 
O. Ines di Castro (H. 1 S. 30/5/1840). 

[Music Persian! ; Naples, 1835.] 
C.O. L'Inganno Felice (H. 1 Th. 1/7/1819). L. 116 M. [1819]. 

[Music Rossini; Venice, 1812.] 
O. L'Ingiusta Gelosia. L. 92 M. [H. 1 5/4/1810]. 
C.O. L'Isola del Piacere (H. 1 S. 13/6/1801; 2nd performance). 

L. 76 M. [H. 1 2/6/1801]. 
C.O. L'ltaliana in Algeri (H. 1 T. 26/1/1819). L. 115 M. [23/1/1819]. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Anelli; Milan, 1808.] 
O. La Juive. L.C. D.L. 7/7/1845. 
O. Linda di Chamouni (H. 1 Th. 1/6/1843). 

[Music Donizetti; libretto Rossi; Vienna, 1842.] 
C.O. La Locanda. L. 42 S. [H. 1 7/5/1802]. 
O. I Lombardi. L.C. H.' 11/5/1846. 

[Music Verdi; libretto Solera; Milan, 11/2/1843.] 
O. Lucia di Lammermoor. L.C. H. 1 5/4/1838. 

[Music Donizetti; libretto S. Cammarano; Naples, 26/9/1835.] 
O. Lucia di Lammermoor (D.L. M. 14/4/1845). L.C. 17/4/1845. 
O. Lucrezia Borgia (H. 1 Th. 6/6/1839). 

[Music Donizetti; libretto Romani; Milan, 1834.] 
O. Macbeth (H.' W. 4/7/1832). 
O. Malek-Adel (H." Th. 18/5/1837). 

[Music Costa; libretto Pepoli; Paris, 14/1/1837.] 
O. Margherita d'Anjou (H.' S. 12/1/1828). L.C. 1/1/1828. 
O. Maria Stuarda, Regina di Scozia (H. 1 Th. 7/6/1827). L.C. 

[Another Marie Stuart is in L.C. 1/5/1841.] 
O. Mane de Rohan (C.G. S. 8/4/1847). L.C. 7/5/1847. 

[Music Donizetti; Vienna, 5/6/1843; Paris, 20/11/1843.] 
O. Marino Faliero (H. 1 Th. 14/5/1835). L.C. 13/5/1835. 

[Music Donizetti; Paris, 1835.] 
O. I Masnadieri (H. 1 Th. 22/7/1847). 

[Music Verdi; libretto Maffei, based on Die Rduber\ this opera 
saw its first production in London.] 

O. Matilda e Corradino; ossia, II Trionfo della Belt* (H. 1 Th. 
3/7/1823). L. 129 M. [26/6/1823]. 

[Music Rossini; Rome, 1821.] 

OPERAS] 1800-1850 553 

C.O. II Matrimonio per Sussuro. L. 92 M. [24/5/1810]. 

C.O. II Matrimonio Segreto (C.G. 1/11/1842). L.^O2 M. [10/5/1814]. 

[Music Cimarosa; libretto Bertatti, based on Colman, The 
Clandestine Marriage; Vienna, 1792.] 
O. IVJedea in Corinto. L.C. H. 1 1/6/1826. 
O. Merope. L.C. H. 1 9/7/1827. 
O. Merope. L. 41 S. [H.' 15/3/1802], 

[Music Nasolini; libretto Zeno.] 

O. I Messicani (H. 1 T. 17/3/1829). L.C. 10/3/1829. 
O. La Morte di Cleopatra (H. 1 Th. 30/4/1801). 

[Music Nasolini; Vicenza, 1791.] 

O. La Morte di Cleopatra (H. 1 T. 4/3/1806). L. 85 M. [28/1/1806]. 
O. La Morte di Mitridate (H. 1 T. 23/2/1802). 
O. Nino. L.C. H.' 27/2/1846. 

[Music Verdi; libretto Solero (as Nabucadonsor)\ Milan, 1842.] 
. O. Norma (H. 1 S. 29/6/1833). L.C. 20/6/1833. 

[Music Bellini; libretto Romani; Milan, 26/12/1831.] 
C.O. Le Nozze di Figaro (H.' 18/6/1812). L. 96 M. [1/5/1812]. 

[Music Mozart; libretto L. da Ponte; Vienna, 29/4/1786.] 
C.O. Olivo e Pasquale (H.i S. 31/3/1832). L.C. 2/4/1832. 

[Music Donizetti; Rome, 1827.] 

C.O. L'Orgoglio awilito (H. 1 T. 7/2/1815). L. 103 M. [27/1/1815]. 
O. Gh Orazi e Curazi (H. 1 Th. 2/5/1805). L. 83 M. [27/4/1805]. 
O. Otello (H. 1 Th. 16/5/1822). L. 124 M. [5/1822]. 8 [1822]. 

[Music Rossini; Naples, 4/12/1816.] 
O. Pansina (H.' F. 1/6/1838). 

[Romani; music Donizetti; Florence, 18/3/1833.] 
C.O. La Pastorella nobile (H. 1 T. 10/2/1801). L. 75 M. [24/12/1800], 

[Music Guglielmi.] 
O. Penelope (H. 1 S. 11/1/1817). L. 100 M. [8/1/1817]. 

[Music Cimarosa; Naples, 1794.] 
O. Phaedra (H. 1 T. 5/3/1811). 

O. Pietro 1'Eremita (H. 1 T. 23/4/1822). L. 126 M. [28/3/1822], 
O. II Pirata (H.' S. 17/4/1830). 

[Music Bellini; libretto Romani; Milan, 27/10/1827.] 
O. Pirro (H.' S. 10/6/1809). L. 90 M. [7/6/1809]. 
C.O. I Pretendenti Delusi (H. 1 T. 9/4/1822). L. 125 M. [28/3/1822]. 
C.O. II Principe di Tarranto (H. 1 T. 23/12/1806). L. 85 M. 
[23/12/1806] ; L. 92 M. [10/1/1810] ; L. 53 S. [1810 ; printed copy], 

[Music Paer; Parma, 1797.] 
C.O. La Principessa Filosofa (H. 1 T. 5/5/1801). L. 20 L. [4/5/1801]. 

[Music Andreozzi; Naples, 1790.] 
C.O. La Prova d'un Opera Seria (H. 1 28/6/1831). 

[Music Guecco; c. 1796.] 
O. I Puntani (H.' Th. 21/5/1835). L.C. 25/5/1835. 

[Music Bellini; libretto Pepoli; Paris, 25/1/1835.] 
C.O. Le Quattro Nazioni (H. 1 T. 11/7/1809). L. 90 M. [11/7/1809], 

[Music Piccinni; Naples, 1773.] 

O. II Ratto di Proserpina (H. 1 Th. 3/5/1804). L. 81 M. [2/5/1804]. 
O. Ricciardo e Zoraida (H. 1 Th. 5/6/1823). L. 132 M. [5/6/1823]. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Berio; Naples, 1818.] 
C.O. Rinaldo d'Asti (H. 1 T. 16/3/1802). L. 42 S. [1802]. 
O. I Riti d'Efeso (H.' T. 7/3/1815). L. 104 M. [18/2/1815], 

[Music Farinelh; Venice, 1789.] 


O. II Ritorno diverse. L. 85 M. [23/1/1806]; L. 85 M. [20/2/1807]. 

[Music PoVtogallo; Bologna, 1795.] 
O. Roberto Devereux. L.C. 23/6/1841. 

[Music Donizetti; libretto Cammarano; Naples, 1857; Paris, 

O. Roberto il Diavolo. L.C. H. 1 1/5/1847. 
C.O. Roberto 1'Assassino (H. 1 T. 3/2/1807). L. 85 M. [1/2/1807]. 

[Music Trento.] 

O. Romeo e Gmlietta (H. 1 T. 20/2/1810). L. 92 M. [14/2/1810]. 
O. Romeo e Giulietta (H. 1 M. 21/6/1824). 

[Music Zingarelli; Milan, 1796.] 
O. Romeo e Giulietta. L.C. D.L. 6/1837. 
O. La Rosa Bianca e la Rosa Rossa (H. 1 S. 16/2/1828). L.C. 


C.O. LoSbaglio Fortunato (H. 1 Th. 8/5/1817). L. no M. [8/5/1817]. 
O. La Schiava di Bagdad (H.' T. 23/1/1827). L.C. 23/12/1826. 
C.O. La Scomessa (H. 1 T. 12/12/1809). L. 90 tfl. [4/12/1809]. 
C.O. La ScufHara; ossia, La Modista Raggiratrice. L. 115 M. [H. 1 

[Music Tritto; Naples, 1784.] 
O. Die Schweizer Familie (II. 1 W. 25/7/1832). 
O. I Selvaggi (H.' T. 27/6/1815). L. 103 M. [16/6/1815]. 

[Music Liverati.] 

O. Semiramide (H. 1 S. 8/2/1800). 

O. Semiramide. L. 84 M. [13/12/1806]; L. 95 M. [4/2/1811]. 
O. Semiramide (H. 1 Th. 15/7/1824). 

[Music Rossini.] 

O. Semiramide. L.C. C.G. 27/8/1842. 
O. Semiramis. L.C. H. 1 26/6/1827. 
C.O. La Serva Astuta (H. 1 T. 10/6/1806). L. 85 M. [10/6/1806]. 

[Music Tozzi; Munich, 1785.] 

C.O. La Serva Raggiratrice (H. 1 T. 16/5/1809). L. 90 M. [12/5/1809]. 
O. Sidagero; ossia, Codononia Conquistata (H. 1 T. 20/6/1809). 

L. 90 M. [14/6/1809]. 
O. Sidagero. L. 95 M. [23/5/1811]. 
O. La Somnambula (H. 1 Th. 28/7/1831). 

[Music Bellini; libretto Romani; Milan, 6/3/1831.] 
O. La Straniera (H.' S. 23/6/1832). L.C. 27/6/1832. 

[Music Bellini; libretto Romani; Milan, 14/2/1829.] 
O. II Tancredi (H.' Th. 4/5/1820). L. 79 S. [30/4/1820]. 

[Music Rossini; libretto Rossi; Venice, 6/2/1813.] 
O. Tancredi (H.' T. 27/7/1824). 

[Music Rossini.] 
O. Tebaldo ed Isolma (H.' S. 25/2/1826). L.C. 1826. 

[Music Morlacchi; Dresden, 1820.] 
O. Der Templar und die Juden (Prince's, W. 17/6/1840). 

[W. A. Wohlbruck; music H. Marschner.] 
C.O. Teresa e Claudio. L. 90 M. [H. 1 13/4/1809]. 

[Music Farinelli; Venice, 1793.] 
O. Titus (Prince's, Th. 16/7/1840). 
O. Torquato Tasso (H. 1 T. 3/3/1840). L.C. 2/3/1840. 

[Music Donizetti; libretto J. Ferretti; Rome, 1833.] 
C.O. Le Tre Sultane (H.' T. 22/1/1811). L. 95 M. [17/1/1811]. 

[Music Puccita; libretto Caravita.] 

OPERAS] 1800-1850 555 

O. II Trionfo dell' Amor Fraterno (H. 1 Th. 22/^1804). 

[Music Winter; libretto L. da Ponte.] 
Cantata. II Trionfo di Cesare sopra i Galli. L. 105 M. [H. 1 6/7/1815], 

[Music Liverati.] 
C.O..I1 Turco in Italia (H. 1 S. 19/5/1821). L. 122 M. [19/5/1821]. 

[Music Rossini; Milan, 1814.] 
O. Gli Ugonotti (C.G. M. 30/6/1845). 

[Music Meyerbeer; libretto from Scribe; Paris, 29/2/1836.] 
O. L'Ultimo Giorno di Pompei (H. 1 Th. 17/3/1831). L.C. 23/3/1831. 

[Music Pacini; Naples, 19/11/1825.] 
O. Das unterbrochene Opferfest (H. 1 W. 28/5/1834). 

[Music Winter; Vienna, 1795.] 
O. La Vergine del Sole (H.' S. 14/1/1804). L. 81 M. [5/1/1804], 

[Music Andreozzi; Geneva, 1783.] 

O. La Vestale (H. 1 Th. 3/5/1810). L. 91 M. [28/4/1810], 
O. La Vestale (H. 1 Th. 30/11/1826, rehearsal; S. 2/12/1826, ist public 
performance). L.C. 18/11/1826. 

[Music Spontini; libretto Jouy; Pans, 11/12/1807.] 
C.O. I Viaggiatori Felici. L. 78 M. [H. 1 26/2/1803]. 
C.O. I Villeggiaton Bizzari (H. 1 T. 31/1/1809). L. 90 M [27/1/1809]. 
O. Virginia. L. 28 S. [C.G. 15/4/1800]. 
O. Vhginia. L. 40 S. [D.L. 25/10/1800]. 

C.O. La Virtuosa in Margellma (H. 1 T. 14/4/1807). L. 85 M. 

[Music Guglielmi; Venice, 1774.] 
C.O. La Virtuosa in Puntigho (H.' T. 31/5/1808). L. 88 M. [6/1808]. 

[Music Fioravanti.] 

O. Die weisse Frau (H. 1 M. 9/6/1834). 
O. Zaira (H.' T. 29/1/1805). L. 45 S. [1805]; L. 83 M. [20/1/1805]. 

[Music Winter.] 

O. Zaira (H.' W. 26/12/1810). L. 92 M. [19/12/1810]. 
O. Zampa (H. 1 Th. 25/4/1833; 3rd performance). L.C. 19/4/1833; 
L.C. 20/3/1844. 

[Music Harold; libretto from MeUesville; Pans, 3/5/1831.] 
O. Die Zauberflote (H. 1 Th. 6/6/1811). L. 95 M. [H. 1 6/6/1811]. 

[Music Mozart; Vienna, 1791.] 

O. Zelmira (H. 1 S. 24/1/1824). L. 132 M. [6/1/1824]. 
[Music Rossini; libretto Tottola; Naples, 1822.] 
O. Zenobia in Armenia (H. 1 Th. 22/5/1800). L. 39 S. [22/5/1800]. 
O. Zenobia in Palmira. L. 74 M. [19/5/1800]. 


[The following plays, which appear in the hand-list under UNKNOWN 
AUTHORS, I have been able to associate with various dramatists. Fuller 
references regarding performances and manuscript versions will be found 
under the individual plays in the alphabetical list.] 


M.D. Alp the Renegade (Cob. M. 4/10/1824). 

Mus.D. Afloat and Ashore. L.C. Albert, 17/2/1849. 

All about Love and Jealousy (Olym. S. 11/4/1846). 


D. The Spirit of the Fountain (P'cess, W. 1/11/1843). 
Esq. Telemachus (Adel. Th. 17/10/1844)* 

P. A. B. C. (Vic. Th. 26/12/1833). 


M.D. Aladdin (C.G. M. 19/4/1813). 


M.D. The Unhallowed Templar (Cob. M. 16/4/1827). 
M.D. Adolph Arnal (Vic. M. 27/3/1837). 
Eques.D. The Battle of Blenheim (Surrey, M. 20/9/1841). 
Ba. Uncle Oliver (E.O.H. M. 20/3/1843). 

[I find this also recorded at the Vic. 7/10/1839.] 


Ba. The Black Domino (C.G. F. 16/2/1838). 

[Written in collaboration with J. M. MORTON,] 


O. The Blind Sister (P'cess, Th. 10/5/1849). 

M.D. Alfred the Great (Surrey, W. 8/5/1811). 


O. Rob of the Fen (E.O.H. S. 7/7/1838). 

Ba. The Pupil of da Vinci (St J. S. 30/11/1839). 

D. The Deer Stalkers (E.O.H. M. 12/4/1841). 


O. Francesca Doria (P'cess, S. 3/3/1849). 
R.O. Mina (P'cess, M. 3/12/1849). 


M.D. The Man in the Iron Mask (R.P. M. 30/1/1832). 

D. Suzanne (H. z M. 14/5/1838). 

D. The Hebrew Twins (C.L. 22/11/1847). 



M.D. John Adams (E.L. M. 30/9/1816). 
M.D. The Monk's Cowl (R.A. M. 14/9/1818). 
F. The Actor in Distress (Cob. M. 1/5/1820). 
M.D. The Smuggler's Dog (Cob. M. 11/9/1820). 
M.D. The Man-Wolf (Cob. M. 4/4/1831). 

[I find this also recorded under the date 24/8/1829.] 
O.F. Courting by Mistake (City, T. 20/9/1831). 
D. The Court of Queen Anne (Vic. M. 19/5/1834). 
M.D. The Smuggler's Haunt (Vic. M. 12/10/1835). 
F. What's in a Name? (Vic. W. 16/12/1835), 


M.D. Gordon the Gypsey (E.O.H. M. 5/8/1822). 
M.D. Neuha's Cave (C.G. M. 4/4/1831). 
D. The Miser's Will (Lye. M. 29/1/1844). 


M.D. Alp, the Tartar Khan (R.P. M. 20/6/1831). 

REDE, W. L. 

Ba. Loves of the Angels (City, M. 11/3/1833). 

D. The Barn Burners (City, M. 8/4/1833). 

Ext. " Stars; or, A Dramatic Fte (Rehearsal) " (Queen's, S. 30/5/1835). 

D. The Wandering Tribe (Surrey, M. 17/7/1837). 

Ba. The Two Greens (Olym. Th. 20/2/1840). 

Ba. The Irish Nigger (Strand, M. 3/5/1841). 

D. Sunshine and Shade (Olym. T. 4/4/1843). 

D. The Profligate (Olym. M. 29/1/1844). 


M.D. Adelaide of Wulfingen (Cob. M. 30/1/1832). 

T. Alonzo the Patriot (S.W. M. 11/10/1830). 

R.D. Alive or Dead (S.W. 1/1/1844). 

In addition to these plays which have already been listed in the section 
of anonymous dramas, there should be noted a work by GEORGE 
JEFFERSON, entitled Theatrical Eccentricities, published at Huddersfield 
in 1823, which contains the text of a farce, The Lady's Dream, acted at 

Harrowgate on Th. 12/9/1822, and gives the prologue to another, Variety 
acted at Whitby. Both of these were written by Jefferson.